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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 4, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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security guards escorting youtube employees in and out. near the outdoor patio area several workers arrived with restoration management. the web site says services include trauma scene clean-up. today we also learned that the shooter entered that courtyard through a parking garage. but according to san bruno police chief undleclear how shet past security if there was any. >> we know the area of the campus where she entered. we are determining what security measures she had to navigate through to get to where she was at. >> not just the offices youtube employees were allowed back into the company parking garage to retrieve cars. youtube is encouraging staff to take time off work or simply work from home. more than 1,000 people work at this headquarters. we have team of reporters covering this developing story. among the big revelations this was not a domestic dispute, instead, that woman had a problem with youtube. her family knew about it. start with senior investigative
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reporter, vicky nguyen. >> reporter: when youtube changed policies about which videos make money. his daughter had no income. she posted videos in far sichsi turkey, english. in 2016 she posted the screen shot. saying youtube paid her 10 cents for a video that received 300,000 vutiews. she had no history of family illness. she presumably had to pass a background check that ruled out any reported mental health or criminal issues. one relative who declined to give her name said she is upset she was able to obtain the 9 millimeter handgun she used to shoot and wound three people. >> how come for driver's license we have to have -- eye exam.
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how come for getting that stupid gun we don't mean mental doctor. >> she hurt anyone. i don't know how she did like this. >> that its her father there speaking. in a statement he. we are praying for the speedy recovery of the injured. she would have turned 39 tomorrow. vicky, thank you. you saw the father there. speaking outside of the family home. here it is. that family home in the small city of menifee, riverside county. san bruno police confirm they rekwer requested searches for evidence at this home in riverside county as well as the apartment building north of san diego. her aunt described her as a good girl. >> they're so sad. >> did you know sunny had potential to do this?
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>> no idea. >> was she a loving person? >> yes, of course. >> inside many family members were gathering. at san diego apartment complex, agents searched the dumpster there. >> as we reported last night. police questioned, aghdam early yesterday morning. hours before she opened fire at youtube. mountain view officers found na sich nasichn nasim sleeping in her car in the wal-mart parking lot. she may be in the area, because of her anger with youtube. they talked about why the officers didn't alert youtube. she joins us in mountain view, what did he have to say? >> well the police chief said that the officers frankly saw no red flags. they first made contact with nasime here in the wal-mart parking lot 2:00 in the morning. after talking with her for 20 minutes they moved on. >> mountain view police say they found nasim aghdam sleeping in
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the back of the white pontiac sedan. she was calm, cooperative. explained she was having family problems and looking for a job in the bay area. >> her behavior, body language, how she presented did not raise any level of concern. >> nasim gave officers her id. they learned she had been reported missing in san diego county on march 31st. police phoned her brother and father told them that it found her. an hour later, nasim's father called police back. >> that conversation he ex-pressed that the daughter may be up here because of youtube being located in san bruno in proximity to mountain view and that she had individual yoevide disagreement or grievance with youtube over the individual yoet -- videos. officers did not contact youtube or san bruno police. they say, nasim's father never told them she may have had a gun. >> the conversation, describe as told to me, did not suggest that
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there was any concern about an act of violence. certainly not in the nature we saw yesterday. it would be characterized more of a, conversation of -- disagreement or an issue with corporation. >> today nasim's family and friends, question why mountain view police didn't do more to investigate her father's concerns. especially since nasim had driven 500 miles from her home and was near youtube. the company she was furious with. >> i don't think anything should have been handled differently. >> the police chief says that nasim showed no signs of mental illness. she was also not on probation or parole. reporting live in mountain view, maryanne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. late today, youtube releasing a new statement.
