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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 6, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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all day. the time now just seconds before 5:00. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. we started our coverage at 4:00 to get ready for the very wet conditions. we go to forecaster vianey arana doing double duty today and neither job is easy. >> no, especially when you bring rain into the picture when it comes to traffic. you know how quickly things can get messy out there. so i want to show you a look at the radar because it gives you a good idea of where this moisture is right now. now we had a cold front that kind of stalled out over the north bay. and if i zoom in toward the north bay, you could see petaluma and napa expected to get showers because behind that where you see the red and yellow hues, those are light to moderate downpours making their way through right now rohnert park, and then an area of concern there as well. and then expecting to keep a close eye on that because they are expecting upwards of three plus inches for the coastal
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mun -- the coastal mountains. and when i zoom in, i talk about the rain shadow and you could see this on the radar because what happens is the santa cruz mountains take a lot of moisture and it climbs over the santa cruz mountains and it kind of falls into a rain shadow and that is where san jose and sunnyvale will see. but nothing compared to the north bay. and the models are trending further off to the north. this is what the radar looks like now. and you could track the storm with us at the palm of your hand, download our nbc bay area app. you could also track the traffic conditions as well. which is what i have here now. the traffic maps are up and so is the radar just behind it. we're starting to catch a couple of slow spots and i want to show you where the rain is really pounding right now. and that is in the north bay. you could see all of the mountain areas and the vegetation completely covered with that green which means it is either raining or the rain has passed and this is definitely going to be one of the areas that will see the
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majority of the downpours. i want to focus your attention toward the santa cruz mountains because it is going to get foggy up here. we know highway 17 definitely gets that pounding rain. especially at the summit. we have a reporter in the santa cruz mountains that will see the rain coming through in the next ten to 15 minutes for santa cruz. now right now the bay bridge is an absolute mess. meters lights have been on since 4:20 and you could see back-up is starting to build and the camera is picking up the rain. it will get breezier but the winds are fairly calm. we're expecting that to get gustier as we head into tonight and into early tomorrow morning. so we haven't seen the worst of this yet. the main impact, i'll talk about that coming up in just a bit. back to you. >> thanks vianey. and we're tracking the conditions outside. we have live team coverage and "today in the bay" sharon katsuda in santa rosa with an eye on the burn zones. >> and we begin with anser hassan.
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and tell us how it is looking out there. >> reporter: good morning. we could see the rain come down. but the big issue this morning is going to be the flood watch warning that started just a few minutes ago at 5:00 a.m. it lasts until tomorrow morning. now the drive up here from san jose wasn't too bad. like i havianey said, get ready because the forecast predicted up to four to six inches of rain. remember from last year the storm brought mudslides and rock slides. i checked are santa cruz county and theye estimated the damage o be over a hundred million dollars. one of the big concerns this season are the drought weakened trees. they say the rain can fall at any time and when the odds of the trees falling becomes even more so in the bad weather.
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and the county wants to remind residents of very simple steps that go along way to help ease the pressure of this flooding. those include first cleaning your gutters, also having sandbags on hand to handle flooding around your house, and another big one is leaf litter. the county said that can be a serious problem for roof and driveway and landscape brainage systems. now this all makes for difficult conditions for driver and we spoke to them this morning. >> no one is expecting the rain but because california is in drought so we need the rain. >> it should go on safely. [ inaudible ]. >> now another big issue, chp said in addition to this rain, the flood watch and the threats of mudslides is this fog. chp said one of the biggest issues is people not turning the flood lights on -- or fog lights on when they drive.
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that is something to keep in mind during the morning commute. live in santa cruz mountains, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. and now to "today in the bay" sharon katsuda in santa rosa and people are watching the burn area. we just had a wild land safety briefing and we know those burn areas are prone to slides. >> reporter: yeah. kris and marcus, this is an area of concern and the reason why is because of the burn areas and those hillsides are not absorbing the water. so there is a risk for mudslides. let's take a look at radar. the concern is that two to five inches of rain will fall by tomorrow. so firefighters say those love in the tubbs fire areas should keep an eye on the hillside and look for movement and report any activity. sonoma and napa county office of emergency serve -- services are worried about slides and
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flooding. the october wildfire burned homes and trees and vegetation so the ground is unable to absorb water. >> this is the first time it will really test the burn scars. and this is the -- the storm that those of us who have been work in the fire recovery, one we've been worried about. >> reporter: water agency program specialist barry duggan took nbc bay area on a tour to show us one of 22 rain gauges to monitor rainfall and measure how high surrounding creeks could rise there. and back here live, you could see one of the barriers set up here along the empty lot. this is where unfortunately one of the hopes was destroyed in the fire last october. we're seeing this in many lots around the area but just down the street we see a home that is still in tact. and so the firefighters are saying, please try to set up barriers, these sandbags to protect the other homes in this area. and they're hoping they don't see any mudslides.
