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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 12, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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casually breaking in and stealing mail from dozens of people in santa clara. >> postal inspectors say it's just a matter of time before she strikes again. let's bring in nbc bay area's marianne favreau in santa clara for us with the details. >> reporter: these are the mailboxes the thief broke into but you can't see any damage. that's because the suspect used a key. this surveillance video shows the suspect calmly approaching these cluster mailboxes at the talavera housing development in santa clara just after 3:00 yesterday morning. she then uses a key to open the large door and access all the mail inside. >> she tried two keys, and then she started with this bigger t. and then she took a lot of mail, a lot of packages. >> reporter: so much stolen mail the thief made two trips to load it all into a waiting violated
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people could actually see the footage and they could actually see she pulling her -- their letters, their packages from the mailboxes, their designated mailboxes. it's really a feeling of violation that somebody's doing that. >> u.s. postal inspector jeff fitch met with the victims today. >> it appears in this case the individual in the video is using a counterfeit postal key. >> reporter: he says investigators have seen an increase in cluster box break-ins statewide and he believes this suspect will strike again because she could have boxes in the >> it may not just be related here in santa clara. probably other cities here in the south bay. >> reporter: and talk about good timing. just this last weekend the
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homeowners association installed this brand new surveillance camera. so they were able to catch that thief on tape. the homeowners tell me they don't really know what was stolen, but there is something that can help with that moving forward. 9 post office has a service called informed delivery. they actually take a picture of your mail every day and will e-mail you those images. so you can check to see if anything has been stolen. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> that is good information. thank you, marianne. well, tragedy in the east bay. an 18-month-old girl is dead after being left in a hot car. the call came into moraga police yesterday just before 4:00 in the afternoon. toddler in the car not breathing. she s rtately, she later died. investigators say the child was xmtdly left in that car for several hours by a family member. officers reported that the outside temperature was about 80 degrees but it may have been
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much, much hotter inside the car. >> we need to remember to look in our car before we lock it up and make sure we have everything and everyone out of there so that people are safe. >> sadly, this is the third child to die in a hot car in california this year. and the 46th nationwide. tonight pg&e, another pg&e power line is being blamed for another fire. for a lot of people this brings back some disturbing memories of last year's north bay fire storm. our investigative reporter jackson vander becken has been looking into pg&e's fire issues for years and joins us now with these new developments. >> reporter: the irving fire started monday night near the town of lagunitas. the fire charred 152 acres and threatened as many as 150 homes. investigators say it started at the base of mount barnaby, near a popular hiking trail. >> the marin county fire
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department investigators have determined the cause of the irving fire to be a downed power line. >> reporter: but marin county spokeswoman lanie hendricks says why that pg&e line went down is still under investigation. pg&e maps show a power outage at arroyo road and portola avenue in lagunitas, not long after the power started. it knocked out power to a nearby fire lookout station as well as communication towers. in a statement, pg&e called the results preliminary. >> and said -- >> we are monitoring fire conditions from our wildfire safety operations center in san francisco 24/7 to determine what if any additional threat the fire may pose to oures last october. also under scrutiny is pg&e's use of reclosers. reclosers sent jolts of power to check ons on temporary. but if the line is on the ground the surge can spark a fire.