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we have more information about the people wounded. paramedics rushed three people with gunshot wounds to sf general. two women were treated and released. the man who was also shot said to be in his 30s, has been upgraded from critical to serious condition. he is recovering in the hospital. >> i spoke with him earlier, earlier today. he is speaking. he its conscious. he its aware of what happened and aware of the situation. >> now police tell us that nasim aghdam had no connection wrilt awrilt -- with any people she shot. at this point not reap leasing victims' names. >> in san bruno, mountain view, investigators believe the suspect went to a local gun range before heading to the youtube cam pulse. robert handa joins us in south san francisco with the latest
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development in the story. robert. >> reporter: that's right. we don't know whether this shooting range in particular, jackson arms, its the one in question, workers declined to comment. but there has been a lot of police ak tifl tctivity here. a view from sky ranger. when san bruno police were seen coming in and out of the shooting range late this morning. a man who rents space here says shooting range workers told him police were looking at security surveillance tape after he claims employees thought they might have recognized the suspected shooter. san bruno police would only confirm they're looking into a shooting range visit it, not necessarily at jackson arms. >> it was a local gun range. not going to give the name at this time. >> nbc bay area investigated why there might be so much interest in jackson arms besides its location. its web site in kated the shooting range was open when police say the suspect was at one. some other facilities we checked had conflicts for exam puple, t
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gun club is not open tuesdays. same thing for sunnyvale rod and gun club and coyote point rifle and pistol. peninsula guns and tactical told us it has the no gun range. we did not here back from bay area firearms. we just checked in with san bruno police, and they would only say that investigators are still out in the field. here and in southern california. live in south san francisco, robert handa. nbc bay area news. >> several angles to the story. coming up at 6:30. our investigative unit digs into what california standard are for active shooter training at your work. >> turn your attention to the weather. and the big storm headed our way. you can see it brewing over the pacific from the satellite image. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking it. jeff, going to be a wet weekend. >> looks like the first half of the weekend will be wet for us. you will see in the satellite radar picture now, the, the cloud cover ahead of the storm system its beginning to move in
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right now. cloudy conditions from santa rosa through san jose. see a few spots of green showing up on the radar. that's moisture in the mid levels of the atmosphere. there is no rainfall touching the ground right now. but as the we get a wider look, storm system its just out here off shore. once this gets here on friday and saturday, it is going to hook up with the atmospheric river. pineapple express. going to boost up our rainfall totals. not just the higher elevations, looking at some heavier rain, also the lower elevations as well. so, some things to think about. we will be under a microclimate weather alert, friday, saturday. due to the heavier rainfall. maximum rainfall totals in this 48-hour period. two to five inches. and because of all off that rain and short amount of time, we will have a mudslide threat and the fire burn zones. fast running creeks, rivers, streams. and sierra snow melt is likely with some flooding concerns. take a look at hour by hour forecast. 6:19 tonight. >> see you then. thank you. as always, track the storm from the palm of your hand.
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all you need to download our free nbc bay area app. click on the weather tab. get your personalized forekalca. we have details about youtube's policy change that seems to prompted yesterday's shooting. >> plus employee burned by chemicals at cal, the investigation now under way on campus. tonight we investigate. >> californians exposed to contaminated drinking water. >> shouldn't be happening in a city this size. awe they say our forests desperately need to be thinned. >> everything. you can see. >> smell that? >> coming into your kit. en every day. >> revealing the tower is singing and leaning. >> our reporting is leading to major changes citywide. >> i see who i was meant to be. >> the governor. >> ha-ha-ha. ♪ ♪ mom you called?
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several new twists continue to unfold about the youfub shootshoot shoot -- youtube shooter and what she did before at take. mountain view and up the peninsula, we know of the step she's took. >> chris, you have put together a timeline how this unfolded? >> frying trying to merge it wi. police say, nasim aghdam last seen saturday in san diego said to be living with her grandmother down here. at some point between saturday and tuesday, aghdam drove 500 miles from southern california up to the san francisco bay area. this 'tis when his when her famd her missing. then between 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. tuesday. when police in mountain view, came into contact with her in a parking lot of a walwal-mart. she was sleeping in the car. that down here when they had an opportunity to maybe detain her. but they didn't.
