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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 8, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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mandatory evacuations are in place a short time ago, they issued it at knoxville road. this shows the intense plume of smoke, a couple hundred homes are threatened at this fire. here are some nor video for you from a passing car showing again more of that smoke. >> that heavy grey smoke t about 7 miles southeast of middle town. we )re also followie developments in shasta county... as the delta fire continues to rage it )s nearly doubled in size since this time yesterday. crews are scrambling to prevent the fire from reaching mountain communities. so far the fire has ripped through at least 58-square miles and is 0% containted. the biggest impact is the continued closure of i-5... a 45 mile stretch between mount shasta and redding, will be
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closed until further notice. as we )ve been watching these wildfires break out, we )ve also been watching the weather. hot, dry conditions continue. let )s check in with meteorologist rob mayeada with the latest.
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and remember you can track the conditions, where ever you are, with our nbc bay area app. it )s free to download on your smartphone. tens of thousands of people hit the streets of san francisco today, in a show of you can download that on your smartphone. tens of thousands of people hit the streets of san francisco today in a show of force against climate change. nbc area's kristy smith joins us live from civic center where people not only filled the streets, they painted them too? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. the march wrapped up awhile ago. what's left behind areary mural. we're told some folks are out here cleaning it up. overall the march was peaceful. as you said, thousands of p francisco to send a message on the climate ahead of a big summit. they carried signs and unified message. thousands of demonstrators headed down market street in san francisco for the rise for climate, jobs, and justice
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march. >> the global news, everything's coming apart at the seams. the storms, the ocean is full of garbage patches. we've got to wake up sometime. >> reporter: a divorce coalition that included environmental and community groups pushing for an end to fossil fuel production and an emphasis on renewable energy. >> this march is about solutions that are coming from the front lines of people facing the worst impacts of climate change. >> reporter: the march was just one of many taking place in cities in the u.s. and abroad. the march comes days before the governor's global actionsummit . >> there's hundreds of organizations who are part of this effort pushing jerry brown. >> reporter: today the governor released a statement and tweeted a message to the trump administration saying, in part, not here, not now, we will not let the federal government pillage public lands and destroy our treasured coast. in the city today some said they saw the governor's signing bills to block the administration's plans for offshore drilling as
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largely symbolic. >> it doesn't help the impacted communities that are dealing with neighborhood drilling. >> reporter: one of the concerns expressed today, how lower-income communities are impacted. >> we have frontline communities in this state that are suffering from polluted water, polluted air. it is not enough. this crisis is upon us. >> reporter: some demonstrators said they do have events planned through the week. and organizers tell us by their estimates about 30,000 people m >> thank you very much, crist y. in kee global temperatures from rising. scientists say to meet that goal the world must stop emitting greenhouse gases in the next half century. in australia, activists unfurled banners on a historic tall ship in sydney harbor.
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demonstrators rallied at a beach that could be underwater in a few decades if things don't change. shaking in the east bay, a 2.8 magnitude quake struck in oakland just after 1:00 this afternoon. nobody was hurt, no damage reported, but bart ran trains at reduced speeds so crews could do track inspections to make sure everything was okay. bart service is now back to normal. a boat sailing under the golden state bridge is not normally a big deal. this, it's no ordinary boat, it's part of a historic project to cn garbage patch. roz joins usrom near the golden state bridge. if this thing works it's amazing. >> reporter: it is amazing. there were lots of folks out here near the bridge to try and get a look and try and send them off, wishing them well. this crew is on a really important mission. they are severally trying to help save the environment.
