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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 25, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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up out there - parts of the bay area bracing for triple degree temperatures today.. good morning, and thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i )m marcus washington. and i )m laura garcia. let )s get right to kari hall - she )s tracking those rising temperatures. the deadly stabbing of 18-
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we could see a few spots with 70 degrees with a brisk westerly wind at 20 miles per hour. looking at the north bay, it is hot there, as well. napa reaching 93 degrees. take a look at the microclimates and talk about the rest of the week coming up in a few minutes.
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>> thank you, kari. the deadly stabbing of nia wilson is sparking outrage and protests in oak listened. >> the suspect arrested in the case makes the first court appearance today. bay area's reporter is joining us live in oakland with the latest. >> reporter: he was supposed to be arraigned at 9:00 a.m. he will be arranged at 2:00. he faces charges of murder and cowell is described as a violent felon accused of fatally stabbing 18-year-old nia wilson and injuring her sister sunday night in oakland. police arrested him on monday after he snuck back on to b.a.r.t. less than 24 hours after the alleged stabbing. police say a tip from a b.a.r.t. passenger helped track him down. he is accused of murder, assault and violation of parole.
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the father of the two victims was here in the courthouse earlier for the initial 9:00 a.m. arraignment. he told me he shouldn't be planning for -- should be planning for his daughter's graduation, not her funeral. he says he came to court seeking justice for his daughters. >> the perpetrators, you know, prosecutors to the full extent. i would never see my daughter again. she will never be able to pursue her dreams. you know? and no parent ever want to go through what i'm going through right now and all i want is justice for my daughter. that's it. that's all. >> reporter: cowell's family claims their son suffers from mental health issues. the father of the victim said that's an excuse. he wants to know why a white man attacked his two daughters who are black. reporting live in oakland, anser hassan, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. switching gears now,
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developing this morning, really waiting to find out who hit that jackpot in san jose. >> here are the winning numbers just in case it's you. the prize worth $522 million. the lone ticket comes from ernie's liquors in san jose. it hit all six winning numbers. the owners of the store are excited to be part of the big win and will share the cut of the winnings about $1 million with employees and charities. >> it means a lot right now because we were the lucky store that we sold the ticket so it means a lot right now. the employees will probably, you know, get a share of this. >> pretty thrilling there. we are joined live from the store and checking in at the bottom of the store. tourists have only a few hours left -- really less than an hour left to evacuate yosemite. the deadline of noon and part of state route 41 shuts down likely
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through sunday. of course, the ferguson fire is the reason authorities are closing yosemite valley. officials say at least 1,000 campground, hotel reservations will be canceled. also saying that that park isn't under immediate danger and crews need the space to keep the fire at bay without having to deal with tourists and traffic. we spoke with the people who have to leave early. >> we found everyone here from different countries. they have come from all over the world to come here. and to have yosemite coming from super far away is sad. >> my throat is hurting from the smoke. i'm happy to get out. >> the last time the valley closed because of a fire in 1990. the recent fire's just 26% contained. long night in oakland turned into a morning when they voted unanimously for a controversial housing measure on the november ballot. the 11-hour meeting wrapped up
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at 2:00 a.m. and could mean more protections. at issue is whether the landlords who live in their own duplexes or triplexes should be allowed to evict tenants without cause. tenants can be kicked out for no reason once their lease is up. voters will decide to ban those evictions. we spoke with a woman in favor of the ballot issue. >> when they don't protect tenants, the result is that people get displaced, families get broken up and people die. >> our investigative unit looked into how often the evictions happened in oakland and you might be surprised what we found. the full report on the website. continuing coverage now, the fbi is taking over the search for a missing college student who grew up in the east bay. 20-year-old mollie tibetts grew up in oakland. it's been almost a week since anyone saw her. she was last seen going out for
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a run. her father lives in lafayette and works in san francisco. new at 11:00, a federal judge said a lawsuit against president trump can go forward. >> scott mcgrew, the lawsuit said the president is violating the law. >> something he doesn't deny and constitutional scholars say is prohibited under the emoluments clause. we never had a modern president keep businesses and deals with unchartered territory on this. never had to deal with the emoluments clause. a federal judge in maryland said the lawsuit filed by the attorney general of maryland can go forward. meanwhile, president trump is meeting right now with the head of the eu to talk about tariffs. president trump has sent out a bunch of tweets about tariffs. both drop all tariffs, barriers and subsidies.