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coming up in the next half hour, i'll have more tips on how to prepare for the storms. reporting live in santa rosa, i'm sharon katsuda, show show. and happening today we're watching the rain at lake oroville which officials say could rise to the level of a triggering level. the main spillway at the dam is not fully repaired but it could be put to work as early as this weekend. you will remember no doubt last year the spillway crumbled forcing 200,000 people to evacuate their homes. and the storm already making an impact in yosemite as well where the national park service is closing the valley because of flooding concerns. and now park rangers say the park will close tomorrow at 5:00. and reservations through saturday are canceled. the river could flood and park leaders will reassess conditions and a reopening time line but only after the massive storm passes through. and of course our team coverage of this storm
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continues, in 30 minutes we have crews spaced throughout the bay area. we'll have those updates frommancear hassan and we will check in. you could keep track of what is going on weather wise. the nbc bay area app is a great way to keep track of the stor h and see the radar and you could download it on your apple or smartphone. and now a man is dead after police shootout at a gas station in fremont. >> bob redell reports from the arco station at fremont and nicollet avenue. bob? >> reporter: fremont police tell us that the man who they shot and killed here at this intersection had fired at officers. and was wanted on a felony warrant for illegal possession of a firearm and a proble-- a p violence. undercover police located the man riding as a passenger in a
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truck and called for the marked vehicles to pull over the suspect and when the driver stopped at fremont and nicollet avenue, police say the suspect ran out of the truck and toward the arco gas station and according to police, pointed his gun at officers and began firing. police returned fire and struck the man at least once and knocks him to the ground. >> the cops jumped out of the truck and me and said -- drop it and he pulled the gun at me and the cops and then they pulled. >> they did locate a resolve by the suspect and expended bullet casings. officers tried to provide medical care but he was pronounced dead at the scene. no officers were hurt. they are not releasing an identity but we did hear from one person described as being a young man. the fremont crimes against persons unit and the alameda county district attorney are running parallel investigations
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into the officer-involved shooting. in fremont, bob redell, "today in the bay." and a big day here as we get ready to show the first giants game of the season. game time is 7:15 but our coverage starts at 7:00. and it is the old rivalry back at it. giants taking on the dodgers kicking off a three-game series at at&t park. just one problem. it is the rain. and i bet the tarps are on the field right now. vianey is tracking the atmospheric river that is threatening the giants as much as the doerdgers are. >> that is right. widespread rain but an hour by hour out look to about 6:30 and you could see heavy rains, especially in the north bay and the santa cruz mountains. we're expecting the breezy conditions to turn windy by the evening. expect rain to increase overnight also and ending by sunday morning. if i fast forward timeline to about 7:00 a.m., becoming widespread to slow it down. we're not seeing as many cars
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out on the road but this is a good idea to head out. taking a look at your traffic maps. no major accidents but slow spinouts out there. so folks, slow it down. back to you. >> thank you, vianey. and we want to see what going on where you are. if y if you take a picture of the storm and send those pictures to isee at next on "today in the bay" and new this morning, we're learning that facebook at one point was interested in patient data from hospitals. we'll tell you why. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning, as we get closer to the 5:14, we have the satellite radar and also tracking the traffic conditions. it looks like i may be following an accident that just popped up on the map involving a big rig. i'll have the details coming up. well now to business news. we're learning that this morning that min low park facebook was interested in health data of patients. and for that and the market, going to cnbc eric kehmy. and i'm sure sheryl sandberg will talk about that one. >> definitely.