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>> oh, i see it. oh my god. >> reporter: ocean cleanup system 001 on its maiden voyage, leaving san francisco headed to an area of the pacific ocean halfway between california and hawaii known as the great pacific garbage patch. 250 million pounds of plastic over an area twice the size of texas. >> and for 60 years, man has been putting plastic into the ocean. from that day onwards, we're taking it back out again. >> reporter: the bay area nonprofit ocean cleanup spent five years studying the patch, creating tested technology, then building the cleanup system. it consists of massive seconds of hollow ft. baker to catch a glimpse of the water and traps the p spect the launch. >> i think it's pretty cool. and hopefully together with collective effort we can make a difference. >> to me this is more important than landing another mission on the moon. it's more important to take care of the planet that we have right
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now. >> reporter: it will take five years and a fleet of systems to clean up just half of the garbage patch. but this is at least a first step. so what happens to all that trash once they collect it? >> we want to recycle into products and with those products we want to allow people to help fund the cleanup. >> reporter: indeed, that's the goal down the road. first logistics, though. we're told it will take three to five days for them to get to a site about 240 nautical miles offshore from the garbage patch. from there they will conduct a two-week final rehearsal. if all goes well, they'll begin heading towards the garbage patch. that should take another couple of weeks. they expect to reach there sometime mid-october. >> wow, a lot of work to be done, thank you. four people and four pets are homeless after an early morning fire rips through a home in pittsburg. it happened around 7:00 in the morning. four people were treated at the
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scene for minor injuries. firefighters say the home right there that you see with all that smoke and fire is a total loss. firefighters are trying to figure out what caused the fire. a 51-year-old man is recovering after falling into a water fountain and nearly drowning. investigators say he was intoxicated ed at the time. it happened last night in the shopping center by san ramon. bystanders called 911. a dispatcher helped a caller perform cpr until paramedics arrived. the man may have hit his head. he was taken to a hospital listed in critical but stable condition. still ahead on nbc bay area news at 6:00, former president obama coming off the sidelines and getting on the campaign trail with a weekend stop in california. plus going high-tech to inspect a crack on the millennium tower. but the inspection doesn't go as planned. many people living with diabetes
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monitor their blood glucose every day. which means they have to stop. and stick their fingers. repeatedly. today, life-changing technology from abbott makes it possible to track glucose levels. without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. republicans, former president barack obama is now on the campaign trail. he )s stumping for california a day after giving a speech slamming president trump and republ barack obama is on the cam t sn democrats and hoping to flip control in the house. during a stop in southern california today, mr. obama didn't mention the current president by name, but his target was clear. >> the good news is in two months we have a chance to restore some sanity in our politics.
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we have the chance to flip the house of representatives and make sure there are real checks and balances in washington. >> some democrats have complained the former president has not done enough to help get candidates elected but it appears as though obama is making up for lost time. he's due to make campaign stops in ohio, pennsylvania, and illinois in the coming weeks. while the former president campaigned today, president trump spent much of his day at his virginia golf club. following up now on the story our investigative unit broke. today a drone helped inspect a cracked window at the tilting millennium tower. but things didn't go ased. here's why. that drone actually ended up crashing. it was sent to take pictures of the window from the outside. the high-resolution photos will be september to experts to help determine the cause of the crack. two years ago it was discovered that the 58-story building was
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both sinking and tilting, resulting in several lawsuits. thomas miller, the attorney working with the tenants, admits right now there's not a lot of evidence to suggest the cracking was caused by the tilting or sinking. >> well, if it was related to the tilting or the sinking you would see likely a pattern of other cracks perhaps in that same line of where this window is. and i don't know whether this is just the first window to crack and happens to be the first in line to do that or whether this could be just the first, the tip of the iceberg, in terms of being able to find a more worker wi rappel to do another inspection of the windows. the moment a 5.9 magnitude earthquake jolted southwest china earlier today. several surveillance cameras caught people running out of buildings and debris falling. no deaths reported but at least 14 people were hurt. some houses and other buildings
