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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 24, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> the new claims comes as christine blasey ford plans to -- >> we're talking about an allegation of sexual assault. i never sexually assaulted anyone. >> reporter: pressure is mounting on both sides. cause denies both assaults and insists he won't be intimidated. the president stands by hi nominee. >> the chance this could be one of the singlemost unfair, unjust things to happen to a candidate for anything, but i am with judge kavanaugh, and i look forward to a vote. >> democrats want to delay the hearing and have a full investigation. >> thanks, susan, as judge kavanaugh makes a forceful declaration, there's growing apriler over the way the trump administration and some -- >> the claim is they're mixed up or not even telling the true.
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the cal campus is budging about this debate. sam? rural good seen protests pop up drive home a point to susan the significance. you provide node in the associate media feed the #believesurvivors. it's sponsored by planned parenthood and that women shouldn't be shamed, rather they need to be listened to. the black slate with a simple emergency coming in from people ought over california and the country. paired with protests, pitching the point that listening to victims is a black-and-white
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issue. >> know that those of us out here do accept their stories and want to hear them, and don't presume right off the bat that they're not telling the truth. >> gilda gonzalez is president and ceo of planned parenthood of northern california. she said this moments in history represents an opportunity to veer from an unjust path that we've traveled downed before. >> all too often we have shamed survivors into not coming forward. we have to shift the momentum and swing the pendulum. >> i know i'm telling the truth. i know my lifelong record. >> brett kavanaugh and one of his accusers will testify this thursday, but before the hearing even begins, a p.m. r campaign coming from the highest levels of government. >> a smear campaign, pure and simple. >> a the chance this could be one of the knotts single unfair
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and unjust things to happen to a candidate. >> reporter: the president went on to say i'm with justify calf haw and look forward to a vote. this just illustrates their point, how could this be a fair hearing that the president of the united states has already called these allegations, quote, unjust. reporting live from berkeley, sam broad, nbc bay areas news. as this story seems to be changing by the hour, stay with us here as nbc bay area, both on air and online. the future of another d.c. powerhouse is also up in the air tonight president deputy attorney general rod rosenstein still has a job for now. president trump is declining to say whether he plans to fire mr. rosenstein president this is after an explosive report from "new york times" claiming that he considered invoking the 25th amendment to remove the president and thought about secretly reporting him last year. rosenstein denies all of it.
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his dismissal would put the mueller investigation in limo. holt and dry conditions leads to an elevated fire danger, this fire sparked? samara month. our anybody bay area sky ranger was overhead. fully contained is the good news, but the danger remains. jeff, there's a new red flag warning? >> yes, there is. this threat is for the hills right around 1,000 feet and above for the north-northeast and the south bay. sustained winds 10 to 25, it's the occasional gusts that could go 20 to 40 that could keep that fire danger ramped up. as we look at the areas, it's just for the hills outside of petaluma and novato. over to the east bay, really anywhere from concord to danville down through livermore, pleasanton and right near
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fremont. for the south bay, it's no the east san jose foothills, and then right up, of course, over through mt. hamilton. what we need to lower this fire threat is -- and we have a big change possible in the work. in our forecast i'll talk about this system and when we could have some rainfall moving back into the bay area. certainly a very interesting scenario. again 5:19 tonight. >> thank you, jeff. hillary clinton is back in the bay area, headlining two fund-raisers. we caught up with mrs. clinton in san francisco, her second appearance of the day. there she is walking into the elevator. this was a fund-raiser benefiting the democratic national party. she w-- coming up at 6:00, we'l have more details a mrs. clinton's visit. he's accused of raping at least ten women's in sick counties. today the nor-cal rapist made
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his first court appearance, some of the victims were there to confront him. jodi hernandez was there, and she's live with what the women are saying. >> reporter: those women say they've waited more than two decades to face their alleged attacker. finally they got a chance to do that. 258-year-old roy waller shook his head as he was formally charged with the first of at least ten rapes across northern california. prosecutors believe he's the notorious nor-cal rapist. >> i'm relieved, i am immensely grateful. >> nicole is believed to be his first victim. she was just 21 when he allegedly attacked her in her apartment. >> when you go 27 years feeling
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it's never going to get resolved, you're going to go to your grave and never know who he is, it was incredibly important for me to look him in the eye. >> reporter: this woman has haunted, too. she fought back with a pair of scissors during her attack in chico? 1997. she came to court to look waller square in the eyes. >> this time i get to see his face when he's in fear. >> until the d.a. can prove to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt -- >> reporter: his attorney has a to the to relieu. >> one day you're living a normal life, working a regular job, you go home like everyone else, and next minute you're charged with being a rapist irs until he learns what it is to be a human. >> reporter: his attorney says
