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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 2, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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information as his own. >> reporter: this is a nationwide problem and a nationwide scam. they say the same account that was used to target the driver that we interviewed was also used on other uber drivers. and the company has shut it down. guadalupe is a single mother of four working two jobs, including one as an uber driver. >> i started almost a month ago. >> reporter: and just one month in, she said she was ripped off. >> that is my money and i worked hard for that. >> reporter: someone pretending to be a representative of uber called her to get into her account so he could switch his bank account for her own and get her money for the week. uber told nbc bay area news that the company rides on an app which gives them the name of the driver, the name and make of the car, the license number and the phone number. that person then calls the driver pretending to be a
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representative of uber, using that driver's information as a way to gain trust. >> you don't know who you are going to pick up. >> reporter: she said she got that same phone call. >> all my information he knew. >> reporter: then she said the caller sent her this e-mail so she could reset her password and give it to him. you can reset your password on the uber website and that triggers an e-mail with a link to be sent to the driver. five minutes later, guadalupe received another e-mail from uber telling her that the company found suspicious activity on her bank account, minutes after she changed her password. they moved her money to an account she insists is not hers. >> the money was already deposited and then they don't want to do nothing about it. >> reporter: earlier today a member from uber's cyber
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security team told me they routinely issue refunds to drivers when they report these types of issues, and they do plan on refunding guadalupe's money. she said at this point she has not yet received that refund. reporting live in san jose, ano anoushah rasta. it was a rough day for the markets. stocks took a nose dive today on news that china has increased tariffs on nearly 130 u.s. products. the dow was down more than 460 points today. china announced those tariffs in reaction to president trump and imposed $50 billion worth of tariffs on chinese goods, items like nuts, wine and meat. it could be the start of a trade war that could hurt the agriculture industry.
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>> i think that's one of the successes for california. many states wanted to emulate that. for the u.s. government to really involve us and get us stuck in the middle of this trade war would be very devastating. >> just two years ago our ag exports totaled $20 million and exported wine, a value of $1.4 billion. the stocks slid this morning after elon musk joked the company was going bankrupt. the message read, despite a mass amount of easter eggs, we regret to inform you that the company is going broke. it may have been an obvious joke, but not a good time for it. they fell 8% this morning, the lowest level in over a year.
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who is going to win out here? the santa clara water district began work today to cut down these eucalyptus trees, 30 of them. but neighbors are asking if all of them need to go. marianne favro has some answers. >> reporter: you can see a large crane has been brought in today. the water district plans to cut down 30 eucalyptus trees. they cut down several eucalyptus trees in saratoga last month. today they worked to get rid of 30 trees near cox road. the district's arborist said the trees are weak after the drought. >> we're concerned about wood
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decay fungi in the roots of the trees, so we don't want any trees falling over, obviously, on anybody's property. >> reporter: in concern for the trees falling down on these homes, they are also worried that a fallen tree might take down power lines and cause flooding. david said the trees on the chopping block are right behind his home. he said he'll lose his privacy, and that's not all. >> basically we'll lose all of our shade. >> reporter: david is questioning why all of them need to be taken out. >> if we're taking them out because of disease, it seems unlikely all 30 of them are diseas diseased. >> reporter: the district says they plan to replant trees for vegetation. but the neighbors say they don't think that's reason to cut down these trees.
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the neighbors say they no longer have to worry about the trees falling on their homes during big storms. the water district said they did obtain permits to cut down these trees from the city of saratoga. reporting live in saratoga, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. we're following some developing news at this hour. take a look here. people are protesting a deadly shooting outside a bart station. you can see our nbc bay area sky ranger over the scene. this is in downtown oakland. this is a few minutes ago. this group is protesting the january shooting death of celine tyndall by a bart police officer. you might remember celine was shot three times in the back just outside the station. these are some protestors. looks like about 100 of them in downtown oakland. police say tyndall was reaching for a gun when he was shot.
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his family says leaked video counteracts that claim. the four seasons silicon valley hotel is clearing out, reportedly making way for one high-profile guest. the saudi crown prince is headed to the bay area and it appears he's booked the entire hotel. laura sambol joins us live. laura, the prince is on a tour. makes sense he'd stop here. >> reporter: you're absolutely right, vicky, and since no one would confirm that he actually is staying here at the four seasons, i have confirmed the four seasons is sold out all week. >> normally we see a bunch of cars going over to the front door, and it's been really quiet there. >> reporter: it's not business as usual this week at one of silicon valley's most luxurious hotels. the four seasons is closed to the public for a vip likely to be saudi prince mohammad sauden.
