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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 21, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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fremo fremont. this a beautiful way to start the first day of summer. >> facing away? >> turned. getting a lot of different shots. >> streetlights. >> i'm marcus washington. we'll get to traffic in just a moment. right now, kari. >> summer started two hours ago. >> happy summer. >> yeah. we're going to be talking about heat as we go into the afternoon, but let's get started this morning. beautiful shot with our sunrise looking at san rafael this morning, heading into san francisco visibility is all clear. maybe heading out to fruitvale bart station. mostly cloudy. you'll need a jacket for the morning but will start to feel important comfortable as the day goes along. heating up in the 90s for concord and antioch today. mostly some 80s for parts of the inner bay and tri-valley. san francisco and oakland
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staying in the 60s. we'll talk about what's going on for the hot weekend forecast. mike, some slowing popped up. >> it did. i saw temperatures, maybe turning red and orange. did show a little slowing southbound and cleared as quickly as it happened. two sensor updates and gone once again. i'll track the tri-valley. so far no major problems reported. we're looking at a little slowing. just little blips here and there, a few more cars hitting the road. right now an easy drive north bay and san rafael, 101 out of novato. traffic. sun coming up, the heat, traffic building a tiny bit. no problems as far as speeds approaching bay bridge cash line. you'll have to wait there. >> we want to get to that continuing coverage for what's next for thousands of migrant children separated from their families. it's an immigration battle that's been playing out for days now. this morning we're getting a
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closer look at tcongress and th program. >> families who crossed into the u.s. illegally to stay together while they are in federal custody. now their fate is in the hands of congress. "today in the bay" susan mcguinness live with the next step lawmakers are considering and so many people wondering what's next, susan. >> that's right. they are. good morning, marcus and chris. there's a lot of relief on capitol hill across the country, across the world that this policy separating families is ending but only ending for new families across the border. now the government needs to answer for how they are going to reunite families now. congress is working on passing immigration reform. >> the cries of the children were heard. >> anybody with a heart would feel very strongly about it. we don't like to see families separated. >> the president's executive
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order allows families illegally crossing the border to stay together in federal custody as parents await prosecution. >> this is wrong. >> it's a response to a worldwide outcry over separations of migrant parents and children. while showing compassion, the president made his position on immigration clear at a rally in minneso minnesota. >> they are not sending their finest, i can tell you. we're sending them the hell back. i will never sacrifice safety and security of american people. >> reporter: now it's up to congress to agree on immigration reform. >> i'm committed to working with administration. my colleagues on the other side of the aisle will hopefully do that. >> as bills face uncertain congress, there are still thousands of children separated from their parents. >> families together in indefinite detention isn't something sustainable either. >> at the least families crossing the border and awaiting
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processing will wait together. >> now, votes on these bills here on capitol hill could still happen today. but as of last night, kris and marcus, it looked like a big scramble for votes. some are calling both these bills doomed. >> we will be watching, susan, thank you. 5:04 in the bay area people coming together in support of the families. they are pushing for answers from the trump administration. ♪ i hope someday you join us >> they property their voices and their passion. this is marin civic center last night for the families belong together rally. speakers demanded a quick reunification for separated families. >> we cannot rest until these children and families are reunited. we cannot rest um this executive orders and the things we have to
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do. >> still open to indefinite detentions, we find ourselves careening from one bad decision to the next. >> reuniting those families will be difficult. migrant children were sent to at least 17 states. some to new york, michigan, and right here in california. a complex web involving multiple government agencies. the critics say untangling it will be a logistical nightmare. our coverage of what's next for immigrant families continues on our website. we'll actually send out a push alert with any updates on the crisis, or you can actually head over to our website right now. for that instant information. >> new this morning coco the gorilla from the zoo that mastered the art of sign language has died. coco drew national attention around the world making a lot of friends along the way including robin williams. her ability to sign and