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so, a few hours after that, still early tuesday. aghdam visited a local gun range. police not saying which one. our cameras saw police outside jackson range in san francisco. 2.7 miles from youtube. some point after visiting the range. aghdam drove to san bruno, youtube headquarters. 2.7 miles from the range. let's zoom in to the next chain of events. youtube building. right there. youtube told us, aghdam entered via the parking garage. not sure exactly where. there are two, at least in this image, two. this is an entrance to underground parking right here. there is another structure over here. a regular parking structure. an entrance right over there. which one? we don't know. both of them do apare pear to b gated however. despite the gate, security. somehow made it into this area here. this is the patio. this is where she opened fire
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during the lunch hour. around 12:45. shot herself under that awning right there. youtube will increase security here as well as facilities around the world. perhaps acknowledgement of the shooter's suspected motive. jess, you have more, she was upset with youtube. right. >> correct. nasim aghdam was angry at youtube. posted videos, complained that youtube was suppressing her and the company took away her opportunity to make money on the site. scott budman got to the bottom of why aghdam was so upset. attempted to. and a problem users have complained about as well. >> so recently, they also attacked by persian channel. >> it is how nasim aghdam and millions of others got their message out. >> i am being discriminated. >> a small active number of youtubers, aghdam was able to
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generate income from her posts. for many years, youtubers could post just about anything. itch users clicked on an ad or attracted 10,000 viewers you made money. >> anything was put up. everything was put up. there wasn't a lot of censorship. there was not a lot of monitoring. >> that changed. earlier this year, youtube made it harder for users to profit from posts while reviewing and cracking down on more of their content. >> now awfll of a sudden, youtu is responding to various events around the country, the shootings and outrageous social media acts etc. and saying we need to rein some of this in. >> itch you go and check my videos, see my new videos hardly get vutiews. among those complaining, was aghdam who said in a series of videos she was angry at the company for changing the rules. she wasn't alone. after youtube ceo posted this
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tweet about the horror of the active shooting situation, many people tweeted in anger, questioning youftube's policy. one said "when your videos get dem demonetized." money or not. people will not stop posting, this group. >> we have a youtube channel. >> youtube dealing with backlash from the new rules for some time. in berkeley, scott budman, abay area news. >> our coverage continues, a live update from youtube headquarters in 15 minutes. new at 6:00, east bay minister jumped bail during his molestation trial is back in custody tonight. last december, you might recall, fernando moldenado disappeared in his trial in martinez. detectives suspected he fled to
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mexico. prols c dna confirms he sexually abuse aid young girl member of his church in pleasant hill. six church members put up their homes to bail him out. this week he was arrested in mexico center to the bay area. since the trial went on without him he was found guilty. he will by sense tentenced next. female employee at uc berkeley rushed to the emergency room after being attacked. overnight. before 2:00 this morning. police dispatched audio reveal the female janitor discovered a man in a restroom in wheeler hall. when she told him to leave the building, he threw a caustic chemical right at her. and ran away. she suffers chemical burns. police are looking for that man. >> we do have a heart warmingtory stew share. we are showing you video of last month when a 92-year-old man fell into a well of waltter. in freemont. fire fighters pulled him out safely. now some of the same fire fighters are helping him out. they felt bad they had to destroy the pump house to save
6:19 pm
him. now they're fixing it. >> we got together a little work party. kind of arranged it. and, said we are going to go out and dupe the rig do the right thing. and put together a new pump house. >> firefighters say the owner of the farm gets choked up trying to express his gratitude about them rebuilding the pump house saving his life. >> such a good story. >> way to go. jeff ranieri with us to talk incoming storm when it will hilt who gets it fir ls realst reall. tomorrow seep the showers increase the north bay, near the coast. eventually everybody gets in on heavier rain. take you outsigde. see the cloud across san jose as the the storm system begins to get closer. going to take a while to get here. and we'll keep the cloud cover all the way through tonight. currently, 62 degrees. bring you into the hour by hour forecast. 7:00 tomorrow morning. the overcast skies. heaviest rainfall its out here in the pacific. then as we head through
