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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 12, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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we're live at kaiser permanente. what kind of explanation do they have why they discharged this man? >> reporter: kaiser in san jose has since apologized for this incident. it's unclear who reportedly made the decision to discharge a sick 90-year-old patient without notifying his family and sending him home in a cab. >> he's 90. he'll be 91 in july. >> this is a picture of william lee. he has level 5 kidney failure and also chronic heart problem and his lungs are full of fluid. >> in this photo, he's sitting in the back seat of a taxi cab wearing nothing but a hospital gown and socks after being released from kaiser permanente in san jose. >> he's going to be passing at any time now. and a week ago they shoved him in a taxi cab and sent him home
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with no one. >> he was having a lot of difficulty breathing and was clearly in distress. >> according to his family shall the hospital estimated he'd be released several days later on a thursday. thursday came and lee's son james got in touch with kaiser. >> i called at the hospital to see how he was doing. i was going to visit him. >> that's when the family found out that kaiser had discharged mr. lee and sent him to this boarding care home listed as his address. >> when i got here, the boarding care people told me he had arrived there in a taxi cab. >> the care-givers were horrified they took a photograph of it. >> he needs to be transported correctly. that means either an ambulance or transport service that puts him on a gurney. something where he's comfortable. >> earlier this afternoon, the senior vice president and area manager for kaiser permanente in san jose issued a statement about mr. lee, saying in part, quote, what occurred is a clear
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violation of our policies and should not have happened. they go on to say they're deeply sorry and personally extended their apologies to mr. lee and his family. they also say they're investigating this matter and taking steps to make sure this doesn't happen again. reporting live in san jose, a unusual a ross at that, nbc bay area news. an unprovoked attack turns deadly. surveillance video shows an altercation outside a restaurant. the suspect trying to rob an owner and the employee. the owner of the restaurant has died from her injuries. jodi hernandez is the first reporter to uncover this disturbing surveillance video. she joins us outside the restaurant. jodi, such a horrible outcome in this case. >> reporter: it really is. the victim, who co-owned and operated this spa restaurant along with another location in oakland has died. her family, of course, is devastated after she was brutally attacked outside this
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location after closing time. >> this surveillance video shows the attack of a restaurant owner and an employee. alameda police say two suspects tried robbing them outside their webster street restaurant friday night. >> selfish vicious act that had a very tragic outcome. >> police say the victim suffered head injuries while a 28-year-old man survived, 61-year-old cindy lay of alameda died on tuesday. a family member says she was the co-owner of the restaurant and the mother of three who worked hard to get her kids through college. >> all of our investigators led by our violent crimes unit have been collecting evidence, analyzing it, pursuing investigative leads and doing everything that they can. >> police say they are determined to find the people responsible. meanwhile, restaurant regulars say they're stunned and saddened
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by the senseless act. >> it's really sad. it's crazy. >> reporter: alameda police tell me they're putting everything they have into solving this case. this is the city's first homicide of the year. they believe there are witnesses and they are asking anybody with information to contact them right away. reporting live in alameda, i'm jodi hernandez. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. we have tragic news to share with you involving that missing southern california family. relatives now confirm that the debris found in a mendocino county river does belong to the family. they took a spring break trip to portland. they were driving back home last week and they were supposed to stop and visit family in san jose. but the last contact they had with relatives was when they were in the red woods national park area. witnesses say they saw an suv crash into the eel river last friday. that river is just off of 101 and mendocino county. the crews spent the last couple
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of days searching 12 miles of the riverbank. they found numerous part from the suv as well as personal items that belonged to the family. the mother, the father and two children, though, remain missing. punched, dragged by the hair and forced to flag down a neighbor. that's what investigators a rueben foster did to his girlfriend. santa clara county prosecutors filed domestic abuse charges against him today. robert handa is live at the haul of justice. this could get him kicked out of the nfl and put in prison for years. >> reporter: that's right. the social climate now is a lot different than it was when these cases first started to come out and rueben foster case is not just the latest. it's also allegedly one of the most violent. >> we do not care who the perpetrator is. >> foster was grimace he entered the santa clara county courtroom to face the judge and uncertain future. he was arrested in los gatos
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after his girlfriend told investigators he physically dragged her from the house by the hair, punched her in the head, punctured her eardrum and police found an assault weapon in the home, a felony and a large capacity magazine, a misdemeanor. in all, he faces almost 11 years in prison if convicted. >> when you actually batter someone and then you try to prevent them from accessing the criminal justice system, which is accessing court and law enforcement to gain you help, that is a concern to us. >> new 49er teammate richard sherman was in court to support foster. how much support will he get from the 49ers? a leading advocate for victims says it's important for the 49er organization and the nfl to take action that supports the alleged victim. >> they must stand by what they have told the public they will stand by, which is when there is a domestic crime that's committed, there will be a consequence. >> regardless, legal analyst steven clark suspects the d.a.
