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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 25, 2018 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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music log no additional music used song title or cd# & cut#: a live look outside at - bay bridge toll pl . a very good tuesday morning to you. taking a live look outside overlooking the bay bridge toll plaza. i'm judging by that, i don't think those metering lights are on just yet. >> we had that bus that was stuck there and a car backed up, but everything's clear now. much better. >> um-hum. more on that morning commute for you. hoping to get you going. good morning, and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and ms washington. right now let's get a look at the temperatures for today. you tell us it's going to be a hot one today. >> a hot day, spare the air and there will be high levels of ozone today, so as we get that live look outside in san jose, we talk about air quality, where it will be unhealthy if you have
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breathing problems in the inland east bay and santa clara valley. we'll talk about the high heat and what's ahead for today coming up in a few minutes. mike, you're tracking a crash and a car fire. >> a separate incident but a lot more than we had. few minutes ago, we talked about two incidents that cleared at the bay bridge. we had this crash also on the shoulder west highway 4, right where you see a little slowing out of bay point and a car fire may be going on here northbound 880 on the shoulder as you're approaching hesperian. we don't see any slowing. another incident reported farther south. i'll check on what chp has to report. so far the traffic flows smoothly throughout. back to you been. >> thanks so much, mike. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh is headed to the air waves. now a third woman is accusing him of sexual misconduct. >> last night on fox news kavanaugh denied all three allegations. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more of what he said. good morning, tracie. >> hi, marcus and laura, good
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morning. he said that he didn't do it, and he was pretty clear about that, but he will have to say it again at this hearing on thursday in front of his first accuser. there is now a second and a third woman who is yet to be identified. that third accuser, but her attorney says she'll be going public before the hearing. >> i'm not going anywhere. >> reporter: judge brett kavanaugh on fox last night with his wife emphatically denying three allegations of sexual misconduct. >> i've never sexually assaulted anyone, not in high school, not ever. >> reporter: he is set to appear at a hearing thursday with dr. christine blasey ford. she claims kavanaugh attacked her at a house party in high school. second woman, deborah ramirez, tells "the new yorker" kavanaugh exposed himself in college. >> we have someone on the record who remembers him who describes him as often incoherently intoxicated. >> reporter: now an attorney says he represents a third
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kavanaugh accuser who will go public before the hearing. >> we've asked the committee to allow her to testify. we've asked the committee to turn this over to the fbi. >> reporter: president trump is standing by his nominee, blaming democrats for false accusations. >> this is a fine man, and we certainly hope he's going to be confirmed and quickly. >> reporter: republicans are promising a quick vote. >> and it's not untypical for our friends on the other side to pull that kind of crap. >> i think this is exactly why victims of sexual assault and abuse for decades have hesitated to come forward. >> reporter: thursday's hearing, a chance for ford to tell her story, a chance for kavanaugh to clear his name. and even though dr. ford has said she'll be here, she's agreed to testify at the hearing, her attorneys say they're still working out some of the details. laura, marcus? >> tracie, thank you. some may argue the
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controversy surrounding the allegations is a teachable moment regardless of what happened. that's the gist of a letter sent by the superintendent of santa clara county schools to all 31 school districts. the letter is urging teachers to "create a culture of open dialogue within our schools and communities about safe and healthy relationships as well as proper conduct, investigations and reporting structures." we spoke with one mother who agrees. >> the more we talk about it, the more it's easier to talk about, and i think the more people have courage to come forward. >> superintendent marianne dylan says the debate is prompting the county to review policies and procedures tied to sexual harassment claims. this story constantly changing. we'll continue to follow it every step of the way. stay with "nbc bay area news" both oir canceling the valeras flight to mexico sci vi last night. the plane was supposed to take off around 1:00 this morning,
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but then about ten gallons of fuel leaked. he says that crews are still cleaning up jet fuel off of the tarmac. that flight is canceled and the airline is working to get passengers on to other flights. we're working to find out what caused that leak. no other flights are affected. now to a developing story, the fran take search continues for a boy, 6 years old, who was taken from his home in modesto by his father. you may have gotten that amber alert. here is the boy's mother explaining what happened. >> then i went to the car, and i got in the car, and i still couldn't get him, they pulled me out, they hit me. >> now police say that jayce cosso was abducted yesterday by his father, john cosso and five other people. now the father allegedly used pepper spray to force his way inside and they say he was last seen in fusion. an amber alert has been issued for several counties,ding santa clara, contra costa county, and alameda counties
