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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 7, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> too close to you will -- call. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> we'll get to your traffic, right now carrie hkari has good >> we enjoy cool weather, that continues this afternoon although we're seeing clouds. here is a live look outside in san jose. in sunnyvale, 59 at 10:00 and the sun will break out. a beautiful clear afternoon, highs in the upper 60s and much cooler than normal. if you're going hiking in the east bay, start out low 50s and reaching into the mid-70s for the afternoon. overall a comfortable day. as we head over to mike, the commute looking pretty good so far. >> kari, i caught that qualifier, stick around for extended forecast.
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the bay bridge, there is flow g flowing, a smooth drive across bay bridge. away from the bay bridge offense here shows you eastbound mcarthur, earlier report of a car crossed two lanes as you get to the merge of highway 13. no slowing showed up but still point out the all year. meanwhile the rest of the bay looking clear, slowing north 101 through san jose. the lighter volume after the first burst kicked in. we'll show you how things shape up over the next half hour. that's when we expect to see a build. back to you guys. >> 6:01. we have breaking news to tell you about. colin kaepernick is taking on the president. he just reported his legal team will pursue more -- he will pursue a subpoena there of the president. we want to tell you about that. of course we'll have more of that coming up for you on "today
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in the bay." comedian samantha bee back on tv for the first time since she insulted ivanka trump. kris sanchez joins us live to look at her apology. kris, she's not just apologizing to ivanka trump here. >> she did start out with an apology not for using the word but using it as an insult and also apologized for creating a distraction from a greater issue she was trying to highlight. the comedian used that word on her show ""full frontal"" calling the president's daughter and adviser to use her influence to stop policy of separating undocumented parents and children when they are detained. >> i hate that this distracted from more important issues. i hate that i did something to contribute to the nightmare of 24 hour news cycles that we're all white knuckling through.
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i should have known a potty mouth insult would be more interesting to them than juvenile immigration policy. i would do anything to help those kids. i hate this distracted from them. to them i am also sorry. >> purchase called on network to fire samantha bee but the apology accepted her apology and allowed her to return this week. the president calling it a double standard. you'll recall roseanne parr fired from her show after comparing an obama aide to an ape. following developing news from oracle arena where a man was shot. this is a live look now. police in oakland are looking into what exactly happened and who is responsible. it happened.
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contra costa county coroner says the drowning of a 15-year-old danville student was an accident, not a suicide. you may recall this tragic story. ben curry, a freshman at san ramon valley high school was found unresponsive in the school's swimming pool last month. the coroner says the video shows ben getting into the pool with his classmates. he reportedly goes under water but never comes back out. the family argues the district allowed rumors of suicide to continue. the coroner's report shows no evidence the boy intended to harm himself. >> hard to imagine how this story could get out there the way it did and the school not put a stop to it knowing what the parents were going through. >> the family attorney is calling for accountability. the school district says in a statement it's been consistent to not spread rumors on this case and it will start its internal review. 6:04 we want to update you
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on abused puppy charges in oakland. police now upping that reward in the case to $40,000. here is the back story. three dogs found in a pile of trash. this is over memorial day weekend. one has been adopted. the other two in foster care after having surgery on their jaw. happening today you can weigh in on ways to make i-80 better, specifically central underpass in richmond. transportation leaders want to make it safer for walkers and cyclists. caltrans putting up pictures of what it looks like now and what it could look like. maybe riders there. the meeting at 6:00 p.m. the latest in the san francisco mayor's race. ballot counting getting start now. >> mark leno carries a narrow lead over london breed. leno only ahead by 1,000 votes and 90,000 ballots to be counted. this is rank choice voting where
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voters pick their top three candidates. if no one gets 50% in the first count, then second and third choices come into play. professor nealy says the process creates what's called sincere voting. >> that is i can choose for my first choice somebody not popular but idealogically my best fit. knowing that if that person gets eliminated in the early round, my ballot will transfer to my second choice. >> gavin newsom said he doesn't get the process and most voters don't either. >> if you can explain it to someone in less than two years, you have mastered an understanding of something i have never fully understood. >> while london breed did not get more than 50% of the vote, she was a top pick by a majority of voters. several east bay mayors will spend today talking about tobacco. it's an annual contra costa mayor's conference.
