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tv   Today  NBC  August 29, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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commute. >> we are back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> don't forget to join us at 11:00. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. have a great one. good morning. feeling the heat, a new round of record breaking temperatures facing tens of millions today. feels like temperatures soaring over 100 up and down the east coast. a break is coming. al will tell us exactly when. breaking overnight. stunning upset. >> i got to tell you all i am overwhelmed. >> the young liberal candidate defeats the establishment favorite in florida's primary for governor and face the candidate hand picked by trump. setting up an epic showdown in the battleground state. honoring an icon.
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public tributes to john mccain begin in arizona as washington friends pause to honor him. >> you did good. >> the inside story behind the surprising decision to have president obama and bush eulogize him just ahead. all of that, plus guilty. former texas police officer now facing life in prison after being convicted of murder in the shooting of unarmed black teenager. jaws. the rise of shark sightings and attacks just feet from shore, closing beaches and putting tourist on edge ahead of the holiday weekend. >> farewell fit for a queen. thousands paying respects to aretha franklin in detroit. proving she's as glamorous as ever. august 29, 2018.
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from nbc news, this is today with savannah guthrie and hoda ko kotb, live in studio 1-a. good morning. welcome to today. it is wednesday morning, craig is here while hoda has the day off. i hope she is somewhere cool. up and down the tooeast coast, is hot. >> i'm sure you were watching the u.s. open. players there, drench instead sweat. >> oh, yeah. it's bad enough to just stand outside in this heat. imagine playing tennis. that was the story out there. it's the story for us this morning. and al starts us off. this is hot. >> yes it absolutely is. we're talking dangerous heat for 60 million of us stretching from virginia all the way to new engine lands and back into the central parts of pennsylvania and new york as well. to give you an idea how hot it is, boston's heat index, hotter
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than dallas, huh-uh. 98 for they're high. heat index only 103. might be 88 today. the heat index 98. boston hotter than miami. here's how it shapes up. heat indexes in triple digits to high 90s stretching from new york city, raleigh, atlanta, houston feeling like 102. good news. cooling air behind it. one more day of heat and humidity from philly, charlotte, jacksonville, dallas, and then finally that front makes its way through and we finally see sweet we leaf with the exception of the southeast, much of the rest of the country finally gets a break. >> al, thank you. breaking overnight. surprising results from the last major primaries before the november midterms, major upsets in two key races, florida and
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arizona. nbc white house correspondent holly jackson h haley jackson has the latest on that. >> reporter: in arizona the republican front-runner fought off a challenge from the right while embracingtrump. florida is about a play to the base for both sides. >> in florida, gop primary voters following president trump's lead. backing his pick, republican congressman ron in the race for governor. will face progressive democratic and tallahassee mayor. edging out former congresswoman. the daughter of popular former governor and senator bob graham. the upset, the result of late surge driven by bernie sanders. and setting up a battle of party extremes come november. >> are you all feeling to get
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florida blue. unite this state in ways that are unparalleled in the history of the state of florida. >> constituted endorsement from the president during the campaign. even running tongue in cheek add touted his backing by president trump. his victory, a sign of the trump factor in the republican primaries. >> i did have support from someone in washington. if you walk down pennsylvania avenue, he lives in the white house with the pillars in front of it. >> overnight, the president tweeting such a fantastic win for ron desantis and the people of the great state of florida. ron will be a fantastic governor. on to november. the president where congresswoman martha mcsally easily won the gop nomination for senate. she beat out kelly ward and joe arpaio, the sheriff pardoned by mr. trump.
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setting up this fall with democrat kirsten sinema. >> we have seven days to win this seat. >> the winner of this race will be the first female ever from this state, replacing retiring senator jeff flake, a critic of mr. trump's. they must win if the democrats have any hope of taking control of the senate. >> so these are the ones we'll be talking about again come november, right? >> reporter: not just november, craig, but even beyond that. arizona and florida have very competitive races for governor, for house, for senate, and remember, they are key presidential battleground states come 2020 so it's not the last we're hearing about those. speaking of president trump, by the way, of course running for reelection in 2020, he congratulated winner martha mcsally, tweeting her overnight. expect to see a lot of candidates over the next couple months.
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>> hallie jackson for us this morning. thank you. we start this morning with what will be a long and emotional farewell to john mccain. tonight he sits at the capitol on what would have been his 82nd birthday. >> reporter: a lot of people are expected to come to the capitol to pay their respects to john mccain today. it's the first of five public remembrances. as you note, he woud, he would turned 82 today. and only john mccain could have planned a birthday celebration like this. john mccain with a remembrance here at the state capitol in phoenix. it will include two long-time colleagues, jeff flake and john kyle, along with the state's governor, doug ducey. >> there is a huge loss, a tremendous void not only for
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arizona but for america. >> reporter: tomorrow former vice president joe biden will make remarks here before mccain will fly to washington, where he will lie in state at the rotunda. from mccain's son jack, a helicopter pilot, following his father's footsteps into the navy, a photo of his dad's bomber jacket and this message, the green deck for landing, ceiling and visibility unlimited. >> my friend, you did good. >> reporter: in washington, senator lindsey graham remembering his dear friend and mentor. >> i do not cry for a perfect man. i cry for a man who had honor and always was willing to admit to his imperfection. >> reporter: encouraging his congressional allies and all americans to follow mccain's example. >> i believe there is a little john mccain in all of us.
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and the little john mccain practiced by a lot of people can make this a really great nation. >> reporter: the senate where mccain served six terms will soon consider how best to honor his legacy. >> the senator worked on concrete ways to continue this momentum and provide a lasting tribute to this great senator. >> this has been where he has been. his office is two floors up. >> peter, we're learning a little bit more on how it is mccain's former rivals, president george bush and former president obama, will deliver the eulogies for mccain. it's kind of surprising that's who he chose. >> reporter: think of this as a parting lesson in civility. it was barack obama and george bush who kept john mccain from the white house, his former
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rivals. yet this past week they were contacted to see if they would deliver eulogies. they were taken aback, but both mena greed. they will deliver those ulgz eus at the washington cathedral in washington. he had been frustrated with the partisanship in this country that had become personal and permanent. back to you. >> peter alexander in phoenix for us, thank you. we'll take a closer look at senator mccain's wife cindy. some people are talking about would she like to fill the senate seat someday. we'll take a look at that. for the first time the puerto rican official has raised the death toll from last year's devastating hurricane maria. that death toll now stands at 3,000 people, 16% higher than katrina, making it the deadliest
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national disaster in more than a century. gabe gutierrez is in san juan this morning. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning. we're outside puerto rico's main morgue and it has been overflowing with unclaimed bodies and dozens of them have been kept in those refrigeratge containers behind me. finally the true toll is out following hurricane maria. this morning hurricane maria is the deadliest national disaster in more than a century. the puerto rican government now updating the staggering death toll after a new report from george washington university that estimated nearly 3,000 people died in the storm's aftermath through february. that is dramatically higher than the previous official count of just 64. >> my mom-mom was a very happy person. she didn't deserve to die like that. >> reporter: katrina secada said her mother died less than a month after the storm, suffering
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from heat and stress. >> she asked me to send her one of those battery fans, if i could get it to her from here. i said i will, i promise. she died two days later. >> reporter: earlier this year we spoke with another woman. she was still sleeping in her shredded home and had lost her father on christmas day. he died because of the harsh conditions we're living in, she said. shortly after the category 4 hurricane tore through the island almost a year ago, president trump touted the low death toll. >> everybody watching can really be very proud of what's taken place in puerto rico. >> reporter: but some researchers blasted the president for speaking prematurely. the new report blames the puerto rican government for a massive communications breakdown and lack of proper emergency planning. >> i agree in hindsight, again, that's 20/20, this could have been done differently. i recognize all that. >> reporter: the president says he was proud of the federal
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effort and will continue to support puerto rico in its recovery. >> shame on the white house and shame on the president. >> reporter: the mayor shannon cruz has been critical of the president's response. >> all he had to say was i'm sorry that 2,075 of you died. that's all he had to say. but he's incapable. >> reporter: today happens to mark the 13th anniversary of hurricane katrina slamming into the gulf coast. the death toll here in puerto rico from hurricane maria is now 60% higher than that storm. craig and savannah? >> really hard to get your head around that. gabe, thank you. also this morning a former police officer in texas is facing a possible life sentence after being convicted in the murder of a controversial shooting of an unarmed 15-year-old. correspondent miguel almaguer has that story. miguel, good morning. time, a had
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year. i'm just really happy. >> 64, we're going to be -- >> the fatal shooting last year wasp captured on body cameras worn by oliver and his partner. they were clearing a house party in a dallas suburb when gunfire rang out. as panic ensued, high school students fled the scene on foot and in cars. oliver's partner ordered a vehicle with five black teenagers to stop. >> hey, stop that [ bleep ] car.
