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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  July 3, 2018 12:37am-1:38am PDT

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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- jake tapper, from "unbreakable kimmy schmidt," actress jane krakowski, music from devin dawson, featuring the 8g band with brian frasier-moore. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: that is great to hear. in that case, let's get to the news. president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un met tonight in singapore after we taped our show.
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so if you're watching this on tv right now, either it went well, or you have a tv in your fallout shelter. [ laughter ] you know what? [ applause ] if you do -- if you do and you're choosing to watch us, thank you. according to reports, north korean leader kim jong-un brought his own toilet to singapore for his summit with president trump to prevent intelligence agencies from using the sewer to get information on his health. [ laughter ] >> seth: said intelligence agencies, we're just going to go ahead and guess bad then? [ light laughter ] [ applause ] >> seth: nba hall of famer dennis rodman arrived in singapore today ahead of president trump's summit with north korean leader kim jong-un. he would have gotten there sooner, but you know, metal detectors. [ light laughter ]
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that's right, dennis rodman arrived in singapore today for the summit with kim jong-un. so at least if kim launches a nuclear missile, rodman will be there to grab the rebound. [ light laughter ] that's right. dennis rodman will be there. the dennis rodman will be there. [ laughter ] that one, not a different one. [ light laughter ] dennis rodman from the state department? no. [ laughter ] the one you're thinking about. dennis rodman will be there for president trump's summit with kim jong-un. see all the action unfold on this week's "the apprentice: doomsday." [ light laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] "you're fired, and that's not even close to the worst thing that's going to happen to you." [ light laughter ] the prime minister of singapore surprised president trump today with a birthday cake during their luncheon. unfortunately, that's also what trump ordered. [ laughter ] see, he got there, and they said what could we get you, and he was like, a cake.
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he had no idea another cake was coming. so then, how [ bleep ] awkward is that? [ laughter ] two cakes. [ applause ] i don't have the lung capacity to blow out candles on two cakes. [ light laughter ] the broadway show, "harry potter and the cursed child" won best play at last night's tony awards while the worst play was still that one by j.r. smith. [ cheers and applause ] a scientist in new york recently created a hybrid embryo that combines the genes of humans and chickens, and i think we actually have a photo of the human chicken. a teacher in philadelphia this week was fired for taking bribes from students in exchange for better grades. and this is nice, her students showed up to protest.
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[ laughter ] [ applause ] nordstrom is launching a new home and wellness collection that features a marijuana scented candle. you can use it to cover up the smell when you get stoned on vanilla. [ laughter ] and finally, facebook has announced a new page called memories that will show users photos from the past. it's better than the original title for the page, "when you were thinner." [ laughter and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight. [ cheers and applause ] he is the chief washington correspondent for cnn, and his latest book, "the hellfire club" is a "new york times" best seller. jake tapper everybody. [ cheers and applause ] our friend jake tapper is back. from the fantastic netflix show "unbreakable kimmy schmidt," our friend jane krakowski is back on "late night" tonight. [ cheers and applause ] and we have music from a talented singer songwriter. devin dawson is joining us. [ cheers and applause ]
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so you're here on a good night. before we get to all that, as president trump arrived in singapore for his summit with kim jong-un, he was throwing a tantrum over a summit he had just left with leaders of the g7. for more on this it's time for "a closer look." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: when trump took office he promised to confront america's enemies, and now he's doing just that, pushing back against one of our fiercest foes, an aggressive hostile nation that has been a thorn in the side of the united states for decades, canada. [ light laughter ] >> president trump lashes out at our ally and neighbor canada. he says the u.s. is pulling back its endorsement of the g7 joint statement in part because of remarks made by the canadian prime minister. >> seth: how do you get in a fight with canada? [ laughter ] that's like holding a grudge against a golden retriever puppy. [ audience ohs ] [ light laughter ] baxter was very rude to me. "he licked me without asking, and then wanted to shake my hand like nothing happened." [ light laughter ]
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canada is a peaceful nation run by a guy named justin. [ light laughter ] canada is like if a cardigan was a country. [ laughter ] now we already expected going into this summit that things were going to be tense, because trump has repeatedly fought with our closest allies on everything from trade policy, to climate change, to the iran deal, but trump is also desperate to be loved and accepted, which is why he continues to insist during the summit that his relationships with allies has never been better. >> i would say that the level of relationship is a ten. we have a great relationship. angela, and emmanuel, and justin. i would say the relationship is a ten. >> seth: a ten. [ light laughter ] he even refers to our allies like he's judging contestants at a miss usa pageant. [ laughter ] "canada, total ten, strong military, gorgeous economy, looks great in a swim suit." [ laughter ] and it's been clear for a while that trump is much more comfortable with autocrats, and dictators than he is with the democratically elected leaders of friendly nations.