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understand more than 2,000 words developed as part of a program started at stanford university. she was born at san francisco zoo but spent most of her life at a preserve in santa cruz mountains. that's also where she died tuesday at 46 years old. some people in the east bay are concerned about potentially toxic material illegally dumped in landfills. today leaders are holding a town hall to try to provide some answers for them. "today in the bay" pete suratos live with questions lingering about the cleanup of the shipyard. pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, kris. really this comes to providing clarity for contra costa residents. if indeed these allegations are true then radioactive materials may have been dumped in a landfill in contra costa county north of where we're standing in concord. these allegations that i'm talking about came out last month. data by the pasadena-based firm tetratech say they falsified
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cleanup data at the 100 point naval shipyard in san francisco. potentially radioactive materials were dumped in a contra costa county landfill, folks there may be familiar with that. they did report on the issue. they are reporting the navy is now retesting the 100 point naval shipyard following allegations against tetratech. i believe we're showing you a map, 40 acre swamp that will eventually turn bo offices, parks and homes in the area. also the city of san francisco plans to test parcel a, you see that on the map as well, where people are already living in condos. they are testing pott areas. town hall happening in contra costa county show it to the viewers. if you want to weigh in and you're in the area, ambrose community center willow pass
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road, 6:30. that's, of course, free to residents to express concern about landfill dumped in the area. for more information do to our website, >> thanks, pete. >> 5:08. we're learning about another stolen gun in san francisco. this time the weapon was snatched from the back seat of suv belonging to off duty san francisco sheriff's deputy. our investigation video obtained surveillance video. take a look here. this happened last week outside of a fitness center in opinisun. it was in the back seat. a weapon he used on duty as well as three magazines of ammunition. san francisco sheriff's department said that deputy immediately reported the incident. >> the man deputies -- who prosecutors say is behind a gruesome cold case is in court
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today. they say allen shot and killed two young campers in their sleeping bags in jenner in 2004. remember that? if you live in the bay area you probably do. it authorities arrested him last year in the deadly shooting of his brother. following that arrest they named him as the lone suspect in the jenner case. preparing for the worst, that's what emergency crews will do once again today in marin county. another active shooter training drill will take place. this is today at st. francis drake high school. now, they had one earlier this week as well. the entire response training session will run all day today. so if you see those emergency vehicles or hear loud noises don't be alarmed in that area. the samulation is between noon and 3:00 this afternoon. >> also happening today, golden gate bridge leaders reportedly will consider a new option to
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maintain the many cables that run up and down the span. the problem is there's no safe and efficient way to clean, monitor those cables. today they report the district will hear an idea using rolling trolleys. an engineering company wants to develop trolleys which will include extended platforms moving up and down by a pulley system. if that idea flies, new contraptions could be in place next year. >> 5:10, we wake up seeing lightning in the sky and clouds rolling by. live look outside in san jose shows we are starting out with a few clouds passing. santa teresa, san jose, 50s at 10:00, 7:00, 65 degrees and fast warming, mid-70s by the afternoon as we head spot 80s. we kick off pride festivities today with highs in san francisco reaching 5 degrees. there will be some clearing today and a lot more sunshine in
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time for the rest of the weekend. we'll talk about more events going on coming up. mike talking about that event. >> for some it's a bigger event than others. if you're going to sfo you do have an issue. the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive, a little slowing out of the altamont. southbound 101 on ramp is closed getting to sfo. you can get farther south loop around on millbrae avenue but that will delay you five to seven minutes over there. that is critical if you're getting to work or getting to sfo. keep that in mind. crews should be clearing up now. we'll get the all clear at some point and then i'll pass it on. bay bridge, slowing at the toll plaza. no surprises. san mateo bridge. back to you. >> it is 5:11. coming up negligence on "today in the bay," pushing back on net neutrality rules. something that the impact every internet user. the reason critics say is still not enough. >> later burger king facing
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backlash this morning. coming up at 5:25, controversial ad landing the fast-food chain in hot water.
