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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 12, 2018 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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bay bridge -- from emeryville good sunday morning to you. it is 7:00 on the dot. is this a live look. the sun is shining through. we have a little bit of cloud over there. it is getting better and better. thanks for joining us. it is to clear out some of the air quality. as far as current temperatures, we are in the 50s and 60s. it is cool at the same time.
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61 degrees right now. half-moon bay 57 degrees. yesterday we were on the end of breezy. we'll see a repeat of that. temperatures remain in the 60s. inland we'll notice a slight cooling trend. a little more rain, about 4 degrees cooler at this hour. what does it mean? i amtraking subtropical moisture. we have storm that is will change a bit of how our montd will feel. what i mean by that is you'll want to tune in in terms of temperatures and the change coming up in about 15 minutes. >> thanks. two people are dead after the car they were in plun ijed off a freeway connector in the east bay. it happened around 4:00 this morning. witnesses say the vehicle flew off of highway 24 where it
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connects to 680 and walnut creek. it crashed off the eastbound side and ended up near the westbound onramp. first responders cut the roof off the car and separated the car into pieces try to go rescue the trapped victim. the driver survived. tests are being done to determine if drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash. a pilot not familiar with the bay area lands a plane on a major highway. the pilot touched down on 580 in san lee andro. he tells us he didn't panic because he is trained for this kind of emergency. drivers and neighbors were stunned. it. >> is hard to believe to see
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something like this to see this ever. you don't see something like this, not very often. >> the pilot said he does have a u.s. pilot's license. the plane was hoisted onto a tow truck and hoisted to the airport. the pilot and his passenger are okay. airline security could be in for serious changes after friday night easter fiing stolen plane incident. we are learning more about the man responsible as his family speaks out about their shock and sorrow. >> his family says despite this video of the 29-year-old doing stunts in a plane he stole there is so much more to the plane they called bebo. >> on behalf of the family we are stunned and heartbroken. bebo was a warm, compassionate
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man. >> he worked at the airline for than three years. air traffic controllers tried to convince him to land. >> he is just flying around. he needs some help controlling his aircraft. >> i don't need that much help. i played video games before. >> it is owned by part of alaska airlines. he offered clues about his state of mind. >> i have a lot of people that care about me. it is going to disappoint them to hear that i did this. >> russell who did not have a pilot's license even joked about his skills.
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russell was killed. no one on the ground was hurt. the heist raised new concerns about gaps in aviation security. >> there's no key to the aircraft. maybe you have to have a code to turn something on. >> he said more needs to be done to restrict access to planes. >> there is certainly technology that requires more credentials than being near the plane that could have prevented this. nbc bay area news. >> the stolen commercial jet is one of the top stories on our home page. you can click under it for continuing coverage. you'll find more cell phone and tweets from people who are on the ground. national park service officials are asking the public's help in locating a bay
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area native who vanished two and a half weeks ago. this is 48-year-old from san jose. rangers say he was last seen july 25th at the bridgeport ranger station. the accident happened on friday at the site of the twin peaks tunnel. 51-year-old was hit bay steel beam and died at the hospital. they are investigating the accident. construction work has since resumed on the tunnel. a number of fires burning but we'll start with an update. . cal fire says the fire is now
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95% contained, up from 10% this time yesterday morning after crews made good progress yesterday. >> firefighters continue to gain ground on the mendocino fire. it burned more than 300,000 acres over the last couple of weeks. the flames are now 67% con tand. they don't expect full containment until september. moving to southern california where the holy fire is burning. so far it burned more than 22,000 acres and is 36% contained. a bit of good news though. evacuation orders have been lifted. the fire broke out on monday and
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police arrested a man they think started that fire. so many people shoed up some had to be turned away. people that saw it said they are excited about how they are resapiresa reshaping transit in the country. >> i think it is really exciting. i think the next generation's way to get around the city and bay area. >> it replaces the old terminal that shut down in 2010. it is the first time in decades san francisco has had a permanent transit center. it is 7:08 right now. coming up president trump has harsh words for one of his
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former top aids, what he told a crowd at a campaign style rally about omarosa. outrage for capping your time at the cinema.
