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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 27, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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riveting testimony. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thank you for being with us tonight. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. it's political theater for many but real life emotion and heartache for others. today's testimony was fiery and passionate and emblematic of our current political climate. >> now, the hearing began with a very different tone, with palo alto psychologist dr. christine blasey ford explaining that despite being terrified she felt she needed to come forward with her painful story, a story she says that has haunted her for decades. >> what is the strongest memory you have, the strongest memory of the incident, something that you cannot forget? >> indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter, the uproarious
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laughter between the two and them having fun at my expense. >> when it was judge kavanaugh's turn to testify, he was defiant and eager to clear his name. >> my family and my name have been totally and permanently destroyed by vicious and false additional accusations. i was not at the party described by dr. ford. this confirmation process has become a national disgrace. >> kavanaugh at times tearful, looked directly at democrats as he insisted that he would not be intimidated into withdrawing his name from the supreme court nomination. in washington, d.c., dr. ford faced a mixed senate panel but in palo alto a much different story. a large crowd of friends and neighbors gathering at city hall with the simple message, we believe you. nbc bay area's robert honanda i in palo alto with the outpouring of support.
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robert? >> reporter: that's right. the crowd that gathered here at the palo alto plaza said their support was more personal than political, but they also said they believe her testimony is part of a rallying cry that will only get louder and louder. >> we're here community. we're here to bring humanity to this case. >> reporter: the crowd that attended the rally at palo alto city hall seemed to direct their songs and chants to christine blasey ford personally, arguing that their friend and neighbor has given up too much to be described by critics as a political operative out to sink brett kavanaugh's chances for the supreme court. >> she deserves to move back into her house. >> that's right. yeah! >> and walk her dog and go to her children's sporting events. >> she was so visibly terrified in her opening statement that my heart went out to her. she didn't ask for any of this. >> we are standing here for justice. >> reporter: rally coordinators said they felt ford was trapped in an unfair situation. >> putting her personally on
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trial but not letting it be an actual trial with evidence and witnesses who she places in the room at the time. >> i think what's really at stake is the rising up of women. you've seen women rising up since november of 2016 and the more we rise up the more pushback we get. >> thank you for coming out. i will make sure christine gets this. >> she knows we're here. >> hooray! >> she's getting our letters. she's getting our thank you cards. she's getting our posts. she hears us. >> reporter: in fact, as we reported, friends of dr. ford say they have been in touch with her and she expressed gratitude about all the support in her hometown. now the only question is, will she get that same kind of support in the nation's capital? live in palo alto, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> robert, thank you. at some point dr. ford and judge kavanaugh will fade from the headlines, but for many of the bickering. senator kamala harris, a former bay area prosecutor, joined other democrats and pressed judge kavanaugh on why he wouldn't ask president trump for an fbi investigation.
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>> so are you willing to ask the white house to do that? it's a yes or no and then we can move on. >> i had six background investigations over 26 years. >> sir, as it relates to the recent allegations, are you willing to have them do it? >> the witness testimony before you, no witness who was there supports that i was there. >> okay. i'm going to take that as a no and we can move on. >> a bit of a cat and mouse game for much of this. also under senator harris' questioning, judge kavanaugh admitted he did not watch dr. ford's testimony earlier before him. he said he wanted to watch but was busy preparing for his own testimony. among the flash points today, the comments from south carolina republican lindsey graham, critical of the democrats. >> when you see sotomayor and kagan tell them that lindsey said hello because i voted for them. i would never do to them what you've done to this guy. this is the most unethical sham since i've been in politics. >> senator graham accusing
