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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 14, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and that's the good thing. >> it's going to be nice and sunny, starting out with cool weather and then through the day very comfortable with some sunshine. let's get a live look outside in palo alto. you see the clouds overhead, that will help cool our temperatures for much of the morning, even into the afternoon with breezy winds starting out in the mid-50s but only ending up in the mid-60s, we'll talk about what's ahead for the week as it will be another beautiful day and nice week coming up in a few minutes. mike, now you have a traffic alert for oakland. >> i told folks about the crash i just heard about southbound 880 at 16th, that's far north. right here we're looking over towards the coliseum. i'll show you the slowdown we see from 7th all the way down to 16th. we have what sounds like only one lane open right now, a crash involving a rig carrying lumber on the back. tens of thousands of pounds of lumber there as well as another vehicle blocking everything but the middle lane and just very careful, look how slow it is there.
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eastbound 580 is your salt nalt towards san leandro and south of downtown as well. keep that in mind. the rest of the bay moves smoothly and we are following the traffic alert in oakland on the southbound side of the nimitz market. >> breaking news this morning. violent protests erupting in israel right now and it's ahead of today's u.s. embassy opening in jerusalem. we've gotten updated numbers for you. 18 people so far are dead. and 900 are hurt. it's going to be an intense day on the gads saturday israel border and several people from the trump administration are in jerusalem for the embassy opening today. tracie potts is live in washington with the overnight developments. explain the controversy behind the opening of the embassy today. >> reporter: here's the thing, the israelis and palestinians both claim jerusalem is their capital by putting that embassy in east jerusalem the palestinians think the u.s. is
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aligning itself siding with israel and that's part of what's fueling these deadly protests today. >> gunfire this morning, at least two palestinians killed and two dozen injured as crowds grow at the israeli gaza border, protesting in part the new u.s. embassy opening in jerusalem today. >> the president wanted the american embassy real estate on the right side of the town here in jerusalem. >> treasury secretary steve mnuchin and jared kushner and ivanka trump and officials are in jerusalem for the ceremony, set to speak by interview. >> our people will be eternally grateful for his bold decision. >> they accuse the u.s. of picking sides. the palestinian mission in washington says, quote, this move marks the end of an era when the united states led international efforts to
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supposedly achieve the two-state solution. >> i think recognizing reality always enhances the chances for peace. until the palestinians reconcile under one flag, there will never be peace. >> today's opening breaks tradition. most of the world's embassies remain in tel aviv. >> and by doing so, they are avoiding the type of conflict that we are seeing in that region today. back to you. >> tracie potts, thanks so much. >> back to live pictures of the protest still going on in israel. you can see there a lot of people standing ash bround. we told you about the 18 people are dead. we're going to stay on top of that story all morning long. scott mcgrew will have an update in the next half hour. >> breaking news, three people are dead including a little girl after shooting in stockton. that 5-year-old died overnight at the hospital. a man and woman also died in a neighborhood where that shooting
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happened. two other men are also hurt. all we know about right now, police aren't saying anything about a suspect or a motive. >> and sonoma state students will have a hard time focusing on today's final exams. the school dealing with its first homicide ever. a man stabbed another man to death at the freshman dorm around 6:00 last night. and some of those students we talked to say the victim is a student but police won't confirm that just yet. the suspect is in custody and pete suratos is trying to get new details and will have a report coming up at 5:30. at 5:04 it might be troubling for you and it was unusual violent weekend in santa cruz beach boardwalk. a 17-year-old vacaville boy was shot and killed while sitting in a car. this happened yesterday. we know three teenagers who were in the car at the time of that shooting are in custody. officers also found the gun in the car. that shooting is believed to be gang related. meantime in an unrelated case,
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another 17-year-old was stabbed at the popular attraction. it is 5:04. it's a story you may have been following closely. there's a hearing in the golden state killer case today and this morning we're hearing from the mother of a woman who police say is the killer's final victim. kris sanchez joins us live in contra costa county with the woman as reaction and what we can expect in court today. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning, laura. joseph deangelo did commit some crimes here in contra costa county, investigators are among those who tried to track him down for decades. he's going to be in court though in sacramento this morning and what happens today could determine how much we know about his arrest before the trial even begins. 72-year-old former police officer may not join his lawyer in court today as that lawyer fights to keep the arrest warrants sealed. prosecutors say it could make it hard to seat a jury if they are
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not sealed. but several news organizations are asking the judge to unseal the records to see how investigators used dna and geneology website to connect deangelo with the crime he's charged with. they believe his last victim was jan elle cruz, who was 18 when she was bludgeoned in her own home. her mother speak on the "today" show this morning. >> i didn't know if i could be real happy about it. i'm happy that they caught him and i'm happy that we can have closure. but i want to -- i want to start thinking about better things now instead of him. >> now, at this point joseph deangelo is charged with 12 murders and nearly 50 rapes, district attorneys for four counties could prosecute him and trying to work out who that will be. they are sacramento, ventura and
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orange counties. 8:30 this morning is when he is -- his lawyer is expected in sacramento superior court. i'll tell you more about some of the crimes he's accused with here in the bay area. kris sanchez, "today in the bay.." at 5:07. sonoma county deputy is recovering this morning after being shot. this happened after a call to a gas station about an employee acting strangely three deputies went to the car wash and the manager says one of his employees was refusing to go home and might have a bb gun, they were confronted by the suspect and he reportedly open fire. >> the deputies go outside to make contact with one of the deputies was hit by a pellet-type ammunition, commonly known as "snake shot."
