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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 13, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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chief tony ribera offering his insight into the youtube body cam video. the long time law enforcement expert calling the officers ) response )comprehensive ) and through ) but at any point, did mountain view police miss a possible warning sign? watch sam brock )s full report, tonight on the news at 6. we were the first station to push this news out at ten this morning. this is just one of the tweets we posted today. a reminder that our coverage extends beyond this newscast. follow us on twitter: "at nbc bay area." new information tonight about the mendocino family that plunged over a cliff. toxicology reports show a glimpse at the hours before the crash. we now know that jennifer hart was drunk when she drove her car over a cliff last month.
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the report also shows that her wife, sarah, and two of their adopted kids had a sedative in their systems. the harts and three of their kids were found dead after the car plunged off the cliff. three other kids are still missing. however , a body was recovered last week, but has yet to be positivley identified as one of the missing childeren also in mendocino county ... the sheriff now says searchers have located an adult female in the eel river--which may be connected to a family who disappeared while traveling from portland to the south bay. the family is from santa clarita, in southern california. witnesses say they saw a car plunge into the roaring river last friday during a torrential downpour. some of the family )s belongings and parts of their car were found in the river. this afternoon, crews found the adult female seven miles from ther original crash site. she has not been identifed. the sheriff is using sonar, and has dive teams on standby hoping to find the remaining victims. a dramatic rescue on the san mateo county coast. a minivan flies off a cliff, falling more than 150 feet,
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and crashing into the ocean below. and unbelievably ... the driver inside survives. even more remarkable? he only suffered minor injuries. the scene... so dramatic.. we broke into programming to cover this "live" and streamed it while it was happening on nbc bay area dot com. nbc bay area )s christie smith s live near devils slide -- close to where the crash happened. and christie, rescuers say this is a miracle that driver is okay. as soon as this car went off the road - we launched nbc bay area skyranger...
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as soon as this car went off the road - we launched nbc bay area skyranger... and started tweeting out updates. remember to follow us - "at- nbc-bay-area" so that you never miss a story. former raiders and 49ers linebacker aldon smith has been ordered to rehab. a judge ordered that smith be transferred to a treatment center where he will address his substance abuse issues. smith has been in custody since april 6th for violating a court order that he not drink alcohol. it )s a condition of his release in connection with a domestic violence case in san francisco.
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it )s not known how long smith will be in rehab. his next court appearance is scheduled for may 3rd. a "watchdog team" from an international chemical weapons group is making its way to syria tonight. in a neighborhood, near damascus , where dozens died last weekend, chemical- weapons inspectors will begin digging for evidence tomorrow. they )ll confirm whether chemicl weapons were used, and if so, what kind. the u-s and france say they have the proof they need, but syria )s president says the claims are lies. at an emergency meeting at the united nations today, ambassador "nikki haley" leveled blame at a key syrian ally. russia )s foreign minister insists the chemical attack was "fabricated", and threatened to retaliate if the u-s takes action. a war of words tonight between president trump and fired fbi
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director james comey. comey is releasing a book tuesday filled with blistering criticisms of the president. today, the president fired back in a barrage of tweets attacking comey was his honor to fire him. nbc )s jennifer johnson is tracking this story in washington, jennifer governor jerry brown is taking action to make sure all californians are accounted for in
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action to make sure all californians are accounted for in the upcoming census. as we )ve reported - there are worries that immigrants... legal or undocumented... won )t participate because of a new question about citizenship. but california is suing to prevent that question from being asked. so today - governor brown created a committee tasked with making sure all californians participate. an accurate census count is important because it determines funding and representation in congress. still to come. a taxi driver accused of hitting a woman and driving away. what deputies are saying about his capture - moments before he was going to drive his car through the car wash. and blue and gold. you )re
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probably seeing it around the bay area. warriors getting ready for round 1 of the playoffs .. the events goin gon in the east bay. critical evidence, nearly
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a taxi driver, facing serious charges. but it )s where deputis arrested him, that )s catching
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so much attention. nbc bay area )s robert handa is live in burlingame with just how close the suspect came to washing away possible evidence. robert. a martinez pastor -
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show is coming to daly city this weekend. you may recall - both san francisco and san mateo counties voted to oppose gun shows at the cow palace. but the state owns the land - so the counties can )t do anything to stop the shows. state lawmakers have even passed laws trying to stop gun shows at the cow palace. but the governor vetoed them. nine months after a similar ride caused tragedy in ohio -- the santa cruz beach boardwalk says it plans to reopen the "fireball." the boardwalk voluntarily closed the ride last july as a precaution. a ride similar to "the fireball" malfunctioned at the ohio state fair -- killing a teenage boy and injuring seven others. cell phone video from witnesses of the tragic crash went viral. the boardwalk is awaiting state approval before reopening the ride.
