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tv   Today  NBC  May 22, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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now the east bay with a live look at concord. that's what's happening "today in the bay," we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> don't forget to join us for nbc bay news at 11:00. get out and enjoy the day. good morning. breaking news. a teenage suspect arrested r the killing of officer near baltimore leadso a massive nearby schools locked hours. residents told to place. other suspects considered ar and dangerous loose. saving the president trump south korea's threats from north korea. so will the move forward or will the historic talks with fall inching molten hawaii now approaching plant on workers racing to shut it as residents deal with near
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constant >> it is sound of a dragon and to an air force flight yard where you >> all of that, plus her silence. >> i didn't i wasn't out >> the missouri's embattled governor speakers out for first the escape at a texas airpot leading to chaos in the terminal. >> it was not a possibility tht plan for. >> and duty prince harry and meghan markl stepping out for their official royal function couple. today, tuesday, may 22, 2018. ♪ from nbc ""today"" with savannah guth and hoda
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live from studenton 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody. we want to get to the news of maryland. >> a young theticia killing de of últi inyland hay baltimore un co search por el continueskcri suspects. mientras nbc's se pete williams has latest. >> reporter: hoda, baltimore county police say they hap.n suspect in face murder charges today, a the search goes on for thr others, all said to be all involved buonos días, h death though pechoso authoria yet certain how she died. this morning the >> we are at least one possibly armed suspect. >> reporter: county midday monday in the duty. >> people in the vehicle had broken
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how our officer lost her life. one of the suspects speeding house, and i kind of didn't i turned around and came as soon as i saw the officer laying in the roadway, she was not moving. would normally be dismissed. the schools will be open with additional police presence on hand. while officers searched for the suspects, they mourn the first woman on the baltimore county police department to die in the line of duty. >> she would have been a four-year veteran this july? she was doing her job today, responding to a call. >> such a difficult story, pete.
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but i against the question comes up, was she wearing a body camera? if she was, i guess a lot of questions would be answered through that. >> reporter: she was, in fact, they say, and the police do say it was in operation when she was killed. they haven't yet said what it shows, but they were hoping it would reveal both how she was killed and who was responsible. overnight they found a four-wheel drive check they believe the suspects were driving. always for the officer, the baltimore county police haven't yet released her name. >> pete williams. that. also this morning, can the president's historic summit with kim jong-un be saved? today he is sitting down with nbc's peter alexander is at the white house for us. what is the back story with the meeting? is it a signal perhaps the talks with north korea are in trouble? >> reporter: good question. the south korean president moon jae-in is going to meet with president trump today as they renewed tensions have cast doubt on the summit with kim jong-un.
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this is a strategy summit, maybe to save the summit scheduled to take place next month in singapore. the south korean president is looking to keep president trump on the diplomatic course amid new questions inside the white house how willing kim jong-un is to give up his nuclear arsenal. the vice president was asked if the president is reconsidering the meetings because of concerns if it fails it would be an embarrassment. he said the president is not thinking about that. he warned military options remain on the table and it would be a mistake to try to play donald trump. meanwhile, a meeting on a secret fbi informant from the 2016 campaign. this morning the president's campaign on the justice department may be paying office, the white house announcing chief of staff will set up a meeting with congressional leaders, fbi, doj and directors of national
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intelligence to review information they requested related to the russia inquiry. it follows a closed-door session at the white house, the president hosting deputy rey and rosenstein, one day after the tweeted demand that from the investigation whether the fbi and doj surveilled the trump campaign. that tweet responds to an fbi reported to make contacts. the vice president on fox news. >> i think it would be very troubling to millions of americans if that took place. >> reporter: the white house punctuating what the justice department revealed, that it was asking the inspector general to look for any irregularities. the senate top democrat accusing president trump will trying to distract from the russia investigation. >> the president's behavior is
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the kind of grossly autocratic behavior we would expect in a banana republican. >> republican jeff flake arguing the president is crossing a line. >> for the president to order a doj to investigate someone or something is just simply not appropriate. >> reporter: rosenstein appears to be trying to satisfy all sides. tasked with overseeing the special counsel's inquiry, rosenstein, once anonymous is showing a sense of humor about his increasingly high profile role. >> deputies attorney general are very low profile and not to be recognized. >> reporter: a little bit of the back story here. the fact that the fbi was concerned russians and other foreign adversaries were trying to spy on or infiltrate the trump campaign should not have come as a shock. senior fbi officials warned the trump team of just that at a high level briefing in the summer of 2016 as first reported last year by nbc. >> thank you. to the volatile situation in hawaii where fountains of lava
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continue to shoot out of cracks created by kilauea volume cain ah. nbc's miguel almaguer is there for us in the hot zone. what is the latest? >> reporter: good morning. even though we're a safe distance away from the fissure behind me, authorities say it continues to be explosive. it has been shooting out of the ground several days. the temperature on the ground is well over 100 degrees, though on the island it is cooler further away from here. geologists say it is unclear when it wito it is not far from a power plant, and that's not the only concern this morning. firing into the sky, boiling down rivers and oozing into the ocean. kilauea is a serious triple threat. now the crater has blown its top again, sending a plume into the air late monday. the fiery eruption as beautiful as it is dangerous. lava has now crossed on to the property of the puna geo power
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plant taken off line. tevin of the eleven wells have been capped off, but workers are still scrambling to shut down the last one, fearing a release of toxic gas. some worry of yet another catastrophe. >> a lot of people are freaking out. they're really afraid. >> reporter: after reshaping this tropical landscape, the magma cascading into the water is forming a volcanic haze known as laze, a hiez of hydrochloric acid mixing with sharts of volcanic ash. laze has been deadly before. with sulfur dioxide venting from massive cracks in the earth and a coating of ash, growing concerns over choking air. >> oh, can't see. >> even if you don't have heart or lung problems, it do cause lung problems down the road.
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>> reporter: as two dozen fissures split the ground open, many are erupting with renewed fury. >> i hear it 24/7. >> reporter: frankie stapleton lives in the hot zone where dozens of homes have been destroyed and many more are feared gone. while the images are dramatic, lava and ash only cover a small portion of the big island, which stretches across 4,000 square miles. officials say flights and most tourist activities here haven't been impacted yet. >> the greatest show on earth. >> reporter: but for those in the danger zone, this is life on the brink of disaster, paradise in peril now in its third week. these fissures are the reason why some 40 structures have been destroyed and 2,000 people remain evacuated. it is unclear if the fissure behind me will actually reach the geothermal plant and do serious damage. it is something officials remain worried about.