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he )s now at the hospital with small wounds across his torso, arms, and face. deputies say 20 year-old "ryan pritel" only stopped firing because his gun jammed. patel only stopped firing because his gun jammed. >> happening today, a forum with eight kacandidates hoping to be san francisco's next mayor. they will be among the an fr candidates addressing issues ar such as homelessness and gentrya fiction. is hostingent from club the forum and starts at 5:30. it follows a controversial event from the weekend, jane kim leftl abruptly after somemo people started shouting ethnic slurs at her. kim was at the forum when the harassment started. this is video of the event now s goingta viral.edge th kim released a statement saying she didn't take the statements
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personally.s we must also acknowledge there continues to be a lot of pain and anger along the fault linese of race, gender and sexuality. >> well, at 5:09. there's going to be road race. closures this week in the south listen up here, this is all .. because of the prestigious tour of california bike race. you might remember it from last year. (6-h this startsun in southern california and eventually ends in sacramento. the 7-stage race covers more than 600 miles, one stage started yesterday in long beach on wednesday stage four -- on wednesday stage four will begin hill.rgan run through south san jose.unde the stages where it starts and ends in towntown morgan hill. the stage covers just under 22 miles. take a look at that and keep that in mind. >> expect some traffic. some people are taking the day off to avoid the traffic. >> smart decision. >> maybe they'll enjoy a good day outdoors. >> it's going to be nice and
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cool this week, unusually cool in some spots, as we starts out, we have a few clouds as you get ready to head out the door but it will clear as we go through the day, especially in evergreen, we'll see the clearing at 9:00, temperatures in the upper 50s and low 70s which is exactly where we should be for this time of year. all of our high temperatures are going to be really nice. concord today, 73 degrees, 70 in napa and santa rosa and san francisco today 62. we'll talk about today's temperature trend for palo alto coming up and mike, you're continuing with that alert for oakland. >> i hope they can clear at least the vehicle -- the smaller vehicle quickly but right now we only have one lane open and you're jammed from 7th street down to about to jackson as you get through downtown oakland on southbound 880. it sounds like a 70,000 pounds of lumber on the back of a truck and the truck is what stuck right there at the off ramp. so we have just a few lanes open and chp is trying to get out there and help things xgt they've got three cruisers out there but can't move a truck
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until a heavy duty rig gets out there as well.. rest of the oakland, eastbound 580 is one alternate for you. traffic is light around the bay. we should be okay but this will change the focus from getting away from the bay bridge down to the san mateo bridge.ady to i'll show you that coming up. back to you. it's 5:11, coming up next on "today in the bay," ready to blow again. this morning mt. kilauea volcan continues to spew lava and gas a across thesh island but this cod just be the beginning, the eason they believe it is about to unleash something even bigger and more powerful. a peculiar tweet from weekend, heump over wants to save jobs in china.g ak >> she's been the calmest person in the room all day long. >> plus,s, coming up later, a terrifying attack, a little girl dragged by take black bear how she was finally able to the bear to release her.