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democrats of wanting to destroy kavanaugh's nomination so they could hold a seat open and fill it if they win the white house in 2020. well, president trump tweeted praise for his supreme court nominee, saying, quote, judge kavanaugh showed america exactly why i nominated him. his testimony was powerful, honest and riveting. now, the president blamed what he called the democratic search and destroy strategy and called for the senate to vote on kavanaugh's nominee. the committees for republicans made a controversial decision to bring in a prosecutor to question dr. ford and kavanaugh on their behalf. the prosecutor's name rachel mitchell. she'sn years and she specializes in sex crime cases. mitchell is the deputy county attorney for maricopa county attorney's office in phoenix and has earned national recognition for her work. right now she's on a leave from that position. before taking leave, though, mitchell played a key role in helping clear up a massive backlog of sex crime investigations at the maricopa
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county sheriff's department. for decades she's been considered among the best sex crimes prosecutors in america. now, for many students across the bay area, today's hearing was both a hot topic and a teachable moment. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live at the all-girls high school in san jose where students were following along on their cell phones all day long, damian. really watching as this unfolded. >> reporter: they were. they were clearly having an opinion about who may have been telling the truth here. they'll be talking about this for quite some time. these students couldn't wait for lunchtime, not because they wanted a snack or time with friends, but so they could check on what was happening in washington, d.c. >> i went on my phone instantly and i was checking twitter and we've just kind of been refreshing all day. >> reporter: the all-girls catholic school was abuzz today, watching a local woman testify to a global audience. >> it's inspiring to see her be strong and brave, not just for
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herself, but any woman who has experienced anything remotely similar. >> reporter: notre dame hopes to mold the future female leaders of silicon valley and says this is clearly a teachable moment. the kavanaugh hearing was a topic in this social issues class. >> are you just thinking ethically this is what our nation needs to consider as we look at one of the highest positions in the land? >> reporter: the topic ranged discussions from gender equality to social awareness. >> being an all-girls school, we forget these things happen. then you see things like that and you're reminded that's what happens in the real world. >> reporter: most of the students we spoke to also underscored the historic significance of this day, even if they could only see it through the screen of their mobile devices. >> all day i've been checking updates. >> reporter: so it is clear that dr. ford's testimony resonated more here with students at notre dame than that of judge kavanaugh. we're live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> damian, thank you.
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millions of people are lighting up social media. take a look. many of the people using the #believeher. this is what we call a he map showing where #believeher was used most while dr. ford was testifying. here's what it looks like right now after people getting back from work and school. this is a live track of the #kavanaughhearing. a lot of activity, especially in the bay area of southern california. you can see the eastern seaboard, it is lit up. the red areas showing where the hashtag is extremely active. our coverage of today's historic hearing continues in about 20 minutes at 6:30. we'll bring in ourys o larry ge him what the takeaways from this testimony are and moving forward what it means. again, that's in about 20 minutes. we're following a developing story where a hazmat situation erupd walgreens. firefighters say someone sprayed pepper spray inside that store. happened shortly after 4:00. still unclear who did it and
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why. firefighters ended up treating 18 people outside the store. new trouble for elon musk and his twitter account. the tesla ceo now facing the federal government, who is suing him for fraud. this is just another problem for musk and tesla. let's bring in nbc bay area's jessica flores who is in downtown san francisco with these accusations. jessica? >> reporter: raj, we are in front of the tesla showroom here in san francisco, and i have to report, nothing much different is going on here. pretty normal day. but that's not the case for tesla's stock. it started falling after news broke of the s.e.c. filing that lawsuit. it all stems from an august tweet that elon musk sent out, hinting he could take the company private. now the s.e.c. has a clear message to executives, what you say on social media matters. the s.e.c. is suing tesla's elon musk, calling this tweet false and misleading. musk tweeted back in august, am considering taking tesla private at $420. funding secured.
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tesla's stock soared after the tweet. the problem, according to the s.e.c., funding wasn't secured and the stock figure was a 20% premium over that day's market price. this man, faculty director of the sf state graduate business program says he's nod surprised the s.e.c. is suing. >> the s.e.c. feels that that was false and misleading information, manipulation of the stock price, and so even at that time it was quite clear to me that he shouldn't have used the words "funding arranged" or funding, you know, already put in place. >> reporter: musk released a statement, saying, this unjustified action by the s.e.c. leaves me deeply saddened and disappointed. i have always taken action in the best interests of truth, transparency and investors. integrity is the most important value in my life and the facts will show i never compromise this in any way.