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she's going to be caulki-- talk about that. and wall street is down about 250 points. that is what we're looking at for the open and that could snap the three-day winning streak. investors are preacting to the president more tariffs on china and china is saying it will take all necessary measures to protect interests. and we're waiting for motley jobs report before the opening bell. that is in about 15 minutes. it is expected to show hiring slowed but unemployment fell to an 18-year low. the dow yesterday rose 240 to 24,505. the nasdaq closed up 34 and you mentioned facebook. a different story, cnbc learned facebook spoke with hospitals about possibly matching profiles with health data and the plan was to get hospitals to share medical information such as health issues and age but not a person's name and they would pair it with anonymous accounts that appear to belong to the same people. it would use the insight about a
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person' behavior to inform medical treatment. facebook confirmed the worm to cnbc buzz hit pause on the program last month to be clear on how the data is being used. goodyear is denying allegations of a probe and could lead to a hundred deaths of injuries. the national highway traffic safety administration is looking into claims used mostly on rv's were prone to failure and causing loss of control and crashes over a two-decade period. goodyear said they followed industry standars. back to you. at 5:16. it is giants baseball time. and you could watch tonight's game against the dodgers right here on nbc bay area. and we're looking live at the wet pictures from at&t park. and "today in the bay" garvin thomas is live outside of the >> this is a super exciting day and all be out there on the field and now the question is, is the game going on at all with
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all of the rain that we're having. >> reporter: that is a great question. marcus, kris, we were all out here on tuesday, a beautiful day for baseball and i guess today you would say whatever the opposite is for a beautiful day for baseball this is. so we have the game time, the first pitch still 14 hours away and we haven't heard from the giants whether they plan to go ahead with the game. let's talk about the factors working for and against them and starting with what is for them. right now plenty of warning and the tarp is on the field protecting the field during this rain. another factor, we're early in the season and you know from being out here on tuesday, the feel is in perfect condition. could not be better. the best it will be all season before they play games on it. so if they were ever prepared to handle a lot of rain, this is going to be the time of the year. let's talk about what is not working in their favor and that is the forecast. with heavy rain forecast throughout the whole day, it is not -- these are not ideal
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conditions for playing baseball and at some point they'll look at the forecast and make a decision. but as i said, they still have a few hours to make the decision, typically they do it a few hours before the game time to give fans plenty of notice if the game is not taking place. we'll be in close contact with the giants all day and as soon as they let us know the the staus of the game tonight we'll let everybody else know. >> fingers crossed. if the game happens watch it here on nbc bay area. our coverage starts at 7:00. >> and if anything could hold up the rain, is one thing and that is the rain. >> and i like to bring only good news but when you are tracking weather it is not possible. right now we're looking at the models and tracking this for you. showing you where it is right now and i also want to show you a future-cast. so stick around if you are watching us. because i'm going to give you a good time line. satellite radar and showing you quickly with a good idea of what all of this moisture is coming from. there it is. it is like a fire hose. but if you notice, it is
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trending further up north. which means the north bay is going to get slammed. so let's talk about satellite radar. this is what it is showing, we have some light rain moving through san francisco. san rafael and light rain through fremont and san mateo widespread. santa rosa saw a couple heavier cells push through and now zooming out just a bit and give you a good idea of the storm ranger, giving you a good idea where the rain is moving next. bodega bay just saw downpours and now through petaluma and the napa area, get ready because we have a good cell pushing its way through the area now. if i move over toward the east bay, oakland and berkeley down through san francisco, lighter in terms of the rain there. not as heavy as the north bay. and down in san jose also seeing lighter pockets of heavier rain and in sunnyvale, a couple there. and this is what our storm ranger is picking up right now. now if i fast forward this time line, this is what i want to do to stick around for.
