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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 31, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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first came to the bay area in san francisco in 1959 and immediately made an impact. the giants had just moved here from new york, and willie mac was a part of those magical early years. sweet smile and a powerful swing. >> let's give you a live look at at&t park from our exclusive center field cam. mccovey cove, named after mccovey. you can see the flags at half staff this evening. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney is at the ballpark as giants fans are just now really starting to hear the news of mccovey's passing, terry. >> reporter: yeah. and they are stunned. you talked about mccovey cove. we're always going to have that here at at&t park. we're also going to always have the willie mccovey statue behind me right here. kind of looking away from mccovey cove. what he could have done at this ballpark had he played here. how many balls he would have hit into mccovey cove. take a look at willie mccovey in his glory days. coming up in 1959.
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he was more of a san francisco giant. he was more of a san francisco giant than willie mays. mays was more of a new york giant. he came over here with the team. mccovey was our guy, played at candlestick in '59. through the '60s most valuable player in 1969, stayed with the giants until 1973, then went away for a while. i thought he was going to leave baseball. looked like he was sagging but he came back to the giants in '77, had a fantastic final four years, played into 1980. talked to a fan out here tonight who is feeling the loss of willie mccovey. check it out. >> you hope something like this happens and that when it happens it's the passing of a torch. it feels more like the end of an era. >> reporter: that's how many people remember willie mccovey. this could be the end of an era. it feels that way. but mccovey, after his playing
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days, stayed with the giants for many years. an ambassador for the san francisco giants. you see the guy walk in, big, tall, and skuuch a gentle spiri. he liked to golf. he was involved in golf tournaments. fund-raising there. also here at at&t. it was not unusual to see willie mccovey. he seemed to be here every time i came out he was here. i think he came to just about every game and it was fantastic to see him. i saw him for the last time about three, four weeks ago when the giants' season was ending. there was nothing on the line. there was no excitement in the air. but coming out of an elevator in his wheelchair there was willie mccovey and i said, hey, stretch. he looked over at me. and now he's gone. and i feel his loss. a lot of giants fans do. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> terry, well said. with everything there. mccovey's final game, as you just mentioned, was in 1980. i was at that game, and like so many giants fans have fond memories of willie mccovey. he was at the ballpark a lot pf
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we talked about that. really just talking to the young players and talking to the fans. we saw him about a month ago presenting the team's annual award, named after him. the willie mac award given to the most inspirational giant. i last interviewed mccovey in february and he warmly remembered his instant love affair with san francisco. >> just a great city. i fell in love with san francisco right off the bat. i didn't want to live anywhere else. and i didn't. everybody was nice. went to a lot of events that off-season and everybody treated me well. they took to me. kind of adopted me in a way. so it was just like a magical time for me. >> kid from mobile, alabama who flourished here in the bay area.
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giants legend barry bonds lovingly called mccovey uncle mac. he told me about growing up a giants fan and watching mccovey and willie mays. >> i used to sit in section 9, the family section in candlestick. the wall was open to the parking lot. we used to wait for mccovey to get up and all of us would line up in the aisle and we knew he would hit a home run. do you know how many balls of willie mccovey's and willie mays i threw over the fence to people? i swear i would have about 400, 500 baseballs. i mean -- >> he smiles when he talks about willie mccovey. >> it's not just big-time baseball players, either. reaction to mccovey's sudden death is hitting the giants community hard, and people all across the bay area. janelle wang is covering reaction on social media. he was certainly beloved, janelle. >> for sure, jessica. posts about his passing all over social media. on twitter the giants announced the news saying the hall of famer passed away peacefully after battling ongoing health issues. congresswoman nancy pelosi
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tweeted about 30 minutes ago, this message thanking willie for all he did for baseball and the community and sent her prayers to his family. this fan, jason moss, wonderful picture. r.i.p. stretch. class act all the way. you will be missed. and k-law, tweeted this. "rest in peace to the absolute legend, willie mccovey. go giants." a lot of people tweeting their condolences and sending their prayers. >> it was so sweet with willie mccovey you walk into a room and when he walks in, like terry was saying in the elevator, he lights up a room with that smile. i was a kid when he was playing so i didn't get to watch him as much playing. i knew him more as an adult in covering this team. you'd just smile when he walked into the ballpark. he had that impact on people. >> that was kind of the reaction. you know what i remember most? seeing him at the championship game at the parade when he'd come in the parade's writing in some of the cars and people would just go crazy seeing willie mccovey. >> we have the honor and pleasure of having willie mays here. elena cepeda and for so many years willie mccovey. i know the giants are planning
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big things next season, probably a patch on their uniform and next season will be dedicated to willie mccovey. we've also posted a lot of good interviews just from this year alone from willie mccovey on our website. if you have time you can check that out as well. our other top story tonight, it could be the last battle between the oakland raiders and the san francisco 49ers. this time around, though, police have sent help to keep the fans calm. as you remember, past games have featured some bloody brawls. nbc bay area's robert handa joins us live from levi's stadium with those extra security measures that are in place for tomorrow night's game. >> reporter: well, that's right. compared to the last time the 49ers hosted the raiders at candlestick park, security measures technologically here at levi's stadium are in a whole new league. for example, these are not just simple metal detectors anymore. and there are basically cameras everywhere, inside and out. but in terms of stopping trouble officials emphasize that's still up to the fans themselves.
