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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 5, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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it is crunch time and california's democratic and republican candidates for governor are racing across the state trying to reach every last voter. gavin newsom is attending a star-studded event in san francisco. an event with brown and kamala harris. and that's an alliance that always hasn't been there, sam. >> reporter: you know what, jessica? what we're seeing right now is both of the candidates in this race going back to their respective bases. john cox going to san diego. gavin newsom ending here in san francisco. and this event tonight is first come first serve, 400 people. i can't see the end of the line to my left or the front of the line all the way on the other side here. there's probably more than 400 people in line right now. we're on the 18th block of
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valencia. all of these folks are lined up to see gavin newsom, jerry brown and kamala harris. if you are wondering how important this push is, thence is a lot more important than you might think. pulling up in berkley with a bus bearing the title "help is on the way." >> nice to meet you. jen, nice to see you. >> reporter: republican john cox gave his two cents. >> rear view mirror. rear view mirror. that's old information. they look at stuff that's happened a long time ago. >> reporter: about 85 miles southeast in modesto, democrat gavin newsom campaigned for josh harder and had this to say on the eve of the election. >> i know it's rote and cliched. i know everybody says it, forgive me. i'll add to the course.
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the energy is off the charts. rememb >> reporter: the final push could bear fruit. >> election day is the day we get most of our votes for any election. >> reporter: john arts calculates 24% turnout as of today, roughly 100,000 ballots, which means there will be a lot more votes coming tomorrow. >> the number to look at, will we receive 200,000 votes tomorrow? because i'm curious to see if we have 100,000 people voting at the polling places. i'm curious to know if we'll get 100,000 voite by mail ballots from various sources. >> reporter: and election turnout in san francisco is expected to hover somewhere around 60%, maybe mid-60s. we are talking about 300,000 ballots, maybe two-thirds of which will be cast tomorrow. now you can understand why these candidates are moving so emphatically on this final push.
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in san francisco, sam brock, nbc bay area senator dianne feinste san francisco to cast her vote. she chatted with reporters after dropping off her vote by mail ballot. she is running for a fifth term in the senate. her opponent is kevin de leon. he won the endoshsmersement of democratic party. here's an indication of how active andected to be tomorrow. early voting locations and dropoff spots are already box i overflowing in the east bay. in santa clara county, voter registration has hit a new record. nbc bay area's robert handa is in san jose with the last minute preparation for the record turnout. >> reporter: we have seen a
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steady stream of turnout here at the registrar's office. and the ballot box is still set up for people to drop off their ballots tonight. they have set a record for registered voters with almost 900,000. they're trying to make it as easy as possible to get the votes in and counted. >> the voters came in bunches, and many dropped off ballots in bunches. so far, santa clara county has had more than 887,000 people register to vote, an all-time high with well more than 228,000 already voting early, a 26% turnout. jessie villarreal is not surprised. she said look around. >> it's really bad right now. to where i'm seeing it. it's really bad. and obviously, we know that nothing is going to change unless we get out. >> reporter: whether people seek
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change or look to present the status quo, in first election since donald trump took office, the registrar of voters is thrilled with the response. >> we are anticipating a 60% to 70% turnout in this election. >> reporter: young voters are showing up big, there are about 11,000 more voters, ages 18-24, compared to the june primary. today chavez helped celebrate an effort that registered about 1,000 students. >> when you look at what makes a young person vote, one of the number one reasons is if they have a family member with a tradition of voting. >> my daughter is a voter. last year she wasn't that in to it. so this year i kind of really made her do it. >> reporter: now this year it's going to be hard to tell the overall turnout right away. as in ballots will three days a the election, as long as it's postmarked by election day. live in san jose, robert handa,
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nbc bay area news. >> a lot is happening. that's the local picture. as for the national stage, an update on president trump and president obama on the campaign trail today and this evening. also bringing up new insight from our political analyst, larry gerston in about 25 minutes. this will be an active 24 hours for a lot of us. we will have our live team coverage as election results start coming in. we'll be partnering with lester holt, savannah guthrie and chuck todd and providing local results throughout the night. one area says they are fed up with prostitution and drug dealing near their businesses. and they're hoping to get police attention by getting your attention with this surveillance video which shows a carjacking at gun point. damian trujillo tweeted the video out this afternoon and joins us with the story you'll see only on nbc bay area. damian? >> reporter: you name it, and it probably happens here along monterey highway and kurtner
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avenue. the owner of these rental trucks says someone has been coming in and siphoning out fuel out of these gas tanks. and if there is a lock in the cap, they drill a hole and siphon out the fuel that way. the images we're about to show you speak for themselves. one merchant says this video captures one of his employees running for cover after a man car jacked him at gun point. here, that same merchant had to stop a woman from trying to sleep inside his van. >> i told her to please leave before i called the cops. >> reporter: and this surveillance footage shows cars doing donuts back lot. merchants say it happens every weekend. >> we've had multiple people come up to me and say hey, i sa here. >> reporter: taylor holbrook is a manager here, a popular place for kids. he worries the crime spree is hurting his business. vandals broke into this store two weeks ago.
