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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 7, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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there's been another delay. >> the long-awaited berryessa station may not open until next year. robert handa with the details. robert? >> reporter: well, it is a frustrating situation for everyone involved especially the public. now when you look at the berryessa station it almost seems it's ready to go but much of the communication equipment is bad and needs to be torn out. not what potential riders want to hear. this is a rare look at the b.a.r.t. station in san jose still waiting for a grand opening. the agency which oversees the $2.3 billion extension says these parts were installed and have to be replaced. they were old or used. it is the latest in a series of delays that had riders we talked to annoyed. >> i would love to travel more easier and not take bus by bus by bus because it costs a lot of money and it takes up my time.
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>> reporter: the vta said the opening date is december 2019, a far cry from when vta expressed hopes of opening last year. the investigative unit discovered the wrong type of pipes were installed in july of 2016. the opening was pushed to june 2019. the vta says the improper parts don't run the trains but support communication such as radios, loudspeakers, lights, and closed circuit television. officials are still trying to figure out what happened. >> we are doing an investigation of lies.>> the project needs mo supervision and we should act on it faster. the vta says the station could open sooner depending on the replacement process. it could be up and running by summer of next year but only if all goes well and that hasn't happened lately. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. thank you, robert. a developing story in pleasanton
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where sky ranger is over a hazmat situation. a liquid nitrogen tank fell off a truck. you can see it lying in the middle of the roadway in a business area. firefighters say two buildings were evacuated as a precaution but they don't believe there's a danger to the public. the tank fell shortly after 3:00 this afternoon. crews are monitoring the situation and a private company will be called in to remove the tank. at this hour a recycling plant fire in the east bay is under control. this fire broke out a few hours our nbc bay area sky ranger, you can see, was overhead. you can see all that black smoke coming into the sky. this was in san leandro. the shelter in place has been lifted. the fire chief is on the scene and says this is the third fire at this facility this year alone. now to the latest in shasta county where the delta fire burns out of control and more
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bad news, a large stretch of i-5 will remain closed until at least sunday. jodi hernandez has been on the front lines for the past 24 hours and joins us live from shasta county. zero percent containment and tonight the winds are supposedly picking up. >> reporter: that's right. the flames are fanning the flames. the fire is burning right off interstate 5. fire crew have is been working very hard out here trying to get control, trying to contain this blaze. you can see the crews up the way. so far the fire remains zero percent contained. interstate 5 remains closed as flames, instead of drivers, move alongside the highway. spot fires continue to flare up. tonight we're told the highway will stay closed at least through saturday.
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>> it's a top priority. we meet every day with cal trans, with the folks from chp to determine when it's safe. >> reporter: the delta fire has burned more than 24,000 acres since wednesday. destroying several homes and coming close to many others. fire crews are focused on protecting structures in harm's way. >> the flames were on our r of . his house was spared. his br joert up the road dn't make it. dan says he wouldn't have survived if skip hadn't woken him up from his afternoon nap. for that both men are grateful. >> i'd be dried up like potato chips. >> oh, yeah, rock on.