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that story is coming up at 5:24. time is 5:11, you're watching "today in the bay." mike traffice
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good monday morning, we're starting out with crowds overhead as we take a live look outside, nice cool morning and it will warm up quickly as we go throughout late morning, early afternoon with our highs in palo alto reaching in the mid-60s and breezy winds. we'll have a slightly cooler start to the week and a bit of a
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warm-up. more on that in the full forecast in about five minutes. >> kari, we're looking at this alert for oakland, restricted to just one lane. this is a big problem getting away from the bay bridge. i'll show you the problem it might be having at the bay bridge as well. >> very happy monday to you. higher oil prices continue to push stocks higher. energy companies doing particularly well. symantec plunged on friday. we gave you a head's up before it happened. tesla back in the news the top safety person, guy who deals with the ntsb has left the company. a tesla slammed into the back of a fire utility vehicle in suburban salt lake city and traveling around 60 miles per hour at the time the driver did not appear to break at all. it's not clear the car was on autopilot at the time. the driver will be okay.
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south jordan police will talk to tesla at the start of the business day today. on sunday, president trump said he was going to try to save chinese company zte because he wanted to save jobs in china. zte is a technology company that was not only caught violating sanctions by selling u.s. made technology to iran and north korea, it lied about it. the u.s. government slapped zte with a massive fine. $1.2 billion and said it could not buy american technology like computer processors. on sunday, president trump tweeted, president xi of china and i are working together to give massive chinese company zte a way to get back into business fast. too many jobs in china lost. commerce department has been instructed to get it done. but of course it was the commerce department that slapped zte with the record breaking fine in the first place less than a year ago during the trump administration. the head of the commerce
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department, wilbur ross, said at the time those who flout our economic sanctions and export control laws will not go unpunished. they will suffer the harshest of consequences. this is the same guy the president is now telling to reverse that decision, which is weird. also, we just re-established sanctions against iran. we're now seeing a company that violated those sanctions should not be punished. so that's an awkward situation that's washington got itself into. we'll continue to watch it but it's a head scratcher. >> no kidding. >> developing in hawaii, take a look at this, kill wauea just wt calm down. it erupted again on sunday morning. more than ten days ago lava started flow from the earth forcing so many to evacuate and destroyed their homes. people are waiting in long lines to get masks to protect themselves from the toxic ash. >> they think housing is a
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problem. housing is not an issue if you can't breathe. >> we want to take measurements to protect the children. we have masks for them but i don't know if any of them are small enough for the small baby. >> scientists say the volcano could blow its top at any moment. some on the big island are playing drums as part of a prayer to an ancient hawaiian goddess. 5:18, new this morning, a scary night in the sky for southwest passengers in socal. that flight was going from san diego to vegas. it had to make an emergency landing at lax because of smoke that filled the cockpit. 70 people were on the plane and had to wait about two hours for another flight. southwest says that the original plane is out of service until crews can figure out what went wrong. >> now to a happy animal story in florida. a local sergeant patrolling the waters near a bridge when he thought he saw a sea turtle. when he got closer, he realized, it was actually a little dog.
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the poor thing, little dog pedaling really hard to keep his head above the water. turned out rescuing the little dog and she fell from a boat and the owners didn't realize she was missing. the dog is back home reunited with her family and probably never wants to go boating again. the county sheriff posted this video there. right place right time. >> right. pets on the boat as well. >> exactly. now we know. >> wow. >> we're going to have beautiful weather as we start out this week, we're going to feel a cool start to the morning. mostly cloudy skies and warming up as we go throughout today. here's a look at the out the door temperature as we head out. mostly the upper 40s to low 50s, morgan hill one of the cooler spots with 56 now in san jose and palo alto. 53 to start this morning in napa. the 7-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen
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showing mid week cooling. even as we start today it's going to be cooler than normal mid-50s in concord as you get the kids ready and out the door for school. then mid-60s by late morning. as the last school bell rings, upper 60s heading no the low 70s for today. the south bay los gatos at 73 degrees and 73 in east san jose and some upper 60s for fremont. walnut creek expect a high of 72 degrees. mid-60s in san mateo, san francisco reaching 61 degrees on the embarcadero and 71 today in sonoma. it's going to stay mostly cloudy along the coast. half moon bay will only make it in the mid-50s. and we've had some disturbance spinning just to the east of us and if you're planning to go to the sierra, head's up there will be afternoon showers and thunderstorms and potential for lightning as well. that will fire up again today by 5:00 to 6:00 this afternoon.
