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tv   Today  NBC  April 13, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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"today in the bay." don't forget to join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00, we'll continue to follow that breaking news for you this morning as well. good morning. taking his shots. fired fbi director james comey's book leaks overnight and it's a bombshell. calling the president a liar, comparing him to a mob boss, and saying his administration is a forest fire. this morning we have a first look inside the pages. massive mility buildup. u.s. forces on the move and on high alert as the president's national security team lays out options for more extensive military action against syria. and the u.n. caulls an emergenc meeting over the crisis. heart breaking plea. >> help, help, help. >> an ohio teen desperately calls 911 after being trapped in the folding seat of a minivan in
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a >> i probably don't have much time left, so tell my mom that i love her if i die. >> this morning the investigation into why police failed to find him in time. all of that, plus fired up. a massive new teacher walkout planned today as the fight over school funding reaches new heights. the most influential kennedy of them all, a rare look inside the life and legacy of eunice kennedy shriver from her own children. >> in a family of boys, she was my best friend. >> and run for it. the dramatic moment a powerful avalanche strikes at a popular ski resort. today, friday, april 13th, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb.
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody, welcome to "today." nice to have you with us on a friday morning. we have a live studio audience of one this morning, former speaker of the house, john boehner is here, for an exclusive interview. >> you are going to sit down with him in just a second. i imagine a lively conversation is ahead. >> wait until you harry what speaker boehner is up to these days. first, let's talk about those bombshells from former fbi director james comey's upcoming book. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is at the white house, been up all night looking at this book. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning to you. you could have seen this coming. james comey not mincing words, and today the president isn't either. on twitter lashing out, calling comey an untruthful slime ball who deserved to be fired for the terrible job he did, writing it was my great honor to fire james comey. those harsh words as we get our first look at comey's scathing indictment of the president, who
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he says lives in a cocoon of alternative reality. at the white house this morning, new fallout from a bombshell book former fbi director james comey unloading in a blistering takedown of president trump. >> he's become more famous than me. >> reporter: nearly a year after his firing, comey still looms large over the trump presidency. in his blistering new memoir, "a higher loyalty" comey calls the president unethical and untethered to the truth and highlights donald trump's apparent fixation with salacious but unverified details from an intelligence dossier. recounting their conversation about allegations that russians had filmed before trump with prostitutes at a moscow hotel in 2013. comey speaking out on abc news about that first meeting at trump tower in january of last year. >> he interrupted very defensively and started talking about do i look like a guy who needs hookers? and i assumed he was answering that rhetorically, i didn't answer that. i moved on and explained, sir,
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i'm not saying that we credit this, i'm not saying we believe it, we just thought it very important that you know. >> reporter: nbc news obtained a copy of the book due out on tuesday along with other news outlets, including "the washington post." >> comey says trump called him the next week to mention the dossier again, to try to convince him that the allegations were not true, and asked him if the fbi would investigate them. >> reporter: the nation's former top law enforcement officer compares president trump to notorious mobster sammy the bull, explaining how his interactions with the president gave him flashbacks to my earlier career as a prosecutor against the mob. the boss in complete control. the loyalty oaths, the us-versus-them world view. all of it in comey's words creating the forest fire that is the trump presidency. what is happening now is not normal, he writes. it is not fake news. it is not okay. comey also defends his handling of the clinton e-mail investigation. >> it makes me mildly nauseous that think that we might have had some impact on the election. >> reporter: comey now writes i
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have read that she felt anger toward me personally, and i'm sorry for that. just moments ago the press secretary here at the white house responded saying one of the few areas of true bipartisan consensus in washington is that comey has no credibility. as for the question of obstruction of justice, comey describes himself as a witness and doesn't draw any conclusions about it. he says it's certainly possible that the president was trying to obstruct justice, but acknowledges he does not know all the evidence that robert mueller's team may have collected. savannah and hoda. >> as the truck backs up into your shot, i hope you can hear my question. i know you've got a little more information about those raids on president trump's personal lawyer, michael cohen's office earlier this week, about what was found there? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. that raid has infuriated and worried the president's allies. "the washington post" reporting that trump's associates are concerned that federal investigators may have seized recordings made by michael cohen. cohen, you know, is a close confidant of the president's, he served as the lawyer at the
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trump organization for the last decade. he was known to store the business and political conversations "the post" says using digital files and to replay them for colleagues. what's not clear is whether the president's voice is on any of those recordings. cohen's lawyer hasn't commented. that raid, by the way, has upended the delicate negotiations between the president's attorneys and mueller's team. multiple sources familiar with the matter this morning tell nbc news months of talks collapsed this week and that mueller's team is currently moving forward without a presidential interview. savannah and hoda. >> peter, on another note, we hear that there may be a presidential pardon in the works? what's going on with that? >> reporter: no one from the president's orbit, instead nbc news confirmed overnight that the president plans to pardon a man by the name of scooter libby. that's a one-time top aide to former vice president dick cheney. libby, you may remember, was convicted about a decade ago of obstruction of justice and lying to the fbi in the leak of a cia
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operative's name. president bush back then commuted his prison sentence but stopped short of a full presidential pardon. critics right now say the president is basically sending a message with this move that if you lie under oath or obstruct justice, he might just let you off the hook. back to you. >> all right, thanks so much, peter. savannah, over to you. the former speaker of the house, john boehner, is with us exclusively. mr. speaker, good morning. >> savannah, good morning. >> good to see you again. it's been a little while and i know you've got some news about what you're up to, which i think people will think is really fascinating, but let's talk about the news. >> yes. >> first of all, obviously james comey has come out with this book. you haven't had a chance to read it, i haven't had a chance to read it but we've seen reports about it. i assume you've met comey somewhere along the line? >> i worked with comey over the last 10 or 15 years. good public servservant, did a job at the fbi. >> he launches some pretty serious allegations against the
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president, calls him a liar and like a mob boss. in a contest between the two who would you pick? >> i'll let the american people decide which side of the debate that they're on. but he's entitled to his opinion. he's laying out facts as he sees them. but like anything else in american society, all the facts will show up sooner or later and we'll know exactly what happened or didn't happen. >> do you think it was a mistake for the president to fire comey? >> i don't know. i wasn't in the middle of all those details. i know jim comey, he's a good guy, good public servant. but clearly the president had his issues with him. and so the president has a right to get rid of people and he did. >> you say he's a good guy and a good public servant. would you assume that he's telling the truth in his book? >> you would assume. all of us when we're writing a book about ourselves and our own career, we're going to write it from our perspective and our own point of view. he's entitled to do that.