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>> this was brought up this morning in a meeting that there is a prince that has rented the four seasons for the week. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the four seasons says, the hotel is indeed sold out this week due to an inbound v. ip delegation group. at this moment we have no knowledge of the participant. the prince says he will visit many u.s. cities trying to improve business relations between the two nations. he's also expected to address inve investor concerns about social and economic reforms in saudi arabia. the prince will likely meet with tech leaders including tim cook, elon musk, bill gates. >> i think it's over the top and it's amazing. yeah, huge deal. >> reporter: those who planned to stay in the area might check out the westina and the sherato.
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i have noticed a lot of cars at the four seasons. i'm told they will stay through saturday afternoon. >> that will be a big hotel bill. thank you, laura. the u.s. versus california yet again. today attorney jeff sessions filed another lawsuit on behalf of the trump administration, this time it's over land rights. sessions argues the land rules aren't constitutional. this is at least the 20th time the trump administration will face the court. the attorney general has repeatedly accused california of believing its quotes above the law. a tearful reunion today after a judge released a 33-year-old father from i.c.e.
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custody. sam brok was ck was at the reled he joins us live at the detention center. what is next for this family, sam? >> reporter: that's something they're looking hopeful toward, vicky. you talk about what happened here today, you had friends, fami family, advocates and cameras lining this block. this is the case that got so much publicity because he was arrested initially for dropping off his youngest daughter at daycare. anna's face conveys quite a story of what she and her family have experienced the last few months. >> you're here. >> reporter: but today was about pushing away the pain. fer unanimous to cario is a father of three girls and has
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lived in bathe bay area for 15 years. his wife has found appreciation in the simple things now that she has him back. >> the fact we can have that contact, especially for our girls is an amazing feeling. >> i didn't want to be heartbroken and devastated if things didn't happen like they did. i'm so happy and glad this is happening right now. >> reporter: outside the i.c.e. building in san francisco, community workers enjoyed the symbolism of an immigration showdown that turns cities like this one upside down. >> immigrants are so questioned, right, especially in this time that they're criticized, we have to make sure the immigrants include the stories of the families. >> he does have a criminal history, deported once and convicted of a dui in 2015. we asked if that behavior should
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carry a consequence. >> if you commit a crime, there should be consequences, but once you pay the consequences of that crime, do not recriminalize people. >> reporter: in san francisco, sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> the judge determined that cario should be released under a provision that allows the undocumented to stay in the u.s. if returning home could put their lives in danger. what did the driver say before running down five men? a new account from a witness who saw a deadly hit and run in san francisco. plus, they thought they got into the school of their dreams, uc berkeley. but then hundreds of high school seniors learned they might not be in. what cali is now saying about the admission's mistake. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we have some rainfall coming our way. we'll let you know when it's getting here in about seven
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♪ get high speed internet from at&t. $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit running over four people on a san francisco street corner. one witness s we have new details and accusations of the man suspected of running over four people on a san francisco street corner. a witness said the man yelled something derogatory right before this happened. mark matthews is at the courthouse where that suspect made his first appearance. mark? >> reporter: it was an emotional day in court for some as matthew
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rodney dennis was brought into court for arraignment. the roommate of the man who died last week was in tears. mark anthony dennis was arrested last tuesday. police say they caught up with him in the city's dogpatch neighborhood. martha came to court with one of the survivors of the hit and run who said the suspect first called him and his friend names and then assaulted them with a hatchet. >> translator: the guy started calling them names like foul names, mexican names. he said he got into the truck, made a u-turn, got up to the sidewalk and just hit all of them. when he turned around and screamed to the rest of the guys, it was too late. >> reporter: according to the d.a., four of the five men who had been fishing in the bay were hit by the white gmc van.