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and yet, when he was asked about that contrast by a reporter he bristled at the question. >> as you are heading in to these g7 talks, there was a sense that america's closest allies were frustrated with you, and angry with you, and that you were angry with them. and that you a leaving here early to go meet for more friendlier talks with kim jong-un in singapore. and i'm wondering if you -- >> well put, okay -- >> if you view it the same way, and do you view the u.s. alliance systems shifting under your presidency away from -- >> who are you with, out of curiosity? >> cnn. >> i figured. fake news, cnn. the worst, but you know i could tell by the question -- i had no idea you were cnn. after the question, i was just curious as to who you were with. you were with cnn. the relationship that i've had is great. so you can tell that to your fake friends at cnn. [ light laughter ] [ audience oohs ] >> seth: he sounds like a high school sophomore who's best friend started hanging out with the cool kids. "well, i just got promoted to treasurer of the chess club. so tell that to your fake friends!"
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also, there's only one person at cnn who i think might be fake, and that's wolf blitzer. look at him. [ laughter ] beard, glasses, his name is wolf. that's obviously anderson cooper in a disguise. [ laughter ] now trump's main disagreement with our allies is over trade. he's repeatedly lied or exaggerated our trade relationships with europe and canada. but he insists that he's still friendly with those nations, because according to him, they know that he's right. >> the european union is brutal to the united states. they don't -- and they understand that. they know it. when i'm telling them, they're smiling at me. you know, it's like the gig is up. a lot of these countries actually smile at me when i'm talking. and the smile is -- we couldn't believe we got away with it. that's the smile. [ light laughter ] >> seth: no. that's not why they're smiling. [ laughter ] [ applause ] world leaders --
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world leaders smile at trump the same way you smile at your kid when they show you a picture they drew, it's like wow. [ laughter ] thank you, buddy. that drawing is a ten. that's a ten. for anyone looking for a master strategy in all of this, there isn't one. trump's petulant. he's impulsive. he wants to get his way, and at the same time be adored. last month trump announced new tariffs on canadian steel and aluminum. and after trump left the g7 for his meeting with kim jong-un, canadian prime minister justing trudeau was asked about those tariffs, and said that canada would respond with its own tariffs. >> it would be with regret, but it would be with absolute certainty and firmness that we move forward with retaliatory measures on july 1st, applying equivalent tariffs to the ones that the americans have unjustly applied to us. i have made it very clear to the president that it is not something we relish doing, but it is something that we
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absolutely will do. because canadians, we're polite, we're reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: wow. that, just so you know, in canada, that counts as a diss track. [ light laughter ] "you mess with canada, and we will regrettably inform you that we do not care for that sort of behavior. please, and also thank you." [ laughter and applause ] trump was clearly humiliated by the fact that a foreign leader stood up to him, but here's the thing. canadians can be forgiven for not knowing exactly where trump stands on trade, since he has often been inconsistent about his own position. sometimes even in the same sentence, like when he said this to cnbc in january. >> i'm a free trader, totally. i'm a fair trader. i'm all kinds of trader. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> seth: i believe in free trade, fair trade, i believe in trade winds, i believe in rough trade, i believe in trader joe's, jack of all trades. [ laughter ]
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"trading places," "tracing spaces," "property brothers." once again, donald trump is the bad boy in every teen drama. who are you? "baby, i'm whoever you want me to be." [ light laughter ] so the trump administration has now said harsher things about canada than they've ever said about russia, which actually did attack our political system. in fact, compare trump's comments about canada to what he said just last week about russia. russia was kicked out of what used to be called the g8 for illegally invading ukraine and annexing crimea. since then, russia has only escalated its hostility towards neighboring nations in the west, and yet trump said he wants to let them back into the g8. >> it used to be the g8 because russia was in it, and now russia's not in it. russia should be in this meeting. why are we having a meeting without russia being in the meeting? and i would recommend -- it's up to them, but russia should be in the meeting. it should be a part of it. and in the g7, which used to be the g8, they threw russia out.