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here in the bay area. we've posted details on other persons of interest on our website, that's >> hope they find that little boy. there is a scandal engulfing a south bay police department. san jose officer is filing a lawsuit against his own department. >> "today in the bay's" bob riddell is live outside of sjpd. bob, what is the officer alleging here? >> reporter: well, good morning to you marcus and laura. the officer accused some of his fellow officers of taunting him in the years following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. according to officer haidar, he says that he was discriminated at work by some of his officers when they called him things like bin laden, taliban and beirut bomber. they allegedly jed he was a e omber and member of isis, among other allegations. you'll recall nbc area broke this story in may when he filed a claim with the city and
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another claim with the california of fair department of employment and housing in july, after exhausting all of those administrative options he received a right to sue letter from the state and that's what he's doing. the lawsuit names the city, the department, police chief eddie garcia and five other officers. the city says it has yet to be served with the lawsuit but the city attorney did respond, i'm quoting "the city and police department take seriously all allegations of race or religious discrimination. however, based on the claim filed by mr. hair with the state department of fair employment and housing and subsequent investigation, we have not seen a basis for liability against the city." haidar who is a 21-year veteran of the department was once suspended for a week after a citizen complained he made several unflattering racialsteo. reporting live outside san jose police headquarters, bob riddell, "today in the bay." >> as you mentioned, we've been following it. we'll continue. thank you, bob. 5:08 right now and berkely
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police may face new limits on how to post photos of people facing protest. councilmember also vote on banning police on posting mugshots of those arrested unless they pose a threat to the public. police released mugshots of anti-fascist counter protesters arrested earlier in august. critics argued it left those people vulnerable to harassment and personal attacks. 5:09, happening today, california's republican candidate for governor is talking money in the bay area. the bay area council is hosting a meeting with john cox, a southern california businessman. cox will share his thoughts and solutions for some of the state's largest economic challenges. recent reuters poll showed cox trailing lieutenant governor gavin newsom by more than ten percentage points. right now at 5:09 on your tuesday morning, a lot of people already up and out the door, and as you wake up and get ready for the day, we are going to see some mostly clear skies for the inland areas.
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fremont starts out cool with the temperature at about 54 degrees at 7:00. and then as we go through the morning, we'll be at 66 degrees at 11:00, and 76 degrees at 1:00. our warmup will be very quick, as we go into the afternoon. so in antioch a nice cool and comfortable start and by noon we're at 79 degrees, the low 80s by 1:00 today. look at all of our eyes, where we go from the 80s to the mid-90s within the middle of the day with our high in livermore and in antioch reaching 94 degrees. 89 in san jose, and 77 today in oakland. we'll talk about our temperature trend for san jose coming up and mike, you have more on that c kafire. it was reported as a car fire. chp got on scene and they let us know that it is not on fire over there iny. so we'll take a second and show you the peninsula and the south bay. the only thing on this side of the bay is the continued closure highway 1 through pacifica. it's going on for the overhead bridge repair work or
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replacement work, continuing oceana boulevard and san francisco are good options. north 880 toward hesperian that is on the shoulder and no problems and no slowing you see there. little farther over here, eastbound getting away from the castro valley y, we have also a disabled big rig which is affecting the on-ramp at aidan canyon road. keep that in mind. no problems out of the altamont. westbound is your commute. back to you. >> thanks, mike. it's 5:11. coming up, more shakeup at facebook. two top executives are leaving. we'll tell you who and why it even matters to you coming up next. plus your chance to own a piece of is created right h area. how much cash you will need to get your hands on this. that's coming up for you. you're watching "today in the bay." you could save energy
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right now at 5:14, we wake up and head out the door to some nice cool temperatures, and some clear skies in san jose. our temperatures go from the mid-50s this morning to about 65 at 10:00. at 1:00 we're at 81 degrees so we'll start to heat up then and it will be a hot afternoon. we will talk about our air ndalit of rain, after this extreme heat that's all in the seven-day forecast in less than five a pen both directions. past the truck scales a little focus problem here, kind of all of our problems as we wake up in the morning. i will show you what i just
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heard from mastr good morning. i'm eric chen at cnbc global headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is indicated to open modestly higher this morning. stocks fell yesterday with the dow suffering its worst day in more than six weeks on worries over political turmoil out of the white house and the escalation of that trade war between the u.s. and china. oil prices are higher again today as saudi arabia and others resist calls to raise production to offset losses from iran when u.s. sanctions go into effect in november. on today's watch list, reports on home prices and consumer confidence, plus the fed begins a two-day meeting where they're widely expected to hike interest rates. yesterday the dow dropped almost 200 points to 26,562. the nasdaq was up 6 points to 7993. moving on to walmart, it's saying it's hoping technology can set shoppers' minds at ease following several outbreaks of food borne illness.