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he'll neat more time to review the case. at the crux of it, d in a moment a evidence. reporting live in sacramento, i'm jodi hernandez. a potentially traumatic courtroom drama has been averted. the kidnapper will not be questioning in a court. muller decided to not act as his own attorney. he moved to have a public defender poppy for him, even though he has a heart vashd law degree. he pled guilty last year to the kidnapping charge, but will fight the state charges. the prosecutor expressed relief that the couple will not be questioned by their accused rapist. a freeway mishap leads to the discovery of a missing pallet alternate woman. she was last seen in mid august driving on university avenue in palo alto. family and friends were immediately concerned and
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offered a reward. yesterday a minor car crash on highway 84 in newark led authorities to spot her car hidden down in an embankment, her body found inside. friends say she was active with senior programs at her local ymca. >> she accepted serve and cook food. she was always pushing for diversity and inclusion and finding weighing to make everyone feel welcome. >> the chp says it appears her car had been there for some time. within the past hour 49ers, their worst fears were confirmed. jimmy g. is out for the remainder of the season, a devastating blow. did you see the injury yesterday? everyone was buzzing about it. this was in kansas city, garoppolo scrambling late in the game, his knee gives way before he was even hit. an mri today revealed he tore the amount cl in his left knee. the 49ers not only lose the game to the cleaves, but more
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importantly they lose the $137 million quarterback. >> it's hard waking up today. we were down, disappointed about it. we were looking forward to playing with jimmy this year and going through the good and the bad that would happen, knowing he would you say benefit from all of it. i know jimmy is down about it, so so are we, but we'll still be all right. it's part of the nfl, it's part of life. so what now? you're looking at the answer, second-year quarterback c.j. bethherd, kyle shanahan also said the team has no interest in signing colin kaepernick. they take on the chargers in last on sunday. so is this it? are the 49ers done for the season? tell us what you think. go to our home page and take part in our 49ers poll at satellite music joins sirius opening oakland-based pandora. the satellite radio company
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already own about 50%. sirius/xm says the two companies will maintain their separate brands and services, and no immediate change in listener offerings. sirius/xm has about 36 million subsubscribers. up next here at 5:00, the new fallout from the police officers who shot and killed a man who she mistakenly thought was in her apartment. in oakland, it leads to almost 100 cars being towed away. why some are saying they were punished for a crime they did not commit. the pacific is getting active. i'll show you the system, that's in about seven minutes. who shotr
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-- the dallas police officers who shot and killed her neighbor in his apartment has been fired. this morning the police chief announced that amber geiger has been terminated. she's also facing manslaughter charges. she shot and killed the man in his own apartment, claiming she thought he was in her apartment. investigators say she described seeing a large silhouette and gave verbal commands before firing her gun. his family says they have information from witnesses that challenge geiger's statements. there's been near-constant protesss in the dallas area since the shooting.
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dozens of people caught up in a weekend sideshow facing sti sticker shock. melissa join us from oakland, where some said they paid three grand to get their cars back and they did nothing wrong. >> that's a lot of money form the towing company says they towed 92 vehicles yesterday. the driver of one of those vehicles said he had nothing to do with the weekend's sideshow. he said he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> i was coming off an off-ra off-ramp -- >> reporter: what started out as a night on the town ended up about angels diaz walking home. >> they didn't even let me get my phone. >> reporter: he's nearly one of 100 people who can their car towed, after police broke up a sideshow in east oakland.
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>> cars were coming the opposite way, i got constitution in the middle of the sideshow. police started taking people out of that cars, one hit me and slammed me into an escalade. >> reporter: two people were arrested, after a driver rammed into a patrol car with an officer inside. angel had to miss work today, because his work i.d. and work clothes are still in his car, which is still in the impound lot because of a 30-day hold on his car, he's been told it would cost at least $3,000 to get hi car back. >> i need my car to work. i've got to be there at 2:00 in the morning. >> reporter: opd says that officers ensure every car they tow are associated with the sideshow. there is a tow hearing process for anyone who wishes to appeal that tow decision. that's the latest here in oak lend. a compromise when it comes
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to san jose's hope village homeless camp. last week the chp told people to pack up and move out by today, but the county stepped in, santa clair county and announced it's leased some land on ruff drive, and the people staying in hope village can live there. the problem is other people living on the streets have already sat up camps, so the two groups will have to share the space which will be separated by a fence. not all the people in the camp are thrilled with the plan. >> it doesn't play out in our favor at all. >> reporter: how so? >> the hope village comes and rend the space from the city and we still get kicked out when all the cameras go away. >> reporter: workers were removing trash and brush and adding drainage to the land. they expect itbeeady t set up camp by thursday. there's a lot of intrigue around san francisco as tallest buil. million dollar view you c check out for free.
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salesforce's ceo called the top floor a powerful space to be shares and enjoyed by everyone in our community. no offices, no room, just -- excuse me, just room for visitors to relax and enjoy the view. the salesforce tower stands more than 1,000 feet, and to reiterate it will be used for free as a community group if you want to hold your meetings will. the national parks are taking the brunt of climate change. they say parks across the country are seeing big changes in temps and carbon emotions are partly to blame. at this ray researchers is a it could december and to help reduce the risks they suggests president trump pulled the u.s. out last year. chief meteorologist jeff ra nerri is back with us, and it's hot, and where are we going?