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>> it was sawed-off right here. they bent down the bar. >> reporter: he says the crooks took off with more than $50,000 in inventory. the merchants in this industrial park say the city has looked into the crime spree, but not much has changed. they're considering hiring their own private security to patrol the grounds. for now, the business owners are looking out for each other. >> jump out of bed at 2:00 in the morning ready to confront someone. >> reporter: they say it's a tragedy waiting to happen and they're running out of answers. some of these trucks have been tagged. the walls on the businesses have been tagged. merchants have been told there are gang members who are claiming this property as their own. live in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. he's taking his fight to federal court.
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an artist is filing a lawsuit, following the removal of his mural from a building. he painted it in 1985. and it was outside a payless shoe store. it was suddenly painted over in late august. he says the store owner violated state and federal laws when he painted over it. he says those laws present the work of artists. a neighborhood spoke up, and now it appears scooter companies are listening. people in the bayview district say the pilot scooter program left them out in the cold until they took their complaints public. >> reporter: all along third street you see them. red scooters from the company scoot. ursula choice says it's a welcome change. >> i'm seeing a lot more scooters. i walked up here about three blocks and saw every other block i've seen the scooters. i've not seen them prior to today. >> reporter: skricreen shots ofe
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company's app paints a similar picture. those dots show scooters. a screen shot recently taken shows scores downtown but only two in bayview. >> their is is is an underserve neighborhood. >> reporter: paul wells with the municipal transportation agency says both scooters are allowed 625 scooters each and are required to spread them across the city. >> at the end of the day, we are holding the companies accountable for how they distribute these follow up. >> reporter: a statement from scoot says in part, we regularly meet or excdeoyment requirement by the sfmta pt underserved communities, as we pit, we are patterns and will l additional redistribution as
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needed. paul rowe says sfmta is collecting data. if it's found that a company is not meeting the city's demands, it could have its permit revoked or be forced to take corrective action. reporting from san francisco, nbc bay area news. three shot in the north bay rehab. what we're learning about a motive and why deputies found the suspect in a local jail. also, could this help solve the south bay's housing crisis? the new apartment building offering to lower rent if you are willing to give up a few amenities. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a cool 62 and mostly clear in a quick national outlook. i'll have that in about eight minutes.
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here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. the city's chief economist says prop c will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing, expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein. "look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress, and steered billions of federal dollars to california projects such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off
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...trump's efforts to kill the affordable care act." california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. california values senator dianne feinstein fire at a marin county detox center. tonight we're learning more about the suspected gunman who opened fire at a marin center. three people shot, one of them died. this is video from nbc skyranger over that shooting. jodi hernandez is live in san rafael and broke news of the arrest on twitter and now are learning something about what may be a possible motive. >> reporter: that's right. it's unclear exactly what led to the shooting. but marin county investigators here say the suspect had been dating one of the victims. tonight he's in jail, facing murder charges.
