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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 6, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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a bay area man takes the law into his own hands. what happened when an alleged burglar broke in. right now at 11:00, bay area man takes the law into his own hands. what happened when an alleged burglar broke in? good morning. thank you so much for joining us for our midday new cast. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm crkris sanchez. this started as an act of self defense not far from the shops at the hill top and i-80. sharon cat sue that is live with more on this unfolded. is the homeowner okay? >> reporter: the homeowner is okay. the family is very shaken.
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we just talked to police here and they say that the suspect is in critical condition. he might not make it. meantime, the neighbors say they're just shocked about what happened at the house next door. >> we are in a middle class neighborhood here. nobody has any extravagance. can't imagine what they went for. >> reporter: police say just after midnight the suspect tried to break into a couple of homes before this one. you can see what followed by the bullet holes and shattered glass in the front window and in the family minivan. >> the family member had no other choice other than to defend himself and his family by incapacitating the suspect, by shooting him in the upper torso. >> reporter: neighboring say they're glad he acted in self defense. >> afraid. i have two young children and afraid of any stray bullets flying or coming through the house. >> in this world, you know, you never know when you have to
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protect yourself. >> reporter: now, we did some research and the california self defense law says you can't be found guilty for a violent crime under reasonable circumstances where you were protecting yourself and your property. here, police say it's not encouraged but definitely in this case it was clearly self defense. reporting live in richmond, sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> thank you. right now, we just learned that one person died in the flames in northern california, far north. up in hornbrook just south of the oregon border. this fire is being called the clameth fire. 8,000 acres burned so far and homes, as well. i-5 was closed in both directions overnight an for much of the morning. it is open again by cal transis warning that there could be
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massive delays still. for people around here, around there, there are evacuation orders in place. there is 5% containment so far. meanwhile, nine structures destroyed by the county fire, another 110 are in the danger zone. additional evacuation orders are being issued right now and right now the fire is burning in i don't lo and napa counties and already scorched around 88,000 acres. it is 30% contained. firefighters hope to have it fully contained by next tuesday. health advisory is over for the neighborhoods in martinez. shell says that there was some type of incident at the refinery and not specifically saying what that was. county health leddaders warning anyone with respiratory issues they may be affected. our crews left that area. there might be irritant in the air affecting the eyes, nose or throat and the skin.
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we sent out a push alert. you can download our nbc bay area app free. that way you can always be informed of things happening. one of the biggest names in silicon valley is offering to help the boys soccer team stuck in the cave in thigh land. elon musk announced that he sent a team of engineers to southeast asia to see what they can try to do. nbc bay area's bob redell joining us now. musk tweeted possible solutions. i have to say, these are ideas that i hadn't heard floated yet. >> reporter: correct. very smart person here putting out the ideas, elon musk. good morning to you. the 12 boys and coach in a cave in thigh land. now as you can see, the only way out is through a twisty narrow tunnel. the boys don't know how to swim and makes it worse. musk took to twitter and indensed his advice to extract them. musk suggests a 3-foot wide
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nylon tube in the length of the tunl and invade it like a bouncey house and walk them out and behind the boring company as in drilling. he tweeted that they have good ground penetrating radar and are pretty good at drilling holes and they're seriously looking at that as an option, as well. this animation is a good idea of the predicament. the cave entrance to the right side of the screen. the boys suck tuck on the left . thai authorities trying to drill a hole from the top of the mountain to the boys and coach who are located a half mile down. divers have been teaching the boys to swim and how to use breathing equipment. won't be easy. as we have been reporting this morning, sadly, a retired s.e.a.l. navy drowned last night trying to swim out. he was involved in the operation. they're running out of air and