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the retail giant is telling produce suppliers to use a blockchain to track shipments tracking vegetables from the farm to the store revealing the source of any potential outbreak in seconds rather than in days. eventually in the future you could scan a bag and use the technology to find out where your lettuce came from. snapchat is testing a new camera feature to let users easily buy items from amazon. you scan a physical object or a bar code with that camera which brings up a card showing the item with its price and availability. when you tap on that you'll be sent to amazon's app or website to make the purchase. the feature is currently available to a small number of users in the united states but if it works they'll probably roll it out to the rest of us. marcus and laura, back to you. >> it's really interesting. >> a lot of people like that. >> i like your tie. click. >> and you can buy it. >> you buy it. >> buy me two more. >> thanks a lot. there say majnl is a major
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silicon valley. the two co-founders of instagram are stepping down. no word on why they're leaving, but they say they plan to build something new. it is another setback for facebook, which has taken heat in the last two years for its handling of user data, not cracking down on the spread of fake news. it's now unclear who will run instagram. the company's c.o.o. also left earlier this month. if you ever wanted to own a piece of high-tech history, today is your day, but first you'll need a six-figure bank roll. fully functional apple 1 computer made by steve jobs and steve wozniak goes up for bid. there are only about 60 apple ones still there and really a lot of buzz about this morning's auction. many believe that it will sell for more than $300,000. it sold for $666 back in the m '70s when it was made. this one is for fashion lovers could stiletto heels, american
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luxury handbags and italian leather goods all fall under one roof? that's what three sources are saying. according to the sources the american brand michael kors is snatching up versace. it also bought jimmy choo for more than $1 billion last year and now ready to expand its high-end brand. an official announcement of the deal is expected to be made this week so suck in your cheekbones there. >> that will be a big deal. >> purposeful walk. >> exactly, wow. and eat a sandwich while you're at it. >> michael versace? >> i like that. >> just blend it all into one. so we're getting dressed this morning, we're getting ready for the day, and i wanted to give you a heads up about the high fire danger that we have for the inland east bay and north bay hills. all of those areasur wds will p and a small spark could cause a fire to spread you do have to be really careful out
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there, and it's going to be gusty at times. winds picking up to about 35 miles per hour. check out the seven-day forecast. it's already up at the bottom of the screen, as we look at our current temperatures, getting you out the door with what to expect. it's only 46 degrees in santa rosa, and it's 55 in oakland and in san jose. 50 degrees now in morgan hill. it's a cool start, and with it being a spare the air alert day we advise you to catch public tranceit to reduce the ozone emissions especially in the tri valley and the santa clara valley and as you head to the b.a.r.t. station in dublin, it will be only at 52 degrees. look at how quickly we warm up. 62 at 9:00, 82 at noon, so you know it's going to be a hot day when it heats up that fast. i wanted to show you a live look outside in san francisco, with these low clouds. we have them now but it will clear out fairly quickly. as you're styling your hair this morning, the coastal fog and the we should have a good hair day. i think once you hit it with the flat iron, you'll be good, and it will be a smooth hair day,
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and it's going to be really dry especially for the inland areas. our temperatures reach up to 92 degrees in morgan hill, 82 degrees -- 87 degrees rather in cupertino and inland valleys and even hotter tomorrow. so we're just getting used to this right now our temperatures in the mission district reaching 73 and looking at santa rosa reaching 89 degrees today. we have some changes on the way. high pressure building and it's keeping us hot, but there will be a trough and an area of low pressure developing. that's going to give us more of an onshore flow, cooler temperatures and it causes the air to rise and also will bring in a chance of rain farther to the north, but this will also tap into the possibility of some tropical moisture way out in the western pacific that could move into the bay area early next week. so i'll be watching that and keeping tabs on our rain chances for monday into tuesday. as of right now, we're just