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the lawsuit seeks for musk to be removed from tesla. he believes the worst case scenario, fines. he double believe shareholders would ax their celebrity ceo. >> i think they'll find a way to, you know, give a slap on the wrist and then continue as they have been doing. >> reporter: now, tesla's shares continued to fall more than 10% in after-hours trading. in san francisco, i'm jessica flores, nbc bay area news. >> jessica, thank you. all those robberies at apple stores might be coming to an end. investigators say they know who is behind the heists. plus, removing ceiling panels and light fixtures. the work crews are doing to shore up cracks at the transit center and why it will he'd to each more traffic in san francisco. i'm chief mystery jeff ranieri. big changes in the weather starting right now. down 14 degrees cooler in
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livermore. how much more we drop tomorrow and the latest on rain chances coming up in my forecast in about six minutes. new problems.
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engineers are scrambling to fix san francisco )s salesforce okay. no new cracks but plenty of new problems. engineers are scrambling to fix san francisco's s.e.a.lalesforc transit center. crews are going to have to create a new structure to relieve pressure from the
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cracked steel beams. melissa colorado joins us live from san francisco's financial district. this solution seems really convoluted and difficult. >> reporter: well, jess, picture this for a second, steel beams, steel columns right there, right in the middle of fremont street. that is the temporary solution. that is the shoring system that is going to help prop up, provide some relief for the two cracked steel beams, but commuters i spoke to say how long is that going to take and when exactly is this section of fremont street going to re-open? >> this causes too much time, takes too long to get across the city. >> reporter: beeping and bottle necking has become the new normal for drivers coming off the bay bridge and exiting on to fremont street in after crews found two cracked steel beams in the salesforce transit center, the transbay joint powers authority announced today they have a temporary solution. >> the current plan is to put the shoring system near the
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middle of fremont street so we can allow traffic on both sides of fremont street. >> reporter: t.j.'s executive director says the shoring system will involve steel beams and steel columns that will prop up the cracked steel beams overhead. protective barriers will be placed around the shoring system to prevent accidents on fremont street. >> we want to be mindful that as we put the shoring system -- operate out of the bus plaza. so we need to be able to have busses be able to turn. >> reporter: time is of the essence. tgpa says it's going to come down to how fast they find the necessary steel beams and how quickly they can get the shoring materials into the city. >> the first step is to make sure that we can open fremont street. the second step is to restart the operations of the transit center. >> reporter: this is a live look at the traffic situation here on fremont street. these are commuters exiting the bay bridge, getting off at fremont street exit.
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it is a mess right now. it was a mess this morning during the height of the morning rush hour, and this is how it's likely going to look as long as this section of fremont straight remains closed. that's the latest here in san francisco. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. salesforce ceo marc benioff weighing in on twitter saying he's very sorry to see the transit center closed. he said it is a blessing the crack was discovered before anyone was killed or injured. tonight, a break in the case. investigators say they've identified 17 people responsible for this recent crime wave. each time, the suspects run in, grab all the iphones and laptops they can and then flee in an awaiting car. oakland police have arrested eight suspects and warrants have been issued for nine others. >> if you engage in criminal activity in our community, we are going to hold you accountable, it's just that simple. >> police say in total, the
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thieves have made off with a million bucks of apple products. a guilty plea today in the east bay from a former walnut creek middle schoolteacher. police arresting michael barrtell. his active in an online forum and a person who read the post claimed he claimed to be having sexual contact with minors. he pleaded guilty to four counts of child molestation. the judge sentencing him from 25 years to life in prison. b.a.r.t. leaders are trying to determine how to make the system safer. a big task. it comes after three people were murdered on b.a.r.t. in july, including 17-year-old nia wilson. john cowell is accused of stabbing her to death in a random attack. now, the wilson family believes he jumped the fare gates. if he wasn't able to jump those gates, nia might still be alive. at tonight's meeting, the big discussion is a crack down on