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pg&e recently pledged to curtail using reclosers during fire season. but investigators aren't saying if they played any role in this fire. >> at this point all we know is that -- in the pure sense the cause of the fire, which is the downed power line. they're still evaluating the details behind that. >> reporter: in marin county, jackson vander becken, nbc bay area news. new at 6:00 tonight, the search is on for the person behind the robbery on the peninsula. palo alto police say a man was held at gunpoint near palo alto high early sunday morning. he told officers he'd been walking along el camino when another person came up and asked for directions and then pulled out a gun. the robber hopped in a red jeep cherokee parked at the school and took off down embarcadero road. staying in palo alto for the moment, there's now a $25,000 reward to help find the missing woman who hasn't been seen in almost a month. 66-year-old wamaitha kaboga miller was last seen driving away from the country time
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market in east palo eato. at the time she was in a silver 2002 mercedes. her family says she needs prescription medication for an undisclosed condition. lost and then found. $37,000 worth of electric bikes stolen last year are now back with their very surprised and happy owner. most of the bikes are still in their boxes and were never used. doug schwartz owns an electric bike shop in santa clara but kecht the bikes in a storage facility. he picked that facility after researching it online. he now believes that was a mistake. >> i think you have to go down and look at the facility. select the unit that actually has a camera on in my situation they had 1,000 units and only had three cameras on the units for the whole facility. >> the thieves didn'tefar. investigators say they simply moved them to a nearby unit rented in the same complex. apparently, the two men were arrested for a different crime and police found the bikes in their possession. all eyes on san francisco today where hundreds of world
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leaders gathered to find solutions to a growing environmental crisis on this the first day of the international global climate action summit. it was the mayors who flexed some muscle. nbc bay area's sam brock joins us from the cathedral where a special ceremony officially opened that conference, sam. >> reporter: jessica, it was a multifaith service to lift up global leaders. as you can see behind me, there is a giant globe on the front of grace cathedral right now. the dalai lama just one of many who had messages for the attendees today but it was the global leaders as you mentioned, specifically 96 mayors who stole the show. a rousing pep talk from grace ka cathedral performers meant to world's mayors didn't need much of a jolt. >> the leaders of this world
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recognize climate change is urgent and it requires action now. >> mayors and city officials are at the forefront of this moment. >> reporter: women mayors led the charge. from paris's anne hidalgo to san francisco's london breed and seattle's jenny durkin. addressing a packed house at the cities for climate c-40 talk. >> i think this event symbolically is really important because we have a president who not only doesn't support efforts to help the climate but they actively are fighting it. so we binding together can show that america and mayors across the world are going to stand up to the planet. >> w act. >> reporter: daca mayor saeed cacon says his native bangladesh is one of the countriuchesha ca suffers severe consequences from climate change. >> it globally, especially the coastal area to the country. >> reporter: an oft-spoken rallying point at the climate
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action summit today, the fact that america now stands as the only nation in the country not part of the paris accord. and oakland mayor libby schaaf put it eloquently. the cities are kind of laboratories for climate change policy. they are nimble, they are passionate, and in this case they are picking up the slack where the federal government has not been acting. reporting live in san francisco this evening, sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, sam. now, saying climate changing shouldn't be a partisan issue, warriors head coach steve kerr is taking in the global climate action summit. he is set to take the stage any t san jose's steve cortese. the goal is to commit counties across the country to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. a lot like new year's day for apple. three new iphones unveiled today in cupertino along with some life-saving technology. plus the videoistuing
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and the police response alarming. we asked bay area officers what took them so long to answer a call about a child standing on a second story ledge. much, much cooler today. we also had some high clouds streaming across. we'll talk more about our mild temperature trend and of course the latest on florence and the brand new path. that's in eight minutes.
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oh, my god. oh, my god. where are the police? >> talk about scary. this is in the north bay, and it's caught on camera. two small children walk out onto the second story window ledge. witnesses say they called 911 multiple times but nobody responded and it took a half an hour before police arrived. nbc bay area's jody hernandez is fliev vallejo where police are now saying yeah, they made a mistake. that is scary to see that video. >> reporter: very scary, jessica. police are acknowledging tonight that they should have responded much, much quicker than they did last night. now, this is where it happened, on the ledge of this second-story building behind us. you can imagine how terrifying it was for those who saw it. >> i said look, there's a child. they're going to jump. >> reporter: 9-year-old branson describes the terrifying scene that caught his eye as he and his family headed home from kung fu last night.
