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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 9, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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morning, the city the site of the mass shooting that happened just 24 hours ago. this is among several wildfires burning, as we speak. >> most of the town of paradise has burned. >> up in butte county, an entire town practically destroyed. watch as people drive literally through the flames to try to escape paradise, this is near chico. we're live this morning in the evacuation center, speaking with people forced out of their homes. >> that's right. here at home in the bay area, we're waking up to smoky skies and bad air quality. the fire danger here isn't yet over here as well. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> a busy friday morning to you, but want to say good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we get to the breaking news in a bit. we want to get you ready to head out the door this morning. we check in with meteorologist kari hall. taking a look at the weather and what's going on here in the area, and the winds are a big issue. >> absolutely.
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we've had gusty winds and the winds are gradually starting to calm down. we have one more hour left of the red flag warning and that's for the inland hills, and we take a look at the smoke that lingers over san francisco this morning, coming in from northern california, and butte county. we are under a healthy air quality smoke advisory that continues until 10:00 this evening, and the south bay will see moderate air quality, at times the drifts of smoke coming by. we have the low humidity and the gusty winds. we'll continue to monitor that and our air quality and well above normal temperatures coming up in a few minutes. mike, you have an update on the crash on the peninsula. >> the glow is not fog and smoke, the bay bridge and your usual backup there, lighter overall for a friday but the problem here on the peninsula, brisbane, down to oyster point, there is a crash blocking at least two lanes, trying to clear but fire crews taking care of minor injuries, the latest south 101 jams up but 280 moving smoothly toward 380 and the rest
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of the bay, a light volume of traffic. we'll track the friday commute as it builds and i'll talk about the effect of the wildfire. for more on the fires, back to you. >> the breaking news we've been covering since 4:00 this morning, if you're just waking up joining us, three major wildfires are burnin ing ing ace state, in the northern part of the state in butte county the entire town of paradise is under evacuation, this is because of the camp fire there. hundreds of homes have burned, as well as schools and churches. this monster fire is showing no sign of slowing down. this all started at 6:30 yesterday morning east of chico, and really exploding in size triggering a mass evacuation, and terrifying escape for many people who live there. so far right now, at least 20,000 acres have burned, and it's estimated 15,000 structures are also being threatened at this hour. and in southern california, 75,000 homes are evacuated in ventura and l.a. counties. we've been watching as the homes go up in flames.
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take a look at the flames right there. this is called the woolsey fire, 8,000 acres burned so far there, zero percent containment. it is the second fire burning in that area, called the hill fire, up to 10,000 acres have burned so far there. new video in our area, giving us an up close look at the fires, and this was posted on twitter by cal firefighter paramedic there, running inside a chopper that's working to put out those flames there, and you can see, barely can see how thick the smoke is, the intense wind blowing that smoke, making it hard for the crews on the front lines there. ventura county captain says he's battling the flames at the home of a fellow firefighter. >> a childhood friend, we grew up, his house burnt down and it's a shame. >> those firefighters have been working for more than 12 hours straight so far just to get that fire under control. >> this fire is burning out of
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control at this time. the flames have jumped 101 in southern california. let's listen to knbc's coverage. >> reporter: lots of fire personnel here. you can see them coming in. we were warned, it's very smoky. we see that, visibility not great at all. we cannot even see the top of the ridge where you then have the 101 freeway. my partner this morning is rene luna. he's manning the camera, and we're doing our best to let all of our viewers know what this situation is. go ahead and take a look. you can see where the fire jumped the 101. you can see where is ended up and the firefighters to the right of you, rene, on their rigs doing their best to get this beast to tame it. in if you are stuck on traffic on the 101, they are trying to
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keep you out of harm's way. there are homes threatened now that the fire has jumped the 101 freeway. we saw the liberty canyon exit sign, making our way to chessboro road, obviously could not reach that. visibility here on this road down to ten or so feet. we are getting sprayed with the water from the firefighters, trying to extinguish this, and they are working so hard. look at them. look at them. sorry, i've got to turn away and hold my breath for a moment here. >> the images are incredible, we see what firefighters are facing. >> reporter: we are out here, some of our colleagues, the competition, we're all here together, and but you'll get the most information from us. i'm going to tell you that point
