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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 7, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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-101 in san jose- good morning and thank you for joining us. i )m marcus washington. and i )m laura garcia. just spotted a traffic break...
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this morning - stories of survival as the inferno along i-5 burns out of control in shasta county. it )s been another long night fr firefighters and neighbors. the so-called "delta fire" has more than quadrupled in size. a long stretch of i-5 has been closed, from redding to just south of mount shasta. coming up at 5 nbc bay area )s jodi hernandez has a report from the fires lines. state investigators say staff at two assisted living facilities in santa rosa abandoned their residents instead of evacuating them as the tubbs fire approached. this morning... their license to operate is in jeopardy. nbc bay area )s jean elle is in santa rosa with disturbing details. happening today -
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the official kickoff - to a controversial first responder drill-program .. that )s ending its current form after this year. the alameda county sheriff )s office is hosting its last "urban shield" .. through sunday. the program began in 2007 .. in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. but it recieved critical backlash from people who say it militarizes local law enforcement. in march supervisors voted to end urban shield in its current format. the long term future of the program is still up in the air, and will be decided by a newly- created committee. it )s happened again. another brazen robbery at an apple store. this time in downtown los gatos -- just before 2 p-m yesterday. witnesses say three men grabbed devices on display and
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dashed from the store. this is the sixth apple store hit in the past two weeks. walnut creek police released this surveillance video hoping someone will recognize the crooks who stole close to 30-thousand dollars worth of i-phones and macbooks, last week. investigators believe it )s the work of the same crew. a powerful message from colin kaepernick. his new nike commercial made its broadcast debut ... during last night )s nfl season opener -- right here on nbc bay area. the former niners quarterback is being thrust back into the spotlight this week. he has yet to make any public comments. but cameras did catch him yesterday just outside portland, oregon -- at the nike headquters. kaepernick spoke to nike employees, thanking the company for its support and for making him the face of their new "just do it" campaign. local experts we spoke to -- say nike certaintly did
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it )s homework when chng kaepernick has filed a grievance against the nfl, claiming owners colluded to keep him out of e l by the way -- there were no national anthem protest during last night )s game between the eagles and falcons.. community and of individuals to make a difference." trt:08 happening today - leaders of a south bay little league are meeting with city leaders today .. to try and solve a growing homeless problem. the san jose spartan little league is asking the city to clean the fields they use near 101 and tully. the league says it )s been dealing with human feces, trash and drug use on the field while kids are playing games. the league claims it )s lost 50-percent of its players over the last two years. eyesore .. no more: the last chunk of span from the old bay bridge .. comes down tomorrow. caltrans will implode the two remaining foundations from the original eastern span. it also means rolling closures on interstate-80. those may last up to a half hour .. on the approaches to
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some time between 11 a-m and 1 p-m. the bicycle and pedestrian paths will only open after the demolition wraps up. caltrans will also have a live stream of the implosion on its website. coming up on today in the bay... with prices going up for airline travel, one company is announcing a free addition for customers. the view passengers will soon get to experience on more than 100 of american airlines jets. plus-- could barbie get her shot on the big screen? how mattel is getting in the film business and bringing some of it )s hottest products along for the ride.
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i- kari tease mike tease
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milestone for nbc bay area. our )bay area proud ) series ht the 500-story mark. we )re running a special tomorrw night at 6:30. garvin thomas, raj mathai, and janelle wang will share many unforgettable people and touching moments that have been a part of this series. and in case you missed it - here )s a taste of this week )s story - about a little girl and her dog. that full story is online right now at nbc bay area dot com. and again - our 500 story special airs tomorrow at 6:30. ad lib toss to wx and traffic
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nbc bay area responds to a san jose woman whose stove was out of service a lot longer than she expected. so, she turned to consumer investigator chris chmura to turn up the heat on the store. many undocumented
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familiesd. we have new information this morning on the numbers of children still seperated from their parents at the u-s-mexico border. those numbers are just into our newsroom. 497 of the nearly 27-hundred kids are still in custody. the parents of 322 of those children have already been deported. and the trump administration claims the parents of 167 of those still-separated children .. gave up their opportunity to reunite. two of the biggest races in
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the state this november .. are starting to tighten. here )s a look at a new poll jut released by "probolsky research." lietenant governor gavin newsom leads republican businessman john cox 44 percent to 39 percent. 17 percent now say they are undecided. senator dianne feinstein leads progressive challenger kevin de leo"n 37 percent to 29. with 34 percent undecided. coming up on today in the bay they )re concerned. it )s a story you )ll only see n nbc bay area. visitors to san francisco )s presidio have a new, greener option ..hen it comopresidio har
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option .. when it comes to getting around: uber-owned "jump" is now offering electric bikes for rent. the presidio will be the first national park in the west to roll out e-bikes .. and hopes to start offering electric scooters in the near future.
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due to a legal loophole - "jump" is only allowed to operate 250 bikes within san francisco. but the city )s transportation code does not appy in the presidio. not long ago -- sunnyvale was a police officers and firefighters concerned... they tell our robert handa... they )re worried ouit )s a storn nbc bay area. ase
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good morning and thank you for joining us. i )m laura garcia. and i )m marcus washington.
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