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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 2, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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them. when he turned around to scream to the rest of the guys, it was too late. >> reporter: the woman you heard doing the interpreting there is marta, the roommate of the man who was killed and as that 43-year-old aleicea lopez. we'll be hearing more from marta and more from the man who mansi managed to dodge out of the way, valentyn cruz, more on what the d.a. is saying about this case, at 6:00 tonight. reporting, mark mathews. a dangerous moment during a protest over the shooting of stephen clarke this weekend in sacramento. sheriff's deputies explaining today how a woman was hit by a squad car. take a look at this video. it shows a sacramento county sheriff's parotrol car hitting female protester at a vigil downtown. the woman was taken to a hospital and treated for minor injuries. today, we see video of it from inside the patrol car. this, what you're looking at,
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that's the deputy's perspective. authorities say a handful of protesters threw things at squad cars and kicked them. this even after the officers repeatedly told protesters to get away from the car and stay out of the road. >> there are professional protesters and professional instigators that infiltrate the protests for their own purposes, as well as participants from out of the region that enflame and antagonize the event. about 150 people took part in saturday's demonstration. sacramento county sheriff says the protest was mostly peaceful. no arrests were made. well, here comes the rain in a big way later this week. today, we got the results of the latest snowpack survey. we had an active march, as you know. all of this is really critical to our water supply. state water surveyors mana eror the el dorado snowpack at 32 inches deep. that's a very good number if the earlier winter months hadn't been so dry. >> whaile we had a good march, t
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was not adequate to get us up to a really good outlook with respect to the water someplace. >> reporter: the surveyors say california will have to dip into last year's water reserves, and while rationing isn't expected, experts say we should continue to use water carefully. the yes now, what next not only this coming spring but this upcoming summer? let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. do we dare say the d-word, as in drought? >> i think it definitely could be sliding back in as we head throughout summer. the april snowpack, really one of our most important. and that's because when we tend to see the snowpack reach its peak. really from this point on out, we start to see our storm chances dwindle of getting any kind of major storm system. right now in terms of the central sierra snowpack, which includes lake tahoe, we are at 60% of normal to date. this is also 60% of the april 1 average. a snow water equivalent of 17.6 inches. so the drought is spreading throughout the state right now. we have a moderate to severe drought in southern california.
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we're starting to see it move into the central valley. also some abnormally dry conditions in contra costra county. i do expect by this summer, the bay area will be in a slight-to-moderate drought. we are looking at some active weather this week, but it looks like a warmer storm system. that means friday, snowmelt will be occurring. that's not going to help our situation. and eventually, saturday, we get some snow in here. we'll tell you how much snow on saturday, plus major rain for the bay area and we'll have a detailed look at that at 5:19 tonight. >> okay, jeff, we'll see you then. a normally busy hotel nearly deserted today, as guests check out to make way for one high-profile guest. it will four seasons silicon valley getting ready to welcome the crowned prince of saudi arabia. and it appears he's rented out the entire hotel. nbc bay area's laura sambolt joins us live. the prince expected to have some very high-powered meetings while he's here. >> reporter: that's right,
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vicky. and it is believed he's staying here at the four seasons while he's in town. and although no one would confirm that, they do told me the hotel is sold out all week, starting today, the same day the prince is expected to arrive in the valley. >> normally, we see a punch of cars going over to the front door and it's been really quiet there. >> reporter: it's not business as usual this week at one of silicon valley's most luxurious hotels. the four seasons is closed to the public for a vip, likely to be saudi crowned prince, mohammad bin salman, according to multiple sources, including palo alto investment banker, anu deshmond deshmondi. >> this was brought up this morning that there was a prince who has rented the four seasons for the week. >> a spokesperson for the four seasons says the hotel is indeed sold out this week due to an inbound vip delegation group. at this moment, we have no knowledge of the specific participants. cnbc is reporting that the prince will visit many u.s.
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cities, trying to improve business relations between the two nations. he's also expected to address investor concerns about social and economic reforms in saudi arabia. the prince will reportedly meet with silicon valley tech leaders, including tim cook, elon musk, bill gates, and elite venture capitalists. deshpondi is hopeful. >> i think it's amazing. i think it's over the top and amazing. yeah, huge deal. >> reporter: meantime, those needing a comparable place to stay in the area might check out the westin and the sheraton. now, i have noticed extra security here at the four seasons, but no motorcade as of yet. i'm told the hotel will be closed to the public through saturday. reporti ining live from palo al laura sambol, nbc bay area news. well, the state supreme court with a close vote today and it's all about dna. california will continue to collect dna cheek swabs from people who are arrested for serious crimes. the court voted 4-3 in a san francisco courtroom today.