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current fare evaders. chance to share their thoughts on how to make part safer. in addition, b.a.r.t.'s chief of police is expected to make recommendations on officer staffing. also, b.a.r.t. is showing off its robust surveillance network. this is what they might call the nerve center of b.a.r.t.'s security. officers are monitoring up to ten computer screens showing live footage of various b.a.r.t. stations. the agency says it has more than 4,000 cameras in the system. a deadline looming on important legislation impacting california. governor brown has until this sunday to either sign or veto more than 300 bills on his desk. among the stack, legislation that would create net neutrality regulations, expand access to abortion pills at public universities and increase public access to police misconduct records. governor brown can either sign them, veto them or let the bill become a law without his signature. the red-hot bay area housing
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market is cooling off, sort of. the number of bay area homes sold plunged 10% last month. that's a seven-year low. prices are dropping as well after hitting record highs in may and june, the data firm says prices are slowly scaling back. some areas still pretty strong, though, including marin county, san mateo county and santa clara county. all right. let's bring in chief mystery jeff ranieri. a nice weekend for some open houses as long as it's not too cool. >> nice way to spend a weekend if that's what you have planned. we have a little cloud cover moving in. it's going to be comfortable. no need for any air conditioning as we hit this upcoming weekend. we get a live look outside in the tri-valley, some haze and a little cloud cover moving in. it was hot in liver more, up to 92, but notice how fast these temperatures are dropping already down to 78 degrees. you might actually be able to
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give your air conditionings a break here in the tri-valley tonight as we have 60s returning with the cloud cover staying put. down to the south bay it probably almost feels chilly to you outside. you can see the cloud cover starting to move in with a system out near the coastline. currently 69 degrees and we're dropping all the way to 62 once he wit 11:00 p.m. what about these changes? it's all from a system that is still sitting about 200 miles offshore, at least the core of it. that's where the coldest air is and the best possibility of showers will come from. i don't see any rainfall in the forecast through tomorrow, but numbers are down. 80 in concord. that's going to be one of my warmest. that's it. 74 in san jose. 75 in napa. 73 in santa rosa. the best chance of showers moving on in as we look ahead would be in the north bay on saturday. a scattered chance also into sunday. we're still holding on to the possibility next monday and tuesday with these more fall-like temperatures over the
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next seven days. we'll talk more about the timing of this rainfall and what we're seeing on any kind of rainfall estimates at 6:48 tonight. >> okay. we'll see you then. thank you, jeff. so will californians repeal the controversial gas tax? the results of a new poll ahead of the november elections. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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voters aren )t so, should it stay or go? a new poll shows california voters aren't ready to get rid of one of the most hated taxes. in 2017, voters approved a 12-cent hike of the state's gas tax. in november, they have a chance to repeal it, but a public policy institute of california poll finds that more than 50% say they would vote against a poll. our pollster warn the results could be misleading. >> there is some kind of share of the electorate that goes into proposition ballots with a default no and you have to convince them to yes. >> the gas tax is expected it
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bring $5 billion. that money supposed to be used to improve roads and public transit. california is encouraging more californians to go electric. the state air resource board is considering boosting the electric car rebate from 2,500 bucks to 4,500 bucks. it's looking at providing money right as possible rather than a mail-in rebate. the hope is the new rebate will help offset the federal government's plan to reduce its rebate for electric cars. a fiery and emotional day on capitol hill. the nation buzzing from the testimony from palo alto psychologist and judge kavanaugh on capitol hill. larry gerston joins us next with his thoughts. also, how today's testimony is giving a new voice to sexual assault survivors. we're back in a moment. who do t?
