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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 21, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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message today. but according to the emeryville police department, the owner has not yet filed a police report, so there is no investigation. the department says vandalism is a crime but the group responsible says that crime is petty, and it's much less serious than trump's policy of separating families. you wouldn't know just by looking at it now, but this morning, this billboard had been altered to blast president trump. more specifically, his zero-tolerance immigration policy and the separation of refugee families. >> in a matter of hours, we had the materials procured, the concept and it was done, photographed and released to the media. >> reporter: that's the voice of a man who says he's a member of the act collective called "in decline." they're claiming responsibility for vandalizing the billboard. they showed this pre-produced video showing some of their
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members changing the sign overnight. >> a bunch of activists trying to bring light to injustices around the world. >> reporter: the advertisement used to read "we make junk disappear", along a picture of a child. it was changed to say "we make kids disappear", signed i.c.e. the sign certainly caught attention. >> i couldn't believe it was real. that's craze iey. >> reporter: but the vandals say it's activism, not vandalism. >> in essence, you know, you could, you could draw the conclusion that kids are disappearing. >> reporter: the activist group says, to be clear, they are not insinuating that the government is killing children, but just that they are separating them from their families for, they don't know. it could be a long period of time. but they say there's no word that those children are going to be reunited.
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at this point, no comment from i.c.e. or from the company 1-800-got junk that originally was advertising on that billboard. anousha rasta, nbc bay area news. >> the group claiming responsibility is no the stranger to the spotlight. in decline first made national headlines a couple years ago when it sent artists posing as city workers to drop off a naked donald trump statue on the corner of streets in several cities. authorities say a toddler died after being left inside a car for ten hours. his mother, 23 year old alexandria raven scott has been arrested and held without bail. she went to a friend's house around 3:00 in the morning wednesday and left her 18 month old son in the car with the windows rolled up for ten hours. the boy was declared dead at the
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hospital. an obvious reminder, don't ever leave your child unattended in the car. temps have been warm, and it's going to get scorching hot over the next several days. jeff? >> and it is going to be at dangerous levels. one other thing in the hot car death, it can go 30 to 50 degrees hotter with the windows rolled up. it can get to 100 degrees inside in about an hour's time. please be careful. high pressure builds in, so a two-day event of the hottest temperatures, heat advisory has been issued for 11:00 a.m. on friday to 8:00 p.m. saturday. anywhere away from the coast in this orange color is under a heat advisory, that's where we could see temperatures 95-103. drink lots of water. light-colored clothing can help keep you cooler, and don't forget the pets as well. temperatures will rise fast in
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contra costa and alameda counties where the fire danger will be the highest, 15% to 20%. once we hit 3:00 p.m., we're at a hot 98. we'll talk mothre about the fir danger and details at 6:48 tonight. >> temps are expected to top the century mark. the heat advisory will be in effect. jodi hernandez is live in contra costa county where emergency workers are warning folks to take precautions. >> reporter: that's right. contra costa county is expected to be a hot spot. i'll tell you, it is already starting to heat up. the folks here at the rankin aquatic center definitely have the right idea. in weather like this, staying cool and safe is the name of the game. ildren in contra costa county are keeping their cool, enjoying some outdoor playtime before a mini heat wave rolls in.
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>> it's going to start to get real le really up there and unbearable to be outside. >> reporter: temperatures are expected to hit the triple digits this weekend, prompting a heat advisory for saturday. health officials say folks need to stay hydrated. limit activity and stay out of the sun if possible. >> basically, avoid the heat if you can. if can you stay indoors in air conditioning, that's probably the best bet. >> reporter: contra costa fire crews are gearing up for a busy weekend. not only do they expect to handle a good number of heat-related medical calls, but the threat of gas fires wirass increase, it will be a red flag weekend. >> we're at high alert. we're going to do our best to keep everyone safe. >> reporter: getting everyone through the hot weather weekend may be uncomfortable, but people are planning to plow through it. >> pool time.
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we're staying home by the pool. >> barbecuing and hydrating. so there will be sunscreen and in and out of the pool all weekend. >> however you can stay cool, just do it. >> reporter: and we are back here live. now, if you have to exercise t outdoors this is probably the way to do it. triple digit temperatures are on the way. summer, with summer officially starting, it seems like mother nature has delivered the hot weather right on cue. reporting live in contra costa county, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> water aerobics, the way to go. you can track the heat through our free nbc bay area app. check on the weather to get your personalized forecast. the continuing question, who's going to end up paying the fine?