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>> as the car pulled away, oliver fired five times. jordan edwards, a passenger, was shot in the back of the head. oliver told the jury he thought his partner was in danger. that officer testified never feared for his life. >> it's just a very gut wrenching experience. words cannot describe that. >> the victim's family attorney says this is a win for more than just one family. >> you don't ever want another parent, another father, to have to go through what this family has had to deal with. >> a teenager attending a house party being gunned down by police and now the former officer who pulled the trigger on the wrong side of the law. >> after hearing from family, friends and teachers who knew jordan edwards, the jury must now decide how much prison time roy oliver should face. life in prison is a possibility. savannah. >> miguel, thank you.
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we turn back to al for the rest of the forecast. and we need some relief, my friend. >> well, it is coming, but in the meantime, we're looking at plenty of sunshine, cooler weather to the northern plains and that's going to make its way toward our area. sunshine and heat continues through the southwest. a beautiful day in the pacific northwest. we've got some severe storms in the upper great lakes and we're going to be looking in detail at those storms that will begin pushing this way a little later. but first, we're going to get 20 your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. t everything so we know how to cover almost anything. even "vengeful vermin." not so cute when they're angry. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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we have much better conditions outside. seeing a couple of clouds outside. we are dealing with clear conditions. a couple of clouds off to the side. temperatures will remain below season. upper 70s. high of 78. check out your east bay temperatures. 75 for concord and 70 for oakland. >> and that's your latest weather. guys. >> coming up, the rash of shark sightings close to shore on popular beaches that could put a wrench of beach plans for thousands of tourists. we're live on cape cod. >> close there. we're going to talk about cindy mccain. we'll see her for the first time since her husband's passing. we'll take a look at their special relationship and would she ever want to carry on his
7:18 am
political legacy. but first, this is "toy" on nbc.da
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it's why we offer health tips for your body... ...and your brain. yeah, your brain! today is your day to make fitness happen... and a-a-r-p is here to help take on today and every day with a-a-r-p. a short time from now .. we )re expecting to learn more about the man arrested in a cold case on the peninsula. good morning. it's 7:26. authorities tracked down shannon fox somewhere outside of the country. he is wanted in connection with the 2009 hit-and-run that killed a girl. we don't know where he was found only that he is being extradited. investigators say he was racing another car and ran a red light plowing into lisa's mother's car. police plan to hold a news conference later this morning. right now we want to get a check of your forecast. a nice little shot of san francisco. we have mostly clear skies.
7:27 am
it is slightly breezy along the coastline. check out your east bay temperatures. it is 72 through hayward. we'll remain in the 70s. along the coastline we are seeing much more similar conditions. wind speeds at about 13 miles per hour. take a light sweater as you hit the door. there was a traffic bay clearing a wheel barrel there.
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southbound pushing through silicon valley through san jose. a problem with the camera. we'll move on. back to you. >> all right. thanks. more news in 30 minutes.
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♪ >> oh, that's a great song. >> . catchy. 7:30. august 29, 2018. michael yax woujackson would ha turned 60 years old today. special tribute to his life and music that his family is planning to hold in las vegas tonight. >> i was going to start singing. i realized this is probably not the best idea. let's start this half hour with a check of today's headlines. 60 million american under heat advisory and excessive heat warnings. records expected to fall across the region with temperatures 15-20 degrees above average. five players at u.s. open were actually forced to quit matches
7:31 am
tuesday as temperatures reached nearly 100 degrees. stadiums do not have air-conditioning. relief on the way. cold front move into the area tonight. al has the forecast coming up. pope francis speaking out about the sexual abuse scandal. saying irish church authorities failed to respond to crimes of sexual abuse and a meeting with sexual abuse victims in ireland left a profound mark on him. the comments came during first public appearance at the vatican following bombshell ago vacations that the pope himself covered up for american cardinal's misdeeds. to washington, president trump is accusing google and other u.s. tech companies of rigging search results about him so that, quote, almost all stories and news is bad. that's a direct quote. a top adviser says the white house is taking another look at whether google should face federal regulation.
7:32 am
google is pushing back saying we never rank search results to implicate political sentiment. says they're treading on trouble territory and have to be careful. happened in new york city. a swarm of bees took over hot dog umbrella. look at that, 20-25,000 bees. just counted them and could see. officials had to shut down a nearby intersection to keep people nearby at a safe distance. new york city police officer known in the department as the bee guy was called in and removed the bees with a vacuum. >> hard to believe the nypd has a bee guy, too. >> they got everything. >> i believe it. also in the hynes this morning from bees to sharks. new shark sightings close to shore at popular beaches on massachusetts, cape cod that could put a damper on plans to celebrate this unofficial end of summer. nbc kristen is in or leans with the very latest.
