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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 1, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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google handles sexual misconduct in the workplace. >> sky ranger flew overhead as more than a thousand people walked out in mountaind used chalk to paint some words on the campus there, including, "not , anoushah rasta.'s ght. employees aren'uses in how the company handles sexual misconduct allegations. and that includes making it possible for victims to sue. >> any form of sexual harassment -- >> reporter: from ireland and the united kingdom to new york, d.c., chicago and here at home in mountain view -- >> i think, it just felt really positive. >> reporter: thousands of google employees around the world walked off the job today, to protest how the company has handled complaints about sexual misconduct. >> we need to show a way that time's up. and this is the best way we can
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do that. >> many google employees apparently became angry with their company after "the new york times" published an article last week, claiming google paid a former executive accused of sexual misconduct a $90 million severance package to leave quietly. >> and i just think it's important for us all to be aware that this is an issue. >> reporter: google's ceo, sundar pachai, e-mailed employees apologizing for, quote, past actions by the company. in mountain view today, workers poured out of offices on to the sidewalk and into a courtyard area on campus, holding signs and delivering specio ining spe colleagues. google's security guard kept the press away from that area. >> there were some speeches, which were really touching and there was lots of moments of solidarity. >> reporter: one google employee tells us that 50 out of the 70 google facilities around the world participated in today's walkout. reporting live in mountain view,
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anoushah rasta, nbc bay area news. >> anoushah, thank you. so what's the boss going to do about this? will google change its way? we mentioned sundar pichai and here's what he had to say. >> we're committed to doing better and listening to employees. >> that's pichai tonight in new york where he's appearing at "the new york times" deal book conference. >> well, it wasn't just a national walkout, it was a worldwide one. this heat map shows people around the globe talking about it, with the hashtag google walkout. the red and dark blue spots the most active areas. that includes the bay area, seattle, new york city and london. and take a look at some of the tweets from around the world. dave lee bbc posted this picture of the google's office in singapore. you can see a couple hundred people gathered here. akmentolga tweeted this picture of the google's headquarters in london. employees on their phones outside the google headquarters there. and shenanigan.xposted this
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picture showing all of the employees standing out in the freezing cold to show their solidarity. and this photo from zurich, someone holding up a sign saying, "not okay, google ". five days until the election and president trump is on the move, campaigning for several republican candidates. at this hour, he's about to take the stage at a rally in missouri, and he's doubling down on immigration. critics say his focus on the migrant caravan that's heading to the usa is a fear tactic. in a white house speech today, mr. trump said if any of them throw rocks, u.s. troops should treat them as rifles and respond. that's sparking concern over use of deadly force. he also announced he'll sign an executive order, changing the way immigrants can seek asylum here in the u.s. >> under this plan, the illegal aliens will no longer get a free pass. instead, migrants seeking asylum will have to present themselves lawfully, at a port of entry. >> and there's also more, a
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video tweeted out by president trump today is being denounced by many democrats and some republicans as being racist. without evidence, it blames democrats for allowing the an immigrant into the country who killed two police officers. now, our coverage continues on "nightly news." there is a lot to discuss, including a look into the white house's plan to get as many republican victories as possible. also, oprah hits the trail for a well-known democrat. what her -- what got her fired up today. lester holt joins us in about 25 minutes. an 11-year-old boy on his way home from school stopped from getting on a b.a.r.t. train because he was 40 cents short? his mother is fuming that b.a.r.t. refused to give her sixth grader a break. nbc bay area's melissa was at the b.a.r.t. station. >> reporter: a mother's nation needs no translation. she recalls the frantic call she got in the middle of her work
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day on tuesday. >> it was hard. i didn't know what to do. >> reporter: it was her son, sebastian, a sixth grader at oakland military institute, telling her that a b.a.r.t. employee had asked for his clipper card at the mcarthur station in oakland. >> and then they was like, oh, you can't go because you don't have 40 cents. you have to have more money to go. and i didn't have no money, no nothing. >>. >> reporter: sebastian said he was escorted out and had to figure out how to get back home to richmond. he says he was scared. why did you feel unsafe? >> because there are like bad people there and i didn't know -- i didn't have nothing to do. and they could have hurt me or killed me. >> extremely upsetting to us to hear that. that's not what we are here to do. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says what that employee should have done was give sebastian -- >> basically a pay voucher that says you owe us 40 cents and then continue on your trip, right? we don't want anyone being kicked out, especiall 11-year-old. estigating and they are looking into identifying the
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station agent involved. and b.a.r.t. says when it comes to children, employees should really use discretion and make sure those kids have a safe way of getting home. that's the latest here in oakland, i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. we are learning more tonight about a 3-year-old oakland boy who accidentally shot himself earlier this week. we first told you about this story monday night. the toddler was able to get his hands on a gun and accidentally shot himself in the groin. now comes word that the gun was sitting in an entertainment cabinet. court documents say the gun be boy's father, which is against the law, because the father is a convicted felon, so he should not have the gun in the first place. the man faces more charges now. the boy, meanwhile, remains hospitalized. at last check, he was still in critical condition. hopefully you weren't stuck in this mess. traffic has been a nightmare on northbound 8 80 near the dixon landing off-ramp in milpitas for most of the day. you can asee why. two lanes were blocked for hours