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welcome back. you can see the sun try to go peek through. we'll have your weather in just a few minutes. a rally turned deadly. police did arrest three people but they say things remain relatively peaceful. 32-year-old heather hire was killed when a driver plowed into a crowd of people counter protesting white supremacists
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the organizer today will hold another rally near to white house. president donald trump responded to a question yesterday about former white house staff. newman who also appeared calls the president a racist and claimed he used racial slurs on the set of the show. nearly 200 members briefly met him. coming up today we sit done for an exclusive interview about her new book and the bomb shell claims about president trump. omarosa was fired from the white
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a world war two era ship that sat a little bit of cloud kor. we'll talk about the marine layer an an ever so slight cool down inland. we'll take whatever we can get. a world war ii ship that sat for decades is back up and running. for the first time in 50 years the ss red oak victory ran its engines this weekend.
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dozens of volunteers have been restoring the ship which was used in world war ii. there are about 50 surviving world war ii ships in the u.s. only four of them are considered operational. big changes are just ahead this week for a popular movie app. movie pass lets users go to the theater and see one movie a day. also for 10 bucks a month some moviegoers but starting this coming wednesday the company is tapping the number of movies issuers can see each month to see. they say it is because some customers are taking advantage and the company is paying a lot of money for the number of films they are seeing every month. >> i'm disappointed. >> it came friday night when it crashed for the third weekend in a row.
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see one of the most popular music festivals. here is the final day at golden gate park today. it combined music with food, art and culture. grasslands focuses on cannabis education. even with the nut change the focus is still the music. janet jackson is taking the stage tonight. >> it is like michael jackson so it's like hero, someone i looked up to my whole childhood. >> it is the 11th year of the music festival. if you're going to outside lands today go to our web site far complete guide. that's all at >> i do have a forecast for that coming up. >> coming up in a little bit. it will be a cool forecast. it is never warm there.
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>> it is very typical for san francisco. a lot of people don't realize it. it is summer and warm and we get caught off guard. i love seeing friends that visit. all of their instagram and snap chats are complaining about how they are cold. you have been warned. san francisco 57 degrees right now. wind speeds 6 miles per hour. not as breezy as we were yesterday. current conditions at about 51 degrees. temperatures are comfortable and wind speeds are calm. bet are recovery compared to where we were yesterday. as far as your temperatures also in the 60s with humidity at 64%. we are starting to recover nicely because of increased on shore flow. we have moisture coming into play. as far as temperatures, we are expecting slightly cooler conditions. east bay 83. this is where we are going to notice more of the drop.
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we were in the mid-to upper 90s. today we'll be climbing into the low 90s for concord. oakland will remain in the 70s. as far as is peninsula goes daily city 66. if you're heading into the city temperatures will be in the 60s. as far as the coastline goes no major changes in that. the weather will be very similar today. santa rosa 84. remember when i was talking about this? this is cooling us down. it will increase our moisture which means humidity. john is located off the pacific. it will bring in subtropical moisture. no rain is expected but hughes of blue you can see it will increase elevated humidity and it will make it feel very muggy and tropical out there.
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remember it may end the concert at 9:40. yesterday it ended at 10:00 p.m. today it ends about 28 -- or 20 minutes earlier. we'll top out into the upper 60s and then if you're heading out to the beach in monterey maybe you're going out there, it will be breezy for the early morning hours. a combination of sun and clouds and temperatures will be on the end. i don't think it's a great beach day because temperatures will remain in the 60s. it is not as windy but breezy. 68 degrees by 3:00 p.m. over the next seven days remember thatmoistture approaches heading into tomorrow. no major changes but we will notice nice cooling. we'll be topping out into the 80s. if you notice by next weekend we have a ridge of high pressure
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that will bump us back up. it will be cooler. >> yeah. we'll take that cooler. thanks. it is 7:20. still ahead, is this the future of robotics? our digital team shows off what could be a piece of the jet sons at your home. oshe )s got all thd
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dare we say he )s a bit more cuddly? anki )s new robot "vector" wants to help out and hang out around the house. our "digital editor jonathan bloom" got a special this new rebot want to help out and hang out around the house. jonathan bloom got a special introduction. here is a chance for you to watch it now. >> it comes swinging around every 15 or 20 years. >> he can live with you.