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two small children on a second-story window ledge. branson yelled at his mother to look up. >> it was scary. it was horrible. it was awful. this is awful. >> reporter: branson's mom called 911 but she says the dispatcher didn't seem to grasp the situation. >> yeah, we already got calls in and they're on their way. and then she hung up. that's all i got. >> reporter: not knowing what else to do, yaselin thrower called her husband. he drove all the way from benicia. and still i thought i was going to have to or whoever was there was going to have to get a blanket and maybe catch these kids. >> mariann te unbelievable sight with her cell phone. >> it was the most terrifying thing i've ever seen. >> reporter: witnesses say it took more than half an hour for officers to arrive. by then the children had gone safely back inside. vallejo police admit they should
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have responded sooner. >> it warranted an immediate response, and we didn't do that. we're going to look into our procedures and protocols and make sure it doesn't happen again. we'll fix this mistake. >> we are back here live. you can imagine what would have happened had those children fallen from the ledge. fortunately, they're okay. now, witnesses tell us that they did show the video to the officers when they finally arrived but the officers were not able to check on the children because the building was locked. police say they are now still trying to get inenre situation is under review. reporting live in vallejo, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, before we go, we want to clarify. do we know where the parents were? >> reporter: we don't know where the parents were. we don't know if they were inside, if anybody was in with the children. and when we asked police this afternoon, they did not have the answer to that question either. they said that they are trying to make contact with the parents, who could face some
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sort of charges. >> okay. thank you very much. we'd like to take a moment to correct an error that we made. in yesterday's newscast we brought you the story of a man arrested on charges of attacking east bay congressional candidate rudy peters. during the story we used the wrong first name in identifying mr. peters. we apologize for that error. instagram is taking a new approach to searches for drug-related hashtags. as of today, a message will pop up that reads, "can we help?" it then provides a dropdown menu with one option that takes you to a resource page. now, this isn't the first time instagram has provided an in 20 similar feature for users searching hashtags related to self-injury and eating disorders. happy new year. as they do nearly every september, apple unveiling its newest products today, and this time they're stepping up their game when it comes to your health. and it could save your life. nbc bay area's alicea rothstap was at the steve jobs theater.
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tell us about it. >> reporter: a landmark watch needed fda approval and apple got it and soon you'll be able to walk into any apple store and buy one. there are fitness watches that count your steps and then there's the watch apple unveiled today. in fact, bay area-based fitbit shares took a dive after the announcement. >> we've added electrodes into the back sapphire crystal and the digital crown, allowing you to take an electric o'cardiogram. >> reporter: an electric o'cardiogram, or ecg, is a test normally done by doctors to look for heart disease and other heart conditions. soon to be available to you with a flick of your wrist. >> we've received clearance from the fda. >> health had been something very important to steve jobs and now continues to be important to apple. >> reporter: the tech giant is also releasing three new iphones, including one with a massive 6.5-inch screen and
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sophisticated camera. >> you can after taking a picture adjust the depth of field. >> reporter: apple's new iphone xs max also comes with a record pricetag, retailing at $1,100. >> you get a lot back for the money that you put in. it's the camera, it's our mp3 player, for a lot of people tv. >> reporter: apple also announced it has cut the price of both iphone 7 and 8, now preordering for the apple watch and both the iphone xss begins on friday. reporting live in los gatos, nbc bay area news. >> anusha, thank you. we have more coverage on our website including a visual lookback at apple's products over the last several decades. just head to nbc bay we do this every september. i think i'm still on the 5 or the 6. >> i just got an 8. >> i like that. >> i had an ipod until recently.
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>> as long as they still work. >> cold outside. >> yes. a lot chillier outside today. we're going to stay with that trend as we head through the next couple of days. finally getting here, and, well, it should be. it's september. let's get a live look outside right now. we have some blue sky. we also have a little bit of cloud cover moving in. and check it out. after a high of 76 in san jose we are right now down to 69 degrees. so we'll have 60s through tonight with those high clouds filtering on through. if you're heading anywhere, you'll need a little bit of a light jacket there. through tomorrow's forecast, i don't see that much of a change. if you liked today, you'll love tomorrow. we have more clouds filtering on through. this will put us at 73 in san jose. 78 in antioch, 78 in concord. those will be the warmest. up to76. and then san francisco to oakland we'll be staying in the '60s. nice weather here. it is beautiful. of course the exact opposite over to the east coast as we have hurricane florence.