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dealing with some extreme heat, highs reaching into the upper 90s tomorrow, and then coming down from that, it's going to be a nice cool weekend with highs in the upper 70s in the valleys and san francisco looking at some mid-60s. mike, you have a delay on transit to report? >> just one delay and it is for b.a.r.t. and this may have a ripple effect because this is in the oakland area, bay fair station is where there's a report we just got from b.a.r.t. regarding some sort of police activity. minor delay right now we'll track this. this could be a fare jumper to more, so we'll see what we can share with you as well. we're tracking that delay out of bay fare, the only system with any problems and not much of one right now. the roadways are an option for you. little build here for highway 4 over at bay point, typical. coming down through the rest of contra costa county a smooth drive. the caldecott at speed through the tunnel in both directions. the bay bridge starts to show the build now. the metering lights turning on any second and we have that build and the slowing for the incline. over here, a little slowing out
5:22 am
of the altamont as is typical as well and look, the rest of the bay shows a nice, easy drive. no problems for the south bay, the peninsula. highway 1 is closed for the one section around the bridge replacement, francisco or oceania are your options. looking at the south bay, northbound 10 is right there. southbound flashing lights not a concern, escorting a larger vehicle. so far the traffic looks standard there and 101 continues up the peninsula northbound with the headlights passing university. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. 5:22 right now. coming up it's a big premiere night with "this is us" kicking off its third season. we have a sneak peek coming up next. it's really bad, man. >> how would you rate the cleanliness of san francisco? how about a near perfect score? seriously, that's what one report found and it turns out you're footing the bill. i'm begat shaaban in san francisco. we investigate, next.
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we lost power... but not to that. i want that. (laughing) for a limited time get fast, reliable internet for a low price. call now. comcast business. beyond fast. welcome back, everyone. it's 5:25. how do you picture san francisco? nearly spotless? that's what a public relations firm wants to you believe, even though complaints aan fncisco p that company. >> senior investigative reportier bigad shaban has new information involving your tax dollars and a government
5:26 am
the streets. >> reporter: guys, good morning. san francisco averages 180 complaints per day about trash. 67 complaints about human feces, which is why you might think it's strange that someone would give the city a near perfect score when it comes to cleanliness but it turns out a public relations firm did just that, and you may have footed the bill. that's because the city actually paid the company for that research. public works department hired the firm so we sat down with the director to find out why. >> that data is being used to make decisions for the city around cleanliness of sidewalks in neighborhoods. know now, should jbr lose at this contract? >> it obviously sounds like there are concerns from various sectors in the city there are around the contract and i think we need to go and have that, you know, discussion. >> reporter: so what do you think about all this? we want to hear from you.
5:27 am
tag me on social media or use #weinvestigate. also watch our full investigation by logging on to our website, that's >> and if you have a story you'd like to give to our investigative unit, you can give them a call. that number 1-888-996-tips or go to all right, 5:27 right now, and you might want to grab your tissues for tonight. america's favorite drama is returning. >> a lot of people excited about this one. the third season of "this is us" premieres tonight and we have a preview. >> two tickets, that will be five bucks. >> okay. no, no, i got it. >> really? >> yeah. >> thank you. >> um-hum. >> see the game? >> crazy. >> crazy. >> did you see the game? >> what game? >> new to america. >> going back in time for the new season. was this perhaps their first date? you can watch it right here on nbc bay area tonight at 9:00
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p.m., followed by another brand new show, it's called "new amsterd amsterdam" and stick around for "nbc bay area news" at 11:00. also for you "this is us" fans mandy moore will be live on the "today" show. you don't want to miss that, right after "today in the bay" coming up for you at 7:00. coming up, top stories we're following on this tuesday morning, including a brand new rule from the trump administration, which will have a huge impact on thousands of spouses of h1b visa holders right here in the bay area. we'll tell you more about that controversial rule coming up in a live report. stick around. it's 5:28. you're watching "today in the bay." org&e.
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i oversee the patrolling of trees near power lines and roots near pipes and underground infrastructure.. getting the job done safely, so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. so the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california.
