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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 26, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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burger. >> thanks so much for joining us. breaking news tonight -- explosive new allegations against embattled supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. another woman goes public. what she says happened at a house party in the 1980s. kavanaugh firing back saying it's ridiculous and from the twilight zone. president trump standing by his nominee. >> and they know it's a big, fat con job and these are all false to me. these are false accusations. >> tonight we have the polygraph test from the first accuser. what it reveals on the eve of a dramatic showdown before congress and the entire country watching. the intensifying search for a 6-year-old boy missing. he has autism. he's nonverbal. the feds using recordings of his
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parents' voices hoping he'll hear them. strong tornados and storms. a dangerous night ahead for tens of millions. alarming news from the cdc about the flu. a lethal new warning just as the mean season is set to get underway. an incredible story of survival. a mom shot 12 times in a deadly mass shooting. >> so i kept shouting at him, i have a 5 and a 7-year-old. they need their mother. you need to get me out of this situation. >> how she lived to tell her story. a super model's revelation, gisele going public with her personal struggle hoping to help others. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, everyone. a third allegation of sexual misconduct against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh surfaced today. ratcheting up the drama and tension hours before christine blasey ford appears before a senate committee and the country to tell her story under oath.
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tonight according to an advanced copy of her opening remarks bracy will tell the panel, i believed he was going to rape me, but it's the new statement of a third woman who claims she witnessed kavanaugh giving girls alcohol hat a high school party so they could be raped that has president trump on the offense angrily attacking her lawyer and democrats. we start with peter alexander who is here with us. >> good evening. the president is standing by brett kavanaugh as senate democrats are calling on him to withdraw kavanaugh's nomination or order the fbi to investigate all of the allegations. >> reporter: tonight president trump defending his supreme court pick brett kavanaugh after a third woman has come forward with accusations blaming democrats for orchestrated partisan attacks. >> they know it's a big, fat conn job and they go into a roof and i guarantee you laugh like hell. >> reporter: the comments made
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public by the woman's lawyer, michael avenatti that represents important star stormy daniels. >> you have this other con artist avenatti come out with another beauty today. >> reporter: in a sworn statement, julie swetnick said she attended more than ten house parties and witnessed kavanaugh and high school friend mark judge fondling girls without their consent saying in 1982 she was the victim of a gang or train rape. swetnick does not specifically accuse kavanaugh or judge of being involved in her rape but say both were present and she beesugh says this is ridiculous and from the twilight evne happened. tonight judge's lawyer says judge vehemently denies ms. swetnick's allegations. avenatti teased this information for weeks.
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kavanaugh asked about it earlier this week. >> did you ever participate in or were you ever aware of any gang rape that happened at a party that you attended? >> that's totally false and outrageous. never done any such thing, known about any such thing. >> reporter: nbc news has not independently corroborated swetnick's claim. today avenatti would not make her available for an interview. top republicans expressing skepticism. >> this is what i think, you went to a party once with people being gang raped and drugged, you would tell somebody and you have an obligation if you see people being abused that you fo >> reporter: it comes just hours before blasey ford will be testifying before congress. republicans hiring veteran sex crimes prosecutor rachel mitchell to handle questioning. today ford's lawyers releasing the results of the polygraph test where she wrote down details and asked if any of it was false. >> i'm extremely confident dr. swer those questions l when she regarding her statement.
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>> reporter: polygraphs are generally inadmissable in court. tomorrow kavanaugh will offer another forceful denial writing in retrospect, i said and did things in high school that make me cringe now. what i've been accused of is far more serious than juvenile misbehavior. i've never done anything remotely resembling what dr. ford describes. peter alexander, nbc news, new york. >> reporter: this is kate snow. on thursday in the senate hearing only one kavanaugh accuser will testify but there are now three, the latest julie swetnick. in a sworn declaration swetnick says she attended more than ten house parties with kavanaugh and his close friend mark judge in the early '80s and observed brett kavanaugh drink excessively and engage in abusive and physically aggressive behavior towards girls. swetnick says she witnessed efforts by mark judge brett kavanaugh an others to cause girls to be inebriated and
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disoriented to be gang raped by a train of numerous boys and describes being the victim of one of these gang rapes where judge and kavanaugh were present in approximate ly 1982. i was incata without my consent and unable to fight off the boys raping me she said. >> he doesn't know her. he's never met her. >> >> reporter: today an attorney for kavanaugh called the new allegations outrageous. >> i got to believe if this was happening over two years with all these women and men, someone else would have heard about it and would have reported it by now. >> reporter: all of the allegations involve drinking and multiple people on hand. christine blasey ford told "the washington post" at a teen ing s kavanaugh pinned her to a bed and groped her attempting to pull off her one-piece bathing suit as his friend mark judge laughed. mark judge denied ford and swetnick's allegations. the other kavanaugh accuser, debbie ramirez attended yale with kavanaugh and told the new yorker a man exposed himself at a dorm room party.
