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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 9, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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you are so, i can't believe you are just so brave. that is all for now. i'm lester holt. thank you for joining us. the n. good evening and thank you for joining us. i )m vicky nguyen. d the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening and thank you for joining us.t$ñ i'm vicky nguyen. >> and i'm garvin thomas in for. the fire in napa county continues to burn tonight. evacuations of the bay area estate, a development of homes near the fire remains in place. >> we have team coverage tonight. meteorologist rob mayeda is monitoring the impact on our air. but we begin near the firefighters staging area with the very latest. sergio? >> reporter: vicky, last night when the snell fire was really burning intensely out here, actually lit up the night sky, was being blown along by steady winds, it was even warm out here last night. tonight very different story,
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calm conditions. in fact, kind of chilly at the moment. a small fleet of helicopters buzzed overhead, dumping buckets of water on hot spots throughout the snell burn area, but this evening the fire is much more intense. >> totally different now. earlier today there was smoke everywhere, and active was just intense. >> it was intense with all the helicopters and the planes going over. but we felt confident that they were on it. >> lori and lee bauer were among only a few households who decided not to evacuate. we watched last night as they sprayed down their home as the snell fire burned within yards of their neighborhood. >> we lost our house in the valley fire, and we didn't want to do that again. we've been through that once and that was it. going to protect your house. >> today berryessa estates mostly a ghost town. only the occasional fire truck assigned to structure protection
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or a cruiser keepinging out looters patrolled the street. the fire didn't jump the creek and never made to it the neighborhood. ground crews aided by tractors are taking advantage of the calm wind conditions to cut containment lines. right now, the snell fire sat about 2400 acres. it's 20% contained. no structures according to cal fire have been damaged. reporting live in napa, i'm sergio keen tan narcotics bay area news. >> thank you, sergio. we're not only giving up news on the fire line, we're posting them on our digital platform. follow @nbc bay area for the latest information. with this new fire burning, how will it affect air quality in the bay area? >> and here to break it down for us tonight is meteorologist rob mayeda. rob so, many fires, and we're not getting a break any time soon. >> and we're seeing upper-level winds taking smoke into parts of
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napa county and good news at ground level. cooler temperatures, light wind and humidity has come up a little bit. we can give you the wider view of what the upper-level winds are doing, pushing smoke generally to the east and southeast. and one of our weather models looking at near surface smoke shows potentially unhealthy air quality in northern napa county through about noon, and moderate levels of smoke reaching parts of the tri-valley and the inland east bay before the sea breeze starts to pick up and we see improving air quality. smoke advisory for the bay area tomorrow, especially around the north bay. and you might notice more smoke into tuesday as the winds push a little more smoke from north to south across the bay area. speaking of the middle part of the week, big drop in temperatures our way. i'll let you know if it's going to include any chance of showers in our seven-day forecast coming up in about 12 minutes. >> all right, rob, thank you. you can follow the weather and find out what's coming. it's all on our nbc bay area app. download it for free and keep tabs on your forecast right from your phone.
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new at 11:00, we now know more about the suspect in the south bay police chase that forced an officer to open fire. santa clara police arrested this man, 38-year-old manuel rico. officers say he is a known gang member who stole a car earlier this morning. when an officer spotted the car and tried to pull rico over, he allegedly sped off. police say rico rammed several patrol cars and ditched the stolen car near mayellen avenue and scott street in san jose. he took off on foot. one officer opened fire and did hit him. officers took him to the hospital and then booked him into the santa clara county jail. now to a story we first broke on people taking part in a south bay football tournament were forced to take cover because of a police shooting. officers say it started early this morning in fresno when a former police officer with access to firearms stole a car. around 1:00 p.m., that suspect called gilroy pd and told
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dispatchers the car had just been stolen from him. he hung up and called back and mentioned gilroy high school and a desire to, quote, fight with police. officers rushed to the school. that's where they found the man driving on a baseball field next to the stadium where a pop warner football game was under way. the man allegedly tried to ram an officer, and that officer opened fire. you see the car there. the suspect was not hit. he surrendered. police say the parents at the football game rushed to block access to the field to help protect the kids. the anti-defamation league is expressing dismay after anti-semitic flyers were found at yet another bay area synagogue. a board member of the temple beth shalom in san leandro spotted the flyers on the ground right outside the synagogue. police were told about the incident and beefed up patrols near the synagogue which they say they typically do this time of year when the jewish community observes the high holy days. the anti-defamation league says five synagogues in the east bay have been targeted with flyers.