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pg&e passing along the fine to customers? some argue that they are being manipulated. sam brock joins us with the details. >> reporter: good evening. one thing that was very evident from this call this morning. pg&e knows it will be on the hook for a lot of money. how much exactly is not clear. the word bankruptcy was not mentioned once this entire call, but the question remains, at the end of the day, who's going to foot this bill? >> when pg&e is facing billions in liability, we know all too well that they're going to be turning to us, their customers, to try to pick up the tab. >> reporter: the anger emanating from the offices of the utility reform network in downtown san francisco is fueled in part by this release. pg&e's proclamation to investors that's banking on a $2.5 billion charge minimum from the north bay fires. >> it excludes the fire which
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cal fire has not reported on as well as the atlas fire. >> the fallout from those fires could take a much heavier toll on utilities. >> the problem is that pg&e is using the threat of bankruptcy to try to manipulate the legislature to get its way. >> reporter: mindy spat is particularly concerned about legislation that would allow pg&e to pass along fire-related costs. >> in fact, my bill's staged, if pg&e is negligent, they can't recover from the ratepayers. >> reporter: she says that clause will be highlighted in a second bill, too. the napa senator's legislation also proposed a fire safety plan from pg&e that if adequately met means ratepayers will be shelling out for the next disaster to bolster our grid. >> the reality is, nothing is free. we all know that these mishaps with our grid are costing local
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communities, the state, everybody lots of money. >> reporter: now the bill overwhelmingly passed the state senate. it is expected to be taken up by the assembly later this summer. and i asked the senator if he is concerned that pg&e could go bankrupt. he says it depends on the responsibility of the cubs fire. if they are found to be negligent in that fire, he says yes, he would be very concerned. reporting live in san francisco, sam brock, ens with bay area news. hate messages, threats and nooses. that's what some workers say they've endured on the job at one of san francisco's largest construction projects. christie smith is at the project, the park tower at trans bay, what their attorney says is damning evidence. >> reporter: these men that we spoke to say they've been through a lot.
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there were racial slurs written, even a noose. they raised concerns about it, and they've had enough. >> just all kind of racial slurs. and i got really, really fearful, you know, i'm working in a real hostile environment. >> reporter: craig owingsays th and two african-american crew members endured a racially hostile environment. >> until the nooses were found. >> reporter: he shot this video. he says black dolls were found hanging by ropes in a port a potty with his first name and that of a fellow operator. >> i saw racial slurs all over the windows, the toilets. >> reporter: he says the n-word and the word "kill" was also scrolled. >> an effort to intimidate them. >> reporter: the attorney says he's filed a right to sue claim.
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>> they have a responsibility to ensure that employees work in a safe environment, a race neutral environment. >> reporter: they have answered that their business does not tolerate that behavior. adding, they encourage employees and subcontractors to report any incident that makes them feel unsafe or unwelcome. they reported the incident to police and immediately began taking steps to ensure everyone was clear on their zero-tolerance policy to harassment. >> this is 2018, and we shouldn't be havingo through this. >> reporter: and we're told two of the men now work at a different site. i did reach out to sfpd. and they say in april a safety supervisor did call and report dolls with a threatening note. right now an active investigation is open with their hate crimes unit.
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reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. love'em or hate'em. they appear here to stay. the plan to keep electric scooters running but with new rules. >> across the world, people mourning the loss of coco. the gorilla who learned sign language. as temperature increases, air quality will suffer with the worst levels for the east bay and south bay. we'll let you know where it will be theotsidwalks.