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now, on the agenda an update on the new ordinance to prevent smoking in unincorporated areas. the county wants the city to adopt something similar. >> are you ready for beach day? i'm not talking swim suit ready. today we'll get a sense of how clean or dirty california beaches are. the group is set to unveil this year's peach report card. that's coming up at 11:00 this morning including what they call the beach bummer list, which are the top ten most polluted spots. all we know is seven of the ten are northern california. >> that is not good news. all right. 6:07. the date is 6/7. we start out with cloudy skies. looking outside in palo alto, not cloudy all day. we will get sun peeking out by about 10:00 and it will be cool with upper 50s. upper 60s will be the high today. that's much cooler than normal for this time of year. with a look at our highs, low
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70s for concord. 73 degrees in antioch. livermore 68 degrees. san jose we'll reach up to 71. we do have more nice weather for the inland areas while it stays cool for the coast but we do have hotter temperatures on the way. so take it in and enjoy it now while it lasts. we'll talk about temperature trend for fremont coming up and a new crash on the freeway. >> just happened seconds ago. i put together a map to show you where it is. on the bay speed sensors are very light. i'm concerned about this. it just showed up on the map. westbound 80 on sunol road, motorcycle down blocking left lanes. i'm concerned about injuries from details i'm seeing. slowing down hercules off ca cartenas bridge. berkeley and emeryville looking smooth with lighter flow of traffic. out of vallejo typical. an earlier disabled vehicle may
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be an issue. petaluma down looks good. a live look at richmond bridge, there's the build in richmond, not a major concern. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up at 6:09 on "today in the bay," east bay hospital big anniversary, cesc those in need. the modern approach to the group taking to help more people. >> what is a short burn and why is one bay area millionaire so excited about it? and later, a baby thrown out of a second story window as a fire rages next door. the dramatic video everyone is talking about this morning. all coming up at 6:26. you're watching "today in the bay."
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(time check ( it is 6:12. good thursday morning. it starts out with clouds but we'll get sunshine today. it's a breezy start, too, as we can see the flag waving in fremont. it's going to start out with 50s as we go through late morning reaching into the upper 60s today. if you don't like the cool weather, just hang out for a little while longer. we'll have a big warm-up and i'll talk about that coming up in less than five minutes. right now we're seeing
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back-up continuing to build westbound 80, upper east shore freeway. that crash involving a motorcycle blocking two lanes slowing the cartenas bridge. the rest of the bay looks nice but we'll follow this closely. hey, it's thursday. good morning to you. the dow did very well, back above 25,000. facebook fell on worries they will be dragged back before congress. we'll talk more about that in a minute. take a look at this. tesla jumping big. this is important. tesla ceo elon musk called this his short burn. a short is when investors place a bet against the stock. a lot of people are betting against tesla. they got burned when the stock price went up yesterday. musk was able to do that by announcing tesla was very close to making 5,000 tesla model 3s a month, something if they keep it
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up would make them profitable. musk makes these promises all the time. recently people put money down and with drew it waiting for their nonexistent car. donald trump will travel to g7 summit in canada this weekend. the gathering of the world's most powerful free economies. we'll talk more about that as we talk politics. mentioned facebook, yesterday we talked about how facebook was in more trouble after it revealed it had given user data to the phone maker from china, huawei, a company fbi warns has ties to chinese intelligence. this has given members of congress the desire to recall zuckerbe zuckerberg to testify again. they are angry he knew about the huawei situation but never testified before congress. he said users had complete control over who seized their data. obviously that's not the case. don't say something not true to
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congress. >> zuckerberg, why would he give up that information. >> good question, huawei. they make cheap phones. they are the third most popular phones in the world. a lot of people can't get facebook, don't have data streams, whatever. zuckerberg said to phonemakers, maybe you could make a facebook inside your phone special for your phone users who can't get our full facebook experience. >> okay. >> one of them was huawei and tied, we think, to chinese intelligence services. that's why he did it was to get facebook into the hands of people who use huawei phones. >> right. who normally wouldn't get it. thank you, scott. we have another story to tell you about, peninsula city considering so-called head count tax. we first told you about this on tuesday. mountain view, "think google, cupertino, think apple, taxes based on the number of people who work at a tech company.