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33-year-old lewis lopez was killed. his roommate described seeing mark dennis in court. >> he's just mad. he don't know what to think. >> reporter: today mark davis was -- sorry -- mark dennis was due to be formally charged with murder, but the arraignment was postponed until thursday at 9:00 here at the hall of justice. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, mark. well, they had thought they had gotten into a top tier university only to learn it was a mistake. hundreds of high school seniors were left in limbo for days. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez shows us what went wrong and what the school is now saying about it. >> reporter: this is a congratulations packet those
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admitted into uc berkeley are getting. she is among those who learned on thursday she got into cal, her top pick. >> very excited and happy and proud because i worked really hard in high school. >> reporter: but hundreds of students got congratulatory notifications from the university's financial aid department days earlier, notifications sent out by mistake. hours later cal ee-mailed those students that the admissions' decisions were not yet final. >> that would be horrible to have that yanked out from under you. >> reporter: her mother who toured the school with her said she can't imagine what those kids are going through. >> they've done such a good job and they've worked so hard and they're being recognized for that. for these kids it's so sad to then have that ripped away. >> reporter: kids wrote their frustrations on social media. one said, uc berkeley is playing with my heart.
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another said, if i get a rejection on the 29th, i'm suing. cal sent a statement apologizing for any inconvenience. she said the cal admittance process is emotionally rough. >> it's really hard to apply. >> reporter: less than 2% of the 8500 applicants got that congratulations notice. the university said they sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and confusion. they declined to talk on camera. we're live at uc berkeley, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. it was a good month of march but not a great one for snow levels. they measured the snow at 30
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feet. surveyors say california will have to dip into last year's water, but while not expected, they should continue to use water carefully. we don't need to bring up the d word, do we, drought? >> we could go into a slight drought just due to the typical drying that occurs from june to september. looking at the microclimate forecast now, though, you can see it is another beautiful day with some sunshine and high clouds filtering across. let's get a look right now. high temperatures at 70 and we're dropping down to the 50s once we hit 10:00 p.m. i don't see any change in the temperatures. we'll stay above average. good day to get outside in morgan hill at 74, low 70s from napa to santa rosa. you're cooler, though, in san francisco to half moon bay with upper 60s and low 50s. you guys know me, i'm not going
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to hold onto all the wet weather information until late in the show. we like to give you what we can when we can when we know a storm system is coming our way. let me tell you when rainfall is coming our way this week so you can plan. do know we get some heavier rainfall later this week. thursday 6:00 p.m., a storm system lines up off to the north. we'll see showers develop at 11:30 on thursday. it really doesn't look bad for thursday at this point. but by friday morning, we are going to see the widespread rainfall returning to the bay area. and here's the thing. from friday morning right through friday night, we'll see what looks to be right now nonstop rainfall. we'll likely undergo some of the heaviest rainfall from friday evening right into saturday morning with that widespread wet weather for the bay. so looking ahead towards our extended forecast, it won't be wet all weekend. i do think at this point sunday will be dry into next monday. we'll take a specific look at some early rainfall totals for
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friday and saturday, and here's a little hint. we are going to see over two inches for parts of the bay area. that's coming up at 6:40 tonight. how facebook's mark zuckerberg is firing back after being called out by apple ceo tim cook. a slow evening commutef
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moon bay. an hour ago -- a car crash shut down all lanes between highway happening now, a slow evening commute in half moon bay. about an hour ago, a car crash shut down all lanes between highway 35 and main street. we've just now tweeted that all
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lanes have reopened, but traffic remains sluggish. on our home page, a beer recall. stell la artois says packaging issues may cause the bottles to chip. but it also says 100% of the bottles are effective. world -
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mark zuckerberg fired back after apple )s tim cook took a shot at facebook. it all revolved around the cambridge analytica scandal- a war of words today from mark zuckerberg after he was verbally attacked by tim cook. the latest shot came from apple's ceo tim cook who criticized facebook's privacy policy. he says facebook users have become the product that the social network was selling to advertisers. zuckerberg responded in a podcast. >> you know, i find that argument that if you're not paying that somehow we can't care about you to be extremely
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glib and not at all in line with the truth. >> zuckerberg went on to admit that facebook needs to do more to protect user privacy. he added it could be a few years to completely fix things. in the meantime, facebook's stock continues to drop. it lost another 3% today. this was a big deal, a landmark moment for self-driving cars. today was the first day companies could apply to test vehicles on the streets without a human driver as backup. the dmv says so far only one company has applied but they won't release the name. there are at least half a dozen companies working to bring self-driving cars to market. uber is one of them, however, they suspended all self-driving tests after one of their vehicles killed a pedestrian in arizona. daca is dead. president trump makes some hard line statements on immigration, but where do we go from here? our political analyst larry gurstin weighs in, next.