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it is a beautiful, yet incredibly scary sight behind me. back to you guy. >> it is worth repeating, that's a couple of hundred yards behind you even though it looks like up against you. thank you for that. miss toury's embattled governor faces possible impeachment, we are hearing from the woman at the center of it all, the woman he acknowledged having an affair with us. nbc's blake mccoy is following that story for us. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this is a stunning political drama playing out in missouri and the woman at the center is talking publicly for the first time. she says she never asked for any of this but can't stay silent any longer. tired of being called a liar, the woman who had an affair with missouri governor eric wright the year before he was elected is coming forward. >> i didn't want this. i wasn't out to get anyone. i really was just trying to live my life. first exposed the affair, but it is the governor's denials about certain details that have her
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speaking now to our stuiate, kd >> the second that he denied the things that were the most hurtful, that were the most difficult for me to now have to relive, i just realized now i have this decision. the only ethical thing i felt that i could do was to tell the truth. >> reporter: she stands by claims that she felt coerced into giving him oral sex and that he slapped her and tried to blackmail her into silence by taking a naked photograph. a special missouri house committee led by fellow republicans found her testimony overall credible. they're meeting again this morning to discuss possible impeachment. >> they were hard to talk about, really, really, really hard to talk about. some of the things, but i absolutely stand by it. >> reporter: he has admitted to the affair but strongly denies claims of sexual violence and blackmail. >> above all, i am sorry for the pain that this process and my
quote quote
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actions have caused my family, my friends and the people of missouri. >> reporter: his legal team has fought back hard, accusing st. louis prosecutor kimberly gardner, of political buy as. she dropped a felony invasion of privacy charge against the governor last week after the judge agreed she could be called as a defense witness. a special prosecutor has now been appointed to consider refiling the charge. r consideri refiling the charge. a political firestorm with the woman at the center of it saying she is done being a punching bag. >> i had no ill intentions, other than not being made to be a liar. i'm not lying. this was hard. it was hard at that time and it's hard to talk about now. i'm not lying. >> she adds that she has not accepted any money to tell her story. and apologized to the governor's wife. she's not showing her face, you noticed. she says that's to maintain whatever privacy she has left for her children. savannah and hoda.
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>> blake, thank you very much. we have a lot more to get to, including a wild scene at a texas airport. after, get this, a monkey escaped from its crate in the cargo hold. totally normal. craig is here with that story. >> it's a crazy story. it all happened at the san antonio international airport. the monkey was heading to its new home, when it broke free and set off quite the chaotic chase. there was just one monkey wandering around the cargo hold. >> he's on his way to the tsa office now. >> reporter: but it took an hour to capture the elusive guy. >> if you can envision what a bag system looks like, it's like a lot of belts and bars. so it is like a jungle. he was having a good time. >> reporter: the monkey was confined to an area away from passengers. but he took his time checking out a coor he was headed to the born free wildlife refuge.
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it's unclear at what point the monkey made his escape or how he got out. >> i can't say we had the scenario for a monkey loose in baggage handling. we do have an emergency management system that comes to life when something like this happens. >> reporter: he was tranquilized to be safely captured and transported. >> something went wrong here, but some of that is the unpredictab unpredictability with the animal that is supposed to be in the wild and you put them in captivity. >> he is safely at the refuge and seems to be handling the stress better than the humans did. >> this is not a possibility we planned for. >> dawkins arrived at his home there. he was on the lam for two hours. no passengers were hurt. no flights were delayed. >> i think it would be tough to get out of that crate. without a little assist. >> you think he may have had
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help? speculation. >> get on that, craig. eck the weather with mr. roker. what's coming up? >> he is working with david blaine now. we have a big area of flooding. this is raleigh. streets turned into rivers last night as 3 inches of rain fell. from miami up to the northeast, we are looking at strong storms and farming south of columbus and pittsburgh and scranton. this system is making its way east. heavy rain to the south. scattered storms in the southeast. rainfall amounts from two to three inches, the carolinas into virginia. heavy rain where they're down in florida, where they had heavy rain. more will continue. we are watching for the possibility of a development. this is an investigation al area. 95-l. this would be the tropical system. we will watch that tropical
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zone. a lot of wet weather for our friends in florida. we will get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. but they see you like it's the first time, every time. they see a tough day a mile away. and things they can't unsee. they see life. and they see love. every time they see you. maybe dogs can't see color. but what they see is so much more. dogs are more. let's treat them that way. milk-bone. doing more for dogs since 1908. good morning, i'm kari hall, we're starting out with low clouds and drizzle in san francisco and along the coastline. low visibility in spots with mostly cloudy skies inland. we will get clearing today and warmer temperatures from concord over to antioch. reaching into the mid to upper 70s, napa today 76 degrees and
7:18 am
60 in san francisco. 70 in palo alto and san jose can expect a high of 73 with breezy winds. >> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> thank you, al. coming up, the bombshell new lawsuits accusing the university of southern california of covering up a doctor's alleged abuse of young patients for years. and the dramatic spike of child drownings. the crucial mistake that some parentses are making and the test that could save your child's life. first, this is "day" on
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but when your oven roasted turkey breast is crafted with nothing but heart and hard work... you're closer to the farm than you think. a short time from now .. san francisco starts celebrating the huge addition to its skyline: city leader good morning to you, a short time from now san francisco will celebrate a huge addition to its skyline. city leaders including mark farrell with attend a grand opening of the salesforce tower. today they'll hold a foormal dedication. the event gets under way at 11:00 a.m. tonight be sure to look up when they flip the switch on the tower's new nine story light installation. the display is supposed to fire up sometime after 8:00 p.m. hopefully not too foggy to look up. let's check the forecast with kari. >> it's foggy now and we'll see some cin w go into the afternoon. as we look at our high temperatures for san francisco, only up to 60 degrees, 70 in
7:27 am