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it's down from yesterday when we had 140-mile-per-hour winds but still very powerful. 115 right now at the center of this hurricane. a current buoy reports, i've got to look at those and put them into the computer. 21-foot waves out ahead of the storm right now 37 gusts up to 54 miles per hour. right now at the coastline, eight-foot waves. 31-mile-per-hour wind gusts. we will have the full track of what a category 3 storm making landfall could mean. there will be roof damage. trees will come down. but the main threat with a category 3 storm, winds 111 to 129, is the water coming in from the ocean and the flooding threat. we'll talk more about the storm surge flooding in our forecast coming up at 6:30 tonight. >> we'll see you in about ten minutes. thanks, jeff. okay. fans have been lining up at the oracle since monday for tonight's big event. not for steph curry and the warriors. how about the most popular korean boy band in the world.
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we're live in oakland. next. i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines.
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and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. ♪ ♪
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we've got to go to oakland tonight. this is it. the biggest ticket in the country this evening. fans started lining up at the oracle arena on monday. they all want to see the korean boy band called bts. just in case you didn't know, bts is kind of a big deal. >> we're not the right age group. >> let'sarea's melissa colorado is at the oracle arena with the so-called bts army. >> reporter: they are a huge deal. and the concert starts in less than two hours. and these bts fans, they are pumped. aren't you, ladies? [ cheers ] and this is the merchandise that everybody wants their hands on. these are the light sticks. they're going to light up in various colors. it's supposed to be a really interactive part of the concert. and i spoke to several parents who say they don't speak korean, their kids don't speak korean, but something about this band's music and their message is resonating with their kids.
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>> do you know any korean? >> i don't. not really. i only know how to say -- i understand hi. >> reporter: alexis lopez's parents in millbrae might not get why their daughter is obsessed with a k-pop group but this army of bts fans totally gets it. >> their music is so good. it's not just because they're hot. >> reporter: mahan sedig is visiting from southern california but she has no time to go sightseeing. even though she spent two grand on tickets, merchandise, and airfare, she spent the night in a sleeping bag outside the oracle. >> i couldn't really fall asleep that well. but it was okay. i'm alive. >> reporter: the struggle will be worth it. if she gets close enough to the stage to make a connection with the band. >> the chance to like make eye contact with them or like sing with them and just dance with them. it's just totally life-changing. >> bts! bts! bts! >> reporter: if you couldn't
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tell, these fans are pretty pumped. again, the concert starts at 8:00 p.m. the next stop on the bts world tour is newark, new jersey. that's the latest here in oakland. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> melissa not part of the bts army. >> reporter: do you want to dance up next here at 6:00, hurricane florence is now a day away from hitting the carolina coast. why it's now being called a once-in-a-lifetime storm. plus, did it work? we investigate sonoma county's groundbreaking emergency alert system as it gets its first big test. igest for the emergency
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alert system that sonoma right now it's 6:30. did it work? a big test for the emergency alert system that sonoma county is banking on when the next big fire arrives. it's called the wireless alert system, and today the county gave it a run. the goal is simple. do a better job of warning people when a wildfire comes barreling toward their homes. >> our senior investigative reporter vic cy nguyen has been following the system's success and its failures, she joins us now with what the county first responders learned today. >> reporter: jess and raj, we were here in the mark grove fountain area last october when many residents told us they never got any sort of alert telling them to evacuate. well, today sonoma county leaders tested their wireless emergency alert system, sending messages to people's cell phones and giving them a chance to provide instant feedback at the
