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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 27, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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up once again to 83 degrees. as we head through the weekend we'll talk about the wide range in temperatures and what's ahead and mike the bay bridge metering lights are on. >> the metering lights are on, look at that! yes, all right, they cleared up, now we're holding steady. the morning commute just has that first burst and then things will ease in now over the next half hour. we'll track this but so far it's a great drive coming out of the maze. the issue is the other bridge coming into san francisco, the golden gate bridge, low clouds and fog, cut off our view of the north side so there's the south tower, barely visible. no problems reported, light traffic throughout the north bay. you so he that on the maps as well. you're at speeds san rafael into san francisco. east shore freeway goes great. concord, there is a disabled vehicle right around bay point as you come over toward willow pass road so be careful over there. we'll track that and port chicago highway, sorry, is where that was reported. everything is out of the lanes and no problem for lanes south bay and along the.
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he ininess la. we'll follow the build. san jose may see traffic over the next few. laura, back to you. >> thank you, mike, 6:00 now. we are following breaking news out of shasta county this morning. sadly one person has already died, thousands of people being evacuated before the carr fire exploded late last night. the fire is burning in reading, which is a few hours north of the bay area, a couple of hours depending where you live. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us from corte madera, where local firefighters are joining to help out with the fire stozone. it's really tough what they're up against, pete. >> reporter: firefighters from court madeira and several other fire agencies headed up north to battle the carr fire not only to contain the fire, guys but to help with some of the evacuation efforts here because a lot of people have to evacuate due to the size of this fire, which tripled in size just overnight.
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showing he new video, homes on fire, just neighborhoods on fire as the car fire is really growing in size by the minute. fire officials say it was the wind and hot temperatures and humidity that caused this fire to grow in size but the fire initially began on monday and fire officials say at least this time they believe it was initially caused by a mechanical failure of a car. this fire tearing through the small community of shasta and kessewick before jumping the sacramento river and reaching the reading area, roughly about 92,000 people as far as population goes. the carr fire already at more than 28,000 acres, only at 6% containment. you got one bulldozer operator on the fire lines who has been killed. cal fire says firefighters and civilians have also been injured and taken to local hospitals. now there are also 500 structures threatened at this time and thousands of residents are being told to evacuate the area. here is a fire official during a press conference telling residents to evacuate as soon as
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possible. >> we ask everyone to heed evacuation orders and leave promptly. this fire is extremely dangerous and moving with no regard for what's in its path. >> reporter: we'll continue to follow the developments up north and have another update in the next half hour. we're live in corte madera, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest there, pete. >> there are a lot of videos and photos showing up on social media telling thestery. we've been following the #carrfire. you see how powerful the images are. if you have relatives and friends in the reading area, taking pictures of videos, and they're in a safe spot, share them with us, send them to our coverage of the fire continues all morning on "today in the bay," we'll bring you new
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videos and details every 15 minutes and when our newscast ends look for updates on our website, app and social media feeds. we are following breaking news in oakland where there was lots of police activity early this morning in what appears to have been a shooting. right now police are not telling us much but this is how it looked around 1:00 a.m. on 73rd and bancroft in east oakland. witnesses suggest there were multiple rounds fired. we're reaching out to oakland police and update you of course when we get any new information. a man facing murder charges for that attack at the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station goes to court. his arraignment is this morning in martinez. 'tacked another man cutting the victim's knee but the man died a few days later from a blood infection from that cut. b.a.r.t. safety is top of mind for many people after a ration of violent crime including the deadly stabbing of 18-year-old nia wilson.
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last night we talked with a woman approached by a robber at the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station she says a man drove towards her in a car, cutting her off. she says that's when she knew she was go b to get robbed. >> started to open his car door and i looked at him, i said don't you dare. and i kicked his car door, and i ran away. and while i was running away, i was thinking oh my god, what if he has a gun. >> indeed he did, a few moments later she heard a woman scream and gunfire. a woman told her that same man shot out her window, stole her phone and $20. both women are okay. b.a.r.t. officials are releasing new tips for passengers. know your train car number in case of an emergency. avoid looking distracted, and don't sleep on the train. officials say they have 4,000 working cameras throughout the system, and they're increasing police presence. president trump is tweeting about the potential bombshell in the russia investigation.
