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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  August 26, 2018 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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thank you for watching and good night. the sound of gunshots, right now at 4:30, gunfire breaks out at a gaming tournament leaving several dead and many others hurt. the local connection to a mass shooting in florida. the news at 4:30 starts now. good afternoon. i'm garvin thomas. >> i'm vicki wynn. four killed and dozen injured after a gun moon opens fire inside a video game tournament in jacksonville, florida. >> it was video game from e-sports from the base in the bay area. we are live outside the ea headquarters with more on the
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developing story, and i understand authorities released the name of the suspect in the shooting. >> reporter: yes, i have. we do know that the suspect was one of the people that was killed, also, 11 people were taken to the hospital, and you're right, this was all happening at an nfl sports tournament going on in jacksonville, florida. what happened was they were all playing the madden '19 game, developed by electronic arts headquartered here in redwood city behind me. in the middle of the live stream competiti competition, the shooting started, sheriff deputies converged on the scene, a popular entertainment complex along jacksonville's river front. they blocked off that area. >> we have one suspect in this case. he is deceased at the scene at this point. he is a white male. working to confirm his identity. we have deceased victims at the scene and injured people at the
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hospital. >> reporter: gamers came from across the country to play the madden '19 video game, participant of ea sports in redwood city, as we mentioned, and, today, the company issued this statement saying, we are aware of an incident at a sanctioned madden championship series competition in jacks jacksonville. we are working with authorities to gather facts at this stage. this is a horrible situation, and our deepest sympathies go out to all involved. now, some witnesses in jacksonville reported that the gunman actually pointed a laser at some of the victims, shot at them, and then turned the gun on himself. there are also reports from witnesses they do know that this suspect was a gamer and had lost in the past. right now, sheriff deputies are still trying to sort out what the motive might be, but they do believe he acted alone. reporting live in redwood city, nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you. we want to confirm according to thorpauthorities in florida, releasing the identity of the shooter, 24-year-old david catts of baltimore. authorities are working now with the baltimore police to see if he had a record there as that he move into the investigation phase of this to see his connection and, perhaps, did he know the victims there in jacksonville. the video game tournaments often draw a big fan base, and sometimes they offer big cash prizes as well. according to ea sports, the madden nfl series has up to 7 million fans flocking to the tournaments. that one in jacksonville today was a qualifier that came with a reported $5,000 cash prize for the winner, and according to ea sports, madden nfl is also popular among actual n florida players who play themselves and use the game to help their abilities on the field. madden nfl is named after a pro football hall of famer and
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former super bowl winning coach for the raiders, john madden. we tweeted the news of the shooting when confirmed. follow us on nbcbayarea for all updates as we follow it on air and, of course, online at new at 4:30, firefighters scramble to put out a grass fire in castro valley and dublin. the fire just a off 580 year palo verde road, the latest on scene is that the fire is 75% contained, and 48 acres burned so far. no word of injuries or homes damaged at its height. smoke from the fire could be seen for miles. dmemonstrators staged rallis in san francisco protesting the appointment of supreme court nominee brett cavanaugh. we are live now with activists
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and opponents. >> reporter: it was an enthusiastic crowd here today speaking against the nominee, but there were quite a bit of conversation here today about how important events are like this in keeping up the pressure moving towards the midterm elections. >> they will stop at nothing to end this as we know it. >> reporter: congresswoman radio spoke to the crowd in san francisco of what she believes is at stake with president trump's nominee. >> we have unfortunately nominated the supreme court, trying to turn the clock back on so many issues that are so important to women, to people of color, to our voting rights. >> he opposes abortion in most circumstances. >> reporter: demonstrators want to show support for california senators and urge other senators to reject the nominee before the upcoming confirmati fir mags --