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same time, and we learned a lot of those messages certainly did reach their intended targets. that's what the early data shows. but many did not. at exactly 10:00 a.m. today emergency leaders in sonoma county activated the first of five wireless emergency alerts, sending a tone and text to five different parts of the county. then the real work started. county to see where they landed. >> i got a noise on my phone, it buzzed. it said test alert sonoma county. i think it's great we're testing it. i think it's something that was desperately needed during the wildfires. >> reporter: in rosewood the text appeared to hit the mark in english and spanish. >> i think the county has listened to the community and they've taken note and they've learned some lessons from the devastating fires. >> reporter: users wither phones and government text notifications turned on should have gotten the alert similar to an amber alert. but that didn't happen every time. we put out six phones on three
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different carriers. one didn't receive the text. and by 11:45 sonoma county leaders were reviewing anecdotal reports that no one in guerneville received the message, a major concern because it's a tourist hot spot and prone to flooding. >> it shows you why people haven't been using these systems, because they are not 100% bulletproof. >> reporter: james gore is the chair of the county board of supervisors. >> how can you have confidence if all you do is push out to the community? you've got to see how it's working. >> reporter: the test comes nearly a year after last october's deadly fire storm. in sonoma county nearly 5,300 homes burned and 24 people died. some questioned why the county didn't use its wireless alert to send out an evacuation notice. >> if there was a need for an evacuation now, would the county send out a wireless emergency alert? >> yes. >> reporter: interim emergency manager chris godly told us last month the policies have changed but as today's test head the alerts still failed to reach certain regions while spilling over into unintended parts of the county, leaving emergency
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managers with a better picture of what still needs work. and now that the county has had a chance to identify where the problem spots were they say they will use the data from today's tests to put pressure on the fcc and wireless carriers to help improve these alerts to make them more accurate and reliable in an emergency. in sonoma county i'm vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. >> vicky, thank you. well, it's taken a turn for the worse. hurricane florence is now expected to stall and jog south. meaning the carolina coastline could see 24 hours of hurricane conditions including catastrophic flooding and a life-threatening storm surge. millions of americans are impacted. let's bring in janelle wang who joins us with the very latest. >> reporter: the storm has weakfriend a category 4 hurricane to a category 3, but people are not taking any chances getting out of town. you can see the beaches, the streets. they are deserted. about 1.7 million people under
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mandatory evacuation. >> this is a mandatory evacuation. >> reporter: the deadline to outrun hurricane florence quickly approaching. >> it's really big and really dangerous. we just need to get out of the way. >> reporter: after living through hurricane andrew leaving their home of just five months. zblin animate objects and material things can be replaced. people can't. >> reporter: joining the millions of residents from virginia to the carolinas getting out before florence comes in. >> disaster's at the doorstep. >> reporter: in less than 24 hours this peaceful scene will be pummeled by hurricane florence's fury. >> this is going to be a mike tyson punch to the carolina coast. >> reporter: but there are residents along the southeastern seaboard who've decided to stick it out. >> getting a generator wired in. we've got quite a bit of gas. we already stocked up on -- we had two fridges. they're stocked up on food. we've got plenty of water. >> reporter: lines forming at hardware stores as shoppers stock up on essentials. >> i'm not worried.
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we've got food and now we've got a generator. we'll do the best we can. >> reporter: shelters are filling up. mary edsel traveling from out of town to be with her parents all now safe inside. >> through good times and through bad to be there for each other. that's what's important. >> reporter: whether heading for higher ground or staying put, time is running out ahead of hurricane florence. a new path and the path 24 hours now expected to slow down and stall. jeff ranieri joins us now. you've been tracking this for days. >> it's just going to increase that flooding threat across the atlantic seaboard. it is going to impact even more communities as the storm continues to head right toward the coast. right now it is a category 3. we do expect it to continue to move forward here by thursday at 11:00 a.m., winds of 125 miles per hour. as he get a closer look at a potential landfall of this. here's that path change. more off to the south. so we're looking at a landfall, category 3 over wrightsville beach. 11:00 a.m. on friday. winds of 115.