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>> his former lawyer now claims the president knew in advance about the controversial meeting between his son and russians, but the president just tweeted about an hour ago saying "i did not know of the meeting with my son, don jr. sounds to me like someone is trying to make up stories in order to get himself out of an unrelated jam [ taxi cabs maybe ]. he even retained bill and hillary's crooked lawyer. gee, i wonder if they helped him make the joyce." >> tracie potts joins us from capitol hill. what could this mean for the russia investigation, tracie? >> the unrelated jam the president refers to is federal investigators looking into whether or not cohen broke the law making the hush money payments to women who claim they had affairs with president trump, and he has denied, and
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that whole investigation was referred by the russia special counsel. looks like cohen under investigation may be ready to talk to the russia team about what he knows. knowledgeable source tells nbc news that president trump's former lawyer, michael cohen, is ready to tell investigators that trump knew about the 2016 meeting with the russian lawyer before it happened, because his son told him. >> it is a big deal, because it really does, it really has the potential to put him smack dab in the middle of a conspiracy with the russians. >> donald trump jr. and other campaign officials attended that meeting at trump tower. they were promised negative information on hillary clinton. the president has said he learned about the meeting later. >> trump approved of this meeting. if this is true, this is collusion! they are colluding with a secret kremlin plot. this is it. this is the ball game here. >> reporter: trump jr.'s
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attorney says it's not true. the president's attorney says cohen is not credible. he's under investigation for paying off women claiming to have affairs with mr. trump. >> the man is a liar, a proven liar. there's no way you're going to bring down the president of the united states on the testimony uncorroborated of a proven liar. >> reporter: it's the second time in two days cohen's dropped potentially damaging information on his former client. >> maybe because of this, it would be better -- >> reporter: on wednesday cohen's attorney released a secret recording of a conversation with trump about paying to silence a woman who claims they had a year-long affair. trump denies it. now today the president is supposed to meet with his national security council about election security. there are reports that russia is still interested in trying to influence our upcoming election in november and brand new this morning, vladimir putin says
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he's welcome to speak to president trump. he wants to meet with him again, but in russia, not at the white house. back to you. >> it was interesting, that quote just coming out this morning. >> thank you, tracie. just a few seconds ago the white house said the president will speak at 6:30 our time, in an unscheduled, previously unscheduled issue. >> thank you. >> we think it has something to do with the economy, and not this issue here, but nonetheless, coverage continues next on the "today" show with team coverage and analysis of the potential political bombshell that will be at 7:00 a.m., right after "today in the bay." and right now at 6:09 we start out with a cloudy sky all across the bay area, and a live look outside in san jose this morning, as you get ready to head out, nice and cool air to start. willow glen will be at 60 degrees at 8:00, and we see those temperatures start to warm up once the skies clear around 10:00 this2:00
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we're at 80 degrees and martinez will be at 66 at 8:00, reaching into the low 90s at 2:00 today, so parts of the bay area will still be feeling some uncomfortable weather, really hot for the inland valleys, while the coast stays cool, half moon bay 62 and 85 today in san jose. heading over to mike, you're looking for a fire in berkeley. >> exactly, where there's smoke, there is fire. i didn't see any smoke but we have this reported off the east shore freeway. for a while there were a couple of flashing lights on frontage road and university avenue. now i see flashing lights over here but no major incidents and i'm checking with the alerts, seeing the crews clearing as well. there is the east shore freeway. we'll track for nanyup dates bu no fire to locate as far as the live view goes. no traffic problems to report for this portion of contra costa county and almeida county. the maze moves nicely as well. westbound highway 4 coming over toward bay point, and willow pass road that was the original location, still where they're
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reporting a disabled vehicle, looks like it just cleared because see that orange and the yellow speeds, starting to improve right there. no other problems out of antioch, headed toward concord, a smooth drive there. nice easy flow of traffic south bay and peninsula looks great. may be a traffic break north 101 toward willow, the construction crew may be moving some equipment so we'll watch that. fremont over here cameras clearing up your view but it's an easy drive, just a little build south. back to you. coming up next on "today in the bay" shall the silicon valley tech giant trying to help you find the events you might be interested in. plus -- >> we have the paramedics responding now. >> that is new 911 audio obtained by tmz, revealing more about demi lovato's apparent drug overdose and tell you how the popular singer is doing this morning. you're watching "today in the bay." you could save energy
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good friday morning. right now at 6:14, it's a cloudy start as we take a live look outside in fremont this morning, getting you out the door with temperatures in the low 60s. we'll start to see the sun coming out around 10:00 this morning, all clear skies for the rest of the day, and we'll be at 80 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon, looking at some slightly cooler temperatures for part of the bay area, we'll talk about that and what's ahead for the weekend coming up in about five minutes. what's ahead for ucla the
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peninsula westbound 92 across the san mateo bridge look how great that grif of drive drive . little slowdown. little slowing out of vallejo but no major problems and a lighter friday commute. of course we are covering the breaking news in far northern california, a fire affecting the city of reading, threatening the city of reading. this is video a woman posted instagram as she evacuated the town. the caption reads "everyone's running red lights trying to get out of cominof dodge." so far nearly 29,000 acres have burned. we take you live inside the offices of the emergency services for the state where officials are tracking all the fires across the state, as are we. meanwhile, new details on the apparent overdose of pop singer demi lovato. she is now in the hospital recovering.