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they might do the same thing. apple, google, amazon all have major office campuses in sunnyvale. essentially the plan charges big companies more if a lot of employees work within the city limits. the city argues companies should pay more taxes to fund affordable housing and infrastructure improvements. opponents like silicon valley leadership group tell merc the tax would discourage growth. new this morning, giving to the less fortunate. a hospital in the east bay serving uninsured is celebrating its ten-years anniversary this month. >> the order of malta clinic near lake merritt in oakland provides free preventive care services. they pull this off with the hope of doctors and nurses volunteering their services. the clinic handles hundreds of patients every month. we spoke to the medical director about its vital role in the community. >> i think it benefits not only the individual patient but also the community.
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so for instance, last year we had a couple of active pulmonary tuberculosis patients. if we hadn't treated them, how would they have received treatment or care? the clinic plans to roll out a mobile unit later this month focusing on contra costa county where it's harder for the patients to commute from work. talk about a feel good story this morning, take a look here. this young pittsburgh pirates fan holding up that sign there before last night's game. it says, i want to play catch with austin meadows. he saw the sign, the pirates rookie outfielder and toot youngster up on that offer. not only did he play catch, meadows even gave him a signed baseball and, of course, a high five. >> i love that. isn't that cute. >> he'll enjoy that and think about that his entire life. >> maybe he'll become a pro player himself.
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>> the autograph is cool. but fewer people have actually played catch. >> amazing. he was holding a sign. marcus is holding my phone right now because i started doing facebook live during commercial break. if you want to join us, follow me on facebook, laura garcia nbc. behind the scenes in the weather department. >> you don't want to miss this. we will see sunshine today, it's cloudy as we tep out the door. temperatures nice and cool. here is a look at sunol. normally we can see above the clouds here and looking over the tri-valley but we can see patches of fog and low clouds right here where it's 54 degrees. as we go through the day it will be clearing out as we get a look at martinez temperature trend, low 60s and reaching into the mid-70s today. it's going to be perfect. looking at the south bay low 70s in east san jose, 70 degrees. cupertino expect a high of 70 there.
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also 70 in vallejo, hayworth 65 and 62 in san mateo. still windy and cool in san francisco. we'll struggle to make it up to 60 degrees today. those winds coming in from the west at 21 miles per hour and then looking at the north bay and napa a high of 70. cool and mostly cloudy, a little clearing around 3:00 before clouds quickly move back in. as you make weekend plans if you're going to muir woods, tomorrow the nicest day, 71 with sunshine, slightly cooler on saturday and sunday still looking nice, too, upper 60s. let me know what you're doing this weekend, you may get a personalized forecast. i'm @karihall on facebook and twitter. we'll talk about the forecast in 20 minutes if you can stick around. look at the forecast as it cools down, warms up, cools down, warms up and hot into next week,
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upper 90s for inland areas. are you ready for that? >> no. >> mike says no. it will be upper 50s in san francisco today. but you'll appreciate a nice little warm up early next week. mike, now you're concerned about that motorcycle crash. >> i'm very concerned because looking, first of all traffic wise a critical spot. upper east shore freeway. you notice over the rest of contra costa county a lighter flow of traffic. we should be all right with a small delay, five or ten minutes if they don't clear this. i'm concerned about the person involved, motorcycle rider reportedly down in the left two lanes. fast lanes blocked now as you're coming off prestigious hercules. the fire crew just arrived on scene. chp arrived on the scene. we're trying to get details but letting them do their work. you see the back-up on the frirfrir freeway, the delay on the carren
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-- cartenas bridge. the last few weeks, schools releasing for summer vacation. still have commute traffic across san mateo bridge. the concern is volume slowing. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up here on "today in the bay," a tennessee grandmother released from prison, thanks to president trump, is sharing her story for the first time. i'm just so thankful for it. i can't explain it. it's a miracle. coming up, we have her emotional family reunion and what she plans to do moving forward. many fire victims are still fighting with their insurance companies. they say the process has gotten simply too nitpicky. good morning, i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds. and, it's throw-back thursday. you know bob redell, he always does it big. he actually tweeted out a clip
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of a wardrobe malfunction. it's family friendly. it's on the twitter feed. you're watching "today in the bay." stick around.
