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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 6, 2018 5:00pm-5:28pm PDT

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is reviewingase. st sid high sc distct said its investigation determined t w credible evidence the incident happened and says the teacher involved has been placed on paid administrative leave. the superintendant issued a statement saying i am deeply disturbed by the allegations and finngs. the district is committed to ensuring and maintaining a harassmentre -- naacp leaders have told me they've written a le asking thi be classified as a hate crime. the drama of last night's election continues tonight. as we speak they are counting
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the votes. will it be london breed or mark leno? as of this minute leno has a razor thin ithe sys wou second and third place votes matter if no candidate gets 50% of fist place votes. london leapfrogged leno in the overnight hours. they went through nearly 5,000 ballots. there are still 85,000 ballots left to be count. today both candidates addressed this system that appear tuesday be helping leno and hurting breed. >> well, you know, this is the system that we're working with, and so i think that's a discussion we can have at a later time. but this is the one we're dealing with as it relates to this race soow we'retu with it. >> this is not a new or unique system of voting. heads of state of other
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countries are elected through the runoff voting. >> the latest numbers tonight put leno at 50.4% and london breed at 49.6%. for the first time in more than 80 years a california judge has been recalled. voters santa clara county overwhelmingly decided to remove erin persky. today critics continue to raise a red flag saying it sends the wrong message. follow public opinion or you get followed. where do we go from here? >> reporter: critics worry judges w b focus public opinion rather than law when they make aul rg. a san francisco law professor called that nonsense. when judge erin persky sentenced
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a stamford university student two years ago for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on tre wasoutre that punishment was too lenient. last night 60% of voters in santa clara agreed anded t fire him. >> he did not violate any law, did not abuse his discretion. >> reporter: the decision to pull him off the bench, they argued, wil keep other judges om doing their job the right way just to keep the public happy. >> we're supposed to just focus wiecall the message is nd now you better also think about public opinion. >> judge persky and all other judges like him are elected. there is no such thing as an eloffial who is independent of the electiorate. >> reporter: michelle is the chair of the committee to recall persky. she's been fighting for two years to get him removed because
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of it brock turner sentence. >> we will see you at the ballot box if you cannot understand how to handle violence against women. >> reporter: persky's the first in 86 years in santa clara. cindy will replace him once she's certified and takes the oath of office. >> okay, thank you. she's having technical difficulties with her microphone. we're going to move onto other election newsn e november face-off for governor it'll be democr gavin newsom and republican john cox. san diego businessman john cox fi second with 2 of the votes after president trump tweeted his congratulations newsom responded on twitter inviting the president to, quote, please come campaign for him as much as possible.
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incumbent diane feinstein winning 44% of the vote. second place finisher kevin de leonext with looking live at the bay bridge tolls will go up on it after yesterday's passage of regional measure 3. it will reach $9 with the exception of the golden gate bridge. the money raised will go to transportation and public transit projects. contra costa and salono counties overwhelmingly voted against it. we have more election coverage for you on our website. right now see it all and all the ralss ended in your county clic your home page. we have some disturbing new details tonight about a murder. the victim was dismembered. as we first reported on our
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morning newscast, the dismembered body of 61-year- womanas found yesterday. friends new her as maggie. our investigative unit has obtained a detailed court document whererosecutors 44-yea gonzalez used a hacksaw to cut then left t c up body parts to decay for weeks in a storage been in her home. >> you don't think of these things happening down from you. >> gonzalez allegedly admitted she flipped during the dispute. gonzalez is schedulede ra friday. an update now on a story we first broke on our new cast last night general hospital says it's
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investigating the death of a patient in its psyiatric unit. ide unit has launched a probe into the death of a woman who was found at that hospital dead this week. sources tell our investigative yubt the woman was brought in on a so-called psychiatric hold, however, no one checked on her for four hours. in a statement preliminary autopsy findings suggest no foul play. they would not address any questions about break downs in patient monitoring or say whether any state agency is investigating this issue. at least two state agencies are already investigating the death of ruby andeon another person found dead. she was found dead in a hospital stairwell last week. an oakland police officer is in the hoste a violent conf confrontation in the east bay. investigators say a man drove a carp a ste lachnto the air and landed on the home. you can see ithe as the paramedics were carrying
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that man to the ambulance, that man then jumped off the backboard and began attacking the police officer. that officer does have some serious injuries but is expected to be okay. the driver was prompy arrested. after staying out of the public eye for more than three weeks first lady melania trump made ay pubcrae itting nt to the president at a news conference with fema, a bidsy dusy day in washington. >> reporter: president trump marking the first full week of hurricane season with a visit to fema, routine trip taking on new meaning after last year's devastating storm from texas to puerto rico. >> we were hit hard but you've done a fanicb. >> reporteut on capitol hill some say absolutely not. >> this is not the time for self-congratulations or victory laps. >> reporter: instead a somber reminder of the more than 4,000 believed dead in puerto rico after hurricane maria. today the mayor of san juan as if she still has
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confidence in fema. >> no, not at all. >> reporter: joining the president, first lady melania trump, herlic appearancen after undergoing kidney surgery according to the white hoe. >> she's doing great. she went through a little rough patch, but she's doing great. >>ter: trede down-playiis wife's absence while blaming the media for rumors in her time out of the public eye. >> people in our country love you. >> reporter: earlier president trump thanking the nation's veterans, signing a new measure to improve care. >> if the va can't meet the needs of a veteran in a timely manner, that veteran will have the right to go right outside to a private doctor. >> reporter: the president trying to bolster the va and fema, two agencies looking to rehab their public image. and back to the first lady, she will not accompany president trump when he heads overseas next week.