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so many rescuers tending to them in the air pocket. authorities trying to pump oxygen and more rain on the way and could complicate the situation. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> all right. thank you very much, bob. okay. you might as well prepare to bake and, no, not talking about in the kitchen. outside. those temperatures hitting 90s in some parts of the inland areas. >> kari, you know that's not my favorite kind of weather. this is my kind of weather. little built little bit of fog there. tracking the rising temperatures. >> yeah. i know you love it when it's humid, too. >> the hair so big. >> big hair today, don't care. a lot of clouds. and some tropical moisture being streamed into the bay area. this is coming from about 1,100 miles away from tropical storm
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fabio. some people feeling sprinkles out there right now and this is something that we haven't seen in quite a while. if you felt that, what is going on? we're seeing spotty, light rain in parts of the bay area. but it is clearing from south to north. as that kind of pushes off to the north heading into the rest of the afternoon. so a live look outside at san jose, all clear and the outside over tib ron where the temperature is at 75 degrees so it's already realing very warm. high humidity and hotter as the humidity decreases for the weekend. so i'll talk about that and some events going on around the bay area coming up in a few minutes. >> okay. when you can't have kari giving you the news right to your face you can use the nbc bay area weather app. our team of meteorologists updates that and you can get it for wherever you're going to be this weekend, whether at home or some place cooler. well, new at 1:00, video of a boat on fire near detroit carrying tourists to the popular
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and historic boblo island. no reports of any injuries and don't know how this fire started. just taking a look at that, definitely a startling image for people in michigan today. well, is north korea serious about getting rid of its nuclear weapons? its leader says, yes. but our intelligence agencies say, maybe not. scott mcgrew, secretary of state is trying to sort that out. >> we know mike pompeo landed in north korea where he's set to talk to the kim regime about the agreement to denuclearize. as you mentioned, u.s. intelligence tells nbc north korea is still developing nuclear weapons and it's feared president trump's much fan fared summit may have been for naught. here's the president last night at a rally in montana. >> so remember they said he's too tough. he's going to cause a war. it's too tough. now they say, he's too nice.
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he's too -- he's too nice. i got along very well with chairman kim. i long along very well. that's a good thing. >> trump made fun of past president george h.w. bush, senators mccain and warren and congresswoman and praised vladimir putin. the u.s. instituted tariffs as promised on china. we expect to return tariffs against american products, mostly allal and the labor department this morning said the u.s. economy added 213,000 jobs in june. unemployment up to 4%. people are coming back into the job market. nothing to be alarmed by. wages tonight to stagnant. happening now, another story we have been following for years. funeral services are under way for mcmad, a live look at the gospel church in oakland and see that folks are already inside
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gathering to pay their respects. families says she died of liver failure last week at a new jersey hospital and remember that bay area doctors declared her brain dead five years ago. her mother refused to remove her from life support. fueling a medical and religious debate nationwide. as we look live one more time, nbc's melissa colorado there talking with folks. look for her updates this afternoon on twitter and a full report this evening on nbc bay area news at 5:00 and 6:00. today marks a dark day in bay area history. five years ago asiana airlines flight 214 crashed as it was landing at sfo. three young women from china were killed in that crash. another 187 were hurt. there have been several safety improvements since that crash. you can watch our investigative unite stories covering the crash on our website. and coming up, a mother goes
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to the extreme to save her children. >> thinking about my kids. that was my main priority. i didn't worry about my car. that's replaceable. >> in her words, hear this mother's account of what happened after a carjacker stole her car with her children inside. and check out our social media pages. you are constantly bombarded with robocalls and always during dinner? seems like. we can help you out. >> let's try to stop robocalls. first, join the do not call registry. it won't stop calls to fax lines or business phones but it helps. don't pick up if you are not familiar with the number. let it go to voicemail. if you don't know who it is, block it. if you get a call from someone claiming to be the do not call registry, hang up. the registry will never call