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the 49er organization is ready for the clash on the field and any fights off it. santa clara police acknowledge a history of fighting between fans during the 49er-raider rivalry and video from recent games show why. so police say there will be extra cops on hand including undercover officers wearing team jerseys. >> if you're there to cause trouble, you'll never know where there's a police officer nearby that's watching your actions and ready to take action. >> reporter: the 49er organization is also trying to balance its welcome with just enough warning. >> it's usually a handful of bad actors that cause, you know, problems for everybody. but we're looking for you. and we'll be prepared for you if you're going to be one of those folks. but we'd really prefer you just come in and have a good time and make good choices. >> reporter: tito hernandez, the owner of world sports in san jose, is a diehard raider fan, attending the game. he says he believes the potential for violence between fans is played up too much but agrees some have to be watched. >> there's always someone, you know, had too many beers or just
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intoxicated. no matter where you are you've got to be careful. even myself, even with my friends, we will be careful, though. >> reporter: the co-president of the local 49er booster club says their message is if there's trouble don't fight, call security. >> sometimes they need to just be told the error of their way by somebody who's in a little more authority than we are. >> reporter: you no, one change in the atmosphere here at levi's, police are not going to allow fans to wear masks such as darth vader you that commonly see in the raiders black hole rooting section. and that goes for any other kind of halloween mask as well. live in santa clara, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, robert. a verdict and at last some vindication for his widow. new details tonight in the murder trial involving a paramedic shot and killed in the oakland hills. christian burton has been found guilty of first-degree murder in the 2013 shooting death of off-duty paramedic quinn boyer. the retrial jury found burton
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was responsible for quinn's death but it wasn't convinced he pulled the trigger. 34-year-old boyer was killed during an attempted carjacking. two other teens have already been convicted in the case and are in prison. now, boyer's family told me just minutes ago that the verdict is bittersweet for them. they are relieved that it is finally over but disappointed that no one was convicted of actually pulling the trigger. it's like a scene out of that movie "free willie" but there's no special effects or trained animals here. a fisherman is caught on camera jumping on a humpback whale that's tangled by a rope. now, the man managed to cut the whale free. that's the good news. but marine experts say his heroic effort could have killed him. nbc bay area's melissa colorado is in san francisco for us along the bay with some of the details. melissa? >> reporter: well, guys, i just spoke to the fisherman who shot the video. nicholas soran tells me he knows his friend escaped with his life and he himself could have been injured by the whale's fin. but he says despite the dangers
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he would do it all over again to rescue a whale in need of help. >> jump on the whale right now and cut it. >> reporter: that's nicholas tourn's voice as he motivates his friend to leap onto a massive humpback whale and free the mammal from a rope wrapped around its back. >> swimming in tight counterclockwise circles. you could tell he was stressed and being held to the bottom. >> reporter: nicholas is a commercial eel fisherman. he says the incident happened in late september off the coast of morro bay when he spotted wham trying to free itself from a buoy attached to a rope. initially they did what you're supposed to do, which is report the distressed whale to the coast guard. >> the coast guard kind of finally said there's nothing else you can do. >> reporter: that's when the crew took matters into their own hands. nicholas says they cranked up the volume on the boat's radio and blasted a message to the whale. >> we were like screaming at the while like this is it, buddy,
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you're either going to help us out right now and like quit swimming away or else good luck. >> reporter: sam believes the whale got the message loud and clear. >> did you get it? yeah! >> reporter: the apparent happy ending could have been so much worse. >> we've had people die trying to get in the water and just last year we lost one of our responders. >> reporter: noah says there's a common misconception that distressed marine animals will die within hours. >> we usually have days, weeks, sometimes even months to find these animals and get the gear off. >> reporter: if you are out on the water and you do see an animal in distress, do not do what sam did. instead, call the coast guard. you can also call noaa's s.o.s. whale hotline number. we have that number posted on our website, that's the latest here in san francisco. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, melissa. tracking you down in an emergency. a high-tech upgrade for a police department in the heart of silicon valley.