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>> we're happy to report that we do have a suspect in custody. >> reporter: marin county sheriff's investigators say this is the man responsible for a triple shooting at san rafael's helen vine detox center. they say 37-year-old reed, a transient who spent time in marin city shot and killed a staff member and wounded two others, including a woman they say he had a dating relationship with. >> this morning at approximately 1:33 a.m., a call came out of a rt center. >> gunshot, le not secure. >> reporter: it's unclear why victim, brittany mccann, who is not an employee, was at the detox facility with the two staff members. when the suspect came in and opened fire. >> they're heroes. every day heroes. >> reporter: those who work in recovery services say it's heartbreaking that people who give so much to help those battling addiction have been
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targeted. the helen vine facility it the county's only detox center. >> we are grateful for the people who continue to do this work in spite of all of these things that are happening and our sincere depth of dwrud for putting in your heart and soul. our prayers are with them and with everybody who's been impacted in this community. >> reporter: it'snclear how the two surviving victims are doing tonight. we know they do remain hospitalized. reed was arrested in sonoma county following an unrelated pursuit having to do with a mechanical failure. he has made admissions that ties him to the shooting. reporting live in marin county, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. also in the north bay, an inmate is being blamed for starting two small fires today at a jail in sonoma county. deputies say the fires broke out at the main detention facility
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in santa rosa around 10:00 a.m. they say the man spread soap around the floor and used it to ignite the fire. the jail sprinklers did knock down the flames but five inmates needed treatment for smoke inhalation. an alert went out friday when two children disappeared. it happened during a supervised visit with a social worker and the kids' mom at a san jose park. police say the mother kidnapped the kids. today sheriff's deputies found the trio near colorado springs. the kids by the way, were not hurt. much nicer than your old college dorms but it is communal living. they believe this could be the answer to help solve the housing crisis in the south bay. marianne favro joins us with what's described as the largest co-living complex in the world. you have our attention. what are the details? >> reporter: well, raj, next
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year this building is coming down. and, in its place, we are going to see a 18-story high rise built here. i want to show you what it's going to look like. it will house 750 people. as you mentioned, raj, it's considered one of the largest, co-living developments in the world. star city says it already has 50 co-living units in san francisco, including this one on bryant street. renters get their own bathroom and bedroom but must be willing to share a kitchen and living room with six to ten people. worried about sloppy kitchen mates? a daily cleaning service is included. renters willing to embrace the dorm-like digs get a sense of community and lower rents. >> we want to make the project affordable for people making $40,000 to $100,000 a year. and that means somewhere around $1200 to $2,000 for the individual. >> reporter: nathan ho thinks it
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may put a dent he in the bay ars housing crisis. >> sharing the space, sharing kitchens and common spaces with others is really exciting. this will obviously serve a portion of the market for those who are looking into that. and that will help we have across the county and region. >> reporter: and while the co-living project may still be too expensive for many, more building space can be used for bedrooms. housing more people in one development. and these units will all be furnished and include utilities with the rent. also, on this particular development here in san jose, they're going to allow families to live hereell. this project is expected to be completed in 2021. and already there's a waiting list. reporting live in san jose,
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marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thank you. i'm thinking about my dorm, my fraternity house. >> i'm thinking about not doing it. >> a lot of things going on. >> yeah. >> take it away outside, jeff. >> no matter what the situation, we've had some good weather lately. as we head to the next couple days, let's head to that micro dingate forecast. out to vote if you didn't do it by mail. as you start off tomorrow morning, take suld be some higher turnout than you might normally si normally see, so you may be waiting ine. skies, 40 os for t the east bay. temperatures will warm up. we're good for about ten degrees above average. this will put us to 82 in concord, 77 in san jose. you have your cool 60s from san francisco to half moon bay.