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it's 5:14. let's go to los gatos and check out the temperature trend for today. nice and cool to start, mostly clear skies. start out low- to mid-50s. as we go into the noontime hour, it's going to be 72 degrees, quickly warming up for the afternoon as we head into the
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mid-80s today. today begins our warming trend. it gets really hot by this saturday. i'll show you all those numbers and what to expect where you live coming up in less than five minutes. we just saw this shot clear but the last minute and a half met with some building at bay bridge toll plaza. we'll track metering lights and show you how it develops. >> thank you, mike and kari. california bold plan to bring back net neutrality rules taking a hit from supporters who say lawmakers are running for cover. that bill initially sought to pan internet providers from changing websites based -- targeting those websites. this is based on higher traffic. that measure would have revised many of the regulations lifted by fcc last year. the democrat controlled assembly yesterday could only agree on what critics say is a watered down version of the bill. that will still allow providers
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to charge new fees for higher traffic. if the bill does get approved, it would likely face legal challenges. >> business and tech news this morning, instagram is diving head first. >> for that and the rest of the news before the bell turn to courtney reagan live at cnbc headquarters this morning. good morning to you both. wall street could open following a similar session yesterday, nasdaq closing at record high held by facebook and amazon. broader market rose on news increasing the offer for fox's assets. the dow fell for the seventh straight day, longest losing streak since march, fell to 26,657, nasdaq rising 55 to 7781. instagram now is more than 1 billion users worldwide up from 800 million last september. the app owned by facebook is also adding a section quoted to
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long form video expanding beyond its photo sharing roots. ig tv will feature rising internet tv and artists, initially instagram app but also available for stand alone. teaming up with workshop, award winning studio to develop live and animated children's shows. "sesame street" is not part of the deal, to be color on that apple developing slate of original content as it tries to compete against netflix, amazon and hulu. they haven't reveal how you'll watch them but we're starting to hear about the content we'll see when it is released. back over to you. >> i can't wait. i love "sesame street" even though my kids are a little passed that age. thank you, courtney. youth. sometimes it is all a matter of getting your bearings. you're looking at new video first posted on facebook by someone in alaska. it is a young moose squaring off with a stump, because sometimes
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you have to take a stand. that stump, as you can guess, does not move. that does not stop the moose, though, because how will the moose know. as to why it's no fixated, you can see even its mother and sibling are a little bit stumped. come on, rocky, it's the stump you saw yesterday. leave it alone. didn't answer me back. >> they have to learn that lesson of what skunks actually do. >> that's a tree stump. >> i thought you said a skunk. >> wow. >> okay. >> a lesson. >> didn't want to play with that. >> spray. >> all right. so yeah we've got some great weather today in our forecast. we are going to start out with some clear skies for parts of the bay area. but we're still seeing low clouds and fog along the coast. here is a live look outside as you see the sun rising this morning. where are we again?
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where is that? concord. okay. we're seeing a live look outside in concord as we're looking for beautiful weather. here is a look at walnut creek. it's going to be starting out with low 60s. by noon 73 degrees. it is going to warm up fast. before you know it in walnut creek we'll be up to 85 degrees this afternoon. getting out the door heading to diridon station in l.a. transit forecast for that morning making your way to work, that commute is going to be at 56 degrees at 7:00. at noon 73 degrees and a very nice afternoon. warmer than yesterday but not bad in downtown san jose at 82, upper 80s. even low 90s as we head over towards antioch. danville 90 degrees while oakland today will reach up to 69 degrees and cool for half moon bay. 59 and 77 in redwood city.