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after that dump truck flipped over. our sky ranger is overhead. paramedics were able to get the driver out. his condition is unknown at this time. also this afternoon, smoke from an east bay grass fire was visible across the bay. the fire sparked just east of bay view avenue near 580 in richmond. you can see thick, black smoke. people could actually see it across the bay in san francisco. firefighters got the flames under control just before 1:00 this afternoon. some people who live in cupertino are takie ing to the streets right now in their fight to halt the construction of a new development at the old vacoe shopping mall. live pictures as members of a neighborhood coalition called better cupertino are assembling to form a human chain near city hall. they're using signs, holding hands, and chants to drum up support against the sand hill company project. sand hill company also started demolition of vallco mall. the developer says it intends to go forward with the project, which was approved by the city
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council. however, better cupertino has sued the city over the proposal and now says it has enough signatures to force a referendum vote. a lot of people are still shocked and saddened by what happened yesterday. and tonight, a memorial is growing outside of at&t park for willie mccovey, right look mccovey cove. the giant's hall of fame slugger passed away yesterday at the age of 80 at the stanford hospital. people are leaving flowers, candles, and notes around mccovey's statue right there in front of the ballpark. the 6'4" first baseman was called stretch. he was a fearsome hitter who hit 521 career home runs. now, mccovey retired in 1980, but remained very involved with the games. tonight, other bay area sports legends are sharing their memories. >> he would just light up that room. so, it's something that i'm gonna miss, and a great player, a great person. and you know, somebody that you just love being around.
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>> at john's grill in san francisco, the staff put flowers on the table by mccovey's signed photo. the giants say ongoing health issues was the reason that mccovey died yesterday. san jose's catholic bishop is hospitalized right now. bishop patrick mcgrath apparently took a fall and is being treated for a slight fracture of a disc in his back. he's held this post since 1999 and has now asked for early retirement. so far, no date has been announced. bishop mcgrath has been active on behalf of immigrants' rights and recently, he's held listening sessions with parishioners on the church's clergy sex scandal. well, it's the flavor of resistance. ben & jerry's is rolling out a new ice cream flavor to take a stand dennis president trump. it's called mecpecan resist. jodi hernandez is at ben and jerry's in berkeley with the big role a local artist is playing
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in this kpcampaign. jodi? >> reporter: raj, it might not be a flavor everybody is going to like, particularly republicans, but a bay area artist is hoping her design and the flavor will be pleasant on the palate and politically persuasive. >> my art is about empowerment, it's about joy and it's also about human dignity. >> reporter: oakland artist rodriguez's work is now pecan resist, a multi-textured chocolatey mix has rodriguez's heart on the pint-sized container. but there's nothing pint-sized about its message. >> it's in these times where silence equals complicity. and so we need everyone to really lead with their values, and that's what this new pint is about. >> reporter: ben and jerry's launched the new flavor this week to take a stand against president trump's policies, hoping to inspire ice cream lovers to get out and vote. for rodriguez, an activist and a
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daughter of immigrants, the collaboration was a perfect fit. >> we are seeing just the very fabric that held us together become very divisive. and we are also seeing a president who outright lies. >> reporter: bay area ben & jerry's stores are stocked up, but expect to sell out quickly. >> we've had calls from napa, from walnut creek, people have ordered six pints, ten pints. >> reporter: after hearing about it on social media, ice cream lovers are already pouring in, hoping to get a taste of pecan resist while they can. >> it's the perfect blend of activism and our desire for good food. >> reporter: bay area stores were only allowed to order so much of the pecan resist, about 150 pints per store. it is a limited edition flavor, so once it's gone, you're out of luck. reporting live in berkeley, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. christmas arrives in san
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jose just one day after halloween. we've uncovered the reason christmas in the park is going up earlier than ever this year. plus -- >> i kind of wanted to go back to the hospital. >> this 7-year-old cancer patient is told she can go anywhere she wants the day after finishing her treatment. the choice she made is why we're featuring her in our bay area proud series. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. warm '80s today and now a brand-new fire weather watch issued for the weekend. we'll have details on this, my new update in six minutes. maybe you could save energy by
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it happened last night at "fort cronkhite" in sau a dramatic search for an arsonist who destroyed an historic building in marin county. this happened last night at ft. cronkite in sausalito. a park ranger saw a man break into the rifle range building and set it on fire. you can see the video here. the ranger chased that man, but he did manage to escape. rangers then used helicopters to search for him, but were not able to track him down. firefighters worked through the night to knock down these flames. like several cities before it, oakland is trying to figure out how to deal with those streets. the city council discussed the issue tuesday night.