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maybe a second landfall right around myrtle beach as a category 1, winds of 80 miles per hour. beginning impact thursday, but it likely could continue effects all the way into sunday. the top two threats would be the rainfall. five to twenty inches which will produce the flooding and the second one is the storm surge, icco a lot of us in the wesst have never been through a hurricane. i have tracked them, covered them myself. i've experienced that. but just in case you haven't been through it, this is what people would be going through if they decided to wait out these evacuations. rooftop damage, windows coming out, trees coming down. but the primary threat again is all the water coming in from the ocean and of course from the storm itself. those winds 111 to 129. and that is with the storm surge. as we take a look at what a storm surge would mean, you can see here the regular sea level. you get a six-foot storm surge. it's going up to the bottom of
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homes. you get a 13-foot storm surge, which is possible with hurricane florence. you're talking about water potentially up to the rooftops of homes at the immediate coast, and that's why people are being evacuated. we'll have more looks at this and specifics on the storm system coming up at 6:48. janelle? >> that's a lot of water coming in fast. thank you, jeff. and take a look at this. it's a view of hurricane florence from space. you can see how monster of a storm it really is from this vantage point. a bay area rescue team is expected to arrive in north carolina tomorrow to help after the hurricane makes landfall. jessica? >> thank you, janelle. we know more tonight about evidence that led to finding of guilty in a local high school sex assault. yesterday a juvenile court judge convicted the 16-year-old boy who used to play football at or counts include rape. the assault took place last year after a homecoming house party. prosecutors say the key evidence was cell phones on which she used the snapchat app to record
6:37 pm
herself repeatedly telling the boy no, please stop. >> she's incredibly bright, incredibly articulate. she was a very good witness. but she has gone through hell in the past year. not only did she endure the rape itself, peers. >> they're referring to the is sentenced next month, he could be sent to a treatment program or be assigned t he's 25. he. colin kaepernick is coming back to the area to receive an award. his high school in turlock, about 90 minutes east of the bay area, announced kaepernick will be part of its inaugural athletic hall of fame. a 2006 graduate of pittman high school, kaepernick earned all-state nominations in baseball, football, and basketball. the move comes a week after nike made him the face of its just do it campaign, sparking both support and protest. college football looking now to make it easier for a few bay area teachers to buy a home. bay area host committee and the college football playoff foundation are donating $150,000 to help local teachers come up
6:38 pm
with a down payment on a bay area moment. teachers among those hardest hit by california's growing housing crisis. many just say that their paychecks simply can't keep up with the price of real estate here in the bay area. >> we have a process, three lucky people will receive up to $25,000 for their mortgages, and we hope to inspire many more, we'll have many smaller grants throughout the year as well, so teachers can receive funds for their mortgages and d at oak grove high in san jose. the grants will be awarded in january as part of the college football national championship game, which will be played at levi's stadium. up next, calling it an epidemic. the fda draws new battle lines with e-cigarette companies including one based right here in the bay area. francisco company, and its
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retailers, of contributing to a "disturbing" nationwide epidemic. the fda today accused a san
6:41 pm
francisco company and retailers of contributing to a disturbing nationwide epidemic. jewell e-cigarettes. the fda says this is part of a crackdown on illegal sales of its products to minors, kids. regulators say the sweet flavors and the sleek design have created an teens. nearly 1,200 letters sent to retailers warn of penalties for selling to anyone under the age of 18. we're talking walgreen's, walmart, and 7-elevens among those retailers being warned. makers of the product have 60 days to reverse those youth sales trends, and if they don't the fda says it could ban the products outright. time for our weekly installment, as it seems. how crazy is our housing market? this this home in sunnyvale sits on less than an acre and is admittedly seen better days. realtors also say the next owner will likely have to tear it down and start over. the asking price -- >> no. >> -- for this beauty in the heart of the silicon valley. >> no. >> probably in a very good school district.
