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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 28, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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confirmation to a standtiafterou >> i think it would be proper to delay the floor vote for up to but not more than one week. >> reporter: senator jeff playbook made the demand before moments before moving to a senate floor vote. creating confusion about what would happen next. >> when is it going to happen? you cut off a vote? >> no we didn't have a motion in front of us. this is all just a gentleman and women's agreement. >> a short time later president trump himself not clear on what had happened reacting to the news. >> i just wanted it to work out well for the country. if that happens i'm happy. they have to do what they think is right. >> the president also commenting on the woman accuseding mr. kavanaugh. >> she looks like a fine woman to me.
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>> a woman whose testimony convinced key lawmakers that her allegations need a closer look. and with all the turmoil and twists and turns the president was asked whether he considered a replacement to which he applied not even a little bit. jessica. >> thank you blane, our california senators are on the senate judiciary committee and both voted against judge kavanaugh's nomination. >> unbelievable. this was not someone who reflected an impartial temperament. or the fairness and even handedness one would see in a judge. this was someone who was aggressive and belligerent. >> there should not be tyranny of majority. we have a democracy and there has not been a fair process in place from the beginning on this. it should not be about raw power. >> senator harris addressed protesters outside the supreme court building encouraging
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opponents to speak out again judge kavanaugh's nomination. >> speaking of prolgts protests and admonitions a look at fifth and powell -- powell and market in san francisco where anti-judge kavanaugh protesters are set to begin the demonstration in a few minutes process. earlier today more than 100 protesters gathered outside the san francisco headquarters of democratic senator dianne feinstein. protesters called on senators to vote no on judge kavanaugh and plauded news of the one-week delay. >> moderates honked in support of the demonstrators protesters we spoke to are i of allowing the fbi to investigate dr. ford's accusations over the next week. >> i'm hoping that it takes as long it needs to take to do this investigation with the fbi. >> i also think it's bad in the sense that we have to go through an fbi investigation because we are now believe dsh zbloosh
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again another protest set to begin in 25 minutes in san francisco starting at 5:30. people around the country are reacting to today's surprise move by republican senator jeff flake who demanded the fbi investigation take place before a full senate vote. the hashtag kavanaugh hearings lit up social media for a second day today. you see a lot of reaction in the bay area, southern california. and a long the eastern sea bored. people were tweeting. and reacting to it also on facebook. we have that hashtag here also trending across the country i want to show you a lot of people tweeting today right here about jeff flake and what he did today and today's senate judiciary hearing this morning. nbc bay area robert handa joins us live in palo alto where there are a lot of dr. ford supporters robert. >> reporter: that's right and many of the supporters i talked to were amazed at the turn around. they were really down this morning until this republican senators decision led to that fbi investigation.
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>> many supporters of dr. christine blasey ford say believe the rallies like this helped turn up the public pressure and possibly change the course of the brett kavanaugh confirmation hearing. still, when senator jeff flake called for the fbi investigation before the floor vote .palo alto mayor said it was a big emotional leap from disappointment to elation. >> i was absolutely stunned. i didn't think there was a chance they would send it to the fbi, not a chance. so this is hoping on hope but perhaps something will happen within the next week that sheds a totally different light on what's going on in d.c. >> the woman who helped organize the city hall rally said she was still stunned from the last minute developments and said ford supporters are ready to reassume campaign of support for their friend and neighbor. >> she had so many details that can be checked out and corroborated by others not to mention mark judge who she places in the room and continues
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to be allowed to not have to speak under oath. >> well right now it appears the next rally could be as early as next week early next week at the embarcadero and el camino real but details are being worked out coming up at sourks what ford supporters say the victories at a that have been accomplished before the floor vote. live in palo alto, robert handa nbc bay area news. >> thank you robert. what happens next? well the full senate passed a notion start debate on judge kavanaugh's nomination. that means lawmakers will be back on monday to start that discussion. after that, the senate will have to pass a motion ending the debate. and then comes the senate vote. however, it is not going to happen until after the fbi sends the findings of the investigation to congress. judge brett kavanaugh's nominated to replace retired justice anthony kennedy. today justice kennedy returned to the northern california roots with a warning. >> talking about the importance
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of civility and the -- and the decent civil discourse that's necessary if the constitution is to survive. >> justice kennedy spoke to students from a sacramento alma mater in sacramento county at the courthouse popular we were there we'll have a live report with more details for you coming up right here at 6:00 p.m. if you want to watch some of the clips of wrangling happening in that senate hearing room this morning, we have made it easy for you. we put it on the website. you can see everything from senator jeff flake's call for the investigation to the democrats getting up and walking out. all of that on the website, an unusual and high tech homicide investigation in the south bay lead police to a 90-year-old suspect. anthony is accused of killing his 67-year-old step daughter at her home in the east san jose foot hls. she was found slumped over her kitchen table with wounds to her neck and a kitchen knife had in her hand.