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sustained significant damage. firefighters and rescue teams have been activated to help. boy, that can be terrifying. >> i have a question. that is technically considered ring of fire? >> that area? depending. inland, not as much. again, it's a reminder to be prepared. even here we had the squall quake too, a reminder that all the hills and mountain ranges thatgy created that ane the price living here in the bay area. the weather forethe moment is gorgeous outside. clear skies. temperatures in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s depending on where you are. you can see highs today reached the mid 90s around santa rosa and concord. 91 livermore. 69 san francisco. kind of interesting when you look. it was the north bay and inland east bay valleys that warmed up by about 5 to 10 degrees over yesterday. meantime, bayside, a steady supply of breezy conditions
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running slightly cooler than 24 hours ago. still warm inland for your evening plans. sunshine still in tran too. but take the jacket too as winds will be gusting from 10 to 25 miles per hour. 66 right now in san francisco. oakland looking nice, 70. highs in the low 70s a little bit earlier. dublin, we were in the 90s today. tomorrow likely upper 80s. san jose highs mid 80s. the current temperature probably close to tomorrow's high temperatures. temperatures begin to cool down. the wind shift is actually air you can tell. pretty good visibility. similar conditions again tomorrow. but those winds, pretty gusty through the evening. in the higher hills away from the marine air irinfluenza, that means dry and breezy conditions. the fire burning to the northwest and the delta fire by shasta county. tomorrow morning patchy low clouds. you think the breezes on thtual
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that marine air will begin to get a bit of a boost as the temperatures cool even more, approaching tuesday and wednesday. morning temperatures comfortably in the 50s. then highs tomorrow beginning a downward trend to closer to 80 in san jose. and numbers in the mid to upper 80s around the tri-valley. 70s oakland into fremont. 87 in vallejo. 70 san mateo. mid 70s around palo alto. mid 60s downtown san francisco. north bay temperatures trending cooler as we should begin to see winds the bay out of the south later tomorrow afternoon. so high pressure begins to weaken, allowing this system dropping in from the pacific northwest, which will lead to some cooling. maybe not so much noticed around san francisco. but it's these valley temperatures which hit the mid 90s today. we'll be in the upper 70s by wednesday. feeling like fall by midweek. >> yeah, taste of fall. can't wait for it. rob, thank you. still ahead, he was the youngest person ever to receive venture capital funding for his
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idea. tonight we'll tell you what this bay area teen is up to now and it may surprise you. it was time to update the bathroom but we wanted to work with a company we could trust. rebath gave us the bathroom we always wanted. call 925-233-6471 and save $1000 off your complete bathroom remodel
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we )re checking in with some of the most memorable people we )ve met along the way. including a twelve-year-old technology visionary. he )s now aen all this week we're checking in with some of the most memorable people we've met along the way, including a 12-year-old technology visionary. he's now a senior in high school with a bright future. but as we learned, he's making sure to enjoy the present. in 2014, a 12-year-old showed us something he'd been tinkering with at his parents' kitchen table. it was a braille printer
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constructed entirely out of a lego robotics kit. at just a few hundred dollars for the set, it was a fraction of the cost of a traditional braille printer. and soon earned jabom worldwide attention. >> it hit the news. that was pretty crazy. i didn't know how that happened. >> reporter: interviews, conferences, a trip to the white house followed. >> yeah, that's braille. >> reporter: by the end of the year jubom had become the youngest person ever to fundingg his idea, brego, to the mainstream. at the time, one could only imagine where you'd find this young tech visionary four years later. although under center for the santa clara high school bruins is probably not what most were thinking. >> i'm just having a lot of fun this year. i just want to win. >> reporter: he's still deeply involved with brego, the development of a low-cost
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commercial printer is moving ahead very quickly. they've also developed an app that can literally tell the visually impaired, with a click of their smartphone camera, what they are looking at. >> this is an image of steve jobs wearing his -- >> reporter: it's a lot of work on top of a high school senior's class load. so why add football to the mix? well, he says while a future in tech is in his sights, it's not the future just yet. >> i can only be 16 once. i could devote every single second, every single mu doing technology, anything but football, anything but studies. but no, i want to study, i want to practice, i want to have fun with my friends. i found a way in my life where everything just fits together perfectly, and i couldn't ask for more. >> now if you enjoyed that
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story, do i have a show for you. raj mathai and janelle wang join me as we shareful the remarkable people and unforgettable moments that make the bay area proud. our special "bay area proud: 500 stories" airs tonight in just about nine minutes. >> you don't want to miss that. some incredible stories. thank you for that, garvin. thanks for bringing us those stories. >> it has been my pleasure and my honor, trust me. major controversy in the women's final at the u.s. open. here's customkerith burke with . serena williams looking a victory but the matchin tears. draymond green gives out high fives and dunks in asia. jon gruden and the raiders name game one and the a's hunted a third win in a row at the coliseum next in sports.