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tomorrow, afternoon, and evening, the showers, there they are. developing in the north bay. also near the coast. and then we will see widespread coverage of rainfall by 6:00 a.m. friday. it still will be slow to get down towards the south bay. your better bet of the wettest commute friday. north bay peninsula. for the east bay. we stay with this rain scenario all the way through friday night. the heaviest friday evening. right into your saturday morning. any plans on saturday morning, you may need to push those back into the afternoon. because, that's when we will start to see the storm system beginning to push on out. on my extended forecast. sunnier skies, once we hit sunday, monday. more rain chances by tuesday and wednesday. while we are getting the rain here, it also looks like we are getting rain across the sierra. not good news. major, major snow melt likely friday into parts of saturday. that will bring flooding conditions with lots of flood watches and warnings already posted. a closer look at the rain totals because the it is not just the mountains expecting to get high
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totals. show you who could get over 2 inches at the lower elevations. at 6:48 tonight. >> could be a big event. thank you, jeff. a good chance your facebook infoep was compro mietz i information was compromised. the announcement by facebook that is catching a lot of attention. >> i feel like i have been taken advantage of. >> got me where they wanted me. >> their consumer complaints went nowhere. so they contacted nbc bay area responds. >> then the ball started rolling. >> nbc was the first to respond. >> glad that i told you guys. >> recovering more than $1.5 million. >> thought i would never, ever see that money again. >> nbc bay area responds to every call, and every e-mail. to make sure you get your money back. that's our promise to you. goveng
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state agencies to track harassment complaints. he )s also directing them to update sexual harrassment training. that story... on our websi governor brown is directing agencies to track harassment
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claims and update harassment training. the story on the website. nbc bay if you are thinking of tying the knot. check the cost. see how much it will take to get married in san francisco, compared to the rest of the country. we're back in a moment. the nati
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to assist border agents. the first troops could arrive as early as tonight, although there )s no word how many are president trump is dispatching the national guard to assist border agents. troops could arrive early as the tonight. there are no word how many are deployed. this caps several days of angry tweets from the president about lapses in border security. >> the president directed the department of defense and the department of homeland security work together with our governors to deploy the national guard to our southwest border to assist the border patrol. >> there its no estimate from the administration how much the deployment will cost or how long the assignment will last. in years past, president obama and george w. bush also ordered national guard troops to aid with border security.
6:25 pm
now, legally they aren't allowed to detain immigrants. in the past they have helped with surveillance and done intelligence work as well. from bad to worse. today, facebook admitted even more users were exposed. facebook upped estimate from 50 million to 87 million people whose personal data was mined without their permission by cambridge analytica. a consulting firm in london. cambridge analytica used information to target ads for political clients including donald trump's presidential campaign. announced to day, ceo mark zuckerberg will testify before congress next week. >> ground breaking figures in our country's history honored on somber anniversary. to day marks 50 years since the assassination of martin luther king jr. [ bell tolling ] >> there were beautiful moments around the country. uc berkeley campus. a bell tolled 39 times for eeac
6:26 pm
year of dr. king's life. special remembrances in oakland, san jose, san francisco. across the country, the most powerful demonstration happening in memphis, tennessee. the place dr. king was killed. >> almol he gave his life, life taken by him, racial, forces. reverend jackson there at the shooting with dr. king. and representative john lewis recorded a special video message remembering dr. king. >> still ahead. we continue our coverage on the youtube shooting investigation. going to take you live to the headquarters in san bruno to look at what youtube employees did today. >> search-and-rescue teams spent seven hours looking for three missing children in mendocino county. what did they find? i'm sam brock.
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community - after gunshots shattered a quiet lunchtime gathering at its san bruno right now at 6:30. tense 24 hours for the youtube community. after gunshots shattered a lunchtime gathering at san bruno headquarters. it only took about 30 seconds. the entire shooting. suddenly police and swat teams surrounded headquarters. >> to date company as you would imagine is on high alert with increased security at buildings. reviewing security at awful its offices worldwide.