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electric scooters are becoming more and more s. well, you see them parked on city sidewalks. electric scooters are becoming more and more popular. san jose is taking a different approach to these electric scooter the. our business and tech reporter scott budman is live outside city hall where people are invited to take a test drive. hi, scott. >> hey, janelle. you've heard the hype. there have been tens of millions of dollars in funding behind these companies. tonight san jose has invited people here to city hall to take a test drive. you don't have to wait long to spot a scooter whizzing by in down down san jose. >> i think it's a really convenient way to get around. >> scooter companies like bird and lime, sporting billion dollar company valuations are
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quickly becoming "the" rides of choice for people here in the south bay. >> there are places that are five or six blocks away that might take a little while to walk to but doesn't make sense to drive to or make sense to call a uber but makes perfect sense to ride a scooter. >> reporter: critics say they're dangerous, especially racing on sidewalks, and they get dropped off all over the place, cluttering already-busy walkways. >> be more mobile aro little disruptive, mh like bikes that get in the way safety concerns too as it works to regulate the scooters and their users. >> we know we need to address parking issues, concerns of pedestrians on the sidewalk. we also want to make sure that the system is going to be affordable for low-income residents. >> reporter: and from here, people have been invited inside city hall for a q&a significance
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wi -- session with city leaders and representatives of the companies themselves. nearly five years after it opened, the bills for the new bay bridge are still coming in. our investigative unit uncovered a big new bill from the navy. it wants $11 million to help clean up the landfill. the dump was on part of the land the navy gave cal trains. the navy contends paint from the old bridge contaminated the site, increasing the cost of cleaning it up. the head of the agency overseeing the bay bridge project says that's a farce. >> we're not going to pay a dime. tonight a legendary gorilla is being mourned. coco, the so-called signing gorilla died in her sleep. she was tut in taught in the ba
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and garnered international attention in the '70s when the world changed the way they view animals and their intelligence. robert handa who met and conversed with coco several years ago is near the gorilla foundation in rid wood city. th -- redwood city. it is a fascinating story. >> reporter: it was fascinating not only to me but to many others at the gorilla foundation. workers have been swamped by condollar en condolences all over the world. for the people here, it's a death in the family. the images were intriguing and triggered an international fascination. she became a worldwide celebrity in the '70s when penny patterson began teaching her sign language. eventually, the 300-pound gorilla was acourteding to patterson able to understand about 2,000 spoken english words
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and could communicate using about 1,000 hand signs. but today, as officials tried to talk about coco's legacy, they were still reeling from the loss. >> coco will make an impact for years to come, possibly generations to come. we wanted her to live forever. you know, we were all sort of hoping. >> reporter: a neighbor of the mountain compound where coco and other gorillas lived says she will miss the unique atmosphere. >> when you hear the male gorilla, you'd hear a really big -- and it would carry. >> reporter: for many, coco's abilities were hard to gauge. for example, this was a famous exchange from a pbs documentary after a pet kitten and companion named "ball" was hit by a car. patterson asked what happened to ball, coco signs the words, cat, cry, have, sorry, coco, love. >> she looks at you, she tells
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you she loves you. >> reporter: the gorilla foundation vows to continue its work, building on what coco taught the world. never underestimate a gorilla's intelligence. that's a crucial message these days because gorillas are an endangered group and still being hunted every day. robert handa, nbc bay areaness. >> you can have a sign language conversation with that gorilla. >> i know. she's been around forever. >> we all look at our dogs think, if they could only talk. and coco actually, you know, was able to. so neat. >> all right, jeff, the floor is yours when we talk about this dangerous heat wave coming in for a couple days. >> looks like a two-day stint of temperatures increasing across the bay area. we're not going to see triple digits across all of the bay, but we're going to get into the heat tomorrow. take a look at the forecast. you can see not too much in the way of clouds for the morning,
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60s, full-on sunny skies. we go to the 101 in concord, 102 in antioch. not as warm in san jose with 91. a little breeze off the bay will keep you out of the 100s. san francisco 71. still a cool 64 in half moon bay. it's a two hon d-day event of t heat. we're back down to 90 once we hit sunday's forecast and another ten-degree drop monday. and we'll keep it at upper 70s and low 80s. more at 6:48. but i do want to get in some events across the bay. san francisco giants and padres, friday, saturday, sunday, temps in the 70s, looking all good for that game tonight tomorrow night on nbc bay area. maybe you're visiting for pride
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weekend. we have a hot for san francisco standards, 80. then 72 on sunday. it's going to be dangerous in terms of the heat in sonoma, 100 degrees. better for the big event on sunday, 82. we'll see you in a few minutes. still to come at 6:00, the supreme court decision that could have you paying a little bit more for all of your online purchases. stay with us. on our website -
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a spinoff of the sitcom "roseanne" will air this fall.
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but she won )t be in it. this comes after a-b-c canceled happening now, a spinoff of "roseanne" will air this fall, but she won't be in it. this comes after the reboot of the show was canceled when roseanne barr tweeted a racial r remark. and facial recognition equipment. back in a moment. be warned. youg
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more.. okay, if you shop online, and that's a whole lot of us, be warned, you might be paying more. a land mark ruling by the supreme courthe right to states to collect taxes from virtually all internet sales, this reverses a prent dates back nearly two decades. >> the internet has had an unfair comparative advantage against stores for a number of
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years. it's really hurt main street, large retailers, and it's just leveling the playing field. i think it's the right thing to do. >> they're trying to even things out. under the previous law, businesses were only required to collect sales tax in states where they had a physical presence. california estimates the state could now bring in nearly $2 billion a year if a tax is collected on all internet sales. a bombshell announcement by santa clara-based intill. the ceo is out. he resigned unexpectedly after the company says it learned he had a past consensual relationship with an intel employee that policy. robert swan will take over. the company will launch an extensive search for a permanent replacement. up next, the immigration controversy doesn't just involve president trump. the pressure now on lawmakers.