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will prosecute. >> what you've seen is the d.a. piecing together the case in the eventuality that the complaining party does not want to testify in court. >> foster is scheduled to enter a plea april 30th. robert handa. as of now foster remains a 49er. the 49ers organization is aware of today's disturbing charges regarding foster. we will continue to follow this serious matter. rueben is aware that his place in our organization is under great scrutiny and will depend on what is learned from the legal process. some are asking why the team hasn't released the star linebacker in light of such serious charges. insider matt maiocco gives his thoughts. >> the 49ers are skeptical about what was in the d.a.'s report. they want to get to the bottom of it. they've heard foster's side of the story. now they have to figure out what is truth, what's reality and
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where this thing is going to go from a legal standpoint. >> what do you think the niners should do with foster? a lot of people with differing opinions. new details on a pair of freeway shootings that happened last night. around 9:45, northbound 680, someone fired at a car shattering the window. shortly after 11:00, a car was shot at, at the door. this time on 4 port chicago highway near 680. this is a video from that shooting. they exchanged a few words with somebody and a shot was fired. no one was hurt. investigators don't believe the shootings with related. the ntsb has put the brakes on tesla. tesla broke the rules, so it's now blocking the company from its investigation into that deadly crash on 101 involving a tesla car. our business and tech reporter scott budman is in mountain view with what is the company's reaction and what they're saying
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in response. scott? >> reporter: good evening, jessica. a lot of back and forth. we have a lot to what tesla is charging up not far from shoreline boulevard in mountain view and not far from the scene of that deadly accident. at ishe you the autopilot feature of the cars. >> a war of words between tesla and the national transportation safety board. wong was in his tesla model x at the time of the crash. the ntsb says it kicked tesla out of the investigation because the company offered statements seeming to blame wong for the crash. tesla fired back, saying it withdrew from the investigation because it wanted to be able to be transparent with customers about the autopilot technology. at least one consumer group says tesla should step away and let the authority work alone. >> this is all about a desperate
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company trying to keep it stock price high and get ahead of the p.r. game. when, in fact, this is a safety investigation into the efficacy and safety of a technology that people are using every day. >> reporter: but even with criticism of the autopilot feature -- >> if i were a tesla owner, i would take the auto button off autopilot and be the pilot. >> the owners we've spoken to were not as worried. >> it's very much more -- >> he said he uses autopilot regularly and feels secure with it on. >> i do feel quite safe with it. obeys cli i'm not nervous in that mode. i still keep my eye on the road. i wouldn't be doing other things. >> reporter: we also reached out to the wong family, which is suing tesla. they did not respond to this story. reporting live in mountain view,
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scott budman, nbc bay area news. thank you, scott. bay area jobs could get caught in the crossfire of the trade war with china. that's according to a new study by the brookings institution, a nonpartisan think tank. this los angeles has the most jobs at risk of any county across the country. alameda, napa and sonoma county rank in the top 26. the impact of the north bay would mainly hit the wine industry. they're largely linked to tesla's fremont factory. researchers found they employ 2 million people across the u.s. more than 20% of them are based in california and washington statement. a protest against google. south bay community members against the tech industry. plus, making changes, the moves by uber improve safety. are riders buying it. tomorrow begins a warmup. as san jose approaches 70 degrees, the weekend forecast
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includes a chance of rain. when and how much when we come right back. faced some serious cn
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recent years-- from violent attacks on drivers to sexual harassment claims at its ride hailing giant uber has faced problems from violent drivers to sexual harrs amount claims. in an exclusive interview today, the company's new ceo says big changes are on the way. christie smith is in san francisco with reaction from
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riders. >> reporter: in san francisco today, margarita reyes jumped into a lyft. a while back she deleted the uber app. >> because of what was going on. the corporate culture. >> reporter: but she's willing to listen after uber announced safety improvements. another uber rider has never had a problem but believes it will help. >> shows how serious they are about keeping the public safe and informing us. i think the background checks has to be. >> ceo dar -- technology that continuously monitors any offenses so that we have data on our drivers. there will be a safety center that can share trip details with family and friends and a button to call 911. >> one of the primary reasons they're doing this is because they have had dramatic safety