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the dna act was passed by voters in 2004. five years later, arson suspect mark buza declined to give a cheek swab with a dna sample. he was arrested that year for setting a police car on fire. he was later convicted after he refused to give a cheek swab and was sentenced to more than a year in prison. the united states versus california. today, attorney general jeff sessions filed another lawsuit on behalf of the trump administration. this time over land rights. sessions argues california law is unconstitutional, because it gives the state power to block the sale of federal lands. this issue is now joining a long list of others where california will battle in court with the federal government. sanctuary city, immigration, and environmental issues have also prompted lawsuits. sessions accused california of believing it is, quote, above the law. president trump is following his weekend twitter storm with more attacks on democrats and immigration. the traditional white house easter egg roll is usually a
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politics-free zone, but not today. reporters asked the president about the so-called dreamers and his weekend tweet that said, quote, no more daca deal. >> democrats have really let them down. it's a shame. and now people are taking advantage of daca. that's a shame. >> it was the president who originally ended the deferred action for childhood arrivals program, which is meant to help young people brought to the u.s. illegally. as for many trump, he talked up the health of the economy today. the dow dropped hundreds of points as china counterpunched with new tariffs on u.s. goods including pork, fruit, and aluminum. it's a response to american tariffs on chinese steel and aluminum. well, still no signs of those three children who vanished after their family's car drove off of a cliff in mendocino county. we have some drone video we want to show you. this was the crash scene. police say eight people were in an suv. there's a portrait of the family there, with when it flew off the road and plunged 100 feet into the pacific ocean.
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this happened on march 26th. in the days that followed, searchers found the bodies of the parents and three of their six adopted kids. over the weekend, the chp announced that it appears the crash was deliberate. new evidence indicates that suv stopped near the cliff's edge and then sped up to 90 miles an hour before plunging into the ocean. well, the ntsb isn't happy with tesla for releasing key details of this fatal crash and tesla not very happy with the ntsb. this stems from last month's crash on 101 in mountain view when a model-x crashed into that freeway divider. the driver died. tesla released a report claiming their data shows the man was using the auto pilot feature, but was not following the automaker's guidelines. the ntsb says it's too early in the investigation to determine a cause for the crash. tesla says it's dismissing the ntsb, but also is conducting its own investigation. well, technology is making it harder to steal cars, but one brand remains a hot target. statewide, car thefts were down
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more than 6% in 2017. about half of the stolen cars are taken in southern california. 17% happen here in the bay area. nearly half of those happen in alameda county. the top theft targets are still hondas, specifically, the 1998 and 2000 civics and the 1997 honda accord. the most stoelen suvs are also hondas. imagine this, you get accepted into your dream college and then that college says, there's a mistake. this is happening at cal. some high school students were notified a last week that their acceptance notice was sent by mistake and the decision was not final. nbc bay area's jodie h hernande joins us from the cal campus in berkeley. jodi, this is gut wrenching. what happened. >> it is, raj. the students you see here on campus are part of the hard-to-get-into cal community. last week, hundreds of cal hopefuls thought they'd be joining them, but it turns out the financial aid department who sent out the notifications jumped the gun.
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>> very excited and happy and like proud. >> reporter: that's how mckenna lindsay is feeling about getting admitted to uc berkeley. her top pick for college. she got her accept taseacceptann thursday. >> i think i screamed and got my mom. >> reporter: but some students got congratulatory notifications from the university financial aid departments days earlier. notifications sent out by mistake. hours later, cal e-mailed those students that the admissions decisions were not yet final. >> that would have been horrible, to have that yanked out from under you. >> reporter: mckenna's mom who toured cal with her daughter today said she can't imagine what those students and their families went through. >> wow, is it a big pat on the bat they've done a good job and worked so hard and they're being recognized for that. and then for these kids, it's so sad, to then have that ripped away. >> reporter: students posted their frustrations on social media. one student tweeted, uc berkeley
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is playing with my heart. another posted, if i get a rejection on the 29th, i'm suing. cal issued a statement apologizing for any inconvenience. mckenna says the college admissions process is emotionally rough, even without problems like this. again, the university issued a statement saying they sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or confusion that this has created. many students say that they hope the university learns from its mistake and doesn't repeat it. reporting live at uc berkeley, i'm jodie hernandez, nbc bay area news. coming up, an immigrant father locked up for months finally released and reunited with his family. what the family is now doing to help others in a similar situation. also, have you seen this? a billboard on the freeway telling people to move to pennsylvania. is it actually working? we're going to look into the
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numbers. a very active pacific right now. you're going to want to stick around for this forecast. i'll tell you when over 2 inches of rain is possible. that's in about seven minutes. fd