6:42 pm
>> no. >> the dirt looks good. >> no. >> 4.9 million. >> no. >> 4.9 million. it caught the attention of a sunnyvale councilman. he tweeted a picture of the home with the caption "sunnyvale real estate market in a nutshell." i say we do it. it's a deal. >> i say no. >> speechless. >> i am. >> that's a tough one. take it away, jeff. >> we do have some cooler temperatures across the bay area, anywhere from five to ten degrees cooler. we'll talk more about this trend and of course an update on the tropics. controversial step towa
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converting its old city hall, late today san jose took a controversial step toward converting its old city hall into santa clara county's newest homeless facility. >> a city council committee voted to begin that process. now, if there is a problem, the top county executive not in favor of that idea. >> nbc bay area's robert honda joins us from the old city hall
6:45 pm
with a look at this political mess. >> reporter: today's decision by san jose will only escalate the debate over whether the old city hall annex should be convert into a homeless facility. now, santa clara county executive jeff smith says he thinks it's a bad idea and took us inside to try to prove it. >> hopefully, it doesn't fall apart while we're inside. >> reporter: santa clara county executive jeff smith doesn't hide his disgust at the idea of turning the old san jose city hall into a homeless facility and isn't impressed with proposals that call for a major overhaul even if it's funded with private money. >> this is the mechanical room. here is where the water tiller is for the water supply. this technology was out of date 20, 25 years ago. it uses freon. down here in the corner we have the two elevators that are in the building. they do not meet code, either for a.d.a. -- it's not designed as a residential building at all. got big open spaces. vermin. pests.
6:46 pm
water damage. >> it's got wide open spaces. is that not a good thing? >> well, not for privacy. >> reporter: san jose doesn't appear to be discouraged. late this afternoon the city' council's rule committee voted to fast track the project. mayor sam liccardo is not deterred by in asayers since much of the funding obligation and pressure is on donors. >> i think there's probably an easy way to figure that out, which is put the risk on those who want to try. >> they've been at a crisis point for a long time with unhoused people and we need to think outside of the box. we can't diehl keep telling people to wait. >> reporter: the board of supervisors will take a vote on september 25th to decide whether to actually demolish this building. county executive smith says he hopes at that time the county will get some direction on building a new, more appropriate homeless facility. in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. let's bring in jeff ranieri.
6:47 pm
let's talk about the cooler temperature. i was out at 6:00 a.m. this morning, i was wearing a jacket. it was chilly outside. >> is this a good thing or a bad thing for you guys? >> iik >> i know you like the heat. >> could we rewind it two months? >> that's a picture where a lot of us still want another week of 90s and 100s and others want 60s and 70s. so we're in that transitional time. appropriately so. because fall begins not this saturday but next saturday. so it's starting to feel a little bit more like that outside. you can see some high clouds passing on by here throughout the tri-valley. a little bit of a breeze after 76 in livermore today we're down to a much cooler 63 degrees, and as jessica mentioned she was a little bit chilly this morning. you're going to find those chillier temperatures coming back once we hit tomorrow morning and lots of 50s. the main reason why we've seen this abrupt shift in the weather from the 80s to also 90s is the system out here offshore.
6:48 pm
as this continues to develop over the next three days, it will keep cooler temperatures in place, clouds at times, and also some areas of fog at the immediate coastline. so for those of us across the bay area, we might need a light jacket here as you begin tomorrow morning. i still think we'll have some rays of sunshine kind of pushing on through the clouds. but also we do expect a little bit of that cloud cover. 57 in the south bay, 56 in the peninsula and the tri-valley at 58. over to the east bay, 57 degrees and san francisco begins with 54 and you're up one degree here in the north bay and 55. we'll warm up tomorrow. it's just not a whole lot. you'll see across the south bay it will feel more like fall here down across downtown san jose with 73 degrees. our mildest is gilroy at 77. over to the east bay, we had a lot of mid 90s this past weekend. so much more refreshing. you're at 77 tomorrow in pittsburgh. 75 in livermore. 73 in martinez. go anywhere near the bay, oakland and hayward, you're in the 60s.