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confirmation hearing. rallies are happening all over the u.s. >> reporter: some wore clothes like from "handmaid's tale," and peeping the pressure up. >> so much is at risk and at stake with the midterm elections. >> reporter: this woman says it's partisan politics. he says brett is fit for the job. >> what i'm hearing is a lot of shrill character assassinations against a very fine judge who, when he was voted into the district court and 3rd court had a lot of support from democrats. >> reporter: now, organizers tell me that this unite for justice day of action like the one held here in san franciscofufrancisco was one of more than 200 similar events. live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. you've been tweeting about the demonstrations over the nomination, follow her and all the reporters at the twitter
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handle @nbcbayarea. remembering a political icon, past presidents and politicians from both sides of the aisle and military leaders pay tribute to the late senator john mccain. respect for mccain echoed by democrats and republicans praising his lifetime of service and accomplishments. jennifer johnson has that story tonight from washington. >> reporter: flags now at half staff as the country mourns the loss of senator mccain. >> it was tough. i'm going to miss him. >> reporter: presidents praising the giant, george bush calling him a patriot of the highest order and clintons said he put partisanship aside to do what was best for the country. in a city polarized by politics, mccain had supporters on both sides of the aisle. >> mccain would decide to do the right thing and then deal with the political consequences afterwards. >> i miss how much fun he was
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and how much i learned from him. >> reporter: military leaders also praising the decorated war hero and former vietnam p.o.w. >> no one had the backs of america's new greatest generation, those who fought the wars of the post-9/11 period more than he did. >> reporter: president trump, who fought bitterly with mccain, referred to him as a loser, who did nothing about the senator, but offered sympathies to mccain's family. the death ended a tour bu leapt week for president trump as members of the inner circle continue to make immunity deals with prosecutors investigating the president. >> the best thing he can do to just sit down with special counsel, come clean, the american people deserve to know if want president is as corrupt as the people who pled guilty around him. >> reporter: the president is unlikely to attend senator mccain's funeral. he said he did not want him there before his death. others plan to attend. mccain's body will lie in state later this week at the capitol
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rutunda. >> a hearse arrived overnight, and in addition to the u.s. capitol building, senator mccain will lie in state at the arizona capitol on wednesday. flags are flying at half staff at the arizona capitol. mccain will be laid to rest at the u.s. naval academy cemetery in maryland. wednesday would have been the senator's 82nd birthday. for continuing coverage of the life and legacy of john mccain, go to we have posted a tribute to the late senator including a look back at the life in photos. a south bay high school becomes the scene of an early morning crash just before 4:00 this morning. santa clara police say officers were tracking a stolen car, pulled the driver over, and he did not stop. they began a chase, the car crashed into a fence at wilson high school. the police say a driver, a
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minor, suffered a broken leg in the crash. she was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. a passenger also under 18fuls arrested at the scene. both are now facing criminal charges. hundreds of people gathered in a small town in iowa today for the funeral service for mollie tibbets. she was found dead tuesday, more than a month after disappearing after going for a run in brooklyn, iowa. today's funeral mass, it was held inside the gymnasium of her high school. her father, cousin, and one of her teachers spoke at the service. the family spent time in oakland, where she grew up. and christian is charged with first degree murder in the death, and investigators say the 24-year-old farm worker led them to a corn field where her body was found. still ahead on nbc bay area news tonight, controversy for the pope, the strong allegations by a former top vatican official as the pope heads home from ireland. coming up later, swinging
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for home runs in the east bay. the special olympics brings crowds to the softball field. and we're seeing cooling temperatures and improving air quality around the bay area. san jose high's upper 70s tomorrow. does that continue throughout the workweek? looking at that when we come right back. t bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, all beds are on sale. save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. only for a limited time. while oti'm the only ones servthat has the bowlsff, to serve something different. i mean, just look at my teriyaki bowls. choose from steak or chicken, covered in teriyaki sauce, plus your choice of white or brown rice. what about these bowls jack? hey! you got some pretty nice bowls there. and so does dan! thanks jack! those are some nice bowls. everyone's gonna want to get their hands on jack's bowls. try my bowls! see that right there? you can't say that. what? i was just saying i got great bowls... ooooh. now i hear it. yea. try my teriyaki bowls. only at jack in the box.