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it came up with this plan. e-scooter companies must pay a $2,500 fee to apply for a permit. if approved, scooter companies must then pay a $30,000 annual operator's fee. that money should cover the city's cost to police this program. three companies, lime bike, bird rite, and skip have all placed scooters in oakland. well, especially nowadays, we need a smile, and this story might even give us a lump in our throats. >> it's about a 7-year-old girl facing a difficult diagnosis, but still finding the energy to do good for others. garvin thomas has this touching story in tonight's bay area proud. >> claire nolan is the little girl's name and she's about as cute and as sweet as they come. she's someone who has battled a serious illness that took its toll on her body, but that heart, that clearly remained untouched. >> oh, yes. >> reporter: for her most recent checkup at lucille packard hospital stanford, 7-year-old claire nolan brought along a
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favorite doll and her latest school writing assignment. >> this is for you. >> reporter: the classic "what i did over the summer." >> a story about when i had cancer. >> reporter: it is a story that thankfully -- >> i beat it! >> reporter: -- so far has a happy ending. but there is one part claire left out. >> perfect. >> reporter: the part that had her nurse practitioner, ann w k walkush in awe. >> she's the best person i know. >> reporter: claire was diagnosised with claire 4 lymphoma in january. >> it was a very aggressive treatment, yes, six rounds of >> reporter: it was an nausein months-long ordeal for claire. which is why one day in july, the day after her very last chemo treatment, claire's parents said she could do whatever she wanted, go wherever she wanted.
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and what did she choose? >> i kind of wanted to go back to the hospital. >> reporter: claire said she knew there were still sick children there who could use some cheering up. so she decorated some inspirational signs and went right back to the place she had felt so sick to make others feel better. >> because i just like making other people happy. >> she thought, there's still kiddos there, there's still kiddos there and i know what that feels like. and like, she said, i want to bring them joy. >> i'm going to teach you guys how it feels like to have cancer. >> reporter: claire even left behind some videos for other patients to watch when they need a little lift. >> i wanted to spread joy to all of the patients there. >> reporter: a bit of inspiration from a little girl who could teach all of us a thing or two about love. >> i learned that there's so much strength in loving others.
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that by loving others, it, in turn, fills you. >> can we give her a hug? >> oh, my gosh. she spreads joy not to those kids at the hospital, but to everyone. >> absolutely. absolutely. parents, as you can imagine, so proud. the staff at lucille packard hospital stanford thrilled to have her, happy to welcome her back. she comes back now regularly. her mother says cancer-free diagnosis came in july, so that was good, but still has these regular six-week checkups. so she comes back and sees everybody every six weeks back at the hospital and they're happy to have her. >> can we get a checkup with her in like five years from now? i would love to see what she's doing. >> we wish her and her family the very best. thanks, garvin. well, it is the d after halloween and san jose is already setting its sights after christmas. all of santa's elves and their work shim workshops rolled into see dechavez today. workers will spend the next six weeks fine tuning the displays and the grand opening will be the day after thanksgiving. but the village is closing earlier this year, on christmas
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day. that's because crews have to flip around the park to a football theme. the plaza is hosting some of the activities leading up to the college football playoff championship on january 7th at levi stadium. >> did you just say "christmas"? >> i know! >> no. >> i'm still thinking about pumpkins and candy. >> there's so much candy in the newsroom. >> i know. i checked. 54 days, wieveryone, until christmas. >> it's going to come fast. >> happy november. >> yes, even though it feels like august outside, right? kind of a strange day here on november the 1st. we should have temperatures in the 60s to low 70s. it is well above that. now, i haven't heard too many complaints about the weather today, other than the fact that a lot of us want rainfall. we have some high clouds moving here across the east bay, mt. diablo right now, nearby concord, checking in with a warm 83. the average is 71. so well above the mark today. we'll drop down to some cooler 60s once we hit 9:00 and 10:00. so where is this heat coming from. let's get a closer look.