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also perhaps you've already done it. a growing trend. voting by mail. how many more people have turned in their ballots for next week's election. and some of the insights we're getting from it. i'm chief meet roll jicht r gist jeff ranieri. heading out trick or treating stick around. i have your full forecast coming up in six minutes. proposition 11 solves two issues. first, it continues to pay paramedics while we're on break. second, it ensures the closest ambulance can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11.
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this is high stakes and high pressure. as you probably already know, the midterm election is six days away and americans are voting early and often. the country is on pace to break a record for mail-in ballots. 25 million people have already done this. the trend is giving political campaigns a lot of insight. nbc bay area's sam brock has the details from city hall in san francisco. >> reporter: sign up sheets and paper ballots fill the hallways of voting centers across california. but this is not your mother's or grandmother's election. according to bipartisan tracker politicaldata inc. more than a million californians have already cast ballots as registered democrats in the congressional races, or 43%. another 850,000 registered republicans, or 33%, have voted for congress. in all, almost half the voters are 65 and up and nearly 3/4 are white. >> the people who deal with the mail most regularly, the people who know where they keep their stamps and are going to be right on top of mailing the ballots
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back in, are these older more conservative voters. >> but paul mitchell, vice president of political data inc., points out times are changing. with more diverse voters increasingly acting earlier. >> if we start to see an uptick in young people turning out, if we start to see an uptick in latinos and in democratic voters participating, that would be the early siphons a blue wave. >> greatest number of your ballots are still the day of but 60% at this point is high. >> yeah, it is. it's a good number for this point in the early voting cycle. >> reporter: in the basement of san francisco's city hall director of elections john arndt says it picked up here too. 60% of all eligible voters have already cast a ballot. >> that was sam brock reporting. there's a lot to consider with next week's election. you can check out our non-partisan voter's guide at just click on elections at the top of the screen. well, up north in butte county construction workers say they will meet a critical
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deadline. repairs on the damaged oroville dam will be finished in time for the winter rainy season. it's been nearly two years since a giant hole opened up in that main spillway. then the emergency spillway nearly failed during heavy rain. repair costs to the nation's tallest dam have now topped a billion dollars. the emergency management agency is hoping most of that bill will be paid by the federal government. using technology to make 911 calls more efficient and effective. a city in the south bay is changing the way it takes your emergency calls. sunnyvale's 911 call center now has the ability to point-point your exact location. if you call with a new android or iphone. police say 4 out of 5 calls they get are from cell phones. tracking a caller's exact location can sometimes be difficult. so this new technology speeds up the response time. so dispatchers know exactly where you are when you call. >> it's when we struggle with figuring out where people are. they don't know where they are. they can't communicate. there's a language barrier.
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we're getting a translator. that can take time. we need to find them quickly. that's where this technology's really going to come into play. >> it could be very helpful. sunnyva sunnyvale's the first city in the south bay to use this technology. there's a major problem for those electric scooters. one of the companies is trying to make sure their scooters don't burst into flames. literally. lime is recalling 2,000 scooters after a report by the "washington post" which cites a flaw that causes the batteries to smolder and then catch fire. you've probably seen a lot of those lime scooters on streets across the bay area. ransacked and ripped apart. tonight growing concerns over conditions on b.a.r.t. trains. an east bay woman snapped these photographs. you can see the cushions on a san francisco-bound train last week, she says the train looked ransacked. she found out when she asked questions that the drug addicts who ride the train flip the seats over looking for left-behind drugs and any money they can find.
