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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 7, 2018 4:30am-4:58am PDT

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ad lib le picture-- golden gate bridge yoning to the weekendosre. but right nowg a liveoo at the golden gate bridge. can't see much right now. hey, on your way. thanks for starting your morning with us, i'm marcus washington. >> let's get to kari with the forecast. >> looks good. cooler in parts of the bay areas enjoying the cool down before the heat up. enjoy clouds rolling by. part cskie with clearing by no start out in the upper 50s and into e uppnd low 70s with breezy winds. we will have a warmer day tomorrow. i'll have more on th also some 90s in the forecast in just a few minutes. mike says some lanes are blocked
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against in palo alto. >> we have overnight rk. the last couple nights northbound. you see flashing lights pushing yove theht two s of southbound 101. it ally happens around willow where they have got the n nstruction going otr is the oves at university. more construction and lanes ifd as you pass by university, the overcrossing there. by the time you get to embarcadero you're clear. no slowing on the sensors. uthbou side doesn't have traffic backing up yet. there be when they remove cones. i'll tryo warn you if i can. contra costa moving nicely, no problem east shore or bridge. smooth out of antioch but that's where we hadssues yesterday. continuing with updates there. laura, i'll send it off to you. >> some issues in the south bay. overnight health warning. if you live near the pittsburg antioch border, nearby junkyard fire caused concern i parts of contra costa .
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toxic fumes can be harmful if you breathe them in >> cheryl hurd has that par of the story plus theestigaon under way to finduthat happened. >> when a call like that comes, it's scy. hard things you worked hd for could be ne. jas stanley is not sure how mu of his equipme went up in flames. >> that's my nephew's car rate e. >> in th two-alarm fire in the a 1ire alon antioch highway. >> we use thequment to provide for my fa >> stanley a his nephew own the cement pavement company, eirquipment surrounded by fire. >> thank god we got almost everything out. started at 5:30n vegetation blaze got to this plant with toxicumes in the >> it's scary. you don't realize how difficu refi are when water is minimal.
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>> firefighters afraid iwould spread becse nearby brush >> we believe a homeless tent caught on fire because of the candle. intenonally set. the fire >> accidents happen hopefully it wasn't intentionally. >> reporter: khairul herd, "today in the bay." police looking for this woman here. police sayhe a molotov cocktail or an explosive. police say she tried to set a preschool on fire me v cl light ann she threw a bottle through a glass front door. investigats are looking into whether she's connected to a re at e union city preschool that very same d. >> new this morning a story for dog lo a search continues for a van full of show do. a seattle man driving 15 dogs to vallejo to a show when the van was stolen. here are pictures of the dogs,
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the van stolen froin-n-out. the driver ran spot restaurant but left the van runng so they could have air conditioning. when he came ba, e n was king fhi surveillance cer ctud hithe dogs bonge tif as you can imagine, they are people. very worried. >> 4:, whapg today, ac transit driver arrested bringing a lo ooute is expected in court. he toldesrs heri ato because he feared for his safety. he was arrested last n e bayfa b.a. in e wa g ed servisors bring the gun towork. they clice. they havefore about bus driversng attacked while an those stories a new details erng in san franciscct,olice finding a woman whose body was rgaret rose mamer.
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cers found her body in a stoshlg building under an apartment where she rent add omda osecutors claim gonzale hacksaw. neighbors say the two women kept mostly to themselves. >> eithit's unbelievable. you don't think of these things happening downstairs fromu. >> she argued with mamer because she refused to move out. she's expected to be arraigned tomorrow. the search i on for the driver of this suv. a blue or black grand cherokee, that's a jeep grand cherokee. contra costa deputies say it's connected to a shogn north rich happenioaind'l fut warehouse to bin next september. lawyers want things to stay the way they are. yanslaughter 36 counts of
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ge> youom affecte the east bay, road closing for pg&e work. it will close at 4:30, all the way toterk. not lot ofsthern. lasts until e of august. you shouldn't have a problem getting to saint mary. take some time. the board will talk about automated eri it's on the agenda tonight they get funding from $830,000 grant. thek sign o to y. get t cing up, walmart inging a bit of northern california to hundreds of its th tong amo upscale fit plus we lookthe rising newest product. number of homes without a land line pne. you're watching "today in the bay. deal talk.