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because this gives you a good idea of how to plan the day. get the alaba get t get t get the umbrella and the boots ready. santa rosa and napa and san rafael, the line of showers moving through where we could see moderate downpours so expect heavy rain in the north bay and the skr-- the santa cruz snunt mountains. and now palo alto and san jose could see the heavy downpours right around 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. so if you are driving and then it starts pouring, you know why and fast forwarding to 11:30, the line of stronger cells push off to the east but still behind this a couple of lingering showers for santa rosa and then the rain lets up a little bit right after your lunch hour but if i take this through 4:30 and through 6:30, we have some rain and the giants here in san francisco, that is what we're monitoring. right now the models still
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showing rain and wind by the evening. so that rain will increase overnight. you could see it right here by 2:00 a.m., we have the cold front sweeping in and there goes the line right there. that will kick up the gusty conditions, 30, 35 plus miles per hour especially for the north bay and the coastal mountains. rain estimates right now for santa rosa through friday and into saturday, i'm going to fast forward this time line to give you a good idea, over two inches for santa rosa. i think the rain totals for the santa cruz mountains are down play and we could see more but san jose falling in that rain shadow so don't be surprised if you see little to no rain. over the next seven days, a look at what you could expect. right now the models show the storm clearing out by saturday. and that will make way for a beautiful sunday. but now let's get a check of your traffic because all is good until about a minute ago. right now where you see the green, it is highlighted traffic but chp is reporting aan accident involving a big rig that spun out and the gas tank
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is ruptures and you could see the heavy delays. this will take a while to clear and something we'll keep a close eye on as we inch closer to the 6:00 a.m. hour, this could cause back-up and chaos with the rain. we'll keep a close eye on this and the r and t and the -- and the weather. back to you. and doubling down overnight, president trump threatened to add a billions of dollars of new tariffs on china products. and we'll keep an eye on the storm as the rain continues to fall. the time now is 5:22. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. it is 5:25 and you're watching "today in the bay." take a look at the radar on your screen. look at all of that green. the big swipe of white line is doppler radar. the red line is our storm ranger which is getting down to a more ground level level and it is just a sloppy mess out there. we'll check in with vianey in a minute. >> president trump upping the ante in the possible trade war. threatening to add $100 billion in new tariffs and responding to unfair retaliation by china. china vowed to add $50 billion in taxes to u.s. products and including items like soybeans and small aircraft. dow indicating a triple-digit
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slide at the opening bell. san francisco police continue the search for a man who is threatening to go on a shooting rampage. we brought you this as breaking news during yesterday's midday newscast. police are looking for this man. dustin hamilton. they say he broke into his parents' home in san jose and stole a shotgun and a handgun on wednesday. he also left behind a manifesto threatening to shoot up an apartment complex and kill police. police say hamilton is schizophrenic. and new details on the youtube shooter, how she got her gun. our investigative unit has been digging into this. nasim aghdam acquired the nine millimeter handgun two months ago and obtained legally in san diego. and we previously reported that aghdam went to a shooting range near san bruno hours before opening fire. police aren't saying how many shots she fired but they do tell us that she did reload once before killing herself. investigators say that she and her inexperience may be the
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reason why that shooting victims survived. and there weren't more victims. it is 5:26 and southwest airlines is adding new daily nonstop service to new cities. so where are we going? boise. houston hobby and spokane and st. louis. southwest is adding sunday service to new orleans and albuquerque. service to existing cities is also expanding. go to for more details. and it is 6:27. back to the stop story. the rain and vianey arana is in this morning. >> we're not expecting it to let up for the remainder of the day. satellite radar and you could see it is taking up the widespread rain. we're getting lighter rain in some spots of the bay area but some areas are expecting heavy downpours. we'll talk about when the winds are expected to pick up and thousand had could impact your saturday morning plans. details coming up.