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>> these are flyers that were on behalf of white supremacist groups that is spreading messages of hatred. >> the league says extremist groups have been emboldened in this divisive political climate. the temple issued a statement that it would not be intimidated by the flyers, and it wishes the whole community a happy new year. we'll have more on this story coming up at 11:30. well, on the heels of a massive climate change march, san francisco is now gearing up for governor gary brown's global climate action summit. the three-day summit starts wednesday. governments, companies and the public will meet to%woy discuss they're taking action to protect the environment. organizers say they want to highlight strategies that work. the event is expected to draw will 4500 delegates from around the world. they're also ready for protesters who aren't happy with the pace of cutting carbon emissions and9je reducing pollution. the list of high profile speakers is on your screen there it includes former vice
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president al gore, congresswoman nancy pelosi, mark benioff, jane goodall, patty smith, and former secretary of state john kelly. -- john kerry. some of the biggest names in music and politics coming together to honor the great ron dellums. the former oakland mayor called a warrior for social justice. nbc bay area's marianne favro was the only bay area tv news reporter to attend the private memorial at jack london square. she now joins us live from oakland with a look at the celebration of life. marianne? >> ron dellums served in congress 27 years, and many people considered him a legend, larger than life. so it's only fitting that tonight's tribute was also larger than life with some very big performances for music legends, including stevie wonder. ♪ the temptations belted out motown hits during a public
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memorial at jack london square. music continued to punctuate the celebration of life during a private ceremony where hundreds celebrated dellums' more than 5e >> was a leader in the world for justice. and then, of course, he and oakland as he comes back home to lead his city as a model citizen. an incredible life. >> from lieutenant governor gavin newsom to congresswoman nancy pelosi, many of the guests were well-known political figures. >> he was larger than life and a powerful and public figure. and i looked up to him, as we all did as a statesman, a warrior and a fighter. >> they remember how'd dellums demanded a house investigation into america war crimes in vietnam, and how he fought against apartheid, and later
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became the first african american to be appointed to the house armed services committee. but tonight what many say they'll remember most about dellums was his integrity, his humanitarian effort and his tireless efforts to bring people together. dellums was 82. one of his favorite quotes, it's not a crime to fail. the crime is not trying. quite a legacy. reporting live in oakland, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> and quite a celebration of his life as well. marianne, thank you. well, just days before the nation pauses to remember the september 11th attacks, a new memorial honors the people who died on flight 93. today a new 93-foot-tall memorial was dedicated to the victims. it's called the tower of voices, and it is the last big addition to the memorial site in shanksville. it is where the flight headed from newark to sfo crashed after terrorists hijacked it. right now there are eight wind
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chimes in the tower. eventually there will be 40 chimes to honor the 40 passengers and crew who died, five of whom were from the bay area. >> this majestic landmark serves as a symbol of strength and courage. it reminds us of the power to take action. >> the remaining chimes are set to be installed later this fall. experts will be taking another look at the cracked window at san francisco's millennium tower this week. in the next few days, a worker will rappel down the side of the building to do another evaluation. that's after yesterday's inspection hit a snag. a drone sent up to inspect the glass crashed. two years ago nbc bay area's investigative unit broke the story that the skyscraper was both sinking and tilting. experts are now trying to figure out if the cracked window is linked to those problems or being caused by something else. the countdown is on. we're just days away from the most eagerly anticipated event
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in silicon valley. apple is expected to unveil its newest product on wednesday. this is videooy+c from last yea big announcement. as always, apple is being tight-lipped about what new products it will debut. but tech expert says expect a new line of iphones, a new apple watch and a new ipad pro. apple is releasing a new affordable mack book air. testing out a warning system. it is meant to save lives and was not used during the historic fires in the north bay. how the alert should work and what to watch for during tomorrow's drill. and he is one of the most powerful men in the entertainment industry. and tonight he's out of a job. the allegations that brought him down and the settlement he reached, next. and right now, we're looking at a cool 58 degrees in oakland, and monday night football coming back to oakland as the rams come to seattle. temperatures in the low 60s around kickoff time. we'll talk about a big cooldown in the seven-day forecast,
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i've cast quite a spell now... you won't believe your eyes! (laughter) the spell is cast. halloween time is back with spook-tacular experiences in disneyland and disney california adventure parks! (laughter) alert systems to the see if they an important operation in sonoma county this week. emergency leaders will put their alert systems to the test to see if they will work in the next disaster. the tests come nearly a year
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after deadly fires raced through the county. tomorrow people can expect a phone call to their land lines and to their cell phones if they are sign upped for the alert system. on wednesday, the county will activate its wireless emergency alert system that should go to all cell phones in the area with a brief text message. it is the first ever test of this system on the west coast. i recently sat down with chriss goly, the interim sonoma county emergency manager to talk about the lessons learned after last year's firestorm. how do you weigh the decision between warn together many people and not enough people? >> given our experience here is in sonoma county, our community has very clearly indicated at this point they're okay with being overwarned. >> you can see our entire investigative report right now on click on the investigations tab. san bruno police honoring the victims of the pipe explosion that left eight people dead eight years ago.