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visit to ireland, during which he drew large crowds. the pope heads back to the vatican after a vet to ireland in which he drew large crowds, but also large protests. many say pope francis has not done enough to address the issue of clerical abuse of children. a former top vatican official says in 2013 he told pope francis about serious allegations against a u.s. cardinal, and that for five years pope francis did nothing about it. the allegations are made in a 7,000 word letter in which he calls for the pope to resign. the vatican is offering no comment on those allegations, and nbc news could not confirm the letter's authenticity or its
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claims. pope francis issued a sweeping apology in ireland today asking for forgiveness for the clergy's sexual abuse scandal and other, quote, betrayal, of irish catholics by church leaders. playwright neil simon has died. according to a long time friend, simon died this morning in the hospital in manhattan after suffering complications from pneumonia. he was one of america's most successful playwrights whose hits included "the odd couple," and they dominated broadway for decades. in 2006, he won the mark twain prize for american humor. he was 91 years old. still ahead on nbc bay area, it's getting bigger and bigger every year. pride celebrations taking the south baby storm. we'll show you all the sights. low clouds, coastal hill tops there, temperatures in the low 60s. that might not be that surprising, but our valley
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temperatures over the next few days, that's going to surprise some folks. a closer look at that in the seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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people in the south bay partied in the streets all weekend long celebrating pride. the sell con valley pride festival is wrapping up in san jose, and you can see people walking down the street waving flags, and they had the first trans and friends rally. more than 10,000 people atended the festival, make iing it the largest lgbt event held in the south bay. softball players from all over northern california competed in the east bay this weekend. special olympics northern california hosted a regional softball tournament and hundreds of athletes of all ages competed at the farm park in walnut creek. the teams began training for the event back in june. >> these are some amazing athletes. we have a wide range of abilities, and they are very talented and a great team, and they are really fun.
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>> every team received a medal, either gold, silver, or bronze. there were not a best of award because all the athletes differed in levels and abilities. our meteorologist, rob, looks beautiful out there. >> clear skies, cool temperatures, so we took heat out of the equation, smoke out of the sky, and weather is nice for this time of year, which usually could involve some heat waves. we'll see nothing of the sort over the next zemp dseven days. at sfo, no delays for arriving flights. 70 degrees. west wind 17. later tonight, clouds fill in, drizzle in the morning in the peninsula, but for now, sunny skies in the east bay, emeryville at 67 degrees, and walnut creek, you see mt. diablo with the smoke clearing out of the east bay, 78 there, and san jose, similar weather with the numbers in the 70s, clear skies as the temperatures are running slightly below average for some
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of the valleys. look at santa rosa, 68 degrees, 70s in napa, and 83 in livermore, and the trend of cooler than average inland valley temperatures as seen, that will continue as least through wednesday, and here's the nice side effect of the strong onshore breeze right now. we are seeing better air quality. we did have a smoke advisory for the north bay today. notice the air quality transition tomorrow, more areas into the good air quality, so that is good news, other than the north bay you could see smoke around sonoma county. if it's not smoke, it's low clouds, smoke, and drizzle. take i-80, you'll find the fog following you all the way into sacramento tomorrow morning so that's a good strong push of marine air that might have a little drizzle at times. sunny in the afternoon, and low clouds make a comeback again as we head towards tuesday morning. morning temperatures mid to upper 50s and highs tomorrow like today. only the warmest spots inland.