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nice for the morning right into the afternoon to get out to vote. now a national look. we know many races are definitely getting a lot of attention. you might be interested in this look. we are expecting severe weather possibilities in new york, washington, atlanta, dallas and houston. so we'll have to see how that plays out. but again, the chance of t weather here in orms. california. san jose with the 76. some of the cstee 30s and 40s. coming up at 6:48, we'll talk about the area of higheen since had rainfall. 6:48 tonight. >> we will see you shortly. up next at 6:00. have an emergency? don't call 911. there are some new accusations against tesla and how it treats employees.
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recently, more than $20 million has been spent in the race
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for superintendent of public instruction to attack my friend tony thurmond's record. well, i've worked with tony, and no one is more qualified to lead our state's schools. that's why tony thurmond is the only candidate endorsed by classroom teachers and the california democratic party. because tony will stand up to the donald trump-betsy devos agenda and has always protected our local public schools. join me in voting for tony thurmond. let's put our kids first.
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is being scrutinized, after a the way tesla handles employee injuries at its fremont assembly plant is being scrutinized after a new report. that report by the center for investigative reporting claims tesla will not allow its employees to dial 911 after an accident. one worker actually severed a finger and was told to get a lyft instead of an ambulance. the report adds injuredcan only permission from an on-call doctor there at the factory. tesla allegedly uses the practice to hide injuries from the public and the government. >> it goes into an injury rate that shows the overall safety record of the company. and fesse tesla's focussed on showing it's improved safety. but we've found that they're not o counting the injuries. >> tesla had no comment to the report. the report relies heavily on the word of a physician's assistant
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who worked at that tesla factory for less than a month before she was dismissed. a fire burning in the santa cruz mountains is keeping a stretch of road closed. the rincon fire north of santa cruz did cause mandatory evacuations for parts of paradise park. no homes or buildings have been burned. cafi cal fire says one firefighter was injured. we don't noknow the extent. one last push, big names on both sides of the aisle making the final push ahead of the election. plus, too full too often. the bumps at a local ballot box.
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here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. the city's chief economist says prop c will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing, expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein.
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california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california. i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent.
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country, stumping for right now at 6:30. we're just h from election day. two presidents are crisscrossing the country, stumping for every possible candidate to vote in the sprint to the finish. >> control of congress hangs in the ballet midst a lot of political bad blood. let's bring in janelle wang. >> we are down to the wire. people minute. election day is tomorrow. i mean, the enthusiasm we are seeing is like what we would see in a presidential election because there's so much at stake. control of congress. democrats need 23 seats to gain
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control of the house and two seats to control the senate. in the hours before election day, voters are already breaking records, casting more than 35 million early ballots, as both partying roll out big names hoping to seal the deal. >> don't boo, vote. >> president obama lending what's left of his voice after days on the campaign trail. president trump embracing the e reflection of his popularity. >> our extraordinary journey together. >> reporter: today campaigning in ohio, indiana and missouri. allstates all states he won in 2016 and jumping into several races on twitter. 51% of voters want a major change of direction from president trump. but even experts are skeptical of the polls in a midterm cycle unlike any other. >> you can't rely on the way it
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once was in terms of turnout or registrants or much of anything else. >> reporter: across the country, tight contests descending into bitter battles. in georgia's race for governor, republican brian kemp, who also oversees elections as secretary of state trading claims of hacking with stacy abrams. >> he's abusing his power. >> i'm not worried about how it looks. i'm doing my job. >> reporter: one of dozens of races so tight it's a virtual to tossup until the votes are counted. >> we may not know the winner tomorrow night. it may take the entire week to get all the counted. >> by all accounts, this is a midterm election like really we haven't seen before. >> let's bring in our political analyst, larry gerston. we're finally here at this election. the good flnews is a lot of peoe will be voting. what happens tomorrow, are we
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less divided? >> i don't think an election like this changes the nature of the electorate. a lot of people will be breathing easier just because it's over. but the polarization we're talking about is not to be chang changed by a single election. >> now one of the big draws statewide is the gubernatorial race between cox and newsom. but i think the propositions are the ones that really get people to the polls, and you get there and you are like i don't think i really understand these. one is prop six and prop ten. repealing the gas tax which we just passed. it's confusing for people that we're facing this question again. >> the legislature passed this about a year or so ago. they added 12 cents. they have a $130 billion deficit in terms of deferred maintenance, adding $5.2 billion a year. the other side says why? we've got $18 billion in that rainy day fund. why not begin by using that.