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>> ready to hang out. >> this is vector. >>. >> he got a little bit frightening -- >> you see the light on the back that means he is listening. >> like the hair on the back of the cat. >> he is friendly and helpful. while your dog might play fetch he plays blackjack. >> he we was a little grumpy. >> he was programmed to have feelings. >> we tried hard to create an emotional experience and emotional bond between a human and this robotic character. >> the jet sons may be the most famous example, one tech
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companies have been chasing for years. >> when we have a technology the companies say we'll use it in the home. >> they say the sci-fi dates further into the past. >> it is what gave us the word robot. >> right there on the brittle pages. >> nourished and millions of mechanical slaves. it's an old desire. >> what year was that? >> 1922. >> and we are still just getting started. sit the fourth product which also makes a toy robot for kids. >> we would love to see a future where robots are doing things around the home that are helpful. >> they won't all look like vector. >> you can actually say could you leave the room please? >> hey, take a picture of me.
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>> okay. not that. >> that was our digital editor. check out his stories on our web site and our social media pages. it 17is 7:26. the home run king gets his day. barry bonds has number 25 retired at at&t park. from an officer and gentleman to a congressman richard gear contemplating his next role, where the actor may be considering a run for office.
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good morning, thanks for it is 7:28. you can see the skyline there
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and a little bit of sunshine and haze. thanks so much for joining us. we have a look at our micro climate forecast. what is it like out there? >> we have a nice little shower marine layer. it will start to deepen heading into the workweek we are also seeing slightly cooler temperatures. let's take a look at this. you can see we have clouds out there. overall we are expecting another beautiful day with mostly clear skies. it is still hazy. keep in mind we have active wild fires burning. be mindful as you head in towards your day. hayward 60. san francisco 57. our temperatures aren't going to change bay huge margin for the coastline but we'll notice
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cooling for inland areas. it will be quite nice in terms of our daytime highs. we do have moisture creeping in. i'll tell you how that is going to effect your workweek coming up in about 15 minutes. >> all right. we'll see you then. thanks. two people are dead after the car they were in plunged after a freeway connector. it happen around 4:00 this morning. they flew about 100 feet down where it connects to 680 and walnut creek. they say the car crashed off the eastbound side and ended up near the westbound onramp. first responders cut the roof off the car. they say they had to separate it into pieces to rescue the trapped victims. two people did lose their lives. a driver survived. a pilot not familiar with the bay area lands his plane on
7:31 am
a major highway. >> we have an engine issue here. >> the pilot who was headed for the hayward airport said the plane was losing altitude and fast so he touched down. he spoke with us but didn't want to go on camera. he told us he didn't panic because he is trained for this kind of emergency. drivers and neighbors were stunned. >> it is hard to believe to see something like this that would happen to see this ever. you don't see something, a plane come down on a freeway, not very often. >> the pilot is british. he tells us he does have a u.s. pilot's license. the plane was hoisted ton a toe truck. -- tow truck. the pilot and his passenger were okay. a stolen plane incident in
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seattle. his family speaks out about their shock and sorry. we have new details. >> richard russell's family says despite this video of the 29-year-old going stunts in a plane he stole there is so much more than the plan they call bebo. >> we are stunned and heartbroken. it may seem difficult to believe but he was a warm, compassionate man. they tried to convince him to land. >> he is just flying around. he needs help controlling his
7:33 am
aircraft. >> it is owned by horizon air, part of alaska airline. while talking with air traffic controllers he offered clues about his state of mind. >> i have a lot of people that care about me. it is going to disappoint them to hear that i did this. >> russell who did not have a pilot's iens even joked with controllers about his skills. russell who is married told controllers his plane was running low on fuel and crashed it on a small island. russell was killed. no one on the ground was hurt. it has raised concern. >> it is in the like you have an ignition key. >> maybe you to have a code to turn something on. >> he served on the committee for homeland security said more needs to be done to restrict
7:34 am
access to planes. >> there is more technology out there that could require more credentials than being near the plane. >> nbc bay area news. >> it is one of top stories on our home page. there you'll be able to find more video and tweets from witnesses who were on the ground during that incident. back here locally national park service officials are asking the public's help in finding a bay area man that vanished. this is 48-year-old. rangers say he was last seen july 25th at the bridgeport rangers station. he was praning to backpack through the park. he is an experienced hiker and we are told he knows the area well. california highway patrol continues to mourn the death of