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authorities released the 911 audio that tmz obtained. >> we need to get somebody out here. >> we have the paramedics responding now. we are going with lights and sirens. >> paramedics called to her hollywood hills on tuesday. at one point in the recording the caller requests arriving crews turn off their sirens and lights. the redacted call does not indicate what lovato might have ingested. according to outlets including tmz and "people" magazine, it was some kind of narcotic. business and tech news this morning, some relief for people trying to travel on a budget. >> for that and the rest of the news before the bell, we go to contessa brewer live at cnbc world headquarters. >> hi, scott, hi laura. wall street indicated to open just slightly higher this morning, following a mixed trading session yesterday. the dow rose more than 100 points, but the nasdaq fell by about 1%. facebook really dragging down that tech sector.
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facebook lost roughly $120 billion in market value, the largest one-day loss by any company in u.s. history. today we just got a report on second quarter gdp, shows the u.s. economy grew at the fastest pace in four years. yesterday we closed down on the dow 112 points and the nasdaq fell -- i got this backwards, the dow was up 100 points, the nasdaq fell 80. american airlines is giving in on one of the rules for its cheapest seats starts september 5th. you no longer have to check your carry-on bags and pay the fee if you travel in basic economy. last year american launched this no frills fare, and the people who were in the seats were banned from bringing carry-ones that didn't fit under the seat in front of them. they're rolling that rule back. google is updating the way you search for events, adding new features to personalize results. now when you search for an event and you tap on it an overview will be displayed and show
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details like how much the ticket costs, what the venue is like, the time and the location. you can save the events to visit later or click through and buy tickets via ticketmaster or stubhub. there's even a for you tab that shows events based on your personal interests. so i don't know, scott, laura, for me it would be like here's where brittaney spears is playi next because google knows me that well. >> i think with the number of young kids that we have in this little tv family, it would be like, you like tele ttubbies. >> you've graduated from that. >> you like minecraft, great. >> exactly. the weekend is upon us, everybody's looking forward to whatever the weather brings really. >> it will depend on where you are, because we'll have cool coastal temperature, hot valley temperatures and everything in between. let's get out the door this morning with a live look outside in dublin this morning, just trying to get through that commute and the work day, and it
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will be partly cloudy to start for some of our inland areas, and a lot of clouds near the coast and it's also a day where we have some moderate air quality, so that means if you can carpool or maybe catch public transit, there will be high amounts of ozone during the hottest times of the day, so if you have breathing problems, you may need to limit your time outside. the seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen, as you make your way to diridon station in san jose. it will start out with clouds, 60 degrees. 69 degrees at 10:00, heading into the noon hour we're at 78 degrees with sunshine, with our highs today reaching 85 in san jose. there will still be hot spots like antioch, reaching 96. 102 in ukiah and in santa rosa 84 degrees. san francisco 66, we keep it cool there, and also where you can find some nice and comfortable weather will be in redwood city, music on the square tonight, and it will be about 78 degrees at the time that the music starts, coming down to the low 70s. but really chilly out there at
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at&t park. first pitch at 7:15, but this game will be live here on nbc bay area, if you will be going to the park you need that hoodie, something nice and warm to wear and let me know about your weekend plans, i' i'm @karihallweather on facebook, twitter and instagram. check out the seven-day forecast for the inland areas, reaching into the low 90s today, slightly cooler tomorrow and sunday, and then we'll bring it up a few degrees for next week. heading over to mike, traffic is stopped in palo alto? >> completely stopped, but we were expecting this. remember i warned folks that there will be a traffic break at some point north 101 at willow. there's willow and there's north 101. just in the last couple of seconds you might have seen flashing lights move you have of the screen, just reopened. now the traffic break is getting a chance to recover but from willow back to university, traffic is jammed solid because they had to move some equipment from the center divide and get it out of the roadway completely clearing everything for the morning commute. there may be one more traffic break. i'll wait and see if chp tells us.