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so they funded the thing. they got it on the ballot. there doesn't seem to be a lot of support for this thing. the latest poll shows it losing by 12 or 14 points. but it's a test of how much we are willing to tax ourselves. >> what about rent control? >> this is a costa-hawkins act which passed 20 years ago. that basically denies or deprives local governments from doing rent control on anything built after 1995. so the yes side says, you're killings here with the cost of housing. look at all the homelessness pause of the cost because of the cost of housing. these groups have put together in a way for rent control. just about everybody with note and money opposing it.
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>> back to the bigger picture. f if the republicans keep majority of both house will we look at president trump as playing it masterfully? >> if the republicans keep control, trump is going to walk away saying see, i told you. i had the right cue here. democrats and others aren't so sure. they say, why isn't he talking about the economy instead, which is stellar, really. so they've gone and talked about health care which seems to be the most important issue for so many americans. a the pre himself. he's gone out there and done that. there's good news and bad news. if he keeps the house from going over, he's going to be the king maker all the way through good showing, a lot of fingers will be pointed right at the president. >> he knows what's coming. >> and you will be with us tomorrow night to walk us through every step of the way. >> it could be a long night. >> it could be a long night.
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>> we've had them before. big turnout led to bumpy moments. so many voters dropped off ballots it couldn't handle any more. crews had to come in every hour to unload it because it was filling up so quickly. early voters in alameda and contra costa counties are coming out in numbers we don't normally see until presidential elections. >> we havearly votes now. but yeah. i still have time to slip a vote in. >> active on both sides of the aisle. in walnut creek some voters were briefly turned away because of a power outage. it lasted about 30 minutes. at least 20 voters were rerouted to antioch to recast their ballots at another early spot. check out our voter's guide for non-partisan guidance. you can find it by clicking on
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elections at the top of the screen. if you had any problems at the polls. we want to know about it. que a we are teaming up with pro publica. if you spot a problem, give us a call, 8333-nbc kntv or send us a message. workers wil be the vote. they are being sent to san mateo county. now a trump campaign ad named as racist has been yanked from the air. it features a twice-deported mexican immigrant who was sentenced to death for killing two deputies. it links him to a caravan.
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the video draws comparisons to the notorious willie horton ad from the 1988 presidential campaign. the net works have called the ad insensitive and sensational. the warriors are hosting the grizzlies. but before the ball is tipped, the team is rocking the vote. they tweeted out a rock the vote video. steph curry part ofthe entire t. we caught up with kd this afternoon. >> you feel like you're a part of something. we're all a family when it comes to us being in this territory o, th this region of the world. we're all one. >> they are one of the most politically active teams. several coaches and players have been seeing wearing tee shirts encouraging people to vote. closing its doors. the reason lowe's is shuttering more than 50 locations, including a few right here in the bay area. small boats are beg
