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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 7, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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some flashing lights in richmond
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who )s working against president trump on the inside? that )s the biggest question in washington this morning .. after a scathing new york times editorial from an anymous member of the administration .. claiming to be among those keeping trump from making wreckless decisions.
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today in the bay )s tracie potts is live in washington the hunt for the person the president calls a traitor. another long morning for
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firefighters in shasta county. the "delta fire" has more than quadrupled in size over the last 24 hours. a long stretch of i-5 remains closed, from redding to just south of mount shasta, and won t reopen until at least later today. at one point, flames reached as high as 3-hundred feet into the air. at least five structures have been destroyed. today in the bay )s jodi hernandez joins us from the fires lines where evacuees shared stories of survival . -toss to kari- -smoke-
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-ad lib- it )s happened again.
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another brazen robbery at an apple store - the sixth in two weeks. this latest one happened in the south bay. today in the bay )s bob redell is live in downtown los gatos. bob, have police made any arrests?
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the family of stephon clark has filed a new wrongful death claim with the city of sacramento. police officers shot and killed the 22-year-old last march .. in his grandparents ) backyard. clark was not armed .. and
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officers later told investigators they mistook his phone for a gun. the clark family is seeking up to $35 million. so far no harges have been filed against the officers who were involved. happening today: a hearing over claims the alameda county sheriff )s office illegaly recorded juvinilles in custody. that hearing stems from a case last month -- where it was discovered sheriff )s deputies illegally videotaped minors in custody during times when they were allowed private conversations with their own counsel. activists with the "justice reinvestment coalition of alameda county" will gather at the courthouse today .. to call for an immediate end of the sheriff )s office practice of secret recordings. remembering a movie icon. this is new video - of fans gathering at the famed chinese theatre in los angles -- as the lights were dimmed in honor of burt reynolds. the legendary actor died yesterday at the age of 82. reynolds ) foot and handprints are among the almost 200 that
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grace the concrete outside the theatre. stay tuned for continuing coverage on the life and legacy of burt reynolds on the today show. al roker talks about a recent interview he did with the famed actor. the today show begins at 7:00am. this season .. the warriors
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are starting a select new dance team. and - if you )re in your 50 )s, 60 )s - or even 70 )s .. and you )ve got se dance moves .. you may just be interested.... scott ad libs tease
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mike traffic tease happy friday. companies making news.. it was one year ago today amazon said it wanted to build a second headquarters.. somewhere other than seattle. we still haven )t heard what city amazon has chosen. a company you may not have heard of.. core-mark.. says its moving its headquarters out of the bay area.. and moving to texas. coremark distributes fresh food to convenience
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stores. you know the sandwiches in the little triangle container? there you go. the south san francisco based company employs about 6- thousand people nationwide. speaking of employment.. we get the latest jobs numbers at 5-30 california time. we )ve seen strong steady growth for several years now. unemployment rate has been bouncing around between 3- point-8 and four percent. the wall street journal says wells fargo is under another investigation. this one from the justice department - which is asking whether wells fargo employees added personal data to people )s bank records.. in order to beat a deadline. not necessarily the wrong information.. but without customers permission. and we may have heard the last of alex jones. twitter says it has banned him for life.. from twitter.. and periscope. twitter was the last major social network to kick jones off its service. the ban came after jones harassed a c-n-n reporter. ironically.. jones was in washington to object to other services banning him.. to anyone
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who would listen. video of elon musk recording a podcast last night with "joe rogan". the podcast ran more than two hours. musk didn )t say anything surprising.. but its newsworthy because its a rare public appearance and a rare q-and-a. here.. rogan asks him about making flamethrowers. wrap with scott
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if you )re a warriors fan with serious dance moves .. you could end up being co- workers with steph curry. this weekend the warriors are holding auditions for their new senior dance team. the tryouts take place at the ultimate fieldhouse in walnut creek. to be on the senior dance team .. you have to be 55 or older. ad lib toss to weather
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tracking things on our cameras...
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coming up next on today in the bay--
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san jose woman whose stove was out of service a lot longer than she expected. she asked consumer investigator chris chmura to turn up the heat on the store. coming up- kickoff
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controversy. this reaction pouring in this morning after the nike commercial featuring colin kaepernick during the n-f-l
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season )s opener delayed... again. new this morning: a new wave of troubles for bart )s expansion into the south bay. and the reason why this weekend will mark an end to a series of controversial emergency response drills in the east bay. east bay.
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good morning and thank you for joining us. i )m marcus washington. and i )m laura garcia. a different delay getting to the "bay bridge"
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another setback this morning for san jose commuters looking to jump on bart to get into the east bay and the city. today in the bay )s kris sanchez is live with, yet, another delay for people who have been waiting for so long for this bart extension.