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now you're aware that president trump likes very long hand shakes. junker likes to slap people. a lot. all the time. so this will be an interesting interaction. he has not slapped the president yet. he just does it all the time. >> wow. that's interesting. >> a way to say hello? >> yes. i guess you get used to it. >> depends on how hard. >> i guess so. i don't know how endearing it is. oh, my boy. no thank you. here's the other top story this is midday. oakland police investigating a homicide near the coliseum. department tweeting out the photo of the scene. the shooting overnight on 65th avenue. this is the second shooting in oakland overnight. the first happened earlier on nae avenue. two people were shot there. no word of the conditions of the victims in that shooting. the search on for the women behind a brazen burglary in
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berkeley. they walk into a clothing store, they put the expensive pants in the bags and take off. this month, stores in berkeley, san jose and gill ray and san mateo and walnut creek also hit. san francisco's annual cable car bell ringing contest isn't happening this year. the mta and workers union saying the annual contest in square is canceled and many boycotting due to late night service. muni is not commenting. well, we have much more news for you coming up here on this wednesday including how ride share companies may be behind the traffic problems. we'll tell you what's being uncovered. good morning. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura here. volunteers are building backpacks for thousands of bay area families. we'll show you why they're doing it and how you can help us in supporting our schools.
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and there you have it. the opening bell of the new york stock exchange. things looking good. stocks mount a comeback on europe trade deals. right now, it's the tech shares that are rallying hopes for a u.s./europe trade deal increased. >> bloom energy there. you might think you decrease traffic with lyft or uber but you are not. a report says it's undermining mass transit than helping it because it's a convenient option for commuters who otherwise might have taken the subway or public transit. relief for travelers, the seats and rows on two major airlines are not going to get any tighter than they are right now. the ceos of delta and american airlines talked to "the wall street journal" about seating space on planes and while they said they won't shrink seat sizes anymore and did not apologize for the lack of leg
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room we have right now. they said that the people that want more space can pay for it. leg room and standard coach for both the airlines is up to two inches smaller than on similar southwest and jetblue flights. it is almost back to school time for students. nbc bay area and telemundo 48 are teaming up with family giving tree for a supporting our schools backpack drive to help those in need. >> we sent chris new xhu ra chme it's taking shape. >> reporter: yeah. about 40 of them, they have 250 backpacks to build, marcus and laura. assembly line is under way here. talking about banking before you know that i love credit unions and here's another reason why. here's one giving back to the community. they are building 250 backpacks here and that's just a fraction of the 37,000 backpacks that nbc
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bay area and the family giving tree are aiming to build this back to school season for kids in need. you know, it is not just tech ceu but organizations and people around the bay area who make it possible and we want to introduce you to one person who's a big part of all of this, one man to deliver these backpacks to thousands of bay area families. >> these are the moments i always wish that, you know, my mom and dad were able to afford a family vacation. that was never provided for me because of how expensive to go on a family trip. >> reporter: he treasures the memories with his two daughters. he took them to hawaii, a luxury he didn't have as a child. he was just a toddler when his family came to the bay area from hong kong. >> i remember like when my parents need to apply for welfare or getting resources, right, an application. and when you really think about,
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okay, here's questions. fill them out. if you don't know how to speak and write, how do you do? i have seen how difficult it was for them to get the money for me and my brothers to get ready for school. >> reporter: he worked throughout high school and college to help his family. in class he worked even harder. he went to cal state east bay and became the first in his family to graduate from college. today he works with the oakland public education fund. >> it's not a hard decision for me to help the people that i feel like i would just one of them, too. as an adult here, that's a situation before. i want to send a message to a lot of the immigrants, the newcomers and the families there's resources out there. >> reporter: he works with family giving tree, a nonprofit organization to distribute backpacks filled with school sup ploys to those families. last year, thatch handed out 5,000 backpacks to students in the east bay. >> how much need is there? >> from a scale of one to ten?