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if they warn us i'll of course warn you as well. this happened so quickly that our speed sensors didn't show up with the problem over here there you this area north 101, a little blip. the rest of the bay shows a great drive through the south bay, try valley, contra costa county and the flow on highway 4. garlic festival, highway 101 south of san jose to christmas hill, south of 15, remember that if you're headed to the area. if you want to take the train, the garlic train runs from cal train, only saturday and sunday, not today. and fog at the golden gate bridge, but no major problems. guys back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:21, coming up on "today in the bay," paul mccartney returns to his roots. >> liverpool! >> still ahead, this special performance from the legendary singer at the place considered the birthplace of the beatles. thousands of kids who need help getting ready to go back to school, and how you can get involved.
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today. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, nbc bay area responds, next. ♪
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follow the wta stars as they hit san jose the mubadala silicon valley classic where visionaries become victors july 30th to august 5th the us open series
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tickets on sale now welcome back. we continue to follow that breaking news, a fire in far northern california threatening homes and lives in shasta county. we've been telling you about the carr fire all morning long, this is video posted to with your twitter, our viewer posting "it's actual armageddon outside." communities around reading have been evacuated, this is
6:25 am
happening as we speak, and sadly, a bulldozer operator has been killed. the fire burned more than 45 square miles, that's about the size of san francisco. we are watching for the latest information. we will bring you updates just the moment they come in. this week, nbc bay area supporting our schools in a major way, helping collect thousands of backpacks for kids in need. >> chris chmura has shown us every step of this big process. this morning we're aiming to get you involved. >> good morning. this is what it is all about, stuffing backpacks with supplies, so less fortunate kids are fully prepared to go back to school. hundreds of volunteers, several generous companies and one nonprofit, family giving tree, are hoping to get 37,000 backpacks into the hands of kids in need before the first day of school. it's a big job, packing 37,000 backpacks, but sadly, that's just a small fraction of what's actually needed. >> annually there is a need of
6:26 am
over 350,000, so with our goal of this year of 37,000, we're going to reach about 10%. of course, we would like to do way more than that, but with community support, hopefully we can. >> that's your cue. you can donate a backpack today. we'll be collecting them at the jamba juice on al monte between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. we'd love to see you there, but if that doesn't fit your schedule, don't worry about it. you can build a backpack virtually, head to we hope to hear from you today either online or see you in mountain view. please join us in supporting our schools. i'll be back at 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. with more on the backpack drive. see you then. >> looking forward to it. you can go home again or maybe it's get back to where you once belonged. even if you're perhaps the best-known beatle on the planet. >> liverpool!
6:27 am
>> you show up to a bar, wait, is that paul mccartney? yep, going back to his roots and the fans are loving it. he played a surprise gig for a select crowd at liverpool's cavern club, where the fab four got their start more than 50 years ago. the club only holds about 350 people, and tickets went out first come first serve. >> how nice to see intimately there. i saw him last show at cand candlesticks. >> slightly different. >> but amazing. 6:27. coming up next on "today in the bay," continuing breck breaking news coverage of the carr fire burning in shasta county. what bay area firefighters are doing to help battle the deadly and destructive fire. reuniting families, the number of children separated from their parents this morn morning after illegally crossing the southern border. you're watching "today in the bay."
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we begin with breaking news. you can hear that wind, right now, it's 6:30, breaking news, new video in to our newsroom overnight showing the devastating carr fire burning in shasta county. one person is dead, thousands of people have to evacuate. >> the fire is burning in reading, a few hours north of the bay area. overnight we learned several bay area fire crews are headed there to help. good morning to you, and thank you for joining us on this friday morning. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus.
