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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 29, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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worst than katrina. a shocking new report now says near 3,000 americans were killed puerto rico. accusations of bias whileall tweeting early this morning abt hillary clinton. the controversial comeback of comedian c.k. dubious record. america is leading the way when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases. frb can you identify this woman? she's been ringing door bells in the dark of night. and two dreams come true. s.
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"early today" starts right now. good wednesday morning. i'm marlie hall. the polls are now closed in the last big round of primaries in arizona, florida and oklahoma. voting got off to a rocky start in arizona with widespread equipment malfunctions. but once they got those issues ironed out, the race to watch was the three-way republican primary to replace retiring senator, jeff blake. steve recaps all of that action for us. well, republicans are breathing a sigh of relief in arizona. mcsally, she survives that republican primary tonight. two candidates sort of split the vote of the trump wing and allowed sally to win comfortably. they think she's their best and
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perhaps only chance. mcsally will face off again sinema, democratic congress woman. we'll talk about it a lot. the other headline is out of the state of florida. no one saw it coming. andrew gillum wins democratic race for governor. he will face off with desantis. we'll talk about it a lot between here and november. >> who needs coffee when you have steve. that's the number of people who died in the months after hurricane maria devastated puerto rico, according to a study commissioned by the island's government. >> reporter: outside puerto rico's over flowing main morgue the government brought refrigerated trailers to hold
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dozens of unclaimed bodies. estimated nearly 3,000 died in the aftermath of hurricane maria. dramatically higher than just 64, the previous count. >> was too early and did not look at the total counting of what might have happened over several months. >> reporter: president trump touted the low death toll. >> if you look at real catastrophe like katrina and you look at the tremendous hundreds and hundreds of people that died, everybody watching can really be very proud of what's taken place in puerto rico. >> reporter: but researchers slammed the president for speaking too maturely. they blame the puerto rican government for a massive communications break down. >> i agree hindsight is 2020.
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>> reporter: the white house responding saying the president is proud of the federal effort and will continue to support puerto rico in its recovery. pens if another major blue hurricane slaminize to the island. >> reporter: those who died in greatest numbers twhwere the po and the elderly. in texas a white police officer has been convicted in the murder of a black teenager. roy oliver opened fire on a car full of teenagers, killing a 15-year-old boy. now a jury has found a officer responsible for the death. >> we, the jury, unanimously find the defendant guilty of murder. >> reporter: roy oliver convicted of murder in the death
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of 15-year-old jordan edward. >> been a long time, a hard year. i'm just really happy. >> reporter: the 2017 officer-involved shooting was captured on body cam. oliver and his partner were clearing a house party when gun fire rang out nearby. as high school students fled the scene, oliver's partner ordered a a car parked with with five black teenager to stop. as the vehicle pulled away, oliver fired five times. fatal shots striking freshman jordan edwards in the back of the head. oliver tol he thought his partner was going to get hit. the officer testified he never feared for his life. >> knowing you're in a a house
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party ending in rd the death of a teenager and now the conviction of a former police officer. an explosive new claim by president trump. in an early morning tweet he said hillary clinton's emails got hacked by china without offering any evidence. almost threat thing doj and fbi to investigate. this after say thing situation will be addressed. his top economic advisor saying he's taking a look at whether the search engine should be regulated. >> reporter: the president who built his base on social media now attacking it, accusing those companies of bias. treading on troubled territory and have to be careful. >> reporter: he says ity and
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cannot business network aired a thin low sourced segment on the topic. a top white house official suggest thing administration may do just that. >> we're taking a look at it. >> reporter: there's no reliable data to back up the claims. gaggal says search is not used to set a political agendau. top tech officials are said to be on capitol hill next week to talk to law makers concerned about election interference. and the escalating feud with his attorney general. sena lindsey graham on "today." >> the only beef the president seems to have against him is that he's not going to get rid of the investigation into president trump. >> let me finish the second pait's much deeper than that.
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>> what else are we missing? >> there's more than that but it's a pretty deep breach. i >> it's not one thing, it's a series of thing. >> i have total confidence in the attorney general. i think he ought to say right where he is. . >> thank you. this morning a a new alarm about the danger of those exploiding e-cigarettes. nbc's goddytia warts has more. in a california electronics store one second a customer is in the back room checking out ee >> his right leg was completely burned. >> reporter: it's the late e-cigarette to explode.
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most are caused by lithium batteries. 62% of explosions happen while it's in someone's pocket or actively being used. earlier this tkwhraoer first document case of a e-cigarette killing someone. his cause of death listed as a projectile wound to the head. now another e-cigarette explosion caught on camera, show thing potential for danger caused by millions every day. this morning much of wisconsin is a total disaster zone after days of widespread flooding triggered a state of emergency for several counties. a number of roads are closed and entire communities ordered to evacuate. the rains also caused damage to lambeau field. police warning motorists to use caution. stkpwhrrs really dogging us in
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this last week of august. >> we need to get rid of the cold front and give these people a break. first the headline is the excessive heat effecting millions of people. 52 million people. of course new york and philadelphia also included. and we're finally exiting the rain in wisconsin but pouring from northern missouri and north of columbia and through central illinois. it's going to translate into the ohio valley. almost a taste of fall for areas i of minnesota and wisconsin. wisconsin gets a much needed break.