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we'll tell you about the latest proposal. plus the clothing overshadowing the trip. the jacket the first lady wore on her way to visit a migrant detention center in texas. pg&e.
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my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergento work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come
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together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. boiling point. right now at 6:30. the immigration debate reaches a boiling point, the focus not just on president trump but also on lawmakers struggling to agree on a long-term fix. one hard-line bill has already been voted down. republicans are pinning their hopes on another option designed
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to solve several problems at once. a busy day in washington, d.c. blaine alexander is here to spell it out for us. >> reporter: mylar blankets, children lying on floors. today protesters dramatizing the plight of children. around them, leaders fighting for a change in the immigration laws. hours later? >> the nays are 231. the bill is not passed. >> reporter: house lawmakers rejecting a bill that would have funded president trump's border wall. >> it is a sin and a shame. >> reporter: now moderate republicans pushing a compromise bill that offers a path to citizenship for dreamers. >> we're putting ideas on the table. >> reporter: an upcoming cover of "time" magazine. today first lady melania trump making a surprise visit to texas
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to see first-hand how children are being treated at the border. her husband sounding sympathetic. >> it really bothered her to be looking at this and to be seeing it, as it bothered me and everybody at this take. >> reporter: but today casting doubt on whether children really were separated from their parent. >> they were sent up here with human traffickers. because the democrats supported policies have allowed this to happen. >> reporter: the president blaming democrats, but also inviting them to the white house, hoping to find common ground on border laws. and that common ground is crucial, because once the debate moves over to the senate, any bill will need democrats on board to have any chance of passing. blaine alexander, nbc news, washington. as she mentioned, first lady melania trump paid a visit today. it was her decision and her decision alone. it was made before president trump signed the executive order yesterday.
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she toured a facility where there were nearly 60 at this facility. >> i want to ask you how i can help to be children, to reunite with your family as quickly as possible. >> reporter: the department of health and human services says about 10,000 children in its care are unaccompanied minors. the first lady's fashion choice created an unwelcome distraction as she boarded the plane she was wearing a jacket that said "i really don't care, do you"? social media was on fire. others asked if she was sending a message. the first lady did not wear the jacket in texas but did have it on when she returned to d.c. a spokesperson says it was simply a jacket, no hidden meaning. >> the president later tweeted it refers to fwake news media. the jacket is from zara and sold out within hours today.
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several states are lining up for another lawsuit against the trump administration. washington and california are leading ten other states in the challenge. washington's attorney general calls the policy cruel and unconstitutional. javier becerra calls it empty and meaningless. they want families to be reunitede. angry law makers at the state capital accused the trump administration of using children as political pawns. democrats in sacramento say the executive order signed by the president was a political stunt. they're especially angry that no procedures are in place to reunn custody. >> but frankly, we talk about how hard it is to see this on tv and read about it and hear the voices of these children, but it's a similar, inexcusable story, through our nation's history. during slavery, children were commonly separated from parents and sold across the south. >> state republicans say they
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support the president's decision to end the separation of families. it could be the difference between life and death, according to proponents of a measure on the november ballot. it would allow private sector emts and paramedic to remain on call. that would mean local jurisdictions would not need to employ as many ambulances on the roads. it also requires ambulance companies to provide training. >> there is cost associated with the training and wellness benefits, but they're well worth ensuring that our ems personnel are well trained and prepared for disasters and problems they face on a diaily basis. >> there are about 165 private ambulance companies in ut hree quarters of all 911 calls in the state. one of the bay air why's most notable churches is at a crossroads. the parent church wants changes. it was for glide memorial
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church. it's known for feeding the hungry in the tenderloin and being at the forefront of many social issues. the parent church wants glide to focus more on church services rather than social services. glide officials don't agree. >> it's, the bishop and the united methodist church persist in bringing glide back in time, we'll continue to resist. we'll build something, you know, new and different. but we're confident this is going to work its two as will be removed by the parent church on july 1st with no immediate plans to replace them. okay, did you see it? a stunner at the world cup. argentina led by lionel messi was defeated! >> i felt bad for argentina.