7:35 am
a motorcycle officer killed in the line of duty. he died in the midst of a traffic stop. another truck veered off the road and smashed into him. the person in the car also died. the chp says that the crash is under investigation. we are tracking a number of fires burning in northern california but we'll start with aun date on the nelson fire. a brush fire burning since friday. they say the fire is now 95% contained up from 10% this time yesterday morning. people can't believe what a close call it was on friday. >> it has been a full day. i am still shaken when i think
7:36 am
about it. >> the fire did destroy one home. it is still threatening ten structures. it has been one year since the white nationalist rally. things remained relatively peaceful as demonstrators marched in the streets. heather was killed last year when a driver plowed into a crowd of people protesting white supremacists. today the organizer will hold another rally near the white house. washington, d.c. law enforcement is on high alert because of the potential for violence. president trump met with nearly 200 members and supporters of the group bikers for trump. yesterday in new jersey the event was held inside the clubhouse inside his spry vat golf club. it looked much like a campaign
7:37 am
stop with him asking if the press was fair. he also called omarosa a low life. during her books she called him race cyst and claims he tried to silence her with money and threats. chuck todd sits down with her about her new book and bomb shell claims about trump. she was fired from the white house in december. meet the press right after this newscast. president trump is dumping for a republican candidate and making similar statements at every stop. they say repeating them over and over doesn't make them true. rosemary conners has this story. >> we are seeing in the rallies the same kind of claims we have
7:38 am
been fact checking for months. >> claims about immigration keep coming up. his excellents were directed towards democratic senator bob casey. >> bob casey is for open board rs. >> he also claims democrats support this. >> another inaccurate claim is that he won 5 # fkt of the female vote in 2016. >> 52%. the women liked me. >>. >> he enjoyed 52% support amongst white women. >> they say exit polls show 25% of latino and 4% of african american women voted for
7:39 am
president trump. >> since the election we added a number nobody would have ever said. i wouldn't have said it because they would have been a big number on me. >> he did say it. >> during the campaign he promised that he would create 25 million jobs over ten years. job growth that has not kept pace with that. >> in his first 18 months in office 3.4 million jobs have been created. >> it is about 18,000 jobs a month short of keeping pace with that promise. >> assuming president trump wins reelection 18 million would be created over eight years. nbc news. richard gear is being groomed to run for congress in new york state. he lives in new york's
7:40 am
democratic leaning 18th district. he is one of the leading voices. he has yet to respond to the rumors. still ahead, today marks one year since a woman died since test -- a white supremacist march. are live in a few minutes. and we'll take you to at&t park where barry bonds jersey was retired. nbc sports bay area is next.
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we are all part of the giants family. we all love this game but to be part of the team, an organization that continues to celebrate their players long after they retired you're special. >> the giants will go onto lose the game but mean while the a's beat the angels in anaheim. what's important is this throw by ramon, throw of the year, 321 feet on the fly to double up the runner. even the players can't believe it. oakland one and a half games up for the second wild card spot.
7:44 am
in golf tiger is tied for six. it is at the pga championship. that's all for sports. more news after the break. "unitn
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charlottesville, virginia protesting removal of a confederate statue. the march quickly became a brawl between white supremacists and counter- protesters, leaving one woman dead and dozens injured. it quickly became a brawl. nbc bay area joins us now. we'll start with what stands out about last year's tragedy. >> first of all it really wasn't a march about america's political conservatives for that matter. it was a march of white
7:47 am
supremacists when they -- they were pushing back against their fears that minorities were making whites, at least those whit whites irrelevant. >> we have seen a growing number of hate crimes. how much do you think they relate to the current arguments over immigration? >> big words. americans protests waves of catholic immigrants in the 1840s. jews and chinese in the 19th century. latinos during the last half century. each time americans here have blamed the newcomers for abusing government benefits. ironically most of us fit into one of those previous categories. each new group has into american
7:48 am
society often taking the lowest run on the jobs that nobody else wanted. >> yeah. but it seems unusually venomous. how do we account for that? >> there is no single issue of sorts. in their place we now have many more service industry jobs which don't pay as much. our second thought, 100 years ago we had 1 million. today we have less than 50,000. it is an example. we use clean natural gas now instead of polluting coal.