palo alto and 66 in oakland and 73 in san jose. upper 7 o's for antioch and mid 70s for concord. tomorrow, partly cloudy 71 inland and low 70s on thursday. there will be a chance of rain especially for north bay between thursday evening and early friday morning. after that we'll clear out and temperatures warm up. a big boost in the temperatures by sunday and also on memorial day, up to 90 degrees with san francisco rising into the lower 70s. let's get an update on the commute now from mike. >> look at the volume build subtly. this tuesday the volume is not the problem but three crashes are. southbound 680 crash, really jamming things up. crash on the slow lane and debris in the mid. they may do a traffic break there. northbound 280 off of 680 coming towards downtown san jose, that's a problem. earlier crash did clear. another crash blocking one lane here jams up traffic south heading to and past that walnut
7:28 am
creek interchange. back to you. >> another update in half an hour. see you then. to california schoolsd, need big change. marshall tuck is the only candidate for state superintendent who's done it before. less bureaucracy, more classroom funding. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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good tuesday morning, the 22nd of may, 2018. not a bad place to wake up. >> yeah, right. >> kensington palace, and harry and meghan are waking up as duke and duchess. they will attend their first royal engagement as a married couple. >> they'll be headed over to buckingham palace for an early celebration of prince charles's 70th birthday celebration. the reverend behind the wedding ceremony. everyone is talking about him. he'll join us live. >>s let's begin this half hour with headlines on a massive manhunt in maryland. breaking news, a tina rested in connection with the killing of a baltimore county police
7:31 am
officer when she responded to an emergency call. other suspects on the loose. >> she was doing her job today. responding to a call and encountered these suspects or suspect and was critically injur injured. iran on notice. secretary of state mike pompeo saying the united states will impose devastating sanctions against iran if it doesn't change course. >> the regime has been fighting all over the middle east over the years. after our sanctions will come to force it will be battling to keep the economy alive. >> overnight iran hitting back calling pompeo funny and ridiculous. dramatic footage. >> the moment a gun battle breaks out between police and an intruder at the trump national doral miami resort. the suspect now charged with multiple felonies. breaking barriers. the new york stock exchange announces stacy cunningham as
7:32 am
its new president making her the first female leader in the exchange's more than 200 year history. and grease is the word. after more than two hours, hundreds of naval academy freshman conquered the annual tradition of climbing a greased 21 foot monument. >> that is a spectacle. >> it is. i bet their skin was very moisturized after that. >> wow. >> all right. well, we move now to some disturbing allegations behind three new lawsuits against the university of southern california and a former doctor who worked at that school for decades. kate snow has got the story this morning. kate, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. those lawsuits are the first of what could be dozens against dr. george tindell and usc for covering up allegations of abuse for years. they only realized it was sexual
7:33 am
abuse and not a standard exam after hearing reports about the gynecologist. >> reporter: this morning six women are suing the university of southern california alleging they were sexually abused, harassed and molested by a doctor w gynecologist at the school's student health center. in three separate lawsuits, the students accuse dr. george tyndall of forcing them to strip naked, fondling their breasts. and digitally penetrating their vaginas for no medical purposes. >> instead of being treated with care and sensitivity, they were treated with just the opposite. >> reporter: john manly, an attorney for dozens of women who were in usa gymnastics. he now represents four women in the usc case. >> they want change at the university. >> reporter: all six former students taking legal action, saying a female chaperon was in the room during their exams and the university failed to respond
7:34 am
to complaints about tyndall. usc concealed the abuse for years according to one lawsuit. now years of complaints against the doctor. the school's investigation found that tyndall made repeated discriminatory remarks. during patient encounters. "the l.a. times" reports that usc allowed tyndall to resign last summer with a financial payout. the university president calls tyndall's behavior completely unacceptable. saying he should have been removed and referred to the authorities years ago. i'm struggling with the question as you are. how could this behavior have gone on for so long. nbc news was not able to locate dr. tyndall or an attorney for him. "the l.a. times" reports he talked to them for ten hours, insisting he had done nothing wrong.
7:35 am
usc says the school's priority is protecting current and former students. >> it's appalling. it's troubling. >> reporter: dr. sarah orman is a doctor at the student center. a new hot line for victims has received 200 calls. >> my job is to make sure we learn from this. we do not repeat the mistakes here or anywhere. and we do what we can to make it right. >> reporter: the provost at usc apologized to all of the students mistreated. saying he is horrified and disgusted this happened at usc. he also said the idea that the university leadership knew about the behavior for a long time and covered it up is absolutely in his words untrue. >> did you find out more about this doctor? >> reporter: we learned that the california medical board is investigating this doctor, and claims of sexual misconduct against him. he has no disciplinary action on his license.
7:36 am
savannah, he was not certified by the american board of obstetrics and gynecology. they said they would never hire a physician who wasn't board-certified. >> the number calling and complaining, 2000. -- 200. >> reporter: for 30 years, he was the gynecologist that students saw. there are potentially thousands of women who saw him over the years. >> and a lot of women looking at a report and thinking, i wonder if this happens to me. >> reporter: that's what happens when "the l.a. times" broke this story first. a lot of women thought, wait a second. >> kate, thank you. we're going to head over to mr. roker, who is checking out the weather. >> starting to look more like summer out there. look at today, temperatures starting to warm up nicely, even in the pacific northwest. portland will be 84, that's 16 degrees above average. minneapolis flirting with 80 degrees. raleigh, 86, six degrees above normal. tomorrow, you see the heat continues out west.
7:37 am
seattle, 77 degrees, new york city, 81. ten degrees warmer. nashville, you'll see a high of 87. as we head into the memorial day weekend, looking good. looking good. bismarck is 80 degrees over the weekend. ne good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's going to still be cool for the coast today. mostly cloudy skies and a little bit of clearing for the afnoon in san francisco wia igh. but very quick clearing for the rest of the bay area. inland areas reaching in the low 70s and 73 degrees in san jose. 75 in concord. we will have a chance of rain in the north bay by thursday evening. and then a warm-up into memorial weekend forecast up to 90 on monday. >> and that is your latest weather. savannah. >> al, thank you. still ahead, maria shriver on a remarkable program giving hope to wounded warriors
7:38 am
suffering from ptsd and their families. and the unexpected message from pope francis to a gay man. what will it mean for the world's 2 billion catholics? and steven tyler debuting a film and sound. ahead in nashville with the man himself to check it out. first, a new "rossen reports" to keep your family safe this summer. >> i'm jeff rossen. an alarming new report showing a hidden danger in the open water. the simple test you need to give to your kids before you let them go in the ocean. we're going to show you how to do it, next. k (ala rm beeps) k ♪ hey pops! i got you your usual. (grandson's phone beeps) you need to run off? noo. i've got plenty of time. (laughing) here's to making your morning routine a little better.