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still responding to north bay fire victims who lost everything more than six months ago. area and telemundo responding to fire victims who lost everything. >> they continue to tell consumer teams they can't get 100% payoff from insurers. chris chmura has been working to help them. >> we've been continuing to
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question insurance companies and state regulators. but we've been looking for alternatives for victims. we met in santa rosa with more than 100 fire victims who lost their homes and everything inside. they say the insurance process is grueling, especially a labyrinth of paperwork that requires an item by item inventory. many told us they believe the hoops are designed to low ball them. but a few fire victims have discovered a way to challenge their insurance company by hiring an expert of their own. >> if you don't have your own representative, you're at a disadvantage. if you don't do it every day like the adjuster from the insurance company does, then you're at a disadvantage dealing with that adjust oradjustor. coming up tonight, unexpected, what they are charging and how this little known service could apply to you
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if you ever the tennessee grand president trump released >> so nice you're there to help them. new this morning tennessee grandmother who president trump release freddie prison said she will appreciate every single day. you've surely heard the story, her name is alice marie johnson. this video, running to embrace her family. she's serving a sentence for a first time drug offense 20 years ago. here she is a free woman, talking this morning on the
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"today" show. >> we are going to appreciate every single moment that we have. sometimes we take family and life for granted. i'll never do that again. i want to take this chance to try to magnify what has happened with me so that people will remember there are other people who are just like me who are first time nonviolent offenders who pose no safety risk to their community. i can't just walk away and forget about those left behind. kim kardashian heard johnson's story and personally appealed to the president to commute johnson's sentence. take you to this video right here. this is a nightmare caught on camera. this is new video showing a man catching a baby thrown from an apartment building. you see them throwing that baby to safety there and caught. the person down this catches that baby, an 11-month-old boy dropped from a second floor
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window. the video you see it there. the baby and mother have minor injuries from jumping out of the window. fortunately they both survived. >> look at that. isn't that amazing? goodness. coming up next, all clear. stop, major progress overnight in contra costa county after a large fire prompted a health advisory. plus disturbing new details surface in the gruesome san francisco murder case, a possible motive after a woman was arrested on suspicion of killing her roommate. 6:28 right now. you're watching da "today in the bay."
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i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie. we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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we )re off to another cool star, and it will be another cool and breezy day ahead. right now at 6:30 we are off to another cool start and another cool and breezy day ahead as we take a live look outside. you can just tell from this picture that we're taking in downtown san jose this morning. good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. let's get to the woman who knows it all, when it comes to weather anyway, kari hall. >> all kinds of weather over the next few days. heating up next week. as we go to los gatos, partly to mostly cloudy skies through the morning and those mid-50s will head into the upper 60s for later today with sunshine looking at high temperatures today, concord we're looking at a high of 72 degrees. livermore 68 and 71 in san jose. it's still going to be cool and windy in san francisco with upper 50s and mid-70s for the north bay. we'll talk about the weekend
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forecast in about seven minutes. mike now has a traffic alert for parts of the east bay. >> that's right. contra costa county, coming off cartenas bridge, an overview of the area. we're not talking about concord and baypoint, highway 4 all right, just a little slow. offense here westbound 80, your commute direction off the cartenas bridge, jammed all the way to the scene of a motorcycle crash around pinole county road, just shy of the exit. left lanes blocked, chp trying to get details. i'm worried about the motorcycle driver. we have warmer weather, folks. when we have warmer weather we see more motorcycles on the roadways. make sure you see them as well. take the look over your shoulder when changing lanes. it's critical. the rest of the bay, south of the bay bridge looks got. back-up at the toll plaza. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:32, developing, good news if you're waking up in east bay.