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at the end of the day, the facts will show up. >> do you think the russia investigation should continue? >> absolutely. i think it's really important the american people understand what were the russians up to and what were the campaigns doing talking to the russians? i don't talk to the russians. i'm on a no-fly list to russia. putin got tired of me calling him a thug. but the american people deserve to know what happened and what didn't happen. >> the president reportedly has considered and is considering possibly firing the special counsel, perhaps the number two at the justice department, rod rosenstein. if you were still speaker of the house, would you get on the phone and call him? what would you say? >> it's a very bad idea. these are public servants who have long careers, stand-up people who are charged with an investigation. and it's real clear, either there are facts or they're not. either there were crimes that were committed or weren't. and the american people deserve to see the truth. we live in the most open society in the world. there's no reason why those
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investigations should be impeded at all. >> how do you think the president is doing? >> listen, the president and i have been friends for a long time. his style is a little different than mine. but if he can get past all the noise, the president is mostly doing the right things. when you look at the economy and what's going on, the lowest unemployment that we've seen in 30 years. when you see the new tax bill and what it's doing to create more jobs in america and you look at the trade issues. now, i would handle the trade issues different he than he is. >> he's kind of going against most republicans like you aren't pro tariff. >> i would do it differently. but here's the fact is that he's actually brought these countries to the table to have a real conversation. now, i believe you catch more bees with honey than vinegar, but the president has a different style. >> speaker ryan announced this week that he's going to retire and not run for re-election. he has said it's for family reasons, also he did what he came to do. he says it has nothing to do with president trump and has nothing to do with the prospect
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that republicans could lose control of the house. >> and i believe that. >> you take him at his word? >> i believe that because i know paul ryan. in 1990, 28 years ago as a first-time candidate for congress, i had a student at miami of ohio putting yard signs up for me. paul ryan. i've known him a long time. he's a really, really decent good guy. but he never wanted to be speaker. i had to beat him to death to take my job. tax reform was his issue, and he spent all of his political career working on tax reform. and so when it was finished, i pretty well knew that he probably would move on. >> real quick i want to get to what you're doing, but are you worried about republicans losing control of the house? you do that math. >> once you have a change of presidents, the party out of power always gains seats. it's gone on for well over 100 years. >> there's gain seats and there's losing control. >> there is. and, you know, frankly it's a 50-50 proposition. >> let's talk about what you're doing now. i keep teasing it. it is interesting.
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you are up until recently somebody who was against the legalization of marijuana. you just announced that you're join get advisory board of a company which operates and distributes marijuana. why did you change your mind? >> you know, i found myself like a lot of americans over the last ten years or so beginning to look at this issue a little differently. and when i began to sit down with kevin murphy, the founder of acreage holdings, i began to learn more. and then i began to have conversations with my friends, and i found myself in a position where i thought, you know, i could lend my voice to this discussion about the medical use of marijuana. >> you once said you were unalterably opposed to legal marijuana. i know you've talked about the medicinal benefits and that's really what's driving this, but just to be clear, are you supporting the legalization of recreational marijuana in all 50 states? >> in the united states each of the states has a right to make that decision. >> of course, but do you support that? is that what you're advocating for? >> i'm not advocating for that
7:13 am
at all. my position is the states ought to decide. but there's a big conflict between what the 29 states have done that have legalized some form of cannabis use and federal law. the federal government describes this as a schedule one narcotic. that means no federally funded university and almost every university takes federal funds can do research. it also means that you really can't bank with regular banks as a result. >> well, we're out of time. scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being i really miss it and 10 being ecstatic, how much do you miss politics? >> 10. >> really? >> ecstatic. >> ecstatic to be out of it. >> i'm very happy. i've not had a moment of regret or remorse. every morning it's allelujia, this is not my problem. >> that's like a 12. >> yes. >> former house speaker john boehner, thanks. nice to be with you. appreciate it.
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hoda, over to you. now to fast-moving developments in the deepening syria crisis. the u.s. military is now poised to strike if and when the call comes. today an emergency meeting is being held at the united nations. bill neely has the very latest. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. and chemical weapons inspectors have this morning left this city, beirut, for syria to start gathering evidence. the u.s. and its allies, meanwhile, are gathering target information and forces in advance of any military action. just within the last hour, russia is warning yet again that any military action would be very dangerous. in the damascus suburb where dozens died from poison gas, chemical weapons inspectors will begin digging for evidence tomorrow to try to prove were chemical weapons used and, if so, what kind. their job isn't to lay blame.
7:15 am
the u.s. and france say they already have proof. syria's president assad says it's all lies and warns of chaos to come. many of his military bases are empty now. his planes aren't bombing. many of them, it's thought, being hidden at russian bases in syria. >> we definitely have enough proof, but now we just have to be thoughtful in our reaction. >> reporter: russia claiming again this morning there is no evidence of a chemical attack. our specialists, he says, haven't found a single such fact and we have proof this was a staged event. there are reports defense secretary mattis is trying to slow down an imminent strike, concerned that a bombing campaign could escalate. >> we work with the international community, the united nations to get the geneva process under way and make certain that we don't allow this war to go on. >> reporter: russia's u.n. ambassador warning war between the u.s. and russia can't be
7:16 am
ruled out, and the priority is to stop that. and russia's deputy prime minister criticizing president trump this morning saying international relations shouldn't depend on the mood of one person when he wakes up in the morning. well, this afternoon, the u.n. security council will hold yet another emergency session, but no question this region is tense and expectant, especially in syria. air strikes may not be imminent, but in syria, they are now regarding them as inevitable. savannah, hoda. >> bill neely, bill, thank you. coming up right after al's forecast, we'll have the story behind this narrow escape from a dangerous avalanche. take a look at that. first, let's get our first check of the weather. al, good morning. >> guys, you can see we've got severe weather and we've got blizzard warnings up to today with the same system. gusts of over 50 miles per hour, near zero visibilities as this low-pressure system pushes out, snow through the dakotas, nebraska, it starts to spread
7:17 am
into the upper midwest later tonight into tomorrow. an icy mix tomorrow from chicago all the way up into the northeast and parts of new england. we're going to be looking at strong storms to the south of this. speaking of those strong storms, today we've got an enhanced risk of severe weather stretching from lufkin, texas, all the way to kansas city. 19 million people at risk for tornados, damaging winds. tomorrow it's the lower gulf from new orleans, mobile, up into birmingham. 16 million people at risk for these storms. rainfall amounts with this, we're talking anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain, especially in the lower mississippi river valley. flooding is a possibility. snowfall in the northeast, northern new england, could see 6 inches or more, but look at the amounts anywhere from 12 to 18 inches from al pena, minnesota, minneapolis, on into the dakotas and nebraska. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. and it's also a story about people. people who rely on us every day to deliver their dreams
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they're handing us more than mail they're handing us their business and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you ♪ good friday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. a lot of sunshine as we take a live look outside in san jose. it is a chilly start. we've had mostly 40s around the bay area and it warms up to the upper 60s and low 70s today feeling very much like spring. 72 will be the high at an tee oak and half moon bay, much cooler only 59 degrees and 68 in pal loal to. in oakland, expect a high of 67. >> and that's your latest weather. guys. carson is here to fill us in on that video. >> check out this avalanche
7:19 am
caught on camera near a ski resort in southeastern france. you can see workers scrambling to get out of the way as snow cascades over a mountain tunnel and onto the roadway. the crew was clearing snow from an earlier avalanche when the second one caught them by surprise. their vehicles were buried in the snow. the good news, thankfully, everyone escaped unharmed. >> wow. >> hearts racing there. coming up, we'll have a rare look inside the kennedy family as maria shriver and her brother, timothy, open up about their mom's legacy. they reveal something surprising that eunice never, ever said to them. and then a heartbreaking controversy after a teenager suffocates inside a minivan despite several calls begging for help. could this tragedy have been prevented? first on a friday morning, this is "
7:20 am
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our breaking news - an arrest very good friday morning to you. 7:26, i'm laura garcia, we're covering breaking news, there's been an arrest in a peninsula hit-and-run this morning that involves a cab driver. a woman was seriously injured. pete? >> reporter: good morning, as we're talking right now, you can see the scene starting to clear out but we'll show you that scene from earlier when this all took place. this was a hit-and-run crash investigation and according to san mateo county sheriff's office, it happened just before 5:00 a.m., a pedestrian was hit by a taxicab driver and that taxicab driver was taken into custody as he was heading into a car wash in burlingaim.