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blain alexander, nbc news, washington. ha blain. a great grandmother serving a life sentence is going free. alice johnson had served nearly 22 years in a georgia prison for drug trafficking but today the president pardoned her. it was her first offense. kardashian rallied to her cause after seeing johnson interviewed online. while behind bars johnson became a published writer, an ordained minister and a coach for inmates studying for ged am. today marks 50 years since the dea of robert f. kennedy. he was running for president before being assassinated. an iconic image captured his death. over the years he had said that terrible day still haunts h toda arlington national cemetery membef kennedy's
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family and other dignitaries honored his life and legacy. >> and he said to those forgotten, your country sees you, your country values you. >> the famil says tha robert kennedy's legacy, that ce.h of us can make a >>om he at 5:00, bus drivers f all or the country are on capitol hill tonight looking for protection while on the job. our investigative unit first uncovered the story and we have the latest from d.c. also more video of the frightening moments of tubbs fire roared through santa rosa. the heroic efforts to save elderly people from a senior home. this video just out today. > i'm chief meteorologist, a live mix of conditions today. ght now fog and low clouds through the peninsula. but over to the east bay lots of sunshine here at mount diablo.
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we're tracking more changes. to .
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bus drivers across the country--including some from the bay area-- testified they are in washington, d.c. to fight for their safety. bus drivers across the country including somerom b are testified in front of congress today. drivere supportin a proposed law designed to cut down on the number of assaults and acc. reported attacks on transit th
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drivers in the east bay. we found dozens of incidents where drivers were kicked, punched, even threatened with weapons sometimes while theus was in motion. many of the attacks were never reported to the public. no asking for bus agencies to conduct a risk analysis and report assault information to the department of transportation. her bill also requires bus agencies to install shields to >> you know, yhouldn't have to give up your safety in order to perfect your job. >> it is unthinkable that you should have this experience for bus drivers. >> senior investigative reporter cky wynn joins us on our 6:0st here in the bay area. if you have a tip for our investigative uni g us a call or website.
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the legal troubles forur eruben foster m be or. he pleaded no contest today from his weapons charge. it all stems from an alleged domestic violence incident earlier this year. his girlfriend first claimed he hit her but then recanted the story. but there was a weapons charge. the judgeentencedostero 200 hours of community to two years probation. the nfl could still psiy suspend foster from playing. the north bay fires we last october, but tonight we obtained new video from orescue inside a santa rosa city bus shows the flames from the tubbs fire, in the fountain grove neighborhood of santa rosa. the people on the bus you can seehem rushing onto there, lived at a senior living facility. eir faces blurred to protect theiridentities. in fact,it bus drivers helped
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almost 400 people escape those flames. >> true heroes there. night after night, day after day consur investigator chris answers phone calls to people looking for help. >> he's at the walnut creek film fest where he's speaking to a lot of people. >> reporter: we have lots of live music, lots of tasty food, lots of cool makings of summer i is a bilingual consumer team. the other ing summer in the citye that's my c e'sonmer investigator for telemundo 48. who are you hoping to meet today? >> consumers with problems and complaints and we can help them solve. >> reporter: the people we hel
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every day we get thousands of calls and e-mails from people like you with consumer problems. so today if you like come on down here, we wo love to meet you. we are just a couple of steps away from the music. and for the adults who are watching we're right across the way from the beer and wine tent. we are here until around 5:30 to 8:00 tonight. bring your problems and we will attempt to solve them. >> are you suggesting beer, wine, and the pbls with chris? >> don't drink your problems away, j talk to chris directly. >> i was going to say you tell them your problem and then you do a cheer to all the -- the success that's going to come your way. >> usually it would be scorching hot, but it's etty mild. >> it's going to be beautiful weather over the next cup of hours. probably won't even needhecket . so next 24 hourst i wan to set