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they looked at the victim's fit bit device with hacked the heart beat. it found the heart rate flight and then looked at surveillance camera footage showing i'll o the at the home at the time of the spike no yord yet on the motive. >> a new privacy problem for you and 50 million facebook friends. facebook says hackers got into the profiles of millions of users and may have stolen personal information. nbc anoushah raft aif joins from the company's headquarters to look at what happened and what facebook is doing. anoushah. >> reporter: janelle, facebook says it logged 90 million people out of their accounts as a precaution but they believe at least 50 million of the accounts were hack. first, it was russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. then the cambridge analytic
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scandal. now facebook's list of privacy problems are getting bigger >> i don't like it. i don't trust them. >> the company announced that hacker took over 50 million facebook accounts accessing personal information like names, birthdays and hometowns but not passwords or credit card information. facebook says it doesn't know who the hackers are or how the stolen information was used. >> regulation is what we need right now. the only thing making them think twice i'm talking about the social media companies is if they know there will abconsequences. >> cybersecurity expert says the social media companies make money based on the number of people who use the services and need the critical information those people share to attract advertisers. facebook also has a built in advantage. they're on a lot of other options. >> one of the biggest problem of facebook is it's too big. and dominating the market. >> today during a conference call reporters asked facebook
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ceo mark zuckerberg why users should trust the company or the popular achs like instagram and what's app. >> i think this underscores that there are just constant attacks from people who are trying to you know take over accounts or steal information from people in our community. >> reporter: okay. so now for the million dollar question. how do you know if you were hacked? facebook says it's still working on that. but if you had to relog into your account today that's a sign that you may have been one of the targeted. and how do you keep from being targeted? experts say the best way to use it to use strong passwords and limit the amount of personal information that you share online. reporting live from menlo park, anoushah rasta, nbc bay area news. >> thank you unusual aire. let's take you outside. live look at san jose where you can see the blue skies. but that may not be for very long. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking the rain and
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it's cooler this weekend. >> it is. and we hold the possibility for a few showers in the bare. the storm system getting closer we are down from 12 to 13 degrees cooler across the interior valleys. the storm system we track moving superslowly. the core of the storm is out here offshore. but once this low pressure moves near the bay area we'll see that possibility of showers increase. i think tonight the biggest thing will be the cloud cover moving across. maybe a little bit of drizzle near the coastline at 11:30. by tomorrow morning, you can see the rainfall out here in the pacific. it looks impressive. but at this point it's only going to meeb some spotty showers in the north bay through the afternoon. we'll take you through the entire weekend forecast and we with we could pick up around a quarter inch of rain. that's coming up in 8minutes. ha see you soon. still to come, 35-year-old cold case solved. how a local rapper used his music in his quest for justice. plus bedbugs rats suage
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peninsula renters say they are living with all of the above and it's disgusting now demanding change. >> and i'm raj mathai live at at&t park. the giants and dodgers on nbc bay area tonight could be one of the most emotional nights of the season for the giants. well explain. and we are giving away free ice cream. how about that. see you in a couple of minutes.