7:33 am
good morning. good morning and i'm actually keeping my eyes open here because a got to show you what happened just a few minutes ago. my producer was taking video of the beautiful ocean here. and a shark swam right by. gives you som you some idea of t how common they are around here right now. not exactly what you want to hear if you're headed to the beach this weekend. >> with labor day fast approaching, beach goers in idyllic cape cod are thinking of sun, sand, and now -- >> a shark! >> real life playing out from a scene from the classic movie "jaws." this video shot monday shows one of the predators just feet from the shore of the beach. according to the atlantic white shark conservatory's group, lifeguards closing beaches in several towns this week because
7:34 am
of shark sightings. >> yesterday, we came, we stood up there, we saw everybody was out of the water when they said they had seen sharks. >> i have the shark appear on my phone. so i'm pretty aware of the activity. there's a lot going on. >> actual attacks are rare. >> call it long nook beach for a subject possibly bitten by a shark in the side. >> william lighten bitten just two weeks ago suffered puncture wounds to the torso and legs. the 61-year-old neurologist who was attacked while swimming in 8 to 10 feet of water talking about it for the first time, telling the associated press he actually escaped by punching the the powerful predator in its sensitive gills, something lighten says he learned about watching nature documentaries. it was the first attack in the cape area since 2012. this after two children were bitten in separate incidents offer new york's fire island last month. >> in 2018, there have been 37 unprovoked attacks by sharks
7:35 am
worldwide. 21 of them have been in the u.s., including nine in florida. cape cod has become a magnet for great white sharks and shark research in recent years, thanks to the region's booming seal population which the sharks feed on. this recent video shows a researcher attempt to go tag a shark offshore. >> whoa! hey, crap. >> the shark breaching the water just inches from his feet. >> back on land, the recent sightings making beach goers anxious. >> as long as you stay out of the water, you should be fine. >> and leaving many wondering if it's safe to go back in the water. >> besides staying out of the water, any other tips for people who might be swimming in danger zones this weekend? >> yeah, craig. you know, it's worth pointing out again that shark attacks are really, really rare. but there are a few things that you can do. experts say stay in waist deep water, avoid too much splashing and this is a really big one. they say stay at least 150 feet
7:36 am
away from seals. we've been watching the seals very close to the beach today, so it's hard to do. but if you see a seal, get away from it. that's what the sharks are eating. >> kristin, you be careful out there. watch out. >> i think i'm safe here. >> thank you. >> you never know. al just said you never know, kristin. i don't know what to say about that. you, too. stay away from the seals and you're good. >> exactly. and don't go in the water with chum in your pockets. >> always a bad move. >> yeah. not good, not good. let's show you what we've got going on. for today, here is the front that's going bring the relief. we've got strong storms in and out just to the south of chicago all the way down to st. louis. we do have a risk of severe weather, especially up into new england. as this front pushes through. it's going to bring showers and thunderstorms across the midwest, but the good news is behind it much dryer air and that is going to bring relief from all this heat and humidity and that's the good news. rainfall amounts fairley light. we're talking about maybe 1 to 2 inches in some places, but
7:37 am
generally we're talking abou a nice start on this wednesday. we are enjoying slightly clearer skies into the afternoon. we are also expecting very similar temperatures. san francisco upper 60s and breeze along the coast. if you're heading in here is a look at what you can expect. high of 78 for san jose. expect mid-to upper 70s. >> and that's your latest weather profit you taught me something a little while ago about the seals and moving north. >> there's more warm water, so seals going a little further north, so sharks are chasing after the seals. >> the reason we see so many shark attacks. >> circle of life, al. still ahead, two wishes granted. more good news for the little
7:38 am
girl surprised by music superstar drake, then surprised when they got a new heart. well, the transplant is complete. we'll hear from her doctors. controversy on the court. why this player was penalized for briefly taking off her shirt during the extreme heat at the u.s. open. >> ed sheeran opening up, sharing about his addiction, as he puts it, to writing hit songs. how you can get a one-on-one guitar lesson from ed himself. amid tributes to john mccain, the question would his wife consider her own career in politics, right after this. i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release its own insulin, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen. and i may even lose a little weight. trulicity is an injection to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise.
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(announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. welcome back. as mentioned, first of several ceremonies honoring the life of john mccain begins and arizona today. >> his wife cindy, stood by the senator's side so many years will be in attendance and as she and the world mourn the senator's passing, speculation what her future holds. kelly o'donnell has that part of the story from phoenix. kelly o., good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. she's been a political spouse for decades. 64 years old cindy mccain is a grandmother, business owner, philanthropist. today she steps forward as leader of the family and keeper of the mccain legacy. always at his side for the many thrills and sometimes the
7:43 am
heartbreaks of a very public life. for cindy mccain, now her grief is public, too. there was only a glimpse of her outside the funeral home where she greeted an honor guard and accepted a veterans gift, but she opened up on social media. my heart is broken, choosing a tearful emoji above a photo of her husband's senate desk draped in black. a bride just before her 26th birthday. he was newly divorced and 43. their marriage made arizona his home. cindy, an only child from a wealthy family made humanitarian work and philanthropy her kind of public service. from land mines -- >> the goal is to completely make it mine-free. >> to helping children in war-torn countries. back in the '90s cindy suffered in secret from a painkiller addiction which she later
7:44 am
overcame, logging as nearly as many campaign mimes as her husband, often in the background, but sometimes in the fight. >> duty, honor, and country. that is something our opponent cannot say he has done. >> at the 2008 republican convention, she grew more comfortable in the spotlight. >> i promise you i will work every day to help john strengthen our freedom and to serve this great country. >> from balloon drops and confetti to campaign comedy. >> you can't go wrong with mccain/feingold. >> cindy on "saturday night live." >> it commemorates the mccain/feingold akct, and looks great. thank you, cindy. >> reporter: back in the senate she took on a different fight, stopping trafficking. >> this is not prostitution. these are victims. >> then her husband's health became the because. >> cancer chose the wrong guy.
7:45 am
it's not going to happen here. >> reporter: cindy has been the family's rock, and she became the warrior after the president's mocking of mccain. >> we don't need more bullying and i'm tired of it. >> reporter: a passion that prompted some to ask, should cindy be the one named to carry on the mccain legacy in the senate? >> kelly, how real is this? is this something you think cindy mccain would even want? you've covered the mccains for a long time. >> reporter: it's hard to say, but it is being talked about. when you look back over time there have been a number of occasion where is a surviving spouse has been appointed to fill a seat on an interim basis. the mccain family is not talking about this at all this week. they want to keep the focus on john mccain, but the issue comes up in part because she was such a partner for the senator and has her own issues like human trafficking and long regs relationships in the senate making her an easy fit to step in and continue that legacy, if
7:46 am
only for a short time, but the decision won't be made public until after the burial and it is up to the governor. craig, savannah? >> kelly, quickly before we let you go, you know cindy mccain mother than most correspondents. how do you think she'll do today? haven't seen a lot of her since the senator passed. >> reporter: understandably a very difficult time. the loss is deep and the pain is real. i can also tell you that cindy mccain has been front and center in planning the events we will see today. she worked with her husband during the end of his life to talk about what they wanted in terms of a service. she has been extending the invitations and will be at the center today. i'm told by a close friend, close freiends, during his convalescence she rarely if ever left his side. they fought this battle together. in a very public role but a sad one for cindy mccain and any of us could understand. craig, savannah? >> kelly, it's going to be an
7:47 am
emotional day out there in arizona. thank you so much. just ahead, how aretha franklin's fram is making her farewell a final tribute certainly fit for a queen. first, these messages. sweet. the house where magic lives. please, teach me, please. please! oka-ay! have it your way. magic comes from the inside. mmmmmm! now it looks like you're pooping. i don't want the creepy little runt. think i want him? [ everyone gasps ] lucky shot. you told lewis everything? not everything. the house with a clock in its walls. rated pg. the french girls insists only on food made with simple delightful ingredients. she has never even heard of gmo's. oui™ the french style yogurt presents new sea salt caramel oui™ petite.