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san francisco coming up just a few degrees, still nice and cool with those breezy westerly winds. for the north bay expect highs reaching spot mid to upper 80s. going to santa cruz today. we've got the day off. want to head with the kids before the weekend crowd, mid-50s for the morning and mid-70s for early afternoon. we do have a light on-shore flow but mostly winds are starting to shift. that's the reason why our temperatures will be a bit warmer today. by the weekend our winds will be blowing offshore and a very light wind. it's going to heat up. as it pelosi over the hills and down to the valleys, that area will warm. we're looking at triple digit temperatures for inland valleys before it cools off. let me know what you're doing this weekend. before you make those weekend plans, check out the forecast. i'm @karihall on facebook and twitter. a lot of pride events going on. it will be more comfortable compared to what we have for inland valleys. reaching 90 today, 98 tomorrow,
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and 100 degrees on saturday. cooling down next week. san francisco mid-70s for the weekend. mike, you're talking about it's still early for most commuters. >> for all of us. really the build for the commuters we're looking at a smooth drive. green sensors pretty much all over the bay. altamont corridor slowing as you'd expect. over here south county, no problem, 101, morgan hit, san martin. santa cruz moves smoothly. kari shows us those pictures. you can expect it to jam up. coming back, a day at the beach will be a nightmare coming back. san jose with light traffic. skipped over that on the map. this is why you have green through the area. light traffic now getting toward the bay bridge. these travel times show you how light and easy it is. at the limit down east shore freeway from highway 4, starting
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to form at the bay bridge. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up on "today in the bay," saying a final good-bye to kate spade. friends and family plan to honor her life and legacy today. in thy
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have been made off the field. it was an advertising idea .. cooked up by burger king. one of the biggest mistakes in the world cup so far may have been made off the field. it was an advertising idea
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cooked up by burger king. now it's in the garbage disposal. burger king offered a lifetime of burgers who got pregnant by a world cup player. needless to say the announcement didn't go well. the company issued an apology for its online marketing team. happening today, remembering the life and legacy of kate spade, family and friends as well as fans that will gather in kansas city, missouri, to say their final farewell. the 55-year-old fashion designer was born there. kate spade took her own life june 5th in new york city. she sold the slfl titled company in 1993 and in 2016 she launched a new brand, francis valentine named after her 11-year-old daught
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daughter. >> bringing attention to mental health contra costa services will hold a public forum for anyone looking for information. they are going to talk about current issues relevant in the health care community. they hope the forum will help them identify the problem they need to fix. today's forum from 7:00 to 9:00 tonight. >> taking on high heels. that's right. hundreds of men were seen strolling through. look at them. some are stilettos. the goal to raise money to help end violence against women. we previewed this yesterday on "today in the bay." more than 600 pair of heels borrowed for the walk. some bought their own. $180,000 raised for ymca in silicon valley. >> i'm encouraged about what you see today. it's not a spectacle but a
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conversation propelled. we are seeing committed to stepping up, standing up and ending violence. >> so this was the 16th year they have held the event in san jose. san jose's mayor, police chief and members of the san jose state football team were among those who participated. >> meanwhile we did a story not long ago about how the trend was toward more flats. women wearing fewer high heels. good news, men, maybe next year you can wear flats. >> they wore those big chunky ones. >> so do i. they are more stable. >> anything for a good cause. >> exactly. coming on next on "today in the bay." an alarming warning for anyone thinking of taking to the skies this summer. there's a rise in a disturbing crime you need to know about. plus -- >> i think anybody with a heart would feel very strongly about it. we don't like to see families separated. >> a reverse in course. we take a closer look at president trump's executive order to bring migrant families back together. the reason some say it still
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leaves a lot of unanswered questions. try jack's new $3 sauced & loaded fries. our hot and salty fries, smothered in cheese and guacamole. plus your choice of carne asada, chorizo, or chipotle chicken for just 3 bucks. so tonight, kick the party in your mouth up a notch with jack's new $3 sauced & loaded fries.
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our hot and salty fries, smothered in cheese and guacamole. plus your choice of carne asada, chorizo, or chipotle chicken for just 3 bucks. so tonight, kick the party in your mouth up a notch with jack's new $3 sauced & loaded fries. >> good thursday morning to you as we start the day, taking a live look outside. look how beautiful it is. this is fremont central park, lake elizabeth. a beautiful scene there. makes you smile. >> it's going to be a warm one later today and later on into
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the weekend. >> absolutely. kari has been tracking all of this for us this morning. kari, we're going to have to bring out the fans, the air conditioning units. >> it's been summer all of the whole two hours. >> we're already complaining. here is a live look outside in san jose. at least we do start out with clouds. we know it's not going to be too hot of a day. let's go to the city of campbell where we'll be up to 54 degrees starting out at 7:00. warming up into the low 70s today we are going to reach our normal high temperatures. it's going to warm up fast. if you're going to the giants game, we'll have that game tonight. first pitch at 7:15. it will be in the mid-60s, then looking at clear skies into tonight with our high temperatures today reaching low 90s inland while the coast will be in the upper 50s t wide range of temperatures. we'll talk about the weekend coming up. mike has a look at the morning commute. >> so far so good. predictable at the bay bridge toll plaza.