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ten. >> reporter: a group of volunteers next month just before school starts and hand out another 5,000 backpacks to students. all right. so this is basically how it works. the assembly line is predetermined and no backpack envy. each kid gets what they need and no kid has two erasers or three. no, no, no. it's all very even an we want to distribute them to as many students in the bay area as possible. 37,000 is the goal but really they say that the need here is about 350,000. so the question is, can you help out? yes, actually. go to nbc bay and when you're there you can build a backpack virtually or you can go ahead and donate cash if you would like. whatever you want to do. there's also an alternative here. build a backpack yourself. there's a list on the website. to build one on your own, go out
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to the stores and collect the supplies. we have lists for what you can buy for age appropriate groups, to do k-1 or you want to do 2 on or something like that. up to you. if you like to deliver it to us in person, we'll be in mountain view on friday between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. at the jamba juice. we'll love to meet you there. but, hey, don't worry if you doesn't that work out. you can donate cash or build a backpack virtually. thousands of families are counting on you. back to you. >> and kids, too. >> yeah. >> heading back to school. >> every little bit helps. >> thank you, chris. right now, taking a look outside. kari, you have been telling us today is going to be the hottest day of the year so we have to prepare. hydrate yourself. stay inside if you can? >> not of the year. >> of the week. >> of the week, yes. >> yeah. >> it is going to be pretty hot there in some spots. might feel like the hottest day of the year to some. as we take a live look outside in dublin, as we see all of that sunshine and right now it's not
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too bad but it's starting to heat up. let's get a look at half moon bay. at least there we do have some cooling breezes and you can see the fog just offshore. only 59 degrees there. it's 64 in san francisco. 62 in oakland. and in san jose, 74 degrees now. we are starting to see those low 80s creeping up here on the map. 81 in fair field, antioch. 82 in livermore. getting ready to head out on the lunch break in san jose, expect it in the upper 70s. still comfortable to take the lunch outside and then early afternoon it will be in the mid-80s here but then we go to a spot to be hotter. martinez will be at 1:00. if you have a late lunch, it's 91 degrees so you want to find somewhere with air conditioning. take a break in the shade. it gets hotter heading up to 100 degrees and hit that temperature at 4:00 today and the flex alerts in alert and saying if you can try to turn up the
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temperature on your air conditioning, find other ways to cool off and also take a break from washing your clothes and doings like that. so don't use as much electricity as temperatures get really hot. livermore up to 98 degrees. and then in napa today, 93. oakland, it is much more comfortable, 76 there. and in san francisco, 70 will be the high. if you are planning to head to the beach today to cool off, it is actually advised you don't go swimming because of the dangerous rip currents and the sneaker waves we'll see today. breakers could reach up to 11 feet and never turn your back to the water. keep an eye on all of your family members and pets. if you are swimming and you get caught in a rip current and also possible today, you want to make sure you swim parallel to shore, allow that rip current to kind of carry you out and then once you get out of it then you can come back to the shore. but once again, the best advise
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is no swimming today and our high temperatures in half moon bay stay nice and cool. looks like the clear skies at 3:00 and then the clouds move back in. seeing them linger just offshore. and it will give us a little bit of a break. going to is sierra, here's a live look, beautiful with sunshine. seeing the highs there reaching into the mid-80s for the next couple of days. around the bay area, we are still going to have these hot temperatures for the inland valleys reaching into the mid-90s. as we get closer to the weekend, it is still going to be pretty warm. warmer than normal but we'll bring it down several degrees. it won't be the intense heat we are feeling in some spots today. san francisco, even cooler with morning clouds and fog to linger in the day and high temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 60s for the weekend. so it's wednesday, we're all starting to make plans and we'll talk about more things around the bay area for the rest of the
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week into the weekend later. laura and marcus? >> thanks so much, kari. next, mike inouye joins us. not the grim reaper. mike will explain where he found this viral video. spooky. >> yeah, it is. happening now, here's an important recall to tell you about just before you eat your lunch. kraft heinz recalling cheese dip over concerns of botulism. this is taco bell cheese dip mild. there's no reports of illness related to the recalled product. and april the giraffe is pregnant again. the 16-year-old mother of four became an internet star when the zoo live streamed the pregnancy. it seemed to go on forever. but she had the baby. more news for you right after the break. take at home.
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an east bay company is working to make it happen. the progress researchers are making - and how the test would work. plus - ways to qualify for (fre student aid... as we keep supporting our schools. )today in the bay ) from 4:30 to 7.