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public health officials lift add health advisory overnight after a large junkyard fire in antioch-pittsburg border. >> bob redell joins us live with major changes we've seen overnight. good morning, bob. >> good morning, laura and marcus. even though a faint hint of fire in the air, it's okay to be breathing again in this section of contra costa county. it was in the past couple of hours the fire and health services department here in contra costa county, as you mentioned, lifted that health advisory saying, hey, it's okay to come back outside and reopen your doors and windows. this is after a fire burned through the business here behind me a1 auto dismantlers along pittsburg antioch highway, burned through a number of cars here. the fire started around 5:30, possibly with a canned heel in a nearby homeless encampment.
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the resulting health advisory put out. the county issued an advisory to stay inside. as i want to reiterate it has been lifted. two business owners stored their trucks at the site and at the time did not know if their equipment survived the fire. it's scary. you don't realize how difficult fires are when water supplies are so minimal everywhere. >> accidents happen. hopefully it wasn't done intentionally. >> three people, including a firefighter, got some minor burns. again, these are minor. they were treated and released, going to be okay. reporting live in pittsburgh, bob redell, "today in the bay." all right, bob. thanks for that update. >> glad they are going to be okay.
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gruesome details. a body dismembered. margaret rose mamer, officers found her body parts earlier this week in a storage bin under the apartment where she rent add room from 47-year-old lisa gonzalez. prosecutors claim gonzalez used a hacksaw in the crime. neighbors say the two women kept mostly to themselves. >> it's unbelievable. you don't think of these things happening downstairs from you. >> police say she argued with mamer because she refused to move out. gonzalez is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. happening now, the search is on for the driver of this suv. take a look at your screen right there. a blue or black grand cherokee, contra costa sheriff's deputy say it's connected to a deadly shooting in north richmond. happening today in oakland,
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we'll find out if the warehouse fire will be postponed. it's scheduled to begin next month but lawyers for max harris want it pushed to september. however, lawyers for darrick almena wants it to stay where they are. both men facing manslaughter charges. happening today, increasing spending by millions of dollars to help survivors of domestic violence. that money is badly needed. the county gets more than 2,000 calls for help each year. more than 2,000 survivors never get shelter because there's not enough money. that's changing today. cindy chavez who fought hard for more funding will detail how that money will be spent. >> this morning warriors just one win away from another nba title. >> i can talk about this all morning. dubs beat cavs. you saw it tlast nightlast nigh. here he is talking about his hot
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night. >> we struggled to shoot the barley on. i had good looks. i started asking for more of them and knocked down shots for us. >> durant on fire. game four in cleveland and dubs are up 3-0. we won't blame you if you start making plans to enjoy another victory parade next week, mike, where there will be some traffic. but hey, we're going to be happy. >> i think this is a sacrifice fans are willing to make. >> that's right. now the hush falls over the crowd and a pretty decent drive. i have some slowing toward montague coming up but details here. no reports on injuries for this crash. traffic advisory westbound 880 at pinole county road, see the back-up to the skyway. a problem off the cartenas bridge. if you can choose from cartenas or benicia, i would take it
6:38 am
because it's more smooth. drive through the area, congestion in walnut creek as well, 680, 24 looking good as well. laura, we took a look at this an hour ago it was fine, but now it shows slowing. >> turtles. >> getting closer and closer to the weekend as well. >> looking forward to some warm weather, also more sunshine. it's going to be a little warmer than today but still cool for the coast. upper 60s for the coast and morning clouds and fog. 74 will be the high. 79 degrees, it will start to heat up for inland areas but not much of a change for the bay and the coast. what are you doing this weekend? maybe kick it off with seo county fair and sheila e will be on the stage saturday night in san mateo. it will be in the mid-60s with sunshine cooling off nicely in