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it has been 35 years since the brutal sda her sons got a c
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face the man convicted of killing their ay of the murder and they have waited decades for justice on a cold case. nbc bay area jodi hernandez was in court today joining from martinez with the emotional story. jodi. >> and jessica, i'll tell you it was a very emotional morning here in court today. the victim's sons say they never gave up on getting justice. and tonight they feel they finally got their day in court. >> i looked over and said mom, i don't care how long it takes me i'm finding who did this. >> it's a promise dante carter kept. carter was just 11 years old, his brothers 9 and 7 when their mother marsha was stabbed to death in the richmond home as they slept. >> it was multiple wounds, hand, face, neck. >> the carter boys woke up to find the house covered in blood
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and their mother gone. her body was found days later in the trunk of her c sacramento. >> my mom was dating a guy who ended up murdering her. carter's former boyfriend was finally contexted of murder last week after dante carter known as a rapper launched his campaign to reopen the case he put out an album called who killed my mama? >> who is this? i'm calling the police. >> and produced videos about his quest for justice. >> i said i'm going to use my platform since they weren't doing i said i'm going to do like my own forensic files. >> the carters all three in the music industry got a chance to speak out in court today. >> all of the pain everything we went through at the end of the day as long as she got her justice -- >> reporter: now the sentencing was delayed for another week. but the judge allowed the carters who flew up from
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southern california to speak out in court today and tell smothers how their mother's murder has impacted them. it's something they waited more than three decades to do. reporting live in contra costa county, jodi hernandez. >> thank you jodi. people lichaj in a peninsula apartment complex say it's a living hell. last night a family had to stay in a hotel after the home at terrance apartments was red tagged. today inspectors red tagged a second unit. people say the complex is crawling with bedbugs and rats. suage is backing up in the sinks. the inspector says that's a big health hazard. >> we found that to be a danger to life and health and ople tha options. leave their lease without paying a contract ending to another pr owns then move back in a month. >> one of san francisco's most iconic symbols, the cable car is getting an upgrade. the masonen line was closed this week for the update to the cable
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car system. that made it inconvenient for some riders. crews worked on gore boxes which is controlling the movement. cars. they say the job is now finished and the powell mason line will reopen tomorrow. it's arguably the sweetest in any event. nbc bay area and telemund ofr team up to give free ice cream. >> our cries cream man raj mathai is there where our treat truck is stationed. you have to give them to the dodger fans true? is this true you're giving ice cream to dodger fans. >> if it's up to me we don't give any ice cream away to the dodgerer fans. we are all-inclusive. we a long o many people. how can we bring a smile to everyone's face? you got it free ice cream. here we are at the ball park. giants and dodgers, staff enemies here. one of our sports casters kari hall our morning meteorologist. handing out free ice cream to giants and dodgers fans. it's a big night for the ball
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park. not only the final weekend of the season for the giants but in could be the last time we see madison bum garner a giants uniform. there is some talk that the giants could trade him in the off season. it's pretty emotional for giants fans as to what's happening here, though we are giving away free ice cream before the game. it's the final weekend of the series, giants and dodgers right here on nbc bay area. and if you want, i can save you some. we got ice cream sandwiches. >> yes for sure. >> what else. >> drum sticks. >> my favorite. >> nestle crunch. >> ooh kpf!he drum stick. >> i'll take the crunch. >> one of each. >> if it makes it back to the studio. >> we'll we have kari hall beh. have to text her too. >> kari. kari will think of us and bring it back. double order. >> see you later. he temperature. >> no we're good. in the low to mid-60s.
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>> perfect. >> yeah, not bad. good enough raj can get it in the passenger seat and get it safely back to the studios as we head through this evening. let's look at the microclimate forecast. we have a nice friday night shaping up for you. then eventually still holding the chance of showers, a live look right now at mount diablo. clear blue skies and the big headline in weather of course is the dramatic drop down to 72 degrees today. you'll need a light jacket if you are headed anywhere with 60s coming our way as early as 7:00 and 8:00. let's look at the storm system helping to u for us. it's so slow moving here in the pacific. it's the core of the storm system right here that once that moves near the bay area we will see the best chance of showers. now, i don't see any wet weather through tomorrow. we'll see clouds across the bay. putting us at 57 in the south bay. tri-valley at 56. more overcast opinion north.