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trending online and on nbc bay area dot com. we are staying on top of what is trending online and on nbc bay >> mike has a look at what's going on right now this instant. >> right now this insta. instagram. it's happening now. the views on the particular post, almost 9 million views. this over here is my shoulder. this looks like the grim reaper, looks like the golden gate bridge. a closer look at the video.
11:25 am
viewed almost 9 million times. it appears that there's a grim reaper grabbing the tower at the golden gate bridge. watch these effects. we show it again in slower motion. >> creepy. >> see you see the focus ship on the -- on to the camera. droplets and then the chashlrac. we know the grim reaper wasn't there this morning. there was more fog this morning. and the landing, the cars don't look real and the -- >> come on, mike. we know it's not real. >> the bridge doesn't look real itself. i thought they just added the reaper in post-production. it might be a different rendering and really impressive and why it's passed around. now, we find out what's going on with this. justin is the instagram account and lighting and other after effects for video processing. you know what? san francisco area is popular in
11:26 am
movies. another area where the golden gate bridge, didn't really happen, as well. "x-men" the third movie, this bridge is sturdy. i know it's still traffic smoothing and i guess it was torn off. >> the sights are iconic. >> definitely. we should be happy and envious. >> there's dwayne johnson. this is a tidal wave from "san andreas" and i wasn't comfortable with it living in the fault here. remember the experts said what happens is not possible. and we, of course, know that dwayne johnson does not pilot a helicopter for himself. dwayne johnson called the rock. >> he is. >> the rock, one of my favorite movies. also this did not destroy san francisco. but they did fly under the golden gate bridge and they destroyed a part of alcatraz.
11:27 am
apparently it was fake. >> but it puts us on a big stage. >> it does. shows us like laura said what an attraction we are. >> the grim reaper is creepy. >> it is. i didn't care for this. >> especially to know what commonly happens at the golden gate and made me feel sad about it. >> my concern about it. looks like it's entirely animated. i'll let you know if you have -- >> thank you for checking in. >> not really that going on right now. >> thank you. an update on how the trump administration doing in reuniting migrant children separated from their parents. the administration facing a crucial deadline tomorrow. plus -- >> i'm in san jose outside of store that sold a winning lotto ticket. we will have a live report for you after the break.
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happening now -- lottery officials are at welcome back. you are watching nbc bay area news at 11:00. lottery officials are at east san jose store where that winning mega millions ticket worth $500 billion was born. >> we are still waiting to hear from the winner. we have heard from the store owner, though. >> reporter: that's right. i'm not the winner. you're not the winner but someone out there is a multi-millionaire this morning and this is the store where they bought that winning ticket. now, the owner of ernie's liquor store here in east san jose gets at least $1 million for selling that ticket and the winner walks away with more than $300 million. we don't know who that person is at this point or if they've come forward to claim the money. we are waiting to hear from california lottery officials this morning and expected to
11:31 am
talk to the media any minute. there are several news televisions stations outside here waiting for that press conference to begin. this is the fifth largest mega millions payout in history. fun fact for you. the other big mega millions jackpot in san jose back in 2013 at a store just two miles away from this one. so we'll bring you an update as soon as we get it. anoushah rasta, nbc. >> i wonder who they're doing with the ticket right now? >> thanks. more police video released from the trader joe's shootout in los angeles and the images are chilling. >> it shows a police chase of the suspect and the fire fight that left an employee dead. this as the lapd makes a stunning admission about that bullet that killed the trader joe's employee. here's nbc's miguel amalguer. >> shots fired! >> reporter: this newly released police body and dash cam video
11:32 am
captures the terrifying moment lapd officers opened fire at the shooter. scrambles into a busy trader joe's market in l.a. now a shocking admission from police. the victim hit in the cross fire, 27-year-old mileya was killed by an officer's bullet. >> one of the officer's rounds struck her as she was being -- as she was exiting the market and in close proximity to atkins. this is the second-second decisions that officers make every day. >> reporter: police say atkins appearing in court tuesday began his shooting spree at this home where he shot his 76-year-old grandmother 7 times after an argument. and shot his 17-year-old girlfriend and then kidnapped her. leading police on a wild chase. through the streets of los angeles. >> shots fired. >> reporter: shooting out his
11:33 am
rear window, he sideswipes other cars and crashes in front of the trader joe's. trading gun fire with police as he ran into the store. bullets so close that you can hear them fly by. >> get down! get down! >> reporter: the standoff unfolding on live tv. tactical teams surrounding the store, guns drawn. hostages running to safety. children carried away in the arms of police. atkins finally surrendering after a three-hour standoff. her loved ones now left heart broken. her brother broking down at a makeshift memorial. the shooter's family offering their condolences. >> my deepest sympathy and everything. if i had the money in the world i would give it to keep her memory alive. >> reporter: accidentally killed in a harrowing grocery store gun battle that could have left even
11:34 am
more dead. now to the latest in greece. rescuers search through homes and cars for dozens of people still missing after the deadly wildfires there. those fires decimated seaside areas near athens killing at least 79 people and forcing thousands to evacuate. many are returning to find not much left of their homes. greece's prime minister declared three days of national mourning for the victims. meantime, some wildfires are still burning. firefighter and more equipment coming into greece from european countries. violence continues in syria. there's reports of dozens of people killed today. media reports say there's a string of suicide bombings in attacks. one of a motorcycle bomber who struck a very busy vegetable market. these were the worst attacks in recent months in the country. the deadline for the federal government to reunite thousands of separated children with the migrant parents is one day away.