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>> it needs to be safe. it needs to be secure. it needs to be clean. we pay for that as riders. >> we are really trying new strategies so that we can intercept problems instead of waiting till the end of the day to find out about it or waiting to clean it up at the end of the line. >> now, bart went on to say it's been working hard to improve conditions, it's adding more police officers, beefing up cleaning crews. they say they've also added a way for riders to report bio hazards on their phones. by now you've probably already passed out some candy because hal swooen here. trick-or-treating in full swing. this is a live look at one busy neighborhood, san francisco's cambria neighborhood. you see all the mommies and daddies out. this is a haunted house on church drive. bob schiro and his family have been doing this haunted house for years now. this year's theme -- a haunted forest. >> ooh. look at all the people lined up. that's a lot of candy to give out. that's in san jose in the
6:20 pm
cambria neighborhood? i see a penguin. >> creepy crawlies. >> there was a where's waldo in that too. >> there is a where's waldo. underneath this orange sky. it is prime trick-or-treating hour right now, jeff. >> the witching hour. >> yes. and right now is the time when you head out into these costumes. beautiful weather across the bay area. let's go ahead and get a look. if this isn't a halloween-inspired sunset, i don't know what is. a few of those ghostly clouds moving in across the bay area. so let's go ahead and get a look at that forecast. and you can see throughout the bay area tonight we have some mild temperatures. so your costume alone is going to be good enough. i don't think you're going to need any kind of heavy jacket by the bay. we'll be at 69 degrees through this hour. inland it's 74 degrees. so still warm. by 10:00 p.m. we'll be at 60 by the bay and 61 expected inland. now, we know a lot of people head to san francisco for trick-or-treating so we wanted to give you a specific forecast for that. we will have a few clouds moving in but nothing in the way of thick fog. 64 degrees by 8:00 tonight.
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if you're out late it will drop to the 50s once we hit 11:00 p.m. so be safe. if you're heading out trick or treating. and of course make sure you're watching that traffic. our sunset is expected to happen right now. within an hour it's going to be very dark out there. again, just watch out for the traffic and have a good time. tomorrow's forecast, it's going to stay warm. in fact, temperatures going a degree or two warmer. going to feel unusual for the first day of november. we're about ten degrees above average. put this at 85 in concord, 81 in san jose. half moon bay a 69. 70 in san francisco and 76 in oakland. what about rainfall? i want to show you what's keeping us from getting rainfall. high pressure in the pacific. not only with us today but look at this. rainfall continuing to move to the north through friday, saturday. sunday. even into next monday's forecast. take a look at what this is doing to our temperatures in my seven-day forecast coming up at 6:48 tonight. >> okay. thank you, jeff. we'll see you then.
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a proposal picture gone viral. how a photographer tracked down the couple in this amazing photo at yosemite.
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we want to get back to our breaking news. giants legend and hall of famer willie mccovey has died. this is a story we've been reporting on for the past two hours now. let's bring in nbc bay area's sam brock, who joins us in san francisco with the president and ceo of the san francisco giants. sam. >> raj, thanks. heartbreaking news developing now. we are joined by larry baer right now. we are talking about one of the most well-known and most popular and beloved players in the history of the san francisco giants franchise. speak to me i guess about how you feel right now, how the organization is taking this news. >> well, it's an empty feeling because willie was such a -- it's a heartbreaking feeling because willie was such a part of our organization really from pretty much day one in san francisco. he showed up in 1959 from the minor leagues and he went 4 for
6:26 pm