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7:50 am
tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. we're back. 7:50 t. carson joins us. >> good morning. >> fans lining up in detroit to pay their respects to aretha franklin and just like in life, the music legend is not disappointing her fans. nbc ron mott joins us from detroit. we were all struck by the length of that line to go in to see the queen. >> hey, good morning. long lines again today. folks standing in line ready to see the queen of soul, aretha franklin. the line stretching around the billing. once they get inside, the mood inside is quiet and respectful. out here it's more of a party atmosphere and clear celebration of her life. >> this morning, home going,
7:51 am
diva style. from the classic white hearse to the gold casket. red dress down to the red pumps. propped up on a pillow, ankles crossed for a bit of flair. even know in death, aretha franklin's pension for presence is on full display and her throng of fans love it and every bit of the legacy she's leaving the world. >> she brought joy to us the. >> the queen of soul left us and left a legacy. >> on a sweltering humid day, thousands stood in line, refusing to pass up the opportunity to pass by the queen to say thank you. >> i wanted her to know what her music had done for me. >> wardrobe changes came with the territory during her decades entertaining and franklin's family isn't about to flip the script. red dress and heels on the body today. and a gold dress for service at the dress her dad pastored on
7:52 am
thursday. her private invitation only funeral on friday a gown. >> a vintage pink cadillac sat outside the entrance to the charles white museum of african history. an entire fleet expected to greet a list guests. all day mourners moved to the beat of her music. trinkets for sale.t the keep honoring a life lost is ultimately a time for reflection. here remembering this legendened a the life she led, smiles weren't stifled. feet couldn't stay still for long. in a more somber moment, taylor swift honoring the queen at a concert here last night. >> did so much for music. did so much for women's rights, did so much for civil rights.
7:53 am
please cut the lights and we'll have a moment of silence for aretha. >> reporter: that's quite a nice moment last night from taylor swift. this viewing will go all the way from 9:00 tonight. there's another viewing at bethel baptist church tomorrow. the funeral on friday, a lot of a-list guests invited to that. guys, back to you. >> ron, thank you. it is going to be a funeral. >> yeah. a celebration. i think those lines are so moving. it's a hot day. people have other things to do but they want to say, thank you. thank you for what you did for us. >> what she meant to them. all right. just ahead. some encouraging news for the little girl who got a big surprise from drake. and now a new heart. >> also coming up our friend ed sheeranoon what it takes to write a hit song. he'll tell us about ending his break from social media as well. he wants to teach you, yes, november 17th is national take a hike day.
7:54 am
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7:56 am
it is 7:55. if you're wondering where you stand in terms of temperatures we are in the 50s and 60s. we will eventually climb by 10 to 15 degrees in the afternoon. quite nice, very fall, light preview. out through the south bay we can expect to see similar conditions as well. chick out this nice shot. we have this nice combination of sun and clouds. that little thin marine layer trying to hug the coast line. you can see the golden gate bridge. that's a rare thing. your daytime highs will be in the upper 70s. east san jose high of about 70
7:57 am
degrees. along the peninsula you catch a light breeze as well as the city. city temperatures will be climbing into the mid-60s into the afternoon, mike. all right. we are looking over here. there is a crash blocking the hov lane. we will show you on the map it is the off ramp there. it will be an issue for livermore and pleasanton. a crash at the bottom of the screen approaching. back to you. >> thank you. it involved a death of a girl back in 2009. her car was struck with a speeding driver. they are getting ready to hold a news conference. we'll post them as soon as they come into our twitter feeds. they are evicted without fault. help is now on the way. they may be eligible for
7:58 am
thousands of dollars in compensation. while you sleep tor crews will be on the streets following any breaking news that unfolds. plus- morgan hill is taking art to a whole new canvas. we )re taking you behind the buz in the south bay. when you join us tomorrow from 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, summer scorcher. millions bracing for record setting temperatures again today, up and down the east coast. so when is the heat wave going to come to an end? al has the latest forecast. plus a wish come true. the little girl that stole our hearts after meeting drake now receiving the greatest gift of all. >> my other wish is to get a heart. >> yeah? >> which is going to happen soon. >> guess what, it's happening today, you're getting a heart. congratulations. >> i'm getting a heart, mom. >> yes. yes, baby. >> we'll check in with her doctors to see how she's doing.
8:01 am
and thinking out loud, music superstar ed sheeran opens up about the pressures of writing hits. >> i always say it's the best feeling in the world writing a good song but the worst feeling in the world writing a bad song. >> what he's revealing about his iconic career and how you can get a one-on-one guitar lesson from ed himself, today, august 29th, 2018. ♪ i'm thinking bout how >> mom is turning 80. >> from calhoun, kentucky. >> with my beautiful wife from tulsa, oklahoma. boomer sooner! >> our "today" show plaza in south carolina, craig melvin's alma mater, wofford college. ♪ >> good morning to my grandmother in arizona. >> mama keys turning 100. >> my 30th time on the plaza. >> it's gabby's big day.
8:02 am
>> my birthday! ♪ if i could escape >> i love it. lots of bright, shiny faces on the plaza. nice to have you with us on wednesday morning. craig in for hoda. the open there is just stacked with fans. wofford, your alma mater. >> it's move-in day in start -- spartanberg, south carolina. >> it's a hot one, too. >> it's going to be a sweltering one down there and around much of the country. >> exactly. that's exactly what we're starting with, the heat. that summer feeling far from over. record temps scorching the northeast. al is over at the weather wall. what's going on. >> by the way, all those folks with craig melvin signs, he's giving them each $10. bring more signs. >> i'll need to borrow some money, al. >> we're looking at 60 million folks under heat advisories, heat warnings from virginia all the way into new england. but have no fear, there is some relief coming.
8:03 am
rain and heat ahead of this cold front, drier, cooler air behind it. for today hartford 96, green bay '68, nashville 91, charlotte 92, jacksonville 97 degrees. by thursday we still have the heat here in the east. new york city will be 87, cleveland 75. minneapol minneapolis, 77. 90s in the south. the front moves through, brings more rain with it but also cooler temperatures. by sunday boston 80, 80 in pittsburgh, asheville 83. minneapolis will see temperatures in the 70s to low 80s. relief is on the way. craig. >> mr. roker, thank you. today kicks off the start of what will be a long and emotional farewell to senator john mccain. this afternoon he will lie in state at the arizona state capital on what would have been the senator's 82nd birthday. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is there for us. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, craig, good morning to you. thousands of arizonans are expected to come here today to pay their respects to john mccain.
8:04 am
the first of five days of public and private remembrances. as you noted, would have been his 82nd birthday. as one of his longtime aides told us this week, only senator mccain could rig a big birthday celebration for himself like this. this morning arizona bidding farewell to its celebrated statesman, john mccain, with a remembrance here at the state capital in phoenix. it will include tributes from two longtime senate colleagues, jeff flake and jon kyl, along with the state's governor, doug ducey. >> there's a huge loss, a tremendous void not only for arizona but america. >> tomorrow former vice president joe biden will deliver remarks before his body is flown to washington where his body will lie in state at the capital rotunda. some mccain served coming out to say thanks. from his son, jack, a helicopter pilot following his father's footsteps into the navy, a photo of his dad's bomber jacket.