7:27 am
as for the female victim, she has been taken to a hospital and described as being in critical condition but it looks like the scene when it comes to traffic impact is clearing up as we speak. live in millbrae for "today in the bay." >> thanks, pete. 7:27, let's check the forecast. >> it looks beautiful. san francisco we have a cool start it will be a very nice and comfortable afternoon reaching 54 degrees and 68 degrees tomorrow. cooler on sunday with more clouds moving in and rain moving in for early next week, inland areas enjoying a high today of 70 degrees. let's get an update on the commute. >> very light traffic around the area but this trouble spot for north 280 traffic alert, we have two lanes blocked and two lanes open north 280 because of a crash with glass debris. north 101 is a better drive towards san francisco and that's about it for the bay. back to you. >> thank you very much.
7:28 am
back in a half hour with another local news update for you.
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back, now, 7:30 on a friday morning, friday the 13th, but who cares? >> wow, look at that. waves rolling ashore in newport beach, rhode island. let's give you a check of the headlines and we'll start with the book that's sending shock waves through washington. >> comey unleashed. james comey breaking his silence in an explosive new tell-sawall. >> comey says trump called him to mention the dossier to try to convince him that the allegations were not true and asked if the fbi would
7:31 am
investigate them. emergency meeting. the u.n. security council scheduled urgent talks with u.s. forces poised for air strikes against syria. taking the stand. bill cosby's chief accuser is set to testify at his retrial is. this after several women said the comedian drugged them, as well. colin kaepernick's job hopes are put on hold. after he said he would not stop kneeling for the national anthem. luke donald gets quite a surprise after walking a little too close to an alligator during a tournament in south carolina. >> luke was a lot more afraid than the alligator. >> today, friday, april 13th, 2018. >> that's a scary thing to come up on. >> too close for comfort there. we move to a mysterious and heartbreaking story in ohio.
7:32 am
it was a mysterious and freak accident that claimed the life of a 16-year-old boy that happened in his family's mi minivan. >> it is. his name is kyle plush. and his story is looking at whether this could have been avoided. a warning that some of the audio may be difficult to hear. >> where are you? >> i can't hear you. >> reporter: heartbreaking 911 calls capture 16-year-old kyle plush making a desperate plea. >> i'm going to die here. >> reporter: the cincinnati teenager was poarked in his family minivan when he somehow got trapped under the rear seat bench. at 3:14, plush used voice commands to call 911 from the parking lot of seven hills school. >> i'm stuck in my van outside
7:33 am
the seven hills parking lot. >> the seven hills what parking lot? >> banging noises can be heard in the background? >> what is the address? >> reporter: away from his phone, plush could not hear the dispatcher and the line abruptly cut off. a return call went unanswered. at 3:26, police arrived on the scene but could not find anyone in trouble. nine minutes later, plush made a second 911 call, speaking to a different dispatcher and offering this devastating message. >> i probably don't have much time left. so, tell my mom that i love her when i die. >> reporter: during that call, he provided the make, model and color of the car. but that information never got to responding officers, who thought the call may have been a prank. six hours after the 911 call,
7:34 am
plush's father found him dead in the van. >> this is a horrific tragedy. something went wrong here and we need to find out why we weren't able to provide the help that we hope we could have. >> reporter: an autopsy later determined the cause of death to be asphyxia due to chest compression. a tragic ending to a young man that classmates say was an example to all. >> he was a spectacular person. he lit up the classroom. >> reporter: that second dispatcher has been placed an administrative leave amid a full investigation and review of all of the recordings. i mean, it sounded like he knew they probably thought it was a prank. he said, it's not a joke. it's not a joke. >> tragic. >> craig, thank you so much. >> thank you, craig. let's take a turn. al has a check of the forecast. >> yesterday, we told you we had fire weather danger out west and you can see this is what's happening. this is logan county north of
7:35 am
oklahoma city, a dangerous wildfi wildfire. we have more of this weather in control. we're talking about from arizona, new jersey, all the way to texas, oklahoma and on into kansas. 19 million people at risk for this weather and it's going to get worse during the day. we also have warm weather and cold weather on the same map. it's warm in the east and chilly out west, as long as the storm system pushes to the east. chicago will be warmer than usual. bismarck down to 43. denver, 49. tomorrow, temperatures are well above normal in the east. as you move west, minneapolis 29, wichita 40, shreveport 54. the cooler air makes its way into the northeast. in the midsection of the country, we continue to have the chilly condition that's going to be hanging around. st. louis only 43. next week, we drop back again, back into the low 60s. atlanta will be 59 on monday, 70 in new orleans, chicago only 40 on monda
7:36 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. sunshine in the forecast today and very nice temperatures, after this cool start, we're going to see highs for the inland valley reaching in the low 70s, upper 50s and breezy for the coast. san francisco expect a high of 64 degrees and 74 in santa rosa. for san francisco, our warmest day will be tomorrow and it's going to be very pleasant but more clouds will move in on sunday and we'll see the showers moving in by early next week. >> that is your latest weather, guys. >> thank you so much. when you're among the millions who watched and waited for april the giraffe to give birth. waitl the giraffe to give birth? we're going to find out how they're all doing one year later. new joy and drama for the kardashians, as khloe gives birth to her baby girl. and our in-depth look at stress this morning.
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♪oh, it must be love ♪let me tell you now, oh it must be love♪ we are back with new insight into america's royal family, the kennedys. idoli idolized, scrutinized, the subject of constant fascination. >> there's been many books written about the kennedy men. but we're looking into one of the kennedy women, eunice kennedy. i sat down with our maria shriver and her brother, timothy, and why many believed she had the greatest kennedy legacy of all. she grew up in the shadow of her famous brothers, but eunice kennedy shriver was a powerhouse cavalier that gave a voice to the voiceless.