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heat wave's going to last a few more days in the east coast. watch this. the driver of that tractor trailer unable to pass a slow moving suv rams into the median, flipping the trailer on its side. both accused the other of reckless behavior. that could have ended very badly. my goodness. when we come back we'll hear from one of senator john mccain's good friends ional... it's kind of like playing your own version of best ball. because here, you can choose any car in the aisle, even if it's a better car class than the one you reserved. so no matter what, you're guaranteed to have a perfect drive. [laughter]
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>> senator lindsey graham deliveng a tearful fairwell to senator john mccain. he will lie in wait at the state capitol on what would have been his 82nd birthday. the week of tributes continues. then his body will be flown to d.c. where he will lie in state on friday. a funeral will follow saturday and a private ceremony sunday at the u.s. naval academy. the body of aretha franklin arriving in a vintage cadillac hearse that previously carried her father and civil rights icon, rosa parks. it will continue through today until a star stded funeral friday. and c.k. take thing stage in a surprise performance. for many there's nothing funny
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about it. th a year after he admitted to sexual misconduct. >> reporter: louis ck's performance was just 15 minutes. his appearance unannounced. the crowd gave him a standing ovation. his first appearance after being accused of touching himself. >> i think it would have been much better for him. i think it would have taken some of the heat off of us. >> reporter: in november he admitted that accusations of sexual misconduct were true. the response was swift. his deals with f can x, netflix and hbo were cancelled. now the comedian and new york club are facing criticism for his performance. >> it's a difficult position to
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be between a person and his livelihood. >> i know #me too was supposed to destroy a lot of men's careers. it hasn't exactly. >> last may one of louis ck accusers said she was attacked in public and saying the thought he would reenter is a come back story is disturbing. in his statement last year, louis ck wrote there's nothing about this that i forgiven myself for. i will step back and take a long time to listen. time to listen. his could help them save money on car insurance? yea,that and homeowners, renters, motorcycle and boat insurance. huh.that's nice.
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surprising young sophia sanchez in a chicago hospital last week. this morning that little girl has finally received a life saving gift for her 11th birthday. here with more. >> reporter: chicago's little fighter begins the rest of her life. spirited sophia sanchez wanted just two things for her 11th birthday. to meet the wildly popular a rapper drake and to get a new heart.
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it was as if she willed it to happen. >> oh, moo >> oh, my god. >> look who came to surprise me. >> just for you. >> drake. >> reporter: the second half of her wish that would save her life arrived via special delivery and in a nine-hour operation sophia received her new heart. director of transplants dr. carl backer says he expects a full recovery. >> when you see her awareness that's what is going to bring her back. >> reporter: the kids at her elementary sent their well wishes and drake, well he insta my love." meanwhile dr. backer's own children are star struck. >> they were more impressed with the fact drake came to visit my
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patient than i did a heart transplant. >> reporter: hospital staff and organ donor family and of course the little girl's who's captured our hearts with her own. nbc news, chicago. we of course wish sophia and the donor family the very best. there are more than 375 other children in the u.s. hoping for a new heart. >> and i hope they'll all be as lucky as sophia. police search for a mystery woman that sparked a neighborhood panic. ♪ squeeze it on top ♪ squeeze it on it's chobani ♪ squeeze it on ♪ squeeze it on top, top ♪ squeeze it on top ♪ squeeze it on it's chobani ♪ squeeze it on top ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the negotiating table over the north american free trade agreement. tweeted it will tear down trade barriers. quote it will be a big hit. and canada's foreign minister agrees. >> what has really paved the way for what canada believes will be a good week is concessions specifically in the area of labor and cars -- >> the trufrmp administration i giving canada until friday to iron out issues. otherwise they've signalled to move on and leave canada out. >> law enforcement says they've made more than 150 arrests at a trailer manufacturing plant.
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they've been conducting a criminal investigation into low trail for hiring a significant number of undocumented illegal immigrants. the number of sexually transmitted diseases is on the rise in the u.s. according to the cdc, gonorrhea and syphilis surpassing the previous record by over 200,000. one of the biggest reasons may be less frequent condom use, though some researchers believe dating apps like tinder may be a factor. teresa romero is the first woman and immigrant ever to lead the union. she was born in mexico city and is now a u.s. citizen. she plans to focus on immigration reform because many immigrant workers are often too
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scared to speak up against poor working conditions. >> so police in texas are asking the public for help finding this mystery woman here. on camera ringing door bells and vanishing. she's reportedly done this a number of times to a number of homes in the area. it's kind of creepy, really. >> very creepy. >> those restraints look like keeit right here.g nonetheless. ad lib live p-
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america good morning and thank you for joining us. i )m marcus washington. it is wednesday morning. i want to thank you so much for getting your morning started
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with us. >> you're very awake. >> i am. we have a cloud cover in the marine


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