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happening today - the official kickoff - to a controversial first responder drill-program .. that )s ending its current form after this year. the alameda county sheriff )s office is hosting its last "urban shield" .. through sunday. the program began in 2007 .. in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. but it recieved critical backlash from people who say it militarizes local law enforcement. in march supervisors voted to end urban shield in its current format. the long term future of the program is still up in the air, and will be decided by a newly- created committee. state investigators say staff at two assisted living facilities in santa rosa left their residents behind instead of evacuating them as the deadly
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tubbs fire approached. the california department of social services is giving "oakmont senior living" legal notice -- the state plans to revoke the licenses of "varenna" and "villa capris". the state says staff at villa capris abandoned 20 elderly clients ... who would have died if family members had not arrived to help evacuate them. at varenna- the state says staff left family members in charge. family members of people who are still living at varenna are now worried about their future. a meeting is scheduled for today to let them know what )s going on. "oakmont senior living" has 15 days to appeal the decision and request a hearing. this morning - the kickoff to the nfl season is still causing a lot of buzz across the nation. the game lacked some excitement until the very end - but that )s not what everyone is talking about. instead - it )s the nike ad .. featuring former niners quarterback colin kaepernick
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.. which made its debut during the telecast. today in the bay )s kira klapper joins us now with reaction. it was a powerful message from colin kaepernick as we know -- he has been thrust back into the spotlight this week. we still haven )t heard from kap himself -- but he was spotted yesterday. . this is video of colin kaepernick just outside of portland, oregon -- at nike headquters. he spoke to nike employees, thanking the company for their support and for making him the face of their new "just do it" campaign. local experts we spoke with -- say nike certaintly did its homework when choosing kap. kaepernick is currently in litigation against the nfl ... claiming team owners colluded to keep him out of the league. there has been some tangible backlash from the new nike campaign. the college of the ozarks ... a small christian college in
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missouri... will no longer wear athletic apparel manufactured by nike. the school )s president says kaepernick was quote -- "promoting an attitude of division and disrespect toward america." by the way ... it didn )t appear that players from either the eagles nor falcons protested the national anthem last night. there was plenty of reaction to the commerical on social media as well ... the president chiming in this morning "what was nike thinking?" eyesore .. no more: a live look at the bay bridge. and the last pieces of span from the (old ( bridge .. are coming down tomorrow. caltrans will implode the two remaining foundations from the original eastern span. it also means rolling closures on interstate-80. those may last up to a half hour
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.. on the approaches to the bridge from either direction. the window for those closures is some time between 11 a-m and 1 p-m. caltrans will have a live stream of the implosion on its website. ad lib toss to weekend
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weather coming up:
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waiting to be reunited. the new numbers coming in showing just how many kids are without their parents at the border. scott ad libs tease
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mike traffic tease visitors to san francisco )s presidio have a new, greener option .. when it comes to getting around: uber-owned "jump" is now offering electric bikes for rent. the presidio will be the first national park in the west to roll out e-bikes .. and hopes to start offering electric scooters in the near future. due to a legal loophole - "jump" is only allowed to operate 250 bikes within san francisco. but the city )s transportation code does not appy in the presidio. some good news tonight about a vandalized vietnam memorial in
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the south bay. long term repairs are now in the works. the san jose parks foundation received some of the money to restore it in donations... and now google is covering the rest. about two weeks ago, a vandal used either paint or a marker to deface the "sons of san jose" vietnam-war memorial. it honors 142 soldiers from the south bay .. who died in that war. many undocumented families are still waiting to be reunited. we have new information this morning on the numbers of children still seperated from their parents at the u-s-mexico border. those numbers are just into our newsroom. 497 of the nearly 27-hundred kids are still in custody. the parents of 322 of those children have already been deported. and the trump administration claims the parents of 167 of those still-separated children .. gave up their opportunity to reunite. two of the biggest races in the state this november .. are starting to tighten. here )s a look at a new poll jut released by "probolsky
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research." lieutenant governor gavin newsom leads republican businessman john cox 44 percent to 39 percent. 17 percent now say they are undecided. senator dianne feinstein leads progressive challenger kevin de leo"n 37 percent to 29. with 34 percent undecided. the white house.. and the media.. are obsessed with figuring out who wrote that "new york times" op/ed. scott mcgrew.. a long list of denials. pence pompeo coats nielsen mattis mulvaney carson mnuchin ..just a few of the people who said it wasn )t me. none of thoe people will admit to writing the op/ed that questioned whether the president was competant.. and revealed his white house staff was actively working to undermine some of his more irrational orders. donald trump was in montana last night.. at a rather subdued rally by trump standards. he addressed the new york times issue.. calling the author a coward.. and saying.. he feels perfectly competant.