6:31 am
let's get you out the door and start with kari. >> what we're seeing over san jose, a lot of clouds, and cool temperatures, with a live look outside right now. going to south san jose, santa teresa at 63 degrees at 8:00 this morning and then the skies will clear, as we'll get a lot more sunshine, temperatures go from the low 60s to the low 80s by early afternoon, and that morning drive through brentwood will be in the upper 60s, a little bit warmer there and really heating as we go through the day, back in the 90s by this afternoon. microclimates and the high temperatures reaching 96 in antioch, 85 in napa and 66 in san francisco, with palo alto reaching 80 degrees and mike you have more on the traffic break in palo alto. >> it's gone and the backup quickly cleared as well. it hasn't been ten minutes from start to finish when they moved the equipment north 101 fully recovered at willow, a slowing just north of there as the cluster of traffic hits up toward san bruno area. farther north around oyster
6:32 am
point parkway there is a crash four cars are now on the shoulder so that will be a distraction, you see that, though, a smooth drive headed north past 380 in toward san francisco. coming down the east shore freeway no delays except for university. little brush fire on the shoulder around central. lanes are clear but you see a little slowing there and at the bay bridge toll plaza, there was an earlier disabled vehicle right in this lane, right there, but i saw the tow truck push this car over through the toll plaza gate and over presumably off to the shoulder, so we now have a very mild backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. back to the breaking news we're covering this morning, dramatic videos and pictures coming in to our newsroom, as the carr fire in shasta county absolutely exploded overnight. >> thousands of people in and around reading have been evacuated, as the fire threatens that city. "today in the bay's" pete suratos live at corte madera with the latest developments on the fire and how local fire departments are helping. good morning, pete.
6:33 am
>> good morning to you, scott. we're seeing plenty of images of that carr fire which tripled in size just overnight, but where we're standing here the central marin authority firefighters in corte madera headed up north to battle the carr fire. there are several other fire agencies around the bay area doing the same. for our viewers just waking up let's show you this video, this is the scene there, literally the city of reading neighborhoods on fire. you see this home on fire, dozens of other homes being destroyed as a result of the carr fire. as far as when it started, it started on monday, and pfeiffer officials say it was caused by a mechanical failure of a car. fire officials say it was the wind, hot temperatures and humidity yesterday that led to the fire nearly tripling in size. the fire already tearing through the small communities of shasta and kessewick before jumping the sacramento river and reaching reading. the fire is reaching more than 28,000 acres so far, only at 6%
6:34 am
containment. you got one bulldozer operator on the fire lines that has been killed. cal fire says that firefighters and civilians have also been taken to hospitals for injuries, and as i mentioned, dozens of homes destroyed, and thousands of residents being forced to evacuate the area as a result. as far as the agencies heading up north, let's show our viewers a list of the agencies that are already heading up there, you got hayward fire, almeida county fire, fremont fire. you see the list depose goes on central marin fire authority. this is a list as of yesterday so it could change by this afternoon, when another list comes out for us. we'll continue to follow this story and i'll bring you any new updates as they come in. we're will i have in corte madera, pete suratos for "today in the bay." people are using social media, as they do nowadays to share photos and videos of the carr fire. we're tracking everything posted. you can see the dramatic flames
6:35 am
how people had to escape for their lives. if you have friends and relatives in the area we hope they're safe, if they're taking pictures or videos they're sharing with you. if you're able to share them with us as well send them to we want everyone to get out safely. coverage continues all morning long on "today in the bay." we'll bring you new videos and details every 15 minutes and when our newscast ends as well look for updates on our website, app and social media feeds. let's take you live to a picture in washington, d.c. we are expecting the president will make some remarks in just a short minute on the economy. >> we're waiting for any moment now the president called this conference at about 6:30 this morning. he's usually running a little bit late but the doors outside the white house this morning as you mentioned expected to talk about the economy. >> we got good news on the gdp, 4.1%, that is solid growth, the best since the 4.9% we saw in the third quarter of 2014.
6:36 am
this comes as welcome news for the president, because also this morning, we are learning that his former lawyer, michael cohen, now says the president knew about that russian meeting in trump tower, getting a thumbs up from one of the reporters there, knew about the meeting in trump tower with his sons and the russians ahead of time, and that is blockbuster news. >> exactly. you can see a little bit of activity behind the glass doors there, where the president is expected to come out in just moments. you saw a thumbs up just moments ago, as they have the white house press corps all set up and ready to go. we'll continue to wait and hopefully dip in to hear what the president has to say this morning. >> we expect that reporters will ask him, of course, about that michael cohen news, as he tries to show off the economic numbers, and they are very solid economic numbers. everybody watching wall street with all kinds of things going on. we do think part of that 4.1% growth, which was big growth, has something to do also with
6:37 am
the trade barriers, as companies rushed ahead of time to get orders solved before those barriers came in, so it is possible that some economic, some economists rather will think that this is something to do with that. >> we'll continue to monitor what is going on outside the white house. don't want to just hold on this shot all morning long, but as soon as he comes out and addresses the media, we'll dip back in again. also new this morning, we're waiting to find out how many migrant children still need to be reunited with their parents. the court-ordered deadline for the government to reunite these families passed overnight. not every child has returned with their parents on time. >> "today in the bay's" anser hassan is live with more. >> reporter: the latest numbers from nbc news indicate that more than half of the 2,500 kids have already been reunited with their families. now this midnight court-ordered
6:38 am
deadline was for the u.s. government to reunite all families with children over the age of 5 who were taken from their parents at the border. the department of justice and the aclu filed a late status report last night. the aclu blasted the trump administration from excluding more than 900 parents from the list as ineligible for reunification, including more than 400 parents already deported. another critical issue, just tracking people down. i.c.e. tends to move people in its custody three to four times many times without notice. there are cases immigration attorneys don't know where their clients are. also the language barrier which only adds to the confusion of an already complicated immigration process. >> first it's in a different language they don't speak and after that there's an immigration court proceeding, a criminal proceeding they're being subjected to because of zero tolerance. >> reporter: some groups have been far more critical.