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it all starts tomorrow in the east bay. the warriors begin their quest, to defend their nba title. the team will take on the spurs tomorrow at noon. but fans around the bay area are already getting excited about the warriors ) playoff push. today is dubbed "blue and gold day." the warriors encouraged fans to wear team colors and handed out free car flags at team stores. fans are not the only ones flying the team )s flag. oakland and san francisco are flying the flag over their city halls... which will also be lit up tonight in blue and gold. ad lib toss to rob ad lib thanks rob still to come.
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if you )re flying anywhere this weekend, you )ll notice this.
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still to come. if you )re flying anywhere this weekend, you )ll notice this. a change is on the way for anyone going through security. what the t-s-a is going to do, starting tomorrow. happening now -- on twitter -
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announced that he is canceling all performances in 2018 - incuding outside lands in san francisco. this comes after he shared in a social media post that he has lost most of his hearing. we told you about the bodycam video of the youtube shooter at the top of the hour. you can watch the full video on website. more news in a minute.
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convicted of child molestation - gets the maximum sentence. "fernando david maldonado" received a sentence of more than 34 years in prison. last year, he was convicted of 23 counts of sexually assaultling a 13 year old girl. maldonado was captured earlier maldonado was captured earlier this month in mexico, then extradited back to the u-s. a live look at the oakland airport. its one of the many airports across the country making security changes that go into effect at midnight tonight. t-s-a announced it will be starting a more enhanced screening process everyone will be required to put any electronic device larger than a phone in a seperate bin. this already applied to laptops, but the new rule
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includes e-readers and tablets too. t-s-a says this will make it easier for them to read the x-ray images. a big step forward... for driverless cars in california. waymo has applied for permits with the d-m-v to begin testing fully driverless cars on public streets. current driverless car tests... have a human driver in the car as a backup. the tests will start near waymo )s headquarters in mountain view before expanding around the bay area. if approved, waymo will be able to test on streets, rural roads and highways with posted speed limits of up to 65 miles per hour. waymo is google )s self- driving spin-off division. we want to clarify a story we brought you earlier today about a "dumpster drop-off" opportunity tomorrow in san jose. the city says only those who live in district nine "and" received a post-card inviting them to drop off large, unwanted items, are eligible.. it )s not open to the general public. city officials say they mail out invitations to randomly selected residents a few times a year, to keep this
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particular "dumpster day" manageable. this weekend, our award winning documentary series, "bay area revelations", looks at how the people of asia have influenced the cuisine here in the bay area. chef helene an started in the restaurant business in a small italian diner in 1971 in san francisco s outer sunset. that eventually became "tang long", one of the oldest vietnamese restaurants in san francisco today. the family also owns crustacean on polk street . as well as 4 other restaurants in southern california. the story behind chef an )s famous garlic noodles. bay area revelations: asian american pioneers airs this sunday, april 15th at 7 pm still to come. a look at the newest addition to the oakland zoo. we )ll be right back.
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a new take on cops and robbers. but some call it offensive and dangerous. the warning about a new game teens are playing. that story and more, tonight at six o )clock. and a programming note: and a programming note: we )ve got the giants game right here on nbc bay area tonight. first pitch is at 7 o )clock.
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if you want to watch "taken" and "dateline", you can turn to cozi t-v. that )s comcast channel 186 or over the air 11-dash-2. after the game, stick around for our late local news. a herd of bison welcomed to oakland with a tribal ceremony. take a look at the 14 bison that arrived at the oakland zoo earlier today. the bison are descendants of a historic herd from the "black feet tribe" in montana. tribal members were there to welcome the bison with a ceremony. all of these bison are female and they )ll be joined by two male bison from yellowstone. the zoo plans to breed them until there )s a herd ready to o back to "blackfeet" tribal land. "there are so many things in our native cultures that have been taken away from us, and lost, that its a part that we can help to bring back for our people to enjoy" these bison will be part of the these bison will be part of the oakland zoo )s california trail exhibit. thanks for joining us.
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tonight, shock waves from james comey's bombshell tell-all and president trump fires back branding comey as a leaker, a liar and slime ball and the president issuing a surprise controversial pardon today. is he sending a message in the mueller investigation? stunning new details in what the feds say is a criminal investigation of the president's personal lawyer. inside syria, bracing for u.s. strikes as russia claims that chemical attack is fake. we talked to an american who lived through it. millions on high alert tonight under threat of severe storms. reports of a tornado on the ground. a chilling encounter caught on camera. police confronting the youtube shooter hours before she went on a rampage. and mariska's mission shining a light on a


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