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springs bart station and good tuesday morning to you. 5:31 right now as we take a live look out at the warm springs b.a.r.t. station this morning. thanks so much for starting your morning with us here at "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> good morning to you. i'm laura garcia. let's get a look at that forecast for today. summer still hanging on, kari? >> summer is really hanging on and that's the reason why we were showing that warm springs b.a.r.t. station. you should be heading to a transit station this morning. it's a spare the air alert day. edrpool or catch the bus or a hazy and the worst air quality will be in the inland east bay and santa clara valley. as we look at our forecast for the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station we'll be at 52 degrees as you head out the too. jacket weather to start and a lot more comfortable as we go through the day. 1:00 we're at 71 degrees in oakland as we head over t and now we have bay fare that's okay as well. there was some police activity and we're checking on that
5:32 am
again. what we can report from that, it wasn't a big deal t may have been a little scuffle over there, but we're looking at recovery and at most a couple trains, maybe up to 20-minute delay but the rest of the system okay and they cleared it quickly enough that it should be all right for the morning commute. we'll track that, because the morning commute is kicking in. over here that's the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights turn on just about 5:20 as well, and so we saw that from the backup. we see a nice easyve no problems for the speed sensors around most of the bay. back to you. >> mike, thank you. new for you this morning an upcoming change in u.s. immigration policy has a lot of families in silicon valley abuzz, a proposal that could cut incomes in half for some families working in tech. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live from menlo park to talk about the h1b spr visas. >> reporter: we're talking about the h4ead visa, this could put
5:33 am
the squeeze on a lot of silicon valley companies that depend on the h1b visas to bring in talent to work here in the silicon valley. i want to show you what that proposed ban is. look at the proposal by the department of homeland security. this could be a ban on h4 employment authorization visas, which are now available to spouses of h1b visa holders and their children under the age of 21. there are about 125 people affected by this last year. homeland security cites unfair competition for u.s. jobs and a court filing wrote the ban could come within the next three months. now unlike h1b visas which tech skilled worker, there is no requirement regarding the education or where these folks can work under that h4eab visa and no cap on the number of visas that could be issued. if thousands can't earn their
5:34 am
income here it's hard to make a living in the silicon valley on just one income. according to one tech ceo those h1b workers are critical in silicon valley. >> h1b really helps us in terms ofl of resources. >> reporter: now there is supposed to be a public comment period not just for those visa holders but also for tech companies and their representatives to have their say, but this seems to be in motion. i'm going to try to find out what that public comment period is, and where it's going to happen and when it's going to happen and i'll let you know at 6:30 or i'll post it on social media, if it takes me a little bit longer to get to the bottom of this. in menlo park, countries sanchez, "today in the bay." >> 5:34 right now. new video of a car crash in the south bay, we spotted this an overturned car just off of 808 at first street in san jose. chp telling us someone got out
5:35 am
of that car and then ran away. no other details just yet. >> 5:35. happening today, you might see oakland teachers protesting, locked in a bitter contract talk right now. organizers say those protests will start at the end of the regular school day starting at 3:30. teachers are planning to rally outside several schools which include oakland international high school and east oakland encompass academy. people are suffering serious injuries or death while crossing railroad tracks. and new this morning, amtrak and the fairfield police department are teaming up tom is people have a difficult time judging fast-approaching trains. they say that they're launching a program called operation clear track. as part of the program, local police officers will visit amtrak stations and pass out educational materials on railroad safety. >> as you pick up your phone and jump online you're probably going to see register to vote posts all over your twitter and facebook feeds today. it is national voter registration day. have you registered yet? if you haven't, you can find
5:36 am
booths like these in san francisco. educational pop-up event rep. register people in several neighborhoods throughout the city today, and oakland is holding its own get out the vote rally. if you're not going, you probably know someone who is. one of the largest tech conferences in the world is set to take over the city of san francisco as it does every year. >> of course we're talking about the dream force right there. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live from outside the mosconi center in san francisco with what we can expect. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus and laura. i think sales force describes it best, a family reunion when it comes to customers and stake holders for their annual dream force convention that will span the next few days. they're expecting nearly 170,000 people to attend this massive conference, one of the biggest tech conferences in all of theo. you'll have about 2,700 sessions