7:42 am
in her new book, she is called the kennedy that changed the world. >> she's not just a kennedy woman. she's an extraordinary agent for change. >> reporter: the shriver family gave her unprecedented access to their mom's personal letters and momentoes. why do you think it is that your mom's legacy is only being revealed today to the world? >> a lot of the work that mommy did was really tough, men's work. but it was never seen that way. that's why i think this book is so revolutionary itself. >> reporter: as a child, euni eunice's passion for helping others began with her sister, rosemary, who was institutionalized by her father, joe. he had lobotomized to
7:43 am
fix her. eunice was now is the time. you're coming out. >> eunice brought her back. a lot of her public passion is some inner rage and some inner guilt about what happened in her own family. >> reporter: the kennedy who grew up summering at her family's compound on the cape would dedicate her life to the less fortunate. >> let me win. but if i cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt. >> reporter: she started camp shriver for special needs kids in the backyard of her own estate. >> there was she in early 1960s before the march on washington, before the civil rights act, with kids of color, coming to her house to swim in her pool and coming to play in her fields. >> she would have convicts, people in jail, and also work in the camp. i could sit next to somebody, i'm in for murder but i'm helping out because your mother thinks we deserve a second
7:44 am
chance. >> reporter: when jack became president, she paressed to pass legislate for the disabled, and created the special olympics, now celebrating its 50th anniversary. >> we have athletes in schooled bullied, made fun of with words like retard and other young people stepping up and saying, i'm in the tradition of believing the value of every human being. that work goes on. >> reporter: as parents, eunice and sargent shriver had the gender roles reversed. he was the affectionate one while she was tough as nails. three words according to the book she never said to you guys were, i love you. >> she wasn't that kind of nurturing, lovey dovey mother that some people end up getting. i think she showed her love by pushing you, by motivating you and helping you to believe you
7:45 am
can do anything, that you had a voice, that you should be out there. >> reporter: what do you miss the most about your mom? >> her humor. other mother was really hilarious. >> reporter: what do you miss? >> i miss everything about her. in a family of boys, she was my best friend. >> reporter: she was your best friend? >> she was my best friend. i didn't make a move without talking to her, asking her advice. >> reporter: how many times do you reach for the phone, even now? >> all the time. yeah. i knew she wanted the best for me. >> reporter: eunice wanted the best for all children. >> eunice kennedy shriver has founded the least powerful people. >> reporter: she founded the development at nih. >> there would be no research that has helped shape the
7:46 am
neonatal care without that institute. that institute does not exist without eunice. >> she is a force of nature, a revolutionary, tough, funny, smart, and a change agent of the highest magnitude. when i think of a kennedy woman, that's what i want that picture to be. >> and her catholic faith was really her north star. that's really where it all stemmed from. it's so funny, you think about it. they called cnn and said you do hours of kennedys and never once have you mentioned eunice. when you look at her legacy, you are amazed she is left out of history. >> everything that eunice did was so impactful. and we don't know. >> maria was saying, she wasn't so lovey-dovey and huggie. but at the end of her life, she was able to cuddle up next to her mom without her pushing her away. and she will treasure that moment. >> one of maria's books, she
7:47 am
said eunice said i'll love you in heaven. like she'll be able to love her the way she wants to. it's amazing. >> it's worth reading. it's a great history lesson. coming up, we're going to talk about stress. we're doing a series on this. we measured our stress earlier this week. hoda is stressed out. what about our kids? what's it doing to them? what's it doing to them? we ♪ ♪ the best way to get together is with a treat
7:48 am
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good friday morning, we start out with sunshine, a live look outside at the golden gate bridge and we are feeling some chilly temperatures as you get ready to step out the door. mostly 40s but heading up to 59 in half moon bay. in livermore today, 70 degrees and 70 in san jose. we'll be up to 74 in santa rosa. heading into the forecast, we will be in for warmer air for saturday but then sunday it cools off as a cold front moves with with clouds and rain by sunday afternoon. for the inland areas xpoekt low 70s and 75 tomorrow and 64 on sunday. it's even cooler as we start out next week with rain but our temperatures will continue to go up. more rain chances in the forecast. for the middle of next week, we're looking at the high of 70 by next thursday. let's get an update on how the roads are moving with mike. >> it's friday. so there you go.
7:57 am
easy drive but we do have a problem in san jose. southbound 101 just starting to move better now. a few minutes ago they cleared that crash. the northbound side has the commute as well as the distraction from the other side. that's what's causing this from capitol expressway to the scene. a little farther than southbound but overall the south bay looks great. bay bridge no major problems and metering lights are on. >> i'm laura garcia. an unusual arrest after an early morning hit-and-run. the woman hit is now in critical condition. officers later arrested a taxicab driver and authorities say the cab by was trying to wash away the evidence. a link to more on the home page. president trump firing back at former fbi director james comey on the twitter feed, the president's reaction to the explosive comments in comey's new book. today blue and gold day, bay
7:58 am
area sell bralcelebrates the wa tipoff tomorrow at noon. severalt week. scott mcgrew analyzes the potential impact here in california. plus, get ready for a wet start to the work week. while you sleep, kari tracks more chances for rain.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, comey tells all. the former fbi director attacking president trump in his new book, calling him untethered to the truth and comparing him to a notorious mobster. we're live at the white house with all the details. plus, teens and stress. this morning, we're taking a look how all the tense moments can be especially dangerous for teenagers. >> what did it feel like? >> it feels paralyzing. you freeze up and you sort of feel like there's coils in your body. >> from dealing with grades to the pressures of fitting in, how schools are taking a proactive and created approach to help teens in need. and birthday at the zoo.
8:01 am
we check in with april the giraffe, one year after the birth of her baby taj was seen around the world. and april may have a big announcement for everybody. >> anything you want to share with your fans on the "today" show? >> today, friday, april 13th, 2018. ♪ >> we're here from pittsburgh, pennsylvania, to celebrate gloria's 50th birthday. >> the village is here. >> hi, grandma. >> we're here from chattanooga, tennessee, celebrating 20 years of marriage. ♪ >> checking off my birthday bucket list on the "today" show. >> girls trip from mobile, alabama. >> it's my sweet 16. >> how sweet it is. what a great, beautiful spring break crowd. finally, we have spring weather for them. >> 60-plus degrees.