4 in his first game in 1959 and then tracking his amazing career, hall of fame career into the '60s and all the great giants-dodgers battles, game 7 of the world series in 1962, then into the '70s with the giants, brief period at the end where went to san diego but then came back to the giants and finished his career with the giants. and as we all know, you know, a body of water is named after willie. >> and not just a body of water. you have mccovey cove, mccovey point, the willie mac award. what is the legacy of this player? >> so willie's legacy is there was probably nobody more loved and more inspirational to a clubhouse of ball players than willie mccovey. i can't think of anybody. there's probably some that are equal or come close but nobody more. willie had sort of had it all. he had this love, this warmth, this love for the teammates and this love for the community. willie, you know, lived in woodside, had a house, lived in
6:27 pm
a house up until october of 2018. he lived in a home that he did when he played in woodside. he was just very much part of the community when he arrived in 1959. he never left as a san franciscan. and everybody's heart really connected with willie among the fans. >> in your mind can you think of mccovey without thinking of mays and mays without thinking of mccovey? and what sort of not just a legacy but historic combination did these players make up? >> i talked to willie mays today. i think he felt like he lost a brother. barry bonds felt like he lost a mentor and a father figure. these were players that were iconic players in our sport. they don't come around often. you want them to live forever. these are players that were part of -- really part of the history
6:28 pm
of the sport. so it is very hard for all of us. but you know, i think when we absorb this we'll realize that -- just the beauty, the beautiful person he was. we call him the gentle giant because he's warm. there's a reason the willie mac award is for the most inspirational player. there's a reason we give the willie mac stretch drive where we raise money for kids. he loved kids. there's a reason that willie was at every game. >> and larry, obviously this news is fresh right now. you're going to want to celebrate his life. the organization will. what kind of tributes do you think there will be in the days to come? >> we'd love to do something where we could invite the fans and the public to pay homage to willie. we're working on that right now. and we're talking to the family. and his wife estella who was with him at all the games and his daughter allison. we want to try to create a way for fans to thank the family and
6:29 pm
to honor and pay tribute to willie. >> 521 career home runs. at one point the most home runs in the national league until barry bonds eclipsed that mark. but thank you for reflecting with us on his life here. and i'm sure there will be much more to come in the days ahead here. let me send it back to you in the studio. >> okay. thank you very much, sam. much more to come too from fans out at the the ballpark. we'll continue to cover this breaking news. the sudden passing of giants legend willie mccovey.
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breaking news. as we )ve been reporting -- the bay area has lost a legend. giants hall of famer willie mccovey has died. giants predisent larry baer just told us in a live interview... mccovey was in hospice...after complications from nay surgeries in the past few months. the giajts are actively working on a meorial...and ways to hoor the hall fo famer -- next season. a memorial, not only a family memorial but a memorial for the fans and ways to honor the hall of fame baseball player next season. let's give you a live look at at&t park from our center field camp you can see the flags are at half staff this evening. let's bring back nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney, right near mccovey cove. i know you've been talking to fans who are also feeling the loss of such a giant icon of baseball.
6:33 pm
>> they are really feeling this one. willie mccovey was a san francisco giant. he didn't play for the new york giants. he came up in '59. san francisco giants. and he was our guy. fans have been coming out. we heard larry baer talking about a memorial to willie mccovey and to do it right. the fans? aren't waiting. take a look at this statue of willie mccovey here on the far side of mccovey cove and you can see candles there and there's flowers. a woman brought out beads. she was wearing her willie mccovey jersey which she had just bought a few days ago in anticipation of next season. so he lives on in her heart. take a look at willie mccovey playing for the giants back in the candlestick era days. the woman who dropped off the beads there that i mentioned, she talked about the days when it was $3.50 for a ticket at candlestick. i remember the days my dad took me out there for a buck 50. dad was thrifty. we sat in the left field bleachers and watched mccovey hit them out over the right field fence. it was spectacular. it was amazing. he's a hall of famer since 1986 i believe it was. most valuable player in 1969.