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you. block text spammers. if you're registered with the do not call list, you can forward spam texts to 7726 free of charge. if all else fails, complain. write down the phone number and file a complaint with the ftc. call 888-382-1222 or visit the address on your screen. have a problem or tip? give us a call. or submit online. we respond to every call and inquiry. maybe you could save energy by
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weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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well, as parents we often imagine worst-case scenarios, what would we do in oez situations. there are a terrifying carjacking in texas where police say a young woman pulled a gun and shot a man in her own kids as he tried to steal the suv with the two toddlers inside. the mom said she was trying to
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protect the kids and as we hear from nbc's miguel amalguer, she says she wouldn't hesitate to do it again. >> it happened so fast. not even five minutes. >> reporter: a fourth of july this still shaken mom will never forget. michelle asks us not to show her face. >> thinking about my kids. that was my main priority. i didn't worry about my car. you know? that's replaceable. >> reporter: late wednesday, michelle ran into a gas station convenience store leaving her two children ages 2 and 4 in the car. when she got back a minute later, she says a man was behind the wheel. that stranger police say was 36-year-old ricky wright. this is a mug shot of wright taken from a previous crime. the fast-thinking mom jumped into the backseat with her toddlers as wright sped away. >> i'm asking the man, hey, my kids back here. stop. you know? pull over, pull over. >> reporter: she says she initially tried to take control
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of the speeding vehicle but was unable to do so. so instead, she grabbed her gun from the glove box and opened fire. shooting him in the head. >> he wasn't trying to stop. he kept hitting the gas. i went towards my glove compartment and grabbed my gun and fired at him from the. >> reporter: young lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a telephone pole. >> the vehicle has just wrecked and not answering questions from the 911 call taker. >> reporter: michelle and two children were not hurt. she's unapologetic for her actions. >> when someone -- tried to do anything, harm to my kids, i do what i need to do to protect them. >> that was miguel amalguer reporting. wright was taken to the hospital and charged with two counts of unlawful restraint and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and reported to be in serious but stable condition. according to court records he does have a lengthy rap sheet. police have not said whether the mother will face any charges.
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now to the other top local stories, a registered sex offender arrested again in the south bay. morgan hill police say that 45-year-old christian rowan followed a woman as she walked to her home and the woman said he was filming and then stayed parked outside of the home. police say they found drugs and paraphernalia in the car. police are -- people really upset over bikes and sharing. their thoughts in san francisco city hall and reporting people in the park -- glen park neighborhood don't want a new ford go bike docking station. the city supervisor agrees saying he called transportation officials to complain. and today is the beginning of traffic changes in an already busy area. no more left turns on van ness between lombard and mission in san francisco. this is part of the project for bus only lanes. also said that these changes are to make the corridor safer for
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pedestrians. sfmta said left turns is a reason many people are getting hurt. all right. that is the opening bell right now. and apparently the traders, they did like the jobs numbers. all up. the dow is up by 135 points. the nasdaq up by nearly 100 points. and wall street is shrugging off the trade concerns as well it appears. this morning you have a new place for breakfast. looking inside the newest dunkin donuts location, newest one in the bay area. this is on snell avenue in south san jose. of course, our cameras rolling as some of the first customers went inside this morning and today is just the soft opening. >> the official grand opening is next saturday. we did talk with the first customers getting up dark and early to check it out. >> little one came down and my