6:39 am
the national center for youth law accuses the trump administration for purposely missing the deadline, claiming the whole process is designed to make things impossible for immigrants. keep in mind, separating families is not new. it was also used under the obama administration, but critics argue president trump's zero tolerance policy expanded the scope of arresting and prosecution. earlier i spoke with mark disano whose district includes contra costa county. he visited a detention facility and says another obstacle is the for-profit detention facilities are making huge profits under the current system and cites that as another reason for real political reform. reporting live in san jose, anser hassan, "today in the bay." you know what's happening in the south bay this morning, gilroy garlic festival. whoa! getting the camera ready. maybe they had a little too much garlic already. this is garlic alley, where they
6:40 am
famously make all that scampi, they put a lot of garlic in that sauce right there. now the annual festival kicks off this weekend, actually today, at christmas hill park. you can try all sorts of garlicky foods including sandwiches, pasta, calamari, garlic ice cream. organizers telling me there's a new moscow mule they're having. they told me it's refreshing, so i don't know. will the weather be as refreshing? well, maybe the temperature is dropping just a little bit. it's always on the last weekend of july, but you know one thing, everybody heads south on 101, it gets backed on the roadway. >> you mentioned the moscow mule beverage, if you partake either let somebody else do the driving or wait a while, let it wear off because there will be a lot of people on the roadways. cal train also has a special garlic train. we'll talk about that coming up. i want to show you right now, hey, that's the time to go, before everybody gets there, before it opens.
6:41 am
over here a slower drive southbound, 680, just developing out of sof sunol. vehicle may be sticking out into the lanes headed mission toward the washington irvington district. the dumbarton bridge, and the golden gate bridge a smooth drive, you just can't see everything but that's summertime in the city. >> there you go, that's right. all right, that's your traffic in gilroy, what about your weather? >> it will be a hot weekend but not as hot. let's talk about the range in temperatures across the bay area for tomorrow, reaching 67 degrees for the coast, and it will be cloudy for most of the day. the bay all clear 84 degrees and 89 inland and for sunday, more of the same, with some hot valleys and some cool beaches. let's go to gilroy for that garlic festival for tomorrow. looks like our high temperature reaches right at about 91 degrees. so that's better than the triple digits earlier this week.
6:42 am
so we are going to see some sunshine, if you find some shade or maybe one of the misting stations, get some of that garlic ice cream. you'll be just fine. and maybe you're heading to the benicia waterfront festival where our storm ranger will be and vianey arano. nice and cool all day long in berkeley for the kite festival, starting tomorrow at 10:00, 60 degrees and then as the day goes along, feels a little bit more comfortable with highs in the low 70s and then maybe you'll wrap up the weekend at oakland at the art and soul festival, this is also going on all weekend long and on sunday we're looking at highs up to 68 degrees, with mostly sunny skies, and if you're thinking about having a beach weekend, it's only going to reach into the upper 60s in monterey for today, tomorrow and sunday. i'll have a look at our south bay temperature trend for today, that's coming up in about three minutes. >> thank you, kari.