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and hang loose, too, i guess. peace, brothers and sister. >> reporter: we are back here live. the brothers are very grateful at the hard work of firefighters who have been working around the clock. it remains incredibly smoky out here. it's hard to breathe. the eyes are stinging. it's also really, really eerie to be standing along a closed down interstate 5. this section is normally very busy but, again, it is expected to remain closed through at least sunday morning. that's when officials will re-evaluate the situation. reporting live in shasta county, news. >> very good information, thank you, jodi. back here at home engineers hired by san francisco's millennium tower can't say for sure what caused the large exterior window to suddenly crack on the 36th floor. they'll have somebody rappel
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down to secure the window from the outside. our investigative unit was the first to tell you about this sudden fracture of the window over the labor day weekend. city inspectors issued a citation and ordered building owners to assess the danger and report back by the end of today. the homeowners association report said they can't tell if this was an isolated issue or another sign of instability of this leaning skyscraper. it could be weeks to replace because it's no longer made. >> more importantly we want to secure the outside window that's cracked with tape that will stop any additional movement of the window that's cracked or any fragments from displacing and falling. >> it could be a danger for people walking down below on the street level. engineers plan to send up a drone tomorrow to get video of the cracked window and then, as we mentioned, somebody will rappel down on rope to reinforce it. exploiting workers, human
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trafficking, and rape. those are just some of the accusations against a bay area family that operates care facilities. the center has actually passed inspection. >> reporter: that's the point, janelle. the home behind me where six adults were receiving care actually was inspected twice by years, both times was the lasf given the all clear. inspectors were looking for safe living conditions. what inveatastounded them. high-powered rifles with scopes supplied oy splayed out. becerra says they were recovered at rainbow bright care facilities and in homes. >> why there would be a weapon in a child care facility just boggles the imagination. >> reporter: four family
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members, joshua, carlena, face 59 charges, accused of labor exploitation and sex crimes committed against the filipino immigrant workers headlining the state's case. >> human trafficking, physical force, sexual violence, fraud, and psychological coercion with their victims. >> crazy! i mean, you would have never known ever. they were the nicest people ever. >> reporter: april lives across the street from the duvall drive center. she and her partner did observe some oddities over the years, like workers sleeping in the garage and the owners' lavish tastes in cars. >> all these really nice cars, some muscle cars. >> they were sleeping in the garage, and i thought they had converted the garage to a room for the people to stay there. in a place like this, beds equals money. >> reporter: and they did.
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becerra says rainbow bright's owners scooped up $8.5 million from not paying worker compensation among other benefits. and of those charges, about half of them were for grand theft of labor. three of them were for rape. now we mentioned most of the workers here in the facilities were immigrants. reportedly the owners threatened to contact i.c.e. if anyone complained. >> sam, thank you. the report card is out and it's bleak. we're talking about the health and education rates for hispanics in santa clara and san mateo counties. nbc bay area's damon trujillo joins us with this story. >> reporter: for many this is a big wake-up call. the students at san jose come
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from the neighborhoods in the city and while the successes are many latino students are barely making the grade. >> the overall grade for education was a "c." >> reporter: today at the hispanic foundation, they released their second ever latino report card grading in a variety of categories. between 2012 and 2016 the latino high school dropout rate hasn't changed. it's still at 23%, a huge disappointment. >> if this was my report card, i would hide it from my parents. >> reporter: in health a "d" with diabetes and child obesity at the top of the list. they say the working poor are transportation, health, housing, and so how do you get people to eat the right
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things? >> reporter: breakout sessions were held hoping to find solutions to the worsening conditions for latinos. >> it's upon for us to come together as a community and hear the facts. to hear and understand we still have a long, long way to go. >> reporter: financial stability got a "d" and another "d" for housing. there were a couple of positive points, but they were overshadowed by the negatives. we're live in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. up next, the puff seen along the world. elon musk seems to be smoking weed during the podcast. why it's clouding his future with tesla. stopping high-tech drug drop-offs. keeping drugs away from the jails. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a comfortable 76 in san jose right now. what about smoke from nearby
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fires this weekend? a look at that smoke forecast. it's in about six minutes.
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♪ ♪ ♪ i put a spell on you ♪ yeah, because you're mine ♪
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with chase atms serena can now grab cash on the go, all with the tap of her phone. ♪ stop the things you do no card? no problem. life, lived serena's way. chase, make more of what's yours. this time -- for this... it seems not a week goes by that elon musk isn't in the headlines this time for this. the tesla and spacex ceo smoking pot during a podcast. soon after this video went viral tesla's stock dropped. these are challenging times for tesla as more top executives announced their departures
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today. from the tesla factory in fremont this evening with the very latest, anoushah? >> reporter: a marketing professor tells us that elon musk's behavior is a self-inflicting wound and could hurt the plans he had for tesla's success. this video didn't seem like a big deal to some people on social media and outside the tesla store in san jose. >> probably look at different p much does it cost. the ceo can do whatever he wants. >> reporter: this video of a live podcast with tesla's ceo on the joe rogan experience last night appearing to show elon musk smoking weed and drinking whiskey during the interview could mean trouble for tesla. that's according to marketing professor howard combs at san jose state university. >> he's really tweeted some things that are very strange and then went on this show and
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basically smoked weed which is not a big deal except when you combine it with the other things he's been doing. it doesn't create the right image for the company. >> reporter: there was concern after musk did an emotional interview about his long work hours and problems sleeping. then he tweeted about taking tesla private and faced several lawsuits. he made headlines again after calling a diver who helped rescue boys trapped in a cave in thailand a pedophile. >> if the investors begin to bail and it's down 10% today, that's not a good thing. >> reporter: several top executives have quit at tesla and the company's stock has dropped. it was down 6% when the market closed today. we reached out to tesla for a comment but have not heard back. meanwhile, elon musk sent an e-mail to all employees about management changes, but made no mention of stock prices or executives leaving the company. reporting live from fremont, nbc
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bay area news. colin kaepernick may have helped nike score big. the company's featuring kaepernick as a face in its latest ad campaign. nike sales now up 27% this week. the former 49ers quarterback made headlines for kneeling during the national anthem to raise awareness for racial inequal. he's currently in the middle of a legal fight with the nfl claiming league owners refused to hire him because of his actions. the city council unanimously passed a new ordinance today, you can't fly a drone within a half mile of any jails. now investigators say people have been using drones to drop off drugs and weapons at the jail right there in dublin. since most drones fly above -- fly about 400 feet aboveground, it's the cities that have to enforce them not the faa. no safe injection sites, the message at a rally in san francisco organized by california coalition against drugs.