8:05 am
this poignant message, "call the ball old man. green deck for landing. conditions cavu, conditions and view unlimited. some remembering old friend and mentor. >> he could be tough. the joy you receive from being with him will sustain you for a lifetime. i am so lucky to have been in his presence. >> reporter: encouraging his congressional allies and all americansccain's example. >> john will inspire courage. he'll reinforce the idea nothing is inevitable as long as a few people are willing to fight for what they believe is right. >> reporter: the senate where mccain served six terms will soon consider how best to honor his legacy. >> senator, here to work on concrete ways to continue this momentum and provide a lasting tribute to this american hero.
8:06 am
>> reporter: one bipartisan proposal, renaming the russell senate building, named after a segregationist, renamed in mccain's honor. >> this is his building. this is where he's been, where his floor is -- office is two floors up. it's always been in russell. >> reporter: birthday celebrations getting underway. look at this, "uss john mccain," at the naval base in japan, sharing a birthday cake in his honor. happy birthday, maverick, it reads. the crew renaming their mess the maverick cafe in mccain's honor. >> peter, thank you. turning to an overnight tweet that got some attention. stephanie gosk on that story. hi, stephanie. >> aly raisman was a member of the fierce five who competed in
8:07 am
the london olympics. all the gymnasts say they were assaulted by the former doctor. she's hitting back over the announcement that mary lee tracy would be the elite development coordinator. in a tweet overnight, she writes, usa gymnastics has appointed someone who, in my view, supported nassar, victim shamed survivors, and has shown no willingness to learn from the past. this is a slap in the face for survivors and further confirmation that nothing has change e changed. what a profound disappointment. we reached out to tracy for comment but hasn't heard back. raisman has called for an independent investigation of usag and how it handled larry nassar. saying until that happens, no one should be given leadership positions in the organization. usa gymnastics has not commented on the specific issue. in the past, has said, the best way to honor the incredibly brave women who spoke out about larry nassar is to demonstrate
8:08 am
every day our commitment to doing everything possible to prevent this from happening again. larry nassar is serving more than 100 years in prison after pleading guilty to assault. it is clear the fallout fr what he did continues to rattle usa gymnastics and michigan state university where he worked. >> aly raisman found her voice and knows how to use it. it'll be interesting to see how this develops. thank you, stephanie. hoda enjoying the week off. i guess maybe i should -- >> do the boost, my friend. we have to have a boost. >> i'll give it a shot. taylor swift's superfan got the surprise of a lifetime at the singer's concert in nashville, tennessee. another fan won tickets close to the stage and decided to share the love. >> i won a contest for my sister. t two tickets. we have an extra one. we'll surprise someone with a huge sign. are you alone? >> i am. >> this is a really cool time. do you want a ticket? >> are you serious?
8:09 am
>> yeah! let me help you. >> thank you so much. >> yeah. >> yay! >> aly, who came all the way from vermont, couldn't hold back those tears. sweet tears of joy, as others cheered her on. look at the guy paying it forward. >> random act of kindness. >> beautiful. >> cool. lots more ahead this morning. including an inside look at the complicated legacy of michael jackson on what would have been his 60th birthday. and how is the adorable girl who was surprised by drake at the hospital and just received that new heart? how is she doing this morning? we'll hear from her doctors and her friends right after this. doctor: symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
8:10 am
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8:14 am
we're back with "today's" talker and more good news for the girl who captured everyone's attention. >> she stole drake's heart and stole ours while she awaited a heart for herself. we told you yesterday she did get the heart, had the operation and kate snow is here with an update on a girl that stole our heart. >> i just checked in with the hospital. she's awake now. a lot of people have been dancing to drake's song, and now with a new heart doctors expect her to be able to dance right along with them. sophia sanchez only wanted two things for her 11th birthday, a visit from rapper superstar drake.
8:15 am
>> please please please please please please please. puppy eyes and everything. please come and see me for my birthday. >> and a new heart. drake came through. >> oh, my god. >> you asked me to come, i'm here. >> drake. so i'm in the hospital and look who came to surprise me. >> just for you, my dear. >> drake. >> soon after the biggest gift of all, the gift of life from a donor heart. >> and my other wish is to get a heart. >> yeah. >> which is soon. >> guess what? >> what? >> it happened today. you're getting a heart. congratulations. >> i'm getting at heart, mom. >> yes, baby. >> i know. i love you. >> on monday sophia underwent a successful heart transplant, a nine-hour operation at chicago's children's hospital. >> spunky. spunky is the word. >> her surgeon dr. carl backer gives his spunky patient an excellent prognosis. >> cheerleading.
8:16 am
she'll go back to being a cheerleader, being a kid, going to school, doing all the regular things. >> part of those regular things will hopefully include hanging out with her best friends gigi and maddie, who are busy making get well cards for sophia. >> when i heard she got her heart finally, i wanted to start crying. >> and reuniting with her teachers at the kingsley school who call her a ball of energy and a fighter. >> it's a really happy thing. i'm just so excited to have her come back to school. >> even drake sent hits well wishes writing on sophia's instagram, my love, so happy for you. while we may never find out who kiki loves, this little girl can now keep on dancing and loving to her new heart's content. >> it's a great story. >> it is a great story. >> every time i cry. >> there's that critical period of 24 to 48 hours after the
8:17 am
transplant, how is she doing? >> so far so good. i just checked in with the hospital and they said prognosis excellent. the doctor we interviewed who did the heart transplant, he had to google wikipedia to figure out who drake was. he said his own kids were way more impressed about the drake thing than about him doing the heart surgery. >> you want your heart surgeon to be focused on that. >> most important. >> by the way, sophia, if you're watching, since you're awake and alert, if you're watching us, come on by. we'd love to meet you in person. >> sending love to the donor's family. >> they really want people to remember kind of at this moment that donors are important and maybe check that box. >> lots of little sophias waiting for a heart. >> the ultimate paying it forward. >> thanks for making us smile, kate snow. >> thank you. mr. roker, what have you got? >> more people showing up with those craig melvin signs. that's pretty good. $10 to everybody that comes down. we're looking at strong storms
8:18 am
stretching from the great lakes down to mid mississippi river valley. going to continue hot and humid through the gulf coast. out west dryer, sunnier. temperatures nice and temperate, portland a high of 91 degrees today. did you notice we're clearer this morning? that's because we've still got some cooler temperatures, but the marine layer kind of backed off and we're seeing patchy low clouds, including inland areas. daytime highs, check out the temperatures in san jose. very comfortable 78 degrees. milpitas, 76. even for the warmer spots we're expected to be below seasonal. in the peninsula expect baez conditions into the afternoon. >> and that's your latest weather. mr. melvin. >> mr. roker, thank you. meanwhile mr. daly moved to the orange room with a bit of a
8:19 am
dust-up in tennis tied to this heat. >> french player caused quite the controversy at the u.s. open. let's go ahead and show you, if you missed it. it was very hot temperatures reaching 90s. cornett left with that ten-minute heat break. when she came back she noticed her shirt on backwards. she quickly decided to fix the mishap, turns it away. there's the ump who quickly issued her a code violation for changing on the court. cornett visibly upset. social media users were quick to pounce and prove and please point out this double standard here. let's get to some of their tweets. writing, she took 10 seconds to turn her top the right way but djokovic sits for minutes half naked. same competition, not fair, not right. tell your daughter. >> got any federer shots like that. >> actually, there you go. ask and you shall receive. we borrowed that poster off your