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some of the very high elevation areas will get some light snow and then for tomorrow we'll do it all over again with a risk of thunderstorms over the mountains while we stay dry here in the bay area, those winds will pick up and it will be slightly cooler for wednesday and then warming up towards the end of the week but not by that much. and san francisco upper 50s to low 60s. mike, you're folk he issed still on the crash in oakland. >> i am that crash and 70,000 pounds of lumber are still there. it doesn't sound like it is overturned. and it's early in the commute but we do have this traffic problem getting away from the bay bridge and heading into oakland at 16th or jackson. reports of the crash affecting sounds like the jackson -- they had three cruisers on scene and looking at the backup at the bay bridge too. i want to show you waze and how things timed out here. we're talking about a delay, waze specifies we have a 37 minute delay if you travel through the one section right there. half an hour to get threw one little section.
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waze also helps you time out an alternate away from the bay bridge and look at the options towards san leandro. 580 is a great option as well. a quick look at the live shot. the bay bridge with the early backup, a lot of folks are avoiding the san mateo bridge and heading cross this span. you have the early backup at the bay bridge as well. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> coming up next on "today in the bay," series of terror attacks the explosive 24 hours for indonesia. and the little girl who survived it all. another hard to believe
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attack in indonesia. 5:25, developing for you, another hard to believe su side attack in indonesia, this one targeting a police headquarters and it was carried out by members of one family. indonesia's national police chief confirms that the family's 8-year-old daughter survived after getting thrown by that explosion. at loost ten people are injured. this follows attacks on three churches yesterday, all carried out by another family. in that case eight people died along with six family members. new this morning, no family would want to endure, a brave mom may have saved her young daughter after a bear attack. it happened near grand junction, colorado yesterday about 250 miles west of denver. a mother awoke to screaming at 2:30 in the morning and went outside to find a black bear
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dragging her daughter. authorities say the woman's screams made the bear drop the girl. she had heard noises but thought they were from the family dog. doctors say the girl has serious injuries but they've now upgraded her condition to fair. >> she's been the calmest person in the room all day long. she's been in very good spirits and her family is in good spirits too. >> wildlife teams set up traps to hopefully capture that bear. how that little girl was outside with a bear in the middle of the night, who knows. frightening. to 5:26. trashed streets. >> never have i seen dumping like. >> in illegal dumping along the busy south bay highway and steps people want the city to take. the search for answers after a deadly stabbing on sonoma state campus as students head
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back to class for first time since the tragedy. only one candidate for governor when students were stuck in failing schools, led the fight to turn them around. as mayor of l.a., antonio villaraigosa invested in classrooms and security. graduation rates soared. antonio for governor.
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good monday morning, overlooking downtown san jose, kari is telling us cooler temperatures this week. >> spring has sprung though. >> it's beautiful, isn't it. >> i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. coming off a nice weekend as we head into the workweek. let's head over to kari hall.
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it was warm over the weekend on saturday but it cooled off yesterday. that cooling stays with us today. we're seeing the clouds overhead. if you're going to the giants game this evening, it's going to be cool and breezy out there. make sure you have a jacket. first pitch will be at 7:15 and as we look at the seven-day forecast yes we will be cooler than normal as we go through the middle of the beweek and warmern time for weekend. we'll talk about the weekend forecast in about seven minutes. mike, it's a tough drive through oakland. >> it is a couple of reasons out of oakland, there's a problem -- one is the backup at the bay bridge. this started early because of the problem farther south. the crash and traffic alert. the backup at the bay bridge already on, metering lights on there and southbound here at 16th reports of a crash involving 70,000 pounds of lumber and big rigs that have to be cleared. chp just updated saying they have closed all lanes for about five minutes and should be starting to move better in the next few minutes. hopefully if they've been able to clear one of the vehicles
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from lanes, they should have the majority open. but we're tracking that and right now eastbound 580 is the alternate to get out of the area. contra costa county and rest of alameda and marin moving smoothly and so is the south bay with a minor crash on the shoulder, 101 north of the airport. back to you. >> thank you, mike. we're following breaking news in the middle east. already deadly violence ahead of today's opening of the newest -- the new u.s. embassy in jerusalem. the move is already sparking thousands of palestinians to protest in gaza. the number of dead is rising. in the last half hour, it is up to 25 people confirmed dead. close to 1,000 more are hurt. this is all sparked by president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital and move from the embassy from tel aviv. a live look at jerusalem, people are gathered for the opening of the new embassy in less than half an hour at 6:00 our time. following the story from several