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blank. >> we have no doubt about that, toni, you're providing us with such great information overnight, so insightful and helpful, to our viewers and we're grateful for your hard work as well as rene's, your photographer. toni is okay, though, so we're going to check back in with her. you can see how thick this smoke is, black smoke coming right toward the firefighters, right toward toni, and just a moment ago you saw those flames really become aggressive, and really kind of make firefighter's life very much challenging on top of that truck there. toni is in agura hills after the flames jumped south of the 101. >> toni is on the south side, and you were talking about the firefighter up on the truck, and he had to duck. we saw the flames explode. >> we're going to continue to monitor, coming from our sister station in southern california, live pictures, a look on your right of the flames engulfing
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that area in ventura county and l.a. county as well, where the flames have jumped 101 and the small picture there. toni guinyard is a veteran reporter with knbc and you see what the firefighters are up against as well and the reporters inhaling all this smoke, trying to bring you the latest as well. so that is happening there. what about here? you're probably waking up smelling smoke this morning as you walk out the door in the bay area. it's because of this, the beautifier, that is burning, and we just got new information into our newsroom as well, because of this fire, because of the smoke in the air all santa rosa schools are closed today. look how they're trying to fight this fire as well in butte county, that is called the camp fire. bob redell is in chico, the fire is so fast-moving and
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destructive, people have lost so many homes. >> reporter: hundreds if not thousands of homes according to cal fire, laura, at least 27,000 people have evacuated the so-called camp fire, different shelters including the search here in chico. this search is already at capacity with 500 people, some people have been sleeping outside on the front lawn. i've seen people in the hallways. we've spoke on it a couple of people who had to haul it out of their neighborhoods yesterday, as the fire burned around them. this is new video shot within the past few hours at highway 70, and the mountain community of concal, several homes burned. firefighters are in the thick of it, battling flames, 50 mooil p -- 50-mile-an-hour winds. they have are trying to save the garbow fire station, i don't know what the status it. this is other video, the town of paradise, this is 12 miles
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northeast of our location. as you can see in this video, the scene is horrific. al fire captain tells us the entire town is pretty much destroyed. hundreds if it not thousands of houses and structures have burned to the ground. paradise, withcy mostly an elderly community, started burning around 6:30 yesterday morning. there are explosions throughout the day, according to cal fire, most likely gas tanks and power transformers. firefighters tried to save what they could but the main focus was getting people out alive. the traffic gridlock was so bad during the evacuation, some people abandoned their vehicles and ran for their lives. >> just numb, curious, what, if anything, do i have left. >> reporter: and if you don't? >> start over. >> reporter: what was it like getting out of there? >> going through a movie. >> reporter: how so? >> had to come down skyway, we timed it, both sides of the roads had fire, fire going across the middle of the road.
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you're going through it. >> reporter: and what are you thinking? >> you aren't. i was just thinking, let's get the hell out of here. >> reporter: two firefighters and several civilians have been hurt, the extent of their injuries unknown. one firefighter said this is a very dramatic fire. unfortunately, it's the new normal. coming up at 6:30, what one bay area fire department encountered during their fire fight here in butte county. reporting live here in chico, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> simply tragic bob. this is going on all day, thank you. red flag warning in effect as well, those winds are high. do we think that will be lifted? >> it looks like it will be lifted for the bay area, but i just got a new update from the national weather service, talking about where bob is right now, around butte county. they are saying that the winds are calming down now, but there will be another rush of winds coming in, starting out tomorrow, and continuing through
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monday. so if they do not get any containment on this wildfire within the next 24 hours, things are going to go downhill from there, as the winds pick up once again. it's very cold this morning in those areas around the camp fire, in butte county. it's 40 degrees, and 41 degrees right now down to about 40 degrees within the next hour. it's going to warm up quickly today, very low humidity and some light winds at that point and the humidity, one thing we've been watching, it's been dropping down to the teens in some spots and those winds have been rushing, coming in from the northeast, so we'll continue to monitor that. we'll talk more about the high fire danger and mike, you have an update on the crash on highway 101. >> a local traffic for the most part calm, watching the wildfires statewide. the traffic at bay except for right here where it's recovering south 101 just got word all lanes have cleared. south 101 approaching oyster point, recovery out of san francisco in toward south san francisco no problem by sfo, the airports fine and of course the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, because the metering lights are on. send it right back to you.