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they say the sites would not curb opioid use but instead increase it. they want action by the department of justice. >> we urge san francisco to take action now without further delay. >> the bill would allow people to use controlled substances in a safe setting. it's on the governor's desk right now. the fight against climate change heads to san francisco tomorrow. hundreds of people are expected to march in a rally. it comes ahead of the global climate action summit in the city next week. governor brown organized the summit after president trump withdrew the united states from the paris climate agreement. a partnership within the united nations to combat greenhouse gases. now tomorrow's march aims to draw attention to climate change. >> a new bill is on the governor's desk supporters say would cut back on cigarette butts and would lower the wildfire risk. the department of finance is
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opposing the bill saying it would cost the state about $1 million to put up the signs telling people about the ban. but supporters hope the governor will put wildlife and children above cost. >> i took my daughter to the beach this year and she asked me why there were so many cigarettes around. a bad example to set for children who we don't want to have smoking cigarettes. >> the governor must sign or veto the b bf the month. jeff ranieri is with us as we head into the weekend. i had lunch in union square today. i didn't want to come in to work today. >> you're welcome. >> everyone was smiling. >> i was in san francisco earlier today as well. nice. >> wehoave had lch together, jeff. >> brilliant sky across much of the bay area despite the fires burning in northern california. we will take a look at the two largest fires in northern california, the herz fire which is at least 46,000 acres, 75% contained, and the one that
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closed interstate 5 is the delta fire, at least 24,000 acres. 77 degrees. not too hot. a wind at 3. tomorrow a warm 83. relatively calm winds with isolated gusts up to 20 miles per hour. so thankfully i do not see any triple digit heat coming this way over the next ten days, in fact, temperatures each and every day will be cooling off. a little shred of good news for firefighters. what about the smoke from this? of course areas immediately around the fire will have that really bad smoke. as you'll see in our smoke model here, the reds, oranges, yellows, those intense smoke plumes and those are all going to be carried directly off to the east into nevada. if you're heading into nevada, northern nevada for a vacation or extreme northern california, that smoke will be thick. downer w here across the bay ar not much in the way of smoke. once again, we should have some blue skies returning. temperatures dropping a few degrees tomorrow after some mid
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and upper 90s today. we're putting it at 92 in antioch, 92 in concord. beautiful in san jose at 84. oakland, 74. san francisco to half moon bay, we have cooler 60s. coming up at 6:48 tonight we're tracking two storms in the pacific. i'll let you know which one could be hitting hawaii and when. dueling presidents. president obama launches his most direct and forceful attack on president trump . president trump responds next. f
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launched his return to the campaign trail today with a fiery speech, taking direct former president barack ob l fiery speech taking direct aim at president trump. president trump firing back at mr. obama and also demanding an investigation into the blistering anonymous op-ed piece in "the new york times" this week. he wants attorney general jeff sessions to find out who wrote it. president trump says if the author has high security clearance, it could be a national security concern. he's considering legal action against "the times" for publishing the piece. president trump also responding to former president obama's
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passionate address today. >> it did not start with donald trump. he is a symptom not the cause. >> president trump answered back in a speech of his own. >> i'm sorry, i watched it but i fell asleep. >> the two are rallying for their parties ahead of the november mid-term elections. president obama urging people to get to the po democrats control congress they will impeach him. >> the fourth day of testimony for president trump's nominee. the american bar association gave kavanaugh its highest rating. today's hearing wasn't short on critics. while kavanaugh supporters are in full belief he won't allow his personal beliefs to impact his rulings, democrats worry he could help overturn roe v. wade which gives women the right to abortion. >> no hidden agenda or political ax to grind, just the law. always the law.