8:02 am
that crowd is massive. i don't see a lot of heavy coats in that group, do you? >> i don't, either. i see a lot of smiles. come on. >> going all the way around. we're getting right up in it. >> happy friday, everybody. >> we're going to get started this half hour with your news at 8:00. nearly one year after he was fired by president trump, former fbi director james comey is hitting back hard. his new book attacking the president's character and addressing the most intimate aspects of his personal life. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is at the white house with a closer look at this. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this morning president is firing back at his former fbi director, lashing back at comey. we get a look at the memoir. comey calling him a leaker and a liar and calling him a slime ball. and the back highlights donald
8:03 am
trump's fixation from a lewd but detailed dossier. it explains a conversation with trump at trump tower on january of 2017. here's comey on aabc news. >> i start to tell him that the allegation was he was involved with prostitutes in a hotel in moscow in 2013, during a visit for the miss universe pageant and that the russians had filmed the episode. he interrupted very defensively and started talking about, do i look like a guy who needs hookers? and i assumed he was asking that rhetorically. i didn't answer that. i moved on and explained, sir, i'm not saying we credit this. i'm not saying we believe it. we thought it very important that you know. >> reporter: james comey said the president asked him to refute the allegations to put melania trump at ease. he brands the president as unetunet cal. he compares him to a mob boss,
8:04 am
and blames him for creating the forest fire that is the presidency. it is not normal, it is not fake news, it is not okay. hoda, back to you. >> peter alexander, peter, thank you. this morning, russia says there could be dire consequences if the u.s. attacks syria on its suspicion of using chemical weapons. the u.n. security council holds an emergency meeting. president trump met with his national security team on thursday but insisted that no final decision on military action has been made. he's been consulting with key u.s. allies, as well. jim mattis is urging new caution ahead of any response. in the meantime, officials tell nbc news, the u.s. has blood samples from last week's attack in syria, that have tested positive for chemical weapons. a lot more to get to this morning. thousands of angry teachers are converging on the state capitol in kentucky, to discuss funding cuts and changes to their
8:05 am
pension plan. it follows similar action in other parts of the country. gabe gutierrez is in frankfurt, kentucky. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. many schools in kentucky have shut down in anticipation of today's rally here at the state capitol. this is the latest in a series of clashes across the country over public education. it could turn into a major issue in several midterm races this fall. this morning, teachers in kentucky are fired up, planning a huge rally at the capitol. >> fund our schools. fund our schools. >> reporter: thousands of educators throughout the state are joining protests across the country, from west virginia to arizona, to oklahoma, where a teacher walkout just ended. >> we have created a movement and there is no stopping us. >> reporter: the issue, more money for education. >> you can't spend money that you don't have. >> reporter: republican governor matt bevin signed a
8:06 am
controversial reform bill and vetoed the state budget, a move that kentucky education says puts school funding in jeopardy. it's now a war of words. >> i think the leadership of the kea is incompetent. >> reporter: you called the union a fraud? >> it is a fraud. they're taking millions of dollars from hard-working teachers. rather than representing the best interest of the teachers, i don't know whose interest they're representing, certainly not the children. do you feel that teachers are respected? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: how many of you are paying off student loans? they say today's rally isn't about them. it's about money for public education. >> teachers are not going to continue to allow these cuts and these things to happen without pushing back. >> reporter: what do you say to the governor, who argues that the state lives within its means. >> i would say to him nothing should be more important than our children in our state. they've kind of woke the sleeping giant. i think teachers are taking a
8:07 am
stand to make a difference for our kids. >> reporter: here in kentucky, the debate is not so much about teacher pay but rather pensions and education funding overall. the clock is ticking. the legislative session here wraps up tomorrow. craig? >> gabe gutierrez in frankfort, thank you. it's time to brighten things up. >> you ready for the boost? >> give us the boost. >> there was an unforgettable moment during the phillies game. but the excitement had nothing to do with baseball. jill and her three daughters were on the field, dancing with the phillie phanatic. suddenly, they got interrupted by a p.a. announcer who said there was somebody else, another family member, who wanted to dance with them. take a look. ♪ that is robert roten. he was deployed overseas for the last six months. he surprised his daughters. there you see it. they were overcome with emotion.
8:08 am
they gave their dad a bear hug. they thought dancing with the phillie was the best thing that was going to happen that day. and then, dad runs in. >> those reunions never get old. still ahead, an internet sensation one year later. we all remember april the giraffe. we waited for the bundle of joy. we're going to check on both of them. >> took her three years to have that baby. khloe kardashian just became a first-time mom. there's a lot of drama surrounding the baby's arrival. natalie is going to fill us in on that. first, more of our deep dive on stress, how it's impacting your kids and why these robots may be the key to coping, coming up after this. captivating exteriors dynamic lighting elevated comfort powerfully efficient and one more thing the world comes with it ♪you can go your own way...
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8:11 am
to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness and premium protection. so that all they feel is love. pampers the number one choice of hospitals, nurses and parents here's a question, are you feeling stressed out today? >> yep. >> we have more on our special series for national stress awareness month, that parents really need to see. >> this is interesting. earlier this week, we tracked our stress using a new device. this morning, we're looking how stress can affect kids. it can be challenging for teenagers. a lot of us remember that. >> reporter: it is a tough time for kids. you have to fit in, get good grades, handle family pressure. some schools are taking a proactive creative approach for
8:12 am
the first time, launching new programs designed to manage teen stress and avert tragedy. it's ranked one of america's happiest places to live. laidback and beautiful. but even here in san luis obispo, california, the teena r teenagers still get stressed out. the high school is tackling the problem head-on. >> it's an amazing measure you guys are taking. >> reporter: these teens are membered of reach, the school's innovative club designed to reduce anxiety. >> starting to listen to one another. >> reporter: gina beagle, author of be mindful and stress less, was brought in to run the club. she says a key is mindfulness. how does mindfulness help teens with stress? >> when you look at stress and how it affects different teens, it's how they appraise and perceive it. it's attending to things and tune into things so they don't
8:13 am
get much bigger. >> reporter: many experts say social media may have a lot to do with increased stress levels. >> teens are dealing with more today than they ever have before. >> reporter: is that different today? i remember as a kid having similar pressure as a teenager. isn't that the nature of being a teenager? >> i think it's different today. >> reporter: the teens identified their stresses, talking openly to one another. >> it's encouraged me to reach out to friends. >> reporter: it's not just about talking, it's doing. big activities like community projects or smaller ones, like distributing random kindness notes. how much is this work tomas? >> i feel him. >> reporter: it was borne out of trage tragedy, after tomas took his life two years ago, at just 16 years old. >> there's a small part of me that says this is for you. and i'm sorry we didn't have it when you needed it. >> reporter: it's a nationwide
8:14 am
problem. teen suicide rates are soaring, up a staggering 70% since 2006, according to the cdc. and 30% of teens say they've been sad or depressed because of stress. >> because the brain is so plastic and malleable, during childhood, experiences of adversity and stress can have a pronounced effect on the brain during this time. >> reporter: katie mclaughlin runs the stress and development lab at the school of medicine at washington. >> we may be able to intervene and prevent problems in the first place. >> reporter: without intervention, stress can get out of hand. julia shanahan had a scary moment one night while studying last year. >> i started hyperventilating. i couldn't breathe. >> reporter: it was a classic panic attack. a high school junior at the time, the stress was off the charts. what did it feel like? >> it feels paralyzing. you'll freeze up. you feel like there's coils in
8:15 am
your body because you're so tightly wound. >> reporter: therapy helped julia identify her stress and discuss it openly, a critical part of the solution, which is why researchers are now developing unconventional tools like this. >> hi. nice to meet you. i'm emar. >> a lot of what we're seeing, are teens telling us, this is refreshing. and the key is without judgment. >> reporter: emar is a social robot prototype, developed to measure stress levels. >> teens were born into a digital world. it's appropriate to use technology in order to help them. >> reporter: a low-tech idea that may complement other initiatives. >> draw a picture of your stress waves. >> reporter: like students at san luis obispo high. there's a good chance that people will watch this and go, it's just touchy-feely
8:16 am
california. and they'll dismiss it. why should they? >> i don't think they should feel it because it's not touchy-feely california. i think all schools are grappling with this throughout the nation. this is just another approach. >> reporter: we should note that some level of stress is positive. it's motivating. we're wired that way. but too much gets dangerous. a few simple tips can help most teens. put limits on screen time, skrel phones and social media. it's so important to take breaks from that stuff. cultivate strong face-to-face relationships with friends, teachers, coaches and extended family. when you fell anxious or overwhelmed, take a pause to be mindful and aware. get regular exercise and enough sleep, seven or eight hours consistently. some of the stuff we should all do. >> those statistics in your piece, that 70% increase in teen suicide was jarring. >> nick's school has a class for mindfulness. they take it every day.