5:37 am
taking place over the next few days talking about the latest product updates as well as content for specific industries and expert panels so the panels will cover a wide range of things from business-to-business marketing to health care, to even talking about artificial intelligence. now when it comes to the traffic impact, howard street between third and fourth will be closed as the sfmta says about 60,000 people are expected at the mosconi center behind me here every day for the next few days of this conference. when it comes to that speaker list, we'll have oakland mayor lib libby schaaf today and former governor jeb bush and also hear teom former u.s. vice president warriors andre iguodala. he will be speaking at the conference a few days from now, so there's plenty more speakers that will are going to talk over the next few days with the conference wrapping up this friday. we're live outside the mosconi center, peteah tows for
5:38 am
"today in the baed it "today in the bay." the champagne was flowing last night. >> this is the scene after yesterday's game against the ma enradioers with the a's. earlier in the night we learned they clinched a spot in the post season, when tampa bay lost to the yankees. the a's will most likely be playing an all or nothing wild card game against new york next wednesday. however, whoever has the better record will host that game. and talk about a storybook. before this year's a's, no major league baseball team had ever reached the post season with the lowest opening day payroll. payroll might be going up, mike. >> i think there was a a book and a true story of the thing called "moneyball." brad n the a's won. we'll give anybody credit. we just want the win for the a's. looking for a win, mostly a
5:39 am
graa's green here and a little a's yellow. crash on the shoulder no injuries reported south 10 is headed toward the sfo exit. over toward the east bay and the tri valley coming out of the tri valley, westbound 580 right there, castro valley boulevard there is a disabled vehicle partially sticking out into the slow lane. be careful, that's where the volume builds. you see the volume building for the casty valley y. mild slowing for the upper shore freeway and the bay bridge metering lights are on. >> look at the weekend weather. we're already looking ahead. >> absolutely but i'm sure the temperatures that we're going to face this week are going to make this weekend look better. >> i think so. we're going to be so looking forward to the weekend, after dealing glaud did nwoo. 78 degrees on saturday and sunday. it's going to feel so nice. now as we san francisco, we are coming down from those low 70s, and the fog and the clouds will be back, so we'll be
5:40 am
in the mid-60s for the weekend. what are you doing? going hiking? it's going to be cool in muir woods reach into the low 60s. partly cloudy skies throughout the day, some fog drifting in especially early. if you're planning to go to yosemite, it will be a cooler weekend especially after friday. we're up to the upper 60s on friday and then saturday and sunday only reaching the upper 50s. if you're heading out of town going to l.a., of course, you're ookigo at some low 70s, but if you're keeping it local and headed to santa cruz, keep in mind that it is going to be a lot cooler there, and only reaching the low 60s throughout the weekend. so let me know what you have going on, i'm @karihallweather on facebook and twitter. i already had somebody reach out and say i have a wedding. i'll talk about what's going on today coming up in about three minutes. >> thanks, kari. it's 5:41 right his
5:41 am
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it is 5:44 on your tuesday morning. we walk out the door to cool temperatures, and it's already busy out there. if you can, carpool, and it's
5:44 am
going to be a day with some high temperatures and also high ozone levels. campbell is looking at temperatures reaching into the low 80s by 3:00 today. it's going to be above normal there. we'll talk about what's ahead in the forecast. lot of changes, coming up in less than five minutes. we'll take you to the water, the san mateo 92, tail lights going west is your commute direction for the barning showing a smooth drive an update for 680 coming up. >> 5:44 right now. happening today with the clock ticking immigrants will argue in san francisco today at a hearing to remain in the united states. the immigrants have what's called a temporary protected status. tps program covers immigrants from some ten nations, some of whom have been in the u.s. for two decades. many have work and travel permits. close to 400,000 tps holders are expected to lose their status next year. today tps holders from four nations, el salvador, nicaragua,
5:45 am
haiti and sudan will argue for an injunction. a follow-up on the trump administration's plan to roll back car mileage standards. we first told you about this hearing that was happening in fresno yesterday. a lot of people spoke out against that plan to freestanders instead of lettingn in 2025. the administration claims the freeze will take cars and make them more affordable. at yesterday's hearing people raised concerns the freeze would increase the consequences of climate change and health problems. another hearing is scheduled in dearborn, michigan, today. >> 5:45. new this morning a victory to tell you about for animal rights groups. many are applauding the legal decision that blocks what would have been the first grizzly bear hunt in more than 25 years. montana judge yesterday restored federal protection for some 700 grizzlies in and around yellow stone park. last year the trump administration lifted the bear's protections.