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they should let russia come back in, because we should have russia at the negotiating table. >> seth: that's not a helicopter in the background. that's the sound of him thinking. also, he's so proud he remembers it used to be called the g8. "it's the g7 now, but back when russia was in it, it was the g8. [ light laughter ] you know, and then if we left, it would be the g6, and if russia came back, and brought a friend, you know, then it would go up to 9. if you don't get it right away, it took me months. don't be hard on yourself." [ light laughter ] in fact, over the weekend trump was asked about his proposal to let russia rejoin the g8, and trump tried to gloss over the reason russia was kicked out. again, they were kicked out for invading a country. >> some people like the idea of bringing russia back in. this used to be the g8, not the g7. and something happened a while ago where russia is no longer in.
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[ light laughter ] >> seth: something happened? they invaded another country. this is like that seinfeld episode. he yada, yada, yada, the invasion of crimea. [ light laughter ] trump is much more comfortable with authoritarian leaders, because unlike our democratic elected allies, authoritarians can easily win trump over by lining his pockets. for example, days before trump lashed out at canada, he promised out of nowhere to help china save a state owned cell phone company that had been sanctioned by congress. trump's move came after the chinese government had agreed to grant $500 million in loans to an indonesian resort project that would directly enrich trump, and on top of that, china has also approved 13 new ivanka trump trademarks in three months, allowing her brand to market a lifetime's worth of products in china from baby blankets to coffins. [ audience ohs ] now it might seem weird that ivanka trump sells coffins, but to be fair like half the people in the trump administration sleep in them. trump --
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trump cozies up to authoritarian leaders because he admires them, and because they can bribe him. in fact, in the run up to his summit meeting with kim, trump was apparently so comfortable he told reporters he didn't really need to prepare. >> what are you doing to prepare for the summit with north korea? >> i think i'm very well prepared. i don't think i have to prepare very much. it's about attitude. it's about willingness to get things done. but i think i've been preparing for this summit for a long time. >> seth: sure, sure, but there's also a chance his lack of preparation could lead to this? "what, you're kim, but that's a girl's name. oh man. i have to talk to you. is that your normal haircut? you're very fat." [ explosion ] this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with jake tapper, everybody! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> for more of seth's closer looks, be sure to subscribe to late night on youtube. what a stunning variety of six meals in mint condition.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. give it up for the 8g band right over there. [ cheers and applause ] very excited this week. our drummer is a highly sought-after touring and session musician, who is currently out with justin timberlake on his "man of the woods" tour. for more information, go to brian frasier-moore is here. thank you so much for being here. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thank you. >> seth: also, you guys, a very
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exciting thing happened to our bassist syd last week. his -- the beloved washington capitals won their first stanley cup. give it up for syd, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> very excited. >> seth: was it -- were your emotions everything you thought they would be? >> yes. i was crying like a baby. >> seth: did you cry right away, or did it take you a little bit of time to cry? >> it took me a little bit of time. it was still coming in waves. [ light laughter ] >> seth: gotcha. were your young children awake to watch this? >> uh -- no. >> seth: okay. >> like -- >> seth: then in the following morning, were they excited? >> yes, very excited. >> seth: did you tell them that you cried? >> i told them that i cried. >> seth: gotcha. >> and they said they didn't believe me. >> seth: okay. well, look, i'm really happy for you. >> thank you. >> seth: and -- i'm glad you cried, because that proves you have a heart. [ light laughter ] >> i do, thanks to the capitals. >> seth: very excited about this. you guys, our