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the president also said he would not shut down the government at the end of the month.. in order to get his wall. part of the danger of trying to figure out who wrote the op/ed is we then dont ) take tie to consider how serious the charges in the op/ed are. a senior white house official says the cabinet has at least considered the president is not fit to lead.. and his staff is undermining him to protect the country. the other problem with asking officials if they wrote it.. is of course they )re going to deny it. remember mark felt.. the deputy director of the fbi.. who denied over and over and over he was deep-throat. we now know felt was deep throat. we )ll start the fourth day of hearings for brett kavanaugh are underway this morning. yesterday )s hearing took an odd twist after new jersey
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senator corey booker and hawaii senator mazie hirano released emails sent to and from kavanaugh while he worked in the bush white house. emails that the white house and the republican committee chairman said had to remain confidential. booker was warned he could be punished.. to which he said "bring it". the emails did not contain anything shocking.. but did show kavanaugh at one time thought roe-vs-wade could be overturned. something he said under oath during the hearings.. was settled law. we )re streaming the kavanaugh hearings right now.. live on nbc bay area dot com. this weekend marks a special milestone for nbc bay area. our )bay area proud ) series ht the 500-story mark. we )re running a special tomorrw night at 6:30. garvin thomas, raj mathai, and janelle wang will share many
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unforgettable people and touching moments that have been a part of this series. ad lib toss to weather
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updating the crash in mtn view...
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coming up next-- trouble at the happiest place
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on earth after people fell sick. why disneyland is facing fines this morning. but first happening now.. breaking news: we )re just finding out 201- thousand jobs were added to the u-s economy in august. 191-thousand jobs were expected. also, the unemployment rate now stands at 3.9% versus the 3.8% estimate. again- that report just coming in. more news when we come back.
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help craft the look you want. call 925-233-6471 and save $1000 off your complete bathroom remodel over missteps state agents say led to a legionnaire )s outbrea. cal-ohsa says the orange county theme park failed to maintain cooling equipment for its water rides. over 20 people with ties to the park fell sick with legionnaire )s disease last fal. at least one person died. legionnaires ) can be triggered by bacteria found in man- made water systems. disney denies its equipment caused the illness. a hearing is scheduled for next month. passengers from a quarenteened flight from dubai are still being treated for "flu-like symptoms" this morning. it all started wednesday. that )s when 100 people aboard n emirates flight began feeling sick - the plane was quarantined in new york... a dozen more complained of the same symptoms yesterday on a flight in
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philadelphia. they had taken off from mecca, saudi arabia before catching connecting flights that landed in the u-s. as student return to campus -- parents in one city are on edge this morning. investigators say the suspect in a series of attempted sexual assaults at a popular east bay beach .. may have also targeted elementary school students. police say the suspect may be connected to two cases at "wood middle school" in alameda .. where a man is accused of annoying or molesting minors. authorities arrested that man wednesday morning a few blocks from the school. he )s the same person accused of three attacks on women walking alone at alameda )s cron beach. now to a story you )ll only see on nbc bay area. one south bay city is growing so fast -- it )s drawing concern from city leaders. they say they )re worried about public saftey. in one national survey..sunnyval e has been hailed as the country )s safest city for the past three years. however, with business booming
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-- including at least three large projects proposed by google that )s quickly changing. the president of the public safety officers association is worried that an influx of new workers could be too much to handle. the union sent this letter to city council members..formal ly requesting "impacts to public safety" be specifically analyzed.. it points out that sunnyvale saw a 13-year high in some major crimes last year..including rape, aggravated assault, robbery and vehicle thefts. new this morning - are you paid fairly? one new study finds only about half of all workers believe they are. that )s according to a new study by a global staffing firm. 49-percent sayd they receive fair compensation. more than half of workers ages
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55 and older .. believe they are not being paid fairly.. the study also shows that people with a college degree - or those making over 100- hundred thousand dollars a year - are most likely to believe they )re being paid fairly. marijuana use among young adults not in college is at an all-time high. the national institute on drug abuse says 13-percent of people 18-to-24 now either smoke pot daily - or nearly daily. this is nearly three-times higher than their peers in college - where alcohol use is more common. that includes mixing energy drinks with alcohol. the study )s authors blame the rise in social acceptance with marijuana over the years. a win for small california breweries. governor jerry brown has vetoed a bill that would allow beer makers to send up to five cases of free glasses to bars or other retailers. he says it would have given an unfair advertising advantage to large
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manufacturers. right now at 6 o )clock-- exploding in size. this morning nbc bay area is in shasta county where firefighters are trying to stop the flames from spreading in an area that has already seen so much devastation. plus, breaking news: shots fired overnight inside a restaurant on lombard street in san francisco. and we )re just finding out an employee was hit. the new information and new video just coming in to our newsroom. and serial robbers may have struck again. this time the suspects targeting an apple store in the south bay. today in the bay continues right now. good morning and thanks for joining us. i )m laura garcia. and i )m marcus washington.


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