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>> what i am most worried about this is that roe goes down. >> republicans are standing by kavanaugh, confident he will be confirmed. charging taxpayers for unnecessary security. we investigate why lapd officers went far from home to provide security for kamala harris. >> reporter: almost a year after the tubbs fire destroyed more than 3,000 homes and businesses in santa rosa, fire victims are rebuilding. but is the city ready to handle another wildfire?
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i know our team a lot better. i feel we've improved. i feel more confident going into the year. i'm just excited. sit around and think about it all year since the last game ended. our players came in so excited the first day we saw them in the off-season. preseason is a grind. we're glad to get through that and we're pumped to play football. right now at 6-30: newn
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in the north bay fire zone. why some people don right now at 6:30 new concerns in the north bay fire zone, why some people don't want people to rebuild in one neighborhood. it's been almost a year since the tubbs fire destroyed almost 3,000 homes and businesses in santa rosa. a new report reveals the reason the water system hampered firefighters' efforts to protect homes. decimated neighborhood. many are asking themselves is it wise to even return? nbc bay area has more from santa rosa. >> reporter: there is more to come, the city of santa rosa has given crews the go-ahead to build 65 more homes. is this hilly area safe from another wildfire? >> the foundation for one of the
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residents burned up here. >> reporter: dale white with western construction expects his crew will have this house in santa rosa up in a year. >> the same footprint, the same house. >> reporter: look around and you'll spot dozens of other homes going up. homeowners who love everything in the tubbs fire attended the city council meeting as to why the water system buckles under pressure. >> it was just that night was so ovelm news. after the city replaced all water department says all tap water is safe to drink again. what remains uncertain, is the city prepared for another fire? >> i need to feel comfortable.
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>> we have to have some recovery time. let's all pray together that we don't have another incident. >> reporter: the city is looking into upgrading its emergency notification system, a state review found sonoma county was unprepared and uncoordinated in warning residents ahead of time when the tubbs fire broke out. the city is looking into testing that response system next week. nbc bay area news. the two men accused in the ghostship fire of oakland have a trial date. they face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. today they withdrew their guilty pleas. you may remember a judge reje rejected a previous plea agreement. almena's attorney wants it reinstated and the trial moved. he says the t a fair trial in alameda county because the case has received so much publicity. harris' attorney disagrees. >> we are grateful that we have an opportunity to go to trial.
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it's been difficult to find any public officials whatsoever who have had the courage to do the right thing in the case. not guilty is what the man dubbed the gypsy hill killer shouted at a jury today. he appeared in court in redwood city this morning. our cameras were not allowed in. they believe he raped andomen. the trail to find him went cold. four years ago dna taken from a cigarette butt led investigators to him. he's been serving time in oregon for rape and attempted murder. >> tonight an investigation by our nbc station in l.a. reveals police officers were deployed far from the city. it's never been lapd's job.
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the investigative unit joins us with details on what's happening. >> reporter: we've uncovered documents the city and lapd have tried to keep hidden from the public that show los angeles taxpayers were on the hook for tens of thousands of travel expenses used for security guards for kamala harris. >> i'm out here in san francisco -- >>ep kamala clock hundreds of miles away escort, lapd officers on the from the city they're born to protect. the i-team has learned it was far from the first time. an immigration facility with an lapd officer a step away. he's by her side. he's right behind. in 2017 she was escorted by lapd officers to an interview with
6:34 pm
nbc bay area here in san francisco. officers went back for this speech at a ymca event a year ago. scores of lapd travel and expense documents obtained by the i-team show officers have be to other cities for the senator more than a dozen times since she took office in january 2017. office accompanied her events, media appearances, and even a party. destinations included san francisco, fresno, san diego, and oakland officers flew in to drive harris to a retirement event. the cost nearly $29,000 in food, airfare, hotel and car rental charges that doesn't include more than $10,000 in overtime. while it's routine for police officers to provide dignitaries and elected leaders with protection while visiting l.a.,
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officials tell us sending officers to other cities was unprecedented and mayor garcetti who is in charge of the lapd and the budget says he knew nothing about it. garcetti's spokesman says the mayor was not told and unaware that officers were being flown around the state for harris' benefit. garcetti puts the responsibility on former lapd chief charlie beck and beck's approving signature that appears on many of the travel records. he says the senator did not request or question the lapd protection. garcetti and harris have been political allies for years. here they are in 2007 campaigning together in iowa for barack obama. >> mayor garcetti has a front row seat. both deny this was a political favor.
