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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 14, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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okay. a lot of people buzzing about it. did you feel it? that earthquake shaking the bay area tonight. you can see the epicenter right behind us here. >> that quake hit near oakland but it was felt far and wide across the bay area. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney is live in the oakland hills with a story new at 11:00. a lot of people say they felt jolted. >> reporter: yeah, it wasn't that big. a 3.5 earthquake was felt and heard by people all across the bay area tonight. the u.s. geological survey
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telling me they received reports from about 18,000 people that the ground moved tonight. >> it sounded like a freight train was coming by. >> reporter: emi was making dinner when that terrible sound let her know earthquake. she says the shaking lasted only about five seconds. >> it wasn't too bad. i think it was more the sound that was kind of jarring than the actual shaking itself. >> reporter: the usgs says it was on the northern part of the hayward fault, epicenter just east of oakland. people felt it across the bay area. >> about 15, 20 miles or so. there are reports out about 60, 80 miles out. >> reporter: not a big quake but memorable for savannah nelson, visiting from illinois. >> just heard a loud shake. it lasted maybe five seconds. it was super loud. i've never been through an earthquake before, so i had no idea. i thought a loud truck was going by. >> reporter: next door, the weiss sisters knew what to do. >> we felt the earthquake, and then a few things dropped.
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and it sounded like a loud boom. so we went into our desk, and then we went under it. we got a blanket from up in my bed. >> we have our getaway bag. we have our -- you know, if we get stuck at home bag. so we're feeling mildly prepared. >> reporter: a lot of people up here in the oakland hills did not feel this earthquake. in fact, you saw the girls in that story right there. their mother was in the front of the house, and she didn't feel a thing. live in oakland, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, terry. let's tell you more about the hayward fault. it runs along the foot of the east bay hills. experts say it is the biggest threat to produce the next major bay area quake. what makes the hayward fault so dangerous is that it runs right underneath heavily populated cities. there is a new prediction from the usgs that says that if a magnitude 7 quake strikes on the hayward fault, nearly 1,000 people would be killed, and
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nearly 20,000 injured. now, we sent out an alert right after the earthquake hit. you can sign up for our breaking news alerts through our free nbc bay area app. another top story this evening, a shocking discovery inside of this home in a quiet fairfield neighborhood. authorities say ten kids were living in filth, many of them abused and tortured. the mom is fighting back, denying the charges. but the grandmother is telling us a different story tonight. those kids are with various relatives away from this so-called house of horrors. so what happened inside? we've obtained new photos that gives us an idea of how this family lived. nbc bay area's jean elle joins us in fairfield with the disturbing allegations. jean? >> reporter: raj, this house is on a quiet cul-de-sac, and tonight neighbors here say they are stunned to learn ten children lived here. they say they never saw them or even heard them. but tonight fairfield police say behind closed doors, their father was hurting them.
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>> right over my back fence. never seen a kid out there. never heard anybody. >> reporter: david lives behind the house where fairfield police say jonathan michael allen was abusing nine of his ten children. >> the children described incidents of intentional abuse resulting in puncture wounds, burns, bruising, injuries consistent with being shot with a pellet gun or a bb gun. >> reporter: allen is charged with torture and child cruelty. by phone tonight, the children's maternal grandmother calls allen a monster, providing photos of what she says is a room where he worshipped the devil. >> he would make us -- he would put duct tape on our eyes, lay us on the floor, tell us we couldn't move, and if we did, he would beat us in the stomach. he said the demons were making him do it. >> reporter: but the children's mother, ina rogers, insists there was no abuse. >> why would i ever have a house full of children that were abused or allow them to be abused? >> reporter: the investigation
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into the family on fieldstone court started in march when rogers reported her 12-year-old son missing. police searched the home looking for the boy and called child protective services after finding food and feces on the floor. after finding her son, police arrested rogers for child endangerment. the kids were taken to family members' homes. rogers bailed out of jail and showed nbc bay area her home today, revealing filthy conditions. she insists she provided a loving home. >> mommy loves you so much, and daddy loves you so much. >> reporter: neighbors say when officers arrested allen last week, they had guns drawn. allen's bail is now set at $5 million. the district attorney's office says it is now considering filing additional charges against the children's mother. reporting live in fairfield, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. well, victimized twice. military veterans getting