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chill in the south bay. the hour by hour does a good job of showing how the rainfall plays out over the week. it's been consistent lately. so our confidence is up that we will see at least the possibility of a few showers. now, 7:30 in the morning it looks impressive here in the pacific. but the bulk of in is heading off to the north. you can see as we hit 3:30 in the afternoon that would be the best chance in marin, napa, sonoma county for spot spotty showers. in sunday morning 4:00 a.m. could get action there in san francisco and continuing in the north bay. really not much of a chance for the south bay at this point. and we would also hold onto the chance of spotty showers mainly from san francisco threw the north bay to 9:00 a.m. sunday. as that system arrives, we are looking at these temperatures continuing to cool off a few more degrees. and i did not hear one complaint today. that nice, cool breeze, making it feel like fall outside has i.
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forecast 73 in gilroy los gatos 72. the air conditioner gets another break tomorrow. how about that, finally getting lower ac bills here. 75 in concord. 74 in livermore become by the bay oakland at 68. through the peninsula 70 in redwood city. might neat the jacket in san mateo only 68. san francisco chilly but we are used to that process 65 in the mission and for the north bay 60 in point reyes heading to the coastline wine country sonoma 72 and napa 73. the extended forecast keeps the spot judge showers in frist this we could. 50% chance of rain monday. by tuesday trace amounts to quarter of an inch. the best chance of widespread rain in the bay area. across the inland valleys down to 70s all the way through the next several days. and once again also here the best chance of widespread rain looks like next tuesday. we'll have more updates on the system early next week as we head throughout throughout tonight and of course with the team this weekend. >> i love seeing the rain drops.
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>> refreshing. >> it's good. >> thanks, jeff. google takes another step toward building the south bay megacampus. the church playing a a key role in the process. you can see in t
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teachers at a south bay high school want to know who is responsible for tearing up the football field. we want to show you the video posted to facebook. someone drove on the grass and between tuesday night and wednesday morning. now, the team supposed to morgan hill. the first game tomorrow. groundskeepers repaired the field but the district says the field just really isn't safe enough to play on. so the team has to borrow the field at rival live oak high. >> maybe they'll gain some empathy for the damage it does to hundreds of students and a
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community. >> the superintendent thinks the vandals may be a teen who didn't realize the problems they would cause. the school plans to check security cameras to see if they can catch thorrant driver. google is striking a deal to buy a downtown san jose church. the site of the montgomery street build is need forgive the meg campus located near the diridon station google spent millions to buy properties in the area for the megaproject. however the company is getting pushback. in recent weeks protesters are showing up at san jose city council meetings to oppose the plan. we'll be right back about with more. stay with us. distance relationship. this is long distance with the best wifi experience, plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship
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by living off the grid. completely. machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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but it appears well coming up tonight at 6:00 it's a classic story of good and bad. but it appears that bad is winning. the new map that will help prove you right when you complaint about south bay roads and what's being done tthat story and comi tount at 6:00 on the newscasts. >> a social media challenge helped an oakland teacher get the school flies her class needs. bianca works at an east oakland charter school. the first graders are getting school supplies because of the featured teacher challenge. the actor from 13 reasons why posted her wish lift on
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instagram and the school flies are flooding in. you can donate, the link is on our website. >> a programming note to tell you about because of the giants game. set for dvr to record all the favorite shows on cozi tv. or digital 11 dsh 2. manifest, actually supercool. >> it's on at 8:00 followed by new amsterdam and date line. i'm diging that manifest show. >> i love it. >> so creep with them being on the plane. where did they go. >> mystery surrounding it. >> cozi up and watch a lot of must see tv. >> it would be good. we don't see widespread rain for the morning we'll have the cloud cover moving in by the afternoon the best chance of scatter showers in the north bay. also a spotty chance on sunday for the north bay. widespread rain possibly next tuesday. we could get trace amounts to a quarter inch. biggest thing this weekend are the comfortable temps. >> great thanks so much. and thanks for joining us. nightly news is next.
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>> see you at 6:00. you bye-bye. >> bye. breaking news tonight, the fbi background investigation of brett kavanaugh reopened. the vote delayed as the feds dive into the sexual assault allegations against the supreme court nominee. the dramatic reversal playing out on live tv. senators and president trump forced to bow to a last-minute demand. >> this country is being ripped apart here, and we've got to make sure that we do due diligence. >> a key republican senator's change of heart after this confrontation with a sexual assault survivor. >> look at me when i'm talking to you. you're telling me my assault doesn't tter. room says hel


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