first guest tonight is cnn's chief washington correspondent. his debut novel, "the hellfire club" is available now. please welcome back to the show our friend jake tapper, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ >> seth: how are you? >> i'm good. i just left a city full of people dressed like that. >> seth: yeah, everybody in washington is very happy. it's been -- when was the last time a washing sports team won a title? was it, like, early '90s or something? >> i can't even remember. >> seth: it's been a long time. so, that's the -- i'm glad -- >> i don't root for any of 'em. so, i don't know. >> seth: you don't watch -- you know, you're a -- >> i'm a philadelphia fan. >> seth: you're -- but so is -- you probably -- >> yeah. >> seth: --more often than not actively work against them, right? >> i do everything i can to sabotage them. [ laughter ] >> seth: so, i want to talk about the book. but first, obviously, you managed to do this while you still have your day job. >> yes. >> seth: yesterday -- often on sunday, you are the first to catch what would be called -- i guess politely be called spin. >> spin. >> seth: larry kudlow, the chief economic advisor, he came on your show and he basically said, justin trudeau stabbed donald trump in the back. and the worst part about it was that he weakened donald trump before his summit --
12:58 am
>> yeah. >> seth: with kim jong-un. what is it like to watch that take form in real-time on your show? >> well, it's just fascinating because, obviously, we all saw the g7 blow up the way it did. and president trump on air force one firing off his tweets, removing the united states from a -- from a communique. >> seth: yeah. >> as one does. >> seth: yeah. >> and there really hadn't been any explanation about why it was. and so larry kudlow came on the show. and i didn't know what they were gonna say. i legitimate -- usually, you have an idea of what they're going to say. but this was -- the birth of the spin. and, obviously, it was coordinated because they were saying it at the same time on other channels with different guests. but the birth of the spin, that this was -- justin trudeau's fault. >> seth: yeah. >> and, it so offended donald trump. >> seth: and then, do you -- in those times, because you're processing in real-time, do you find, like, it's your job to give them room to lay this out for everyone to see? >> well, that's -- i mean, part of the job is -- this is --
12:59 am
these are your leaders. >> seth: sure. >> what are they saying? and then my job is to push back and -- and challenge it. for instance -- i don't know if you guys knew. but on occasion, president trump has been known -- >> seth: yeah. >> on occasion -- to insult people too. >> seth: oh, my god. [ laughter ] breaking news. >> it has -- you really have to follow the news closely. >> seth: 'cause he does it between the lines. >> yes, so it's -- >> seth: it's very subtle. >> it's subtle. it's subtle. the occasional bon mont. >> seth: yeah, exactly. [ cheers and applause ] there has been a lot talking -- we just showed a clip that he doesn't feel like preparation is that important for this meeting. >> no. >> seth: do you feel like -- >> it's instinct. >> seth: do you feel like his national security advisors are panicked by this? or do you think, at this point, they would be shocked if he said, "let's bone up on north korea?" >> i think that they would be shocked. >> seth: yeah. >> i mean, he's not -- he's never been a detail guy. >> seth: yeah. >> i think that the national security team there is smart and prepared. i do wonder about this initial meeting that they're going to
1:00 am
have where it's just kim jong-un and president trump and two translators and that's it. >> seth: yeah. >> 'cause usually it's not done that way. and, no one really knows what's going to happen. and afterwards, no one will really know what happened. >> seth: right. because no one from that room can be, like, trusted, right? i mean. [ laughter ] >> in novel -- in the terms of a novel where you -- we have four unreliable narrators. >> seth: we do have four un -- [ laughter ] now, donald trump doesn't -- you know, it seems like in times that he's talked about our nuclear arsenal and our plan, he doesn't seem to understand the finer details of it. >> no, that's right. there was a debate in 2015 when hugh hewitt, the conservative talk-radio host asked him about the nuclear triad. and the nuclear triad is -- you know, it's having nukes from land, from sea, and from air. and it was pretty clear he had no idea what the nuclear triad is. what's amazing about this stuff -- now, obviously, he's in charge of it. >> seth: right.