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issue in sausalito. video from nbc bay area skyranger show boats anchored in the middle of small boats becoming a big issue in sausalito. video shows boats anchored in the middle of richardson bay. the number has doubled since last year and crime and other issues have gone up as well. police have put out some notices asking the boaters to leave and if they their -- will be towed. home improvement chain lohsee lowelohs lowe's is shutting down 50 of its stores. the store in south san francisco is going to close. the stores were underperforms. the closures come months avalos decided to shutter all of its orchard supply stores. the company opened its first four-star store in berkley. the shop features only products
6:41 pm
that customers rate four stars or higher. the move was part of amazon's plan to expand its brick and mortar foot print. right now they have about 100 stores nationwide. i give jeff ranieri's forecast a five star. what's your top rate? >> he deserves this. >> he'll be on sale in the east bay. >> what? never. >> got to pay. >> let's get a look outside tonight and you can see a live look. we've got beautiful weather, mostly clear skies and 66. we'll talk some more about the chilly morning ahead tomorrow and how warm by the afternoon. >> no complaints at all about that four-star forecast, but we do have complaints about kanye west. not about the music, but about a business of his dropping the ball. i'm chris camora. santa cruz wom
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
beef with kanye west and company. nbc bay area responds to a
6:44 pm
woman in santa cruz who has a $400 beef with kanye west. >> the actual kanye. >> we started looking into it and found out she's not the only one. where is the crisis with kanye. >> not with the music. it is with his clothingat's whe. he's trying to dress us like a-listers, but his business just got an f rating. >> we do hair. we do skin. we do nails. >> meghan owns part of a small salon in santa cruz. >> this is my salon. >> and occasionally rewards her success. this wearable splurge caught her eye. >> it was a $400 sweatshirt. >> who sells a $400 sweatshirt? kanye west does. >> i never received it. >> she's tried to prod yeezy for
6:45 pm
five months. >> i get an automated response that someone will get back to me, and nobody ever does. >> that complaint is not unique. >> we talked with eli who had the same issue with $240 yeezy shoes. >> i got an order receipt. and thiey just never came. >> we had a huge spike in complaints. >> the better business bureau is tracking complaints about yeezy until. >> hockey stick! >> a surge in october. 355 complaints. >> in one month. for answers we contacted yeezy and kanye's rep. we did not get a response, neither did our sister station in l.a. you know who else got silent? the bbb. >> we wrote them to, we called them. i wrote their ceo and nothing. they just earned the lowest
6:46 pm
grade. >> the rating for yeezy supply is an f. >> we have to take responsibility for what we're doing. >> somehow the bbb wasn't invited to yawn -- kanye's meeting at the white house. >> i would like to talk to kanye. >> so would meghan. she feels her small hair salon could teach him about business ventures. customer respect. >> i've never, ever experienced such terrible customer services. >> i tweeted. zero response. >> kanye likes to sing about himself. >> i think we should invite kanye for our 6:00 newscast and see what his response will be. >> i'll give him my spot. anytime, kanye. >> if you have a tip, 1-888-996-tips or visit our
6:47 pm
website. mr. ranieri? >> yes. hello. >> nice to see you. so warm outside today. >> we've got more warm weather coming our way as we move into tomorrow's forecast as well. i think it will be really nice as you head to the polls. on this monday night, we're going to look live at san francisco. mostly clear skies. a mild 70 degrees downtown and dropping to 58. notice once we hit 1:00 tomorrow we're at 50 in san francisco. that's chilly for their standards. definitely some 40s for sf. if you are getting up early to go cast your vote tomorrow, do take the light jacket. i think you're going to need it, especially if there are any kind of lines at the polling places. tri valley with 47. notice not that much in the way of cloud cover or fog tomorrow with 40s for the north bay, san francisco and the east bay. through the afternoon, we don't really see a big change in the weather pattern.