11:35 am
a federal judge in san diego set tomorrow as the deadline for the trump administration to reunite more than 2,500 children forcibly separated from the parents. more than 450 parents may have been deported while the children remain here in the u.s. that's a major stumbling block in the to reunite the families by tomorrow's court-ordered deadline. new at 11:00, a man turned himself in as he said he destroyed president trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame. this is video into the newsroom. police called to the scene about 3:30 this morning and a crew brought out to clean up the mess left behind. officers say a man with a guitar case walked over to the star, pulled out a pick ax and started to destroy it. a guard was nearby and because of sidewalk on public property the guard was not allowed to stop the suspect. a witness says he tried to confront the man with the ax. >> like, security guard came and saw him and then i'm like, why
11:36 am
are you hitting the star? like, you know, man? what did donald trump do for you? he kept hitting it. went around the corner and i think he left. >> the star has repeatedly been vandalized and the site of protests. investigators in southern california are trying to figure out who's behind a hoax that triggered evacuations in maxine water's office. there was an envelope yesterday and labeled anthrax and prompted a response and later it was found to be harmless. follows recent tensions outside of her office a few days ago, an alt-right gathering drew a large counter protest. also, a trump supporter sentenced to house arrest this month after making racially charged threats to her. now to torrential rains and floods soaking states up and down the east coast. this is video of a home
11:37 am
surrounded in baltimore. and scenes like this playing out up and down the coast. out in the west, of course, scorching triple-digit heat with no relief in site. nbc's catie beck has more from pennsylvania. >> reporter: dangerous weather nationwide. from the east coast to the west. >> hot everywhere. >> reporter: in fairfax, virginia, violent flash floods swallowing roads and nearly covering cars. rescuers in hershey, pennsylvania, going door to door taking people out by inflatable boats. while in nearby harrisburg, a 19-year-old was swept into a creek. set to resume the search this morning. >> extremely dangerous to go near the water at this time. >> reporter: maryland, large trees crash into homes. many roads under water. in charlotte, north carolina, five people trapped in a flooded
11:38 am
business were taken to safety by boat. while down the coast in florida, treacherous rip currents making anything but a typical day at the beach. >> starting to swim back, i couldn't find the bottom and so, yeah, it got out of hand in a hurry. >> reporter: out west, the intense heat impacting millions an claiming at least six lives in southern california. record setting temperatures in some areas reaching well into the triple digits. >> really hard to work with the weather. and we just got to go little by little. >> reporter: in phoenix, a box of crayons left out in the sun melted in minutes. that heat fueling wildfires ripping through the region burning hundreds of thousands of acres. a blaze near yosemite forcing rangers to evacuate the park and shut it down. >> anyone planning to come here, at least through sunday, should change their plans. >> reporter: unrelenting weather showing little mercy coast to coast. the bad news is the forecast here today, 100% chance of rain.