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a place for those who lost their loved ones. we also remain in awe of the incredible strength and resiliency the residents of this extraordinary city display on a daily basis. the dallas police officer who shot and killed a))u man ins own apartment is being charged with manslaughter. it's a story drawing national attention tonight. officer amber guyger told police she came home from work thursday night and thought she was going into her apartment. instead she went into botham jean's home. she said she thought he was burglar so she shot him and killed him. earlier texas rangers arrested guyger and charged her with manslaughter. she posted her $300,000 bail and was released. also tonight, family and friends of jean held a vigil at the dallas church of christ. they say he was a very active church member there. a lawyer for the jean family says the funeral is planned for thursday. days after being sentenced to two weeks in prison as part of the russia investigation,
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george papadopoulos is speaking out. the former trump campaign adviser says campaign members, including now attorney general jeff session knew he was trying to set up a meeting between then candidate donald trump and vladimir putin. sessions told congress under oath he pushed back on the plan, but papadopoulos says sessions was enthusiastic and that mr. trump was not opposed. >> candidate trump at the time nodded at me. i don't think he was committed either way. he was open to the idea. >> papadopoulos was convicted last year of lying to the fbi. the latest accusations come as the white house continues its search for the anonymous writer of that "new york times" op-ed slamming president trump. the president has asked for a department of justice investigation to find the source. he calls it treason. cbs's embattled ceo, les moonves is now. tonight the announcement comes after at least 12 women came forward the accuse moonves of sexual misconduct during his
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time at cbs. according to sources close to the settlement talk, how much severance he could receive depends on the outcomeñd+j of a independent investigation. the company announced tonight that moonves and cbs will donate $20 million to organizations that support the me too movement and women in the workplace. well, it is the first sunday of the nfl season, and once again, two players took a knee during the national anthem. you're looking at miami dolphins kenny stills and albert wilson kneeling together before their win over the tennessee titans earlier today. the gesture got the attention of former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick who tweeted "my brothers continue to show their unwavering strength by fighting for the oppressed. they have not backed down even when intimidated. their courage will move the world forward. love is at the root of our resistance clot resistance." a 20-year-old made history on the tennis court, but all anyone can zosó about is serena
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williams' dispute with the chair umpire. >> i have never seen it in my life. i have a daughter and what's right for her. i've never seen it. >> now this all started when the umpire warned williams her receiving coaching during the match which is not aloud. denied the accusation and then she eventually called the umpire a thief which is the last draw for the officials. he awarded the game to her opponent as a penalty. today williams is also fined $17,000. naomi osaka went on to win the match, becoming the first player from japan to win a major single tennis title. she will be on the "today" show tomorrow morning to hear what she thinks about yesterday's bizarre scene. tomorrow morning on "today." hurricane florence is still far out over the atlantic, but it is strengthening and could become a major hurricane as soon as tomorrow. the forecast right now puts it on a track to hit the east coast later this week. and while the u.s. braces for that storm, today rain pounded
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parts of the northeast and ohio valley delaying sports events. g tonight millions battling surging floodwaters. torrential rain across the country. in north texas, severe flash flooding turned fatal. saturday a teenaged mother and toddler drowned in fort worth. their car swept off the road into 30-foot deep water. alejandro flores says he tried to help but the current was too strong. >> the car tried to cross the channel, and the water just swept it away. >> reporter: hours later, a man in his 70s also drowned after his car was submerged. >> we found the vehicle about 300 yards downstream. >> reporter: farther east, constant rain. from kentucky to new york, slow-moving storms have put 52 million americans under the threat of flooding. in chicago, a man died after a wave swept him into a lake. all this as the southeast scrambled to prepare for
