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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 19, 2018 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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we )re tracking breaking news, tonight. this video just into our newsroom in the past 10-minutes. a duck boat capsizing on a disbelief and despair. this video just newsroom in the past ten minutes. that's a duck boat capsizing on a missouri lake. 31 people were on ive people are still missing. this happened on a lake in branson. the sheriff said strong winds may have caused the boat to take
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on water. seven people are recovering in the hospital. one is mysteriously hurt. divers spent hours searching the lake for survivors. >> we're still going to be working on this tomorrow. >> dive teams say they'll restoop search for more victims in the morning. >> homes flattened and people injured as tornadoes ripped through several communities. >> outside of des mo a direct path of the tornado. state that's aerial footage se buildig amazingly, no one hurt in any of the storms. the images are heart breaking and there are a lot of them on social media. many people tweeting the hash tags, iowa tornado and iowa strong. you can follow us on facebook
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for the latest on iowa. first it was helsinki. tonight a white house invitation. u.s. leaders caught off guard by donald trump's invitation to vladimir putin for a fall visit to the u.s. that controversial invite just as the administration deals with fallout from a trump/putin meeting earlier this week. >> it's a big get for the leader. >> he says this week has been a big win for russia and putin wants to and expects to get even more. >> part two of the summit in the invitation catching president trump's own director of national intelligence off guard. >> we have breaking news. the white house has announced on twitter that president putin is
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coming to the white house in the fall. >> say that again? >> zaifd a professor of russian history. he believes before another one-on-one meeting takes place, the mueller investigation should be completed. >> we have no idea what kind of material he has on him. >> he says russia is not as strong as it used to be and its best sfons to divide and weaken its adversaries. that meant interfering with elections. >> i have to give p in the united states. >> he steays theay seek more in the next meeting. >> the acceptance of the takeover of crimea. if it were up to trump, those things would happen fairly quickly. >> putin's visit would be his
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first since mmxv. calling for the transcripts of the last one three days ago. a follow-up after the explosion at the santa rosa kaiser. the entire rear of the car blown off. the tanker delivering liquid oxygen to the medical offices when the explosion happened. th t person injured. they endured it in real high of and tonight they saw it on the big screen. a life and death situation that so many people in santa rosa faced, is now the subject of a documentary. film makers are hoping it will help give back what they so mercilessly took. >> the people who made this
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documentary are from santa rosa. they experienced the fire. some people were not sure such a recent disaster belonged up on a marquis or even in a theater. people who saw it said it was emotional in a good way. >> it is home. >> i shed some tears for sure. >> an emotional night in santa rosa for the premier of the documentary urban inferno. the night santa rosa burned. >> a soldout crowd included fire survivors, their supporters and first responders. the documentary detailed the first few hours of the fire offering insight into how emergency personnel responded while people ran for their lives. he shares his story of a harrowing escape. >> it is painful to watch. >> tonight will be my fourth time. i think i'mso it may be working. >> other survivors who lost and
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everything saw it for the first time say it helped put things in perspective. >> more for the therapeutic aspects. it is what and we need to move forward. >> during a q & a, many thanked the first responders for rescuing so many people. >> an emotional moment for the santa rosa fire chief. >> we did lose a lot of people. >> a lot of emotion. all the money from ticket sales will be going to a nonprofit that's working with victims.
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never now move over. tickets will be sold for just $5 and it will play as long as people continue to come see it. >> okay. thank you. a south bay bad mitton coach is under arrest after an inappropriate relationship with one of the students. late last week, police say they caught him with a 17-year-old female student. the two were after hours. >> we have to tell you, the images you're about to see are disturbing. this is a dog park near 25th and iowa. he had no chip, no collar and
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weighed just 60 pounds. >> he was so ill and in so much pain we had to euthanize him. we would like to find whoever is responsible for this of the workers say they want to find who is responsible but they've seen a spike in animal cruelty cases and they're concerned there could be much more animals suffering. racial profiling and how oakland deals with hows oakhanda cheryl has more. >> reporter: a lot of people here in oakland showing up for the meeting on racial profiling. how to stop it is up for debate and it got pretty heated. >> a calm meeting turned to anger. for one man in oakland who said
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he is fed up with racial profiling. he said he stopped all the time because of the color of his skin. >> the police are saying you're somebody else. how did it match? we don't even look alike but we're the same skin tone. >> a study finds the oakland police department has a problem. >> the university has taught to us think about the data. it is one thing to think about it. it is another thing to ask the questions. >> oakland's mayor. >> being open and honest, collecting data, changing practices, is the important first step to truly making progress. >> the councilmember is blaming the mayor for not doing enough to stop racial profiling.