5:32 am
this is pretty good. a lighter back-up showing up even though metering lights turned on right on schedule within the last 10 minutes we see the right approach or left approach moving nicely between hov lanes and fasttrack lanes. no problems coming through the area. the maze off cartenas or benicia bridges. a little slowing here this part of contra costa slow on highway 4, walnut creek interchange. the tri-valley, south bay moving very nicely. over by sfo, we have one spot for construction. watch sfo off-ramp southbound 101. that was supposed to be clear but still reported in the system. use millbrae and loop back around to sfo. back to you. >> thanks, mike. new this morning, people around the bay area are waking up to news that coco, the world famous gorilla who knew sign language has died in the santa cruz mountains. coco touched a lot of lives, featured in documentaries and played around with hollywood a-listers.
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>> live at stanford with a look at coco's life, legacy and how the news is blowing up on social media right now. good morning, sharon. >> good morning, kris and marcus. this broke my heart, the news of her death along with many others. she was definitely loved by millions around the world. coco born in san francisco zoo. dr. penny patterson taught her sign language at the stanford university project that started in 1994. many met coco including mr. rogers. she's been the star in documentaries and "national geographic." the late robin williams also met coco years ago and had an immediate special bond with her sharing humor and kindness. the legacy behind, people tweeting, you broke down walls about communication between humans and species. even with my own family she touched the hearts of my daughters. we recently did a study about -- on her science project about how
5:34 am
animals communicate with humans. she was an incredible animal and touched so many lives. reporting live, sharon katsuda. back to you. summer travelers, a lot more flyers in the air, fbi is reminding everyone to be wary of being groped midair. in-flight cases are extremely rare but the fbi recently found that a lot more flyers are reporting those incidents. last year there were 63 cases report reported. four years ago 38 cases. authorities say it poo may have to do with higher rates of intoxicated or perhaps medicated passengers. it occurs most likely on red eye and late night flight. what's being done to bring migrant families back together. a lot of people saying at last
5:35 am
action from president trump on the controversial policy separating undocumented families at the border. still many say unresolved questions this morning. in a rare retreat, the president yesterday signed an executive order yesterday to reverse his own policy of separating migrant children from their parents. some say the change in the policy does not show a change of heart. the order still calls for zero tolerance in illegal immigration. experts say there are concerns about reconnecting children already separated from the families. >> it's not clear they even have records of all those children, where they are currently located, how to reunite them with their parents. >> and some call the past month a moment history will look back on. something like japanese american internment during world war ii. happening today bay area legal experts talk about the enforcement and ethical questions tied to family separations at the border. santa clara school of law will
5:36 am
lead that discussion, along with members from the political science and ethical studies department. it's also being posted on facebook live. this starts at noon on the santa clara university campus. this weekend several bay area lawmakers will head to the border to tour the facilities where children and parents are being detained. for the very latest on this you can head to our website, 5:36 now. new this morning disturbing accusations of human trafficking. authorities reportedly say the victims were recruited from a local high school. this couple from lake county, according to the paper they recruited one high school student into prostitution, they stole three other victims into the sex trade prosecutors say. at least one of the victims was a minor and there could be other victims. the couple is now being held on $1 million bail. for new details on the man authorities say cameras caught
5:37 am
kicking a homeless person in san francisco. he pleaded not guilty yesterday and you may find the video you're about to see disturbing. police say the 58-year-old computer technician samuel youmtoub kicked a man on the side of the street. they arrested him on market street. police say he's also a suspect in two other attacks including one last month on muni bus and another one in february. investigators say he blamed the lacks of action on his behavior. a follow-up on a story from yesterday. a heartfelt reunion between a man and his husky puppy after she was stolen. gutierrez cannot stop hugging nyla. this is in the town of ceres.