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a marathon day of emotional testimony from palo alto )s right now at 6:30, who will they believe? a marathon day of emotional testimony from palo alto's christine blasey ford and judge brett kavanaugh. today's epic hearing ran the emotional game out fr emotional gamut from tears to rage. >> nearly nine hours of questions, answers and political grandstanding. janelle wang following the entire hearing for us and a closer look with what happens now. >> judge kavanaugh and dr. ford say they are both 100% certain
6:30 pm
what happened and did not happen. as for the senators questioning them today, partisan politics on full display. >> the testimony you're about to give before -- >> reporter: an emotional he said/she said. >> i thought that brett was accidentally going to kill me. >> reporter: playing out for the world to see. >> we mean no ill will -- >> reporter: dr. christine blasey ford of palo alto up first, describing an alleged sexual assault during a high school party decades ago. identifying her attacker as supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. >> i believed he was going to rape me. i tried to yell for help. when i did, brett put his hand over my mouth to stop me from yelling. >> reporter: she says kavanaugh drunkenly attacked her as a friend watched. >> the uproarious laughter between the two and them having fun at my expense. >> reporter: judge kavanaugh denying it all, at some point on the verge of tears. at other times, defiant.
6:31 pm
>> i was not at the party described by dr. ford. this confirmation process has become a national disgrace. >> reporter: and clashing with democrats who urged him to push for an fbi investigation. >> i'm telling the truth. >> i want to know what you want to do, judge. >> i'm innocent. i'm innocent of this charge. >> reporter: tensions on both sides reaching a boiling point. >> you're looking for a fair process? you came to the wrong town at the wrong time, my friend. >> reporter: now it's up to senators to decide who to believe. >> the senate judiciary committee is still scheduled to go forward with their confirmation vote tomorrow morning. jessica, raj? >> okay, thank you, janelle. lots of takeaways from what happened today, lots of political theater and an extraordinary peek into what many say is a fractured senate. >> let's bring in our political analyst larry gerston. usually testimony is good for democracy. i'm not sure anything was positive today. what's your biggest takeaway? we could talk about this for three hours. >> to me, the biggest takeaway,
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believe it or not, was rachel mitchell. this is someone the republicans hired them because they didn't want to look too harsh. she didn't look harsh. her questions were very encouraging, very mobilizing almost and making it easy for dr. ford to go ahead and tell her story. she encouraged her. she almost nurtured her. you could see how upset the republicans were because by the end of the day, they had taken back the opportunity to ask the questions themselves. >> at that point, we saw a lot of grandstanding. talk to me more about that and the position they put themselves in, all of them. >> this is a very complicated problem, particularly for the republicans, because on the one hand they're trying to bring over, to woo the three, four, maybe even five undecideds that they need to make this happen. this is the best shot they're going to have for a long time of packing the court the way they want to. on the other hand, they need the voters. they need their voters. they need their base. so they can't act in a way that is going to harm their base.
6:33 pm
if they're too harsh, they're going to bring the independents out the other way. if they're too soft, their base is going to be upset so the republican senators right now are in a bind of their own making, because if they thought about it earlier, they might have decided to just go away and have the president nominate somebody else just as conservative but without these kinds of questions. >> let's get to the bottom line. tomorrow there will be this vote. will he be confirmed? if he does, will this hang over him like a black cloud for a long time? >> will he be confirmed? the committee meets tomorrow at 9:30. that doesn't mean they'll vote. they're meeting at 9:30. if jeff flake maybe and somebody else who is a republican says i'm not ready to go, they could stall this thing. if they move it along, then they're the undecideds in the senate. they could stall this thing. there is no certainty here. will it hang? yeah, it's going to hang over him for awhile and it's also going to hang this gray cloud, if you will -- >> over the supreme court. >> over the supreme court and
6:34 pm
over the voters. look what they have to put up with. the me too movement, women are not going to be happy about this. >> is the idea of an fbi investigation dead? >> not necessarily. if they feel they have a chance, but you see how much opposed, how much opposed kavanaugh is to this. well, why is he opposed to it? why is he opposed to it? there are questions and the answers might not be so good. >> he was asked eight or nine times. didn't answer directly. >> not directly. you get the impression that, i don't want to go there. >> thank you, larry. >> well, the very public process now playing out for dr. ford and judge kavanaugh is sparking another big movement. thousands of people taking to social media to share their very candid and often heartbreaking stories of sexual violence and harassment. all of them trying to prove the point that so many people don't report assaults. nbc bay area's anousha rasta joins us live from the newsroom with more on how dr. ford has triggered a tidal wave of many