6:34 pm
he was our guy. and fans i talked to out here are going to miss him. >> you hope something like this happens and that when it happens it's the passing of a torch. it feels more like the end of an era. >> it really does. and it wasn't just mccovey on the field. after his playing days were over he came back for nearly 20 years, worked for the giants. he did all kinds of golf tournaments. he was a bit of a golfer himself. then his body started giving way. but you can still see willie mccovey here at at&t, a park where he never played but he came out here to watch his team. he was out here all the time. i saw him a few weeks ago it was like the last week of the season. and this was not a suspenseful year for the giants. fair amount of fans. but there's willie mccovey coming out of an elevator in his wheelchair. i said hey stretch. it came out of me. and he looked over at me and
6:35 pm
kind of gave me an acknowledgment. it was pretty cool. and now he's gone. i was thinking if you're older than 40 you might have seen willie mccovey play and if you are older than 40 and did you'll never forget it. and if you're younger, boy, you really missed something. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> that's a loss that a lot of people throughout the bay area are feeling tonight, including our own terry mcsweeney. let's give you a live look at oracle arena. the warriors will be honoring willie mccovey with a moment of silence before tonight's game. meanwhile, we're going to take a more in-depth look at mccovey's life later in our newscast in about 20 minutes. some other headlines for you. it's all about money. many landlords in the bay area are going to extreme and sometimes bizarre lengths to try to evict their rent-controlled tenants. >> next week voters in oakland will get the chance to close what some are calling a loophole that could potentially open the door to fraud. in fact, lawmakers are citing our own reporting as proof of that. senior investigative reporter
6:36 pm
begad shaban has more for us. >> reporter: here in oakland rent prices have shot up 25% in just the past three years. so there's a huge financial incentive for landlords to replace long-time tenants with new ones willing to pay a lot more in rent. some landlords are being accused of taking unusual and possibly even illegal steps to kick out renters. april thomas and ben allen have lived in their oakland home for four years. they pay about $1,000 a month for their rent-controlled apartment. but their landlord wants them out. >> even for a smaller place than this would be twice what we're paying. >> reporter: landlords who own duplexes and triplexes and live there are legally allowed to evict everyone else in the building for no reason. that's what their landlord is trying to do except the couple says there's one problem. >> our landlord doesn't live here. he's never lived here. he would have already needed to live here before he ever issued
6:37 pm
the notice. and he didn't even start trying to make the appearance of living here until at least a week later. >> what makes you so convinced he's not living here? >> we put up a surveillance camera. >> reporter: the married self-taught private eyes have recorded more than 3,000 hours over the past four months to see how often their landlord stays there. >> we have continuous video footage that shows him coming by once or twice a week, staying for a few hours, and then leaving again. >> reporter: the couple even keeps a running log of when the landlord is home and when he isn't. >> so how often is his driveway empty? >> his driveway is empty almost all of the time. >> donald witter's parking space is not occupied. >> reporter: april and ben started keeping tabs after receiving their eviction notice and say their landlord only came by the house 11 of the next 50 days. for the landlord to legally evict his renters without cause, that home must be his principal residence. but oakland law doesn't actually
6:38 pm
define what that means. >> i just don't think he spends enough time here to justify the claim of primary residency. if that's his primary residence, he has a really tough life because where is he the rest of the time? >> reporter: to learn more we set out on a stakeout. we started the day at 5:00 a.m. in front of the triplex. >> reporter: our investigative unit spotted the landlord, donald woodard jr., here at this three-bedroom home near the oakland hills near days in a row. >> we finally got a shot of a landlord coming out of his house. >> reporter: property records show woodard owns this home with his house. we saw his truck parked here and even saw him wheeling garbage cans back to the house, the house he says he doesn't actually live in. he didn't respond to our interview requests. >> mr. woodard. >> reporter: though we showed up at his triplex. >> we're with the investigative unit. >> oh, yeah, yeah. nice to meet you. >> how are you? do you live here full-time? >> i'm here now. i'm here every day. >> but is this your main home? >> yes. it is. >> if this is your main home, why are you taking out trash at
6:39 pm
another home you that own? >> taking out trash? oh, because i actually own the home, i want to make sure there's no trash there. right? so my main thing is i just want to make sure that all the properties i do own i still live here. so i've been living here for almost four months. >> reporter: at first he said he moved into the triplex because of marital problems. >> no, me and my wife are going through some things right now. >> reporter: but on facebook his own rife rece own wife recently described him as someone i live with and poked fun at who's washing the dishes at home. woodard also told us he moved to be closer to his sick father. >> where i was living before is pretty far. >> reporter: but driving from the triplex to his father's home in berkeley isn't that much closer. compared to his other home it's only about a five-mile difference. woodard's family issues may explain why he decided to move. but why is he evicting everyone else in his building? >> i have no clue. >> reporter: was this actually where you were living full-time when you gave them the eviction
6:40 pm