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sorry. i can't make it.
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it's just my eczema again,
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but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. on daca. the president, returns from a weekend in florida... w right now at 6:30, no new deal on daca. the president returns from a weekend in florida with a hard line message for democrats. and tonight the white house confirms it is working on a new package of legislation aimed at closing what it calls immigration loopholes. the president's message on daca came via tweets, but today he followed them up with a new round of on-camera criticism. >> it happened at the white house easter egg roll, which is normally a politics-free zone,
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but not today. reporters asked the president about the so-called daca dreamers and his weekend no-deal declaration. >> democrats have really let them down. it's a shame. and now people are taking advantage of daca, and that's a shame. >> it was president trump who also ended the current daca, which was meant to protect children brought to the u.s. as undocumented immigrants by their parents. well, in one of his more inflammatory tweets, the president wrote, quote, our country is being stolen. that was part of a complaint about daca, end quote, immigrant caravans he claims are entering the u.s. > >> let's do some fact checking, larry gurstin. where are we factually on this? >> let's consider the facts. it was president trump last september who ended the daca program. he said you have six months to figure it out ending in march. it was also president trump a few weeks ago, before a nationally televised audience, who said bring me a bill on daca. i'll sign it.
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let's remember also that daca suddenly was hooked up with all kinds of issues like visa reform, and the president's $25 million wall. and no caravans coming over the border. you decide which makes sense. >> it's only about daca if you read between the lines. >> v. >> victor: -- you are so right and it's not hard to read between the lines. race is very important to the president and that's a fact. this country went from 76% non-hispanic white to 61% non-hispanic white. remember, the president said our country is being stolen from us. those are his remarks.
6:32 pm
they are the people he said was stealing it. add to that the fact he's asked 300,000 people to leave here because of war or political problems in their country, almost all of them non-whites. if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck. >> we could talk about this for two hours, but in the short term what comes next? >> an election, to put it bluntly. seven months down strestream, w talking about. >> you're talking about the midterms. >> that's right. in november. they're going at it hot and heavy. the fact of the matter is 80% of the public want to see something done by the dreamers. now the question is, do the people who favor this come out and make this an issue, or do the president's base, those folks there, rally to his cause? we don't know what's going to happen. the ones who really want to know what's going to happen are those 800,000 dreamers, 2,000 of whom live in california and are
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dangling in the wind. i'm a professor, and i can't tell you how many students came to me last fall and said, what do i do? what will happen to me? i said to them then, i don't know. i say now, we don't know. >> and every time these deadlines come up, it passes and doesn't happen, it's more anxiety. >> yeah. >> larry, thank you for your insight. the president is adding a new fuel to the fire regarding russia. today the white house confirmed russian president vladimir putin has been formally invited to the white house. it happened during a phone call between president trump and putin last month. sarah huckabee sanders said the white house was just one of a number of potential venues planned for the fall. we haven an update of a program we're working on. millions of dollars of debt
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hangs over families. chris? >> good evening. we're making a sizeable donation to help erase medical debt. but we also want to shed light on a little known option. it's something that could erase your next hospital bill even if you have insurance. >> it baffles me. >> reporter: from deanna and kevin arinda. >> the total hospital bill was about $76,000. >> to lori in new york. >> how could somebody pay that bill? >> reporter: and countless others in between. >> we're screwed. >> nbc stations across the country are documenting the wound of medical debt. >> we're somewhere between 900,000 and $1 million in debt right now. >> people are in debt, specifically medical debt. when research asked people who had taken on medical debt in the past year, 46% said yes. >> medical debt isn't just a
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one-off. >> reporter: bruce mcclary with credit counseling says there is something you can do up front about hospital bills. you can ask for help. it's called charity care. you might get it even if your family is well off and your income is six figures. charity care said they offered $38 billion in charity care in 2016. that includes millions here in the bay area. so how do you qualify and how do you request charity care? let's use sutter health as an example. its application on the sutter website says an uninsured family of four making $100,000 per year maya p apply for a full write-o of their hospital bills. they could still get a writeoff if they exceed 10% of their income. mcclary says you have to ask
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early, before your bill goes to a debt collector. >> the longer you wait to ask for help, the fewer options there are. >> reporter: many governments are required to offer charity care, but they don't exactly advertise it. the university of michigan found just 42% of hospitals will notify patients about charity care before trying to collect an unpaid bill. so millions of families who can't pay have racked up billions in medical debt. that's where an unusual charity is stepping in. >> we consider ourselves predato predatory givers. >> jerry ashton pays debt and forgives it. they can buy $100 million of debt and erase it. now stations around the country