8:17 am
and we've seen real results. >> wow. online interacting. my friend did this. my friend. my facebook friend. that time together, you know, really talking, human-to-human, is important. >> also consider the fact when you were in high school, you would leave high school, go home and cut off that interaction. now, with social media, it's nonstop all the time every hour of the day. >> and gaming, too. >> thanks, steph. mr. roker, you have some weather for us? >> let's show you what's happening around the country. you'll be looking at heavy snow back through the plains. that might stress you out. extreme fire threat through the southwest. severe weather, the risk of tornados, in the mid to lower mississippi river valley. and temperatures appro
8:18 am
>> and that is your latest weather. savannah? >> all right, al. we can't wait. >> i know. this is something that people are going to love or hate. carson at the orange room to tell us about mayochup. >> heinz has the internet buzzing over a possible condiment combination. it's a bottled blends of mayo and ketchup. want mayochup in stores? 500,000 votes yes and we'll release it. right now, it's split. pass on the mayochup and some
8:19 am
say no. they are 125,000 yes votes short of making it happen. >> we can do it. >> the voting stays open until sunday. there's mixed feelings about the idea of this product. >> i get it, mixed feelings. >> that's a good one, right? the stuff dreams are made of a's that person right there. yes, yes, yes. i need this in my life right now. keep this away from me and my loved ones. there's the other side. a lot of people are saying this has already been done, sharing some photos with some similar products out there on shelves. >> oh. >> it's like russian dressing, a lot of people saying, too. how many of are you are into the combining of the ketchup and the mayo? some of you are. 58% say no. 42% say yes they are. the voting doesn't stop there. social media users haven't sold on the name mayochup. other names are pretty good.
8:20 am
>> put a little sir rach cesear cha. >> i like ketchnaise. >> did you try it? i have to do "pop start." >> what is the difference between this and russian dressing? >> maybe a little relish. >> remember the special sauce. >> mcdonald's. >> it looks the same color. >> they did straight mayo in europe. >> a little garlic aioli. >> oh, yeah. unless you've been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, we start "pop start" off here with the news. chlkhloe kardashian is a first-e mom. her daughter's arrival just days after a cheating scandal exploded around khloe's husband, tristan thompson. natalie has the story in l.a.
8:21 am
>> reporter: it's a doozy. tristan who plays for the cleveland cavaliers was there at the birth. the word is, now amid the cheating allegations, khloe is looking to get back to l.a. with her baby girl as soon as possible. these are the pictures of tristan thompson leaving the hospital after thursday's birth of his daughter. >> she thought it was important to have her child's father there at the birth. >> reporter: the question is, what happens now? this past monday, khloe posted this loving photo on instagram with the caption, we are ready when you are. tuesday, pictures of thompson entering and departing a hotel with another woman and videos detailing thompson as unfaithful began to emerge on tabloid websites. wednesday night, khloe went into labor. >> things with them are strained. they're trying to figure out what's next for the
8:22 am
relationship. >> reporter: the allegation is a departure from the lovey-dovey images on social media, and the rosie hopes khloe had after the couple began dating. i know you talked about wanting to be a mom. is that in the picture soon? >> i hope so. >> reporter: it was to be. this was the happy couple announcing the pregnancy to their family on "keeping up with the kardashians." >> want to throw the hammer down? >> we're having a baby. >> reporter: and khloe announcing to the world her greatest dream realized on instagram. however, with news of the alleged cheating, thompson, who was playing for the cavaliers wednesday, as they get ready for the playoffs, was booed as he entered the court. and kardashian fans were quick to share their thoughts on social media, many supporting khloe. courage, you are a strong woman. i support you. and attacking thompson.
8:23 am
third trimester tristan strikes again, referring to the fact the couple started dating while thompson's former girlfriend was still pregnant. >> before the cheating allegations came out, khloe was intent on entering a life in cleveland. it was a life she loved. now with everything up in the air sheshgs re air, she wants to head back to l.a. where she's nmore comfortable. >> reporter: drama is part of the kardashian take it to the bank brand. this is just the latest episode. we reached out to tristan thompson for comments on the birth of his daughter and the alleged cheati ining rumors. we did not get a response. as is the kardashian way, that drama may be available to the public. there are reports that "keeping up with the kardashians" was with khloe. e! said they don't comment on issues dealing with production. i'm sure we'll see it soon
8:24 am
enough. >> no shortage of cameras around the kardashians. up next, "ocean's eight," the female spin-off from the "ocean's 11" series. >> you want to hit a jewelry store? >> not exactly. >> a diamond mine. that's exactly right. or -- >> what? >> the met. ♪ >> 3 1/2 weeks, the met will be posting its annual ball and we are going to rob it. >> they will attempt the impossible. a jewelry heist at the met gala. the film has an all-star cast, including sandra bullock, mindy kaling, rihanna. shaquille o'neal join ed,
8:25 am
talking about the royal wedding. >> i have a question. you probably have the answer to this. if i married the queen of england, would that make me the king of england? >> i'm going to say it won't. but can i say on behalf of everyone in britain, i would love nothing more. >> queen victoria -- >> the biggest problem is, her name is queen elizabeth. >> looks like shaq needs a little freshening up of his monarchs. there you go. we want to congratulate savannah and hoda. we showed you the ladies are featured on the cover of "the hollywood reporter." we had a chance to celebrate that. what a fantastic achievement for you. >> that was fun. >> reese witherspoon had a nice
8:26 am
moment. she recognized you guys on twitter. a lot of people excited for you and well-deserved, well done. i )m ... meteorolgist kari hall tells good morning. it's 8:26. i'm marcus washington. meteorologist kari hall tells us the weather should be heating up this weekend. if you're heading to the beach, be prepared for potentially dangerous surf. the fire department is warning people to be aware of sneaker waves. there's a strong chance for country currents. happening today, it's blue and gold day, honoring the warriors. the team starts its playoff push tomorrow against san antonio. the blue and gold lights and warriors flags will decorate oakland, san francisco and san jose city hall. fans can also get a free warriors car flag as long as they ask at the store location. right now, we're having some problems on the coast. >> along coast. everything else is moving
8:27 am
smoothly and clear ahead of some slowing northbound, san jose. looking here towards highway 1. what we call devil's slide. the tunnel. reports of a car that went outside the roadway. no major injuries from what i can tell but there are clearly crews there and they're probably blocking out both directions for periods of time as they clear that vehicle. we're tracking that. meanwhile, the rest of the bay does move smoothly. northbound, a minor slowing. look at that, blue and gold. there you go. warriors, go, back to you. >> go dubs. there you go. we'll have more news in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
♪ ♪ welcome in, everybody. 8:30 on a friday morning. it may be friday the 13th, but we have one very happy crowd on the plaza. and, you guys, just so you know, we've had a chilly, chilly spring. but al says we could hit 80 degrees in new york this afternoon. >> that would be amazing. it feels so great out here. it feels awesome. just ahead, guys, the world's most famous giraffe.
8:31 am
this time last year we were all watching and waiting for april the giraffe. she was pregnant for a hundred years. she finally gave birth to her little baby boy. ahead of his milestone birthday, we'll check in. i guess it's breakfast at the giraffe courral. she just happens to be our production assistant here at "today." this morning she's going to be sharing the secrets of her healthy baked goods that she's brought in today. they are delicious. >> she's amazing. but first we have an epic crowd moment. it's epic because -- over here we have the mcnair academic high school senior class. just so i can brag on mcnair for a minute. they are the number one school in new jersey. they work hard. they're great kids. they're here. where's mohammed?