6:48 pm
that's why we still have warm weather in the forecast. you're good for temperatures about ten degrees above average. this will put us to 80 in milpitas. 77 in downtown san jose. and gilroy, the east bay, a little difference here from the bay to the inland valleys. 73 in oakland. then you head to danville, 82 degrees, concord up to 82. for the peninsula, cool 65 in half moon bay, but you head anywhere away from the coast, a warmer 79 in palo alto. san francisco, 60s from the marina to the mission down to the ingleside. and it's warm in the north bay. we'll go up to 79 here in napa and 81 in ukiah. so another gorgeous day tomorrow. but i know a lot of you are wondering, where is the rainfall. i want to show you this wide perspective of the rain keeping
6:49 pm
away. this is high pressure, the jet stream is pushing it well off to the north. so much so that the last time we had rainfall was october 2nd and 3rd. we definitely should have a lot more rainfall right now, but it's just not coming our way. so we're starting to see a rainfall deficit of one hin. it's not looking good this week to get any rain. mild thursday and friday and more 60ss weekend. inland valleys. we're at 81 tomorrow for election day.y wh steady temperatures into friday. we're looking at thursday for maybe low humidity and a dry breeze. this may have a fire weather watch issued. we'll keep a close eye on that. if you are looking ahead to next weekend, more 70s on the way. new information today that we've compiled together shows the highest rain averages go to texas in the southeast. that means for the bay area right now likely average to
6:50 pm
maybe even below normal rainfall chances as we head into winter. not what we really want to see. we're going to have to take it day fwi dby day, week by week. >> usually we have the sparkling sunset right about now. >> it's early. it's dark. >> feels weird. >> thanks jeff. one of ouravit bay area olympians has a new job months after having a baby. colin resch joins us next. [ phone rings ] what?! ready for christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote.
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a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he.
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recently, more than $20 million has been spent in the race for superintendent of public instruction to attack my friend tony thurmond's record. well, i've worked with tony, and no one is more qualified to lead our state's schools. that's why tony thurmond is the only candidate endorsed by classroom teachers and the california democratic party. because tony will stand up to the donald trump-betsy devos agenda and has always protected our local public schools. join me in voting for tony thurmond. let's put our kids first.
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francisco )s )shannon rowbury ) missed the podium by well, you may remember this. at the 2016 olympics, shannon rowberry missed by a slim margin. >> she's one of our favorite local olympians. here's colin resch. >> going to make the move at2 20 meters to the lead. >> i have the american area record in the 1500 meters. >> reporter: and, until this summer held american records in the 5,000 meters and two-mile as
6:54 pm
well. >> those will be fun things to go after again. good carrots to try to chase after. >> reporter: one of the most decorated distance runners in u.s. history, three-time olympianr olympianro berry hopes to be in the olympics in 2020. but it's a new challenge. >> right now with a four month cross country championships in i've set my first goal of u.s. february. and i'm starting to do local races to kind of work out the kinks of how do i race with a baby? >> reporter: she's not only a new mom but a new coach. she joined the cross country staff here at usf as a volunteer assistant last month. >> she's been one of the best track and field athletes for the last ten years. vast experience base and vast
6:55 pm
knowledge base. what we're after is the mentoring. >> i'll have things to learn from them and remembering why i do this sport to begin with and i hope to share with them the wisdom of 20 years of running now. >> if it sounds like she wants it all, she does. but not just for herself. >> i want to be a role model for other women, you can have a family. can you have a career. >> reporter:olinesch, nbc bay area news. >> that is one impressive mommy. tonight at 11:00. could your neighbor's back yard be home to a tiger? we investigate a multi-billion dollar black market and the lengths people will go to, to smuggle exotic animals into the country to have them as pets. and before we go, jeff ranieri is here with it already bei being dark. >> if you are heading out to
6:56 pm
cast your vote tomorrow morning, there could be some lines. tri valley at 47. south bay at 48. not much in the way of fog or cloud cover. it's going to be a beautiful start. you'll need the sunglasses. and dropping down to49 in san francisco and 46 in the north bay. low 80s next two days. maybe dry fire danger and a fire watch by thursday. we' we'll keep a close eye on that. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you at 11:00, bye-bye.
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"extra" ♪ now on "extra," jenna dewan making out with her new man. moving on from channing tatum and lightning speed. a weekend of hollywood hookups.
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j. law look like she's in love, kate beck sale all over her 30-year-old boyfriend. kim kardashian slamming ray jay as a pathological liar. years after their infamous sex tapes, she unloads as he claims she had a trunk of sex toys. r. how she's doing and who is her mystery man. >> the star get out the vote. >> vote. >> coast-to-coast celebrity push have an impact


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