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hurricane florence. >> i am worried. i'm concerned. doing everything i can. >> reporter: the storm now picking up strength over the atlantic could, be the first hurricane to make landfall on the east coast this season. >> prepare for the worst, but hope for the best. >> reporter: it comes one year after hurricane irma ravaged the eastern seaboard, devastating the florida keys, causing more than $50 billion in damage. the country already feeling the full wrath of surging storms, while millions more now brace for impact. steve patterson, nbc news. >> they are dealing with a lot of rough weather, and more on the way. >> and we're seeing that hurricane actually strengthening at this hour now. category 1 storm, but it's possible just within the next 36 hours we could see florence move from category 1 to category 3 or possibly 4. here is the latest right now. the storm with the sustained winds and 90 miles per hour. the path really hasn't changed much, as you can see here. by late wednesday into thursday, possibly it's a category 4
11:21 pm
hurricane approaching the south coast of north carolina that would make it the strongest hurricane to do so and make landfall since 1954 when you have hurricane hazel's winds of 130 miles per hour. so that is the issue there in terms of the landfall. happening on thursday, you can see tropical storm force wind field. the strongest wind gusts around the eye wall. we're talking category 3 or 4, storm surge and wind damage could be tremendous there. and the projection is a slow-moving event once it tracks inland. we may see two to three feet of rain if this thing stalls out from thursday into friday and saturday. so rainfall by the end of the week. it could be the big legacy of the storm across multiple states. so that is something we'll be watching closely wednesday into thursday to see where that path of hurricane florence ends up. here in bay area, upper 60s i around concord. upper 50s into san francisco. as you can see, we're fog-free with the bay bridge light, 58
11:22 pm
degrees. high earlier of sunny skies, close to 70 degrees. san jose right now not likely to see low clouds for the morning. 62 currently. a bit breezy the winds coming down the coast from northwest from 10 to 20 miles per hour, which should keep low clouds from forming for the morning hours. temperatures mostly in the mid- to upper 50s, and high temperatures tomorrow just a little bit cooler than today. tomorrow and tuesday the warmer days of the week, as you see from san jose southward. still mid to upper 80s possible. same for the tri-valley. and the inland east bay. 70s oakland to fremont with peninsula temperatures mid-70s. and san francisco upper 60s for most areas around downtown and 80s into the 40 bay. so mostly clear skies for monday. but watch what happens here as we jump forward into wednesday. mostly cloudy conditions as this weather system here looking more like fall brings-ux rain just our north. in fact, substantial rain for the pacific northwest and tries toa,g6ur'g a few showers to the
11:23 pm
south. maybe by late wednesday and thursday, might see some of that north in mendocino county. the big impact here will be the wind and the cooler temperatures here for the valleys. we finish the weekend with 80s and 90s. wait until you see that inland seven-day forecast. even san francisco feeling a bit chilly, low 60s and breezy. but we're talking highs in the 70s for livermore that is a big drop in temperatures. morning temperatures as well, 40s and 50s. may actually need long sleeves in a few spots come wednesday. >> might see somebody wearing a scarf out there. >> i think we will. >> 20-degree swing. all right, rob. thank you so much. coming up, a big day for north korea. a military parade in the streets. but there was one noticeable thing missing from the celebration. what president trump said about it. and a scare in the south bay a home was consumed by flames, forcing everyone out. what we knoab and a scare in the south bay. wa forcing everyone out. what we now know about the fire tonight. the fight by some resido
11:24 pm
keep the chainsaws away! plus- what wildfire victims can do to make their voices heard and possibly lead to better laws statewide. monday morning- from 4:30 to 7.