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issues. >> a professor at the university of san francisco school of management speaks out. >> being responsive, probably the first step of many steps the company has to take. >> the new ceo addressed the deadly crash in march involving an uber self-driving car, calling it an absolute tragedy. adding there's a top to bottom audit of safety practices. they remain committed to self-driving cars and they're watching what the company does. >> we'll have to see. have to see how it goes. >> that was christie smith reporting from san francisco. let's come to the south bay now. they are not happy with google expanding the silicon valley footprint. protesters gathered to oppose google's proposed mega campus. it's called silicon valley rising. they say they're against the mega campus because ths a housing crisis in silicon valley and the new valley would make it worse. >> 93% of the public we
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surveyed, see inequality increasing in san jose and most concerning is that over half of those we surveyed believe their families had not be able to live in san jose any longer. >> the mega campus would be located on the western edge of downtown. it would consist of 6 million square feet of offers and retail space near the deer doan station. we want an open dialog with the san jose community they said. surrounding our proposed development and look forward to discussing the points raised in this report throughout the public engagement process. they were blamed for the biggest financial disaster in a century. back with a new name. talking about subprime mortgages. home loans to borrowers with poor credit. they disappeared about a decade ago. they're being reinvented as nonprime. they're for borrowers with lower credit scores. the loans won't be handed out to
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people without jobs like the subprime mortgages were. net neutrality meaning service providers will allow access to all content. the protections were repealed two years later, by president trump. now, a bill is working through the california state legislature which would make an open internet state law. the bill's sponsor is state senator scott wiener from san francisco. shaping up to be a tight race for second place in the governor's race. >> here are the numbers from the public policy institute. the poll released today by the institute of california shows lieutenant governor gavin newsom holds a strong lead. republican businessman john cox at 15% with former l.a. mayor close behind with 13%. the top two in the june primary will go on to the november election regardless of any party affiliation. we also want to remind you, may
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8th, we'll host a debate featuring the major candidates running for governor. 90-minute event will be broadcast live on this station. it will be moderated by nbc news political director and "meet the press" moderator chuck todd. we are tracking dangerous conditions on the coast. the san francisco fire department tweeted a warning saying waves could reach 20 feet high. there's a strong chance for rip current. this is in ocean beach in san francisco. the dangerous surf is impacting from sonoma county down to monterey county. rob, you were mentioning in the 5:00, kind of unusual for the month of april. >> late in the season to be generating that much wind to cause bathe waves. >> we'll have this beach hazard statement up. you can see the view from the weather underground camera. you can see the whitewater near the shore. the northwest swell causing some
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breakers close to 20 as you heard. with this swell direction, it's the west, northwest facing beaches where the rip current could become locally stronger and the potential for a quick runup in shore break at times. if you want to enjoy the sunshine, watch out for the rough surf conditions. this evening, 50s but probably feels chillier than that thanks to the cold wind out of of the northwest from 15 to 30 miles per hour. the eefrng forecast, you're going to want a jacket. it's chilly outside. combine that with the wind and by tomorrow morning, some of the wind sheltered valleys could see upper 30s, 40s. for the afternoon, highs tomorrow running a bit warmer. up to 70 in san jose. mid to upper 60s san francisco and oakland. once we get past friday and saturday, which will be a warmer day, too, changes coming our way. into sunday, but sunday evening plan on the rainmaking a comeback. we'll fast forward to see what the expectations are for that sunday night to monday weather system early next week.
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it's possible might see a half inch of rain to start next week right there. if you've got plans tomorrow and saturday it will be just fine. the temperatures climb on up by sunday afternoon. in the north bay, plan on seeing rain showers and more rain on monday. we catch a break tuesday and perhaps more rain as we approach wednesday. a closer look at the impact on your weather. that's coming up at 6:45. >> see you soon, rob. than thanks. in the name of safety, the changes you might soon see on the freeways. laci peterson )s ss
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passed away. and services will be held next week. ron gr happening now, you may remember the case. step dad passed away. services held next week. he will be buried next to lacy and connor. her unborn baby at a cemetery in modesto. he died in his sleep at 71. he was a prominent figure in -- scott peterson was convicted and sentenced to death in her murder. staying connected to your world. wherever your world takes you. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more.