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son he was like, let's get up early in the morning and go. so, set the alarms. 5:20. you know? seen there was a line so came down. you know? so this is his bright idea this morning. >> the chain is extremely popular in the east so if you just moved to the bay area in the last couple of years you might be thinking what's the big deal? there aren't that many here. the first opened in walnut creek two years ago. earlier i put up a twitter poll asking people what kind of donuts they like. you said under duress chocolate glaze. you said glaze. you're the winners. >> i'll eat it. it is not my thing. >> all day. >> my favorite place to go to dunkin donuts, half moon bay. why? because of the scenery. get your coffee and go to the beach and it is going to be one of those kinds of weekends but i wanted to give you a heads up about this. i know a lot of people have beach plans and we can see the connection of that moisture from
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what was tropical storm fabio extending into the bay area. and this is also kicking up some high waves, along our bay area beaches and we are also seeing spotty light showers for parts of the east bay and the north bay but that will not really amount to much and something that might surprise you today. look at how warm it is. it feels a couple of degrees warmer than this. san francisco at 75 degrees. it's 77 in san jose and also in livermore. oakland at 68 degrees and 71 now in napa with our temperatures at about 13 degrees above yesterday at this time. so it's much warmer in the north bay as well as the south counties. the rest of us feeling a little bit warmer with all clear skies. looking live in san jose. if you're going to music on the evergreen village for tomorrow, it is going to be a warm one starting out at 84 degrees with the clearing skies and then cooling off into the upper 70s
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so it will still be a nice night out there and then the high temperatures heading into the low r09d in concord. and oakland, 77 degrees and 86 degrees in napa. in santa rosa, expect the temperatures to reach up to about 82 degrees. if you are making beach plans in santa cruz, look at how warm it will be this afternoon and factoring in the humidity, a lot of people are going to want to get in the water with those temperatures reaching 86 degrees at 5:00. but once again, that remnants of tropical storm fabio, it's still going to produce some gusty winds so at times our wind waves up to about 7 to 12 feet and some rip currents throughout tomorrow. so just be mindful of that. and then as we get a look at what's happening in the atlantic, the first hurricane of the season right now wind speeds at 80 miles per hour. this is expected to strengthen now as it moves toward the lesser antilles and then weaken moving towards haiti so something to keep an eye on over the next couple of days while we bring it back home, inland areas
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into the mid-90s tomorrow. lower humidity and we keep the 90s into early next week. san francisco, low 70s. very nice weather extending into next week, as well. so i'll have another look at the forecast coming up later. >> all right. thank you very much, kari. coming up, saying good-bye to a bay area favorite. the special offer they have for their customers. but first, happening now, the trump administration is asking for more time to reunite kids and parents separated at the border. justice department says on july 26th that deadline just doesn't give them enough time to verify and vet each parent. plus, a big fine for the postal service. the post office put the wrong picture of the statue of liberty on a stamp. accidentally putting the image of the replica in las vegas. that statue's creator saying it's an original design and the judge agreed ordering a $3.5 million judgment this morning.
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we'll be back with more news after the break. breaks her sile your sneak peak of robin wright )s reaction - to the sexual assault allegations. plus: (billed ( for a repairmas mistakes! plumbing problems push an east bay family to ask for help. )today in the bay. ) 4:30 to 7.
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are you still healing from heart break? tell me about it. mexico forever. but don't worry. we have a couple of teams that are still in the running so i figured, hey, let's walk over here to the set and talk to sandra.
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what teams are still left, sandra? >> well, this morning, france just advanced to the semifinals. uruguay and right now chile, brazil playing and they scored and belgium is winning but still plenty of time -- >> belgium out there. >> yes. tomorrow, there's two more games. we have sweden versus england and then russia versus croatia and we should know by the end of saturday who will advance to the semifinals. >> thank you so much. that went by extremely fast. i can't believe we're going to see who takes home the trophy. i have a twitter poll going if you have a team in the running. you can go for somebody personally. we have a beef going on with brazil. i want to know what you're rooting for. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. tell sandra we said hello. a popular bay front restaurant closing its doors for the last time. >> some good news, though.