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north korea, as the country celebrated it )s 70th year. kim jong un, who has been in the overseas, this was a big day in north korea as the country celebrated its 70th anniversary. kim jong-un, who has been in the news much of this year, watched over tens of thousand in the capital amid all the pomp and circumstances. >> one of the usual elements was absent. janis mackey frayer was there for us. >> there were marching bands, goose-stepping soldiers and art tilleries. but what is striking about this parade is what it lacked, the intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the u.s. that have been shown off here before. these parades are a show of resounding military strength. you can feel the ground shaking under your feet.
11:28 pm
this one is also a read on where kim jong-un stands diplomatically, and the sort of message he wants to get across to the u.s. as talks over his nuclear program have stalled. launching long-range missiles or any hint of his nuclear arsenal could have unnerved president trump who tweeted a thank you to kim jong-un, saying we will both prove everyone wrong. kim didn't speak today, but declared earlier today that his nuclear weapons program was a success and pushed north koreans to now focus on the economy. we're happy, excited and proud, said these women. anti-american?!é-& propaganda hs now largely gone, replaced by slogans urging economic growth and absolute loyalty to their leader. janis mackey frayer, nbc news, pyongyang. coming up, stopping the snell fire. it's burning near lake berryessa with evacuation orders still in effect. our coverage continues next. onta
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thanks for being with us tonight. we're going to recap our top stories. we are tracking the snell fire that continues to burn in napa county tonight. evacuations remain in place for people living in thevfaó berry estates. >> the fire broke out yesterday afternoon. so far more than 2400 acres have burned. cal fire says it is 20% contained and the flames are threatening almost 200 homes. so far no homes or structures have burned. one couple we spoke with told us they chose not to evacuate. last night they sprayed down their home as the fire burned within yards of the neighborhood. >> we lost our house in the valley fire, and we didn't want to do that again. so we've been through that once, and that was it. we're going to stay and protect our house. >> nearly 500 firefighters,
11:32 pm
including a crew from san mateo are now on the front lines. a scary wake-up call this morning for some people living in the south bay. a fire broke out just after 1:00 this morning at a home on charles street in sunnyvale. everyone managed to get out safely, but you can see flames destroyed the house. firefighters also evacuated people living in several nearby homes. it took crews just under an hour to get the fire under control. one couple lived in a different house on the same property. they say they had just seconds to get out. >> by the time we had ran outside, the whole house was already on fire. within seconds, the house was engulfed negative, one was hurt and no other home sustained damage. a section of highway 9 in saratoga is back open tonight after a man drove over a cliff morning. you're looking at first responders tending to the man on the scene there. the crash was first reported around 5:00 a.m. east of state highway 35. this happened near castle rock state park in los gatos.
11:33 pm
the man's condition is unknown tonight. well, a search for a missing person in the ocean near half tonight. the body of a boy has been found nearby at pacifica beach. he has been pronounced dead. earlier today, the united states coast guard found an empty kayak. it's unknown whether that kayak belonged to the boy. a series of disturbing discoveries at east bay synagogues. it comes at a time when the jewish community is observing the high holy days. nbc bay area's christie smith has the story. >> reporter: a temple beth shalom board member found an anti-semitic flier on the ground right outside the synagogue. >> they're wonderful neighbors. >> neighbor gary green lives on the quiet san leandro street. >> there is no accounting for the irrationality, hatred by bigotry. >> reporter: police were notified about the incident, along with the anti-defamation league. that organization says that five synagogues in the east bay
11:34 pm
report finding them recently. >> these are flyers that were on behalf of white supremacist group that is spreading messages of hatred. >> seth is the director for the anti-defamation league. he says extremist groups have been emboldened. >> although they participated in the events in charlottesville last year, they viewed that as a failure because it garnered negative publicity. >> reporter: he says the tactic is to troll people online and spread flyers. >> sadly, this time of year, the jewish high holy days, it is a time when we have to remind the jewish community to be aware, to be vigilant. >> reporter: san leandro police say they're increasing patrols, which they typically do there this time of year. there wasn't the threat of violence. the temple board released a statement in part. these hatreds stand at the very opposite of love inclusivity. we're fortunate to have a warm
11:35 pm
and close-knit community that will not be cowed by attempts to intimidate. we wish our community a sweet and happy new year. christie smith, nbc bay area news. still ahead here at 11:00, a new report on gas prices. when those prices could start to drop. plus, honoring america's favorite pastime. the new tribute to baseball, revealing hundreds of years' work of history. don't call it a comeback. i've been here for years. rockin' my peers. puttin' suckas in fear. don't you dare stare. you better move. listen to the bass go boom. i'm gonna knock you out. mama said knock you out. don't call it a comeback. i've been here for years.