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>> it's a busy next seven days, a huge drop in temperatures, and eventually the possibility of some rainfall? let's take you into our microclimate forecast. we do want to start out with a look at the last significant rain across the bay area, which was on april 16th. more than five months ago, anywhere from0.11 to 0.44. this system could get hire eventually. out ahead of that system, before it gets here, we have some hot air with this area of had been. that's increasing our fire tapinger, so i do want to get to that. the earlier update is for the hills in the -- occasional wind gusts of 20 to 40, we'll keep this red flag warning in effect until 5:00 p.m. on tuesday. and we'll have anything alerts
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as we head through the next 24 hours. tomorrow morning's forecast, with the heat starting to build back in, mostly clear skies -- 59 and mostly clear, some haze for the tri-valley and 62. just somesome patchy cloud cove. i think you'll notice the difference down in the south bay. no 100s. we're going back to 88 and low 90s for morgan hill and get royal. no doubt, it's going to catch up with the fast, and you may need to drink extra water. and not as bad in oakland at 77. best weather, the peninsula a slight bit of an ocean breeze. 79 in san mateo, san francisco some mild weather, and the embarcadero in the low 70s, but chillier here in the outer
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sunset. in the north bay, as warm as 91 in novato and 96 in eye keia. let's go ahead and fast forward things to our next change. i think that's going to start to occur by friday. 11 p.m. at night we have a system developing. touch be set both long-range model, but still there's a lot to be worked out. just know that by saturday morning we'll begin the possibility of some chances of rain for the bay areas. so what i have done in my extended forecast is introduce that chance on soared, sunday and monday for hit-and-mig rain, and from the hot 95 tome down to 78 degrees on saturday. we'll know more as we get closer, so j.c. hang tight and everything will start to become clearer, certainly over the nest 72 hours. i think we could get something
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here. >> right on cue as october ushers its way in. thanks, jech. the big decision tomorrow. how long will bill cosby be sentenced in jail. we have the latest, next. learn
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behind bars. on the first day of his sentencing-hearing, comedian bill cosby will soon learn if he will spend any time behind bars. his defense team argued the entertainer would not survive behind bars and should serve his sentence under house arrest. cosby was convicted earlier this year of drugging and sexually assaulten andrea constand. how clean are the streets of san francisco? according to a public relations
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firm hired by the city, san francisco streets are the cleanest they've been in years. do you believe it? senior investigative reporter has the new information involving a government contract, a pr agency, and taxpayer dollars at work. >> reporter: so just how clean is san francisco? would you say near spotless? that's what one report says, seriously. it turns out you footed the bill. that's because san francisco hired a public relations firm to survey the city. the firm now wants you to believe the city is pretty pristine. >>ist being used to determine the >> the reality is people are stepping over needles and human waste, and a pr company you paid says san francisco are spick-and-span. >> there are many parts that don't have what you are talking
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about. >> reporter: why is san francisco using your tax dollars to pay a public relations firm? we investigate, tonight at 11:00. a secret revealed by a paren says, what meghan markle did to her wedding dress before getting married. we'll show you next. distance relationship. this is long distance with the best wifi experience, plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. xfinity gives you the best wifi experience to stream the most free movies and shows from anywhere. plus, staying connected on the go is easy with xfinity mobile. switch today and see how you can save. click, call or visit a store today.
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one neighborhood. tonight at 6:00, san jose streets turn into dumping grounds. have you seen it? take a look at what we found in one neighborhood. the challenge we had finding who is responsible for cleaning this up. a lot of trash there, but who's going to clean it up? this story and more on our 6:00 newscast. you've heard in something new, something borrowed, something blog you. >> dysthe piece of blue fabric? that's my something blue. it's fabric from my -- from the dress i wore on our first date. >> wow. the duchess of uss exreunited with her famous wedding dress. the video is part of a new hbo documentary about the queen, which airs next moment. all newscast, janell was excited about this story.
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>> that's pretty cool. to think she's a royal now, too, something is a little different. thanks for joining us here. as a reminder lester holt is next with "nightly news." breaking news tonight, brett kavanaugh breaking his silence, his wife by his side. the embattled supreme court nominee hitting back. >> i'm not going anywhere. >> kavanaugh defiant as a second accuser comes forward to allege sexual misconduct. also, the wild all-day trama swirling over the man overseeing mueller. rod rosenstein summoned to the white house. what will happen when he meets face-to-face with the president? my exclusive interview with the president of iran. what he told me about a potential meeting for president trump. bill cosby in court. a judge set to sentence the disgraced icon facing the rest of his life behind bars. parents outraged as a school bus driver is caught on camera letting kids as young as 1


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