11:39 am
in pennsylvania, i'm catie beck for nbc news. another space-x rocket launch this morning. the launch is west coast debut of the newest generation of boosters. they have upgraded landing legs to speed up the turn around time to reuse it. palo alto weekly reported this morning that the planning and transportation commission to meet to discuss getting rid of rule limiting office developments. people who live there in palo alto say that the downtown area already thriving and they worry that people living downtown pushed out. oakland is moving forward with new regulations and rules for dockless scooters. we have seen them around the bay area and people complain saying they clutter sidewalks and block people walking. the new rules will determine where they're used. the rules require scooter companies to have insurance and discounted membership plans for people with low income.
11:40 am
the final approval for the new rules happen in september. right now, organizers are getting ready for the annual gilroy garlic festival. >> get your mints. it starts on friday. here's the setup. the ranch is one of the largest in america. producing 50% of the nation's garlic crop. >> christopher ranch is associated with the festival since the founding. my grandfather was a founder in 1979 and ever since then we have worked hand in hand to make sure we produce one of the best food festivals in the country. >> this year the festival is the 40th. right now, we have been talking about it. a hot day, kari. >> yeah. it's hot at the garlic festival. maybe try the garlic ice cream? it's hot heading through the weekend and not as hot. here's a look at did garlic festival forecast. starting friday but today's the day to make you break out in a sweat. we'll talk about that coming up next.
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nbc bay area and telemundo 48 are it is almost back to school time for students. nbc bay area and telemundo 48 teaming up once again with the family giving tree for the backpack drive to help students and teachers in need. >> we sent chris chmura to san jose for the initiative shaping up. chris, this is always a big event. people want to help. i know a lot of people helping out behind you. >> reporter: yeah. so 250 backpacks to be built
11:44 am
today. that's the goal. i believe we're right around the halfway mark. 125. you can see the volunteers from tech cu and this is my colleague from telemundo 48 over there. kind of like nbc responds and most of the volunteers here from tech c u and the ceo here, todd harris. good morning. >> good morning. welcome to technology credit union. >> thank you. who do we have? >> we have invitded family giving tree over and they're going to be working with about 50 of the employees assembling backpacks for the backpack program. >> tell me. why do you do this? what's the message to send to families in need? >> we all know the bay area's a wonderful place to live and part of the problem is that the cost of living keeps increasing and just looking at this chart over here, one week of food versus a backpack for a high school student. you know? >> that's a heck of a choice. >> it is. but most families make the right
11:45 am
choice. they pick the food. and what that -- the by-product of that is that the students can't fully participate in the educational system and something as mundane as a backpack might seem if the program able to provide that it allows them to fully participate in the education program, a system that wouldn't be possible if giving tree didn't have the program and happy to support the program and thrilled they have the program we can support. >> thank you very much for being here today, todd. thank you. thank you for letting us be here today. >> absolutely. anything to give visibility to the program is a wonderful thing. >> good segue because this is an opportunity, todd, thank you very much for you to participate if you would like. you can go on to the website. nbc bay and when you are there what you can do is you can donate cash if you would like. you could build a backpack virtually or print out a list of supplies if you would like them to be a trip for you to the store. you want to build a backpack yourself.
11:46 am
do that and drop it off with us on friday in mountain view at the jamba juice or if that doesn't fit your plans please join us online in supporting the schools. >> really nice. nice to help people. you can always go to the family giving tree for help. thanks. all right. so outside today, a lot of people want to stay inside because it is going to be a warm one out there, kari. >> yeah. dealing with it a little while longer and only little bit of relief in the forecast but today the hottest day of the week. here's a live look outside at emeryville. across the bay toward san francisco, see the fog there in the distance. and that will help keep those coastal areas cool. but that ocean breeze doesn't make the way all the way inland and heading up to healdsburg and comfortable. once again, that fog just offshore with a live look outside from woodside and it will be a nice and sunny day.