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i wanted to give messi a hug. >> oh. >> his face just said it all. >> you're right. it was incredible. this world cup is just full of surprises. and today was no exception. the argentine side wasn't able to recover after this mistake. that was the first of three goals that argentina would concede in today's big loss. now, what the south american team needs is a win versus nigeria and for iceland to lose both their games. brazil face costa rica, a must-win game for both teams. the brazilian side tied their first game against switzerland. then at 7:30, argentina will be watching this game. if iceland wins this game they will go through to the next
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round and all they'll need is a draw versus croatia. and last but not least at 10:30, serbia against switzerland and how about this for a yellow card? bars in russia are running out of beer. a bartender in moscow says fans drank more than 211 gallons of beer in three days. yep, that's right. deliveries are taking more than 24 hours, and the other problem is, when they offer these fans vodka, they say, no thank you. >> we just love the beer. >> why? russia's known for vodka! >> it's a regard card. that's not a yellow card. telemundo 48 is your home for the world cup. coverage begins 4:00 a.m. tomorrow with that brazil match. still to come, a recent ban on plastic straws is becoming a boom for another industry. the shortage impacting local businesses. south bay hospital.
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a man -- guilty of impersonating a nurse in gilroy. it was a serious breach at a
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south bay hospital. a man guilty of impersonating a nurse in gilroy. tomorrow jeremy griffin seen here will be sentenced to a year in jail. he's from west hollywood. he was hired after he used the name of a real registered nurse. the hospital found out about it last june and police arrested him. he pleaded no contest to felony charges of identity theft. the imposter never treated any patients. an outpouring of support for a san mateo officer killed in a crash. he fell asleep behind -- was injured. the gofundme page was to offset the family's bills as he recovers. some of the biggest games have been held in santa clara.
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but not without opposition and controversy. among the issues, santa clara's ke curfew on week nights has forced some of the music industry's biggest acts to cancel shows. the city council is holding a special meeting to discuss the two issues and any others that the public may v. steph houston for her new restaurant. bitter rockets fans are already giving one-star reviews on yelp. it's all in good fun. ayesha chimed in saying she loves houston and believes her food will speak for itself. he also addressed the controversy saying that apparently he'll be getting to the restaurant all by himself when he goes to houston twice next season. that means more ribs, shellfish, duck wings, and mac and cheese for him. >> that sounds good right now. >> he add the five-star review.
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>> duck wings? mac and cheese? >> hello. >> and ayesha, if you're watching, where's the bay area restaurant? >> it's in san francisco. millennium tower. >> sorry, ayesha, i didn't hear about that. >> it's smokin' in san francisco and so is the weather. >> we have really hot weather. clear skies across mt. deak lia. we'll talk more about the low 100s coming our way in a few minutes. trade in old phones to get credit for new ones. you've seen the offers before, but what happens if your wireless carrier doesn't keep that promise? i'm chris camora, nbc bay area responds, next. cupertino familyr
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a phone rebate. nbc bay area responds to a family in cupertino, frustrated over a phone rebate.