1:01 am
>> is the idea that there is no, "oh, i didn't know that. i need to bone up on it." >> seth: yeah. >> for instance -- >> seth: but there's no shame in not knowing things and boning up. >> no. no. a million things. and it always happens during any presidential race. all candidates get caught not knowing things. >> seth: right. >> but for instance, he has this thing. he just did it the other day. you know nato, this -- this alliance we're in. the deal was, the commitment was, every country in nato has to -- has agreed to spend 2% of their gdp on defense spending. kind of a wonky thing, but that's an important thing. president trump portrays it as, you know, they're not paying their dues. none of these other countries are paying their dues. now, he has an argument to make about these other countries need to carry their weight more. but, it's not dues. >> seth: yeah. >> it's not a country club. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> it's not -- you know, $200,000 are owed and then you get the greens fees. >> seth: yeah, exactly. [ light laughter ] "they're not signing for their club sandwiches." >> but i don't understand. >> seth: yeah. >> i don't know if people tried to explain? i assume people have tried to explain. >> seth: well, then, the other
1:02 am
question is, we don't, you know, every -- we, obviously, have a sense of what he knows about our nuclear arsenal. is no one really -- is kim jong-un an expert on nuclear arsenal, or is he gonna be too -- is he very similar to trump? is it gonna be two guys sitting in a room talking about -- >> we know so little about him. >> seth: yeah. >> honestly, it's so opaque that north korea -- there's so little that the -- that the u.s. intelligence knows about what he knows et cetera. as you noted, he won't even let people study his stool. >> seth: yeah, exactly. [ laughter ] that's how -- >> i mean, that's -- so, if we don't even know that -- >> seth: yeah. >> how do you think, i mean -- >> seth: exactly. that must be -- there must be a real story in that stool for you to bring your own toilet. [ light laughter ] >> so, they still have corn. >> seth: yeah. yeah, exactly. [ audience ohs ] [ laughter ] that's good to know. >> i'm just thinking as an -- >> seth: yeah. thinking out loud. >> as an intelligence officer might. >> seth: so -- first of all, congratulations on your book. >> thank you. >> seth: you are the "new york times" best-seller. so, you wrote about 1950s washington, d.c. this is a thriller. this is about politicians. this is about the swamp and corruption. i would have thought that if you
1:03 am
wrote a book, you would, maybe, tried to escape from what you talk about every day. but it seemed like, you, you took a -- >> i went -- >> seth: you escaped via a cul-de-sec. >> i went right back into the swamp. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. no, it was -- exciting and i could write about washington today, in a way, by looking at it in 1954. the basic premise is a -- a young congressman and his wife go down to washington, try to do good, and they get swept away in this conspiracy. but what was fun was writing about actual figures. john f. kennedy as a senator and joe mccarthy and putting them in the book. having them be characters. >> seth: and have you gotten good feedback from people who, obviously, still live in that world today? >> there's this one republican congressional aide who reached out to me and said that it seemed like i was trying to get some things off my chest. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> which i thought was funny because -- 'cause there is a lot of -- you know, they say history doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes. and when you read about joe mccarthy and you study about joe mccarthy, there's a lot of rhyming. >> seth: yes. >> you hear a lot of rhyming. this guy who was larger than life and very popular with the base of his party and smeared a lot of people and lied all the time, and washington just didn't know what to do and reporters
1:04 am
and members of the senate didn't know what to do. >> seth: and we also look back, i think, there's a tendency to look back on the '50s as, like, this really "apple pie" era -- >> yeah. >> seth: of america. but, there was -- not maybe as much, but there was, it was rife with corruption then. yeah. >> it was -- it was hard. i mean, first of all, if you're a white man, it was probably pretty good. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> but for everybody who wasn't a white man, it was awful. but then, even beyond that, the '50s, yeah, pop culture it's idyllic. it's serene. it's benign. but, like, in truth there was the red scare. there was mccarthy-ism. there were actually communists central trading government. there was the atomic race. it was horrible. so, that's -- i thought it would be fun to write. because on the surface, it's, you know, all sinatra and jack kennedy but really, underneath it all, it's mccarthy-ism and -- and real mass. >> seth: i want to ask you about this. because you, obviously, you write a book. you go out, you do press about your book. but because of everything else you do, you know i'm going to ask you other questions. >> sure. >> seth: i'm going to ask you about your show on sunday. i'm gonna ask you about -- other people you've interviewed. have you been surprised? but someone else that's doing
1:05 am
