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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 3, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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developing overnight heavy rains prompting authorities to evacuate parts of virginia in case of a dam failure. it would flood lynchberg with 17 feet of water in seven minutes. >> make no mistake this threat is broad and deep. >> our democracy itself is in the cross hairs. >> securing our election process is a top priority. >> now we're being rendered by the russian hoax. icti a hoax. involving russian influence on november elections. apple has don company in the world has achieved and with extraordinary rates
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infamous bermuda triangle? we begin with the dangerous weather havoc developing in virginia. the city of lynchberg is under a flash flood warning and several areas have been evacuated due to fears of a massive dam collapse. this video captured the violent currents of surging waters several hours ago. now it is filled beyond capacity after receiving up to 6 inches of rain thursday night. the national weather service warns if that dam fails water could raise 17 feet in just seven minutes in lynchberg and has already transformed roads into rivers submerging vehs. residents to evacuate to higher ground and avoid traveling on those roads. rescue workers got to those in time. officials shared the video online issuing this warning, turn around, don't drown. another russian reversal
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from president trump, the president seemingly split from his top security advisers on the moskow election meddling referring to it as, quote, the russian hoax. well, the claim coming just hours after white house officials stood side by side warning of a new kremlin campaign to interfere in the mid-terms. for more on this latest rift over russia nbc's tracie potts joins us from washington. >> reporter: some mixed messages coming from the president and his national security team. the president at that rally last night talking about not only what he now believes is a hoax but also about russia's interest in the last election. listen. >> that's a really good thing. now we're being hindered by the russian hoax. it's a hoax, okay? i'll tell you what. russia's very unhappy that trump won. that i can tell you. but i got along great with putin.
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they wanted me to walk up -- here's aodiu they wanted me to o like this -- son of a -- they wanted me to go up and have a boxing match. i said whatever happened to diplomacy? >> reporter: so the president calls the russia investigation of russian interference a hoax. but hours earlier his united national security team, the fbi, national security agency, homeland security, his director of national intelligence and his national security advisor all convinced that russia's up to something. >> make no mistake the scope of this foreign influence threat is both broad and deep. >> our democracy itself is in the crosshairs. >> reporter: so which one is it? the white house will be pressed to explain that today. francis? >> all right, tracie, thank you. this morning new government
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figures are out when it comes to the separation of migrant families. according to a late night court filing 572 children ages 5 to 17 remain in the custody of health and human services. of those still separated 478 have parents who have either been deporlted or haven't been contacted after release into the u.s. the rest either have background check concerns, waived communication rights or otherwise under review. the figures come as the first daughter breaks ranks with her father, denouncing the separation of families at a low point for the administration. and that's not the only topic causing a rare family divide. nbc's hallie jackson has more. >> reporter: from a family focused first daughter a red line on family separations at the border. >> that was a low point for me as well and i am very vehemently against family separation and the separation of parents and children. >> reporter: it was the policy of ivanka trump's father that
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triggered more separations in the first place. but she never pushed back publicly until that had already been reversed. now she's making her view clear on that and on something else. >> do you think the media is the enemy of the people? >> no, i do not. i have some sensitivity around why people have concerns, but, no, i do not feel that the media is the enemy of the people. >> reporter: back up from her boss, with the president tweeting she correctly said no. it is the fake news which is large percentage of the media that is the enemy of the people. >> the enemy of the people i call it. i call the fake news thepeop, a the media is the enemy repeatedly dodged. >> repeatedly the media resorts to personal attacks without ins anger. that's required secret service protection. >> you did not say in the course of those remarks you just made that the press is not the enemy
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of the people. >> i'm here to speak on behalf of the president. he's made his comments clear. >> reporter: as for what's happening on the policy front as you know this administration has always focused on ending obama era regulations with another example of that now this week. the epa is rolling out its proposal to roll back certain fuel economy standards. that's consistent with a pattern we've seen from president trump. undoing certain things his predecessor did. for him, philip, a promise made, a promise kept. >> hallie jackson at the white house, thank you. there is a new club that has just one member, apple. the tech giant shattered a new milestone, reaching a valuation of $1 trillion. nasdaq even giving apple a logo market site in new york city. if you invested $2,300 at the bottom today you'd be a