6:39 am
the low 60s later this evening. bring a jacket. going to lake shasta, you're going to need an umbrella. 65 with a chance of showers on saturday but sunday it clears out and highs reaching into the upper 60s. here is a live look at the sierra if you're lucky enough to go there this weekend, sunny tomorrow, 64 degrees and low 50s on saturdays. more clouds. the rain will stay away from kirk wood. sunday in santa cruz, that will be fairly nice and comfortable day with upper 60s. we'll see the warmest day tomorrow with 75 degrees. the tri-valley will be heating up. but still comfortable for going out and doing some sightseeing, going to restaurants and vineyards, 71 on saturday and 77 degrees on sunday. let me know what you're doing this weekend. i've had a few people reach out and let me know where they are going. i'm kari hall on facebook and twitter. if you're with me on social
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media, you'll get all the updates. today's temperature trend for san jose coming up in about three minutes. >> thanks so much, kari. 6:39. coming up next on "today in the bay," breaking news into the newsroom. colin kaepernick versus the president. the action the nfl car is taking this morning. skeptical about self-driving cars? a lot of us are. a reason people in the bay area are worried about the technology. >> a whole lot going on in washington including the president saying the first lady has hit a rough patch. take a look when "today in the bay" continues.
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it is 6:43. we wake up, see clouds outside but sun is trying to break through. here is a live look outside in san jose. clouds will be clearing as the day goes along by 10:00 more sun, temperatures in the 60s, reaching low 70s today. it's going to be really nice. as we go into the weekend slightly warmer. a look at those numbers, 90s in the forecast coming up in five minutes. >> we continue with this traffic alert for upper east shore freeway, pinole valley road westbound 80, the scene of the motorcycle crash where left lanes are blocked on 880. adding to travel times over here. at the half hour mark at highway 4. i'll show you where the delay is and how much is showing up. >> thanks, mike. 6: 3 right now. we have that breaking news to tell you about.
6:44 am
colin kaepernick is taking on the president. yahoo! sports reports his legal team will pursue a federal subpoena in the coming weeks, for president trump and vice president pence and others. kaepernick has a collusion case against nfl. he says the teams are black balling him because of his protest during the national anthem. he said he never protested the actual anthem as the press has often claimed. trump routinely talks about the protest. the nfl even changed its policy as a result. just this week he disinvited super bowl champs from the white house visit over the issue. >> 6:44, live pictures of the dumbarton bridge. measure 3 just passed by voters. we'll find how it will help bay ferries. it was approved in seven out of nine. it raises tolls over the next
6:45 am
two years. today transportation leaders will discuss the measure in san francisco. happening today house republicans will work on an immigration compromise. that meeting comes as legal border crossings are going up. more than 50,000 people arrested last month, the third month in a row arrests have topped 50,000. president trump not happy about this. he actually criticized homeland security secretary. meanwhile federal judge says tearing families apart at the borders is in his words brutal. >> scott mcgrew, he's letting an appeal to top it go forward in court. >> it's a lawsuit that says the government's policy of separating parents and children who are asking for asylum is cruel specifically the judge in the case said this, brutal, offensive and fails to comport with traditional notions of fair play and decency. there are two important things to understand about this situation. the first is generally speaking people seeking asylum at the
6:46 am