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the united states postal service. priority: you ♪ this morning on "rossen reports" alarming new numbers about children and drowning. not only how many kids are going under but who is most at risk. >> it comes as summer season is just getting under way. jeff rossen is here with more on this. >> reporter: hey, guys. such an important one with memorial day weekend coming up. this is the new study, the new report, right here. the number of children drowning is going up. now, at its highest levels since 2011. we talk to you about pool safety here. now, more kids are dying in open water, ponds, lakes and oceans, than in pools. and it turns out, so many of us parents are making a key mistakes. thinking our kid can swim fine
7:43 am
in the pool, they will be fine in the lake or ocean, too. now, the five simple things you can do to lower your child's risk. when it happens, there is nothing worse. childrening when having fun. just this month, a 12-year-old boy fishing with friends in this new jersey lake, going under, never coming back up. lastwo teenagers were sucked out into the ocean. and this morning, safe kids releasing a big, new study. drownings are on the rise. an estimated 1,000 children dieing in 2014. a 14% increase from the previous year. who is most at risk? boys, making up eight in ten in drownings. race and ethnicities are factors, too. american indian and african-american children double the risk of drowning than white
7:44 am
children. most surprising of all, it's not babies or toddlers in the most danger. drowning risk increases in age. how can you protect your children? we're about to show you. this is wyatt warnock with the american lifeguard association. this is your friend's son, right? >> our next door neighbor. >> reporter: you know how to swim in the ocean, right? >> yes. >> reporter: but you say there are five things we need to do before we let our kid s swim in the ocean. >> there's five things that every parent should do before taking them into the open water. >> reporter: what is that? >> we're going to jump into the water. jump in, over his head, he's going to come back to the surface. >> reporter: you want to make sure they can get in over their head and come back up. >> controlled descent and ascent.
7:45 am
we know he has that ability. >> nureporter: number two? >> he's going to orient himself or someone to swim back to. >> reporter: you want to make sure he can sit on abpoin point. and tip number three? >> he wants to tread water on the surface and show he can do that. >> reporter: how long do you want a child to do that. >> about 30 seconds to 60 seconds. that shows he has the confidence to be in the open water. >> reporter: what's tip number four? showing they can swim in a foerld motion with anywhere head up, breathing. >> reporter: like this? >> head up, aware, strong ability. >> reporter: number five? >> make make their way to the shoreline and get out safely. >> nice job, buddy. >> reporter: this will help keep your child safe? >> absolutely. the abcs of swimming and water
7:46 am
confidence. >> reporter: open water has hidden dangers. there's a riptide and a current. it's important to keep in mind as you go swimming this holiday weekend. we talk about pools a lot. the ocean, so many variabilities. >> great tips. >> thank you, jeff. still ahead, why you need to get ready to netflix and chill with the former first family. do our writers actually know what that means? >> i don't think they do. >>
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7:51 am
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good tuesday morning, at 7:56, we're seeing a lot of clouds around and it will be clearing up for the inland areas, up to 77. that will be the high in antioch and in oakland expect a high of 66 degrees. 76 in napa. and 73 degrees in san jose. we continue on with some nice quiet weather tomorrow, even slightly cooler but by thursday area of low pressure will be approaching and koo bring in scattered showers for the north bay but clearing out and warming up for the weekend. let's get an update on commute from mike. >> we're looking at 680. a tough drive now farther back through the slowdown down towards stone valley road. 680 here in sunol, that's recovering. slow from pleasanton and earlier crash clear from the laenes. now jamming up to the merge. in the south bay we have slowing from northbound 101. the earlier crash in oakland, north 280 cleared but there may
7:57 am
be activity on the shoulder, back to you. >> thank you very much. at 7:56, happening now, authorities in hayward investigating what led up to a violent confrontation involving a police officer and suspect. the officer was injured but shot the suspect. bob did redell is posting updato the twitter feed. releases his year end review of officer conduct and complaints. right now you can link to a preview from our home page. warriors playing game four of the western conference series tonight at oracle, expect heavy traffic. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message. i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again.
7:58 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, god made you like this. a guy catholic man opens up about the special message he received from pope francis. >> he said, carlos, you don't have to worry about that. the pope loves you like that. god loves you. >> his words getting praise and causing controversy this morning. so, what does this mean for the catholic church? plus, royal debut. meghan markel is set to make her first public appearance as a duchess, just three days after marrying prince harry.
8:01 am
redemptive love. it changes lives. >> and we're joined by the bishop that did the sermon in the wedding. and potus and chill. barack and michelle obama set a deal with netflix. the president and first lady set to work behind the camera, hoping you don't change the channel. "today," may 22nd, 2018. green bay girls on the plaza. go, pack, go. >> we're here from indiana. >> celebrating my golden birthday. >> we're the why family kicking off summer. on the "today" show. ♪ >> from carolina, celebrating my 60th birthday on today. >> my daughter just got her ph.d. >> we're celebrating on "today." >> we're celebrating my 24th
8:02 am
birthday. >> happy 21st, girl. we're going to come out and meet you guys. welcome back to "today" on this tuesday morning. what a nice crowd. can you feel summer? >> i do. i feel summer and happiness. and i feel change in the air. it's a good change. >> you do. >> we're going to have a new feature on our open. we show people every morning. they're waving. it's our crowd. we love that. they say hi to loved ones back home. we get a shutout, birthdays, anniversaries. what if we included folks at home? >> i love this. >> and they could do a shoutout about how they're watching the show. >> you're expanding the plaza in a dramatic way. record a short radio, five seconds or so, give a shoutout, from your house, a diner, a gym, and send it to us on twitter or instagram. you can do it on your facebook page, too. >> i think we get the most of phi seconds. >> in your jammies is preferable. we have a lot to get to this half hour, starting with news at 8:00.