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are working with medical debt. we have given a $1 million contribution, which will give $100,000 of debt nationwide. including in the bay area. >> we appreciate what you're doing and getting out the word. because if you know something about it, you can do something about it. >> reporter: we can't forgive the debt of specific people because the charity is buying the accounts in bulk from debt collectors. if your debt is part of the debt in the bay area that nbc is giving, you will get a yellow envelope like this one. if you get one, please contact us. the debt collector calls should stop. there is a form on our website. as we suggest with all charities, you should check out our i.p. before donating. also on our website and our app, a revealing new feature we're
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calling 10 questions for a debt collector. it's an inside view of the industry, their tricks, secrets and inside advice for dealing with that next unwanted call during dinner or during the 6:00 news. again, 10 questions for a debt collector on our website. they do call consistently. >> it's good to have those resources as well. >> so much of this is shrouded in mystery. >> we're learning about this every single day. every time you peel back the onion there's another layer and another layer and another layer. we're going to inform you, empower you as much as possible. >> thank you, chris. a horse caught in a tough spot. how crews in the bay area came in for the rescue. out power fore
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in san jose. it all started around 3am. police say officers spotted a a high-speed chase knocked out power for hundreds of people in san jose. it all started about 3:00 a.m. officers spotted a stolen car in
6:41 pm
the mt. pleasant neighborhood. they chased it and the driver knocked over a power pole that knocked out power for about three hours. the police arrested the men in that car. winnie mandela has died after a long bout with cancer. she was an apartheid activist before she even married nelson mandela. after her husband was in prison, she fought decades for his release and was by his side when he was finally freed in 1990. today people gather outside his home in soleto to sing and dance in her honor. she was 81 years old. arnold schwarzenegger had emergency open heart surgery. today he tweeted about what happened last week. it's true, i'm back, he tweets. i went to sleep expecting to awake with a small incision and woke up with a big one. but guess what? i woke up and that's something
6:42 pm
to be thankful for. the 70-year-old governor also thanked the doctors and nurses at cedars sinai hospital. what you are seeing in this video is a horse on its back in a ditch. someone spotted the horse last night on calaveras near the spring valley golf course. they put a large sheet of plastic under that horse which is what enabled them to get that hor horse out of the ditch. the horse shook it off and went back to being himself. if it had been raining and wet, it would have been a different story. we've got blue sky, light cloud cover. a really nice night in the 50s, but we're talking about that heavy rain. i'll have an updated timeline and some specific totals in a few minutes. also ahead, an unlikely survival story after a teenager swept into a sewer pipe and vanishes for about 12 hours.
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we'll show you the dramatic rescue in l.a.
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some tense moments in l.a., did you hear about this? ultimately he was found alive. a teenager who got trapped in l.a.'s sewer system. this is video now of the search. you can see all the rescuers there. this happened yesterday in griffin park in los angeles. witnesses say jesse hernandez was jumping on a wooden plank. it gave way and then he fell into the sewer system. more than 100 firefighters searched for 13 hours. >> part of this systematic search, the bureau of sanitation was opening up a hatch to place the camera in there, and that's where we located jesse hernandez alive and talking. >> workers actually lowered a hose down to hernandez and pulled him up. you can see him down there. paramedics rushed him to a local hospital to be decontaminated.
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vicky? the former mare antonio villaraigosa formally received notices from the city council. all cited the former mayor for his equality. one of his opponents declined to do any more gubernatorial debates this month. >> i showed up at every gubernatorial debate. i'm the only candidate that's gone to 17 debates. i showed up at every one. you know why? because i respect you. because i understand that job number one is to show up. >> the june 5th primary is now 64 days away. the latest statewide polls show newsome with a double digit lead over the entire field. we should say there is a debate
6:47 pm
here next month in the san jose area. chuck todd will host. that is set at 6:30 p.m. and we hope you'll attend. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. so about 2,000,000 people will call in tomorrow because of weather. >> no problems tomorrow. we're looking at 50s across the bay so it will be really nice for the game. get comfortable, i'm going to let you know when to expect the w wettest weather this week. it looks like thursday and friday, heavy at times. there will be two things interacting. we've heard a lot about the
6:48 pm
atmosphere quiver. it's like putting a big hose and aiming it across our entire viewing area. so again, two different factors helping us bring this wet weather. we'll have more of a look at the specifics coming up in about an hour and a half. tri valley the 46. also some cool 40s in the north bay. san francisco at 50, and for those of you in the east bay, you'll average 49 degrees and partly cloudy skies. tuesday's forecast, we stay mild right through the afternoon. looks really amazing down toward the south bay. 73 in downtown half moon bay, 75 in gilroy. a little bit of a breeze and it will be a dry wind across the region. 74 in concord, 73 in livermore, 74 in hayward.