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treatment for rapes and abuse they endured while deployed, then preyed upon by the very doctor who was supposed to be helping them. tonight a psychiatrist at a hospital at travis air force base is accused of sexually ault sai -- assaulting female veterans. cheryl? >> reporter: jessica, information inside this document is shocking and disturbing. prosecutors say that the psychiatrist took advantage of the very people he was trying to help. prosecutors wrote, quote, this court may never see a more egregious and calculated abuse of power in this courtroom. court documents state that keith summer, who is now here at the solano county jail, is a contract psychiatrist. he was employed by david grant medical center at travis air force base in fairfield from 2013 to 2016. the document states the defendant was assigned to see
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military veterans, many of them suffering from various forms of ptsd and others victims of sexual assault. during their deployment. one client who was the victim of a sexual assault while enlisted says summer insisted she undergo exposure therapy. court documents state, quote, she explained that exposure therapy, according to the defendant, was supposed to help her deal with her sexual trauma. the defendant had convinced her if she did not participate in exposure therapy with the defendant, she would likely commit suicide within the coming year. the victims claimed summer convinced them to have sex with him on several occasions. one client saying she was told to relive her trauma of being sexually assaulted while deployed in afghanistan by having sex with him so he could show her a normal sexual experience. he's also accused of assaulting his niece while she lived under his roof in another state. in fairfield, cheryl hurd, nbc
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bay area news. travis air force base released a statement saying there is a zero tolerance for sexual assault across the air force. authorities are making sure all of the alleged victims in this case are now taken care of. the psychiatrist, they say, is a civilian contractor who worked for the air force. the public outcry is growing. santa clara city councilman dominic caserta is facing pressure to resign over accusations of sexual harassment. among the people who want him out is the mayor. today the number of police complaints jumped from four to nine. a coalition of community groups also along with alleged current and former victims demanding that this campaign billboard be taken down. caserta is running for county supervisor. >> we should not be able to revictimize his victims every single time they pass this. >> eight other girls besides me filed a police complaint, and i think this is very serious. >> serious enough that the santa clara mayor says his behavior is
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unacceptable. elon musk is setting the record straight about a tesla crash over the weekend. the model s slammed into the back of a fire truck in utah. the driver reportedly broke her ankle and was using the car's autopilot feature at the time. tesla's ceo took to twitter saying it is super messed up that a tesla crash resulting in a broken ankle is front page news and the 40,000 people who died in the u.s. in auto accidents in the past year get almost no coverage. quote, what's actually amazing is a model s hit a fire truck, 60 miles an hour, and the driver only broke an ankle, which usually results in severe injury or death. we have new details about that deadly stabbing at sonoma state. police say 19-year-old tyler bratton stabbed another man yesterday. neither bratton nor the victim are actually students at sonoma state. witnesses, though, heard a fight inside of this dorm room, and then saw bratton walking down the steps covered in blood. bratton told the witnesses that it was self-defense. his family says they can't
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believe what happened. >> tyler's a good kid. he wouldn't have done something like this without feeling threatened. i truly think he was threatened for his life, and he's a good kid. >> again, bratton said it was in self-defense. he and the man he stabbed did know each other. protests taking a violent turn in the middle east in the last 24 hours. israeli troops shot dozens of palestinians along the border. tens of thousands rallied at israel a border fence to protest the move of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem, a move highly contested. the gaza health ministry says the death toll is now at 58. the bloody single day for palestinians since the gaza conflict of 2014. first lady melania trump is recovering from surgery tonight. mrs. trump underwent a procedure to treat a benign kidney condition. her communications director says mrs. trump is feeling well and will likely stay at walter reed hospital in maryland for the
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rest of the week under observation. president trump meanwhile tweeted the first lady is in good spirits. still ahead here at 11:00, a bounce house with a boy inside goes flying and crashes right onto a highway. >> i got hit on my chain. i scraped it. i got road rash on my back. >> tonight that boy shares with us how it all happened. plus -- >> we're in an armored van with thousands of dollars of cash in the back, but it's not a heist. it's a fact of business. the cannabis business. up next, we investigate why cars like this one are hitting the roads every single day here in california. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. fog and low clouds moving in right now, but i'll talk about a cooling trend as we head through the next couple of days and when some showers will move close. that's coming up in about seven minutes.