5:38 am
police say a man, mohammad nayl , stole that puppy so he could give it to his estranged girlfriend. the surveillance camera recorded him walking into that business in north san jose, grabbing that dog and leaving. the camera paid off for the dog's owner. >> i'm actually really happy that she's back. that's all i wanted. my mom, she said she had a dream of her playing when she was big, the day we lost her, which was monday night. you know, i'm glad she's back. >> the man that stole the dog nyla, was arrested. the estranged girlfriend was unaware the puppy was stolen and was not involved in that crime. >> good to see the puppy wasn't hurt. a new place to play, hundreds will come together to build a state-of-the-art play ground in menlo park. it's going up at garfield community school. it will be based on drawings from some of the elementary school students there. it's part of the week of
5:39 am
possibilities where nonprofits come together to address challenges facing their community. also happening today with a pleasant bay area night on tap, how about kicking back on the waterfront to capture. >> a screening gets under way jack london square in oakland, watching a popular, new or classic movie. tonight is oakland a's night with a screen of the cult classic, i should say, "the sandlot." >> i love that one. >> remember that reunion on the "today" show? >> yes. >> the screening runs every other thursday between now and august. showtime begins at sundown. there are lots of festivities ahead of time. can you get out there and enjoy it, mike. a lot of people prepared for traffic. >> you're killing me, smalls. that's what everybody says. killing on the road, we are killing it as far as good news.
5:40 am
looking at a smooth drive right here for all the green sensors, a little slowing through san jose, 101 north of 680, the first blip. a little slowing where the arrow is. no surprises, no problems there. bridge a smooth drive. not an issue here. a nice ride for mass transit. just tweeted out caltrans schedule for getting to san francisco pride parade fess tiflts and th tif -- festivities, a good option. >> definitely because those cars are air conditioned. >> you want to head to san francisco where you have natural air conditioning. you don't have to turn up the ac inside the car. here is a look at pride weekend forecast. some events kick off this evening with neighborhood block parties and celebrations. we're going to have some beautiful weather with highs reaching 65 degrees.
5:41 am
of course we've got the trans march tomorrow and dike march on saturday, by sunday the big pride parade. that's where we'll have the most comfortable temperatures and sunshine. we'll have great weather all weekend long. if you're starting out your weekend tomorrow, music in the park with tony, toni, tone in san jose. it will be hot, upper 80s, slow to cool off by tomorrow night. looking at our saturday forecast across the bay area, the coast will be in the mid-70s on saturday. the bay at 86. dangerous heat for the inland valleys up to the triple digits. we'll be cooling off just a bit on sunday. it's still going to be very warm and much more comfortable for the coast. then for the pride festival happening on saturday, we will have a lot of events going on around civic center plaza. high temperatures that day will reach into the mid-70s with some sunshine and once again much more comfortable weather there compared to what we'll have in
5:42 am
sonoma for save mart 350. that is going to be unbearable with highs near 100 degrees for tomorrow and saturday. i'll have a look at today's temperature trend for san jose. that's coming up in three minutes. >> all right. >> look forward to it. >> 5:42. coming up next on "today in the bay," it's something we're seeing all across the bay area, shared scooters and bikes. they are great until they are left on your street the way san jose city leaders are planning to regulate this new trend. >> plus we all know how bad the housing crisis is here in the bay area. new possible explanation for the problem coming up.
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happy thursday. it is 5:45, a cloudy start across much of the bay area. a live look outside over san jose. let's check out our temperature trend for sunnyvale, with nice start, upper 50s as you head out the door by 9:00. more people out and about. we'll see some sunshine. that sun warms up our temperatures above our normal high of 80 degrees. this is going to be a slightly warmer day but nothing compared to this weekend. i'll have a look at sizzling temperatures for the weekend forecast coming up in less than five minutes. meteorologist says sizzling. watch out over here. no worries. palo alto 101 shows a smooth drive. talk about what's going on farther east. >> thanks, mike and kari. 5:45 for you right now. if you live and work in san jose, maybe you've noticed is over the past week or even a
5:46 am
little bit more than that, but new bike sharing options leading to the occasional stray dockless bike left on random sidewalks as well as lawns. today san jose transportation leaders will hold a meeting that's part demonstration, part community hearing. this is what will happen. people will see bicycles as well as scooters. they will take feedback and possible regulation. it starts at 4:30 at san jose city hall. a live look at golden gate bridge. happening today update on traffic along with bus and ferry ridership. how are people moving along. according to documents southbound traffic in march and april dropped slight le during the morning rush. over the past traffic is the same. meanwhile ferry ridership up from a yore ago. bus service is slightly down.