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and tonight on nbc bay area, we are showing our very first giants game and two baseball fans know more about their favorite players and rbi and batting average. so this is one of the newest players. evan longoria and called longo and owns a florida restaurant called ducky's and we don't know if it is influenced by his heritage. >> and the coverage started at 7:00 tonight. we're back with more news. it is 5:28, you're watching "today in the bay." and take a l
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that )s our top story this 5:30 and you're watching "today in the bay." look at that radar. it is the top story this morning. as it is scanning heavy rain pretty much around the bay area and it is going to keep coming down. live pictures from oakland on your screen and san jose too and you guessed it, it is wet out there. thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we started at 4:00 to get you out the door. vianey arana is tracking the rain and your commute and vianey the people traveling on westbound -- there is a sig-alert. >> i have that sig-alert. i tracked this earlier and i'll get to that in a second. but i want to show you what the rain is doing. here is that pineapple express, for folks hearing that word a lot this week, it is like a hose. right over the bay area. if i zoom in you could see we still have pretty decent amount
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of moisture pushing through. san rafael and san francisco and the lighter rain but if you notice behind this, we have a couple of these yellow, red and orange cells. those bring the periods of moderate to heavy localized downpour and torrential rain and for areas in the north bay and we have the one cell right here, you could see it in petaluma. and just to give you a good idea as far as timing for the cell moving through, sonoma expect periods of moderate to heavy downpour around 5:54. tracking this for us, by 6:18 and napa and toward 6:24 tor vichy springs. but the winds are light. that will change heading into tonight and tomorrow as well. and if i take a look at the east bay, you could see for the most part lighter rain near oakland and berk -- berkeley. and san francisco getting moderate downpours and expect to see that in the next 30 minutes. i want to get you toward traffic
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right now because we are tracking a sig-alert. so let's get right to that. remember that crash that i had mentioned earlier, along eastbound highway 4. well it appears now this has -- this is a sig-alert and involving that big rig. remember with the leaking fuel. one lane is open right now, two lanes are blocked and now we're seeing the heavy delays back to bay point. now we're barely in the 5:30 hour. and crews are on the way and getting ready to clear that out but for now the sig-alert has been issued -- or they look like they've cleared that out just in time. i just got a note from the produce eshs the sig-alert is canceled. so if that is your morning commute, things just got better. bay bridge still backed up just a bit. i'll send things back to you. >> thanks, vianey. and the coverage of the rain continues. let's go to sharon cakatsuda.
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and we are talking potentially dangerous rains. >> reporter: that is right, kris and marcus. and the rain is coming down right now. and we're starting to feel it getting colder out here and plus experiencing some stronger winds. take a look. this is one of the burn areas. could you see this is an empty lot. this is where a house once stood and last october was destroyed in the fire. you could see some water barriers here keeping the debris back from the dirt that is still left behind, keeping the dirt from coming down on the roadway. but let's take a look at the radar. that is why they are concerned about the areas. they're concerned that two to five inches of rain will fall in the area by tomorrow. so firefighters say those living in the tubs and nun fire area to keep an eye on the hillside and look for movement and report any activity. sonoma and napa county office of emergency services are worried about potential slides and
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flooding from the october wildfire burned homes and trees and vegetation which means the ground is unable to absorb water. this family survived the fire storm and now will survive another type of storm. rain. >> not worried about mudslides? come back next week and we'll see if we are standing here -- >> reporter: water agency program specialist barry duggan took nbc bay area on a special tour to show us one of 22 rain gauges designed to monitor rainfall and measure how high surrounding creeks could rise there. now take a look. here are some things to do right now to prepare for the storm. tie down your patio furniture, as we said we can feel the winds are starting to pick up. clear your storm drains and have some back-up batteries in case there are any power outages for your flashlights. live in santa rosa, i'm sharon
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katsuda for "today in the bay." it is 5:35 and we're live in the santa cruz mountains where we are expecting several inches of rain this morning. it is a little dark out there. but you could tell that the rain is coming down. that is our camera that is on the summit of highway 17. we're going to have an update from ansar hassan at 6:00. and we want you to keep track of what is going on with the weather. you could download our nbc bay area app there and look at that live radar and keep track of when the rain is heading to your area. this is free to download with those android and iphones. and you can send us your pictures. and put that mail address in your contacts and we would love to see where you are. and the first giants game against the dodgers this season. >> the giants looking to bounce back from a disastrous last season. but just as frustrating for fans is parking around at&t park. many of those fans have voiced frustration. the skyrocketing prices on opening day and look at the sign
5:37 am
to show you there. it is talking about the parking. a park for $140. you don't see that sign but that is a lot of money. that issue is the lack of parking. >> how could they build a stadium with 41,000 people and not have any parking. >> and of course public transportation is a good option. especially to avoid traffic before and after the game. >> once again you could watch the giants take on the dodgers tonight here on nbc bay area. game time is 7:15 but our coverage starts at 7:00. and live look now at at&t park as we are monitoring the rain that is coming all morning long. a -- a lot of folks could mean that tonight's game could be postponed. and you could imagine the traffic is going to be tough with those wet roads out there. >> could be very difficult vianey. >> it can. and we want to get a check of the roads right now because we have a couple of things going on out there.