border aren't breaking the law. they are following the law. our asylum law works that way. show up at the border. if you're fleeing persecution, we will protect you. attorney general jeff sessions says some aren't showing up in the proper designated crossings. that's true. generally speaking the people we're talking about in this court case are following the law. second, president trump says the first lady appeared with the president at a hurricane planning meeting. here is the president speaking for the first lady. >> a rough patch. she's doing great. we're very proud of her. she's done a fantastic job as first lady. the people love you. the people of the country love you. yesterday the president went on twitter to palace mainstream media he claims said she had a
6:47 am
face-lift or even she was being abused. first we know of no such speculation. as for anger that people were supposedly giving her a hard time for facebook -- face-lift, mika brzezinski took issue with that. the msnbc did have a face-lift. president trump, not candidate trump, president trump said he did not invite her to a party because she was, quote, bleeding badly from a face-lift and i said no. the president has called mika, low iq woman, dumb as a rock and crazy. president will meet with shinzo abe ahead of the g-8 in canada. "the washington post" said the president doesn't want to go. angela merkel will go. you can read body language on this one. she told german newspaper she expected the meeting to be contentious. we're curious what you think
6:48 am
about president trump on twitter @scottmcgrew. 6:47, new this morning, how do you feel about self-driving cars. bay area drivers aren't sold just yet according to a new pole by bay area council. 46% of 1,000 had took the survey said they would ride in such a car but down from 52% a year ago. nearly 40% said they would not get in a vehicle without a human driver. they are very aware of crashes. also in the bay area, tech center, development center for a lot of vehicles, people are well aware computers are not infallible. >> if you see them in san francisco, people double parked or have to stop, they have to sit there. they can't go around. sitting there, can't they just go around. no, they can't. >> kari has a look at our forecast today.
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>> let's get through morning drive as you're driving your self to work this morning. a live look outside in emeryville. we see clouds, a busy start to the morning. looking good. east bay commute partly cloudy skies. heading out for launch 64 in the east bay, upper 60s with breezy winds. we're only going to get up to 70, warmer for early june. oakland 63, mid-70s for north bay and cool and windy in san francisco. a live look outside in san jose as you're getting dressed you'll be comfortable with light long sleeves and also maybe a hat. it will be windy. in livermore, they will have the annual rodeo happening this weeke weekend. they will start it in the park.
6:50 am
you can get into this event for $1. the weekend will heat up, inland areas 84 and cooler for saturday. sunday will be just as warm as friday and then it gets really hot next week. i'm talking low- to mid-90s, possibly some upper 90s for interior valleys. that heat sticks around for a while. so just take it all in today. the cool weather, it lasts for a few more days and next week san francisco will have some comfortable mid-70s with some sunshine. mike, that traffic alert still continues? >> just made the change. it does continue with backups but the alert cleared. that's where i was hanging out, held down the fort a couple seconds. big slowdown off the cartenas bridge. worst drive through contra costa county, coco county. highway 4 out of pittsburg not bad, slowest drive compared to here, improving here, worse for highway 4.
6:51 am
this motorcycle crash did clear less than a few minutes ago, pinole county road. all lanes clear, look at the jam up that will greet you as you come across east bay from cartenas bridge. partners on waze said a two-mile drive, getting better. says clearly on waze, getting better. nbc wazers, that's the name of the team i'd love you to join. a look at the rest of the commute moving quickly. around the bay, bay bridge metering lights on slowing towards san mateo, dumbarton bridges, moving northward but not a major concern. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up next here, a quick look at the top stories, local stories here on "today in the bay." plus an apology overnight from comedian samantha bee. >> i'm really sorry that i said that word. but you know what, civility is just nice words.