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angles this morning and "today in the bay" tracie potts will have a live update. an emotional return to class this morning for students at sonoma state university. students there rattled after a deadly stabbing on campus. this is the first homicide in the school's 57 year history. >> pete suratos live in the school where final examines are about to get under way. what's the school doing to help these students out? it's emotional. >> reporter: what they are doing is helping to relocate some of the students who were affected by this stabbing. of course, it took place right behind me at the village on campus. this is student dorms and i looked into this to do more research on it. it looks like this is a freshman dorm, hope to the freshman experience, 190 freshman that currently live at this dorm where this took place but according to sonoma state university, a college aged male victim was fatally stabbed on
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campus here at the housing community roughly around 6:00 p.m. sunday. now a suspect has been taken into custody and police are also describing as a college aged male but at this time, police do not know if the two men attend sonoma state university but it's sti clearly having an impact on students in the midst of studying for final exams, those who live in the housing area where incidents took place. they did speak to the university official how they plan to take care of them. >> we're taking care of them and found hotels in the area, hotel rooms where they can go and stay for those that need it as i was saying, they have some have friends they can stay with and family nearby. they've chosen to pursue that. >> reporter: despite this investigation, the university will remain open and finals will stay take place but university made it clear that faculty staff and students affected by all of this will be accommodated if need be. as we see a lot with these
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situations, grief counselors will be on site as well as we get new updates we'll bring them to you in the newsroom. live in sonoma state, pete suratos, "today in the bay." >> thoughts go out to the family of t and loves ones. >> we're talking cleanup in the hunter's points naval ship yard. this is to get to the bottom of what happened here, tetratech hired to clean up the site is accused of lying about the cleanup data. they deny the allegations. new this morning, if you drive monterey road in san jose in to morgan hill, you know trash dumping is a big problem along the corridor. people there can't stand it, understandably. now one sng city councilman thinks we should turn to the homeless for help. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in morgan hill. what exactly is he proposing
5:35 am
here? >> reporter: san jose city council member sergio jim nez wants to get $60,000 from the city to hire homeless people to clean up the stretch of the road two to three times a week. this is near bailey avenue. there's other structures up and down the road. even though this is morgan hill the road itself is city of san jose. it is rural and at night quiet and dark, as you can see in the video, it makes it easy to illegally dump household items and mattresses and furniture and piles of trash. >> gets to the point where it's outrageous where you go every 100 feet and there's a new pile of trash. >> tom has lived off the road for the last ten years and fed up and says the dumping over the past month is the worse ut he's ever seen it and wants the city to put an end to it. we did see a large city crew cleaning up piles of debris last
5:36 am
week but tom says the trash will be back. he wants a city to consider something more permanent suches increased police patrols and surveillance cameras and or street lights. >> it's really sad to see. i grew up here in morgan hill and always been a nice little community and very clean. and never in my whole lifetime have i seen dumping like this. it's just crazy and getting worse every month, every year, it's getting worse. >> has the city done enough? i think the city can always do more and i'm the first to acknowledge that the city doesn't always get it right but i think we have hard working staff and here at the city and all of the various departments involved in this, including my office and we want to get it right and so to the extent there's more to do, we will do it. >> the city is trying to get permission from union pacific to clean up debris that's dumped on the railroad tracks that run parallel to monterey road. the council member hopes to get money soon to hire homeless people for a year of cleanup on
5:37 am
the road itself. starting late july, early august when he would like to the program to go into effect. it would be similar to the downtown streets team program that employs homeless. you can report illegal dumping anyone within the city of san jose. download the my san jose app. reporting live here in morgan hill this early monday morning, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you so much. >> 5:37 right now. might soon see more police patrol at one b.a.r.t. station. san francisco police may soon step up any civic center station. chronicle reports mayor sat down with leaders after reports and complaints of people injecting drugs around the station. the b.a.r.t. says the police force there is understaffed by 30 officers so it will need help patrolling civic center. critics say it will take more than extra officers to solve this problem. >> if the warriors are going to make it to two dham onships in a