11:27 am
that last meal, one for p posterity free. they will close tonight. the italian restaurant thrived there for three decades and the owner says the rising rent is forcing her to close the doors and before she does that for good she wants to give back to the community an gave out free meals yesterday and plan to do the same thing today. >> what a way to go out. go out with a bang. >> yeah. i mean, clear out the pantry anyway, right? coming up to you, fear of fireworks? going into the weekend. the steps local fire departments are taking as the weather heats up and illegal fireworks going off. people are dragging on the
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festivities. we could see -- and hear -- a lot of illegal fireworks this fourth of july is over but a lot of folks are dragging out the festivities. you probably heard a lot of fireworks still going off after the fourth of july. those are illegal and they're creating a major fire danger, especially as today's forecast is hot and dry. >> nbc bay area michelle hurd in
11:30 am
concord where last week a large brush fire threatened some homes there. >> reporter: on the fourth of july, illegal fireworks were a problem all over the bay area. and according to fire officials, they could be a problem this weekend. >> we know that historically fireworks use starts a week or two before the holiday and runs a week or two after the holiday so in the conditions that we have right now with the worsening weather from the perspective of fire danger, we're watching that very closely. >> reporter: hot and dry, along with breezy conditions may prompt fire advisories or warnings. >> taxing our resources. we had a very large fire in concord. valley fire last friday. >> reporter: close to 300 acres burned in the ignacio valley fire. the blackened hills is a reminder that fire danger is real. >> now that i'm home, too, i hose off the yard. you know? so that at least if there's a
11:31 am
fire it's wet. you know? yeah. >> are you going to do that? >> yes. >> reporter: the lee family is refusing to live in fear. >> i think we're more aware of it. i think we for us we think more about having a plan for next time something like that does happen. >> everybody's out making sure neoguri's happening out here because of last weekend. that's too close for comfort. >> the contra costa county fire department will have a strike team on stand by. this is along with heavy equipment if it's needed. we are starting to get a sense of how many people set off illegal fireworks in certain cities. gilroy police say more than 600 reports on the fourth of july alone and the department issued 18 criminal citations, 44 add min straitive fines. red, white and blue this week in a way coming up green on the peninsula. green i'm talking about that money. police had to pay overtime to
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cover police firework patrols and the $45,000 tab is covered by tax revenues from the sale of safe and sane fireworks. the officers located offenders and police say that cracking down is harder than it looks. >> takes two seconds to light a fuse and run away and we are in the smoke and dark trying to make sure we arrest people we know with 100% certainty have done something wrong. >> police tell us they handed out 25 $1,000 citations on the night of the fourth. not all offenders know yet but those caught by undercover surveillance video should be getting a surprise in the mail soon. a story we have been telling you about for months. this young man died at an east bay high school. his death has now been ruled as dental. you might remember back in may 15-year-old ben curry found unresponsive at the san ramon
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valley swimming pool. he died at the hospital. investigators say the investigation is now over and no criminal charges will be filed. a follow-up for you. san francisco police are reportedly stepping up enforcement on the embarcadero in light of a hit and run. video captured a car speeding through traffic away from that scene. the driver has not been found so far and according to the examiner the increased traffic enforcement is only partly tied to the accident. it is also as a result of a high volume of summer visitors. the latest visit of secretary of state pompeo. pompeo arriving overnight amid reports that pyongyang does not actually intend to denuclearize and is instead actively working to deceive the u.s. here's nbc's andrea mitchell. >> reporter: overnight secretary of state pompeo arriving in
11:34 am
pyongyang tweeting while enroute that he spoke with president trump on the phone who told him he believes that chairman kim sees a different brighter future further people of north korea. pompeo's third visit to north korea to nail down kim's pledge to get rid of the nuclear weapons. even as president trump in that raucous montana rally thursday night slammed critics who say he's gone soft on the north korean leader. >> so remember they said he's too tough. he's going to cause a war. it's too tough. now they say, he's too nice. he's too -- he's too nice. i got along very well with chairman kim. i got along very well. that's a good thing. >> reporter: the president also attacking critics of his outreach to vladimir putin ahead of their meeting ten days from now. >> but they're going, will president trump be prepared, you know, president putin is kgb and this and that. you know what?