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drivers may soon see a bit of relief when stopping to gas up. analysts expect gas prices to fall 2 to 4 cents by the end of the month. that's because the refineries won't have to make summer blend gas which costs more. right now in california, a gallon of regular unleaded gas costs an average of $3.63.
11:37 pm
that's exactly the average in san jose. add a little bit more and you get $3.66 in oakland, and san francisco. average price for gallon of gas, $3.75. to baseball now, and a step back in time, way back to the first baseball card. the shoes babe ruth wore, or the original hand-written rules of the game. baseball's origins in america stretch back more than 230 years. for fans and newbies alike, a new exhibit in washington is a love letter to the national pastime. nbc's harry smith takes us there. >> reporter: in a crowded corner of the library of congress, where you won't get shushed, there is a special exhibit celebrating the history of baseball. documents and letters rarely, if not ever displayed before. real baseball diamonds, like the first known reference to the game. in a diary, a college student laments his inability to hit or catch. the year? 1786. and check this out.
11:38 pm
baseball's magna carta. >> this is where we get the modern game that we all enjoy. >> reporter: curator susan rayburn says these notes set down the rules still in use today. >> nine players to a side, nine innings. >> indeed, there is an oh wow around every corner. the first baseball card, babe ruth's cleats, and his yankee contract. the 1992 film "a league of their own" depicted the all american girls professional baseball league, formed during world war ii. >> there is no crying in baseball! >> reporter: the library has the uniform of rockford peach star dottie key. >> shexp@4 was their record hol in field. >> reporter: when jackie robinson took the field for the brooklyn dodgers in 1947, america was astonished. baseball integrated before much of the country was ready to. here is a letter in robinson's own hand thanking dodger general
11:39 pm
manager branch rickey for hiring him. >> i want to thank you very much for all you have meant not only to me and my family, he wrote, but to the entire country and particularly the members of our race. >> reporter: dr. carla hayden, the librarian of congress, loves the game and loves what it's done for the country. >> baseball is community. baseball, it unites people and the fans. baseball has really helped change the culture. >> reporter: baseball. so much more than just a game. harry smith, nbc news, washington. still to come, a wedding planner helps a bride with a deadly disease in her final week. we look back at one of our most memorable bay area proud stories as we celebrate 500 stories. and right now we're seeing a fog-free night, at least for now around san francisco. temperatures in the 50s. we'll talk more about a big cooldown midweek and a chance of
11:40 pm
showers across northern california when we come right back.
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it was time to update the bathroom but we didn't want to break the bank rebath made it effortless. a rebath design consultant came to our home and presented us ideas and products in a way that made our decisions simple. they took away the old installed the new and gave us the bathroom we've always wanted. call 925-233-6471 and save $1000 off your complete bathroom remodel a blast from the past in the south bay today, and all for a good cause. >> dozens of classic cars lined up along murphy street in downtown sunnyvale. it was for the second annual sunnyvale police activity car show. the group works to build relationships between at-risk kids and police officers, and the organization provides sports and other after-school programs. it looks like they had a great turnout too to check out all
11:43 pm
those cool cars. this sunday night we're wat wrapping up the bay area proud series 500th story. it turns out a celebration was at the center of the most bay area ever, a dream wedding for a dying bride thanks to a selfless wedding planner. as we recently found out, the end of the wedding was far from the end of the story. >> i think it would go perfectly. >> reporter: if there is one thing we have learned from the bay area proud series, it's that the people who do good often get back way more than they give. >> so what we're going to do with that -- >> reporter: although in july of 2013, it was difficult to see how erica becks could ever possibly get back more than she was giving jen lange. >> i think that it's amazing the generosity in their hearts. >> reporter: in a mere two week, erica, a wedding planner, organized for jen, a woman she barely knew, a $50,000 wedding for free. jen, who had been diagnosed with
11:44 pm
lung cancer, wanted to celebrate and not mourn the last few months of her life. and erica made that happen. >> it was magical. it was really magical. it was the best day of my life. still is. >> reporter: but it was from that high perch that erica's life soon began to fall apart. >> i went from having some of the best days of my life on my wedding and the days after to then experiencing some of the worst horrific days of my life. >> reporter: in quick succession, not only did jen die, but then erica's husband, her mother and mother-in-law all passed away. the closest people in her life gone. >> and i fell into the deepest, darkest depression i've ever been in my life that was hard. that was scary. and i felt really alone. >> reporter: there were days