6:49 pm
also, taking it down to the 60s for redwood city, 69 tomorrow. san mateo 67. san francisco, plenty of low to mid 60s from the marina down through the mission, and right through marin, napa, sonoma county. a lot of 70s from mill valley to ukia right back to napa's forecast. so really no complaints as we hit thursday, but we know the situation is hurricane florence course of utmost importance. this right now is a category 3. landfall is still expected sometime as we hit friday morning. winds of 115 miles per hour near wrightsville beach. maybe a second landfall near myrtle beach as a category 1, winds of 80. it will linger right through sunday into columbia. so thursday to sunday impacts here across the carolinas. this will mean 5 to 20 inches of rain. flooding of course. storm surge 5 to 13 feet. and it's because of that storm surge that they have evacuations at the coast. we'll be covering it at nbc bay
6:50 pm you can count on us. san francisco's forecast the next seven days, we are in the 60s, on again off again cloud cover, and for the inland valleys we're putting it on cruise control the next couple of days. looks very nice asupcoming week. >> that looks gorgeous. thanks, jeff. up next, the season opener didn't go quite as planned for the 49ers. so what are the changes they're going to make for this sunday? colin resch gets us ready for the 49ers' home opener.
6:51 pm
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tonight in baltimore... bring your dog to the park. t3... matt chapman w/ a the a's are barreling toward the playoffs. tonight in baltimore -- >> bring your dog to the game -- >> bring your dog to the park night. yes. third inning, matt chapman with the two-run double. nick martini a lucroy third inning alone. the a's scored ten runs in the matt olsen comes up soon after and smacks the three-run homer. this game just now final. athletics beat the orioles 10-0. we should mention the giants this afternoon lose to the braves. it's the giants' 11th straight loss. 49ers hoping to bounce back from their season-opening loss. this sunday, though, it's their home opener, so maybe things will be better. >> should be a good and warm vibe at levi's stadium. the 49ers hosting the lions.
6:54 pm
here's nbc bay area's colin resch in santa clara. >> we know we didn't play nearly to our best of our ability, and we that a possession away from winning the game. that's something to take home. >> and home is where the 49ers will find themselves this sunday when they host detroit. injuries certainly a factor in their 24-16 loss to minnesota in week one. marquise goodwin, he went down. so did mike pern garnett. which meant top draft pick offensive tackle mike mcglinchey forced to play almost half the game at guard, a position he hasn't played for a long, long time. >> fifth or sixth grade with the boxmark saints back when i was in grade school. and playing o line at all five positions are the same in grade school. so i didn't really learn too much about how to play guard. >> reporter: but mcglinchey filled in admirably, as did
6:55 pm
rookie donte petis who caught his first career touchdown pass and linebacker fred warner who registered a team-high tackle that included a forced fumble. >> productionwise i had a really good game. but i feel after i watched the tape i could have done a lot of things way better o'. i'm looking forward to doing that this game. >> quarterback jimmy garoppolo looking forward to cutting down the turnovers. three interceptions against the vikings. but if you listen to his head coach, don't expect jimmy g. to flip the conservative switch in week two. >> what you don't want is someone who isn't sure and they're scared to get blaimz blamed, so they just sit there and take a sack. that's really hard to win when you have that unless you depend on everyone else. you always want a quarterback who believes in himself, has the confidence to do it, and isn't scared of the result if it doesn't work. >> reporter: at levi's stadium in santa clara colin resch, nbc bay area. coming up tonight at 11:00, they're certainly attracting atension. a controversial ad by a holocaust denial group that's popped up at two b.a.r.t. stations.
6:56 pm
why the transit agency says it has to run them. that story's tonight at 11:00. we'll let jeff have the last word regarding our temperatures tonight and into tomorrow morning. >> it'll be cool. we'll see 50s as we head through tomorrow morning with some high clouds passing on by. friday, saturday with 70s and of course we'll have a very important update, a full update tonight at 11:00. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening.
6:57 pm
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"extra" ♪ >> now on "extra." explosive new video. >> good morning. >> harvey weinstein caught on camera appearing to grope one of his rape accusers. >> a little high, a little high. >> what the woman said he did afterwards. les moonves and julie chen come out of hiding.
7:00 pm
the first sighting since the media mogul stepped down in scandal. why are moving trucks at their l.a. mansion. days after the death of bur new why she describes their relationship as emotionally abusive. why he got mysterious


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