6:35 pm
people who have stayed silent and now have the courage to come forward and talk, anousha. >> absolutely, jessica. the national sexual assault hotline is seeing a spike and so is the crisis text line. talk of sexual assault has doubled since october of 2017 when the #metoo movement began. >> i am terrified -- >> that really took courage. wa in the house, to be honest. >> reporter: senators and viewers repeatedly described dr. christine blasey ford as courageous and brave today. palo alto's mayor says ford's story inspired her to share her own story. for the first time this week she publicly revealed she's been sexually assaulted and it happened decades ago. >> i don't think women ever get over being sexually assaulted. you can talk about it. i'm glad i've been able to talk about it, really been motivated by this. >> reporter: according to the national sexual assault hotline,
6:36 pm
in the same time period since dr. ford went public with her allegation, calls to the sexual assault hotline are up 45.6% over the same period last year. today, the organization says it saw an estimated 147% increase in calls. >> a lot of women are like, oh, my god, i now can talk about this. or i now want to discuss something that i've never felt like i've been able to discuss before. >> reporter: eva is a clinical social worker in palo alto and works with a nonprofit organization that serves women. she says dr. ford's story has triggered memories of sexual violenor share their me too moments. rudeman tells us today's hearings also trigger anxiety in many women who may now feel discouraged to report their experiences because they're afraid of not being believed. she encouraged those victims to seek counselling, where she says it is a safe and nonjudgemental
6:37 pm
place to share their secrets. >> all right. thank you very much. now, we've clipped and posted some of the most powerful and emotional moments in today's testimony. we also have a photo gallery of the day's events. if you want to watch the video, head to our homepage, today's hearing prompted president trump to postpone his planned meeting with embattled deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. the meeting is now expected to take place next week. rosenstein's job is in question following reports that he discussed wearing a wire to record the president and also invoking the constitution's 25th amendment to remove mr. trump from office. rosenstein denies both allegations. the president has said he'd prefer not to fire rosenstein, who is overseeing the mueller investigation into russian election meddling. on the move. people living in a south bay homeless village are getting a new chance. we're going to show you how, next. to get a little more "glit"
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city council members have okay. you might say san jose is about to get a little bit more dplitsy. city council members have approved a proposal allowing electronic commercial billboards on city-owned property. the decision lifts what had been a decades-old ban. supporters say electronic ads will likely bring in some $200,000 a year. opponents, though, including the mayor, say they're an eye sore waiting to happen. he was one of two council members who voted against that plan. well, as the sun goes down this evening, there is a new lease on life for people living in a south bay tent community. we've been following the story of hopeor several weeks now. today, people living there moved to a new lot south of sjc, the airport there. the county leased the land from the city and is allowing 30 people to stay there. it installed bathrooms and solar panels for power and the ground is covered with gravel instead of dirt. the county supervisor says the camp is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to
6:41 pm
tackling the county's growing homeless crisis. >> you're never going to be able to do enough of these encampments to house 5,500 homeless people in our county, it would take hundreds of facilities but they are a part of the puzzle. >> the county plans to closely study how well hope village works and whether other camps can pop up. one of them electing harvey milk, the city's first openly gay official. the mayor at the time was anty. dan white, as you know, assassinated moscone and milk in 1978. historians say that event 30 years ago created a major shift. >> it's not really until the '70s, after the assassination of moscone and milk that the conservatives lose out entirely. by the 1980, i would say the sexually conservative voice doesn't have much influence in
6:42 pm
san francisco anymore. not for lack of trying. >> this all part of our award winning documentary series it airs this saturday night at 10:00 p.m. >> a programming note for you. because of today's hearing on capitol hill, "days of our lives" was preempted. it will air tomorrow at 3:00 a.m. if you'd like, set your dvr. starting to see changes already right now. you can see the cloud cover over contra-costa county. 60s on the way tonight. we'll talk more about the tps and t r>>an unsatisfactory is sent back to the store but they kept herhr chmura. nbc bay area responds next. is not delayed in an emergency. into law s the longstanding industry practice of paying emts and paramedics to remain on-call during breaks and requires they receive fema level training
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in active shooters and natural disasters. vote yes on 11 to ensure 911 emergency care is there when you or your love one need it.