6:30 pm
nbc bay area correspondent, joins us from youtube headquarters, anoushah rasta? >> reporter: restoration and clean-up vans pulled up infront of the youtube headquarters building. 30 minutes ago after police finally opened cherry avenue. this part of cherry had been closed since yesterday. when that shooting happened. it is hard to miss the police officers and the security guards patrolling youtube's campus and escorting its employees from building to building. the day after three people were shot here. the southern california woman accused of using a handgun to open fire at the campus yesterday, is believed to have been angry at youtube for its policies. the high profile tech company releasing a statement today, saying in part, yesterday a shooter entered through our parking garage to our outside courtyard. and committed a horrible act of violence. >> we know the area of the campus where she entered. we are still determining whether, what security measures
6:31 pm
she had to navigate through to, to get to where she was at. >> the area that's become the focus of the investigation, an outdoor dining area. with red umbrellas, black chairs, and evidence markers, put down by police, on the day of the crime. today, workers arrived at an outdoor patio area on the youtube campus in several large vehicles. labeled restoration management company. according to the company's website, it offers services, like trauma scene clean-up. last night, the shooter, nasim aghdam's car was towed away. she turned the gun on herself after the shooting. >> we have no indication sunny was selecting individuals to fire at. we know sunny was upset with youtube. we determined right now that's the motivation we identified. >> tonight, youtube employees are allowed back into a company parking garage to retrieve their cars. youtube saying in their statement they encouraged employees to take time off of work or work from home.
6:32 pm
in addition to increased security here, youtube says it has also increased security at its offices worldwide. reporting live, anoushah rasta. >> according to the labor department. 15,000 were victims of work place violence in 2014. most recent data on record. >> man come pans have training on what to do with what to do if some one with a gun enters the building. a lot of companies don't offer any training. liz wagner joins us now. its there a reason why some come pans do it and don't? >> most california work places aren't required to conduct active shooter training for employees. we learned that could soon change. under a new proposal from cal osha. mass shootings are becoming all too common at work places across california. in a december 2015 terrorist attack, a married couple killed 14 people at a county building
6:33 pm
in san bernardino. last june, a ups employee killed three co-workers at a packaging facility in san francisco. tuesday, nasim aghdam wounded three in a rampage at youtube san bruno headquarters. cal osha is proposing a regulation that requires work places big and small to come up with a plan to address violence in the work place. the first osha regulation in the country that would specifically require employers to provide active shooter training to employees. >> an important issue. and it deserves needs a regulation to address it. >> cal osha deputy chief of research and standard. says what training entails would be up to each employer. could include drills or classroom training where employees watch videos. like this one from the l.a. county sheriff's office. while burke says employers won't be required to submit their plans to the state, the requirement will force companies to come up with critical
6:34 pm
policies. >> the fact that regulation exists. almost employers will implement and follow the regulations because if it is exists though we nooare not inspecting they w do the right thing and follow the regulation. very important to have it. >> last year cal osha started requiring hospitals to require evacuation and sheltering plans in response. when it comes to schools we found there is no statewide protocol right now about how to respond to mass casualty situations. the department of education tells us that's up to local education agencies. >> cal osha began developing regulations back in 2014. in response to petition from a teacher who was concerned about violence on the job. agency officials say they're at least a year away from finalizing these rules. jess. >> tragic that we have gotten to this position. thank you, liz. going to of course continue to follow the latest developments on the youtube shooting on all digital platforms and include website.