5:46 am
this would have allowed for the first hunt since 1991 in idaho and montana. indicted san diego congressman duncan hunter made his first court appearance before the midterm elections. yesterday, the judge set a hearing for hunter and his wife for december. both have pleaded not guilty to charges of using more than $250,000 in campaign funds for personal use. hunter says his wife was behind the spending, since she was his campaign manager. all right, harry potter fans, the? it has been 20 years since the release of harry potter books. >> those books are so popular. they instantly became a worldwide phenomena making words like hogwaters and dumbledor into household names.
5:47 am
>> this is, you are their childhood in some ways. you really defined how they grew up. >> it's a privilege. it's the most beautiful thing to hear. it really is, particularly as comfort blanket i know the books were a refuge for people going through certain things. the books are full of things of loss, lost love, protective nature of love, safety, complex moral choices, what makes a good person. so you know, i think i wrote something that i needed as much as i wanted to write. >> good thing she shared them. rowling is promoting the latest movie "harry potter universe fantastic beast 2." hoda kotb's full interview coming up at 8:30 on the "today" show. harry potter on the left is my son, he was harry potter last year but he's so into the books now. he met a little hermione at a party. >> hello. >> isn't she adorable? >> i think it's so interesting. that's the love of books. it continues for generations.
5:48 am
>> that story out there, it's something they can share with the next generation. >> lots of little magic wands. >> harry potter. >> that's right. take a look at the forecast for us this morning, and a cool start but you said today it's going to be hot. >> it starts out cool and then gets really hot. not only that, but we have a spare the air alert and also a high fire danger. here is a live look outside at dublin as you get ready to step out the door. it's a cool start, all clear skies there. i wanted to let you know about this red flag warning that we havehat still coue east bay and north bay hills, all of these areas shaded in red, where the winds will pick up and the humidity will be dropping, sake wildfire and you just have to be really careful out there today. thescre, and you'll see a lot o changes there over the next couple of days. get a look at your microclimate as we look at pleasant hills
5:49 am
b.a.r.t. station temperature where our temperatures start out in the mid-50s. it's like jacket weather in the morning and then as we go through the day, you'll want to make sure you're wearing some summer gear, so as we look at our forecast for the padres versus the giants tonight, it is going to be chilly out there, only some upper 50s. 58 degrees, it's going to be breezy and skies staying clear. once again, getting dressed this morning, you do need a jacket or a sweater to start, and then as we go through the day, a t-shirt, maybe some shorts and sandalsll wlring the summer gear but that will change over the next few days as our mp going to be today, in the upper 80s, low 90s, even some mid-90s for the tri valley. in livermore reaching 94 degrees. 89 in san jose, andday nice and there, 77. quickly, i'm watching the weather all the way over toward japan, because the way the pattern is set up, some of this
5:50 am
moisture from that super typhoon could carry all the way into the bay area early next week, and bring us our first chance of rain since april 16th. look at this. our temperatures will really drop off as well, going from the upper 90s on wednesday to 76 degrees on monday and of course i'll have a lot more updates on those rain chances. now, mike, you >> i do, kari. we get all kinds of reports that you are funneled over from driv. hang on for a second. we're looking at most of your bay, it looks great. down here, 680, northbound side reports of someone on the shoulder traveling perhaps southbound, as you are driving northb. shoulder. chp is aware of that and we haven't heard any updates over the last few. that's good, usually means someone got off the roadway at the next exit, just trying to fix a flat. we'll track that. mild slowing north 101 typical of that area of san jose. the typical direction west 580 still slow. watch the slow lane approaching
5:51 am
the castro valley y. there's a big rig over on the shoulder. no other problems for contra costa countior alameda county toward the about be been where the metering lights are on. farther north the backup starting to form for the richmond to san rafael bridge westbound commute across 580. toward san rafael the north bay no delay there is. b.a.r.t. still reporting a possible delay through bay fare. they had earlier police activity at the station, also cleared so they're in recovery mode. back to you been is there thanks a l-- >> thanks a lot, mike. next and new, a horrifying sight in the street. that's a 10-month-old baby crawling in the street as cars are speeding past. how he got there and you'll want to hear the father's reaction this morning. ride share drivers are earning less, what one new study indicates. the reason bay area companies are saying the numbers don't tell the entire story. first, happening now, could monsanto's popular weed killer
5:52 am
also be killing bees? new studies show the active ingredient in round-up hurts honeybees guts. honeybee colonies are dying at a frightening pace and a few months ago monsanto was ordered to pay nearly $300 million to a bay area man who says the weed killer gave him cancer. more after the break. it's 5:52.