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some headaches for drivers. you )re looking at your gas tax dollars hard at work on i-5 in it's a move to make california road safer, but it's creating headaches for drivers. look at your tax dollars hard at work on i-5 in the central valley. cal trans is using some of the money to widen the lines from 4 inches to 6 inches. the paint is reflective so drivers can see the markers better. some commuters we spoke with aren't happy about the all the traffic this work is creating. others say it's a small price to
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pay for safety. >> it's been like this for god knows how long. i don't see any reason to extend it a couple inches. >> anything is better. a little bit wider i think would be safer. >> cal trans is restriping more than 17,000 miles of freeways and highways across the state. it's one of many road projects that the gas tax money is being used for. the 49er quarterback will be deposed by the league on tuesday. it's the latest move in the grievance that kaepernick filed against nfl owners claiming collusion. yahoo! sports reports that kaepernick will be asked if he has tangible proof if teams are against signing him and what his salary demands are. no team signed him since last season after he spent the previous year kneeling during the national anthem. he was supposed to work out for the seahawks this week, but the team postponed the tryout when kaepernick failed to respond when -- another playoff run for the
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san jose sharks. they're in anaheim to play game one of the series against the ducks. this is what they're playing for. arguably the most famous trophy in all of sports. the stanley cup. it made the rounds to the bay area today including the sports area studio. if the sharks win 16 games over the next couple of months, that big gold trophy could be theirs. >> the sharks aren't feeling the love from a bay area sports team. the raiders sent best wishes to one of the sharks' competitors. last night the raiders official twitter account wished the vegas golden knights good luck. it was the golden knights first-ever playoff game. the sharks responded on twitter, of course, with a gift of marshawn lynch and a caption, wouldn't you -- >> there is a new plan to stop a crime epidemic in san francisco. flyers drivers might find on their cars as san francisco tries to curb break-ins.
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>> do you use a baby-sitting b websit websites. a warning from police tonight. w
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like this today. it )s a right now at 6:30, windchills in san francisco looks like this today. a new campaign by police and the mayor to curb car break-ins. now san francisco leaders are taking a bit of a victory lap after showing off the results of a promised crackdown on car break-ins. nbc bay area's sam brock crunched the numbers to see if
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your car is safer in the city now. sam joins us live at one of the hotspots for car break-ins by the painted lady. >> reporter: yeah, you know, jessica, alamo square park has had its fair share of issues when it comes to car break-ins, which is why you saw these park smart flyers, wart of the new campaign in the cars throughout the skbar. it's reflective of the trend. not much change in january but in february and march, a big drop. >> the golden gate bridge, cable cars and car break-ins. >> monday they just broke my rear window right here. >> all seem to be signatures of san francisco living these days. mayor mark farrell says don't get used to it. >> we believe that is competely unacceptable. the status quo on the streets is not acceptable. we have to do things better. >> reporter: the city has fired up fingerprint dusting and posted smart park flyers all to take the air out of serial
6:31 pm
criminals. are you fed up? >> i'm fed up. i think it's totally ridiculous. something has to be done. >> reporter: the results so far, a 17% drop in car break-ins this year have fostered some good feelings. >> does that make you feel better about the problem? >> yeah, makes me feel better. at least they care, you know, about what's happening. >> reporter: thieves have broken into his car twice in the last two weeks. but he likes the sight of these flyers warning visitors and residents not to become targets. >> we need to make sure the moment they park their car and check into their hotel, they understand this is a challenge we're grappling with and encouraged that the numbers are down and we have a lot more work to do. >> that was cassandra castel owe with the san francisco association and she's teaming up with the san francisco police department and other department toss tackle this problem. cassandra made an interesting point. if you're a tourist in san
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francisco, you get your car broken into, you're not likely to come back. sam brock, nbc bay area news. thank you. of the reported -- of the 30,000 reported car break-ins in san francisco last year, our investigative unit learned that police made arrest this is less than 2% of those cases. of those arrested, most were never sentenced to jail time. our investigative unit said the most popular tourist attractions are often the most vulnerable spots. fisherman's wharf and outside the painted lady ranking among the worse places to start. you can watch the full investigation on investigate. new questions over how fran's department is spending the street cleaning budget. this comes after investigative reporter siobhan showed needles and feces scattered across the area. supervisors dedicated an entire