6:43 am
coming up on "today in the bay," a local television station evacuated action when they were on air as the deadly carr fire rages in shasta county. right now we're being evacua evacuated, why we are closing out right now. >> the evacuation still under way in west reading this morning, and the growing devastation. plus a lot going on in the economy. the economy grew by. 4.1% in th last quarter. facebook stock is up about a big but now it's twitter's turn, down 15%. ♪
6:44 am
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welcome back. we want to go live to washington, d.c. president trump making remarks on the economy. >> -- many, many years, decades, and i think the most important thing, and larry kudlow just confirmed to me, along with kevin hassert, that these numbers are very, very sustainable. this isn't a one-time shot. i happen to think we're going to do extraordinarily well in our next report next quarter. i think it's going to be outstanding. i won't go too strong, because then if it's not quite as good you'll not let me forget it, but i think the numbers are going to be outstanding. we've accomplished an economic turnaround of historic proportions. when i came into office, 1.5 million fewer prime age americans were working than
6:47 am
eight years before. we had lost almost 200,000 manufacturing jobs under the previous administration, and you all know they say well, you have to lose manufacturing jobs. it will get worse and worse. manufacturing jobs are obsolete. no, they're not obsolete. they're the greatest jobs we have. more than 10 million additional americans had been added to food stamps, past years. but we've turned it all around. once again, we are the economic envy of the entire world. when i meet the leaders of countries, the first thing they say invariably is, "mr. president, so nice to meet you, congratulations on your economy. you're leading the entire world." they say it almost each and every time. america is being respected again and america is winning again because we are finally putting america first. everywhere we look, we are seeing the effects of the
6:48 am
american economic america. we have added 3.7 million new jobs since the election, a number that is unthinkable, if you go back to the campaign. nobody would have said it, nobody would have even in an optimistic way projected it. >> you are listening to president trump, as he discusses the gdp 4.1%, a very solid bit of growth. we will continue to monitor what the president is saying, and bring you the important details, as we continue with our local news. 6:48 right now. breaking news that we're covering on "today in the bay" in the morning, destructive fire in northern california threatening homes and lives. this is where the carr fire is burning, near reading. we've just learned it's burned 44,000 acres, nearly double the last estimate. that's 75 square miles, nearly the size of fremont and oakland put together, and sadly, one person has died. >> the fire is only 6%
6:49 am
contained, 15 structures gone, 500 threatened. social media flooded with photos and devastation, and flames. this is kyle, he posted this video to instagram. >> a reading television station suddenly became a part of the story last night when the carr fire forced the news team to evacuate. >> and right now we're being evacuated, that's why we are kind of closing out right now. we are going to leave the station because it is now unsafe to be here. >> that's what people watching krcr saw a little after 10:30 last night. the station is still providing updates online including reporters posting updates from the field on their facebook page. new this morning, the chp right now looking into what sounds like a freak accident overnight near san jose around 4:00 this morning. officers responded to a crash on clayton road near mt. hamilton road. they found someone in a car towing a mechanical cart. that cart rolled back as one officer approached.
6:50 am
it struck him, injured him. the video shows the officer on a gurney upright with an injured foot but otherwise seems okay. the chp is not telling us the specific injuries. the man driving the car ran from the scene. confirmation that the west nile virus is in central contra costa county. three chickens tested positive in martinez. not just the east bay, two dead crows tested positive in sunnyvale and santa clara. vector control also found mosquitos with the virus. overnight crews did mosquito fogging in those south bay cities. good news, there hasn't been a human west nile case in the south bay since 2016. >> it's 6:50 right now. historic lunar eclipse will happen today. it's going to be the longest total lunar eclipse of the century, and it will turn into the moon blood red. the total eclipse will last for more than an hour and a half. the entire event will last about four hours, started around, it will start at 1:20 this afternoon our time but
6:51 am
unfortunately, it won't be visible from north america. don't worry, nbc news will be hosting a live stream, so you can take a look at that. total eclipse of the moon. >> 1:20 in the afternoon, we're not really in the "moon." we'll have a nice weekend for the bay area but it will depend on where you are, based on the temperatures that we'll see spread out. as we get a live look outside this morning with the cloudy start over the south bay, let's ek ch o check out our temperature trend for campbell, 60s to start. 10:00 69 degrees and all clear headed into the low 80s which is about normal. pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station, if you'reour way to work, 59 degrees. 72 degrees at 10:00 and by noon at 82, it's going to continue to warm up this afternoon, as we see our highs heading up to 95 in concord today. it's still going to be really hot. san jose 85 degrees. 80 in palo alto. 70 in oakland and san francisco.