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i remember a penis being in front of my face she told the new yorker and hearing someone yell that kavanaugh did it. no one has come forward publicly to say they were present at the time of any of these three alleged incidents. kavanaugh's attorney today said if so many people were present during these parties and the latest allegation, why wouldn't someone have said something? >> very common in the '80s. there were very few resources for victims of sexual violence. they were kids. they were underunderage, possib drinking or doing drugs, being in places they shouldn't have been. >> reporter: three women coming forward ahead of a critical decision. kate snow, nbc news new york. and we have more breaking news on brett kavanaugh just coming in. let's get to nbc's kasie hunt on capitol hill. kasie, what are you learning? >> tonight nbc news learned the senate judiciary committee is probing an additional anonymous allegation of physical assault against brett kavanaugh. a charge he tells theom he denies. it came in a letter that the woman says involved her own
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daughter that witnessed judge kavanaugh shove a woman up against a wall in a sexual manner when he was drunk in 1998. in public, it's full speed ahead and behind closed doors some republicans are worrying that thing may be moving too quickly. my sources tell me if there is another allegation, republicans might start voicing doubts and that would be especially true if it were proven that he is not telling the truth. lester? >> kasie hunt, thank you. our chief white house correspondent hallie jackson pressed the presid directly about his support for kavanaugh at a news conference just a short time ago. take a look. >> do you think these women, all three of them are liars? yes or no? >> have they been what? >> are they liars? >> i can't tell you. i have to watch tomorrow. i just heard about one a little while ago. i can tell you her lawyer is a low life, okay? i can't tell you whether or not they are liars until i hear them. i'll be watching. believe it or not, i'm going to
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see what is said. it's possible that they will be convincing. now, with all of that being said, judge brett kavanaugh has been for many years one of the most respected people in washington. every single person knows him, a lot of people know him well, and those people don't believe what's going on. i can always be convinced. i have to hear it. >> it sounds like what you're saying is there is situation there is a scenario under which you would withdraw brett kavanaugh's nomination. is that correct? >> if i thought he was guilty of something like this, yeah, sure. >> hallie joins me live. what do you make of the president's answers to your questions? give me a sense of what it was like in that room. >> yeah, the room here, lester, in the immediate short term future this puts immense pressure on brett kavanaugh to be seen as credible and compelling tomorrow because as you heard the president say, he will be watching. the bigger picture, the last
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hour and 22 minutes provided us with an extraordinary insight how this president sees this broader cultural moment a year into the me, too, movement asked how he would describe his message to young men. he said this is a dangerous period. the president was trying to win over the audience of reporters, rifting, interrupting and exaggerating the facts, in other words, classic donald trump. >> hallie jackson, in a hotel a few blocks from where we are. thank you. the president making big headlines about the high-stakes meeting tomorrow with the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. the man that oversees the mueller investigation. kristen welker is at the white house. what's the latest? >> the president said we'll see when asked if he plans to fire his embattled deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, although he says he doesn't want to. he says he may delay a meeting set for tomorrow to focus on kavanaugh. this drama started when "the new york times" reported rosenstein discuss red moving the president
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from office. rosenstein summoned to the white house monday called that report inaccurate and its high stakes, the deputy attorney general oversees the russia investigation, lester. >> kristen welker, thanks. >> let's turn to the united nations where the president today fired off a broad slide against a world power with an accusation of meddling. andrea mitchell has the details. >> reporter: the dramatic accusation as president trump was presiding over the u.n. security council for the first time. >> china has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming 2018 election. they do not want me or us to win because i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade. >> reporter: only three seats away, china's foreign minister strongly denying the charge. saying china does not interfere in other country's domestic
