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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 5, 2018 4:30am-4:58am PDT

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transamerica pyramid. good morning and thank you for joining us. schez -- in for good is so typical for this t of year. thanks for joining us. laura garcia is we start off with clear skies as >> anotherea area. we take a live look outside right now and head over to sunnyvale with temperatures that will start out with low 60s and head to the 70s by early afternoon. make it into the low 80s briefly before we take a dip later this evening. mike, you're keeping an eye on a high speed chase. >> it is a high speed chase/police chase. we heard about it from san jose
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tv. it has been moving up. the latest i had heard it was heading up towards fremont. so it would indicate towards po mall was one of the significant points. light traffic flow. we are tracking this here. this is 680 northbound through dublin we are tracking word of a high speed chase. back to you. >> all right. thanks. new for you this morning, this is a different high speed chase there. it ends with arrest in the south bay. the suspects may be tied to a string of carjackings. they tell us that chase started around midnight. it is when officers tried to stop a car. the driver took off later. the suspects tried to make a break for it in san jose.
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officers managed to arrest him. they are all minors. willow glenn neighborhood coming together to address a spike in crime. it is after thieves stole a car from a woman. >> yeah. it happened over the holiday weekend. as today in the bay reports this recent incident happened two days after the community met with police. >> that's when i knew it. they are going to get hurt. >> he was watching tv from his second floor balcony when he noticed four young men pacing the parking lot. outside the village willow glenn senior apartments. the men started running. so did he. >> i opened my door and was running. >> down the hall marty was also sitting on her balcony. she told us she saw them pull
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the woman's shirt twice before she got up to call police. >> she was right there with a bruise on her cheek and scratch. >> all of this after a series of crime sprees from attempted burglaries to carjackings. >> now everybody i 4:33. police looking for a man they say stabbed a woman. that suspect is considered dangerous. here is a picture of that suspect. police say he is now clean shaven. picture him without the goatee. he attacked a woman early
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yesterday morning. by the time officers arrived that suspect was gone. investigators say he is known to frequent live oak park in berkeley and also in wall balba. two people tried to apparently kidnap a woman. it happened around this time yesterday. the woman was walking towards a bart station when a dark colored sedan walked up next to her. they tried to force the woman inside the car. she was able to get away. i want you to take a look at what officers discovered. they found an audi suv stranded. police were just releasing these pictures for us. there were bags of marijuana and $10,000 in cash. that driver, a 30-year-old man was found under the influence
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and he was arrested. an after school hot meal program on the chopping block and now oakland is asking for your help. it feeds about 3,000 kids. they say it is saving $1.4 million by scrapping the optional program. one full time staffer will be let go. spokesperson admits hungry students are paying the ultimate price. >> all kinds of research shows you need to be well fed in order to learn. when you don't have food in your stomach it is easy to become distracted. >> it is easy to see them asking for s there. the district is working with other partners to try to continue that program. in baseball unfortunately what starts well doesn't always was the case last flight f -- night for the oakland a's.
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>> they got off to a great start. yankees scored five unanswered runs. the a's hoping to catch the yankees and hopefully win or take offer wild card case. they wrap up the three game wild card series. coming up, toyota recalling thousands of cars. find out if yours is on the list. and before you make that bowl this morning find out if you need to throw out your cereal. and still ahead, a bizarre kidnapping story involving a woman out of the central val details coming up at 4:50 made the whole thing up.
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goods morning. pushing the higher the dow closing down 12 points. toyota plans to recall about 1 million vehicles due to a wiring issue. there was one reported damage to a car but no injuries. it made it between june 2016 and may 2018. of 1 million cars 192,000 are effected in the u.s. instagram is working on a new stand alone shopping app.
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more than 25 million businesses have ilg accounts and 2 million of those are also add versaillesers. four out of five follow at least one business. it could be a big revenue opportunity. back over to you. >> more temptation to buy. thank you very much. 4:40 right now. more people are getting sick. this is after eating kellogg's honey smack cereal. there are reports of 30 people getting ill. more than 130 people have gotten sick. all right. coming up next, a look at your towards the weekend. >> yeah. it will be a little bit cooler today. as we take a live look outside in fremont this morning we are
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looking good. our temperatures in the low 60s to start. heading into the mid-70s for later today. we'll get a look at all of our micro climates coming up next. as we wait for these to clear i'm tracking a high speed chase going on through the tri-valley. we'll follow it on the map and we'll bring you the latest that we have coming up.