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hearing to finding ways to clean up the city, including more street cleaners, equipment and public restrooms that are open longer. elective leaders try to plan for the budget next year, city analysts question whether the multimillion dollar street cleaning spending should be allowed to balloon more. it's doubled in the past years. >> it's unclear what's going on with the performance measures. the performances have shown improvement, but there's some concerns over the methodology. service requests have been going up over the last few years. is the department actually performing better and where is it falling short? >> the city will also hold budget hearings on homelessness and safety in the coming weeks. the mayor has until june 1st to unveil his budget plan. >> an unusual message from president trump. he tweeted praise for california's governor. on twitter today, the president said, quote, california governor jerry brown doing the right thing. sending the national guard to
6:34 pm
the border. thank you, jerry. that statement overlooks brown's insistence yesterday that all guard members won't go to border and won't personally enforce u.s. immigration laws. unless troops in arizona and texas, california's guards is mandated to combat drug crime and human trafficking. president trump is still keeping the world guessing on when and how he'll punish syria for last week's deadly chemical attack. today he tweeted an attack could be very soon or not so soon at all. meanwhile, syria's allies, russia, they're showing signs of a defensive movement. u.s. intelligence says it has evidence chemical weapons were used. russia denies it. there's no secretary of state to comment. cia director mike pompeo is in conference hearing for the job and getting pressed hard on syria. >> is the president on specific authority to wage war against syria? >> multiple -- to act and take certain actions without first coming to congress to seek
6:35 pm
approval. >> asked whether president trump asked him to intervene in the russia investigation, pompeo said his conversations with private and was never asked to do anything inappropriate. there's a warning for all parents about hiring baby-sitters online. this after one man's postings caught the attention of san jose police the last few weeks. nbc bay area's damian trujillo has this exclusive story. >> reporter: this is only one man and police wonder if there may be more out there using different profiles trying to look after your children. these parents at river glenn park in san jose say they're the lucky ones who haven't needed a sitter from one of the many websites. >> it is hard to find somebody to watch your kids. >> okay. we're going to -- >> one parent found it eerie that on one of the baby-sitting websites, one man had two different profiles. he appeared on other nannyalias.
6:36 pm
like victor m. another site shows him using a different profile. alex m with ten years of experience. >> be very scary. >> the man's actions are not a crime. but they want parents to be cautious before bringing someone into their homes. told me they spoke with local police and they're in the process of removing the man's profiles from its sites. said, quote, we have a dedicated safety team that reviews every care provider profile or suspicious and inappropriate content it investigates job posts, profiles and messages flagged by members as objectionable. >> that's crazy. i don't know. i already had trouble trusting people. >> the website did not respond to our request for comment. but their website alerts parents to make sure they conduct their own background checks on sitters offering their services. those are not free. tells me they've learned the man using at least
6:37 pm
four different profiles has a history of mental illness a the police headquarters, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. thank, damian. the award winning documentary series profiles the bay area's asian american pioneers. the owner of the sacramento kings. the first indian owner of a -- if you ever tracked a fedex package or ordered an uber or lyft, you have used his software. >> people are way smarter than me. that's kind of been the story of my life. i got lucky and people that are ten times smarter, i was able to convince them to come join. >> he's also a very smart man. he changed the way wall street works. bay area revelation, asian american pioneers airs on sunday, april 15th at 7:00 p.m. it is a major step forward. the man behind the push to split
6:38 pm
california into three states says his plan is closer to becoming a reality. richmond... s
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6:40 pm
after the city )s mayor asked te community to stay vigilant against crime. police say someone shot and kille another hoom homicide in richmond after they asked the community to stay vigilant. someone shot and killed a man at the intersection of 15th and main streets. richmond had gone almost five months without a homicide before a recent string of shootings led to multiple killings in the past week. police arrested a suspected arsonist after a fire at a berkeley church. it happened this morning at the church on 6th street off of university avenue. firefighters quickly put it out and no one was injured. investigators, though, were able to track the suspects down based on witness descriptions. he was arrested not far from that church. a follow-up to the threatening school hoax at several bay area schools this week. police say school districts a kro the bay area and the state received an e-mail threatening violence. emery unified in emeryville canceled classes on monday as a
6:41 pm