6:35 pm one thing you will find are original videos that nasim aghdam posted on her youtube channel. >> speaking out for the first time, student from florida's parkland high school, credited with saving up to 20 lives, during that valentine's day shooting, spoke exclusively to nbc news. 15-year-old anthony bourgess home from the hospital after nine surgeries. shot five times as the he barricaded a classroom door against that gunman using his body as a shield. he was asked why he did it? >> because i think i was going to die. >> where do you think your son had the courage that day to push back on the door. >> that's his personality. he is like that. >> that was just part of his personality. a third of borges lung had to removed. one bullet came close to his
6:36 pm
liver. three other bullets tore through this legs. he is a big soccer fan. see his jersey. his doctor says he will play soccer again. >> four u.s. marines presumed dead after their helicopter crashed through the mexican border. in the city of el centro east of san diego. marine corps officials say the chopper crashed 2. 30. yesterday afternoon. during a routine training mission. the cause of the crash is under investigation. and then just yesterday, another marine air craft crashed during takeoff in east africa. the pie llot did manage to ejec and is recovering. >> this is a story, got a lot of attention across the country. the tragedy in the coastal community as well. searching for three children still missing after the car they were in plummeted off a cliff off highway one. killing their parents, and three siblings. many people are holding out hope, that the missing children, are still alive. and nbc bay area, sam broch is
6:37 pm
in fort bragg with the latest. >> their fluorescent outfits give them away. search teams across sand and terrain looking for sign of three missing children. this sound more like a recovery mission than rescue mission. >> if the children are done here it would be a recovery mission. >> correct. >> lieutenant sheriff barney says investigators are probing whether the three children were aboard the car that careened off this cliff with their moms and three siblings inside. >> technically we haven't confirmed that the children made it into the county via video, we do have one witness who thought he saw some of them. but he doesn't know how many. >> deputies say this picture of jennifer hart at a safeway the morning of the tragedy is the only visual evidence they have so far. >> feels like there its ghosts around or something. >> in a town as small as fort bragg, the tragedy 20 miles north left people feeling haunted and shaken. >> i can't imagine hurdling off
6:38 pm
a cliff and, what those poor kids like must have been thinking. >> next to the juan river, where the family's suv actually crashed, pinwheels, flowers, and the cool breeze of the california coast. search-and-rescue crews really keyed in on about 30 miles of coastline from the crash site. 10 miles north of where i am standing. due south. but the total all. land they covered, was really more like 60 miles. a huge space. i asked the sheriff's office what it would take to be a turning point in this part of the investigation. they say the incoming storm on friday which could turn up evidence, or worse. reporting from the county this evening. sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, sam. >> increasing the penalties. state lawmakers plan to make drivers pave a bigger price for being distracted behind the wheel. what appears widespread abuse. >> network of stolen firearms. >> how do you stop this? >> the medic. >> you can go out and do your
6:39 pm
job and come home safely. >> local nbc investigative unit. >> new law pro posed. >> thanks to great investigative journalism. >> we went undercover. >> investigators followed this to restaurants. >> the law enforcement and community. i know we could save lives. >> it's really significant how much changed in a short amount of time. trust and loyalty. you and lantus. you go together, so stay together. ♪ stay together with a $0 copay, you've got zero reasons to leave, and every reason to stay.
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lantus is used to control high blood sugar in people with diabetes. do not use lantus to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you're allergic to insulin. get medical help right away if you have a serious allergic reaction such as body rash or trouble breathing. don't reuse needles or share insulin pens. the most common side effect is low blood sugar which can be life-threatening. it may cause shaking, sweating, fast heartbeat, and blurred vision. check your blood sugar levels daily. injection site reactions may occur. don't change your dose of insulin without talking to your doctor. tell your doctor about all your medicines and medical conditions. check insulin label each time you inject. taking tzds with insulins like lantus may cause heart failure that can lead to death. stay together with the lantus $0 copay. ♪ let's stay together talk to your doctor or visit a state senator wants harsher penalties for people caught using their phones behind the wheel. cracking down on distracted drivers, the state senator wants arechar penalties.