8:20 am
wall. there's federer cooling off at well. andy murray's mom writing, got a code violation, unsportsman like conduct but men can change shirt on court. unbelievably sexist considering men do it all the time. the issue comes days after we were talking about this the other day french open official announcing serena williams cat suit would no longer be allowed. it was just a warning, she didn't lose points over it. she did end up losing the match. we reached out to the women's tennis association for comment and we haven't heard anything yet. a clear double standard. an obvious revision of the rule taking place. >> it's ridiculous. >> pretty crazy. >> "pop start." >> let's get to it. first up the royal wedding just over 100 days ago but we're still thinking about prince harry panned duchess meghan's big day. you remember the moment. everyone captivated by the
8:21 am
dress. no one can take their eyes off the happy couple. now you can see it up close. exhibition duke and duchess of sussex will gyp in october set at the venue where they tied the knot. windsor castle. you'll be able to see meghan's givenchy dress. and a pearl the queen london to her. a copy of the uniform on display. the frenzy still living on. up next, a behind the scene at how chip and joanna gaines make the market come to life. the store must be redesigned each season and joanna explains how it all comes together. >> each season we take the theme of our magazine and weave that story throughout everything we do at magnolia. it's through the visual displays at the market we get to show our guest visually who we are and what we value. >> so the shop shut down about
8:22 am
30 minutes ago. the team is here to tear everything down. it's amazing how fast this process happens because we only really have about a day and a half. >> so just 36 hours they completely transform the entire store. joanna and chip then bring in the entire family to take a look at the new displays. that gives us a glimpse at the new addition baby crew who you see there somewhere in the crowd. >> we saw crew. that's why i was melting over here. >> if you would like to see more of this transformation, go to now to the king of pop, michael jackson would have turned 60 today. natalie morales with a look at his life, legacy and music and tributes planned to mark the day. hi, natalie. >> hey to you, carson. michael jackson was born 60 years ago, the eighth of ten children in the tough town of gary, indiana. he quickly became one of the greatest and most complicated entertainers the world has ever seen. he grew up before our eyes,
8:23 am
entering the public spotlight at a very young age. from jackson five hits like "i'll be there" to landmark "off the wall" album with quincy jones ♪ feel that beat >> probably one of the greatest entertainers that ever lived. >> then the release of "thriller" with ground breaking videos like "billie jean" and nine-minute title track. michael jackson shot to a level of fame few have ever reached before or since. >> he was just the most extraordinarily gifted, creative young man i've ever met. >> even during his arenas king of pop, jackson struggled with demands of stardom and emotional wounds he carried from childhood opening up in oprah in 1993 about his demanding father. >> did he ever beat you? >> yes, he did. >> as the years passed, the tabloid stories piled up and jackson's personal issues began to tarnish his legend. he settled a child molestation case out of court.
8:24 am
>> these statements about me are totally false. >> was found not guilty in 2005. by 2009 he was on the verge of a comeback. more than a million tickets had been sold for a series of concerts scheduled to begin in london. but before he could hit the stage, jackson died from an overdose at just 50 years old. he left behind not only his music but three young children. >> every since i was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. >> now the kids are grown, two with entertainment careers of their own. the oldest son, prince michael, telling me during halloween celebrations last year that his father inspired him to work hard and encouraged him to help others. >> i think he was -- always the drive to be something or to do something. it was always working on creative projects, throwing out
8:25 am
ideas, formulating things to come together. it was just the encouragement that we received growing up to be something bigger and better than you can ever be. >> you saw your dad living that example every day. >> he worked all day either on dancing, songs, choreography, whatever he can do, he was working at it. >> that relentless drive, along with his incredible talent, creating a musical legend like none other. >> jackson's life and career are being celebrated today with a series of events including free tribute concerts and fan festivities at the rock and roll hall of fame. his estate is throwing a party in las vegas that will be attended by jackson's children, his brothers, and celebrity guests. guys, such a legend. just trying to look at all the music over the years. what was your favorite? >> "wannabe starting something". >> "man in the mirror." how about you, nat? >> "man in the mirror," craig,
8:26 am
like you said. >> thank you very much for the mj story. appreciate it. >> we all love it every time. straight up one-on-one with i )m ... a short time from now .. we )re expecting to le. good morning. it's 8:26. i'm marcus washington. a short time from now we're expected to learn more about man arrested in the cold case on the peninsula. authorities tracked down shannon fox somewhere outside the country. he's wanted in connection to a 2001 menlo park girl. six-year-old lisa xavier died their bay front and willow roads. investigators say fox was racing another car when he ran a red light and plowed into the car that lisa's mother was driving. police will hold a inference later this morning. governor brown has a controversial bill that would make san francisco the first city to offer a safe injection
8:27 am
site for drug addicts. it's located at glide memorial church in the tenderloin. shaping downtown san jose, the advisory group holding a monthly meeting today. council members created the group that is providing input for the ongoing effort to bring a massive google campus to the downtown san jose area. advisors looking into turn the diridon station into a major transit hub. meeting at san jose stahl.
8:28 am
there comes a point when you realize the bathroom you used to love needs a makeover. let a professional rebath design consultant help craft the look you want with quality products in today's styles. all presented in a way that makes decisions easy. out with the old in with the new from design, to done! call 925-233-6471 and save $1000 off your complete bathroom remodel
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8:30 am
♪ >> a very warm wednesday morning, 29th of august, 2018. the heat doesn't seem to bother you guys on the plaza. you're doing just fine. live reports on the plaza. this is a good looking crowd. >> good crowd. >> every now and then we get an ugly crowd. not this morning. >> you know who is coming up?
8:31 am
ed sheeran. remember when he was there that day and ate an entire pizza. >> like he hadn't eaten in an entire year. >> he's kind of a private guy. here he is with gadi schwartz opening up about everything, writing, what made him a superstar. >> also, should you get a fitness tracker or smart watch. what is the difference? how do you sort through the options? we're going to get help from our friends at consumer reports as they reveal their top picks. >> and we're going to head into the kitchen with one of our own, our faves, production assistant and instagram superstar! right now she's in our control room handing out some of her famous no bake snacks. there's one for matt. >> i thought he said, no, he's on a diet. eat it, enjoy it. >> she'll head upstairs and share the recipes with all of
8:32 am
us. >> that's exciting. >> do you think sunny knows where the treats are on my body? look at this. >> it's in his chum pocket. >> craig melvin, hold that. >> i got you. >> how about a round of applause for a birthday here. here is lynn turning 60 behind us. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> where are you from? >> california. >> your per share husband taking a photo. you've been providing surprises for your wife on the trip. >> every day a new big surprise. >> m every day. >> we're going to help you out with a surprise. we understand there's some folks here, friends. let's bring them over. these are lifelong friends of lynn and john from san francisco, mary jo and brian who just flew in to join you on your new york trip.