5:38 am
right now if you look at the map you could see green out there. that is all of the rain and the wet roads. but if i turn your attention toward the sig-alert that i mentioned earlier, that is not cleared. it is still very much in place. we have a stalled out big rig that spun out. one lane is open and two lanes are blocked and it is leaking fuel so you could see how messy it could be. eastbound highway 4 backed up to bay point. so if you can jump off before you get to bay point. take some surface streets and then hop on right after that crash because if not you're going to be stuck for tl for a while. bay bridge is messy out there. i would try to head out now. the bay bridge is typically backed up but when you involve the rain with it, it makes it even worse. quick like at your bridge drive time to give you a idea. westbound 80 toward the bay bridge, delays at about 7 to 8 minutes and now at 12 and 580 eight minutes and toward the san
5:39 am
mateo bridge, about 13 minutes. so still not too bad unless you are out and about. well the weekend couldn't come at a better time. i'm forecasting netflix, hulu -- >> and that sounds about right. >> all of it. and i had a lot of worried parents asked about kids' little league games. your girls do swim -- >> we're going to skim today. >> so i want to give you an idea of the storm system. so right now in terms of where we are, still showing that moisture pushing through the bay area. and this is expected to last really all the way through tomorrow. unfortunately it will make its way through even overnight and into early saturday morning. and with that means -- unfortunately cause for concern for the parents out there that had planned to take their kids to little league. look at the coast and bay and inland spots. our temperatures running slightly cooler because a cold front will sweep in around 2:00 a.m. now early saturday morning, especially if you live in the coastal mountains and high
5:40 am
elevation, expect strong and gusty conditions. the winds will kick up between 2:00 and 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. and right now i do have good news on the end of saturday. so it looks like the system will make the exit early mid morning by about 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. and the moisture will make the exit making way for a much more beautiful and pleasant sunday. so saturday evening if you had plans to have an out door party at night, you may have to deal with the wet grass and the mud but it shouldn't be too bad heading into saturday night and then sunday, let's say that will be the best day of the weekend by far. i'll send it back to you. i i thi-- i think i know what h saying. next on "today in the bay," paying for facebook could be part of the plan. >> that would be a pay product. >> it is a story rattling social media this morning. what the facebook coo is saying about when you might have to pay to use the site. and as we've been
5:41 am
mentioning, giants are on nbc bay area tonight. we're getting you up to date on the giants. joining the team this season is outfielder andrew mccutchen, nickname is kutch. he proposed to his girlfriend on the "ellen" show here on 2013 and he was known for dreadlocks which he cut off and sold for charity. welcome to the bay area. more news after the break. time now 5:41.
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good morning. i hope everyone is staying dry out there and if you are heading out the door, here is a quick check of your bridge drive time. 580 toward richmond, about 8 minutes. the lights are on at the bay bridge and it is soggy out there. westbound 80 toward the bay bridge at about 12 minutes. and westbound 92 toward the san mateo bridge about 13 minutes. now remember, we're still tracking that sig-alert -- there goes the camera right there. but the -- it is looking wet and i'm tracking the incoming storm push through the bay area. and we have cells moving toward napa. so if you are in napa, expect a couple of moderate to heavy downpours. localized at sometime within the next 10 to 15 minutes. i'll have full details coming up. >> thank you very much, vianey.