11:35 am
putin's fine. he's fine. we're all fine. we're people. will i be prepared? totally prepared. i've been preparing this my whole life. >> reporter: defending the art of deal making. mr. trump has said north korea is denuke clearizing as promised but nbc news has reported that u.s. intelligence agencies say the north is increasing nuclear fuel production at multiple secret sites. the president also claiming pyongyang already returned the remains of 200 american soldiers from the korean war. >> we got back our great fallen heroes, the remains. in fact, today already 200 have been sent back. well, with the deadline hanging over them, government teams are scrambling to reunite migrant families separated at the border. department of homeland security confirms workers using dna testing, some 200 health and human service workers are assisting in the effort. the children younger than 5 must
11:36 am
be reunited with families by tuesday. health and human services leaders believe they have the time. >> we will comply even if the deadlines prevent us from conducting our standard or even a truncated vetting process. >> workers are taking cheek swabs to obtain that dna information. immigration right supporters argue that the data could be used to track families for years and not clear how many families have been reunited. controversial virginia restaurant red hen open once again today and faced backlash after asking sarah huckabee sanders to leave, the president's spokesperson. the group of the patriot picket, they held signs saying we shall overcome democrats and also democrats, ejecting patrons like a klan boss. despite the criticism, the restaurant said they're fully booked for the evening. from restaurants to doctors, to shopping for pretty much anything, many of us turn to
11:37 am
consumer reviews to help make decisions but with all that we have learned about how misinformation is created and shared online, can user reviews be trusted? nbc's joe friar has more. >> reporter: restaurants getting one-star reviews before they open. films panned by critics and praised by users with hidden profiles. online reviews are everywhere. can they be trusted? >> end of the day, 100 million users can't be wrong. >> reporter: yelp said the software filters out the suspect reviews and no way to completely block those motivated to spread mischief. when curry wife of basketball star steph curry announced the houst houston opening of her restaurant, the fans of a rival team flooded. curry responded i don't play ball so this is very entertaining. the food will speak for itself once we open. the yelp page now has an active cleanup alert warning and yelp
11:38 am
said there's tools to tell which to trust. >> as a user, you can look at the profile of the reviewer to see if their share your tastes. >> reporter: online reviews are also playing a major role in hollywood. >> we the jurors in the above case find the defendant john gotti not guilty. >> starring john travolta is whacked by critics scoring a zero on rotten tomatoes. one writing i would rather wake up to a severed horse head than watch it again. it bombed at the box office, as well. but when it opened the number of reviews gave it five stars which raised red flags to critic dan mural. >> seems like somebody involved with the film. >> reporter: they say those accounts created by real users and a closer look raised further questions according to critics. >> a large amount of those
11:39 am
profiles were made the month that gotti game out. a large amount of those profiles only reviews gotti. >> reporter: production company behind "gotti" did not respond. website too, we absolutely did not do anything to pad the audience reactions. ultimately, experts say, reviews are only as reliable as the reviewers themselves. look for how long has the account been up? is it public and linked to other accounts? what other reviews have they written? just a few minutes of entertainment sleuthing can provide a lot of insight of which reviews are fair and which might be foul. joe friar, nbc news, los angeles. >> you're not a movie critic if you only critique one movie. >> exactly. coming up here, kari has a look at the heat up we have been talking about. it is here. >> feeling it already. taking a live look outside in san jose, skying clearing here. feeling the temperatures going
11:40 am
up and downtown campbell today, first friday at 5:30. at that time, it will be 86 degrees. we will talk about what else is going on around the bay area as you try to stay cool. that's coming up next. plus a shortage of lifeguards at pools all around the world. we'll tell you who's filling in and watching your kids while they're in the water. shortage t
11:41 am
11:42 am
summer fun. pools and beaches are having now to a nationwide shortage that could impact your summer
11:43 am
fool. pools and beaches really having trouble filling the lifeguard chairs. >> some may have to close, others are turning to a different kind of lifeguard, one that might surprise you the next time you head to the pool. nbc's kristen dahlgren reports that the problem has a silver lining. >> reporter: there was a time when being a lifeguard was the summer job to have. immortalized by coming of age teen movies and unfor theible tv heart throbs. years after "baywatch" it's hiring this's slowing down. >> the economy right now is pretty good for summer employment and competing with people that are paying far more than we can afford, especially in the municipal market. >> reporter: thanks to extracurricular activities and internships, fewer teens are seeking summer jobs. 35% of 16 to 19-year-olds are working this summer, down from 52% in 1998.