precaution. the threat has been traced to the ukraine. a group of gamers wanted it see how many would react to the e-mails. splitting california into three states, it's picking up steam. tim draper came up with the cal 3 initiative. one state would cover monterey to los angeles, the second to san diego. the third would cover the bay area and above. he -- even if given the okay, lawmakers would have to approve it, which is a long shot. let's get a check of our forecast. kind of bouncing back and forthright now. >> little piece of winter coming our way tonight with some 30s and 40s later on tonight. breezy but clear evening from emeryville. we'll talk about the chilly temperatures and a weekend warm warmup. a dental dilemmdilemma, mad worse. should i mention we're talking about a cat and almost 1800 bucks. i'm consumer investigator chris
6:42 pm
chmura. nbc bay area responds to fred, next. novato pet owner.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
her cat racked up a big medical bill that was clawing at her wallet. today nbc bay area responds to a novato pet owner. >> a cat racked up a big medical bill clawing at her wallet. consumer investigator, chris shah mu chmura came to the rescue. >> this is fred, laura's cat. fred had to have 12 teeth pulled. a surgery that would cost more than $1500. so laura explored whether pet insurance could scratch down the cost. laura says she called nationwide insurance. she said the telephone agent assured her that the vet bill would be covered even though the bad teeth were' preexisting condition. laura bought the insurance and
6:45 pm
fred had the surgery successfully. but then a $1700 bill arrived. laura says she asked nationwide why it didn't cover the bill. and it cited, a preexisting condition, which laura believed was covered during that phone conversation. she felt cheated so-called us for help. we contacted nationwide and it said, the sales agent clearly stated that preexisting conditions are ineligible for coverage. so we asked nationwide to hear recordings of laura's conversation. it did not provide the tape. but it later said, it reviewed the call and found that laura's claim was now eligible for coverage. nationwide paid the $1798. laura said she is so thrilled. ps, she told us that fred is doing just fine. pet insurance isn't too much different from human health insurance. there are lots of terms and conditions, exclusions and exemptions. you've got to read the fine print with the pet policy the
6:46 pm
same way you do with your people policy which you do, right? every word? sure. if you or your animals have a consumer complaint call us or go online at poor fred. th that's a lot of removal of teeth for fred. i looked it up. cat has 30 teeth. >> 12 were removed. >> has 18. check this out. this is low lachlt this could be your new pet. she's a potbellied pig. she's up for adoption. don't get too excited. her maximum size is more than 100 pounds. humane society says she's friendly. she's super cute and loves the leash. her previous owner bought her at a flea market but wasn't really able to care for her. if you have room for lola, her name is lola -- look at those
6:47 pm
rolls. just like a little baby. look at those rolls. >> what are pig activities? >> smelling? snorting. >> i'm not sure. have to look it up. >> going through rubbage. the weather will be good. it will be warmer. but tonight it's going to be chilly. winter to spring, summer, maybe back to winter by the weekend. let's take a look at what we're seeing outside. it's windy but no downpours and the fast moving weather system like last night. beautiful view of san francisco. take a jacket if you're headed outside. 57 degrees. but if that wind at 24 miles per hour, it feels o more like the 40s later on tonight as the temperatures continue to drop off. emeryville at 57. we had a high of 61. wind speeds at 24 miles per hour. blustery from san francisco across the east bay. winds at 16 miles per hour. final stop, san jose. partly cloudy, 59 degrees. as we head towards tomorrow morning, windchills in the
6:48 pm
valleys and the north bay and the east bay will have a chance much dipping into the 30s for the morning. there's your taste of winter to start the day. for the afternoon, we're expecting temperatures to climb on up. as high pressure builds in, highs into 70s. upper 60s from milpitas to fremont. upper of 60s from oakland to hayward. san francisco, mid 60s. a little less windy for you tomorrow and we'll see the temperatures climbing in the north bay with that north wind direction at times during the afternoon, we should see low 70s tomorrow and very likely mid to upper 70s on saturday. notice this hour by hour time stamp from tonight. friday. all the way through saturday. looks cloud-free. not even some low clouds on the coast. it will be nice as temperatures climb on up. high pressure to start the weekend is ensuring that we're going to be warming up through saturday afternoon. but it's not going to hang on
6:49 pm
for sunday. the cold weather system is dropping in and it looks like it could bring a quarter inch to half inch of rain starting sunday afternoon through the north bay and then sunday evening further south. we'll see more of this too going into monday in the form of more scattered showers. i want to point out if you have travel plans for this weekend. lots of sunshine. may even be t-shirt weather for spots around lake tahoe. but then sunday things rapidly change. not only a chance of snow, but it's possible by late sunday evening and night we could be seeing changes on 80 and 50. watch out for that dry start. easy drive to the sierra saturday. sunday, though, changes and watch the totals heading towards monday. that's a lot more than we saw in the last weather system. sunday to monday, keep an eye on that. we could see maybe more than of late-season snow at the sierra. that is the early week forecast. after that a weaker system will follow into wednesday.