5:38 am
row, they have to go through the houston rockets. >> i think they got it in them to do that. and tonight, they have their first chance to get the upper hand here. game one tips off in houston, both teams make it look easy getting to this point. east one conferen each won conference smititles, say we get tickets and go. >> you're going to get me a ticket? >> i was hoping you would get me a ticket and i would get the next one. >> you don't want to hear this, folks, we have a traffic alert a metering lights are on. the commute builds getting southbound 880 past 16th. it sounds like we may have all lanes blocked for last ten minutes over here approaching 16th. a crash involving a big rig carrying a bunch of lumber. the lumber truck won't be able
5:39 am
to be cleared but they are hoping to remove the other vehicle. eastbound 580 is the alternate. rest of the bay moves great. here's the first for san jose, pretty typical and only last about ten minutes and start to ease once again. >> plus we look right now on monday think about it but the forecast for the weekend. >> always and it's going to be still really nice around the bay area. we were warm on saturday this past weekend and it cooled down a little bit yesterday but as we head into this weekend, we'll have more weather like we had yesterday was in the mid-70s inland. we'll keep the sunshine and the bay will be at 71 degrees and the coast at 64 degrees. then on sunday, more of the same. it's a little cooler along the coast as we get moreñr clouds a fog and also gusty winds on the bay. it's going to be 68 degrees on sunday and inland areas, 73 degrees and if you're planning to head to napa valley, 76
5:40 am
degrees on sunday will wrap up the weekend with slightly warmer weather. here's a live look at kirkwood with a chance of rain and thunderstorms all week long. we'll see more rain sparking up there during the afternoon. we'll take a look at today's temperature trend in fremont, that's coming up in about three minutes. >> thank you, kari. coming up next on "today in the bay," a horrifying scene, one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. >> right after we saw people running to the other street. >> this morning the chilling new information we're learning about a deadly knife attack in paris. plus, reaction from rattled tourists. and a pivotal hearing three years later in the big development we're expecting today in the maddy middleton rape and murder case. live to jerusalem where the u.s. embassy is minutes away from opening when "today in the bay" continues.
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. it is 5:43 on this monday morning. sun already rising. these days are getting longer as we head towards summer and we start out this morning with cloudy skies, a live look outside in fremont. we'll still see clouds at 9:00. highs in the upper 60s here. we'll talk about a cooldown for the middle of the week then a warm-up in less than five minut minutes. while we track that traffic alert for oakland, the nimitz freeway is jammed through downtown. west 92 the commute direction
5:44 am
and disabled vehicle reported along this span. i'll show you what we see in just a few. and developing now, tourists in paris talking about the shocking terror attack this weekend that killed one person and injured four more. french police are questioning three people linked to the attack who police shot and killed. the 20-year-old man went on that rampage when with a knife saturday, this is in central paris. he's french but born in chechnya and chanted god is great. one tourist couldn't really fathom what was happening. >> people were shouting for the police and we saw a guy lying on the street right on the crosswalk with blood on his shirt. >> and the attacker's parents and at least one friend are now in police custody. it is 5:44. it has been nearly three years since 8-year-old maddie middleton was raped and middled in santa cruz. the person accused is yet to
5:45 am
enter a plea but could change today. adrian gonzalez is expected back in court today for yet another arraignment hearing. his lawyers are planning to appeal the judge's decision to try gonzalez as an adult. he's now 18 but he was 15 at the time of maddi's murder. >> happening today, expect to see protester outside of a b.a.r.t. board meeting. the family of a man shot and killed outside of the oakland station in january will be out there. now we reported in martha the officer who pulled that trigger is eligible for a promotion. charlene continutindle's family believes the shooting was racially motivated. they don't want the officer to be considered for the promotion. instead they want murder charges. the officer shot him three times in the back. police initially said he had a gun but body footage does not back up that claim. it is affordable housing week. experts activists and city
5:46 am
leaders will take on the housing issue. you want to pay attention to these events, santa clara will hold a round table on ending homelessness at 2:00 at the sharko training center on north first. there's a discussion also on housing for all. that's at the walnut creek library tonight at 6:45. it's 5:46 right now and the president fulfilled a campaign promise, the u.s. embassy will open in jerusalem. >> scott mcgrew, the celebration with protests outside starts in minutes. >> 6:00 a.m. our time and 4:00 p.m. jerusalem time. the latest pictures out of the holy city, president trump formally recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel back in december, live pictures as the ceremony is set to begin in about 12 minutes here. you see one of our nbc news reporters doing an interview. other presidents have been reluctant to name jerusalem as the embassy because the palestinians also want to claim