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south of san jose with a chance of 80s. 78 degrees downtown san jose. upper 70s to near 80 degrees in pleasanton, low 80s in concord. 70s from oakland down into hayward and freemont. peninsula temperatures comfortable after the morning mist clears. sun in the afternoon, highs in the 60s and 70s, low 60s in san francisco, and north bay temperatures into the 70s. things are going to be cooler over the next seven days, and just to the north, the week's going to involve rain in the pacific northwest as we transition closer to the bay area, and some of that drizzle may try to add up. stay tuned later this week. we might see enough to measure on the coast into san francisco right out of a big rain event, but enough maybe for some damp roads, misty skies at times over the next few days. san francisco temperatures not changing much. friday looking to be the warmest day of the week ahead, but never out of the 60s. look at inland temperatures, you
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know, we have 90s off the board, but now 80s coming off the board for the first half of the week. cool and mild. and morning temperatures at times could be in the 40s and low 50s. >> good job, rob. >> yeah. october. we talked yesterday about the relatively low number of hundred days. >> absolutely. >> of course, everybodiey knows the weather, it could happen still. >> once the winds turn off, the warmest days of the year are late september and october. >> thanks, rob. >> rob, thank you. still ahead, thousands of school supplies are in the hands of tens of thousands of deserving bay area students right now thanks to your generosi generosity. >> we have the support of supporting our school effort and a story of an unforgettable local 5th grader.
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you. ou thousands of bay area kids return to class with the supplies they need thanks to you. >> our generous nbc bay area viewers made the recent supporting our schools initiative a huge success. here's more on the project we have been working on for months. >> we worked with family giving tree to give back. its operation is huge coordinating tens of thousands of backpack donations so we decided to follow just one, all summer, from the hands of several volunteers to one very grateful oakland 5th grader. >> this summer, every year, we do it. >> reporter: dozen of locations. >> assembly line style. >> reporter: hundreds of volunteers. >> incredible gift. >> reporter: packed 37,000 backpacks for bay area kids who need help. >> we all want kids to have what they need to succeed. >> reporter: from the ocean of backpacks, we chose one to follow from start to finish.
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this tie-dye backpack. >> boy, let me tell you, they are serious about filling these bags for the students. >> reporter: next in july, it traveled to family giving tree's warehouse lined with thousands of others. >> k-1, all the way through 12th. >> reporter: they shipped hundreds to an oakland distribution center. where volunteers prepped them for the final leg. this last mile was to woodland elementary in oakland where principal daniels carried it to sofia lopez. >> there's school supplies inside. want to see. >> oh! >> reporter: after looking at her brand new gear -- >> oh, okay! >> reporter: sofia said shements to be a vet when she grows up. >> it's cool to care for animals and make sure they are healthy.
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>> reporter: she knows in order to go that far form, she needs supplies today. >> without the tools, you can't learn anything, and you won't become a veterinarian. >> is that going to work? >> yes, thank you. >> reporter: the principal gave out a handful of bags to other kids too. >> it's huge for our students. it's just, first off, showing the community cares. >> reporter: estimates 90% of the students needs help getting school supplies, but there was not enough donations to give everyone a new bag. as impressive as the warehouse looks, the 37,000 collected this year only covered 10% of the needs. the other 90% of kids struggled. >> those kids are doing homework or trying to with no supplies. they arrive add school with no paper or pencils. >> every little bit helps. >> reporter: back in oakland. the principal will gladly hand out more when more people donate. >> that gesture goes a long way. kids know they are loved by the
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extended bay area community and family. >> reporter: nbc bay area was proud to host the week long initiative to help family giving tree reach its goal of 37,000 backpac backpacks. look what our viewers donated in the supporting our school push, 4,128 backpacks including 48,000 crayons, 49,000 pencils, and 24,000 markers. as well as countless smiles from grateful kids all around the bay area. you can still contribute, go to n back to you. >> we did our back-to-school shopping already, and i know how much money that takes just to equip one child so congrats to all of you. >> it's a great one to get the family involved. kids are excited thinking their bag goes to another student like them. >> rob, a final check of the forecast. over to you. >> mild temperatures to start the workweek as you see, continuation of what we saw today, good air quality in the bay area, 70s to low 80s inland. >> rob, thank you very much, and
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thank you for watching. nfl preseason football is up next. we'll see you after the game. >> have a great night.
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>> great catch! >> this is unbelievable. >> featuring the biggest games, the brightest stars, and the best team. sunday night is football night only on nbc. there is defensive tackle dallas on this 26th night of august. and a half hour away, at&t stadium in arlington, home of the cowboys since 2009 where onto the field come the dallas


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