notice? >> i believe i was. but at the end of the day i can't even confirm anything right now. >> we're in a housing crisis. >> reporter: erin bernstein is a supervising deputy city attorney in charge of oakland's civil rights division, which is now setting its sights on wrongful evictions. >> any neighborhood where you're seeing increasing property values, you're going to have a perverse incentive on behalf of landlords to try to scam the system. >> reporter: while the abuse may be widespread, the city attorney's office has only ever sued one landlord for trying to get away with it. >> can you understand why some might not be so hopeful? >> i think once they see the results in this case they will maybe see where some of the hope comes from, our office will be able to put a big dent in this behavior. >> this is the apartment upstairs that our landlord is, you know, pretending to live in. >> reporter: april and ben eventually hinted to their landlord they have evidence proving he doesn't live here. they say soon after the landlord started spending a lot more time at the triplex, coming by just
6:41 pm
about every day. he also served the renters a brand new eviction notice. >> do you think the city is doing enough to keep watch over this? >> they're not really doing anything at all. >> reporter: april and ben could be kicked out of their home any day now. their neighbors, a family of four, are being evicted too. april works at a non-profit. ben is in grad school. if evicted they say they probably won't be able to stay in the bay area. >> we don't really have anywhere else to go in oakland. it's a crisis. this is a housing emergency. >> reporter: voters here in oakland will get the chance to decide whether landlords who live in their own duplexes or triplexes should be allowed to evict renters without cause. that issue known as measure y is on the ballot next tuesday. >> bigad, thank you. if you you have a story tip tore bigad shaban or anyone else give us a call. 1-888-996-tips. our visit our website, we're back in a moment. down a b.
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it all started at 4:15 this morning at the ashby station. a bizarre incident shuts down a bart station at berkeley. it start 4:15 in the morning at the ashby station. police say a man cut his hand with glass, then he went to the station for hem but he wouldn't cooperate with bart police and then he began to lose large amounts of blood. there were no delays for riders and the station reopened 7:30 in the morning. lots of relieved parents in san jose now that city crews have cleaned up and decontaminated the area near a little league baseball field. the parents had been asking the city to help after a homeless encampment went up along the creek there. it took some time, though. the city posted an evacuation order then moved in the cleaning crews and then moved the campers out. patrons of the nearby community branch library also say they're relieved. they say the campers weren't always peaceful or tidy. a new hurdle in the plan to transform a once legendary shopping mall in the south bay. voters might stand in the way of the redevelopment of valco.
6:45 pm
demolition of valco mall began earlier this month. cupertino city leaders are finalizing plans for a future housing and shopping complex. this is right across the street from apple headquarters. however, opponents announced that they have collected enough signatures for a referendum on the 2020 ballot. the developers say a possible referendum will not slow down construction and the redevelopment at valco. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri on this ghostly night that's very orange. >> you know, i arranged that. >> this is a real shot. this is not one of those static shots that we bring -- >> it's not a costume on top of the real sky camera. no, not at all. and jess, this is one of your favorites. i can't wait to see your costume on break. >> get ready for it. >> a live look outside right now. and it is dark. so please be careful of all of the traffic that's still going to be out there as you're running around doing your trick or treating having fun tonight. and you just need the costume. you don't need a heavy jacket.
6:46 pm
still a mild 73 in san jose. a look at your trick-or-treating forecast and what's ahead for the weekend. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message. "look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress, and steered billions of federal dollars to california projects such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off ...trump's efforts to kill the affordable care act." california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. california values senator dianne feinstein
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there's a lot of snickers and three musketeers and kit katz in the newsroom. >> i've got to get out there. k kitkat colors outside right now. >> if you're heading out trick or treating in the next couple of hours we could not have asked for a better forecast. for all of you little ones heading out there, got your pillow cases in hand ready to load it up with the candy, i don't think we could have drawn a more perfect picture to illustrate halloween. just a few ghostly clouds out there. lots of orange in the sky right through san francisco. and we know san francisco is a popular spot for halloween. so if you're headed there you've got 68 degrees right now. we'll drop to the 50s once we hit 10:00 tonight with a little bit of that cloud cover lingering. if you're not in san francisco, you're by the bay. we'll have a look at that forecast for you. we'll continue to see
6:49 pm
temperatures in the 60s as we head through the next few hours. by the bay eventually down to 59 at 11:00 p.m. inland you're still averaging low to mid 70s but then once we hit 10:00 we are down to 61 degrees. so be safe, have a good time, and of course watch out for all that traffic out there. you can have a lot of fun and then you've got a lot of cars you're dealing with too. watch out for that. you're going to be good to go. as we head into tomorrow morning's forecast, we have clear skies. temps dropping down to the 50s. cool start in the tri-valley with 54. also looking good in the south bay at 67. a little bit of patchy fog in san francisco and 54 and a few clouds for the north bay and 57 degrees. there is a change in the forecast tomorrow. it's a slight one albeit but just a little shift in the weather pattern does bring us differences. we have high pressure which is inching closer to california. that's going to help temperatures to ramp up tomorrow anywhere from three to about five degrees warmer. so we have moved a lot of the south bay back into the 80s. it leaves us with 85 here in gilroy.