5:47 am
jerusalem as their capital. let's take you to nearby gaza this morning. pro testers angry about today allegation event. two killed by israeli defense forces, a staggering 1600 people have been injured. now, today's delegation does not include president trump. he'll deliver a speech via video. his son-in-law jared kushner is in attendance and we'll get video of him shortly. remember, kushner has been put in charge in delivering peace in the middle east. tracie potts will have full coverage of the opening coming up at the top of the hour. now the man who is going to deliver the invocation this morning is pastor robert jeffries, called islam a cult and said mormones are -- and jews can't go to heaven. he says those quotes were taken out of context. the national security adviser john bolton says the u.s. will likely put sanctions on company that's trade with iran, even if those companies
5:48 am
are from countries that didn't agree to sanctions. he said that on abc sunday morning. president trump withdrew the united states from the iran nuclear deal and our country will re-establish sanctions that were put into place before iran agreed to stop its nuclear weapons development. the problem is other countries that signed on to that deal still believe in the deal. they are upholding their side of the deal. for instance, a german company or somebody in the eu can still legally trade to iran but we don't want them to. the u.s. says it may punish germany as an example for violating u.s. rules. we're watching the situation in jerusalem and as i said we'll have live coverage and pictures coming up at 6:00. you can follow me on twitter, @scottmcgrew. >> at 5:48, the countdown to the royal wedding continues. we're five days away but a bit of controversy this morning. meghan markel's father is accused of staging paparazzi photos for money.
5:49 am
>> thomas markel was photographed looking at pictures of his daughter and getting himself measured for a suit. but this morning british papers report kensington palace is supporting him. separately the palace says a chicago bishop will help conduct the ceremony. the "today" show will be live in england starting on thursday leading up to nbc special wedding coverage on saturday. coverage starts at 1:30 in the morning. if you love it, i guess you get up early. >> wow -- >> i remember my sister getting up in the middle of the night for princess diana's wedding. >> does your sister want to come in and report for snus. >> maybe, she loves the wedding. >> all right. that's our time to sleep in on saturday mornings but we'll definitely be watching it throughout the day. we're watching this weather, starts out really nice as we get a look outside as we're going to feel cool temperatures and cloudy skies starting out your monday morning. here's a live look outside in san rafael.
5:50 am
everyone heading out and off to work and school this morning. no issues and you're out the door temperature now mostly in the 50s, even some mid-50s for san francisco right now. going to walnut creek, we'll get that sun breaking out behind those clouds and about 10:00 and be at 60 degrees then making it into the upper 60s today. this is a little bit cooler than where we should be this time in may. and those winds will be breezy as well. but we will be warming up after a few days, we're up to 70 degrees today in napa. oakland 65 degrees and 72 in san jose and livermore. and 74 today in antioch. starting out this morning, you'll probably be comfortable all day long just wearing light as long as sleeves and pants and it's going to be feeling very much like spring. we've also had spring storms firing up over the sierra and an area of low pressure to the east of us will keep the rain again still in the region even as we go through the rest of the week while the bay area stays dry. we're up to 72 degrees inland today and those winds kicking up
5:51 am
tomorrow. we'll notice that a little bit higher for the afternoon. a few more clouds on wednesday and upper 60s in the forecast and you'll see that we will only make it up a few more degrees as we head towards the end of the week while san francisco will be in the upper 50s to low 60s and another nice weekend ahead. and mike is saying that the commute is getting tougher out there. >> it is building all around the bay. as you would know, 5:51. the commute through the tri-valley and east bay, we have an issue on the san mateo bridge i want to talk about in a second. the south bay and peninsula move nicely on the speed sensors. oakland, the big problem southbound 880 jammed from 7th down to 16th. the good news we got word the right three lanes are open and left two are blocked because of the big rig involved in the crash. that will be a distraction and still slow to kick off the morning commute. east 580 away from the bay bridge through oakland if that's
5:52 am
your only goal to get down to san leandro. the upper east shore more slowing through richmond and across the san mateo bridge, things jam up at the high rise because on the high rise there's a disabled vehicle and bridge crews trying to get there as quickly as they can. >> the reason this season will be a great time to be on the wa water. more than a dozen google employees no longer at the company. the website gives reporting because of a controversial military program. they use the artificial intelligence to classify objects and people in drone footage. employees say they resigned because of concerns with google's involvement with government programs. plus, danny glover will be speaking in sack men toe, kicking off a campaign aimed at revamping voter laws. the rally is sponsored by the california poor people's campaign. we'll be back with more news in just a few.