5:47 am
okay. talk about good news, bad news here, this may explain why the bay area is experiencing such a housing crisis. so a new report by san mateo housing leadership council finds san mateo county added 72,000 new jobs over a five-year period ending in 2015. during that same period, the county added a little under 4,000 homes. that amounts to 19 new jobs for every one home. that report concludes more housing would lead to less commuter traffic. we have some official baby news. this is the prime minister of new zealand. she gave birth to a daughter overnight. the 37-year-old becomes the second elected world leader to give birth while holding office. her pregnancy was followed around the world. the first elected leader to give birth while in office was benazir bhutto who gave birth to her second child while serving as pakistan's prime minister back in 1990.
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remember the beyonce mass? >> yes. >> there is a sister act mass. an old church singing a new tune. ♪ happy day >> o happy day there. hundreds of people packed in grace cathedral for sister act sing along pride mass. this was last night. some of the service a message of inclusion. it really surprised some people. but those of all ages seemed to enjoy. the episcopal church is really starting to attract new worshippers. >> i thought there would be more songs from the movie. i like the way they interweaved it with the service. >> super diverse. after church somebody told me this is what church should look like. this is what church should look like. it's weird it takes beyonce or "sister act" to make that happen but whatever it takes.
5:49 am
>> the church had people on their feet last night. it all ended with lady gaga and confetti falling from what seems like the heavens. many say, hey, i'll be back. >> that never happened at my catholic church. >> my buddhist temple a little different. >> you guys sing at your church? >> absolutely. it's always about having fun, everybody having a good time. >> get the message. >> getting there and getting the message. so we are going to enjoy our weather today. we've been talking about the kickoff of the pride events in san francisco, and we are going to see some great weather for that. we will be heating up. here is a live look outside in burlington this morni burlingame this morning. you can see the clouds but overall a very nice start as you head out for work, whatever you have to do, maybe running errands. let's get a look at this forecast heading to diridon station in san jose. just trying to get to work this morning. it's going to start out nice and
5:50 am
cool. warming up fast. by noon in the low 70s and continuing to go up from there in san jose. the seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen where we go from 83 to 93 by tomorrow. here is where you can have some cool weather. out there at at&t park enjoying the game for the evening. first pitch at 7:15, we'll be at 62 degrees. breezy with some sunshine. skies will stay clear as we go into the evening. if you have plans to go out boating today, heads up, a small craft advisory in effect. the winds will be causing higher waves today coming in from the northwest at 15 to 25 knots and swells that are 5 to 7 feet. cool weather out there as well. our temperatures reach mid-60s today, we'll have a wide range in temperatures from 59 in half moon bay to 92 today in antioch. can you just drive and get the kind of weather you want. as you get dressed this morning if you're going to be somewhere where we have hotter temperatures like san jose, short leaves and shorts, maybe even flip flops.
5:51 am
sunglasses if you can. find some water, heading to the pool will ab good option not only today but the next several days as it will be very hot. also very warm out there at alameda county fair in pleasanton where highs reach mid-80s. you'll either want to go early in the afternoon or late in the evening where it cools off. that's where we'll have much more comfortable weather. heading over to mike, a great start to the commute. >> that's right. it is starting now so starting to see slower sensor reads. there's san jose here. over in hayward south 880 approaching san mateo bridge. had to look for them so fewer spots slowing. highway 4 through pittsburg and bay point, contra costa shows that there and a little bit over there for 580 through the altamont corridor. as you get to the dublin interchange, a little build as well, i did spot it on the camera, just over here close to me we had brake lights tapping as folks do slow down. some off the freeway for 580 onto 680.