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they have been fighting media request for access to this same type of information about the out of state travels. that's the same time the lapd canceled this out of town security service for the senator. garcetti's office insisted it was new lapd chief michael moore who decided to end the security program and says it was a co-incident it was shut down. back up to you in northern california. a big cleanup is about to start at the great pacific garbage patch. the ocean cleanup team is launching a boat between california and hawaii. it was tow a high-tech device to clean up the pollution there. more than 80,000 tons exploding there. the ocean cleanup will use tubes and netting.
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the goal is to have almost all the plastic gone by 2040. air travelers on heightened alert after an unusual situation on several flights. when he was
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this happened in san francisco s )cow hollow ) neighborhood he was taking out the trash when he was shot. this happened in san francisco early this morning. an employee at marina pizza and cafe was held at gunpoint. the gunman demanded his money, shot him and then ran. sfpd did find the shooter and took him into custody a few blocks away. the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. the cdc is guidelines. if you're sick, don't fly. get a flu shot by the end of october. oakland says it is monitoring the situation but has not received reports of travelers with flu like symptoms.
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neither has sfo. the health department says it's not seeing any signs of early flu season either. >> if you're going to catch the flu, even if you catch it after a vaccination, you're less likely to be hospitalized. >> some are offering shots now while larger health facilities typically start the flu clinic in the next week or two. >> a south bay little league is fiel will get cleaned up with help from city leaders. coaches from the spartan little league met with city councilmembers in san jose about poor field conditions and safety hazards. they say they've been dealing with human feces, trash, and drug use on their fields near 101 and tully. the league says it's lost 50% of its players in the last couple of years. they're hopeful they'll come up with a lasting solution. >> we're optimistic. we'll have meetings involving all the key players in the community.
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>> they say this is part of a bigger issue of the growing homeless problem in the city. >> the last chunk of the bay bridge's old eastern span comes down tomorrow. cal transwill implode the last two but to do so there will be rolling closures on the approaches to the bridge. that's supposed to happen. the bike and pedestrian path will be closed until demolition wraps up. jeff ranieri is here with our weekend forecast. a lot of little league games over the weekend. >> we hit the hottest day of the week today. we head into the week, a lot more tracking on that forecast. one of the warmest in livermore. you'll see tonight eventually 60 by 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00. we'll talk more about a hurricane that could hit hawaii. what happens when her service contract lacks service? she calls us.
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i'm chris chmura, nbc bay area responds next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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out of service a lot longer than she expected. she asked cons nbc bay area response, a woman whose stove was out of service a lot longer than she expected. >> that's not good. she asked chris chmura to turn up the heat on the store.: e sad sears when her steph weove went. the stove was dead and she expected a replacement, but that didn't happen. after a month of asking and waiting and not cooking she called us. we contacted sears and within three days the company says it welcomed her to choose a new range up to $630. shipping and haul away would be free. a spokesperson wrote us a note and said our member services team rue viewed and resolved ms. reyna's situation. we look forward to welcoming her into a local sears store to
6:45 pm
select a replacement. extended warranties get mixed reviews. consumer reports for one says you might be smarter to actually set aside the money you would spend and cover the cost of repairs yourself. and yet the service contact council says 250 million of them are sold every year. before you buy an extended warranty or service plan, do some homework. it's a form of insurance. figure out what's covered and what's not and look for scheduled fees you might be responsible to pay. see if there's an obligation to cancel. if you have a consumer complaint please call us. 888-996-tips. >> we like having chris on our team. very helpful. where is the place to be this weekend if you like wine? how about mountain view.