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it is 5:45. >> and happening today, new candid comments from facebook chief operating officer sheryl sandberg that has social media buzzing. >> so here is the question. would you pay facebook in order to opt out of the data driven advertising. that question is raising a big outcry from some -- from some facebook users, but without data targeted advertising, facebook argues it would lose a major revenue stream. sandberg sits down for a one-on-one with "today" show savannah guthrie. >> could you come up with a tool that said i do not want facebook to use my personal profile data to target me for advertising? would you have an opt out button. don't use my profile data for advertising. >> we don't have a opt out at the highest level. it is a paid product. >> and would you have a business if you didn't collect people's personal profile information so that you could better target them for ads? >> we do not give that
5:46 am
information -- even that you are a woman or that you live in new york, we do not give any of that information to any advertiser. >> sandberg talked about the recent cambridge analytica scandal and how it impacted privacy. she also explains why it took so long for facebook to come clean to its users. and you could watch the full interview coming up on the "today" show starts at 7:00 right after "today in the bay." well at&t park will soon be filled with giants fans ready to watch them take on the dodgers, keeping that green grass -- or that grass green in the outfield at at&t park is not an easy job. >> especially after so many years of drought. we talked with one at&t park workers who said crews have to switch up techniques every now and then. >> it is hard work and dedication and do everything -- same thing every day and different in the summer weather. >> but the hard work does pay
5:47 am
off when they see the excitement of the fans. let me tell you, they were keeping us off the grass on tuesday. they are serious. every single blade is precious. once again you can watch the giants take on the dodgers tonight here on nbc bay area. game time is 7:15 but we are starting our coverage at 7:00. >> and now we want to go to at&t park. as you could see, we've been mentioning this all morning long, it is raining outside. and you could see right there, not just the water behind it but wet also there at at&t park. and that could mean tonight's game could be postponed. >> vianey, you've been tracking that and i bet the grounds keeps are listening to you. >> and right now i was looking at the future-cast models and it is still showing showers moving through at about 6:30 and 7:00 and the first pitch i believe is at 7:15. is that right? okay, good. so at about 7:15 so we'll monitor the lines of showers through san francisco but let's show what you is going on right now as you make your way
5:48 am
outside. you're wondering, do i need to bring an umbrella and rain boots. yes. but some areas will see lighter rain. so right now we're seeing widespread wayne from ukiah and even down through the santa cruz mountains where you see the kind of yellow-orange pocket of rain pushing through. that gives you a better idea of the periods of heavy downpours that will start to sweep in there. so santa rosa got pockets and petaluma and viewers tweeted they saw heavy downpours through the north bay. and this is the reason why. because as these push through. they'll get moment where's it is raining fairly light and then it comes down and then lets up again. now if i turn your attention toward santa clara area, remember that santa clara and san jose actually visually you could see it here falls in the rain shadow so what happens is that then in turn turns into smaller rain totals for the south bay, with a majority of
5:49 am
the moisture ending up in the santa cruz mountains so we'll keep a close eye on that. right now for the east bay, expect to see heavy downpours as well, fremont getting some light showers pushing through, and the darker hues where the moderate rain will move through but for the most part, the widespread rain. this is expected to continue. we'll get light moments into the afternoon where it might let up a bit. but aside from that expect rain all day long into tonight and into this evening. we'll get a cold front that sweeps in and what that will do is sweep in from the north to the south. and that will start picking up the winds. it will get breezy and gusty, 35 mile-per-hour for the coastal mountain and then another round of heavy downpours into early saturday morning between 2:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. i do have some good news. if you are planning your saturday, let me give you an idea of what you could expect. we're getting a cold front from the north and then what will happen on saturday, right now it is looking like that system will make its exit between 8:00 and 9:00 which will make way for a
5:50 am
much more pleasant saturday afternoon and right now our rain totals still looking like the strongest for the north bay and between two to three inches and maybe more for coastal mountains. so a close eye on what we're tracking in terms of the rain totals and a better look at the future-cast but we are talking about also the traffic. because we've seen a couple of smaller spinouts earlier on, but we're still tracking this sig-alert and this is involving a big rig right now. they have issued that sig-alert and the reason is one lane remains open but two remain blocked. the reason is because that is stalled out and it is spilling fuel on to the road. so the crews are on the scene, chp is there. i'm sure they're working to clear that out. but now this was backed up to bay point and now backed up beyond that. so definitely hop off and take some surface streets and hop on after clive. and seeing slowing for san francisco. and if you could imagine, as
5:51 am