8:03 am
police in suburban baltimore say that a 16-year-old girl was arrested monday after the killing of a female police officer. they're searching for three other suspects that may be armed. the officer was fatally injured when investigating a report of suspicious vehicles. they're waiting for autopsy results before cob finfirming ie officer was struck by a car, shot or both. nearly 2,000 students were kept in their schools until monday night during the early phase of the manhunt. president trump may soon see the department of justice investigate whether the fbi spied on his presidential campaign. the president met monday behind closed doors with fbi director christopher wray and rod rosenstein. later, they said that top officials have agreed to meet with leers of congress.
8:04 am
they will review highly classified information on how the probe of russian campaign meddling has been handled. also on this busy tuesday morning, pope francis reportedly telling a guy man, quote, god made you like this. while the vatican is not commenting, saying it's a private conversation, everyone else is. anne thompson with more on that. this i >> reporter: it is a big deal. catholic teaching says gay men and women must be treated with respect, compassion and sensitivity. it also says homosexuality is disordered. in conversations with a sexual abuse survivor, pope francis offered a message of mercy. the meetings were with juan carlos cruz, invited to the vatican last month by the pope, one of the last sex victims of the presex abuse scandal. >> the meetings were difficult. >> reporter: cruz says he hold the pope how he was abused for
8:05 am
eight years. when he complained, chile's bishop discredited him. the pope, he says, had a different message. >> he said, carlos, you don't have to worry about that. the pope loves you. god created you. god loves you. to love yourself who you are. i cried. >> reporter: the message generating a rapid response on social media. from praise, his first instinct is always to love, not to judge. see, mom, you weren't to blame for my same-sex relationships. god kid it adid it and he loves. to accusations of sacrilege. this pope thinks he knows better than god. throughout his papacy, he has been compassionate about homosexuality. when asked about a guy priest, the pope famously said, who am i to judge? during his visit to washington, d.c. in 2015, the only private audience the pope had was with a former student who was gay and his partner.
8:06 am
>> he's saying what everyone knows to be true, that gay people are born that way. >> reporter: this was a private talk, not a public proclamation changing church teaching. for cruz it was a remarkable moment in his decades-long fight to get justice for abuse survivors. >> i feel i met a man who truly is compassionate and believes it. >> it's important to remember the context for this conversation, the sex abuse scandal in chile. after meeting with the pope last week, in an unprecedented move, all 31 active bishops in chile submitted their resignations. we don't know which resignations that pope will accept. >> this is a pope that continues to shake things up. >> absolutely. mercy is at the center of his papacy and this is another example of his mercy. in hawaii, lava is flowing dangerously close to a power plant. this is a live picture you're looking at.
8:07 am
you can see the lava bursting out of a volcanic ground fissure. there were new eruptions and evacuations on monday. right now, workers at a power plant are racing to shut down wells before the lava arrives and causes serious damage. a choking haze has filled the air where the lava has reached the pacific ocean and reacts with the salt water. emergency officials are warning people living near the crater to be ready to get out if it blows its top. ready for a "morning boost"? shall we? let's do it. a waitress got the surprise of a lifetime. she's worked at the restaurant for more than 20 years. the single mom of three, she has seven grandkids, says she relies on tips. this past weekend, she got a big one. an anonymous customer left her a $3,000 tip on the tab. the tipper wrote, thanks for working hard. and the country is in a bad
8:08 am
place. >> i was shocked. i thought, i couldn't believe it. i want to thank them and say, what a wonderful thing that was for them to do for a stranger. >> she shared some of that tip with her co-workers. and she plans on spoiling the grandkids. she is going to pay for a trip to ireland. a vacation she's always dreamed about. and the regulars say, nobody is more deserving. >> she got the tri-tip. it's a steakhouse. i couldn't resist. how about from the white house to netflix. former president obama's next move. and the big picture of change. meghan markle's instant impact on the royal family. and the other american who shined at the royal wedding with his unforgettable sermon. the most reverend michael curry. he's in our orange room. >> and all the people said, amen. first, these messages. he people >> first, these messages. [music playing] (vo) from day one,
8:09 am
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disappearing, but ai can help us bring history back to life. to recreate historical sites, we had to stitch hundreds of pictures one by one. with microsoft ai, we are able to stitch hundreds of thousands of pictures in one night. i need to make it possible, because it's so important to do it. with artificial intelligence you can go in, you can experience it. ♪ prince harry and meghan markle are beginning their official royal duties today. but we are still not over the wedding. we can't stop talking about it. >> we're going to talk to the bishop behind the rousie ining n on saturday. keir simmons is here with details on all things wedding and the next phase of their lives. >> when you head abroad for the
8:12 am
wedding, you take a little time before heading home. great stories from the revere reverend's awesome stories to the hilarious stories from inside the church. it was one of those fairy tale weddings. family and friends just can't stop talking about. >> it was a picture-perfect day. you know? windsor castle, 600 guests, 30,000 flowers. or as elton john calls it, a thursday. i get quite bad allergies if i'm in such close proximity to flowers. and i had to do one of those internal sneezes. you know, when you just go -- >> reporter: and later this morning, the new duke and duchess of sussex, appearing at an official event together for the first time since saturday, putting hard work ahead of even their honeymoon. harry and meghan infusing the royal family with a new hollywood glamour. the royal portraits, like a
8:13 am
picture from the pages of vogue. behind the lens, alex libermirsky. meghan, looking away from the camera. harry's traditional uniform and medals are just like his grandfather's when he married the queen in 1947, the man meghan is now married to, the subject of a new book this morning. >> the most surprising thing about prince harry is how charismatic he is. he's a complex man. but he has an incredibly soft side and a much smaller irritable side. >> reporter: she was given access to shadow and interview prince harry last year, resulting in "harry: conversations with the prince." >> he comes across in a lively way and completely caring. i saw it time and time again.
8:14 am
>> reporter: meanwhile, meghan's father, spotted for the first time since the wedding. caught him going back home after being in the hospital last week. these pictures, a stark contrast from the official wedding photos released from the royal family. in them, the queen and three future kings, charles, william and george. one other person, painfully missing from the picture, harry seated on the same green sofa ha his mother sat on for his christening. >> she looks like she is guiding him. >> reporter: just as diana would have wanted. harry's wedding pictures transcending generations and boundaries. royals mixing with bridesmaids and page boys from california
8:15 am
and canada. pictes world. they say a picture paints 1,000 words. and those certainly do. from diana missing to meghan's missing family, to the break across race and class divisions. it really is a terrific image. >> it is, keir. we want to move on. the highlight for the wedding for a lot of guests, and people talking around the world. we're going to talk about bishop curry's sermon. >> if humanity ever captures the energy of love, it would be the second time in history that we have discovered fire. dr. king was right. we must discover love, the redemptive power of love. and when we do that, we will make of this old world a new world.