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our help after sending an . nbc bay area responds to a san francisco woman who needed our help after sending an appliance back to the store. >> this is a $700 appliance. >> that's a big appliance. >> we're talking about erin
6:45 pm
coffman's dryer. she bucks. you know what? it didn't work out. it happens sometimes. she sent it back. seers picked it up and promised to refund her 700 bucks but that money never came. so erin filed a dispute with her credit card company. guess what happened? she lost. the bank denied the claim, saying sears already indicated it refunded her. erin went back and forth with sears for more than three months. she decided to contact us. we reached out to sears and agreed to investigate. it went farther. it went ahead and found the 700 bucks and gave it back to her. sears sent us a statement that says, our top priority is the satisfaction of our members. our member services team resolved ms. coffman's situation by issuing a $700 refund. big-ticket items like appliances can be tricky to return.
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we say first and foremost, keep the original packaging until you are sure you want to keep it. also, save those receipts, especially the delivery paperwork, in case you end up with a case like erin's. if you have a consumer complaint, please call us anytime. the number is 1-888-996-tips or online at back to you guys. >> thank you, chris. well, it's not just brett kavanaugh and dr. ford's testimony on capitol hill, google is also in the spotlight in washington, d.c. company leaders will meet with lawmakers tomorrow in the capital to talk about complaints that google is silencing conservative voices. right there when you have your search results. some republicans including president trump have said google leans left. a few weeks ago, twitter's ceo jack dorsey talked to lawmakers about claims that twitter has an anti-conservative bias. all right. let's bring in meteorologist jeff ranieri. so close to friday.
6:47 pm
so close to the weekend. >> we can smell it. >> you can feel it almost with the changes in the weather. i know a lot of us are looking forward to it finally feeling like fall again. that is still in the works for us. let's start you off with storm ranger, our mobile dopplar radar. the only one in the bay area and just one of six in the united states. all six of them are owned by our nbc television stations so we're going to be able to give you that live, accurate data any time a storm system moves in. you can obviously see no rainfall to talk about, but we have beginnings of changes. if you crack open the door after our show, you're going to be able to feel more of a breeze coming in. temperatures anywhere from 9 to 11 degrees colder at this hour. storm system that is making itself look at least a lot more like fall on our weather maps. well out here in the pacific. the core of the storm has the coolest temperatures, also that best chance of showers. so we're still a ways away from
6:48 pm
that getting here, but it certainly did spread high cloud cover this afternoon. the biggest change you'll have tomorrow is as you get going on the morning commute on friday will be the cloud cover. it's going to move all the way down to the south bay peninsula, tri-valley, temperatures in the 50s and more wide spread overcast for the north bay. north bay down to 52. you will need a light jacket here as you begin. through the day tomorrow, it's going to be noticeable. no 90s in the forecast. through the south bay. it will start to feel like fall. how about it, right? we are now pushing well here into september. we've got 74 here in san jose. 73 in milpitas. g gilroy, 78. 80 in pleasanton. that's a huge drop from just two days ago when we were in the upper 90s. over to hayward, 78.