6:50 pm
83 in east san jose. 80 in los gatos. 79 cupertino. across the east bacon cord up to a warm 85. head closer to the bay, that's mild for you for november. 79 in hayward, 76 in oakland. the peninsula 81 in palo alto then head up to daly city also looking at a mild start with 73 degrees and san francisco a few 70s from the embarcadero down to the ingeal side. marina to outer sunset. and north bay we have 80s. back again in ukiah temperatures about ten degrees above average. because of that area of high pressure. also put this at 82 here in sonoma. 79 in mill valley. my extended forecast in san francisco does have fog increasing once we hit friday morning. it will be a little thicker to start friday morning. then we'll be in the 60s into this upcoming weekend. we stay with that trend with dry weather the next seven days. inland valleys it will continue to feel strange through this upcoming weekend. remember set those clocks back one hour by 11:00 p.m. on
6:51 pm
saturday. so you're good to go on sunday. look at that sunrise change. it's going to be earlier at 6:38 in the morning. so for those of you that like to get an early start like the sun's shining in your face, this is going to be really, really nice for you. >> and we do have some candy that's been brought in. >> oh, man. >> babe ruth, snickers, and for jessica -- >> trick or treat. >> a kitkat. >> sweet. >> maybe i'll get the snickers. >> you got it. >> i'm going to throw it across. >> thank you, jeff. up next we'll continue to remember the amazing life of willie mccovey, including the new details about his final days. stay with us. way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, enhanced coverage, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi.
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we've been talking about it. he was filled with so much life, which makes the news tonight so surprising. as we've been reporting, willie mccovey has died. he passed away at stanford hospital after complications following several recent surgeries. another giants hall of famer willie mays saying tonight he lost a brother. and for the rest of us we lost a bay area legend. >> willie mccovey, mac, the gentle giant, he was somebody that will perhaps be the most beloved giant ever. >> willie mccovey didn't step
6:55 pm
onto the big league stage. he burst onto it. in july of 1959. going 4 for 4 in his major league debut against hall of famer robin roberts. mccovey went on to hit .354 en route to being named national league rookie of the year. >> he was bonds before bonds. pitchers feared him like later they feared barry bonds. >> mccovey was an everyday player. if you look up the numbers, he has all the records at candlestick. most games, most at-bats, most hits, most home runs. i mean, he dominated that place. >> mccovey finished his 22 seasons as one of the most feared left-handed hitters in baseball history. 521 home runs. more than 2,200 hits and 1,500 rbi. a slam dunk for cooperstown, where he was inducted in 1986. >> a guy with a tremendous work ethic. what a presence he was. not only in the line-up but in the clubhouse as well.
6:56 pm
and somebody who's just always going to have that space, that reverential place in giants history. >> he was just like an accountant. you know, he would go to the office, do his job, pack up his briefcase, go. never talk about it, never brag about it. most inconspicuous guy. >> willie mccovey has to be up there among anybody that ever played baseball in this area. not just for his achievements on the field. hall of fame achievements. but the quality of person off the field. >> we will cherish our time and always have our memories of willie mccovey. such a sweet guy. so menacing at the plate, so intimidating, but off the field he snielz and he ligh smiles and lights up a room and he loved to laugh which i will always remember. >> he loved to be around people. >> he did. and we send out our condolences to his family, obviously. thanks for joining us. we leave you with a closing shot of mccovey cove at at&t park with the flags at half staff.
6:57 pm
>> we'll be back at 11:00. we'll see you then.
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