press right now is president bill clinton. >> yeah. >> seth: and he seems very caught off guard when he is also asked about specifically the "me too" movement. have you been surprised -- >> stunned. >> seth: at his failure to predict that those questions were coming? >> first of all, i know some of the people on that team. and i'm sure that they tried to prepare him, but i've been amazed at how poorly he's handled these questions. i mean, a lot of them, you could have anticipated. the world has changed in just the last year. it was, i mean, i think -- who was the emmy -- who was "the tony's" host a year ago? >> seth: kevin spacey. >> kevin spacey. [ audience ohs ] >> seth: yeah. >> so, i mean, that was a year ago. so -- right. >> seth: i thought he should have done it again. [ laughter and applause ] i thought he was great. >> so, i mean, it's just -- >> seth: yeah, that's very telling. >> the world has changed, so you have to adapt. and i would think he would have had automatic answers for "do you owe monica lewinski an apology? what do you make of the 'me too' movement? what do you make of this individual case, harvey weinstein, whoever." and, boy, some of the answers
1:06 am
have been just -- you couldn't -- if you wanted to write the worst answer he could give -- >> seth: yeah. >> it as almost as if -- that one he did today about whether or not you can grope people. >> seth: yeah. it's a -- >> people have different rules today about where you're allowed to talk -- to touch them on their bodies involuntarily. >> seth: it was -- yeah. it was -- not well thought out. [ laughter ] >> and then he said -- and then he ended it with, you know, but, you know, maybe i'm old fashioned. >> seth: not a good way to frame it, yeah. i do want to ask about someone else who had a real moment in the "me too" movement and -- was so tragic to lose, was anthony bourdain. >> yeah. >> seth: who was your colleague at cnn. >> yeah. >> seth: i found it heartbreaking. did you know him well? >> i knew him. i knew him okay. i wasn't one of his closest friends. but i knew him okay. and in fact, it was through the "me too" movement that he and i started talking a lot because he was so outraged. and -- and we had done a lot of coverage about harvey weinstein last year, and he would reach out and we would talk a lot. and that's one of the things. it's such a loss -- for people who are inspired by him for any
1:07 am
number of ways. his show was about the humanity of us all. >> seth: it really was, yeah. >> but he really had -- what i -- the side that i saw of him that i loved was his passion. his righteous indignation against -- indignation against injustice and against all the people that let harvey weinstein get away with it for so long. it's not like there are a ton of people who have that righteous indignation. so, the world is much poorer for his having left. >> seth: yeah. he will really be missed. thank you so much for sharing that. and thanks so much for being here. it's always just such a pleasure. >> it's great here. thank you. >> seth: congrats on the book. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: jake tapper, everybody! "the hellfire club" available now. we'll be right back with jane krakowski. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ you're gonna do great! thanks, dad! break a leg! aflac?! not that kind of break. oooh! that had to hurt.
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1:12 am
>> gross. >> finding you work has not been easy. you have a reputation. you swam away from your last two gigs. >> three if you count that macy's i flooded. >> you can't afford to be picky. if you don't eat, i don't eat, which is fine because i don't eat. it would be nice to get botox in a doctor's office again instead of from eating improperly canned meats. you're going on that audition. >> seth: welcome back to the show jane krakowski, everyone! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> seth: hi, jane. >> hi, how are you? >> seth: lovely to see you as always. >> you as well. >> seth: especially the day after the tony's. tony's a big deal for you. >> well, it's the super bowl for my people. [ light laughter ] >> seth: okay, gotcha. so does that mean there's the whole day is built around making sure that you catch every second of the tony's? >> i did not miss a second. although i did watch it from home last night in my cozy
1:13 am
pajamas, which is a great way to watch an awards show if you're not nominated, especially. [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> because it would be weird if i was hanging out for no reason. >> seth: yeah, exactly. >> but yeah, it's the first time i actually watched an awards show with my son who is seven. and we were just having this hilarious time making commentary and rooting for our friends to win. and watch all the different numbers. so it was -- i'm trying to get my son as addicted to it as i am. >> seth: well, it is wonderful in that it does for people who can't come to new york, can't see the shows. like it's a great way to see what the best of the year was. was it something you watched growing up as well? >> every year. >> seth: okay. >> and this is when i -- you know, if you were lucky on our block, we had like a vhs machine. so we could tape them. and my father used to tape every tony award and i would learn every number they did live. because back in the day, they used to do one number from the show. now they do montages. so it's a little harder for you to sort of do an entire montage in your living room by yourself. [ light laughter ] but, you know, initially it was just one number.