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she's not sure the study needs to continue. >> despite all the work she's done, that issue has not been addressed. >> the contract will be discussed at the next city council meeting on tuesday. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. two dozen soldiers out of the hospital. this is bak at the south monte base said turbulence from a black hawk helicopter caused soldiers to chance. two even had to be air lifted to the hospital. a scrap metal yard today, san jose police tell as you man was pushing a shopping cart through parking lot when a dump truck
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hit him. still ahead, a relaxing night on the couch? not so much. an unexpected guest shows up. plus, check your bank. the bank that's refunding thousands of its customers and how to find out if you're one of them. thunderstorms over the sierras today. we're tracking a little bit of .
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tainted. a lot of people talking about 49ers quarterback jimmy garoppolo, going ou his golden boy image slightly tainted. a lot of people are talking about jimmy garoppolo going out on a date with an adult film star. the two ate out at a restaurant and then left together in a car that was waiting for them. the woman goes by the name of
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kiara mia. she shared it on her instagram story that she was out with garoppolo. that post getting a lot of buzz. an unsettling surprise for a sandal jose couple. that snake slith ordering their living room floor and they're not the only ones who spotted snakes in their houses. since january there have been four calls about snakes being size they're usually looking for foo. >> they're looking for resources. >> experts say don't try handle the snakes yourself. the police ran down a cab driver. detectives are looking for the driver of a gold or champagne color honda. it is a four door civic. the driver hit a cab being
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driven by the 66-year-old. the civic the driver was at large. the man eventually died from his injuries. a huge left fieldly gambling bust. police raiding a ser casinos, posing them as leti each machine could bring up to 100,000 a month in illegal gambling. >> gangs and organized gang groups, they like this business because it is extremely lucrative. they will be putting machines in these locations and setting them up. >> police seizing more than $350,000 in cash as well. someone spotted this car this morning north of that hepe
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state beach. when the officer got there, there was not anyone inside or even near the car. for the first anaheim two decades, students will see a drop in their tuition fees. it is not a big change. only about 60 bucks less a wil break. there was a 4% tuition like for international and out of state students. check it out. at&t park looking a bit different. this is a live look at the rugby field which now covers the ballpark. come tomorrow morning, athletes from around the world will take to that field to compete. first the opening ceremony. hive outside the park with more on rugby world cup 7. >> there are 24 different countries with men and women who
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will be playing. this opening ceremony, it was truly a multinational event. nation by nation they paraded on to the stage. is first time they have hosted. and for many players and fans, therefirst time they've been to san francisco. >> where are you from? >> chile. >> how do you like it? >> too good. too good. >> these guys are part of the entourage for teem fiji. i tried interviewing them but they decided to sing instead. and the group from santiago, they're related to one of the players for chile. >> we are very happy to be here. >> for those who may not be very familiar with rugby sevens, there are seven players instead of 15 and the matches are
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lightning quick. >> it's quick. you have to watch like 30 games in a matter of t field for they're excited to be the host team team. the first match is friday at 10:00 a.m. nbc bay area news. >> so what's the weather going to be? >> well, we've got that coming our way. >> what you'll see is we'll start out with a look here across california. the storm have started to die down. it is because of some instability over the sierra. we have a slight risk of maybe an isolated thunderstorm into tomorrow's forecast. i'll have more in about a minute. for the south bay, we'll likely
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have some showers off to the south. peninsula, some coastal fog and a little humidity with this monsoonal moisture close to us. san francisco and also the east bay. let's give you the wide perspective. as we have been talking about, the bulk of the activity remains to the south of us and to the east. it is tomorrow night. we'll have the doppler radar storm ranger going. anything close to us, you can track on us to track it for you. the temperatures tomorrow will be cooling off. it will feel a little sticky. across the south bay, we're going with morgan hill. 87 in cupertino. the numbers dropping a few degrees but it will be a warm