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beginning tomorrow about 200,000 people expected to attend the 47th annual art and wine festival. not just wine and cheese. the dave matthews band will be performing. add to that, and we need jeff ranieri, add to that stanford football against usc, kickoff at 5:30. you have stanford football, dave matthews, art and wine festival of mountain view all within five miles of each other. >> all so different, too. >> this is easy. 79 for the high and for the game 60s. doesn't get much better than that. our weather forecast is going to actually get cooler. we hit the hottest of the weather that we've seen most recently. this is one to look at if you're doing something else. it's from sutro tower standing up some 977 feet.
6:47 pm
you can see the san francisco skyline, treasure island and the east bay hills off in the distance. we do not expect too much in the way of thick smoke. a big night out. 62 degrees. you need the light jacket at least and not expecting too much fog, a beautiful evening no matter where you're headed. that's going to lead us to tomorrow morning's forecast. we do not expect a lot of thick fog. i think we'll have more and 62, also patchy low clouds in the north bay and the east bay as well.
6:48 pm
we have some excellent conditions. the big change we're monitoring that hot area of high pressure. that's why numbers will be dropping a few degrees. right near the bay, head away from the bay. it's not triple digits. in the low 90s from antioch back to walnut creek. along the peninsula for all of that action we talked about anywhere from 75 in san mateo to 79 in palo alto. the mildest 70 degrees. that puts us at 64. and through wine country, napa,
6:49 pm
sonoma. my extended forecast shows san francisco, 60s over the next seven days. we can handle that just fine. a system moves close by on wednesday. look at the temperatures, from that 91 tomorrow and we'll stay with 70s all way into next friday. have plans to hawaii, we've had a lot of tropical systems. it could bring impacts by next tuesday. winds of 60 to 70. this could pass directly over. we'll know more in coming days. on the peninsula, usc for the big showdown. kicked off, right
6:50 pm
bay area. this weekend, the 49ers and
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6:52 pm
raiders play their first games. the niners start on sunday in this week the niners and raiders play their first official regular season games. the niners start on sunday in
6:53 pm
minnesota. >> are you going to watch? >> of course. >> the raiders are on "monday night football" and raiders nation needs some emotional tlc. it's been a rough few days after trading away their best defensive player. >> reporter: khalil mack to the bears. we're a week away from the movef gunther had this reaction to the news. >> are you kidding me? >> reporter: he says the decision ultimately came down to numbers and philosophy. >> he's a fantastic player. we've been here for six months. if you keep one player around you'll lose a dozen others. the best interest was to make the move. >> reporter: the players not happy but with the season opener
6:54 pm
aproepg, no time to dwell on it. >> it was shocking. >> he's right. the season starts against the rams and just like his team which went 6-10, amari cooper setting his sights on a bo down right giddy. >> we've been preparing. "monday night football." >> a monday night double-header kicks off in oakland scheduled for 7:20. colin resch. >> it will be a fun few days. get ready for a wild night. stanford and usc tomorrow night
6:55 pm
on the farm. the cardinal off a 31-10 win game.san diego state. >> without completely diluting our preparation, a sense of the history of this battle and the progression of this battle that we know is a pac 12 game but we respect what we do and they respect what we do. >> tomorrow cal at byu and san jose state at washington state. so we have a lot going on. >> i'm so excited. everybody will be excited about this. at 5:30 tomorrow we'll still be in the 70s right from that first
6:56 pm
kickoff. 6:00 and 7:00. clear skies. beautiful weather. i call it stanford football. we don't mention who they're going up against. >> some a's baseball and "monday night football" in observing. >> so much going on. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> bye, folks.
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"extra" ♪ now on "extra." katie holmes, priyanka chopra, gigi hadid, "extra" front and center as stars invade new york fashion week. >> fantastic fashion. >> kate spade's label paying tribute with a runway lined in glitter.
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>> she left sparkle wherever she went. >> cardi b's night off with a new baby as her man on the catwalk. >> burt reynolds 911 call. >> is he breathing normally? >> no. >> tanika's final interview with the movie legend. >> i love it. >> the o burt's confession about sally field and why it took him two decades to wrap up his divorce


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