8:32 am
oh, hello to you. how are you, honey? >> i'm doing good. how are you? >> we're glad you're here. what's it like to be honored this way? >> it's an honor. it's amazing. it's a gift. >> i want you to pick one of your classmates who you think is a great speaker. pick one out. br briana? all right. come on over here. since you're a good speaker we're going to ask you to do our next tease. we want you to read our news headline. so will you read? here's the prompter. go ahead. >> let's get a check of this morning's headlines. our top story, prom is just a few weeks away and mohammed would like to ask you to go to prom. >> wow! >> in case you didn't hear it, mohammed wanted to ask briana to go to prom. >> okay. >> yes.
8:33 am
>> oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. that was kind of amazing, right? are you shocked? >> i'm shaking. >> she's shaking. mohammed, you're my hero. okay. that's not all. guys, we are not done. are you ready? because we have another prom-posal. for everybody from mcnair. we are inviting your entire senior class back right here because we want to throw you a prom on television right here on the "today" show may 21st. will you be our dates? will you come here? >> and that's not all. check it out. thanks to acus, you all are going to be dressed to impress. take a look. take a look at this. here you go. okay?
8:34 am
getting to pick from all these clothes. and you are going to get each online a $150 online voucher for your dream dress or tuxedo. >> how about that? 150 bucks for each of you so you can buy something for prom. >> that is pretty cool. >> you in? okay. big day, monday, may 21st. we will see all of you back here then including the mascot. bring the mascot back as well. we invite you to enjoy the fun. >> my forecast is doing the overbite. that's it. let's show you what's going on as far as your weekend outlook. starting off with saturday, it's going to be warm in the east. heavy snow through the upper midwest. flooding rains through the mississippi river valley. sunday sunday! rain in the pacific northwest. more flooding along the mid-atlantic coast to the
8:35 am
southeast. monday, boston marathon on nbc sports network starting at 8:30. rain, drizzle, and fog 43. not a great ending. showers. thunderstorms. may cause problems with the finish of the race. gusty that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> we've got sunshine in today's forecast and warmer, temperatures, san francisco, the high is 64. and 6 degr8 degrees tomorrow bu cooler on sunday with more clouds. we'll see the rain moving in during the afternoon. that will continue into early next week. and we're going to have a beautiful weekend for the inland areas up to 75 degrees today. the showers by monday drop those highs up to 58 degrees. by wednesday, we'll have another round of showers moving through. >> we have got a huge crowd. we want to make sure everybody gets on. and while we're going, don't forget you need to check out the "today" show when you head
8:36 am
outside. check out our siriusxm channel 108. we're just about making it around the horn. back to you guys. >> yes, roker. >> it's like rokerthon six there. if you were glued to last year's live stream of april the giraffe, you're going to love this update. >> millions watched april for to give birth. this weekend, her calf is celebrating a milestone. >> kristen dahlgren is at animal adventure in harpersville, new york, with the famous duo. look at you. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we are in it here. you remember this is april. this is her not-so-little guy taj. if you're wondering what you might bring to a 1-year-old giraffe for his birthday, i would say carrots. it was the birth watched around the world. but before he was born, there
8:37 am
was the waiti ining watched aro the world. >> now, we just wait. >> reporter: for seven weeks, hundreds of millions tuned into a web cam until april the giraffe finally gave birth april 15th. >> we tested the patience of the nation, if not the world. we reenforced the fact we were waiting for the same thing and allowing nature to take its course. >> reporter: jordan patch owns adventure park. when they started the live feed, they had no idea when she would give birth. >> we're left in observations. >> reporter: and no idea how big a phenomenon she would be. who could forget the giraffe mask mom. erin gave birth before the real giraffe and this year, brought her baby to meet april's. taj has done a lot of growing
8:38 am
the last year. born at 5'9", he's towering close to ten feet. it's opini ee's been a year of first steps to first snow. all captured by the cameras and checked in by adoring fans on social media. like most kids, taj isn't always cooperative. but give him a carrot, and you have a friend for life. how many carrots do they go through in a day? >> in the time you and i spoke today, they consumed about ten pounds of carrots. >> reporter: taj's life may soon change. weaned from mom shortly. then, it will be time to leave her side, here or at another facility. that begs the question, could there be another on the way? april, anything you want to share with your fans on the "today" show. >> her and oliver have gone on a few dates this past year. and by all means, they certainly
8:39 am
could have been successful. >> reporter: i'm not saying anything definitive, guys. but she has a big appetite. we'll have to, perhaps, i hate to say it, start watching that web cam again. >> more carrots. that was cool. >> i'm going to stick my neck out and say she's pregnant. just ahead, we take you inside the new museum dedicated entirely to -- you're going to love this. >> what? >> to selfies. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
8:41 am
we're back with a first of its kind museum dedicated solely to the fine art of the selfie. >> we decided to send jo ling kent with her smart phone and her hand to check it out. >> this museum of selfies is open in los angeles. and it may seem impossible or a
8:42 am
little early to fill an entire museum with something made famous by the kardashians. as i discovered, there's much more to the selfie than meets the eye. from buckingham palace to the hollywood sign, people take selfies and fill up facebook feeds. now, it has a museum of its own. is the selfie really art? >> yes. >> reporter: in los angeles, they are opening the first-ever museum of selfies. it may seem too soon for a photo form that became popular in 2011. but with 90 million selfies taken every day, they say it's time to take a closer look at a phenomenon that started hundreds of years ago. >> since the dawn of photography, the first photo was of a human being. >> reporter: the first photo on
8:43 am
record was taken in 1839. he had to stand still for 15 minutes. but no duck face for him. you think that took a long time? in the age of the renaissance, people paid to stand for hours to have elaborate portraits painted. >> what's the difference between kimhappening now - breaking new: nbc bay area skyranger right now .. flying over highway we have breaking news happening right now. nbc bay area sky ranger flying over highway 1 at devils slide road, appears a car has gone over the cliff. >> you can see the car down in the wave, it looks like a gray vehicle. above that, someone in a red or pink shirt and someone in a yellow. the person in the yellow was down there trying to rescue those that may have been hurt in this crash. as this car went off of the cliff over on highway 1.
8:44 am
we don't know at this point how many people were in that vehicle, but we do know that there have been some rescues. they're attempting those rescues right now. >> above that cliff side, there are a lot of rescue teams all lined up, but they did lower down that one rescue worker who is in the yellow there who has been attempting to kind of get to the person in the red sweatshirt. as you mentioned there, kind of towards the left of your screen, you see additional crews now being lowered down into that area. we tonig we don't know how many potential people could have been in the car. this is between matera state beach and gray whale cove. we know up above where the roadway is, it's been reduced to one way so far because they've got all the crews up there trying to get to these people and actually rescue them, people or persons, i should say, we don't know. >> i think we want to go to mike inouye who has a better advantage of what's going on because this is going to affect traffic in that area. >> indeed. we will stay with the sky ranger
8:45 am
shot. i wonder if i can step in and maybe walk you through. there you go, there's the zoom out from above. you see that cliff, right alongside highway 1, one-way. that green car moving northbound now. one-way traffic control means they'll alternate traffic so right now it's just going northbound past the scene. then they'll stop traffic, radio ahead, southbound traffic will go by. this is a lighter travel through the area right now. but as fire crew is on scene, these folks above the cliff, you see right here, this is where one of the rescue workers is talking about, lowered down there. as the chopper moves around once again, we did see another person down there. you guys were talking about the person dressed like this firefighter down below in the water or right at the water's edge with that one person who looked like they came out of the vehicle. and then there was another person there with fins attached to their rigging and they had a helmet. looked like presumably they were going into the water as they were climbing down the cliff side there with that car down in the water as well.