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>> all right, thanks, mike. coming up for you next here on "today in the bay," continued coverage of our top story. if you're just joining us, there are massive fires burning in california right now, both in southern california and just north of us in butte county. tens of thousands of people are being evacuated. >> we've watched homes burn to the ground sadly, live on air. we'll take you to the front lines of a fire burning in ventura county as firefighters battle the intense flames surrounding them. guess who's beefing up a steak & egg breakfast burrito?
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right now at 6:15, we wake up to smoky skies across the bay area. live look at 101 in san jose and our temperatures start out cool. we're headed into the mid-70s today. we'll talk about the dangerous air quality for today, and also look ahead to the weekend, coming up in less than five minutes. we're looking at the bay bridge with the backup at the toll plaza. friday lighter for the rest of your freeway approaches but the top of your screen, you see the smoke as the sun comes up, to bring us that on the horizon. >> thank you, kari and mike. carter after 6:00 right now. back to our breaking news, three major wildfires burning across the state of california. southern california, 75,000 homes are evacuated in combination of l.a. and ventura counties. we've watched homes
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devastatingly going up in flames. one is called the woolsey fire in ventura county, where 8,000 acres-plus have burned so far this morning. there is zero percent containment this morning and a second fire burning in that area as well called the hill fire, this is in l.a. county, up to 10,000 acres have burned there. santa ana winds are also fueling these flames. >> we've been talking about that fire throughout the morning there. right now we listen in to our sister station knbc, as they continue to cover this fire. >> reporter: toni guinyard is down in there, you can see the battle not only the media is dealing with, but the firefighters are dealing with smoke and flames. the fire quickly jumped the 101 freeway, when we got on scene, it literally just happened and look at that massive wall of fire, it is being fueled, fed by all that thick brush that has been dried and really it's just been sitting there, and that is creating this massive wall of flames working its way toward the malibu area. let me givespective of
6:17 am
what you can see. you can see mulholland highway, areas here, laguna circle drive, highpoint drive, these homes are in the path of that fire. there is some brush clearance here, but when we have a wind-driven fire, sometimes that brush sleerns duclearance doesn. l.a. county sheriffs right there below, that's la vista drive at malibu creek states park. possible evacuations under way but these are the potential targets for this fire, if it continues in the direction that it does. the fire has its own mind. it can change any time, especially with the wind-driven fire, but all the homes and residents here, these people are in the path of the fire, and unfortunately, they are going to fall victim to this. they need to get out of there, evacuate their homes, and abide by law enforcement officials, because this fire is moving really fast right now. >> it sure is.
6:18 am
it's very extensive, as we've been watching our sister station knbc in southern california this morning, really giving you an overhead observation of how fast-moving and widespread the fire is. >> right now we take you to the northern part of the state just above us for the butte county area, is under fire there, the entire town of paradise under evacuation there, because hundreds of homes have burned as well as schools and churches. this is part of the park fire -- the camp fire, i'm sorry, the camp fire there. this monster fire is really showing no sign of slowing down. it started at 6:30 yesterday morning, east of chico and really exploding into just a massive fire there, forcing those mass evacuations and really terrifying moments for those people trying to escape their homes, having to drive through the fires. that fire really pushing smoke into the bay area, impacting our air quality here, and we've been talking about this, and we've learned that all of santa rosa city schools will be closed today. this is because of that smoke. that's something that kari, you have been talking about, as
6:19 am
we've been dealing with the fires and the heavy gusts of wind. >> right, so the high wind gusts and the direction of those winds have been carrying the smoke into the bay area. i wanted to give you a look at the shot from noaa, tracking this and overlaying different products to get the best view. this shows the video of the smoke plumes coming away from those flames that are from the camp fire in butte county. you can see the smoke spreading away from that, and that gives you a real visual of how think this smoke is, and how it's moving into some of our northern towns and counties in the bay area. i wanted to give you another view, this is from nasa, this was also viewed from space, as we go to our weather graphics, we can see that the smoke has been coming off just to the west of chico, and then down to santa rosa, and then we can see it coming down into san francisco as well as much of the peninsula, and as well as the north bay. so that's why you can see the smoke and all of those air quality issues canceling schools
6:20 am