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i'm kerith burke at the
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xfinity sports desk. the a's entered today's action a season high 28 games over .500. let's get you to the coliseum. the a's hosting the rangers. bottom dwellers in the a.l. west. bottom one, chris davis, you know the guy who leads the mlb in home runs? watch him add to it, number 41 this season, a two-run shot, 2-0 a's. bottom five, a's down by two. jed lawrie goes shopping to the left center gap, his 88th and 89th rbi of the season. bottom six. still tied. chad pender unleashes the solo shot. right over the xfinity sign. his 11th of the season. a's up one. bottom eight now, it's6-6. matt olsen declares the home runs are not s flo shot the 25t season. the a's win 8-6, their third straight win. >> pretty important at-bat. you know, he's always ready to go in. he was going to go in regardless
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if we -- you know, with pender's home run, actually, he was going to go in regardless with lou coming in the game and lefties up. so he's always ready to play. he wants to play every day. pretty impactful when he came in the game today, that's for sure. the second jon gruden era in oakland officially begins monday night against the rams. today the silver and black named six captains for the season, including derek carr, bruce irvin, derek johnson. gruden described the pregame butterflies he still feels leading up to kickoff. >> i'm just as excited. i get the butterflies. it's the same way every year. especially opening day, it's special. this is really special for me. i know there's been a lot of news this week with what has happened. but i want to do everything i can to help bring the raiders back. i really like the effort that our team has put forth, our coaching staff. it will be special going out there monday night, that's for sure. draymond green visiting
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tokyo as the nba continues to grow the game internationally. today green mixed it up with fans, handing out high fives and dropping some dunks. and of course he brought the trophy too. green finishes tomorrow taking in a japanese professional game. the u.s. open women's final featuring serena williams and naomi osaka. serena chasing a 24th major title, while osaka at age 20 making her first major final appearance. she was up, when serena hit it s from chair umpire carlos ramos, including a game penalty that put osaka up 5-3. osaka serves it out, she wins 6-2, 6-4. that's the sports story this saturday. more news after the break. don't call it a comeback.
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i've been here for years. rockin' my peers. puttin' suckas in fear. don't you dare stare. you better move. listen to the bass go boom. i'm gonna knock you out. mama said knock you out. don't call it a comeback. i've been here for years.
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for decades. but the old eastern span of the bay bridge, is now gone. it has connected the bay area for decades but the old eastern span of the bay bridge is now gone. there it goes. cal trans imploded the last two foundations today. the old eastern span was nearly two miles long. it's been demolished in three phases in the reverse order of how it was built. wow. >> that's pretty cool to watch, i must say. >> the big boom. >> good to see underwater video
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of that too. >> above the water. >> tomorrow looks good. cooler as numbers inland start to drop. 60s around san francisco. >> all right. thanks so much for joining us. garvin, take it away. >> thanks for joining us. our "bay area proud: 500 stories" special is next. don't go anywhere. you're watching an nbc news bay area special. "bay area proud: 500 stories." every day in every bay area community, they are at work. committing acts of kindness. generosity. >> i don't know what happened. >> okay. >> reporter: and compassion. >> yeah, you're all right. >> reporter: they are the people who make the bay area proud. tonight we celebrate their
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stories. 500 and counting. here are nbc bay area's raj mathai and janelle wang. >> good evening and thanks for joining us for a special night here on nbc bay area. we hear this a lot, especially nowadays, how come local and national news is always bad and negative? >> true. it's our job as journalists to expose the news of corruption, crime, and disaster. but if that's all we did, we wouldn't be giving you an accurate view of the world around us. >> so six years ago we made a unique promise. not justto share more positive stories about our community. and that's how our "bay area proud" series was born. >> it's been an incredible ride. nbc bay area's garvin thomas has been our guide on this journey in he joins us now with a look back atme


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