8:33 am
happy birthday. nice to see you folks. thanks for stopping by. >> you just won husband of the year. he's amazing. >> he is. >> hamilton, friends across the country. tell us what tomorrow brings. >> it's a surprise. >> thank you, sweetie. >> mr. roker, another check of the forecast. >> i can't avoid these folks over here. i love this one. this sounds like a heck of a reality show, "grandma's gone wild." where are you from? >> illinois. >> how many grandkids between y'all. >> 28 and counting. >> 29 on the way. that's pretty cool. all right. well, thanks for coming down. they have not been that wild. okay. but it's still early. let's show you what we have happening with your weather for today. some severe storms in the great lakes all the way down into the mississippi river valley. sunshine back through the plains and out west. then as we look at tomorrow, a mild midwest day with cooler
8:34 am
conditions looking pretty good. we've got a lot of wet weather stretchinging from new england back all the way down to the gulf. there's a bit of a fire risk making its way through the southwest. lacrosse, wisconsin, is home to the largest -- the world's largest six-pack. >> exactly. >> we're not talking abs. did you notice we're a little clearer this morning? that's because we still have cooler temperatures the but the marine layer back off and we see patchy clouds in inland areas. check out the temperatures in san jose. comfortable 78 degrees. milpitas, 76. even for the warmer spots we're expected to be below seasonal for areas like concord a high of 75 degrees and up through the peninsulas expect breezy conditions into the afternoon.
8:35 am
and that is your latest weather. guys. >> thanks so much. ed sheeran is one of music's biggest stars all the way over here, smashing decades old records, countless awards and selling more than, count them, 40 million albums. ed is known for being fiercely private. >> in a new documentary on apple music, fans get a deeply personal look at the creation of sheeran's history making album "divide." lucky gadi schwartz caught up with sheeran in los angeles. >> i've got an idea of a song in my head. >> reporter: when sounds become a song, very few people are there to see it happen. >> such a cool thing to witness, watch an idea. ♪ >> go from jam session to writing session to become a song and the thing people sing back at gigs. >> watch that from start to
8:36 am
finish. >> those rare fleeting moments, the very creation of songs to crowds singing them back are the focus of a new film called "songwriter" ed sheeran's hit making process is only as close as friends and family have seen. behind the camera, his cousin murray cummings. >> it seems like a song can strike at any moment. >> it's when they get created. you don't really know it's going to happen. you can get quite vulnerable writing a song and having a camera sit on you. it's something you don't really want to do. it's cool those moments are actually captured. murray being my cousin, it helps. i don't really care what he thinks because we're family. >> he doesn't let anybody really film in the studio. i was lucky enough to be in there, so i just wanted to capture that and show people what it felt like to be there while he's writing a song. >> cummings captured very beginnings of what are now some of the world's most recognizable lyrics. >> i always say it's the best
8:37 am
feeling in a world writing a good song but the worst feeling in the world writing a bad song. i'm definitely aincome tax didded to the feeling of writing a good song. >> also footage from sheeran family archives. a young ed sheeran showing his musical skills as a little boy. >> this is the high school i went to. >> my music teacher was cool. there were a lot of teachers who didn't quite get it. mr. stanley didn't have a doubt. >> after a year long break from social media, sheeran is back on instagram and using it for good promoting a contest raising money and awareness for the world water crisis. >> you've got a post-up that says you will give people lessons on guitar if they donate to a charity. >> my friend runs this charity called drop for drop. he essentially brings clean water to places that don't have clean water. >> there are two guitars right over there. what do you think about giving people a little sneak peek of what that will look like. >> can you play guitar. >> no, i can't at all.
8:38 am
>> just stretch your fingers across there. >> just that one. >> if you know the oasis song, that's the first song people like, just that. let me teach you one of my songs people like. >> which song. >> "in love with the shape of you ♪ i'm in love with the shape of you ♪ >> i mean, it's not actually the cords you use in the song but you can use it. fortunately you will hear none of that racket in the film but what you will hear are moments of inspiration, songs of inspiration and his life sung together by millions of fans all over the world. >> so cool. he also writes for other people. "love your self" justin bieber, the weeknd, not just himself. >> seems like a really good guy. >> he is. one of the great guys. does all the music himself, him
8:39 am
and a quarter million people. he doesn't have a traditional band like coldplay. >> he has that cool machine, pressing the pedals, a one-man band. >> check out instagram teddy's photos, for are a chance to enter and get your own guitar lesson from ed, 100% of proceeds go straight to charity. >> awesome. just ahead are you thinking a smart watch, fitness tracker? we'll show you differences and reveal consumer reports top picks but first this is "today" on
8:40 am
8:41 am
this morning on "today's" consumer, smart watch showdown, they can do everything from tracking heart rate, steps, making phone calls. but with so many options it's hard to know which is best for you. to help us navigate high-tech
8:42 am
wrist war's reporter. thanks for coming by. >> thanks for having me. >> let's clear up confusion, the difference between fitness tracker and smart watch. >> basically in consumer reports testing smart watches can take third party apps and fitness trackers can't. fitness trackers are cheaper, smart watches higher functionality but higher price tag. >> let's start with this one, number one on the list, top of the list. this is new samsung galaxy. >> this hit the market friday with samsung new note 9 phone. starts at $329. if you want to pay a little more, you can use it -- it has cellular capabilities. you can make it take calls. we haven't tested it yet but we're very excited to start doing that. >> again, that price point $329. >> $329 for gps only. you pay more for cellular
8:43 am
service. >> is this pretty much where all of these are in terms of price point. >> not necessarily. some are cheaper than others. >> this is for the most part always on the list. this is apple. >> if you're an iphone user this is what you're looking for, lots of apps, lots of functionality. higher end models like this one, you can see the red dot. they have cell service but carrier will charge you more. >> this is mr. roker's favorite. he loves that one. >> what do we have here. this is fitbit but smart watch. >> fitness fan, fitness buff, good entry level smart watch for somebody who maybe has been using a fitbit for a while. starts at $200. doesn't have as many apps because fitbit has its own software. it's not apple or android. good news you can use it on apple, android phones, whatever you want. >> looks fairly simple, interface there, compared to other models, not as fancy,
8:44 am
flashy. >> my mom bought one. she really likes it. it has a big face and she can read it without putting on her reading glasses. >> garmin, of course, known for gps units now out with a smart watch. this is the forerunner 645 music i'm assuming based on the title you can stream a bunch of music. >> this is for like a runner who wants to put their phone down, go for a run. you can store 500 songs on this watch. >> 500. >> yeah. stream straight to wireless headset. leave your phone at home and do out for a run. >> what's the price point on this one? >> 450. >> this the most expensive. >> apple watch if you want the band, it can go over $1,000. >> thanks so much. thanks for coming by. do appreciate you. if you would like to learn more about these watches, head to savannah guthrie. >> craig, thank you. my gosh, my script.