5:53 am
it's 5:52. because antonio villaraigosa millions got it he defended women's healthcare, banned military-style assault weapons, banned workplace discrimination, and more. antonio for governor.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:55. legalizing marijuana in california was supposed to help black market pot business go legit but weed is still illegal under federal law so most banks won't touch the money. >> which makes the state's newest industry by and large
5:56 am
cash only. as investigator reporter liz wagner found, all of that cash is causing problems. >> reporter: people in the industry carrying cash are vulnerable to violent attacks that can also endanger the public. many are turning to security companies to lockup their cash in cars like this one to keep it safe out there on the roads. >> we hitched a ride with hard car, that hauls cash for cannibis clients with bullet proof doors. armed agented picked up the taxes the state estimates a billion dollars in new tax revenue alone. pot growers say not having a bank is dangerous and bad for business. >> what does that do to you? how does that burden snu. >> raising money and going to institutional investors and stuff like that and saying we don't have a bank account or it is all operating cash, it's hard without a relationship with an investor to build that trust.
5:57 am
>> what are work-arounds. >> lying to banks about how they make their money and turning cash into crypto currency, we investigate the creative ways pot businesses are protecting and hiding cash tonight at 11:00. see you then. >> and of course our investigator unit is always looking for stories, if you have one, can you give them a call, 888-996-tips or send an e-mail by going to another data breach to tell you about this morning. this time at chili's, it turns out credit and debit card information was kpro mized and no social security numbers or birthdays were exposed. no word yet on how many were impacted but chilly's think the breach happened between march and april of this year. >> a lot of us don't know interest rates on credit cards according to a new study from credit only 39% of card holders know what the interest rates are on
5:58 am
all of the cards. the average credit card interest rate about 17%. here's a tip for you. if you don't know it or want to lower it, it doesn't hurt to call the credit card company and ask them to lower the rate. they say it often works. >> and new this morning, rafting season is starting here in north california and should be a good time to enjoy the summer if you're heading on the water. >> ever been raft sng. >> no, river rafting, they are expecting a busy season on the water and say it should be better than last summer. the owner of american river raft rentals wasn't able to open rentals to mid-june of last year but get the boats ready, the water at that time still dangerous high. because of a wet winter last year. this year water levels much more manageable. >> it's going to be a three to four hour float all season long. right now we have safe conditions and actually that perfect low amount of water where you don't have to worry too much about paddling. >> he says the water is also
5:59 am
golden gate to be a lot warmer this summer. some of those shots are -- on the rapids it can get kind of crazy. >> i did go rafting ones in the hills of tennessee. live at at&t park, tonight is giant rugby demonstration, water rugby in mccove have cove part of world cup seven 2018. >> echo, echo. >> 18, 18, 18. this will be held at at and tx park in july. teams around the world will be here enjoying that game. >> 6:00 right now, breaking news overseas, u.s. embassy in jerusalem opening its doors as we speak. we're live with the intense protest taking place and the rising death toll from violence. and a lot of questions this morning after a deadly stabbing ats sonoma state campus. what we're learning about the attacker and man who was killed. plus -- >> need to go home. >> you all need to go home.
6:00 am
>> tensions rising at a mayoral candidate event in san francisco. the offensive language used against supervisor jane kim. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> a very good monday morning to you. hope you're coming off a great weekend. good morning, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we were talking about a weekend, nice mother's day -- >> it was beautiful weekend. weather was good too. it's good that that continues even as we go into today. we're going to get a lot more sunshine once the morning clouds get out of here. a live look outside right now in san jose, you can see the clouds right now, can't really see much of the sunrise. let's go to santa teresa, upper 60s by early afternoon. breezy and high temperatures today coming down a couple of degrees from yesterday and from what we had over the weekend. we'll talk about what's ahead coming up in just a few minutes and mike tracking a recovery for oakland. >> the good news, they have cleared all lanes now, chp just


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