11:44 am
many of the nation's 150,000 lifeguard positions are sitting empty. forcing beaches and pools to look to a new generation of older lifeguards. like bob mcintosh who mans a chair at the new jersey family aquatic summer. >> mid-70s. >> reporter: first lifeguarded in college more than five decades ago. followed by a career traveling the world for the state department. >> i handled the u.s. government real estate portfolio overseas. this is my scene. >> reporter: as he headed to retirement, he couldn't ignore that old call of the whistle. >> i just love this job. being outside and, you know, maintaining physical conditioning. >> reporter: certification tests at least every two years ensure lifeguards of any age up to the task. in austin, texas, ed myers is 87. and after a career as a rescue swimmer in the navy, says he may be more even more qualified.
11:45 am
>> i can spot danger. that's the secret. to spot the danger before it happens and experience, age comes in. >> reporter: bob swims every day to stay up to the task. as for working with guards a quarter of his age? >> i try to give them their space. >> reporter: there's also a lot they could learn. >> bob has seen rescues, bob knows what could happen. >> reporter: lifeguards with life experience spending their golden years back in the sun. >> kristen dahlgren reporting there. it's not the only workplace turning to retirees. older americans are quickly becoming fixtures in seasonal jobs and a benefit is that they don't go back to school before labor day so you can be sure that bob and the others will be there on the lifeguard stand through the summer. but i think he said it best. it is about identifying the problem before a problem. you know? you don't have to worry he's checking out the girls or anything. >> not going to be scrolling
11:46 am
through instagram while lifeguarding. >> he is 85. he is not dead. >> i don't know about that one. >> the teenagers like, how you doing? >> yeah. so that's really good and people heading to the pools this weekend. >> why. >> so you do have to make sure you're careful about that and also the beaches this weekend. as we take a live look outside right now in dublin, already locks hot. also a little bit more humid than we're used to with that sun beaming down. it's going to be hot. if you're going to the alameda county fair in pleasanton, i had a great time there yesterday, reaching 92 degrees at 4:00 today. if you can stand the heat, get on without loins. and later this evening probably more crowded and more comfortable. as we look at the high temperatures for today, we're heading up to 89 in antioch. napa 86 degrees. some low 70s for san francisco. and palo alto 82 degrees and in
11:47 am
san jose 84 but it will feel hotter than that because of remnants or what's tropical depression from fabio. extending all the way into the bay area. we can see that connection there. it's been a while since we have had even some sprinkles in the bay area so that may have caught a lot of people by surprise. as we start to see the skying clearing from south to north, we'll see the north bay also getting some clearing after a couple of sprinkles dropping and looking at the temperature trend, heading into the afternoon, yes, it will be hot but tomorrow even hotter as we get some slightly drier air. that will allow those temperatures to heat up even more you should all of that sunshine. if you're going to monterey this weekend, we've been giving you the heads up that there will be some higher waves. today, temperatures reaching into the mid-70s there. and some upper 60s for the rest of the weekend so there's still this wide range in temperatures across the bay area. and also, from the beach to the inland valleys. but the high waves and surf, that continues through tomorrow
11:48 am
afternoon. at times the waves from 7 to 12 feet and also high breakers, sneaker waves and rip currents so the main thing is that if you can go to one of the beaches with the lifeguard and keep an eye on everyone around you. inland areas heading into the mid-90s this weekend. 95 degrees tomorrow. some low 90s even going into next week so this time it won't be a quick one and done and san francisco cools off, i think the best day in the forecast will be tomorrow with sunshine. highs in the low 70s and back to the 60s by early next week and a nice weekend but you want the find somewhere nice and cool that may be the coast this weekend. >> i already got that phone call at my desk. having a beach day tomorrow. i guess we're going to the beach. >> the beach you shall go. coming up, oprah opens up in a wide ranging interview. the media mogul speaks her mind. the greatest luxury she admits to.