6:49 pm
half moon bay a sea breeze there. san francisco 60 along the embarcadero. right here through wine country, 71 in napa. let's get a look at that rainfall coming our way. i do think the storm system is going to approach, as we mentioned, on thursday afternoon and evening about 5:30. we'll see some showers increase by thursday night. it does not look heavy on thursday right now. it looks like all signs, both long-range forecast models pointing toward friday and saturday for the heavier rainfall. so we're looking at three-quarters of an inch to one and a half inch possible on friday. maybe another three-quarters of an inch to one and a half inches on saturday as well. so very, very wet for us. we'll dry out sunday and also for monday. you'll see for the inland valleys, we'll have a mild 75 here for tomorrow, but we'll drop down to 61 on saturday's forecast. i know what you're thinking here. okay, it's good we know how much
6:50 pm
overall rainfall we're getting, but what about specifics? we're going to let you in on what we're seeing in terms of weather, but just know there are likely some changes. all of the bay area will be good for at least one inch. notice 1 to 3-inch range for the north bay, 1 to 2-inch range in san francisco, and 1 inch in the south bay. i don't think the computer model is picking up morgan hill very well right now. the santa cruz mountains, 2 to 3 inches at this point. any changes in this, we're going to give it to you each and every day, but right now that's our rainfall estimate. >> friday is going to be a rough day on the road. >> are you ready? >> of course. one of the bay area's best boxers in history has retired. sort of.opener...
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this is a live look at a-t-and-t park. tomorrow afternoon... okay, we mentioned the giants home opener. this is a live look at at&t park. they are getting the stadium and the ballpark all ready to go for tomorrow afternoon. the giants host the seattle
6:54 pm
mariners at 1:35 p.m. we'll be there just a little earlier. we'll be there at 4:30 a.m. we're anchoring our first newscast live at the ballpark. we'll also be on the field for our 11:00 a.m. broadcast. after 16 years as a professional boxer, third time world champion robert guerrero retired from boxing last year. >> robert guerrero would take as much pride in this place as he did his 33 victories, because like his victories, his entire family is and was instrumental in making it happen. >> my brother and myself built the gym. we didn't hire anybody else to come in and do this and that. we actually put in our sweat, our time and did it ourselves.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: with the help of his siblings and cousins, he built his vision. this is where he thought he would be teaching world boxing talent for years to come. >> it could be your son behind you. >> it could be my son who is getting ready for junior olympics on saturday. my son, who is 11 years old, he has a love for the sport also. >> reporter: when he's not assisting in robert jr.'s development or to anyone who steps into his gym, guerrero can be seen on tv. his other gig? commentating. >> it's great to get paid to do it and not get punched at the same time. >> it seems like it's the best of both worlds for you. >> oh, it's the best of both worlds. something i love to do and
6:56 pm
something i've been doing my whole life, boxing speaks to me. it's been a great career. all the concentration that i put in, it's been a great ride. >> in gill roadway, colin rush, nbc bay area. at 11:00, cheaters, beware. a high-tech counter that can count the number of people in your car. here's what to expect not just for tomorrow but as the week progresses. >> tomorrow we're still good, 75 degrees, mostly sunny. wednesday clouds increase, so a mostly cloudy day. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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now on extra, the rock's secret battle with depression. >> we've all gone through low times in our life. >> why the big screen top guy couldn't stop time after a shocking family crisis. donald trump jr. back with his wife? new photos of the estranged couple all smiles on easter. the two faces of meghan markle? >> the explosive new biography claiming she dumped her first husband and put her wedding ring in the mail. hollywood mourns steven bochco. "l.a. law," "hill street blues," "n


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