6:49 pm
along the peninsula is also dropping. 72 in redwood city and 67 in san mateo. 63 along the embarcadero and 61 in the ingle side. across wine country, 75 here in napa. 74, sonoma. going to ukiah, normally our hottest, but you're only going to be at 83 tomorrow. drying my forecast through friday, but let's push it ahead to the weekend. that's when we start to introduce the chance of rainfall. saturday morning we are looking at the overcast skies, but as we hit the afternoon herey right a. still calling for a slight chance of showers in san francisco. a spotty chance on saturday. only a 20% possibility on sunday. we're holding on to a 50% chance of rain next monday and tuesday with temperatures in the 60s. for the inland valleys, we're in the 70s right through this weekend and also a 50% chance early next week. as we have been mentioning, it's been frustrating on this early next week rain outlook. we've had a lot of different
6:50 pm
outcomes on those forecast models. the best bet is to just be prepared for that possibility of some rain early next week and we're going to get it nailed down. right now it does not look like a big storm early next week. that's the most important thing for any kind of planning you have at this point. >> even the change is weather is nice to see. >> i agree with you on that. definitely. >> thanks, jeff. up next, he joined colin kaepernick in protesting during the national anthem. now another high-profile former 49er has a new job. distance relationship. this is long distance with the best wifi experience, plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. xfinity gives you the best wifi experience to stream the most free movies and shows from anywhere. plus, staying connected on the go is easy with xfinity mobile. switch today and see how you can save.
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reid gain well, usually a free agent signing isn't that big of a deal, but this one is. the carolina panthers have signed former 49ers safety eric reid. reid gained national attention along with colin kaepernick while playing for the 49ers while taking a knee during the national anthem to protest social injustice. he's been a free agent since march, but now he's with the carolina panthers. >> okay. would you like to have some fun this weekend? see great athletes. listen to great music, do a little yoga, have some food, a little vino? >> we can do all that. it's happening on the streets in san jose. it's being organized by south bay native and three-time -- >> three-time gold medalist.
6:54 pm
>> here is nbc bay area's colin resch. >> the main stage for the concert will be at the end of this parking lot, so this is all going to be transformed. >> when i last spoke to carrie walsh jennings back in early august, it was a vision. now here we are on the eve of her inaugural 1440 event. as you can see, the vision is in the final stages of becoming a reality. >> it's all happening and i'm about to pass out because i'm so excited and so stressed. >> reporter: with everything that's on her plate, you get the feeling there is no time for kissing babies. >> hi, baby. >> reporter: then again, this is carrie walsh jennings we're talking about, a mother of three herself, there is always time for that. not much else right now. the four-time olympian tempting the ultimate multitask. >> and i want to win this suck. >> reporter: to put on a memorable entertaining,
6:55 pm
all-encompassing event. >> i have high expectations in life. i want to kick butt in all i do. i expect for 1440 to succeed by every marker. our sport is deserving. the market is ripe for us, for a sport in wellness and lifestyle festival and technology platform. >> the name is derived from the amount of minutes in a day. kerri believes this is the event for you. >> i don't care if you're 5, i don't care if you're a millennial, i don't care if you're 90, there is going to be something for you. you're going to take away so many great things and be in an environment of total energy and pure positivity. so it feels pretty rad. >> reporter: action and fe-- in san jose, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> she's so great. such an inspiration. coming up tonight at 11:00, a story that may make your skin crawl. a big problem at a peninsula
6:56 pm
apartment complex. the infestation that has families begging for help and has forced one city to take action. we'll share with you that creepy story coming up tonight at 11:00. >> as kerri walsh jennings said, it's rad. >> yeah. not expecting a large rain chance in the south bay, mainly some cloud cover. that could be good for volleyball. when you're looking up to hit the ball, the sun is not going to blind you. we'll have 70s saturday and sunday, better chance of rain for north bay to south bay next monday and tuesday. >> what a day it's been. we look forward to this weekend. thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> we hope to see you at 11:00. bye-bye.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
now, on "extra."
7:00 pm
fox news anchor chris wallace drops a bombshell on the ka gnaw hearings. >> two of omy daughters have told me stories -- >> his deeply personal confession about his own dau daughters as hollywood's most powerful women stand behind dr. christine blasey ford today. >> we came to support her and show our solidarity. >> and then barbra streisand unleashes on the kavanaugh cris crisis. >> it is horrific the way they are trying to push him through. >> the music legend no holds barred with "extra tra" and the angry new song about the president. >> it is about him and other liars. >> to lady gaga


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