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it's a whole lot of green
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but where do you put it? pot businesses are facing a new dilemma. marijuana >> liz wagner has been looking into how the predicament is derailing the new weed business. she joins us with what she found. >> reporter: as long as the banks say no, the industry will run on cash and lots of it. the state estimates a billion dollars in new tax revenue alone from growers to the government, everyone says it's dangerous and bad for business, and we discovered there's no solution in sight. you're looking at photos of a pot farmer after he was pistol whipped and mugged leaving a dispensary in san francisco. he's always on alert because the bad guys know growers often carry weed and cash, a lot of it. >> puts me in a sticky spot. >> reporter: he doesn't want us to use his name, but he invited us to his farm in the heart of cannabis country, humboldt
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county, where he tells us most banks won't touch his cash. and if they do, it's not for long. >> within two months, the account was closed and i was told to pick up my money, and they said it's a high risk account. >> reporter: he says growers have had to come up with other ways to stash their cash, like turning it into cryptocurrency. they go to special atms to buy bitcoin and then wire the funds to new accounts. >> the banks have no problem with a wire transfer, wherever it comes from. >> it sounds like a lot of steps to go through to deposit your own money. >> yeah, and especially when you're trying to be compliant and not having a legal option. >> reporter: now he drives his cash 600 miles to a bank in l.a., where he can disguise where it came from. >> up here if they see me with $7,000 worth of cash in $20 bills, it's very obvious i'm in the cannabis industry. >> he's getting up and running so he doesn't have a ton of cash on hand. but others do, and they know they're even bigger targets. >> this vehicle is an armored vehicle. >> reporter: these armed agents
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work for a company that hauls cash for cannabis clients in bulletproof vans. >> we'll carry millions on any given day. >> reporter: millions of dollars in cash? >> yeah. >> reporter: it's especially dangerous during tax time. we're driving to a dispensary in san francisco where the agents pick up the owner's taxes. the ceo says where any other business would just write the government a check, his clients have to pay cash. >> they didn't have a banking solution, but they had a lot of cash. so those were chunks of, you know, half million each approximately. >> reporter: and the government has to take all that cash, which can be a burden for small offices like monterey county. the treasurer says her office phased out cash a decade ago. >> now all of a sudden we have to focus on cash when we were moving away from that. >> reporter: the county spent $300,000 on security guards, new machines and a whole new room. >> this is our security counting facility. we established this after we knew we'd have to take a lot of
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cannabis cash. >> reporter: she says local governments wouldn't be drowning in cash if the feds would take marijuana off their list of illegal drugs. cannabis companies could start using banks and credit cards. >> it most certainly would make life a lot easier for us because then we can facilitate the payments electronically just like everybody else. >> reporter: but there's no federal resolution in sight, and some business owners say california failed to come up with solutions before weed became legal here in january. >> legitimate individuals -- >> reporter: we asked state treasurer john chiang about it. >> did the state do enough to prepare? >> you have a lot of people who are trying to move it forward. it's one of those areas where there wasn't enough subject matter expertise. >> reporter: so chiang is looking into a state run bank. he says the problems can impact everyone, not just pot businesses. >> when you eliminate credit, a lot of economy goes -- >> so the stakes are really high
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for a lot of people. do you think the state as a whole is treating this issue with those same high stakes? >> i know we're working very hard. i know they're very working very hard upstairs. >> i started, it was a very small amount of money. >> reporter: in the meantime our pot farmer back in humboldt county is still waiting for a safe place to put his money, something better than where other growers in his neck of the woods have stashed their cash for decades. >> there must be a billion dollars buried in the hills up here at least. >> reporter: pending legislation would allow state licensed banks to issue special checks to weed businesses, and we've learned several credit unions in california are working with people in the cannabis industry. and while some dispensaries can now process debit or credit card payments, if you want to buy weed, you should still bring cash just in case. >> fascinating story. thank you, liz. if you have a tip for liz in the investigative unit, you can call her or visit our website.
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here is some good news. a victory to report for a viewer we introduced you to last week. keith duncan said he finally received the full $12,000 from a contractor in vacaville that owed had him that money. today's payment comes three days after our response team told duncan's story. chris chmura confronted the contractor about why he cashed a check for remodeling work sent to him by mistake. he was never hired for that job. again, that money was refunded now in full, all $12,000 back to keith duncan. >> good news there. let's bring in jeff ranieri to talk about the next couple of days. comfortable is the word for the week. >> also cool as we head through the next two days in the forecast. let's go and take you into our microclimate weather tonight. everybody was talking about how chilly it was today. you needed a jacket at least for a good part of the day. that was all coming from this
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system that's now moving off towards the east. even though this is moving out, check this out. another system is going to be moving in as we head through the next two days. it will give us a reinforcing shot of some cold air. i don't see any big rainfall from this for us, but the possibility of a few sprinkles and also some drizzle in the forecast. let's bring you into tomorrow morning. everyone starting off with those patchy areas of low clouds and chance of drizzle for peninsula and 55. also another possibility of some drizzle in san francisco and also for north bay commuters and temperatures in the low 50s. we begin with the cloud cover. by the afternoon we get the sunshine. but we are not going to get warm temperatures. it's going to feel like fall outside tomorrow. right down here across the south bay, this is it for downtown san jose. 68 degrees. some of our hottest weather typically in contra costa, alameda counties. only 65 in vallejo. 68 in pleasanton. right back to oakland, 64. sunshine along the peninsula, but only 64 here in san mateo,
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and a cooler 58 in daly city. san francisco, remember the jacket. temperatures in the 50s for everyone except the mission. but you're close, only going up to 61 degrees. right through marin, napa, and sonoma counties, 68 in napa, but check this out. santa rosa, 63. only 62 in mill valley as we head through your tuesday forecast. i want to show you our seven-day now. we do have some changes i've made to it. you can see by wednesday, we will have some showers real close just to the east of us. i have added a shower icon. just a slight chance there for wednesday morning. as we head through thursday, showers will continue to be nearby. as we head through this upcoming weekend, low 60s in san francisco. for cities away from the coastline, our interior valleys, temperatures in the 60s next three days. go up to 76 on saturday. okay. we're going on a warming trend. nope, not so much. by sunday we're dropping down to 72 degrees. this is very, very comfortable,
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jess, as you mentioned. it's looking good. >> mild is the word. thanks, jeff. up next, panic at a party in southern california. a bouncy house blows onto a highway with a little boy inside. tonight that boy is telling his story. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. nathan lane is my guest tonight. plus we have yara shahidi. music from kygo & miguel. and ariana grande. happening now on our facebook page, somebody is in big trouble here. a pablo picasso painting as been damaged. christ christie's says this happened as it was being prepped for buyers. it was expected to fetch around $70 million. they're now trying to restore it. we're back in a moment. r helps a couple whose venue burned down! plus: why dozens of south bay students will be up early - for a trip to california )s capitol. )today in the bay ) - tomorrow- 4:30 to 7. good morning, it )s 7:26...