6:45 pm
>> chris ca momora says his tea gets a lot of calls like this one. >> sometimes money back promises aren't kept. and that's what amy chang says happened to her she traded in two iphones in 2016 and expected a credit for them. over the next year and a half, she called verizon six times to get her money, nothing happened. when verizon didn't come through she called u about a week later, she received the credit she expected just shy of $500. the company was able to resolve the issue but declined to comment further. amy told us verizon never really provided a reason why it happened. i plan to contact them directly to find out why. we can't stress this enough. if you trade in old phones for credit, save the receipts like amy did. you should never give a phone to a wireless store employee
6:46 pm
without getting written confirmation. he if you have problems with a mobile phone provider or any other business, call us or online >> thank you, chris. even restaurants finding it hard not to use plastic straws. th getpapere straws because the shortage. some airlines won't use them either now. a few companies are coming up with alternatives to paper making them out of cornstarch for example. but it's hard to make them fast enough. demands are growing every day. >> jeff ranieri is back with us. i'm trying to think of what buddies i have who have a pool. >> ah. i think that's a good plan. it's going to get hot. temperatures in the 90s to low
6:47 pm
100s. let's take you right into the micro climate forecast, and what we're tracking is all the dry, hot air building across the west. also through the pacific. as we get a look at the water vapor satellite, this does a really good job of showing where the dry air is located. you can see the grobrown and be colors stretching into texas. where we have dry air it's also very hot as we talked about. high pressure building in as for us. i think id for a two-day event on the hot weather. so i really want to show you what i'm watching out for over the next two days. increased fire danger. winds variable, 10-25 miles per hour. that will keep the fire danger very high with the hottest weather on saturday. tomorrow we start off on the cool side. if you know what a house fan is,
6:48 pm
crack the windows open, turn it on, suck in the cool air. temperatures in the 60s, and then close the windows up. and it will give you a bit of a cushion by the afternoon when the temperatures really start to soar. conditions tomorrow going up another 10-15 degrees, putting us close to 100 degrees. namely, morgan hill and gilroy. you're still in the low 90s for a lot of the south bay, a breeze from the south bay will keep you out of the 100 degree territory. but we are dipping into the 100s across contra costa county, 102 in antioch. danville at 101. we warm up to 80 here in oakland. peninsula, not quite 100 for tomorrow. 84 in san mateo. pretty good across the peninsula, probably some of the most comfortable weather here. san francisco, right around
6:49 pm
ayesha currie ayesha curry's restaurant. and right through marin we're going up to the hottest in napa at 97 and 87 in mill valley. my forecast in san francisco goes warmer. in fact, i've ratcheted it couple more degpeoprees coming pride weekend. 80 on saturda for sf standards, the pride parade at 10:30 in the morning. cities away from the coastline, pull up a chair, get a look at these temperatures. 101 for friday. saturday, 103. winds noi winds north 10-20. another ten-degree drop on monday. and we'll be in the 80s through next week's forecast. it's going to be very hot but you'll still be able to find
6:50 pm
relief. >> what a fun weekend. >> yeah, let us know when you find that pool. >> i'm workin' on it. with another nba championship in hand, employers are enjoying another sport they love. we have andre iguodala young men
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
and even a few teenagers... just okay. meet the newest millionaires. young men in their early 20s and a few teenagers became instant multi-millionaires. as we speak, the nba draft is happening in brooklyn. the first overall pick, 7'1" deandre aton, the sacramento kings drafted marvin bagley second overall. >> the warriors have yet to pick in the first round of their draft. they own the 28th overall pick. >> but one of their other stars is chasing another passion, you know what that is, golf. we are on the greens with andre iguodala. >> you ever had a hole in one?
6:54 pm
>> no, i never had a hole in one. >> that was pretty close. that was really close. had some spin on it. wasn't too bad. >> unfortunately, when andre iguodala got to the 16th green last thursday, the ball wasn't in the hole. but here's a guarantee. he'll keep trying. the warriors' forward started getting serious about golf after beet enough of it and has turned it into a family affair. >> i can play anywhere, but i like fairways, a lot of different options with the tee boxes, and i can bring ply famimy family o. my wife's getting into it. my son's getting good at it. i have a gone year old with fisher-price clubs. a couple of us sneak in before the flights, get about 30 minutes, go to the range, hit
6:55 pm
some balls and feel like we're at home. >> i heard steve kerr said to you guys if we finish this off quick you guys can be on vacation quir vacation quicker which means more golf, is that true? >> no, steve doesn't tell me that, i'm telling steve that. >> he also tells o a golfing story. and yes, it involves steph curry. >> one of the greatest rounds i've ever seen a human being play. he shot five under. know if i'm allowed to say. if he plays at that tournament again this year, he'll make the cut. >> colin resch, nbc bay area news. >> colin travels with the warriors for the final, now he's golfing with the warriors. >> good job! must be andre's caddie. i'd be chasing golf balls, looking for golf balls.
6:56 pm
>> this is a big weekend, and it's going to be hot. >> it is. tomorrow 101, down to 90 on sunday. we'll get through some of these events. san francisco giants and padres, 70s the next three days, lots o saturday, 72 sunday. sonoma, watch out, 100 nascar. . >> hope to see you back at 11:00.
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>> "extra." >> ariana grande's fiance breaks his silence. >> i feel like i won a contest. >> "snl" star pete davidson on cloud nine after popping the question. their secret date before fallon and the one wedding detail
7:00 pm
that's for sure. victoria beckham on the t w that's struggling. johnny depp broke? his shocking tell-all interview. what happened to his fortune? his dark days after his divorce. >> and wait till you hear about the report he spent $30,000 a month on wine. "extra" exclusive, heather locklear's


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