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ad lib live picture - fremont
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this orlando florida home owner - clearly not a having a good day. we might as well say they )re going to have a horribe month. this orlando homeowner having a bad day. not a split decision either. that is used to work ton roof when it tipped over into the house. would you believe that it sliced it almost all the way through no one was hurt. >> you s was a construction crane? >> yes. >> that's destruction crane. >> yeah. >> thankfully no one was hurt. >> exactly. i know you're tracking a high speed chase. >> we are. >> we want to check the weather forecast. >> looks good today. no issues starting out for the bay area. here is a live look outside. if you a flight as of right now
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visibility is clear. we'll have hazy skies. we do still have the air quality alert. moderate air quality from the north bay down the santa clara valley. check out the seven day forecast. it is already up ath sho temperatures. temperatures coming down a few degrees from the past couple of days. high of 87 in concord and okay. later today windows down. it will be very comfortable heading into the 70s. so we are getting that live look outside as you're getting dressed this morning. don't forget the sunglasses. a good day to enjoy the rest of
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summer. here is a look at what's happening now. olivia strengthened to a hurricane. we look at what's now hurricane norman category one. this is a little bit closer to hawaii. l a t wes there. we head towards the gulf coast where now we still have tropical storm gordon. this is wni depression. san francisco mid-60s. it is 70s for friday and
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saturday. what's up with that high speed chase? >> as far as i know they are still chasing that car. it might be a pickup truck. speeds over 100 miles per hour traveling up here through interchange and continuing in towards danville. i good tweet be she heard sirens at the same time. her photographer was out there. it just came into the news well. let's take a quick pk.ike it wa pickup truck followed by three chp vehicles there. let's get back out to the maps. we'll tell you that's the last we saw of that pickup truck and the chase through the area. this would get up towards highway 4 and traveling into the
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north bay. that would be the next section. i'm really concerned about the walnut creek interchange. traffic will start to hit that freeway in the area. we'll cone track tinterchange. the rest is very clear right now. the only area on this map would be the closure. it continues because of scheduled work there until 7:00 a.m. that's not a concern for that chase going through the area on 680. it does have cash lanes but not a major concern either. someone pulled over to the shoulder here trying to get some help. we'll see if they do need extended help but no lanes are blocked. >> all right. thanks. the family of a southern california woman killed during the police chase says newly released video is only raising new questions. >> lapd releasing body camera
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footage of the pursuit in july. it ended in a hostage stand off at a trader joe's. one employee was killed as officers fired at the hospital. family attorneys called this prin-store video. the father of the woman who died just wants answers. >> we los angeles police department s we e on with our life. >> the investigation may take up to a year. another wild police chase through southern california overnight. this is new video just into the news room. >> he has a van ahead of it. he will weave in and out. >> it started with officers tried to pull the driver over for speeding. it went into los angeles. the driver gave up after hitting a dead-e street. let's hope that it doesn't work out like that.
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>> we are learning why a fresno woman made up a woman about being kidnapped over the long holiday weekend. they say she is taking that story back, robbed her. she apparently owe two subcontract tos th subcontractors that worked for her family business. she didn't have the money so she lied about being robbed. we'll sort out a potential major change in how they are elected. the judge ruled the city must change from an at large to a district based election system for council members. they filed an appeal. the appeal has not been decided. we don't really know if a final decision will happen before november. tonight's council meeting is at 7:00 in case you want to weigh in. coming up here, are you living in an area vulnerable to
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wild fires. we'll tell you what a new report is finding. nbc bay area mail. chris shows target for thieves but you get the upper hand with informed delivery. it's a free service from the post sal service that sends you an alert when envelopes are headed your way. you can leave special delivery instructions. you sign up online. our web site has a link. n you can also call us at 888-996-tips. first, happening now, if you open up a copy of the washington post you'll see an on ed by mark zuckerberg. he talks about howk doing t lio tourists. it's going viral. find that at
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a new report shows how many bay area neighborhoods are at risk of going up in flames. firefighters call those spots "red zones." they )re the homes and propertis that are at high risk of burning in a wildfire. some of the most vulnerable areas are the santa cruz mountains, east bay hills and parts of mill valley. some of the most vulnerable areas are east bay hills and homes. a truck carrying glass accidentally spilled its load. >> check out all of the glass
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that covered the roadway there in fresno county. that spill which looks like fine snow spread over that roadway for about 100 yards there. the spill took a number of -- really made a number of flat tires there. they say the load of glass was actually properly secured. >> when i see them on the roadway i kind of lean over. >> yes. a check of your wednesday forecast. yeah. we are make it over the hump with cooler temperatures across the bay area. here is a live look outside this morning. our temperatures start out in the upper 50s. 67 degrees by early afternoon. we'll get a look at all of our micro climates coming up next. no problems here. i'm focusing on the north bay. the hig sed chase reached that side of the bay. we'll bring you the latest coming up. plus the nfl season is just
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around the corner. the raiders might be leaving sooner than we expected, the lawsuit that could have the team saying bye bye. a live look outsy
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bridge. goo good wednesday morning to you. we take a live look outside at the bay. this is the toll plaza. >> yeah. >> thank you for starting your morning here with us on this hump day. half way there. >> i'm chris in for laura.
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it wasn't super busy. >> yeah. >> look like its normal self. it is just enough to mess up your hair. >> yeah. inland areas are starting to clear up. here is a live look this morning. visibility looking pretty good. maybe your on your way to the bart station. it is 58 degrees in the morning hours. low 70s. a nice day as we get a look at upper 80s inland and low 60s for the coast. we'll talk more about what's ahead and what was tropical storm gordon. you the latest on the high speed chase. >> yes. we have been tracking this high speed chase. it started around san jose. gave us wor the interchange and continuing up across the bridge. it all right reached 780. it was traveling towards i-80. my concern is they will make a loop back down. it will join the morning
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commute. >> they head up and it will take them out of our area. we are tracking the very latest. >> right there. it passed by us. you see why what is keeping things moving smoothly. we'll track as it heads into the e anh bay or down into the east
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