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good in i'm landon dowdy live from cnbc headquarters. wall street will look to build on yesterday's big rally. the dow had its best day in eight weeks cling 25,000 for the first time. aq hitti a rord high. bank stocks, u.s. bond yield pushed up interest rates and that came afterhe eurn central bank, pe's version of the federal reserve signaled it could live off the interest policy in the nea future. f ecomic dataod unemployment. the dow risg 346, 146, nasdaq
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adding t7689. meanwhile the number of hom withoutand lion se. more than half have at least one wireless and no land line the second half of last year, up 3% om the previous year and 1132 million adults live i houses with only cell phones. 3% of homes have for phone service of any kind. how do they call their mom. cadillac will add hands-free system start g-2020. the driver assist feature debuted in the cadillac last year. it uses camera sensors, mapp data to allow drivers to whri onedr hands off the highways but has infrared came t make sure your eyes stay on the ro it's not cheap. thetem cost $2500 on stand
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on o 6the luxury model have you to buy the 3,50 package. >> i could just hav fd elbow me for keep your eyes on the road. >> good to see you, landon. >> good to see you landon. >> y head to walmart. walmart now offering its winemaker's selection, 10 distinctive labels from california, france, italy. bottles will do for $11. the company began selling private label wine at 1100 stores last h.hat ll be interes. n' wait to taste. >> check it out. omin up on "today in the bay," another nice day ahead before that warm-up gets here. >> it will be nice and breezy as we take a look outside in fremont. cool start as you get ready to step out the door with mid-50s, low 60s later today and we're only going to reach upper 60s for this afternoon. hotter temperatures are in the forecast. more of that coming up next.
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we're loong at san jose northbound 101 with these headlights coming toward us. a very smooth rht right now. no major problems, lights just reflecting. give you a better look coming up. president trump to meet with other world leaders. the trade dispute, which could lead to rising prices for you. a
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and goodhursday morning to you. take a live look at the bay bridge. beautiful sight to start t a little hazy there. hey, it's thursday, almost friday. >> the temperatures have been nice. >> they have. >> mild lately. >> it's going to be hotheading into next week. at least we do have the next couple of days and the weekend with mild weather as we get a live look outside from the bay bridge at this vantage point from emeryville. we do have some clear visibility this morning, although we do have patchy fog and some clouds near the coast. frcisco.ild one for san it's 46, pallet alt and san lermore stepping out to degrees. a nice, cool start. highs will reach up to 71 in san jose and milpitas. we're looking at a high of 68. breezy winds still coming in from the southwest. 63oday in oakland. upo and it's goingo stay cloudy and
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cool at half moon bay with a high of 57 and 62 in san mateo. in san francisco upper 50s to low 60s. it will be a little cool there today and nice and comfortable in novato with the high of 71 degrees. as you're getting dressed you do need a jacket and you'll probably be comfortable with light long sleeves. grab a hat if you're in san francisco. there may be clouds and mist and drizzle. as you make plans for the day, maybe you're heading to the 100th annual rodeo that's going to be ticking off tonight. tho bet 68 des in livermore whenhe doors open, and then it's going to cool off fast. so bring the jacket. mostly clear skies. it's going to be warmer with 84 for inland areas. look at hot, hot, hot i have in the forecast for early next week. this is what we're talking about. we go from 77 on saturday to 97 on tuesday. itoi linger for quite a
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ile with that heat. san francisco 59 today with mid-70s early next week. heading over to mike what's happening on the peninsula? >> i'm tracking this, turned the camera north this time. you still see the lane closures and this where you start to lose lanes south of willow. it's still there. the closure should pick up before 5:00. we've been seeing picking up after 5:00. that's one expected track break, southbound around willow approachinguniversity. no slowing shows up yet. cones there blocking all but two lanes southbound 101. overall green sensors all around the bay. there's a crash out of the lirmore just fine. tough lookintheconcord area, lnut creek. the closure at saint mary's college, does not affect marauga or should be good east shore freeway looking great as well with ee. a back-up, cash lanes starting toase up a bit.
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might have opened rni cash lanes. i'll watch the pattern. b.a.r.t., minor delay, track maintenance taking a little bit longer to clear, walnut toward lafayette but at most 10 minute delay. it should clear. i'll let you know. ace may ask for your ticket at tracy. that's what they did yesterday so w w that. back to you guys. >> thanks very much,mike. 4:48, high school teacher in san jose accused of pulling out a noose to threaten a black student. it happened in april. santa teresa high school in san jose. during a weightlifting class, the teacher allegedly made a noose like structure and placed it around his neck. police say they were mware by the community not the school district. >> concerned we weren't contacted i'm going to tell you that right now. >> the teacher is on paid administrative leave. the district rnconsidinhether t criminal charges. happening today house
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republicans will work on an immigration compromise. aat meeting comes last month. it's the third month in a row that arrests have tped 50,000. president trump not happy has criticized homeland security secretary. speaking of president trump, he is heading to the g7 summit in >> he'sortey not happy about it. tracie potts explains why from washington. >> canada and the europeans are furious they will be paying more to ship steel and aluminum to the u.s. president trump imposed new tariffs last week. it's expected to be the main topic attomorrow's g7 summit in canada. >> i regard this as much like a ays an optimist, i expect work tngs t. >> reporter: the other countries don't expect to work it at the two-day meeting b president trump is likely to get
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an earful from longtime u.s. ally. >> when bush administration 3 imposed s tariffs, it was eventually overturned by world trade organization. cada respond eopeans are expected to follow even some republicans fear this >> tariffs are a very r. controversial issue. he should listen to congress. >> mexico not at the mting also faces u.s. tariffs. they already responded by taxing pork, cheese, potatoes, bourbon and other products. "theashington post" reports president trump considers the g7 a distraction from his upcoming meeting with north korean's leader. japan leader shinzo abe at the white house today to talk about that. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. closer to hometh, bay bridg today we'll learnow regnal measure 3 will help bay ferries. the measure approved by seven o.