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under the proposal, drivers caught using a cell phone will receive 1 point on their dmv record. lead to potentially higher insurance rates. the arechar punishment than what we currently have. >> there seems to be evidence, the current fine is not creating the deterrents that i think we need even as the number of ways you can distract yourself in a car have multiplied immensely over that time. >> that from orange county says the bill is being considered by the senate transportation committee. >> this sunday will mark six months since the north bay fires began. the as are doing special for the victims. take a live look now at the coliseum. the as take the field in 20 minutes for their game tonight. but there as it nother game that is making headlines. on sunday, june 10th, the as are hosting what they call north bay day. everyone affected by the fires can get into that game for free. how about that? you can go to the as website for more information on how to get
6:42 pm
the free tickets. june 10th against the royals. that might be the best game of the season in the bay area. >> really nice gesture. heart warming. >> turn things over to jeff. talk what is not heart warming. soggy. in just 24 hours. >> i know. usually be dealing with april showers. so this storm likely going to be record setting on many fronts. when it comes to the rainfall. there it is right there in the center of your screen. i will have the time line. where 2 to 5 inches of rain is possible in a few minutes. >> a brand new lawnmower doesn't cut it. the company responds, also off the mark. consumer investigator chris kimora. nbc bay area responds next. richw
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
lawnmower. he says his battery powered nbc bay area responds to a richmond man and his lawnmower. >> he says his battery powered lawnmower is a dud and not eco friendly. bring in consumer investigator, chris, with his story, i used to mow lawns in the day. >> i did too. >> i did not. >> $20. >> good rate.
6:45 pm
>> a big yard actually. all right, we worked together with our response team in los angeles for this story. about a guy in richmond. keith patterson. right over there. there he is see him pushing the lawnmower. he chose this one, battery powered over a gas engine. well he figured it was eco friendly. and would make a lot less noise. well it is quiet. too quiet. it sure looks like keith patterson is mowing his yard. but it doesn't sound look it. >> i got a couple rows here. keith paid $250 for what he thought was an environmentally friendly moper. ads on cable tv convinced him. >> a long battery life. plenty of power to tame the toughest lawns. >> keith says not true. he told us the battery won't hold the charge. his works moper runs a few minutes at a time. when he called the company, it sent him a new battery. that one, was also a bust. and so was battery number three.
6:46 pm
>> same thing happens all over again. battery goats out. and into the land fill. keith's environmentally friendly mower isn't. >> the lawn moper just in a nutshell doesn't work. a piece of garbage. i don't think that is eco friendly. >> attorney brian cavatek says the mower is failing consumers too. he points to online complaints like these. the battery dies fast. battery did not last five minutes. i'm throwing my mower in the trash. waste of money. >> the lawyer filed a class action lawsuit. >> what the company needs to do one of two things. quickly. they need to either pay their customers back the money that they have invested in the la lawnmower take the product back or come up with a battery that works. worx owned by a chinese company didn't respond. as the for the lawsuit it says, worx does not comment on pending
6:47 pm
litigation. keith is stuck with worthless $250 mower. plus uncut grass. >> i feel like i was deceived. >> if you bought a worx moper and class action suit proceed you will likely get a notice. speaking of class actions. general reminder for everyone. have to be good about registering the products that you buy. possible that registration card there that everyone ignores, yeah, i get, that registration card might be the only way the court can tell you you could be part of a lawsuit. listen up. entitled to money. talt card. fill it out. send it in, please. if you are having difficulty settling a consumer dispute. we are here for you. go to if you need help in spanish. sister station, telemundo can lend a hand. call -- we are working together for you. >> yes. >> well said. thank you, chris. >> thank you, chris. jeff ranieri back with us now
6:48 pm
from grass issues to weather issues. >> yeah, it is going to be stacking up the next 72 hours in terms of the rainfall. going to seem like slow to get here. once the rainfall starts, it is going to be nonstop. it is one of the long duration events. it is not going to move in quickly and move out. it is the atmospheric river. pineapple express. all of this, more humid, moisture, milder meeting up with the storm system. into friday and saturday. for potentially what looks to be record setting rainfall. now, as we push into tomorrow morning. i still thing we will beep mostly cloudy throughout the bay. temperatures low 50s from south bay to the tri vamy. also looking at cloud cover from the north bay over throughout the east bay. hour by hour forecast. spend time on this. you can just think what plans you have coming your way over 72 hours. once we hit thursday, in the morning, you are in the clear here in terms of that rainfall. for the bay area. we just have the clouds. heaviest rain is off to the north. we'll begin to see showers