1:14 am
so like, i would learn every word from the number they did in "evita" or all the different musicals that were popular. and i loved it. it what, you know, inspired me and made me want to try to do this. >> seth: was your first broadway show, "starlight express"? >> yes. thank you so much! [ cheers and applause ] thank you. >> seth: bravo. >> yup, yup. >> seth: now, i was saying backstage, i saw this show. for those who don't know, this was a show where -- and there you are. you were on roller skates the whole show. [ light laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> yes. >> seth: "starlight express." there you are. it was about a train, but everybody was on roller skates. >> correct. that's how we -- we were all trains. >> seth: yeah. obviously. >> we were all train cars. i was a dining car. >> seth: you were the dining car? >> we matched. >> seth: i guess that makes sense now. [ light laughter ] but the audition obviously -- singing was probably a big part of it. but roller skating must have been at least half. >> at least half. >> seth: yeah, i mean -- >> i think a higher ratio. >> seth: yeah. >> and i think -- i mean, it was my broadway debut. i'm so thankful. we all have to start somewhere. and i was so thankful to get in it. directed by like, sir trevor nunn. it was like, when the first sort
1:15 am
of english invasion of musicals were happening. so i was really thrilled to be a part of it. but i will say, i think part of the reason i got in is because a lot of people who are on broadway regularly would not even audition because it was more roller derby than broadway musical. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> so like, a lot of the playing field of the audition wasn't there. so like, i was one of five girls like, yeah, i'll be on roller skates. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: that's great. that's great that you -- did you ever have dicey moments? i mean, this does look like you have some speed there. >> yes. yeah, there was a lot of dangerous moments that happened. that's why a lot of people didn't audition for it and why we lost a lot of cast members. [ laughter ] >> seth: sure. >> yes. true that. [ light laughter ] there was a bridge that like revolved, and went up in the air. we were skating on it during one performance and they had plexiglas doors. some of the actors, 'cause the lights were so dark and sort of like a rock n' roll musical, didn't see that the door had closed by accident, wasn't meant to be closed. and they went flying off the
1:16 am
bridge two flights down. >> seth: oh my god. >> they never came back to the show. [ light laughter ] >> seth: they did not come back to the show. this is very exciting. this is why you mention your son. he is graduating from first grade? >> first grade tomorrow. >> seth: oh my god, that's really -- >> it's the little graduation ceremony. >> seth: what is a graduation ceremony -- what are you expecting from a first grade graduation ceremony? >> i believe they will say you are all now second graders. [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> and all of us will be crying. >> seth: right, right, right. >> yes, you did it. [ light laughter ] >> seth: what is your son into as a 7-year-old? >> wellm recently my son was on a play date, a very unusual play date, i thought. it wasn't at the play date, because it was at the other -- they do this thing at my son's school that he really loves. if you're going to someone else's house, you can sign your child out and they go home with the other nanny or parent which makes them feel very independent. >> seth: of course. >> so he loves that. so i had signed him out to go to his play date with a few girl friends that he is close with in his class. and during the play date, i had received a video. and the mom said, "oh, they're
1:17 am
having so much fun. they're doing a little fashion show right now." so she sent me the video. and the two girls in the play date come out looking like beautiful princesses. then my son comes out wearing a full princess dress as well. he used purple marker to make eye shadow and contour. >> seth: great. [ light laughter ] >> he gave his best walk. and then he went, "fashion." [ laughter ] so i said, "where did you learn this? what was your inspiration for this?" and he said, "oh, it's because i watch rupaul's drag race." [ laughter and applause ] >> seth: fantastic. >> it's amazing. and for a moment, i questioned my parenting. but then i said no. >> seth: yeah. >> this is amazing. first of all, he picked up some good tips. [ laughter ] >> seth: yes, exactly. >> second, i'm proud my son knows rupaul's drag race and can like, compete. >> seth: yeah. exactly. >> i mean, he could have flipped over a table like the new jersey housewives. i might have been a little more embarrassed he watched that with me. [ light laughter ]
1:18 am