11:45 pm
erica says she could not get out of bed. >> thank you all so much for having me. i'm really excited to be here today. >> reporter: so how did she climb out of that hole? how is she now giving talks on the subject of resilience? >> it's just about getting back up. >> reporter: well, erica says, she ultimately realized she once had an amazing teacher. >> jen showed up on the scene for a reason. and jen was teaching me something really powerful at the time that i didn't know. so the third thing that jen taught me about -- >> reporter: the lessons jen in her dying days taught erica are the cornerstones of the talk she now gives. >> about perseverance and about connecting and letting people in, and about dreaming, visualizing the future. that's brighter than the one that you have currently in the present moment. >> reporter: when she thinks back on that magical day, erica knows there are some who focus on the price tag of that
11:46 pm
wedding, that gift to jen. of course, only now does she truly understand that what she got in return was priceless. >> it's only been five years for her to endure so much. it's wonderful she is speaking out. and if anyone knows anything about resiliency, it's her. how is she doing now? >> she is doing much better. during this very dark time for her, as she said, she kind of reached back and thought about jen and how jen modelled her life in her last few months and realized that woman, who really was a beacon for how to handle this. and so she kind of drew from that experience. and then put that into action in her life and was able to overcome all that heartache. >> she is certainly an inspiration. thank you. and congratulations on 500 stories that is remarkable. we turn now to some new video tonight of an incredible natural phenomenon. this waterspout popped up off
11:47 pm
the chesapeake bay in virginia earlier today. a woman at the beach caught this all on camera and posted the video online. it's amazing. waterspouts are columns of water and spray that form when the wind whips over a body of water. rob mayeda knows all about this and every other weather phenomena. his weather is like lessons for us. >> i had one over lake tahoe once, but not in person. >> so they can happen anywhere? >> over a body of water. if they transition over land technically that makes them into a tornado. again, they would want storm ranger for something like that. if you had something like that coming your way. but here a much calmer view. we had a hot finish to the week. big changes coming our way. for the middle part of the week, cooler, breezy. and maybe just a chance of some sprinkles off towards the north bay by wednesday. let's show you san francisco right now. you can see it from sutro tower which isn't always the case.
11:48 pm
usually the is fog or clouds, potentially this view. we have clear skies right now. and the view across the bay, it will be monday night football tomorrow with raider nation hosting those l.a. rams. temperatures right now in the upper 50s. game time kickoff temperatures tomorrow just after 7:00 in the mid-60s. we had highs in low 90s. that's going to be going away, especially by wednesday and thursday. in san jose right now, 62 degrees. the thing we'll be watching closely to start the week is smoke pollution. still a smoke advisory around the bay area where actually the smoke may be a little more widespread on tuesday. that coming away from the snell fire in the northern part of napa county. again, the winds aloft, pushing some smoke from north to south. i think it's really going to be the north bay. northern napa county where you briefly could see some unhealthy air quality levels. as the forecast shows. by noon northwest winds aloft. and the sea breeze picks up. we should see more of the smoke
11:49 pm
heading off to the east of the bay area towards the evening. morning temperatures in the mid- to upper 50-vkhs. highs tomorrow still warm inland. we're still close to 90 degrees around antioch and upper 80s towards livermore. 80s, san jose. upper 60s, san francisco. and another day of 70s in oakland. as you see here, mostly clear skies. northwest winds down the coast, keeping those low clouds away. but wednesday is going to be a different story. this weather system looking like more to mid- to late october. and a lot of clouds. breezy and much cooler conditions around the bay area for the middle part of the week. quite a bit of rain for the pacific northwest as we finish off the week. and maybe some showers into parts of northern california there on wednesday. probably not for the north bay, but other locations around mendocino county could see a few showers. and notice the temperatures dropping. into the 70s inland in a few areas. we'll show you a few extra seven-day forecast. palo alto, upper 60s. middle part of the week.