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good morning, it )s 7:26... because antonio villaraigosa millions got it he defended women's healthcare, banned military-style assault weapons, banned workplace discrimination, and more. antonio for governor.
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to california schoolsd, need big change. marshall tuck is the only candidate for state superintendent who's done it before. less bureaucracy, more classroom funding. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck. ♪ south l.a. is very medically underserved. when the old hospital closed people in the community lived with untreated health problems for years. so, with the county's help we built a new hospital from the ground up and having citi as an early investor worked as a signal to others to invest. with citi's help we built a wonderful maternity ward and we were able to purchase an mri machine. we've made it possible for the people who live here to lead healthier lives and that's invaluable.
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♪ new tonight, a 9-year-old boy is lucky to be alive after the wind tossed a bouncy house in which he was playing inside onto a highway. it happened saturday in adelanto, which is a city in san bernardino county. witnesses say a tornado like wind lifted the bounce house into the air. he fell out before it rolled and hit a car on the highway. i little boy talked about the
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first moments he saw his mom after he just woke up on that highway. >> my mom pulling up, and i woke up, and i saw her crying and walking up to me. >> poor 9-year-old boy. he is lucky. he miraculously suffered a few minor injuries. a second week of lava flow in hawaii is having a big impact on tourism. they were hoping this wouldn't be the case. the big island brought in $2.5 billion from tourists last year. right now hotel bookings and tours are down 50% compared to past years. they were hoping that people would still come to the island, but you can see why people are hesitant now. we're back in a moment. big night for the giants. we'll show you what happened before the game. and of course the warriors. stay with us. he's been called a rockstar lawyer. he tops the charts on progressive causes...
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winning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold. okay. this is it. one of the most hyped playoff series in years, the warriors and the rockets. >> the rockets didn't know what hit them. game one in houston. usually the warriors have home court advantage, not this time. this picture says it all. the rockets fans were stunned. they were excited about this game in houston, but, man, bad to be a rockets fan tonight. third quarter, the warriors take control. steph curry to andre iguodala for the slam. the warriors were in business.
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k.d. had 37 points tonight, a team high, including this dagger in the fourth quarter with that three-ball. warriors win 119-106. game two is wednesday evening, again in texas. at china base intonight, this might be the best news of the season for the giants. remember him? madison baumgartner throwing off the mound for the first time since breaking his left pinky in late march. he's expected to be back in early june. as for the game against the reds, brandon belt with a big night. 3 rbis on the evening including this solo home run almost into the cove. giants beat the reds 10-7. the a's at fenway park in boston. mark canna out of bellerman prep, don't get in my face. keep your distance. >> oh, my. >> here's the difference in the game. eighth inning. >> that was a fan? >> that was a fan. you can't come right up to his face. khris davis with his 12th home run of the season.
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aces be a's beat the red sox 6-5. we're back in a moment.
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finally tonight, it's almost like armageddon, an asteroid is set to fly by earth tomorrow. don't panic. it's going to miss us by 126,000
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miles. here's an animation of the trajectory. the closest this particular asteroid has come to earth in 300 years, moving at almost 29,000 miles per hour, it is about the size of the statue of liberty. you will not be able to see it, jeff, but it will zoom by at 3:00 in the afternoon. >> what if we really zoom in on our iphone? >> i'll be looking up. >> at 3:00 in the afternoon? >> we'll be here. >> thanks for joining us. see you tomorrow. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- nathan lane, yara shahidi, musical guests kygo and miguel, and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 8-7-1! mexico! >> steve: and now, here he is,


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