8:16 am
>> michael curry, the presiding bishop of the episcopal church. what a moment. take us inside the church. most of us watched it on the screen. we weren't in there with you. you were standing before that entire congregation and you started going. tell us what you felt from your perspective. >> i was a little nervous at the beginning. no question about that. after that, it turned into a church. and i was speaking to a young couple who were in love. they're so in love with each other, you can see it. and i was really aware that their love for each other, that you can see when they looked at each other, their love was, in even in that moment, reinventing the world around that love. all of the divisions and the differences wering with crossed.
8:17 am
worlds were coming together and a new world was coming together. >> take us back to when you heard you were going to deliver the sermon at the royal wedding? >> one of the members of our staff told me. i said, get out of here. >> yeah.idn't believe it. and then, i said, i better call the archbishop back. i couldn't say anything to anybody for almost two months. >> as a person who grew up in the baptist church in south carolina, your style was familiar to me. were you concerned that that style might not play as well as it did in a church with so many? >> i didn't know. i really didn't know. they had asked me to come and that's me. so, i showed up. >> did you know when you were done? it was quiet in there after you were done. sometimes you don't know, how
8:18 am
was it? was it good? what did you think when it was finish? >> when i was finished, i walked back and said to myself, i hope that was okay. >> andou started hearing from people. >> much later. >> did you talk to harry and meghan afterwards? >> it was so quick. they were gracious. >> some were saying the brits were not used to -- they hadn't been taken to church. >> as the british guy, i want to thank you for making some members of the royal family looking uncomfortable. it was terrific. were you aware that you had the queen there. and some of the topics you were touching on were so profound and so important, with the british monarch right there. >> all of the sermon had all of their permissions. nothing would have happened without their blessings and
8:19 am
permissions. i was aware of that. i have been doing this for a long time. i've been in an episcopal church for a long time. and episcop pepiscopalians aren and raucous. but i looked out at the crowd and i could see them doing amen. >> doing the royal wedding is one sign that you made it. being on "snl" is another sign you made it. let's roll a little bit of that. >> some said it went on too long. >> they said i had five minutes. but the good lord multiplied it into a gold 16. >> what did you think? that's brilliant. >> the lord multiplies.
8:20 am
he could do that now. >> bishop, thank you. >> what a treat this was for us. >> will you come back and visit us. >> i'll come back and visit you. dylan is in the orange room. we have the online reaction to your sermon. look at this. >> if you're trending on twitter, that's a huge sign, too, bigger than "snl." the most tweeted moment of the entire royal wedding. reaction is still rolling in. one tweet says, i'll never forget his words. this was a dwigift to everyone listens to it. talking after rev curry must be like trying to sing after beyonce. trista writes, for the record, i refuse to attend any royal weddings not officiated by bishop curry. it is clear that this sermon will be remembered for years to come. >> thank you. thank you for being with us.
8:21 am
al is sitting here. >> bishop, you're closer to the weather than i am. maybe you should help me out. >> you want me to help you out? >> yeah, come on. >> the lord just multiplied your time. >> i yield the floor. what do you see for friday? >> friday, looks like 84 in new york. 82 there. 84 there. and they can figure it you what i'm talking about. >> saturday, heat expands. whatever that means. that's what's going on around the country. say amen and hallelujah! >> amen. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. right now, we have some cool temperatures and we're heading up to 60 degrees for san francisco. 72 degrees in santa rosa. it will be 66 in oakland and some low 70s from livermore to san jose over towards palo alto.
8:22 am
clearing today. it's going to be nice afternoon. and a chance of rain for the north bay late thursday evening into early friday morning. and then a big warm-up in time for memorial day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> okay. we got a selfie. mr. curry, thank you. you're a delight. >> thank you. >> that's fire. >> why don't you hang out for "pop start"? plenty of time. >> just don't pass the collection plate. >> i didn't think about that. take it away. >> how am i supposed to follow that. i'm going to try. so, let's bring obama into this. years ago, a former president wanted to push his message out to the public, he would write a book or give speeches. now, barack obama is changing the game, showing that in the digital age, one of the best ways to share ideas is to involve mass entertainment.
8:23 am
this morning, the obamas are stepping back into the spotlight, entering into a multiyear agreement to produce films and series with netflix. >> netflix, i don't know what it is. >> reporter: the deal coming just weeks after mr. obama's interview with david letterman for his netflix series. >> he has this biblical beard. >> reporter: in a press release, the former president says he and mrs. obama hope to cultivate and curate the inspired voices that are hoping to create empathy between peoples. michelle obama added they have always believed in the power of story telling to invite us. and to open up our hearts and minds to others. there's few details on what kind
8:24 am
of concrematerial they will cre. >> "godfather ii" was my favorite movie. >> reporter: he repeatedly talked about how much he liked the "godfather." and he likes "the wire," that chronicled the city of baltimore. >> i'm a huge fan of "the wire." it's a great al. >> reporter: netflix management is coming under scrutiny. the content manager was a major donor for obama's campaign. regardless, the new partnership seems to signal a change to what presidents do when they leave office. miley cyrus pranked jimmy
8:25 am
kimmel while he was asleep. rihanna woke the comedian up. britney spears had pulled off the prank in the past. now, it was miley's turn. take a look. >> wakey wakey. guess who it is, jimmy. good morning. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> i think we wrecked you. sweet digs. it tastes really good if you want a lick. >> of what? >> the sledgehammer. it's my thing. >> thanks. >> see you next time. >> there's going to be a next time? >> i guess he will be sleeping with his eyes open and a shirt on. that's your "pop start." >> thank you, dylan. just ahead, music icon steven tiler, why had 70 he is
8:26 am
having more fun than ever. and we have a good time when meredith vieira comes back to heri )m ... a short time from now .. san good morning. it's 8:26. i'm marcus washington. a short time from now, san francisco starts celebrating the huge addition to its skyline. city leaders including the mayor will attend that grand opening at the new salesforce tower. tenants started moving in earlier this year, but today they hold the formal dedication. that event gets under way about 11:00 this morning. then tonight, make sure you look up in the sky. that's when they will flip the switches of the story light installation. the display is supposed to fire up some time after 8:00 p.m. right now, fired up about that traffic. mike inouye is standing by. >> looking over here, the south bay, kicking in over last half hour. a lot of traffic hitting the roads. starting to move north out of
8:27 am
san jose. the problem is the east bays look at the jam. south 680 recovering. the crash still on the. jams up the freeway. right by the 24. 880 past the coliseum, jammed coming through oakland. the bay bridge, lighter volume. over here the fast track lanes and we talked about the jam on 880. that overcrossing is slow. look, the hov lanes coming off the curve, those are light. back to you. >> we'll have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
it's the story of our nation. john chiang's father came here with little money, but big dreams for a better future. now john has a chance to make history. a champion of the underdog, john took on wells fargo when it ripped off working families. and against the odds, he helped saved california from financial disaster during the great recession. ...leaving more to invest in progressive priorities like education, healthcare and affordable housing. john chiang. the proven, progressive leader we need for california's future.