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the table for what's coming our way because we do have a lot of changes in the next seven-day forecast. i still see a cl pattern remain that would bring us some fog for the morning with this system sitting out here. as you wake up on that thursday cldsow to the south bay and 55 degrees and some overcast for the peninsula and tri-valley. more fog from san francisco to east bay and temperatures in the lo 50s. but the one spot tomorrow where we may actually have a decent amount of sun may actually be in the north bay. that'll put us here at 69, 79 in san jose, and away trum the bay up to4 in gilroy. 73 in sant antioch, a perfect j day for you. and also kick right back into
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rivermer and pleasanton with the upper 60s. we'll stay in the 60s here for palo alto righthrough san mateo. 57 at outer sunset and breezy, winds out of the northwest at 20 miles an hour. probably my best weather here up in murin and napa and sonoma county. i want you to be ready for more changes once we hit friday's forecast. some warmer air moves in from the south. this will kick that cooler system a little bit off to the north. quick warming there for friday's forecast. but once we hit saturday temperatures will drop by about 10 degrees we're tracking a storm system to the north. that will bring rainfall to oregon and across washington. we know a lot of you are out on summeracation and going on
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trips. watch it closely. it's not too fary here from the bay area. right now on this seven-day forecast we're keeping i dry on saturday with that rain just to the north. we'll warm up to some milder weather next week in francisco. may need to bump that up to some 70s. we'll sbo that. and cities away from the co rolr coaste r with the temperatures. 74 tomorrow, 84, friday, 77 saturday, and back again to 84. and then we hit some h next week, mondaytuday, and wednesday. so fire danger again will be high. we'llontinu to monitort heat. right now next couple of days looks really good, though. still to come battling a fire wasn't the only obstacle for firefighters in the south bay. a car slammed into the back of their fire truck. and apparently it's not the first time. details next. weaving your own shoes...rgy
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come ride the incredicoaster. it's going to be simply exhilarating dahling! happening now, more than 6,00people lost power in san francisco today. the missi district pg&e says the metallialloon from a grad party broke loose and hit anwe're updating the tight mayoral racen ancisc n enthis cpho ows the r
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trailblazer ramming into a just in a road rampage in sacramento. a white c ramming into a crv eventually pushing it i the inteecon when the driver's car was disabled, gets out,sopof t crv it andd in ewindows. she tak theospil eve arrested. an unexpected emergency for firefightersnjose. rly morning grass fire a car suddenly slammed into the back of their fire truck. firefighters wereutting up happe and were able to get out of the he last secth car driver had t t of his vehicle. no word on serity of his injuries. the battalion chief says this is the second time this month a car has hit a fire truck on the job.
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warriors a cavs in cleveland. within the past 15 minutes the warriors announcednd he missed the last six games because o bone bruise in his k klay thompson suffered a left ankle sprame one but stilled played in these finals. >> he participated in practice and shoot-around this morning, kind of picked his spots but 's >> klay is an iron man, he ner misses a game. the official twitter accou the nba will live tweet during this game reacting and responding to the calls in realme so whe complain about the refso right on itter. >> well, they shouldn't be tweeting. well, it's not the actual refs. an emotional connection
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leads t a career pass. was it a ?
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nen we)re rnng aboa ca toostudent who ned wasn't a suicide or an accident. the new information we're learning about lal high school student who d in a swimming pool on his school
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campus. ne.t story tonight on our 6:00 life changingeriee. a couple who wssed nurses caring for their newborn sun got inspired with their caw rears. they s more than two months ter seeing how the nurlses dorthem, they decidedo quit their jobs and g to nursing school. they've now graduated from nursing school outirgini th up next on nightly news we're going to hear from the couple urout their new mission ilife s rock. >> thate. they quiir own jobs. looking forw that story. tomo a little afternoon sunshine. up to a warmer4 on friday, and we're all good the next four days. >> i ready for summer. >> a ly news is next. >> bye. see you at 6:00. tonight, star
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power, and a great-andmother set free. president trump commutes her life sentence after an oval office plea by kim kardashi kardashian. release, alice johnson's daughter back.> she's been resurrected after all these years. also tonight, menia trump. her first public appearance since being hospitalized weeks ago. caughtn camera, police officers pummelling a man who is talking on the phone, punching him in the face, shoving his head in the elevator do>>ade. rusband revea d he suffered from depression for years, potlign a sn the rate amongwomen. >> if you have a loved


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