5:53 am
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5:55 right now. new this morning, disturbing pictures of a baby crawling across a busy street in new jersey. the 10-month-old boy seen here caught on camera by a driver passing by. the driver cory cannon said he thought the baby was a toy at first, then once he saw the baby move he quickly jumped out on, bustling road and then called police. police say the baby came from a nearby home and may have gotten out through a door left open ap unaware the baby had escaped. cannon said he was surprised by the father's reaction. >> which was? >> okay, i'm sorry, and come here. you know, it wasn't like, you know, really like -- i would have been in tears, had i been that negligent with my daughter. >> police say they can't talk about possible charges, because the investigation is still active.
5:56 am
thankfully that little baby is safe. >> so glad to hear that. >> isn't that frightening? maybe you or someone you know does ride sharing. lot of people are doing it to earn extra income. turns out it will take some extra drive. >> a new study is saying uber and lyft drivers are earning less than half of what they used to, specifically 53% less than 2017, compared to 2013. jpmorgan chase put out that study. these drivers made $783 per month in 2017 versus $1,469 in 2013. both companies dispute that study saying that researchers looked at monthlyrates, not hourly rates. >> there's a new warning this morning for fortnite gamers. kids, i said it, pretty popular. it's a big online craze but an investigation in one state identified 24 child predators trying to connect with kids in the game. then they meet in person. here is new jersey's attorney
5:57 am
general. >> what this investigation tells us is there are a lot of people out there who are using the anonymity of the internet to target children and take advantage of them through sexual purposes. >> it's very frightening. the predators out there, a lot of these kids games. fortnite just one of them. how you can protect your family. it's all new at 8:00 a.m., coming up during the "today" show. this is an interesting one. poisoned on the job. just seconds after bursting into a motel room during a drug bust in june, a local narcotics officer suddenly says he felt his body shutting down. >> now he's speaking out exclusively with investigative reporter liz wagner about his near death experience. >> reporter: the alameda county narcotics detective experienced an accidental drug overdose in that motel room. turns out he inhaled a trace amount of fentanyl in the air, that's a synthetic opioid that's 50 times more potent than heroin. just a tiny bit of the stuff could be lethal. right away he knew something was
5:58 am
wrong. he recalls the harrowing moments when the drug took over his body been. >> my lips were tingling, my nose was burning. i decided i got to go out and get some air because i felt something wasn't right. >> reporter: what did itee like? >> i remember grabbing the hotel railing and i remember thinking, i can barely hold myself up right now. my whole body was starting to shut down. >> reporter: soon after, he was unconscious, but fellow officers managed to bring him back with an antidote they were carrying. coming up tonight, you'll hear the detective's plea to all law enforcement in the bay area, why he says a new drug-fighting tool is now just as important for keeping officers safe as their guns and bullet proof vests. that's tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area. see you then. >> if you have a story for our investigative unit, you can give them a call, that number 888-996-tips, or go to the website,
5:59 am
right now at 6:00 on offense. >> the truth s i've never sexually assaulted anyone. >> brett kavanaugh defending himself against accusations of sexual assault from palo alto professor. what he's saying this morning and how one local school district is using that case as a teaching moment. plus -- >> and then i went to the car and i got in the car, and i still couldn't get him, they pulled me out, they hit me. >> heartbreaking mother's grief, as her son is still missing this morning. you probably saw an amber alert come through your phone. we'll have the latest on the search as it continues for a northern california boy. plus, suing san jose police. big new step in the fight between a veteran officer and the department. he says officers target him because he's muslim. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> a lot of news to cover on this tuesday morning but first, want to say good morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington.
6:00 am
mike has a look at traffic in a moment but first we start with meteorologist kari hall. you've been telling us, it is going to be a hot day out there, even a spare the air day. >> spare danger and ten tours are going to be hotter than yesterday in the inland valleys. as we start out this morning, a nice refreshing breeze and temperatures in the mid-50s as you step out. as we head over to east san jose to the neighborhood of evergreen, our temperatures go from the upper 50s at 7:00 or at 8:00 to the mid 80s by early afternoon. let's head over to concord, where it will be hotter today. look at those numbers, at 3:00 we're at 89 degrees. we'll talk about all of our


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