8:45 am
selma, our production assistant. wait a minute. she's also our chef today. she's amazing, a star on instagram. a production stapt assistant on "today" show. would not of the hardest working people ever. no bake snacks, healthy twist. your kids will love it and never see it coming. edo nes scripts, we have
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welcome to the xfinity store. thanks, janet. it's my happy place. you can learn how to switch to xfinity mobile, a new wireless network that saves you cash. and you can get 5 lines of talk and text included with your internet. and over here i'm having my birthday party. dj fluffernutter, hit it! ♪ dj fluffernutter simple. easy. awesome. ask how to get $300 back when you sign up for xfinity mobile, and purchase a new samsung phone. visit your local xfinity store today. ♪ ♪ ♪ i put a spell on you ♪ yeah, because you're mine ♪ with chase atms serena can now grab cash on the go, all with the tap of her phone. ♪ stop the things you do no card? no problem.
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life, lived serena's way. chase, make more of what's yours. well, this morning on "today" food, we are cooking with a beloved member of our "today" show family. she's usually most mornings one of our production assistants on the show. you may see her working 4:00 a.m. on the rundown, running around in sneakers making scripts or find her at home making delicious new recipes and sharing them with her tens of
8:48 am
thousands of instagram followers. her account is dada eats. two recipes perfect for back to school snacks. hi, sweetie. >> hi, savannah. >> when you did your first segment you had how many fall wers. >> 35,000. >> we said dada eats. i checked you have over 60,000. >> i got 15,000 just from that one time. it's crazy. >> let's keep it going. what are you going to feed us today sfl. >> i'm super excited, these are no bake heats or snacks. sometimes i understand turning on the oven, it's a commitment, it's hot, you don't want to do that. >> vegan, gluten-free. >> both vegan and gluten-free pref we'. we're going to start with vegan and gluten-free cheek cake. it uses real whole ingredients. cashews and coconut milk for
8:49 am
filling. >> first step. >> cashews. we want them tender like this to blend into a filling we're going to soak them. pour the water in there. >> how long do i soak. >> overpass or if you're short on time or impatient like me, go ahead and soak them in boiling water for an hour and you'll be good to use them. >> that would speed it up. >> hang out here. start with our crust. this crust is made with a base of dates and almonds. we have raw almonds in there. if you want to add dates, almond butter. >> i hope i did that right. >> perfect. some almond butter, vanilla extract, oil, salt. process that until small pieces. you don't have to get it crazy pulverized because we want small pieces. >> this is hu it should look. >> this is what it looks like. >> after this we have this prepared in our crust. we want to put it into the prepared pan. when i say prepared i want to make sure i'm lining it request
8:50 am
parchment paper so you can actually take it out of the pan. >> lift it out when all is said and done. >> we don't want it to hang out there. >> you greased it with what? >> a little oil, greased it, and put this on top so you can pull it out easily. now move to the filling, my favorite part. remember the cashews from before, soaked them, drained them, and now like this. what's going to create that creamy filling is coconut milk we're adding. add coconut milk. >> maple syrup. >> this is the only added sweetener we're using because we used dates only for the crust. a little bit of salt, oil, that's all that's hanging out in there. some lemon juice for acidity and vanilla extract. throw those in there. >> funny to think about cashews getting creamy but we learned tricks about soaking them. >> nice and creamy, tap it on the counter to release air bubbles and now just add salted almonds.
8:51 am
>> put it in the freezer. >> freeze five to six hours, which i know sounds like an eternity. you're going to do that, come back, go about errands. >> after school snack for the friends. >> what does the jury think. >> it's amazing. by the way, you're up 2500 users. >> no way. >> keep it goes. dadaeats. >> turning into a telethon. >> vegan and gluten-free. healthy. >> don't distract her we have another. >> chocolate chick cookies. starting with almond flour, coconut. these are dry ingredients. you want to give that a little whisk, savannah. now add in wet ingredients. almond butter, a little bit of oil, some almond milk, some vanilla extract. >> if you don't love almond butter, do you have a substitute. >> if you're not using almond butter, use peanut butter, cashew. >> you do you with that.
8:52 am
>> whisk that, add it into the dry mixture. the dough will look like this. i can't believe i almost forgot that. >> chocolate chips. >> you know how i feel about chocolate, less is not more. fold in chocolate chips after that as well. got that. this is what our dough is going to look like. we're going to scoop out 1" size amounts. of course wash your hands, roll them into truffles like that. roll them, stick them in the refrigerator preparing chocolate coating. chocolate is easy to make. chocolate chips, a little oil melted in the microwave. >> i could drink this. would that be weird. >> 5,000 now dada. >> 1 million followers, amazing. >> so now we're going to do -- we're going to roll it in the chocolate. >> dump it in there? this is fun. your kids could help you with that. >> all you're going to do, put it back on the parchment paper. >> is it okay, i overdid it.
8:53 am
>> it's beautiful. i love it, savannah. sprinkle sea salt to bring out sweetness that's nice. pop in the freezer 45 minutes and you're good to go. >> peanut gallery. >> savannah just lost 30,000. >> it's worth it. >> up to 70,000. >> wait a minute. craig melvin. >> let me have one more. >> easy, great, make them with your kids. >> no oven, vegan, gluten-free. >> light as a feather. >> samah has all kinds of recipes. her website is dadaeats. if you want the website go to our website >> back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. >> yes. anyou. thk
8:54 am
♪ ♪ thk ♪ ♪ ♪
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monitor their blood glucose every day. which means they have to stop. and stick their fingers. repeatedly. today, life-changing technology from abbott makes it possible to track glucose levels. without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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>> thank you, guys. >> that's going to do it for us. coming up keanu reeves and wynonna rider coming together on the big screen. ten seconds for fashion fixes. >> i feel like i need more than 10 seconds. >> dada, we're proud of good morning. 8:56. i'm marcus washington. i am tuck right now, a short term from now we're supposed to learn more about a man arrested on the peninsula. authorities tracked down shannon fox somewhere outside of the country. he's wanted in connection with a 2009 hit-and-run that killed a menlo park girl. we don't know where he was found, only that he's being
8:57 am
ext extradited. police plan to hold a news conference later this morning. happening now, that news conference is supposed to begin anytime now. we'll have a crew there and we'll bring you a live report coming up in our midday newscast. for renterers who are evicted without fault, help is on the way. them be eligible for thousands of dollars in compensation. san francisco may be the first city anywhere in the nation to have a safe legal injection site. mayor london breed is touring a location. more news for you in an hour. whr
8:58 am
crews will be on the streets following any breaking news that unfolds. plus- morgan hill is taking art to a whole new canvas. we )re taking you behind the buz in the south bay. when you join us tomorrow from 4:30 to 7.
8:59 am
9:00 am
good morning, everybody. welcome to the show. i'm megyn kelly. making the rounds today, stephanie gosk, co-host of pbs inprinciple amy holmes and contribute be editor host of the dcast inside the studio, joe levy. all right. welcome to you all. see we're going to begin today with outrage over what some call a double standard at the u.s. open. i am calling it a double standard. it's obvious. honestly. one of the key events taking place in queens, new york.


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