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immigrant arrested while taking his child to daycare. tears of joy there. freedom for an undocumented immigrant arrested while taking his child to day care. today, a san jose man was
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released from an immigration and customs enforcement detention facility and into the waiting arms of his wife and three daughters. you see them there. fernando carrillo was arrested in october. he was deported once and has a dui conviction on his record, but a judge's ruling has now given this family new hope. nbc bay area's sam brock was at the release and joins us now with the full story. so much emotion out there, sam. >> reporter: so much emotion. vicky, good evening. this all happened right behind me at 10:00 this morning, right in front of those doors. now, i asked fernando when he was being detained for months whether he ever thought he would see his family again. he said, not here. but vicky, as you mentioned, his wife and three daughters, all u.s. citizens were out here this morning standing in front of those doors, showering him with hugs and kisses. >> reporter: in the moments before fernando carrillo's release, one can only imagine the memories flooding his wife's mind. family trips, soccer matches, and smiles, tutorials on how to tie a shoe. suddenly not just past, but
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present and future. as their now 5-year-old daughter gets an unexpectedly emotional birthday present. minutes after this tearful display, arms locked and bodies tangled, fernando carrillo reflected on the day he wasn't sure would ever come. >> i didn't want to live in the shadows illegally all the time for the rest of my life. but i also didn't want to lose my family. [ chanting ] >> reporter: now, he will do neither. at a time the debate over immigration has roiled communities and inspired protests, here is one man returning to his loved ones. we asked his wife lourdes about the judge's decision. >> without going into too many details about his particular case, i can say it is called a withholding of removal order. he will be able to apply for a
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work permit and stay in the u.s. indefinitely as long as no crime is committed. >> reporter: loved ones rejoiced outside the facility. the agency hasn't yet responded the our request for comment on his release as community organizers bask in the moment. >> if there's no one else keeping the i.c.e. and immigration systems accountable, it's the community. so we have to show up. this is one family that illuminates a larger story. >> reporter: in san francisco, sam brock, nbc bay area news. well, here's some good news. a teenager who got trapped in l.a.'s sewer system is out and he's safe. this is new video you're watching of the search. it happened yesterday at griffith park in los angeles. witnesses say jesse hernandez was jumping on a wooden plank when it gave way and that led him to fall into the sewer system. over 100 firefighters searched for 13 hours for him and finally, sanitation workers louder allowered a camera into the system and spotted him live and
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talking. paramedics rushed him to a hospital to be decontaminated. a popular app in the gay community is accused of sharing very private information with outside companies, letting them see if users' hiv status. the app is called grinder. it has more than 3 million daily users worldwide. buzzfeed says it's independently verified the findings, which shows that grinder shares hiv status with two marketing firms. while it's a breach of trust, one expert says it might not be illegal. grinder likely didn't break the law. while doctors can't disclose patient information, that law doesn't apply to private businesses outside the medical field. another down day for facebook. its stock continues to drop. now, ceo mark zuckerberg is once again defending his company's actions. the criticism boomed after reports that 50 million facebook users had their data accessed and used by an outside company. the latest shot came from apple's ceo, tim cook, who recently criticized facebook's privacy policy, saying because facebook is free, the users
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become the products that are sold to advertisers. here's zuckerberg's response on a recent podcast. >> you know, i find that argument that if you're not paying, that somehow we can't care about you to be extremely glib. and not at all aligned with the truth. >> zuckerberg went on to admit facebook did not enough to protect users' privacy. a new billboard in san francisco is urging tech workers to move to pittsburgh. not our pittsburg, but pittsburgh, as in pennsylvania. this is the sign located off of 101. it reads, "own a home. work in tech. move to pittsburgh." a pittsburgh-based start-up named duo lingo had this sign put up last week. duo lingo's ceo said the housing shortage in the bay area and traffic may inspire people to
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look to pittsburgh for a place to live. >> it is a high-tech tub. >> but it doesn't have what we have in terms of weather. >> we like our pittsburgh better. >> they cannot beat us in the weather department, for sure. great to see you both. we do have some beautiful weather tonight and the next couple of days, but eventually, we have some heavier rainfall returning to our forecast. let's take you outside right now, a live look on this monday night. just a couple of cumulus clouds right back there in the center of your screen, lots of blue sky, 68 degrees. humidity fairly low at 49%. and you can see we'll stay clear through tonight with temperatures dropping into the 50s by 9:00 p.m.. i want to put the big focus tonight on what's going to be happening later on this week, just so you can plan ahead, it really looks like by all accounts, friday and saturday, the heavier rain returning as we get two different systems in the atmosphere converging together. so we'll a storm system dropping down. that's the number one factor to get us heavier rain. and then an atmospheric river.