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millionaire. >> reporter: it's the economy that promised to change the world. today it's iphones and other products the center of life on the go. now apple making history at the world's first trillion dollar company. >> it just solidifies the fact this is company that's been hitting all cylinders for a very long time and continues to do so. >> reporter: it's been a remarkable turn around from 22 years ago when the company was on the brink of bankruptcy. then founder steve jobs returned to fix the company he created. >> and the question is where is apple relevant. >> reporter: and it paid off. a $1,000 investment in the company back then worth about $450,000 today. apple is now led by ceo tim cook who talked to lester in>> y may trillion dollar company. what do you think about that? what goes through your mind? >> the truth is i don't think about it, to be really honest. what i view to be a stock price to be a result of doing other
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things well. >> reporter: but potential new tariffs on china where most of apple's products are made can now give apple and cook a significant challenge. francis? >> wow, thank you. it makes you wonder what is the apple of the future? >> yeah, if we knew, if we only knew. a brawl broke out in a french airport. it closed the terminal and caused a flight delay as well. two a-list rival french rappers got into a fistfight at the airport in paris. they can be seen here crashing through the cosmetic stands of a retail shop. there's no word on what sparked this fight. and police say the two artists who were both headed to spain for a performance were arrested along with their entourages. fireworks were tossed from a passing suv and immediately exploded sending people jumping from their seats. one person suffered nonlife
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threatening injuries. they are working to trace the suv. for the second time this week a massive wall of dust blew through phoenix causing zero visibility. the cloud caused a delay and the cancellation of more than hundred flights. let's check in with nbc meteorologist with friday and maybe a look at what we have in store for the week. >> last weekend we actually didlert on the east coast after a wet week. about 36 million at risk. we actually added some sections down there savannah, georgia, too into the flood watch. that number going up. 8:00 a.m. today trahe appalachi. and then by the time we get to tomorrow morning another area batch of heavy rain and thunderstorms starts rolling through new york city. and by the time we get to
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saturday afternoon we start to dry out a little bit, just hit an missdand there'll be hit and showers and storms. hit and miss showers and storms in colorado and very warm air into the south. full weekend forecast coming up, and some areas are going to be very summer like and hot. >> it's going to be important. it's the weekend, after all. new movies hitting theaters this weekend incding disney's "christopher robin." the spy who dumped me and mama mia here we go again continues to be a crowd favorite in its third weekend out. the scandal surrounding
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now all sun care products are buy one get one 50% off. throws, caught and into the end zone for a touch down. >> michael's voice, he's back. the first touch down for the 2018 nfl preseason. angels and bears hitting the field for the nfl hall of game. and this name may sound familiar, robert griffon iii now a raven responding with aam and now rookie lamar hayden hur it in to tie the game. down and the lead. a late score from the bear's hurry-up offense did make it interesting. and the ravens win the game 17-16. most importantly football is back. leading the news the ohio state buckeyes are scheduled to
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hold their first football game today but they'll be without their famed head coach. irvin myers is out on claims he knew about the allegations against the former head coach. and there's fallout off the field as well. restaurant chain bob evans saying it's suspending a deal. >> reporter: the face of ohio state football, legendry coach irvin meyer out of the game, placed on administrative leave. the university huddling with investigators. at issue did meyer know of abuse allegations against assistant coach zack smith involving ex-wife courtney smith? >> i do believe he knew and instead he chose to help the smith filed multiple police reports including this one. the defendant grabbed the victim
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by her t-shirt, picked her up and threw her into the bedroom wall. the victim is pregnant with the defendant's child. smith says she also shared these photos with meyer's wife shelly. nbc news has not verified those messages. >> she said she was going to have to tell irvin. i said that's fine, you know. you should tell irvin. >> reporter: meyer who fired smith last week -- >> i was never told about anything. >> reporter: -- says in a statement i agree that being on leave during this inquiry will facilitate its completion. zack smith's attorney says he wants to be as transparent and honest assmit has not been a crime. under meyer's $7.6 million a year contract he's required to report any violation of ohio state sexual misconduct policy. failure to do so could cost him his job. facing a blitz of pressure ohio state's football coach side
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lined. miguel almagar, nbc news. for the third straight season the defending national champions alabama crimson tide will begin the 2018 football campaign on top. followed by clemson, ohio state as you saw there, and georgia and oklahoma rounding out the top five. a quick look at the top ten with washington, wisconsin, miami, penn state. now time to talk about the christmas creep. plus scientists claim they have solved the secrets of the bermuda triangle. their explanation next.