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the measure raises bridge tolls by $3 over the next few years. today we could get an update on plans to electrify caltrain tracks between san francisco and gilroy. there's a meeting at 10:00. there's a story for years now. the bay area portion is part of what leaders say will eventually be a bullet train linking sf to l.a. >> 4:51, coming up next, could the team sweep the nba playoffs? >> first happening now, a boy kou scout might be facing charges after he brought a fake grenade to the ait. the agents found it at the checkpoint. the explosive unit called in to investigate. the boy was carrying a toy as part of an eis o not toring to an airport. go figure. plus a major recall
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ct a person from overdosing. the maker of narcan said there might be loose particle matter in the syringe. most law enforcement agencies and hta u the nasal portion of the drug which is not affected. we'll have more news for you right after the break. you could save energy by living off the grid. completely. you could generate your own energy, at home. maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or... do your thing,
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with energy upgrade california.
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bridge from emeryvillcamera taking a live look outside, beautiful look at the bay bridge all lit up, glistening. forecast coming up in a few minutes. it is . >> talk about glistening, how about those warriors. they are one win away from an nba title. dubs cavs 110-10
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last night. kevin durant scoring 43 points. there he is talking about his hot night. >> we struggled to shoot the ball early on. i had good looks. i started asking for more of them and i was able to knock down some shotsor us. >> i was toow s so easy. they make it look easy. game four, tomorrow in england dubs up 3-0. we wouldn't blame you if you made plans for another victory parade next week. we're not going to get too cocky about it but nice to see, right? if you thought shattering a radar twice was hard, imagine doing it three times. >> especially one epic climb. two speed climbers have everyon. those two climbers just broke el capitan speed record for the record third time in less than a . we told you about this and their
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past feats earlier this week. yesterday the two pro two-hour barrier for the climb. they dts tnwo hours. rsy ever it 50 years ago, it took them 12 days, and these guys did it under two hours. >> and for me it would just be a lifetime. i don't think i'd ever attempt that. >> i wouldn't watchi. that's about it. >> that's amazing. >> 4:56. coming up next on "today in the bay," that promised forecast from kari. >> looks pretty good. nice and cool as we take a look look outside. as you head out the door, partly cloudy skies, temperatures mid up toer 50s, only reaching upper 60s in campbell today. we'll talk about a warm up in the weekend and next week's forecast up next. not to step on kari's toes i'm looking at the flag,ly a ze. on 8 moves nicely, we'll talk about the other side and on
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the track. plus comediantha saman bee apologizing for insulting ivanka trump. new, her response after the pack lash from across the country. >> first a live look outside san rafael this morning. picking up out there. mike is keeping his eye on the morning commute for you. a lot ahead on "today in the bay," 4:5. e.. ve loooutsidan
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it is thursday morning. let's take a live look outside overlooking san jose. another nice, cool ar ahead. if you like the cooler temperatures, you still like warmer ones, those are around the corner as well for you. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we'll get to traffic in a moment. right now kari has the weather again. >> i'm just trying to make everybody happy. cool weather and warm up. we are going to have one more cool day today, and it starts out in the 50s, even upper 40s now, looking atanta rosa and napa and santa cruz 40, mostly nifz in the morning drive through the east bay will be partly cloudy through the
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rning. 64 in the east bay, look at that.66 as i we wl see nice and cool weather for tay wealkbout the o forecast but mike starts with an update for b.a.r.t. riders. >> a good the track maintenance, dehydrate news between walnut and lafayette for that portion of contra costa wee recovering now. we've heard no complaints, i checked with twitter, no problem for b.a.r.t. lines again. overnight maintenance delay. lookin atboun 101.see lanes clo willow to university. start to pick up those cones. have to stop traffic right here as you see it heading down toward ikea because they have to pick up cones south of here. i'll keep scanning with the camera. it was showing up, a little


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