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so a strong stream of rainfall will also be moving in. again, two different things helping our rainfall chances to pick up. we'll have more on exact totals coming up in about a minute and a half. let's get you into tuesday morning. no rainfall. we still see some sunshine, cooler temperatures. we'll start with 49 in the south bay. and a chilly 46 here for the tri-valley. right across the north bay, 45 and looks good there in san francisco at 50. throughout the day tomorrow, no problems. numbers are a little bit above average. that means in the south bay, more beautiful weather. los gatos, 74 degrees. downtown san jose at 73. more 70s for contra costra, alameda county, 74 in vallejo, 74 in pleasanton. a little bit cooler in oakland at 68. sunshine continues over to the coast, but notice it's cooler here in half moon bay. you have 58 and then you'll be mild in redwood city at 71. san francisco starting to see numbers drop. 59 there along the marina and 61 in the mission. and right across the north bay,
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71 in napa and our coolest temperature in point reyes at 59 degrees. so what about those rainfall chances? as you can see on the futurecast, we'll start to see our storm system beginning to approach by 5:30 on thursday. showers developing on thursday night. but as you'll see in my extended forecast, heavier rain again on friday and saturday. and at this point, it looks like both days would bring us some heavy rainfall. so 3/4 of an inch to half an inch likely on saturday. another 3/4 to 1 inch with wind picking up and dry for the back half of your weekend into monday. temperatures cool down inland from 75 on tuesday, down to 61 there on saturday. so, yes, rainfall coming our way. we always look ahead to what this would mean for sierra snow. and unfortunately, snowmelt is expected friday, but by saturday, we could see close to a foot. not what we would like to see right now for sierra snow, but
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at least the rainfall will keep our reservoirs looking really good. we'll have more looks at this coming up at 6:19, 6:48 tonight. >> i was just getting used to the sunshine and now you're changing it up on us. >> in a big way. coming up here at 5:00, april fools' joke that investors didn't find very funny. how much tesla is suffering after elon musk's tweet. have bee
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past 24 hours. the most recent was a magnitude 2-point-6 in santa rosa, happening now, the bay area is shaking. there have been 30 small quakes in the past 24 hours. the most recent was a magnitude 2.6 in santa rosa just after 2:00 today. check out the earthquake tracker, it's there on our home page. and on our twitter page, winnie mandela died today at the age of 81 in south africa.
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if you have a serious allergic reaction such as body rash or trouble breathing. don't reuse needles or share insulin pens. the most common side effect is low blood sugar which can be life-threatening. it may cause shaking, sweating, fast heartbeat, and blurred vision. check your blood sugar levels daily. injection site reactions may occur. don't change your dose of insulin without talking to your doctor. tell your doctor about all your medicines and medical conditions. check insulin label each time you inject. taking tzds with insulins like lantus may cause heart failure that can lead to death. stay together with the lantus $0 copay. ♪ let's stay together talk to your doctor or visit well, it may have gotten some laughs, but tesla took a big hit because of an april fools joke. elon musk posted this to twitter yesterday, claiming that the company was going bankrupt. as we mentioned earlier in the
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newscast, the ntsb is investigating a deadly crash involving a tesla that was in auto pilot mode. tesla shares fell about 8% this morning to their lowest level in nearly a year. "i'm back," those are the words today from former governor schwarzenegger following last week's emergency open heart surgery. he tweeted, it's true, i'm back. i went to sleep expecting to wake up with a small incision and woke up with a big one. but guess what? i woke up and that's something to be thankful for. indeed. the 70-year-old former governor also thanked the doctors and nurses at l.a.' cedars-sinai hospital. >> glad he's okay. one last check of that rain that's on our way. we'll be right back. sorry. i can't make it.
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bank accounts empty. only on nbc bay tonight at 6:00, uber drivers suddenly find their bank accou accounts empty. only on nbc bay area, the phishing scam that preyed on at least three local drivers. that and much more tonight at 6:00. jeff ranieri back with us. i know it's a couple of days away, but we've got to put away all our outdoor furniture? >> or cover it up. get the cover. i know it's expensive. you can see thursday night, the showers start to move in. by friday and saturday, heavier rain. we should say both of the long-range models are pointing towards this heavier rainfall happening, so we're not really seeing a hostage disagreement as we look out towards that
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forecast model data. so 3/4 of an inch to 1 inch possible friday and saturday. we'll know more through the next 24 hours. >> thanks for joining us. lester holt is next. developing news tonight. a massive teacher revolt. a major turn in a growing wave of protests nationwide over money. >> it's not about the pay raise. it's about the kids. we need funding for our schools, books, facilities, everything from our kids. >> from west virginia and arizona, now oklahoma and kentucky. teachers again rising up. walking out. declaring enough is enough. stocks plunge again as china strikes back triggering new fears of a trade war. could you end up paying more for many of the things you buy? a stunning revelation from the kremlin about an offer from president trump. is vladimir putin headed for a summit at the white house? millions of shoppers at saka and lord & taylor hit by hackers.


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