11:49 am
11:50 am
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newly released video interview. oprah )s cover story with britih vogue made headlines queen of of talk oprah winfrey is opening up in a video interview. oprah's cover story with british "vogue" made headlines when she confirmed she has no plans to run for president in 2020. >> she said there's a job he always wants on the resume. nbc reports. >> reporter: oprah winfrey has made a career out of asking questions. >> would you ever run for office? >> no. no. >> no kind of office? >> no. >> reporter: now she is answering them as the latest cover star of british "vogue." >> i know what it is like to be on that side and try to give as much as i can. >> reporter: in a video released overnight, she spoke to edward offering advice to the young self. >> be relaxed. it would be stop being afraid and it would be everything's going to be all right. >> reporter: revealing her dream
11:52 am
dinner companion. >> i would like jesus to come to dinner and explain. >> explain. >> is this what you wanted? is this really wanted you wanted? did you want the churches and the people? or were you looking for people to have a different level of consciousness? did you want the christ consciousness? i think a lot of people got it wrong, jesus. >> reporter: saying what you see on tv is what you get. >> i'm never not me. i'm never not the person you see. >> reporter: and admits may not come across that way. >> a woman came up and said, you're not acting like you do on tv. >> oh. >> i said, what's that? she said on tv you hug everybody and you're just sitting that. >> reporter: leading to what she considers her greatest luxury, a private plane. >> because it means one minute you're in new york. and then the next minute you say, you know, edward, i think i'll fly to london. >> reporter: an exceptional perk of a decades long career even winfrey has a hard time keeping up with. >> i googled myself the other
11:53 am
day for the first time. i'm impressed. i didn't know that i was first african-american self-made billionaire. donated more to charity in the 20th century than any other african-american. >> reporter: a long list of achievements and jobs filling the resume. what if she never found fortune and fame? >> i would definitely, definitely be teaching in a classroom because it's the thing that still brings me the greatest joy. >> reporter: and one of the greatest frustrations? the impatience of some young people expecting instant success. >> they think that success is supposed to happen like that. >> like that. >> they think that there isn't a process to it. they think that they're supposed to come out of college and have their brand. >> reporter: for her, decades of building a brand, creating what she hopes is a lasting impact. >> i am most proud that i have
11:54 am
been able to live this incredible life filled with beauty. >> british "vogue" august issue hits stands today. >> oprah really is a teacher to so many of us. we have things in common. she worked in nashville. i worked at the same station and left there and went to baltimore and went to baltimore, same station. >> wow. don't expect it to happen really fast, marcus. >> oh, it didn't. >> be patient. >> we'll be right back. but thes
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
skipped the letters and all right. we are already laughing about this one. dog versus mailman not a new story but the virginia dogs climbed into his truck and they ate his lunch. they got into the mailman's truck as he was making a delivery and ate his food. he left their owners a note detailing what they ate in case the tummies were upset. the owner posted it online and did go viral and the owner sent back a thank you note and a gift card. >> wow. >> and, yes, bear and bull are both fine and apparently on a low carb diet. had a couple of eggs and carrots. that was it. >> i'm glad he said thank you. >> yeah. all right. >> so sad. >> we will have great but hot weather this weekend. up to 95 degrees in the valley. so try to stay cool this weekend. >> we'll try. thank you so much for joining us. thank you for letting me be a part of the team. get laura back on monday.
11:58 am
>> have a great weekend.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
. ♪ we are live, in five, four, three, two, one. how great is this? [ laughter ] >> how great is this? >> oh my god. >> this is insane right now. we are dino crazy. the first day of summer, we are outside celebrating, our friend the raptor is here. nina parker. are you guys huge "jurassic world" fa


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