6:52 am
we expect a high of 66 degrees, it's also going to be cooling off fast, as we go into this evening. we have our gang heme at&t park against the brewers, if you're going to game wear something warm. it will not only be cool but breezy as well and you can watch it from the comfort of your couch on nbc bay area. it will be warm but this will be the coolest we've seen in quite a while and it will be coming up a few more degrees headed into early next week with the valleys reaching back into the low 90s in san francisco. it stays in the 60s, the clouds and the fog really won't go away, even into next week. mike, you have some good news for the tri valley. >> the crash we talked about, a little slowing we saw south 60 coming down through sunol toward mission north cleared up quickly. all the activity in what looks like a disabled vehicle is off of the roadway. another crash right here north 101, just north of where it
6:53 am
meets with 237 causing a little distraction so i put it on the map. there's not a lot going on. it's a great drive right now, all over the bay. the south bay just starting a slower drive for san jose. over there we talked about the traffic feeding down toward 680, the earlier crash is not a problem, no slowing for pleasanton. little bit mild for hayward, a great drive throughout the east bay, looking towards the south bay and south county, garlic festival remember over here christmas hill park, an issue as far as the volume of traffic, you can take the garlic train saturday or sunday. quick look shows you the traffic flow smoothly but you can take kirkwood pass route, they mapped it out of pittsburgh joorinda. join the wazers. a potential pomshebombshelle russia county. and how a fire in shasta
6:54 am
county exploded overnight. authorities believe a deadly wildfire near athens started deliberately. at least 82 people are dead. rescuers say between 60 to 100 people are still unaccounted for. plus in laos, hope prevails, this is new video of a baby rescued from floodwaters. dam collapsed earlier this week, killing at least 27 people. more news after the break. befor
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
here are the top stories on today in the bay-- >> 6:56. before you head out the door here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> live pictures of the central marin fire authority office in corte madera, where many bay area fire departments sent help to the carr fire, that's burning in shasta county, this is where the fire stands right now, it has burned 44,000 acre, larger than the city of fremont and containment down to only 3%. dozer operator working for the fire died yesterday. the carr fire started on monday but it really exploded in size overnight. 15 structures have been destroyed and hundreds more are in the path of the fire. videos are telling the story. we've been following #carrfire. if you have friends and relatives in the reading area, hopefully they are safe. if they are taking pictures and videos, share them with us at
6:58 am their safety is the first priority. breaking news in oakland, a lot of police activity early this morning in what appears to have been a shooting. police are not saying much, but this is what it looked like around 1:00 a.m. on 73rd and bancroft in east oakland. witnesses along with this video suggest there were multiple rounds fired. 6:58, a bombshell claimed from former trump attorney michael cohen. source tells nbc news cohen is ready to tell investigators president trump knew in advance about the infamous trump tower meeting between his son and the russians, in which russians promised dirt on the clinton campaign. president trump tweeting this morning saying the claims are not true. 6:58, a live look at at&t park this morning, this weekend the giants host their wall of fame induction ceremony. pitchers brian wilson, matt cain and ryan vogelsong will be added to the wall outside of the ball park before tomorrow night's game that starts at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. >> and that will be a fun thing
6:59 am
to do. if not, why don't you head south, this is a live look this morning, the gilroy garlic festival kicking off today, lasting through the weekend. look at the flames going. that's because they're going to be cooking up a storm over there, calamari, garlic bread, pesto pasta and garlic ice cream, open from 10:00 to 7:00 every day. you can't get in after 6:00. the crowds get pretty heavy there especially headed southbound on 101. let's find out what it's like in gilroy the end of july. >> right. going to be hot of course reaching into the low 90s, while we will see slight cooling for the weekend, we'll keep that sunshine and it will be a nice weekend ahead. in the meantime, a new crash in berkeley? >> just in front of our camera, look at the emeryville cam camera, facing university on the right side, flashing lights. one set of flashing lights, minor slowing but it's there, that's the light commute, both directions a little distracted but there is the toll plaza, that's how light this friday is. >> is anyone working? >> we are.
7:00 am
>> yes, we are. >> hello! >> we'll be here in half an hour with a local news update and from 11:00 to 12:00 today. >> check in the meantime. have a wonderful morning. facin elections as well. >> you can tell, it was an urgency in the president's voice that bordered on pulling a muscle trying to pat yourself on the back. he was -- you can feel that he knows there are other headlines out there that are not good especially this morning involving the russian investigation and on the economic front, a lot of grief about trade from flow republicans traveling in the midwest. today felt like an attempt and you can hear it and veering to the remarks and going back and extending them longer. all in a sense of trying hard to say, hey, please pay attention to the economic story and ignore the other stuff. i get it.


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