11:47 am
looking at san jose, heading up to 70s by 1:00 and seeing the high here reaching about 87 at 4:00 today and mostly sunny skies. if you are going out on the lunch break around the mountain view area, at noon expect 74 degrees. 76 at 1:00. a later lunch, about 77 degrees. so really nice to take the lunch outside. and going jogging around san francisco, this will be a place where you can jog at any point in the day but it will be warmer reaching into the low 70s right during those middle afternoon hours. while walnut creek will have some really hot temperatures reaching into the upper 90s today. we'll be at 98 degrees at 4:00. if you want to find some more comfortable temperatures it will be after sunset at we dip back into the mid-80s by 8:00. here's a look at the high temperatures for our microclimates and we can see those temperatures will be spread out and depends on where you are. where we do have the cooler
11:48 am
temperatures half moon bay in the 60s and palo alto at 84. napa today 93 degrees and 102 degrees today in ukiah. santa cruz feeling nice with low 80s but we are also watching out for the possibility of some high waves today. and going through the next several days, going into napa valley, it is going to be hot for our inland areas reaching low 90s and we see those temperatures only coming down a few degrees for the inland areas. we continue on with sunshine. san francisco stays cool and breezy but that time fog drifting by and will have another quick look at the forecast coming up at the end of the show. coming up, the latest on demi lovato's condition, hospitalized yesterday after an apparent overdose. popstar demi .
11:49 am
11:50 am
she is recovering in a hospital.... following a frightening scare for pop star demi lovato in the
11:51 am
hospital. it's no secret the 25-year-old pop star struggled with addiction. she first went to rehab in 2010. later relapsed and entering a sober living facility. >> since then, she's made it her mission to support others struggling with similar issues and co-owns a treatment center that once helped her get well. today it's her that really needs that help. nbc bay area's natalie morales has more. ♪ >> reporter: demi lovato long spoken openly about the battle of drug and alcohol addiction and bipolar disease. battles many of the fans thought she had under control. >> engine 97. >> reporter: friends who were with la voluntary that treated the 25-year-old with for a can. sources say she was stable, alert and breathing when first responders transported her from her home. a rep for lovato confirms she is
11:52 am
awake and with her family saying some of the information being reported is incorrect and respectfully ask for privacy and not speculation. "people" says their sources say it was not a suicide attempt. >> demi severed ties with a lot of people who have helped her maintain sobriety over the years. this is what everyone around her afraid of happening. >> reporter: last year, in a documentary lovato gave fans a raw look at her life. >> i actually had anxiety around this interview. >> why is that? >> because the last time i did an interview this long i was on cocaine. >> and in october 2016 at a panel event, she was asked if sobriety is still a daily struggle. >> some days i forget that i'm bipolar and other days there are times where i have to buckle down and call people and check in with my therapist.
11:53 am
but i would say that it gets easier. some days i think about drinking and other days i don't. >> reporter: just last month the singer released "sober" the lyrics seeming to suggest a relapse. ♪ i'm so sorry ♪ i'm not sober ♪ anymore >> reporter: the song comes months after the singer publicly celebrated six years sober. and then sunday night in southern california, lovato struggles to remember the lyrics on the latest single. >> i forgot the words. >> reporter: now friends and fans are praying for la voluntary that. the well wishers on twitter hoping this tragic turn of events is a small detour on the long road to recovery. >> really sad to see whatdy anxious does. >> hoping her recovery. we'll be right back.
11:54 am
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well, take a look right there in san francisco. a beautiful sight. cooler temperatures there. but not so much that in the inland areas throughout the bay. >> yeah. going to be hot this afternoon. and we were saying there's a flex alert in effect and you need to conserve energy, not running the laundry and turn the temperature up on your thermostat today for some of those spots that will be a lot hotter so that we can pretent the blackouts for today and some spots will reach into upper 90s this afternoon. and tomorrow we're going do see
11:57 am
more of the same. it is still pretty hot and then as we go through the end of the week, those temperatures come down just a few degrees but really not much of a break here but at least we keep it cool in san francisco, mostly some 60s throughout the weekend. the clouds and the fog linger just offshore and seeing at times sun starting to peek out and looking good now. expect more of that over the next few days. >> looks like a gradual cooling trend. >> yeah. good thing is if it's really hot where you are, take a short drive and catch the b.a.r.t. or something and you'll be able to -- >> turn on a fan. >> yeah -- well -- >> hydrate. check on the elders, the pets. >> pool party! >> there we go. >> thank you so much for joining us. next newscast at 5:00 tonight. >> don't forget we're always on at nbc bay and don't forget to join us for "today in the bay" starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. have a good one and enjoy your hump day.
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11:59 am
12:00 pm
. we are live, in five, four, three, two, one! ♪ i am so sorry i am not sober daddy forgive me for the spill on the floor, i am so sorry ♪ ♪ i am not sober anymore ♪ >> that's demi lovato anymore performing her song


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