6:49 pm
develop for north bay and the coast. head throughout tomorrow night. and then as we hit friday morning, the rainfall will begin. it will likely be the heaviest right here through the north bay, coast, also for the east bay. south bay, slower to start. as normal with this kind of event. marching from the north down to the south. but as we have been talking about. about the rainfall beginning friday morning. and then continuing right into friday night. and from friday night right into saturday morning. that we'll see the heaviest rainfall for the bay area. any plans on saturday morning. you may need to push those into sunday. when we will have some drier weather moving on in. the storm will start to push out. once weep hit saturday afternoon. rainfall totals haven't budged a bit. all of the forecast models, short and long-range models are showing the same scenario of one to two inches for the bay area. possibly even higher. i am pinning some of the highest toef tals in the santa cruz mountains. 2-4 inches. take a lot of the moisture from
6:50 pm
the south bay. not as high here. 3/4 inch. one inch. in this one to two inch range from the peninsula into san francisco. 2 plus inches through the north bay. and with all of the water in the north bay. of course our fire burn zones there will be a mudslide threat, and, and the water is going to rise very fast with this. because we have had quite a bit of rainfall over the past two months. kind of adding up. current leap sitting at 4 feet. the napa river. downtown napa. going to push up to 12.8 feet. once we hit saturday. below flood stage. not time to go out near creeks, rivers, streams. rushing very fast. and also a lot higher than normal. so, please stay away from the banks. if you live near a small stream, creek, river. also, just watch that closely. you know who you are. you can seep as the we hit sun day's forecast. dry out. get sunshine. also into monday. maybe more rainfall into next tuesday. and wednesday's forecast. inland valleys will stay here. mild with upper 60s. thursday and fry day. and then you are also drying out
6:51 pm
once weep hit sunday. and monday. we mention the problem as the cross the sierra. lots of snow melt friday into early saturday morning. a lot of the rivers there could get close to flood stage. planning on traveling that way you may want to postpone the plans, amount least at this point. >> not necessarily good for skiers and snow boarders with the melting snow. >> not at all. hard to get up there. >> thank you, jeff. up next, few weeks. be honest. not many have heard of quinn cook. now, the warriors have a big announcement about his future in the bay area. we are joined next.
6:52 pm
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okay, the playoffs begin for the warriors in less than two weeks. know who the best person to ask for playoff tickets is? fallon smith. >> there is fall? on now. >> i don't even get playoff tickets. okay. yeah, my credential. that's huh i get in. you guys could get a credential as well. steph curry missed 12 of 13 games. have played 51 games this
6:55 pm
season. but a pleasant surprise for the warriors has been emergence of reserve guard quinn cook. spent most of the season, with the g league. get this, according to our pool, the warriors and cook are nearing multiyear nba deal. the two side have until april 10th to make it official so cook can become playoff eligible. because two way players are not eligible to be on the playoff roster. addition of cook would mean the warriors would have to wave one player. that's going to be interesting. let's look at cook's stats. shall we. cook scored double digits in the last 11 games and is averaging 1 points on 54% shooting including, 50% from beyond the arc. pretty darn good. all right, to baseball now. mariners, giants. check this out. in the second. foul ball. knocks over a fan's beer. the woman on the phone next to him. ends up getting the ball. he wasn't too happy about thatable. he would be happy about this. bottom five. giants up. 4-0. brandon belt. see you later.
6:56 pm
solo shlt to left. first home earl of the year. 5-0. giants. later in the inning. two off pablo sandoval. splash hit. eighth career splash hit. giants, 8-0 lead. giants, they have hit four home runs so far. they seattle 10-1 in the eighth. balts finally, finally, coming alive for the giants. >> and the panda hitting that home run. very nice. >> now stressed out about the weather though. >> yeah. >> now they're on a hot streak. going to dump water on them. not good, jeff. >> i know. i know. all on my shoulders. >> yeah. all on you, jeff. >> i know. microclimate weather alert. friday, saturday. coast, hills, four inches. lower elevations, .75 to 2.25. brand new update. all computer stuff loaded in, at 11:00. >> cover your patio furniture. have a great evening. >> all right, bye-bye.
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