that rain pushes through when we get the possibility of seeing localized flooding, i i knknow city was preparing for that, the ponding roadway water is something to look out for along 880 because it is a hot spot. so slow it down especially right now. it is very dark and you never know when you could come up on a puddle and then spinout. south bay slow along 101 and this is just people heading out there and taking your time on the roads. turn on the headlights and the windshield wipers will be going all day long. >> this morning i had them on high. coming up, searchers still looking for three kids who were in that car that went off the california coast in mend seato county and the reason police say this was a crime. but now, space x isn't the only company making headlines. virgin atlantic completes the
5:52 am
new sonic flight, the first flight test for virgin galactic since a fatal crash back in 2014. and hamilton star lin-manuel miranda has singled and is quarantined from his eight-week-old son. and he said his doctor blurred his eyes and he is wearing a mask. shingles is a viral disease that causes a painful rash. time now is 5:52. if you )re juse
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
have team coverage of this major rainstorm - slamming the 5:54 and welcome back. we have team coverage of the major rainstorm slamming the bay area and also on social media keeping you updated once you leave the house. and we want to see what you see as well. when you see the storm affecting your community, you could e-mail us pictures at you could also tag us in your social media postings. we're on instagram and twitter, facebook and we are wherever you are. and that rain is not putting a damper on the excitement. days after the home opener. >> the giants host the dodgers after the series in l.a. local fans are happy to be back in their seats at at&t park. and we'll talk to those fans
5:56 am
in just a little bit. but we could say fairly that a lot of folks are nervous they may not be able to watch the game. it could be rained out. but certainly it was a beautiful day for the home opener on tuesday. >> close to everything and nobody is running around in front of you or anything like that. it is really enjoyable. it makes the day go by good. >> and watch the game here tonight on nbc bay area. game time, first pitch is 7:15 but we are setting out on our coverage at 7:00 a.m. in the morning. well 5:56 and san francisco legislators are considering spending millions of tax dollars for cleaning crews and equipment. >> to fast track that plan, they may decide to call the issue an emergency. our investigative reporter bigad shaban is looking deeper at what sh believe is a crisis in the city. >> our investigation into san francisco's diseased streets. showed you how trash and needles
5:57 am
and feces are creating a public health hazard in the city. tonight at 11:00, we'll show you how the problem is now creating a financial mess for businesses. we'll take you on a ride around san francisco with hans hanson whose job depends on luring new businesses to the city. he owns a commercial real estate company but he and others tell us nowadays they're having a harder time selling san francisco. pam is a commercial broker and helping businesses find homes in the city for more than 30 years. >> people have used the word cesspool. a lot of people that tour on behalf of larger brands are pretty appalled with the state of our streets in the downtown area. >> lawmakers will soon vote on a new proposal to expand the city street cleaning crews. we'll tell what you is in store and at stake tonight at 11:00. >> that is at 11:00. but right now at 5:57, we have continuing coverage of the search for three missing children in mendocino county.
5:58 am
there is a new flyer. we've been following this tragic crash on highway one and more than a week since the car that the children were in went off a cliff near ft. bragg. three are confirmed dead but so far no sign of the other three kids. today a new clue in the case. a cell phone discovered near the crash site and police say they don't think this was an accident. >> i'm no longer am calling this an accident, i'm calling it a crime. >> police are investigating the cell phone to see if it belonged to either of the two mothers or any of the kids who were killed. the two had a troubled past including an abuse allegation and a misdemeanor domestic assault. it is 5:58. president trump said he wants to add $100 billion in tariffs with china. in a statement the president said that he is responding to unfair retaliation by china. earlier this week china announced plans to tax $50 billion in u.s. products. that includes soybeans and small aircraft. happening today, this might
5:59 am
be a sale like never before. the new owners of the historic san francisco armory are saying everything must go. they are scheduled to sell unique items at 10:00 this morning. we're talking about a pool table, some erottic art and also a human hampster wheel. well now at 6:00, rain slamming the bay area. weather is our top story and we have team coverage for you this morning on the major storm. our storm ranger working over time. every single one of us will feel the impact. and major area of concern is in napa and sonoma count and the burn area and people still recovering from last year's wildfires and experts say the land just cannot handle the rain. plus play ball or not. the giants are scheduled to have have a big game against the dodgers tonight but will that game actually go on? good morning. and thank you for joining us on this we started early, at 4:00, to
6:00 am
start with the rain in the area. >> i'm kris sanchez here for laura garcia. and we've been on since 4:00 to make sure you don't get caught in the rain. vianey is here for kerry. and this is a trouble some storm because it is so widespread. you have a lot of hot spots. >> yeah. we do. and one of the bigger concerns which is why there is a flood watch in place is for the north bay, looking at the models, it is trending more to the north. so it will stall out over the north. right now our flood watches for the mountain areas, and make sure you keep this in mind. north bay and santa cruz mountains, the sonoma county area expecting heavy rain so if you are just now waking up, turn ayour attention toward the monitor to give you a good idea of what we are expecting in terms of the rain. as we look ahead toward tomorrow, another cold front will sweep in early on


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