8:30 am
♪ 8:30, now, tuesday morning, the 22nd of may, 2018. what a beautiful day. what a beautiful crowd. we got the smiles. we got great music. and we have a special treat from aerosmith now. >> we got a behind-the-scenes of a new documentary on steven tyler. i talked to him in nashville about the surprising direction he's taking his music. speaking of music, guess who is coming to the plaza on friday. >> who? >> darius rucker. he will be rocking the plaza. you can sign up for passes at
8:31 am
>> i love him. >> i felt we brushed over the aerosmith ride down in florida, right? it's like the answer to space mountain. anybody been on that? >> you seem like you were an aerosmith person. >> i couldn't get the hair big enough. >> that is a heck of a ride. >> it's so fun. >> i didn't expect it to drop my stomach. >> it's measured in gs. >> you should go on the weird al yankovic ride. one of our favorite ladies and one of our favorite books, ms. meredith vieira. she's on a mission to find the number one novel in america. and maria shriver will tell us how military families are getting help with mental challenges. you ready for your "crowd moment"? >> yes. >> i have somebody. there's a lady here.
8:32 am
there's a lady who came here to celebrate her 70th birthday in 2015. our show was on remote. there was nobody on the plaza. now, she's turning 75 and she is back on the plaza. linda, hi. >> hi. thank you so much. >> happy birthday. thank you for coming back to see us. >> i know. no one was here. >> we are here with you now. we're going to get together and take a picture for you for our birthday. we promise we will. happy birthday, sweet girl. >> i just bought our children's book, two of them. >> happy birthday to linda. >> we love you. happy birthday. >> in 25 years, she's on a smucker's jar. megyn, what do you have coming up. >> a big one for you. >> judge judy is here. this is my number one guest of
8:33 am
all-time. i love her. i love her no-nonsense nacture. she tells it like it is. she doesn't let her grandkids beat her at gin. and she has a great no-nonsense approach to life. nothing is off-limits. we can talk to her about anything. and we have her for a good chunk of the show today on life, love, country. >> she loves judge judy. happy birthday, craig. it was your birthday on sunday. >> she sent me down to new orleans. >> what's on your head? >> what's that hat? >> i don't remember why. >> that's a good wirbirthday. >> that's from disney world. a check of the weather? >> let's look at what we have looking ahead. for today, it will be warm in the northwest.
8:34 am
not quite records but awfully warm. look for rip currents along the southern california coast. tropical downpours from the west. setting up the fantastic memorial day weekend. we have the of "selma," the musical that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> we are seeing some clouds out there now, but it will be clearing out as the day goes along. and a beautiful afternoon as our high temperature in san jose reaches up to 73 degrees. 72 in livermore. 77 in antioch. napa will be up to 76. and 60 in san francisco. as we go into the day tomorrow, we'll see morning clouds, afternoon sunshine and a slight chance of rain for the north bay on thursday into friday morning. and then after that, the holiday weakened will be turning hot, up to 90 degrees on monday.
8:35 am
>> i think we need reverend michael curry back. tell us about the musical. >> the musical is based out of selma, alabama, based on a bloody sunday in 1965, when martin luther king led the march across the bridge. >> where can people see it? >> national theater in harlem. >> you sound great. let's head into hoda. >> thanks so much. steven tyler has one of the most distinctive voices in music. now, we're seeing a different side to this rock legend. >> i met up with steven tyler in nashville, where his new film premie premiered. it's a different look for a new sound from one of america's favorite rock stars. five decades into his career, steven tyler is having more fun than ever. ♪
8:36 am
>> i feel like i'm doing something new again. >> reporter: a new documentary about him, "steven tyler: out on a limb" opened this month. >> steven is one of the people in this industry that i really admi admire. >> reporter: where he treated the premiere audience to a performance from rock royalty. why was it important for you to document this part of your life? >> it isn't really retirement. >> reporter: the film chronicles his decision to do something he never had, release a solo record. and with a sound you might not expect. >> i said, one thing i've never done, a country record. >> it's not traditional country. how would you characterize it?
8:37 am
>> i wanted it to be outlaw country. i missed that mark. >> you think so? >> the thing about aerosmith i love, i wrote "dream on." the diversity was this, this. i do the same thing with this. i can't do it any other way. ♪ remember, i grew up in the country. i was way into the everly brothers more than anybody else. >> sounds like there may be another album in you. >> i would like to work with other folks. i asked paul. he said, send me something if you got it. >> reporter: it's a new stage of tyler's career. in 2015 tyler moved to america's music city, nashville,
8:38 am
tennessee. what is it about the city that's so special? >> the spiritual side of me says, i come to this area. they write with me like me and do three sessions a day. there's not many places like am. >> the ryman auditorium is the most revere ed stage. this looks nothing like aerosmith. >> well, joe perry once had hair like that. >> what's it mike working with this guy? >> i think i did three songs with loving marry on this album. the rest of them were walking in a room with guys, after five cups of coffee, we get to know
8:39 am
each other for an hour. usually with a band, we wrote "sweet emotion" back in the sud sudle. >> reporter: it's more motivation to be as hungry as ever. >> it's you every night coming out of that sound system. and we always had something to prove. >> reporter: you don't have anything left to prove? >> everybody knows me. >> reporter: you've lived four lives. >> you're going, are you 70? >> how old are you in your mind? >> about 30. the people that are crying over son songs, to walk in a room and change them, what a gift. what a gift. >> it's wild. steven tyler has been around for four decades.