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affairs. what is the president's evidence? he tweeted photos of the des moines register, articles critical of u.s. trade policy. >> looks like they are editorials and they are not. they are made up by china. >> reporter: the pages are labeled as ads, this warning from dan coats tuesday. >> the chinese government uses all of the capabilities at their disposal to influence u.s. policies, spread propaganda, manipulate the media and pressure individuals. >> reporter: the timing of the president's election meddling charge appears tied to his trade war with china with the u.s. slapping tariffs on $200 billion of chinese exports this week. and china retaliating, accusing the u.s. of holding a knife to our neck. >> we're taking in billions of dollars in tariff money going right into the treasury and china is getting hurt. >> reporter: as the world's two largest economies slug it out over trade and the president opens a new front in the battle. andrea mitchell, nbc news, new york. we want to tell you about a violent weather thread that has cities on alert from new york to new england. some 40 million people under threat with damaging winds,
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heavy rain and possible tornados and across the south, heavy rain with flash flood watches including birmingham and chattanooga. to the search in north carolina for a 6-year-old boy, maddox ritch missing since saturday. he has aisutm and he's nonverbal. searchers using his parents' recorded voices hoping the little boy will hear them. nbc's dave guiteariz is there. >> reporter: today with hundreds of federal and local agents on the move from drainage pipes to manholes, the despite search expanded for 6-year-old maddox ritch. >> it's torture. it's torture. i just want my little boy back home. >> reporter: the boy's father ian ritch speaking for the first time, he said they were with a friend when he started running with a jogger. >> i couldn't catch up with him.
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i feel guilt for letting him get ahead of me. >> reporter: it was around 1:30 saturday afternoon when maddox vanished. his father did not call 911, a park employee did. >> got a missing kid. he's been missing probably the last 30, 40 minutes, hour maybe. >> reporter: that employee told the dispatcher the boy was wearing black shorts and a orange shirt that read yoi'm th man. he now tells nbc news he never saw the boy. >> we searched everywhere. >> reporter: by 2:33 officers began scouring the sprawling 250 acre property. >> i want my baby back in my arms. >> reporter: after this emotional plea from maddox's mother yesterday, tonight a growing mystery. >> i'm so worried because it's just been so long. >> reporter: police have been playing recordings of his parents to try to draw maddox out of the woods. th so far, nothing. lester. >> we can only appreciate how difficult that is for that family. thank you. the cdc is sounding the alarm as we approach flu season. a stunning 80,000 americans died from the flu last winner.
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the highest toll in at least four decades. last year's strain was especially dangerous for young children and the elderly. still ahead, the mother shot 12 times in a deadly rampage is sharing her incredible story how she survived the horror. super model gisele opening up about her private struggles. why she once considered taking her own life.
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next tonight, a harrowing story of survival when a gunman went on a rampage at a cincinnati bank this month, among the injured was a mother of two shot 12 times. incredibly, she survived. tonight she speaks out to our kristen dahlgren and a warngwhae is disturbing. >> reporter: whitney austin remembers the moment she thought she might not make it. >> i just resigned myself to okay, this is it. you're dying. >> reporter: three weeks ago, the mom of two was rushing to work at the fifth third bank. >> i pushed the door and immediately that's when i was hit by the bullets. >> reporter: inside gunman omar santa perez had already started
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his rampage. police still have no idea of a motive. their body cams capturing the terrifying moments. in the end four were dead including the shooter taken down by police. austin was saved when an officer helped get her outside. >> i kept shouting at him, i have a 5 and a 7-year-old. they need their mother. >> reporter: incredibly all 12 bullets missed her vital organs. she's now back home with her family healing and turning her focus to helping. she found a non-profit whitney rong to reduce gun violence through responsible gun ownership, something she wanted to get involved in after parkland but didn't. >> i feel like i've been sitting on the sidelines watching a lot of people fight over this issue and make very little traction. >> reporter: now hoping her unique perspective can change the conversation. >> i'm here. i'm alive. that is now my purpose. >> reporter: christian dahlgren, nbc news. >> what a story she has to tell. we're going to take a break. coming up, the truth behind her seemingly perfect life.