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if the president is acting within his capacity as president and he [ bleep ] someone, then that can't be questionable. >> mr. trump did make headlines today saying he's willing to [ bleep ] the president of iran without preconditions. >> we like [ bleep ], don't we? >> i guess it's true. we all have a little [ bleep ] inside us, even oscar. >> it's really important how many they leave behind to get the full picture. some retailers are already pushing that holiday creep. i'm sure you've seen it. target's website already letting shoppers preorder halloween costumes and decorations from
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its boutique. and complete with a santa on hand wearing some traditional gear as he gets ready to rock christmas. the store says there's already demand for christmas items early this year. and you and i saw in the past 24 hours we passed by these halloween pop ups all over the place. i'm so offended by the back to school commercials already on now. >> nobody lives in the present anymore. an age-old mystery may have been solved. the bermudari have long perplexed people. it turns out monsters are involved. monster waves that is. scientists in the bbc's ducu series have found a deadly formation of rogue waves caused by storms north and south, that
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...from far away. but they harryonly see his wrinkles. if only harry used some... ...bounce, to dry. he would be a less wrinkly, winning guy. time now to check in with wil willy guiss to see what's coming up on sunday today. >> we talk about her rise from
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barb barbie commercials to that 70s show husband, ashton kutcher. plus the latest in news and politics this weekend obsundn s today. you can catch us in the morning or as always set your dvr anytime. we'll see you sunday morning. >> sounds good. see you then. still to come some positive news courtesy of rapper ludicrous. plus the viral video you could say was touched by an angel. ♪ you got it from your parents. and they got it from theirs. it's your skin, and it can protect you from millions of things. so we're here to help you protect your skin. walgreens pharmacists and beauty consultants are specially trained to know what works for the health of your unique skin. walgreens. trusted since 1901. now all sun care products are buy one get one 50% off.
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from the first moment you met, it was love at first touch. and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and protection. that's why only pampers swaddlers is the number one choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softnan so that all they feel is love. pampers the number one choice of hospitals, nurses and parents it's music festival season. and we've got your ticket to one
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of the fastest growing celebrations of the season where the power of music is breaking down >> reporter: utah's mountain air was filled with music. long con dan reynolds of the popular rock band imagine dragons. >> the mission is to ignite conversation in communities of faith about what it means to love, accept and understand our lgbtq youth. >> reporter: and of those youth say they don't feel welcome in the mormon church. >> being told that being gay was this negative thing or just not encouraged, when you're growing up it really messes with your brain. >> reporter: experts say gay and lesbian youth are four times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers. >> it really is a crisis. i don't use that word lightly. >> reporter: among the performers musician tyler glen
4:27 am
who grew up mormon before coming out. if there had been an event like love loud when you were younger, what would that have meant to you? >> it would have changed my life. it's huge. >> reporter: it's already making a difference for some. >> it's actually one of the reasons i've come out. >> reporter: he hopes the conversation is just getting started. nbc news, salt lake city. a woman in atlanta received a random act of kindness from a pretty big star. she and her pets were struggling financially following the death of her husband when a friend loaned her a gift card to go shopping. she went to whole foods to buy some groceries but she realized there wasn't enough money on the card and that's when the guy in
4:28 am
front of her said don't worry i got this. that guy turned out to be rapper ludicrous bridges and she didn't even realize it. a loan angel cloud causing a stir in the lone star state. looks like an angel. it lasted only a few minutes, but as you can imagine somebody stopped and said, all right, this i really have got to take a picture of. although it looks like they didn't pull over when they took the picture. but, wow, as you can imagine it's gone viral with how many views and counting. >> yeah, i guess they figure nothing bad is going to happen, right? i've got an angel on my side. thanks for waking up with us. >> your ad lib live picture-- s
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francisco hey there, folks, it's friday morning and we're looking live outside our window at san
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francisco at what i would call a foggy morning. >> marcus washington is off as well, i'm scott mccgrew. >> hi. >> got toned, some of the aroun francisco. 60s around san jose and concord. hour by hour, numbers today climbing into the mid 80s for highs. it will


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