11:50 pm
and here is another stop. livermore, showing you temperatures in the the low 70s that is 20-degree drop from the high temperatures we saw today. taste of fall. >> a little roller coaster there. all right, rob, thank you. >> thank you very much. turning over to sports now, dave feldman joins us after the break. the fight by some resideno keep the chainsaws away! plus- what wildfire victims can do to make their voices heard and possibly lead to better laws statewide. monday morning- from 4:30 to 7.
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
i'm dave feldman at the xfinity sports desk. t the 49ers kicked off the season. they were looking for jimmy g. to have a great game. kyle shanahan knows that. that's why they got him. jimmy g., hoeing to keep his undefeated streak alive. 49ers didn't do themselves any favors, though. down seven on the 1 yard line. oh, no. alfred morris fumbles the ball. vikings recover. that was costly. then in the third, garoppolo with a beautiful pass to george kittle. right in the breadbasket, only there is a hole in the basket. kittle can't haul it in.
11:53 pm
right off his fingers. and now that would be costly, because on the very next play, mike hughes intercepts the garoppolo pass, takes it the other way for the score. and jimmy garoppolo not happy for a variety of reasons are. vikings go up 14. next 49ers drive, garoppolo lost one into the end zone. pierre garcon can't haul it in. that's a tough grab. a lot of contact there. but one he should have had. 49ers settle for a field goal. there were some good plays. let's show them to you. jimmy g. escapes pressure. dante pettis hauling it in. he is the son of five-time gold glover gary pettis. and this was some golden gloves. great job by jimmy garoppolo. garoppolo picked by harrison smith. jimmy g. with three interceptions on the day. the vikings win it, 24-16.
11:54 pm
>> we have a good locker room in there. we have a good mind-set of every person in there has the right mind-set solve what we have to do, and it's a long season you. can't let one week bounce into the next week. a we watch the film and everything we got to move on. >> opportunities. whether it's my drop on the weak or interceptions. we need the do better as a team. and we're going to come become and grind this week. focus on some little things and take it out on detroit. khalil mack making his debut with the bears after getting traded away from the raiders. second quarter, aaron rodgers pressured and sacked by mack. rodgers hurt on the play. carted off the field. he would return to start the second half. so that was good news for green bay. this was bad news for green bay. still in the first half, mack, picks off deshone kizer, returns it for a touchdown. khalil mack awesome in his debut with the bears, but the packers
11:55 pm
come all the way back and win. a's and rangers at the coliseum, oakland looking to sweep the series. down one, nick martini, two runs score. a's up one. bottom seventh, oakland up three. stephen piscotty, a new career high. the a's are winners, 7-3. giants lose in milwaukee, finishing their road trips 0-6. raiders open up her season tomorrow on monday night football. i'm dave feldman. more news right after the break? ♪ ♪ ♪
11:56 pm
♪ ♪
11:57 pm
okay. turn away if you don't like scary s$úmovies, as i will do. the nun took over the offices opening first place. it scored the largest opening for any movie of the conjuring
11:58 pm
franchise. yes, there is a franchise. the warner brothers horror movie dethroned crazy rich asians directed by palo alto native john chu. that film grossed over $136 million. third place goes to peppermint starring jennifer garner starring $3 million in its opening weekend. i love seeing her in that role. remember "alias"? she was so good. thank you so much for joining us and staying up late with us. today in the bay starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. have a good night. >> good night. ♪ well well well, what have we here? a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! with bats...and ghouls... and cars in disguise. i've cast quite a spell now... you won't believe your eyes! (laughter) the spell is cast.
11:59 pm
halloween time is back with spook-tacular experiences in disneyland and disney california adventure parks! (laughter)
12:00 am
this week, we're in morrisville, north carolina, at the home of nascar icon, dale earnhardt jr. >> why was it a relief after the retirement announcement? >> i was glad to be out of the car and crashing. >> the 15 time most popular driver gives his most extensive interview that led to his retirement. >> buckling a shoe and knotteding a lace was a challenge. >> he opens up about his concerns for the future. >> you always wonder whether that's part of the injury that will never come back. >> over his two decade is in the sport, earnhardt wrapped up 26 cup wins, enjoyed unprecedented mainstream fame


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