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it's high pressure that's hoping to bring the warm air. i think this is going to stay for one more day in the forecast, in just about the same spot tomorrow. it's not only going to help to bring that warm air, but keep that rainfall, frustratingly off to the north, and even help us to get a little bit of fog. i think through tomorrow morning, we won't see super-thick fog, but a little bit of patchy fog right near the peninsula and 57, mostly clear for the tri-valley and 53. and also some fog right there in san francisco and 53 degrees, as well. so we start off cool, but by the afternoon, those thermometers will be rising and fast. down in the south bay, i've even put one city up close to 90 degrees. that will be gilroy at 87. east san jose, 86. and cupertino at 82. the east bay, even getting mild yet again for oakland, up to 78 degrees. i'm seeing my warmest temperature right here in danville at 87, concord getting close there at 86. the peninsula, it's going to be mild near the coastline. half moon bay at 69 degrees. then over to redwood city, we're at 79. san francisco will cool off a
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few degrees with the westerly wind starting to return and exhort a little bit of that chilly ocean air. i'll put us in the 50s for the marina and outer sunset, but low 70s in the embarcadero and the mission. the north bay will be warm. 84 in santa rosa and mill valley at 79. i see san francisco's extended forecast staying in the 60s, as we head right through the next seven days, with just some subtle changes here and there. inland valley temperatures, we're going to 85 as we hit saturday. also that wind picking up. there's a brand-new fire weather watch that has been issued, so let's get a closer look at that. it will be for the northeast and south bay hills on saturday, where we d 20 to 40 miles per hour. we'll be tracking this as we get close. let's head back to that seven-day forecast, and you rig election day, and then eventually, some 70s returning my wednesday, also thursday. no complaints about the weather. it's been beautiful, but the big question we're getting asked is,
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what about the rainfall. there's some promising news that maybe from november the 11th through the 14th, we could see a pattern change that might, just might allow some rainfall. so that got me happy this morning, as i was eating breakfast. but we'll have to see. we're a long ways out from that. >> we need that rain. >> thanks, jeff. >> thanks, jeff. we'll be back in a moment on the update on the breaking news we're following, that shooting and car chase in oakland. stay with us. news.
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that car chash and shooting in the east bay. to upda breaking news. the east bay, this is what we that car crash and shooting in know. vallejo police shot a man after a chase ended in oakland. what you're seeing now is international boulevard and 22nd avenue. you can see all the officers and that black suv down below. now, no officers were hurt. the suspect, however, was taken
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to a local hospital. this area remains closed, 22nd and international for this investigation? well, with winter on the way, even though it doesn't feel like it, caltrans is planning a proactive approach to dealing with possible landslides on a popular scenic highway. the agency says it could close highway 1 at big sur ahead of any big storms. in late 2016 and early 2017, major landslides closed a highway north of cambria for more than a year. caltrans plans setting out a traffic advisory 48 hours before a storm, warning of a closure. then 24 hours before, it will either confirm or cancel the closure. we'll be right back. way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices,
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california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california. i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent.
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tonight at 6:00, she says her boss made racist comments and starbucks did nothing. now a barista in the south bay is taking action. that exclusive story and more tonigh i our 6:00 newscast. and before we go, we'll check in with jeff ranieri on this beautiful november 1st. >> uh, yeah. it's warm outside today, it's going to stay that way all the way through this weekend. winds will pick up saturday, a new fire weather watch has been issued. we'll be tracking that coming up at 6:00. and of course, don't forget those clocks this weekend. >> saturday night. >> fall back. >> yeah. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. as a reminder, lester holt is next with "nightly news". >> we'll see you at 6:00. bye!
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tonight, a major push five days until the midterms. oprah on the campaign trail a call to action from the queen of talk. >> you get a vote. and you get a vote. >> oprah going door to door trying to help elect the nation's first african american woman governor, addressing her own presidential ambitions and taking veiled swipes at the man in the oval office. a stark contrast to president trump's fear factor. his new threat and his new video that critics are calling flat out racist. a horrific crash at a school bus stop. children hit again for the fourth time in three days. what is going on? a massive walkout across the country. google employees revolt over the treatment of women.


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