8:40 am
he's at passionate now as making music in the '70s. at is out on a lam available on demand and in h.d. >> if he had a reality show, i would watch. >> it would have to be on premium table. >> with a ten-second delay. coming up, maria shriver coming up, maria shriver kicking off theelebration of c only one candidate for governor brought business and labor together to expand career training and apprenticeships, invested in transportation and helped create over 200,000 living wage jobs. antonio villaraigosa for governor.
8:41 am
8:42 am
you know at the heart of what mayor villaraigosa is doing today, he's fighting to make this country more equal and more just. president obama called him one of america's finest mayors. he's more prepared to get things done. antonio for governor. memorial day is next monday. we're doing something special to honor our military this week, paying tribute to our veterans and their families. >> maria shriver joins us to highlight an organization that is helping service members to transition from battle-ready to family-ready. this is so important. >> it really is. project sanctuary is committed
8:43 am
to helping military families, free of charge, as they deal with issues of postdramatic stress. dayil retreats are across the country and provide refuge for families who made great sacrifices. >> it looks like the perfect vacation spot. >> reporter: but the families who come here to the colorado mountains, are on a mission. >> they were our nation's guardians. now, they're look home. and they may not be doing as well. >> reporter: when heather started project sanctuary in 2011, she wanted to create a safe place. workshops and recreational activities offer familieseik the galloways a chance to reconnect. we hear about the challenges that people in the military have, when they meet military life and come back to family
8:44 am
life. >> it's easy on deployment to just be mission-focused and know, okay, this is my job. not just before today but for the next six to nine months. but coming back into that is almost overwhelming. >> we were all in the car and he was giving us a little lecture on how we wanted something to go. and one of the girls said, dad, we have a different pace. you need to learn our pace. >> reporter: keith spent ten years as a naval officer on active duty. today, he's a firefighter and has been in reserve for eight years. he left on delamt whdeployment daughter was just 1. >> i would go into a survival mom mode that i would feel so
8:45 am
lost and loney without him around. i didn't want them to do that. they have a sense of, we're good, whether he is here or not. >> reporter: hallie is 19 and emma is 16. what do you feel you need to talk through? >> frustration of him coming and doing all the time. >> t >> reporter: the counselors at project sanctuary help them answer some tough questions. >> postgrammatic can be felt like anybody. >> our classes are emotional. >> reporter: the fgalloway famiy feels like they made progress. >> you had a mission when you were serving. and the new mission is your family. it's nice to know he's going to put that effort into our family the way he put that effort into his work in the navy because he
8:46 am
was relentless and loyal. >> my work as a faireman, i deat with stress like i did in the navy, just deal with it and move on and compartmentalize. i have learned this week, the damage that's done. >> i better understand what his work ay us as been. and a better understanding of how this affects our relationship at home. >> the nonprofit commits to helping families for two years. >> counselors are saying, call me at 2:00 in the morning if you need to. >> reporter: so many of the volunteers here are veterans themselves, continuing service to this country, by helping
8:47 am
those who have given so much. lawy lara a lara keith have started their own podcast, telling about return fog civilian life and helping veterans. that piece is so moving. we were watching it getting teary-eyed back here. >> the organization is incredible, hearing that wife talk about the family being her mission. you need a place to go like that. how many families attend that retreat? >> only 6 to 12 families at a time, that maintains the intimacy and each family xwelts the gets the attention they need. there's about 2,200 families on the wait list. project sanctuary says they will leave no family in crisis and will do what they can to help a family get to a retreat. 2,200 families waiting on the
8:48 am
surface. >> thank you. just ahead, another one of our favorite peeps, meredith ve yea
8:49 am
8:50 am
♪ we're so happy to have meredith vieira back in studio. yes, we are. >> our favorite. >> america needs to know, you've been abusing me. >> there has been an abuse going on. >> we love you. she's the host of a new series called "the great american read." its mission is to uncover the nation's most 100 loved novels. >> they look on "great expectations" to "fifty shades of grey." >> everyone gets to vote.
8:51 am
what would you choose? >> "pride and prejudice." >> "ready player one." >> come with us on this unique literary quest. >> hi, meredith. >> hi. >> we already have the 100 books, by the way. we polled americans, over 7,000, and we came up with this list. >> now, we're supposed to vote. >> you're supposed to read over the summer. >> it's like when you -- >> a navl. yeah. >> tell us about the show and the vote. >> it's a multiplatform initiative. we're asking people to read and go to pbs/organize, the great american read. >> and vote. >> you can vote for "fifty
8:52 am
shades of xwragrey"? >> i will probably do quali"to a mockingbird." that changed my life more than ever. >> why is that? >> i grew up in a small town. if there was racism around me, i was in a bumbble. that show how much faith and soul there was. i'd made me think what would i do in a situation? how would i respond? >> i would think about reading. if i read two pages, i fall asleep. but we do lose something if we're not getting lost in a book. >> exactly. i started rereading and someone said, why don't you read the ones you don't know. i've read one-third.
8:53 am
you probably do, have. when you go back to an old book, it's like visiting with an old friend. >> on a scale of one to ten, how much fun did you have at the royal wedding? >> i loved it. >> you are crazy. >> you look that same photo several days later. >> but i'm not that weird. >> did you have a favorite photo from the wedding? >> the kiss, the dress, the angelic sun coming through the church. >> about you? >> the little maroni that had no teeth in the front. that's like america's coming. >> we're not done with you. you're coming back to see us at 10:00. >> i have a little quiz for you and kathie lee. >> you have one hour. >> is "tv guide" on the list? >> it is not.
8:54 am
watch tonight at d if you, it will link you to the long webte yousi
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kathy and i have a lot coming up. you have will arnett and tony hale. sizzlingi )m - -... a hayward police offic good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. a hayward police officer is recovering after a chaotic incident last night. this ended when the officer shot a suspect. it happened at 7:00 last night on hewitt place, near hunterwood avenue. a neighbor tells us officers responded to some sort of dispute and at some point fired and injured one person. the ginjury to that officer are
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