6:50 pm
then high pressure will try to build in behind that. as you see the changes on the seven-day forecast, the roller coaster ride of temperatures going along with that roller coaster ride in the jet stream that should be around as you approach next wednesday. so seven-day forecast tomorrow. chilly start. san francisco seeing temperatures on saturday. could get close to 70 degrees. watch out for the beach hazards due to rough surf. warmest day of the week looks to be saturday. on sunday, rapidly changing weather. could see rain and snow again impacting monday morning's commute. stay tuned. >> 20-degree drop. >> that's a lot of things happening. >> thanks so much, rob. after sluggish end to the regular season, the warriors ready to start the playoffs this weekend. can the team flip the switch and start being great again? colin resch has the answers, next. warriors first round oppon
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
will be the same team they beat in the western conference finals we've got the scoop. the warriors first round
6:54 pm
opponent will be the team they beat in the western conference finals. the san antonio spurs. so that's good. >> the warriors rolled through the playoffs a year ago en route to the nba title. this year feels way different. colin resch has more from oakland. >> the warriors have been an average team since the beginning of march. ten wins, ten losses. 6-10 without steph curry in the lineup and they won't have him for the first round series against the spurs. so can they turn it on now that the playoffs are here? steve kerr certainly hopes so. >> pretty easy for me to tell the real us is the one from the last four or five years. not the one from the last four or five weeks. it's been a long grind and long year, but here we are. the start of the playoffs gives us a chance to have renewed energy. >> the warriors lost to utah by 40 in the regular season finale tuesday night. a prevailing theme after thursday's practice, flipping a switch. some believe in it, some don't.
6:55 pm
>> do that flip of the switch. we have good games and we have bad games. we have good stretches and we have bad stretches. >> these guys do have a switch. we've seen it the past three years. they can turn it on. >> i think flipping a switch comes from the focus part of it. i think physically everybody is pretty cool. but mentally knowing -- how are you going to score on them, that's when you lock in and load things. we got one team we're playing against for the next four games. >> durant said four games. he has no intentions on this being a long series. game one, saturday at noon at oracle arena. in oakland, colin resch, nbc bay area sgriefrj area. coming up at 11:00, a vaccine that could prevent peanut allergies. how it works. we'll show it to you tonight. one final check of the forecast and the swings that are coming. >> winter tonight.
6:56 pm
we'll start off in the bottom left corner of the screen in the 30s in some spots tomorrow. could see temperatures climb by 30 to 40 degrees. we'll see some 70s tomorrow. mid to upper 70s on saturday with the warriors game. then sunday, things will be changing up as you see temperatures dropping a lot. rainmaking a comeback. snow as well. could see chain controls by the end of the weekend and more rain on monday. we went from 70s to 50s in the span of three to four dpays and back up again. we think perhaps high pressure is sticking around for a while. that was the ten-day forecast. beyond wednesday could be much warmer. >> tleef the four seasons backed into one week. >> in a few days. nice to have variety. thanks, rob. that does it for us. see you tont apartment 11:00. -- tonight at 11:00.
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7:00 pm
"extra" ♪ >> now on "extra." khloe kardashian's baby girl, was tristan thompson in the delivery room hours after the cheating scandal blue up. is in the second time he was unfaithful to a pregnant girlfriend. new video. mariah carey facing the cameras hours after revealing she's bipolar. what she was celebrating in beverly hills with her boy friend. a roseanne star in treatment. >> roseanne's tv granddaughter checked in for help saying she committed illegal behavior. then kerry washington on the end of scandal. >> some people are going to be happy, some are not. >> i'm with kerry on her s


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