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day. we're down 90s.oakland, still some amazing weathersfim redwood 70 at 79. santeo, 76. san francisco, an isolated low 70. for the north bay, 88, novato and 76 in mill valley. so where do we go? tomorrow, i think the thunderstorms and the heat will slide a little more to the east this weekend and that will leave us with, well, less humidity. no thunderstorm chance and upper 60s to about 70 in san francisco and a great start next week. four cities away from the coastline. the low 90s saturday and sunday. and not too hot next week. we're a little above average. thankfully no 105 to 110 for th. we'll have really nice weather this rfec
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you're delivering. >> do i what i can. >> up next, does wells fargo owe you money? they are refunding customers millions of dollars. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys, we have a brand new show. a bakery that )s been n the mission district is being forced out. "la victoria" has been in san francisco for nearly 70 years. but the owners of the building are selling it. la victoria has been in san francisco nearly 70 years. the owners of the building are selling it. now the bakery has just under 30 days to find a new home or close for good. we're back more after the break. . the community effort to clean up the roads in one bay area city. and kari hall is tracking another hot forecast.. what you can expect for your weekend. join us tomorrow from
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based, wells fargo. the bank is now re isss for san francisco based wells fargo. the bank is refunding millions of dollars for service that's customers never agreed to pay for. they are returning tens of millions to hundreds of thousands of customers. those customers charged extra fees for products like pet insurance, legal services, theft protection among other things. th the bank has notified customers who have been impacted. a bay area is hoping the reunite someone with her ring. we did photos of it hoping to track town the ring's owner. it has a spader. it reads. from you now in the eternity.
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that would be is hoping anyone who knows big th, who knows anything. (vo) i was born during
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the winter of '77. i first met james in 5th grade. we got married after college. and had twin boys. but then one night, a truck didn't stop. but thanks to our forester, neither did our story. and that's why we'll always drive a subaru.
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today. demarcus cousins showed
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off his new number )zero ) jersey. the warriors shocked the n- b-a earlier this month, when they signed the all-star center for 5 million dollars. demarcus cousins officially showed of on his number. >> every guy said, let's go get another championship. that was the first thing. we're really putting me at ease was just the excitement. they're a well established team and they could have been like no, we don't need them. >> he is rehabbing his torn achilles' but he is expected to be back in january at the very latest. a live look at at&t park. the baseball field is now a rugby pitch. that's what it is called. we showed you the teams from all over the world are ready to begin the rugby world cup sevens tournament. this is both men's and women's teams competing. on the women's side, team usa is one of the favorites. usa plays china at 12:30
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tomorrow afternoon and they're excited to get it going. >> they have the potential to win it all. we can continue to do our structure. it will be great. >> there are 24 men's teams. 16 women's teams playing in this tournament. just ahead, the second most photographed in the nation. distance relationship. this is long distance with the best wifi experience, plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. xfinity gives you the best wifi experience to stream the most free movies and shows from anywhere. plus, staying connected on the go is easy with xfinity mobile. switch today and see how you can save. click, call or visit a store today.
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with three boys of his own. the iconic house from the legendary sitcom the brady bunch, is up for dale hitting tis the story of a lovely man -- the home of the brady bunch is up for sale. it is listed for $1.9 million. it only has two bedrooms and three baths. when you walk in, you won't exactly be walking into the living room. only the exteriors of the home were used on the show. all the scenes inside were shot at the paramount studios. it was the most photographed house except for the white house. it was selected as the brady residence because they felt it looked like a home where the dad mike brady, who was an
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architect, might live. >> mike and carol -- >> greg and marsha, marsha, marsha, cindy, the little one, and then jan. >> are you going to sing it for us? >> i could actually. and don't forget alice. >> we've got a lot going on. 6:30 tomorrow night. nbc bay area. the giants and the athletics will be at the coliseum. you can go down after the game of sit on the grass and watch the fireworks. with the giants there, you've got the rugby world cup sevens. there we go. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."
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