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super model gisele opening up about something so many suffer from.
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a lot of people would say she has everything, millions from horror -- her modeling contracts, mother, step-mom to three kids. but for the first time gisele bundchen is opening up about private mental health struggles the public has never known about until now. here is ann thompson. >> reporter: in photograph after photograph, gisele bundchen said in 2003 she suffered panic attacks and suicidal thoughts writing i remember i felt so helpless i questioned whether i wanted to live. her life then seemingly charmed. a $25 million modelling contract with victoria secret and dating leo dicaprio. maybe it will be easier if i just jump. it will be all over. there is a solution.
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i can get out of this. today bundchen joins other famous names revealing their struggles with panic attacks. >> it helps address barriers of stigma that prevent people from getting the care they need to relieve their suffering and save their lives. >> reporter: panic disorder affects 6 million adults. women are twice as likely to be affected as men. bundchen said she gave up cigarettes and caffeine, took up yoga and meditation and refocussed her life. now 38 a wife, mom, and model revealing the picture isn't always what it seems. we'll be right back with the story of one amazing field trip. inspiring kids to take their dreams to new heights. what the e
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unit just learned about the beams holding up the transbay terminal. plus, a south bay church gets its stolen instruments back -- because of the surprising thing the suspected thieves - forgot to do. next. right now at 6: a record settlement against
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finally tonight, it's one thing to tell children the sky is the limit but it's another to show them from the cockpit of a plane. tonight we take you to chicago where there is a mission to help kids' dreams take flight and it's inspiring america. >> good to see you. welcome. >> reporter: these kids are going on a field trip like no other. >> there is actually two computers here. >> reporter: getting a back stage tour of united airlines at chicago o'hare. >> where are we on this? >> reporter: one of the world's busiest airports. 11-year-old roderick mack is part of aero stars, a program to get african american students excited about aviation. >> i want to be an airline pilot and fly this kind of plane. >> i love the smell of jet fuel and love the sound of engines. >> reporter: the founder tamera holmes will never forget the flight she took as a teenager with a local chapter of the tuskegee airmen. >> all of these black guys with
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airplanes giving rides to kids. no way, this cannot be real. this cannot be chicago. this is for stability. >> reporter: she became an airport planner and is inspiring students to become pilots, engineers, air traffic controllers and more. 15-year-old nashia turner is determined to be part of aviation's next generation. >> it felt easy and natural getting the pilot's seat and taking over. >> reporter: 20-year-old michael hogue already has his pilot's license. >> i tell ms. holmes all the time she changed my life. >> reporter: this college student is also an instructor. >> him being able to give back in the way that i gave back, in the way that the tuskegee airmen gave back to me, speaks directly to continuing the legacy. it's humbling for me to know that we passed the torch. >> the next generation of aviators could be flying us soon. that's "nightly news" for this wednesday and a programming note, our live coverage of the kavanaugh hearing begins tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. eastern. i'm lester holt.right now at 6:
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a record settlement against uber. the reason the rideshare company is forking over right now at 6:00, a record settlement against uber. the reason the rideshare company is forking over nearly $150 million. plus, in her own words. we get a preview of the testimony from the palo alto woman accusing supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual assault. but first, not just one crack. the other structural problem with the bay transit center. the news at 16 starts right now. good evening. i'm janelle wang sitting in for raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. don't expect it to reopen anytime soon. that's the message tonight from the transbay authority concerning that $2 billion salesforce transit center. engineers found a second crack in a beam in the brand new terminal. transbay authority doesn't know what caused the cracks or at this point how it's going to fix them. but the authority's executive
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director did say the cracks are contained to one area. now, it is the discovery of that second crack that's raising concern among city leaders. and they're hoping that the problem isn't the ground. >> i certainly think we have a lot of questions to ask about building in a part of the city that's not on bedrock, and we're building a lot. >> mayor london breed toured the site today, which the transbay authority says won't reopen until the end of the week. coming up at 6:30, we're going to have her reaction to the closure. commuters are clearly being hit the hardest by the transit center shutdown. nbc bay area's christi smith continues our coverage live at the old transbay terminal where the buses are being rerouted.


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