>> seth: exactly. there's some decency to the way they go about themselves with "drag race." yeah. so congratulations on the final season of kimmy schmidt. >> oh, thank you. >> seth: and this is -- obviously your second show you've worked with tina fey and robert carlock. is it true that tina and the writing staff will sometimes write things with no expectations that you as an actor will actually have to do them? >> well, first of all i'm going to say it's going to be very, very bittersweet for the show to end because tina -- my relationship with tina fey is my most successful and longest lasting relationship in my life. >> seth: i mean, it's incredible. it's incredible. two shows and two great characters. >> yeah, it's been amazing. i'm going to miss it terribly, especially the whacky group of players we have with tituss and ellie and carol kane. we are all very close and i'm going to miss the, sort of wacky fun that we have there. but i have noticed sometimes they put things in the script that i, because i take their writing so seriously, i just think i'm expected to do whatever they put there. and there was an episode of "30 rock" where they wrote -- we were fighting over the same the guy, liz lemon and jenna. it was supposed to be like that movie thing where you go "oh" and then put your arm around
1:19 am
your date, your supposed date. so they said, "well liz does it." but then jenna does it with her leg. [ light laughter ] so we did the rehearsal and i did that. i was like -- i can't do it here. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> you'll be off the air. [ light laughter ] but i literally did it. she was like we never expected that you could do that. we just wrote that as like an imagery, like an idea. i was like, oh i thought, like i practiced. >> seth: yeah. you're like, i was the dining car, miss fey. [ cheers and applause ] thank you so much for being here. always such a pleasure to see you. >> i love seeing you. >> seth: jane krakowski, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] "the unbreakable kimmy schmidt" streaming on netflix currently. we'll be right back with devin dawson. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ooh-wee, grab an umbrella kids 'cause dad's gonna make it rain "tre tres".
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basketball world. "boogie" is coming to the bay. the dubs signed all-star demarcus cousins to a 1- year, $5.3 million dollar deal. that means all five of the warriors starters were on last years all-star team. on our homepage: a rash of car burglaries in north berkeley. about 35 cars were broken into over the weekend. police say the area of josephine and rose streets were the hardest hit.
1:24 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] my next guest's album, "dark horse" is this year's highest charting country debut from a solo male artist. performing "asking for a friend," welcome back to the show devin dawson, everyone.
1:25 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ hey i was just wondering if anyone was sitting here ♪ ♪ and if not would it be okay if someone bought you a beer ♪ ♪ let's say that someone wanted to dance would he have any snowball in hell of a chance ♪ ♪ to get you out on the floor before this slow song ends ♪ ♪ oh hey i'm just asking for a friend ♪ ♪ ♪ he ain't never been any good at laying it all out on the line ♪
1:26 am
♪ i swear down deep believe me girl he's a really good guy ♪ ♪ if you can find it in your heart just to cut him some slack ♪ ♪ he'll be johnny on the spot here in two seconds flat ♪ ♪ yeah he's holding his breath come on give him a second with you ♪ ♪ oh hey yeah what do you say it's friday night and you're beautiful so beautiful ♪ ♪ what man wouldn't think you were the love of his life he'd be a fool ♪ ♪ he'd be a fool just one drink would sure mean a lot to him hey i'm just asking for a friend ♪ ♪ ♪
1:27 am
♪ let's say this friend of mine went and messed up real bad ♪ ♪ and he'd do anything in this world girl to get you back ♪ ♪ hey what kind of sorry would it take for a man to erase his worst mistake ♪ ♪ and would this even begin to make a dent ♪ ♪ oh hey yeah what do you say it's friday night and you're beautiful so beautiful ♪ ♪ what man wouldn't think you were the love of his life he'd be a fool ♪ ♪ he'd be a fool i don't mean to ramble on like this hey i'm just asking for a friend ♪
1:28 am
♪ ♪ yeah what if i told you he hadn't slept in weeks ♪ ♪ and he was standing right here in front of you instead of me ♪ ♪ is there any way you could ever love him again just asking for a friend ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: devin dawson, everyone. for fall tour dates head over to we'll be right back, everybody. [ applause ]
1:29 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to jake tapper, jane krakowski, devin dawson, everyone. [ cheers and applause ] brian frasier-moore, and of course the 8g band. stay tuned for carson daly. we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> carson: hey, folks. it's carson daly. this is the cutting room. and you're watch


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