7:49 am
the >> you put all of these things together. we have identified for more than 200 years. >> uh-huh. >> so what can be done or should anything be done? >> resolution of issues like these begin at the top. when you're talking about racism it starts with our elected official. he has been clear about resentment especially immigrants of color. during his campaign trump denounced for bringing drugs and being rapists. he saw no evidence of a white supreme si movement. he has claimed nigerian would never go back to that you aeir .
7:50 am
recently they decided to end the program. it takes us back to increasing hate crimes. it may be that those angry with immigrants now feel they have permission to act out on anxieties. of course the presidents were doing that. >> yeah. he is setting the example. so how does this get resolved? >> answer that. >> it may never get resolved permanently as long as we have a with us versus them mentality. clearly immigration is among the most controversial issues. race has never left the pub lli agenda. how do we -- how it plays out in november, those midterm may tell us about the contentious issue
7:51 am
and whether the public wants to go into another direction. >> we will stay tuned. thanks. we'll be right back after this. l make history. she )s bringing cannabis oil to class! we take you inside the fight between her family, school and the state.
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when you join us for today in the bay. monday from 4:30 to 7. ♪ ♪ ♪ i put a spell on you
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♪ yeah, because you're mine ♪ with chase atms serena can now grab cash on the go, all with the tap of her phone. ♪ stop the things you do no card? no problem. life, lived serena's way. chase, make more of what's yours. a call for help from bay area good morning. it is 7:53. i hope you have a wonderful day planned. let's get to how your weather is going to be. if you're heading outside you'll notice we have a nice layer of fog out there. overall expect another gorgeous day of mostly clear skies.
7:54 am
the exception of patchy fog for san francisco. it is 57 degrees right now. overnight humidity that we'll have surging. 60 degrees. your highs for today will be slightly cooler for inland areas thanks to a nice flow that is going to keep us cooler. the coastline not a big change. as far as the coastline 76 degrees for san mateo and 66 for city. up near to north bay temperatures range from 60
7:55 am
degrees and no major changes there. it now, we are expecting a couple of changes as we head into the start of the workweek. we are all right starting to see the on shore flow kind of build. we have john near by. it will cause a subtropical moisture surge. what that means for us is just a humidity increase. slightly cooler temperatures. no rain expected from this. you can see the blue color here means it will be a lot muggier out there. if you're heading to outside lands today is the last day. gates open at 11:00 a.m. look at your temperatures similar to yesterday. if you were there for yesterday you noticed a sweater or a coat. periods of low clouds. as far as inland areas your temperatures climbing into the upper 80s.
7:56 am
it will kind of stay in the 80s for the next several days. you'll notice a deepening marine layer. it means more cloud cover. back again next weekend which -- and friday into saturday we have another ridge of high pressure so kind of enjoyed the 80s for now. >> we will take that 4 degree cool down. we won't take it for granted. >> it will be down too. >> it is strange for the bay area. >> not a good hair day. >> thanks for the warning. now to a call for help from bay area animal shelters. shelters are full of animals. many of them are displaced because of the wild fires. volunteers tell us they are seeing a spike in animals being
7:57 am
rescued. they don't have enough space to take care of all of animals. the shelter and hundreds of others are taking part in nbc's annual nationwide clear the shelters event and waving all adoption fees next saturday. we will have dozens all next week leading up to saturday's main eventme. you can find more on we all get animals named after us. i think she has gotten adopted every year. so hopefully we have a similar turnout. >> i will be out there doing some live shots for the evening shows. >> okay. >> i'm going to want to take them all home. >> yeah. >> it is so hard. and speaking of going home, our director, nate, this is his
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last day here. he is going back home to florida to a really spectacular job. we'll miss him so much and want to thank him for his work here. thank you for joining us. we'll see you here next weekend. , intelligently senses your movement and automatically adjusts. so you wake up ready to train for that marathon. and now, save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. ends wednesday.
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this sunday, omarosa, one-on-one. they met on "the apprentice." >> i adore you. we've had tremendous success together. >> absolutely. >> in 2016, she campaigned for him. >> let's make mr. trump the next president of the united states! >> and mocked his critics. >> it is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe. >> as president, donald trump said, you're hired at the white house. but now she says mr. trump used the "n" word at "the apprentice." >> it had finally sunk in that the person i thought i'd known so well for so long was actually a racist. >> there's also this --


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