5:52 am
let's look at highway 4, talked about slowing, a build for richmond westbound 80. i want to show you how waze will help you out. even if you're unfamiliar on summer travels, slowing southbound because of construction blocking two lanes. it will warn you about that as well. join nbc bay area waze. that's on your profile. >> thanks. >> i'm a waze. coming up, motorcycles a good way to beat the traffic in the bay area. how do riders beat the heat with no ac. we have some relief on the way. a new invention we'll tell you about. >> excited to tell you about that one. first happening now, breaking news in israel, sarah netanyahu, the prime minister's wife has been charged with fraud and breach of trust. she's accused of spending $100,000 in official funds on catering services. plus there are reports president trump plans to meet
5:53 am
with russia's leader vladimir putin next month. that will likely happen in vienna. we'll have more for you right after the break. welcome back.
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5:55 am
(time check ( hey-- did you know it )s nationl selfie day? 5:55, welcome back. that's me. did you know today is national selfie today? i talk about it on twitter.
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i want to see your best selfie, share it on twitter, i am marcus on nbc. a new video showing dramatic flooding along southeastern coast of texas. this the same area already pounded by hurricane harvey just 10 months ago. the tropical storm system churned through the gulf of mexico and eventually reached the texas coast yesterday. the national weather service says up to 15" of rain fell in that area causing water levels to rise right into people's homes. a lot of home owners are rebuilding from hurricane harvey. others say they don't know how long they can keep rebuilding. some take it in stride. >> these are our homes. >> mother nature is going to come into your home now and then. nothing you can do about it. you just try to plan for the best and recover as best you can and live your life. >> more rain could hit the area
5:57 am
this morning, but then it is supposed to start clearing out. those folks will start cleaning up. >> san francisco pride is coming up this weekend. more than a million people are expected to flock to the city for the pride festivities. this morning emergency management officials are taking those steps to make sure everyone is safe. if you're planning to go to the festival you're asked to sign up for emergency text alerts. all you have to do is text pride sf to the number on your screen right there. that is 888777, then you'll automatically be ep rolled in emergency alert for pride weekend. this the same used for natural disasters and major emergencies. if you rely on ebt or electronic benefit transfer, listen up. the state is about to transition to new ebt vendor next saturday. because of this, there will ab 24-hour outage across the state this weekend. it starts at 11:00 saturday night and will last until 11:00 sunday night.
5:58 am
during that outage, you won't be able to access your food or cash benefits, so make sure that you plan ahead. santa clara county alone, 240,000 families and people use that program for food, cash, d medic medical. >> they are looking for ways to cut youth homelessness in half and family homelessness in the next five years. workers are noticing the number, really a new trend here. they say older adults are the fastest growing homeless population mainly because they are joining the families already in shelters. the department is helping to create more navigation centers including one specifically for seniors. >> here is one way to beat the heat. a tech company invented this wearable cooler for your full face helmet. the company is based out of india where commuters get to and
5:59 am
from work on a motorcycle. the problem is it gets really hot under the helmet in the summertime. they came up with a cooler battery powered and turns on and off by pressing a button. i think i might get one for every day life, marcus. i hate the hate. >> i'll get one, too. we'll do it together, share it. a live look at at&t park, giants getting ready it host padre. meanwhile wives of giants hosting online auction, this is to raise money for charity. you can bid on experiences like throwing out the first pitch or being a ball dude. can you bid on items like autographed baseballs. the auction ends sunday night at 7:00. those proceeds benefit giants community fund, junior giants baseball program, children's house and san francisco homeless parental program. >> much better than bat boys. at 6:00 border battle continues
6:00 am
even after president trump's executive order allowing families to stay together after crossing the border illegally. what's next for the families already in custody and the children already separated from the parents? >> plus health concerns across the bay area stemming from radioactive soil at hunters point naval shipyard in san francisco of resources available to people in contra costa complaint after radioactive materials were found there. heating up. taking a stunning look outside from lake elizabeth in fremont this morning. a beautiful start to the summer. it started just about three hours ago. kari is tracking rising temperatures including triple digit heat for some folks as we head into the weekend. "today in the bay" continues right now. thanks so much for joining us on this thursday i'm kris sanchez, laura garcia is off. >> i'm marcus washington. get to traffic in a moment. now head to kari, talk about heat up we're experiencing today but not everywhere, though. >> not


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