6:52 am
maybe we should all worry about the niceness of our actions. coming up, the reason she says we need to focus on more important issues. >> at 6:51, happening now, a boy scout might be facing charges after tsa says he brought a fake grenade to houston's hobby airport. agents found it at the checkpoint and an explosive unit called in to investigate. police say the boy was carrying the toy as part of an exercise on what not to bring to an airport. plus more cities might follow honolulu's lead. the city council just approved the nation's first cap on surge pricing for ride sharing. it would put a limit on how much uber and lyft can charge. the mayor still needs to sign off on that law. a lot more news after this break. stick around, 6:52. before you h
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here are the top stories on today in the bay-- trending this morning - comedian samantha bee and her apology for calli . welcome back, before young head outlet the door. the time is 6:55. top stories this morning. >> trending, samantha bee calling ivanka trump a vulgar word. she gant show last night with humor. >> i never intended it to hurt anyone except ted cruz. many men were also offended by my use of the word. i do not care about that. >> all jokes aside bee reminded her viewers she was trying to highlight how the trump administration is separating parents and children's at our
6:56 am
borders he got angry with the vulgar rose. she said the media chose to focus on the word rather than all the undocumented children. >> i that i did something to contribute to the nightmare of 24 hour news cycles we're all white knuckling through. i should have known a potty mouth insult would be inherently more interesting to them than juvenile immigration policy. i would do anything to help those kids. i hate this distracted from them. to them i'm also sorry. live pictures right now from oracle arena. police are investigating after a man was shot there last night. this happened around 9:00 as hundreds of those fans were leaving a watch party for game three of nba finals. that man who was shot was found outside of the parking lot. he is expected to be fine. new details about a mysterious death in an east bay high school. 15-year-old ben curry was a freshman at san ramon valley
6:57 am
high school in danville, found unresponsive in the school swimming pool last month and died at the hospital. investigators are saying it was an accident, not suicide. the coroner said surveillance video shows ben getting into the pool with classmates. he went underwater and never came back up. students noticed when the next class started. a puppy pews case in oakland. officers now offering $40,000 for information. you might remember, three puppies were found in a pile of trash over memorial day weekend. one of them now in a newly adopted home. the other two are in foster care recovering from jaw surgery. looking live right now at a junkyard in the east bay you may still smell smoke in the area but there's no longer a health advisory. authorities lift thad overpass. this came after a big fire you're seeing right there. this is at the a1 auto recyclers along pittsburg antioch highway. officials say a candle burning
6:58 am
in a tent at a nearby homeless encampment may be to blame here. three people, including a firefighter have burns but all are going to be okay. happening today ac transit driver arrested for bringing a gun on his route is expected in court. he told investigators he carried a pistol because he feared for his own safety. he was arrested last month at the bayfair parity station in san leandro. investigators say williams e-mailed his specificsers telling them he was bringing the gun to work. ac management called police. our investigative unit reported before about bus drivers being attacked behind the wheel. watch the report at under way right now in san francisco, the mayor's race. >> mark leno holding a narrow lead over london breed. leno only ahead by 1,000 or so votes and there's still 90,000 ballots left to be counted. once again this is ranked choice voting where voters pick their top three candidates. if no one gets 50% or more in the first count, then voters
6:59 am
second and third choices come into play. looking live right now at a foggy bay bridge, can barely see the bridge there. should be a nice cool breezy day ahead. meteorologist kari hall tracking this for us. >> that fog protects us from the extreme heat that will be coming early next week. it's going to really warm up over the next few days. we're enjoying cool weather now, 74 degrees. by tuesday it will be up to 97 degrees. in san francisco we go from upper 50s today to mid-70s early next week. >> wow, big change there. some new delays reported for b.a.r.t. >> for san francisco stations in general, ten-minute delay, equipment problems around the station. track that. follow me on twitter as well. ac has minor drelay, not big deal. recovery of upper east shore freeway crash kreecleared on pi.
7:00 am
that's it for "today in the bay," back at 7:25 for a live news update. >> thanks for starting your morning with us. we enjoy having you with us all the time. it is a thursday, friday eve. enjoy it. have a great day. test test test test . good morning. released. an emotional homecoming two decades in the making for alice johnson after president trump commutes her life sentence. the decision coming after an oval office plea from kim kardashian west. this morning, a great grandmother joins us live, speaking out about her new-found freedom. breaking news, emergency air lift. children injured in that powerful volcano eruption in gaut mallarks arrive in the united states overnight as we get a first-hand look at the scope of the disaster that's claimed nearly


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