8:46 am
so as chopper zooms out there you go, it looks like the car went off of the road waishway, into the water, down devil slide. you can see why it's a treacherous area and why they built that tunnel. here's the vehicle, just sort of resting on the sand. really smashed up. we don't know the situation with regard to how many passengers were in there. we do see there, that other person i was talking about here with that yellow helmet. you'll see they have fins attached as well. over there, the other firefighter, rigging up that one person in that red jacket, and hopefully they're going to help that person up. we've been tracking this when the chopper got on scene. 280 is definitely clear and as you said, between montara state beach and gray whale cove. folks familiar with that area they'll know exactly where that is. look at that activity. >> we're going to stay on this shot from nbc bay area sky ranger now. it looks like they've put some sort of harness around the person in the red sweater.
8:47 am
that is the person they are attempting to rescue. we don't know how many people potentially could have been in that car. as it went off the side of this cliff. it's very steep terrain there, very rugged terrain they're working with as well. but, you know, it appears that person was standing off to the side, just a short -- kari, you're in our shot, not to surprise you there, but that person was off to the side and they managed to get to them. now they've got to get them up the cliff side. >> we monitor what's going on here. we've gotten a tweet we just received there. we can put that up. this is from cal fire and it says units at the scene of a cliff rescue near devils slide. and as you can see right there. we want to go back to that shot of that rescue going on right now as this is happening. this is highway 1, devil's slide. we've been talking about there. you know there have been crews that have been going down this just rough terrain here to try to rescue that person. we don't know how many people were inside that vehicle at the time of this crash.
8:48 am
but we did -- it does look like they are trying to rescue one person that made it on -- out of that car and on to the rocks there on the side. you can just see how strong the currents are down there. >> how remarkable as well, that we're seeing somebody standing after that car slides off the side of the cliff side and look how it -- oh, my goodness. now, you look at the condition of the car, itself. we'll stay on these pictures live from nbc bay area sky ranger as we look at this rescue attempt that's going on right now. but here, gosh, the conditions of that water, too, it's got to be really cold out there. >> i was just checking the water temperature there in that area. and it's at about 59 to 62 degrees for water temperatures near montaro state beach. the tide conditions. we know there's a beach statement in effect. that continues until 7:00 this evening. we have northwesterly swells picking up. it's about 10 to 12 feet. it could get as high as 20 feet.
8:49 am
that's something we're monitoring. >> we're going to continue to monitor this. montara state beach and gray whale cove, one-way traffic control above due to this car going off the cliff side and the rescue now under way. >> you can get all this information. we'll put this on social media as well. add in cocoa po. we don't want to overwhelm the batter. >> am i supposed to keep stirring. >> keep stirring and incrementally add that in. let's move on with that our batter will look like this, very chocolatey. this is my favorite part. we are adding more chocolate. >> i'm for that. >> i'm never conservative with this part of the recipe. less is not more. >> how is the taste of the brownies? >> what's the percentage of the chocolate? >> this is semisweet. you can use whatever you like.
8:50 am
sometimes i like to chop up a bar of dark chocolate. >> you're going good. >> brownies is the one thing i can make. you bake this. what about the blondies? >> taste them and let me know what you think? >> 50 degrees, 25 or 30 minutes. >> pot. what is wrong with you? >> craig. >> what did you say again? >> john boehner was here. >> guess we know what craig is doing this weekend. zmri thi >> i think craig is projecting this weekend. >> al. >> what did you say? >> hummus. >> they are my chocolate chip blondies. >> did you know? >> i have a thing with chick peas. >> i got it. >> this is the easiest thing you're going to do all day. we're going to throw all this
8:51 am
into the blender. maple syrup and coconut flour again. if you don't like almond butter, you can use peanut butter. i love using that, too. we're going to grind it up. we don't have much time. now, i want to mention about this batter. it's actually vegan. there's nothing raw in it. you can eat it straight up as dessert hummus. it's great with a spoon. it's amazing. yep. throw this -- >> you're speaking my language. more chocolate chips. >> we're going to pour that into our pan right over here. a little bit of coconut oil, not too much. >> that blondie is something special. >> craig's already half-baked. that's it. 350, 25 to 30 minutes. >> great recipes. when you say gluten-free. >> these are also gluten-free,
8:52 am
too. >> you have to eat it. get involved. we're proud of you. >> thank you. find the recipes at this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
guys, we're still with samah dada. did you know you went up 26sh,5 more followers? dada eats. >> i just lost 30 followers. >> but you gained three brownies. >> that's true. a "daly click." colton hearst stepped on to the baseball field. he wasn't exactly in the game. take a look. ♪
8:55 am
>> whoa. >> and the ball's hit to him. home run's over his head. doesn't matter. >> i'm sure the coach loved that. >> there's colton. >> theyed just said 39,000. >> dada eats. >> we have a lot to look forward to. >> willie's here. >> coming up tomorrow morning, saturday morning, a teenager getting a lot of attention. he's a catcher on the baseball team. he doesn't dance like that. he's a catcher with one hand. we're going to introduce you to him and see how he does. coming up on the two-year anniversary of "sunday today," my guest, i couldn't asked for a better one, is that man, bill murray. you call the 1-800 number he's got. if he calls you back, that mea s
8:56 am
s he wants to talk to you. he said, come meet me at the hotel. it was a great conversation. also launching the sunday sitdown podcast where you see the full interviews we do. >> really? >> happy anniversary. >> look at you. >> da da eats. >> 40,000. good morning. 8:56 for you right now. marcus washington. we want to get you caught up on that breaking news we were just telling you about moments ago. this is a view from nbc bay area sky ranger. it's flying over highway 1 at devils slide where emergency crews are trying to rescue a person after a car drove over that cliff there. >> san mateo county authorities tell us it's between montara
8:57 am
state beach and gray whale cove. traffic's only moving in one direction. these live pictures, you see the rescue operations going down, actually lowered that rescue worker down to that person who was seen on the side of the cliff side as the shot kind of widens out here. there is a car that is down in the water. it is smashed there. you can see the chopper now zooming into that shot. can you imagine someone managed to escape from that car. we're told the chp does have jetskis in that area. we don't know how many people potentially could have been in that car. we have been witnessing the rescue attempts bring at least one person up to -- up the cliff side. >> we will continue to monitor this situation. we'll have all those updates on social media at nbc bay area as well as >> stay connected to your world wherever the world takes you. get the nbc bay area app. severat
8:58 am
week. scott mcgrew analyzes the potential impact here in california. plus, get ready for a wet start to the work week. while you sleep, kari tracks more chances for rain.
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