in santa rosa. i wouldn't be surprised if more schools were canceled or kept inside today. this is a look at the sunrise, and the smoke that lingers over san francisco this morning. this is not fog. this is smoke, and you may not see much of the sun today as a result. and we have unhealthy air quality, if you have breathing problems or even if you don't, it makes you feel nauseous, make sure you are wearing a mask and keep your nose covered, if you will be jut side for quite a while, and then for the bay area, our hills will be under a red flag warning, until the next i'd say 40 minutes or so, and then we'll see if this gets extended by the national weather service or canceled, but we have seen our winds turning a little bit lighter, and so you do want to limit your outdoor exposure, turn your air conditioning on recirculate and wear an n95 mask dealing with the particulate smoke and stay hydrated, flush the toxins out of your system
6:21 am
and bring your pets inside. as we look at our temperatures, a wide range in temperatures across the bay area. it's below freezing in santa rosa. half moon bay is at 64 degrees, and it's still quite breezy there. as we look at our high temperatures, it really just depends on where the smoke settles, that will keep our temperatures down today. it may only be about 70 degrees in livermore and 72 in oakland, and once again, those temperatures will change as we go through the day. our wind direction will also affect our air quality, so a little bit better this morning, but then as the winds shift from the north, we will carry more of that smoke into the bay area, as we go throughout the day, but some fairly light winds compared to what we've seen over the past 24 hours, and our temperatures stay in the 70s over the next few days, still smoke over the bay area throughout the weekend. mike, you were saying there's a travel impact from the wildfires. >> that's right, if you're headed to southern california for example, as we give a look at our local commute, which is fine, we're looking at 101 down there in ventura county,
6:22 am
traveling into l.a. county, the closure as two of the fires are being tracked, the hill fire and the woolsey fire. they jumped 101, a huge issue between san luis obispo and l.a. you can get to universal and disneyland. i-5 is open. i'm going to zoom in toward the bay bridge toll plaza, where we have the backup of course, because the metering lights are on. over here south 880 at marina, a crash moving to the shoulder, a little slowing, nothing major. farther north from this light commute we have highway 99, 149, highway 70, all through chico and paradise, durham, that area where the butte county fire is going on, the camp fire, those highways affected as well. i'll send you a link on twitter to get the highway information for the state. back to you. >> thank you, mike. we'll check back with you. 6:22. still ahead this morning, we're never far from our top stories, as fires destroying communities in northern and southern california, making it very hard for many to breathe in the bay area. we're live with some of the
6:23 am
evacuees. we've got team coverage coming up at 6:30.
6:24 am
6:25 am
welcome back. 6:25 right now. we continue to cover breaking news out of really southern and far northern california. if you're just tuning in, several fires tearing through our state. >> as far as the northern part of the state there, butte county there, the camp fire is burning out of control. experts saying now it is burning 80 football fields per minute.
6:26 am
so far at least 20,000 acres burned. an estimated 15,000 structures are being threatened at this hour. >> one of two fires burning in southern california, new video posted to twitter by cal fire paramedic. they were riding inside a helicopter that was actually working to put out the flames but look how intense. the winds are whipping the helicopter around, and all that smoke, it really makes it for crews to be very hard. their visibility is so low out there. two different fires burning in ventura, and l.a. counties, with a total of 75,000 homes under evacuation, with the two counties combined. now the community of thousand oaks in ventura county dealing with another tragedy on top of the fires. we're talking about yesterday's mass shooting, where 12 people were gunned down. up next, a live report on how that community is coping and honoring the victims. i got one.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. burning across california. tens of thousands of acres right now, 6:30, major fires burning across california. tens of thousands of acres scorched, homes destroyed, people evacuated, not here in the bay area, but further north there are. here is where the fires are burning. take a look. one of north near chico, two down by los angeles, as the sun comes up this morning, we're also getting a better look at the smoke that is impacting air quality in the bay area. live look from across the bay area this morning, as you can see that smoke, that haze in the
6:30 am
air, you'll notice it guaranteed when you walk out the door. there is still a red flag warning in effect for about another half hour. we'll see if that will hold. kari is monitoring that for us. thanks for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. santa rosa city schools are closed today because of air quality and we have more on the fires in a second. first a look at your weather and traffic. meteorologist kari hall has a look at the forecast. >> we're choked out by the nauseating smell of the smoke lowering our air quality today, and we're going to have unhealthy air quality throughout the day due to the camp fire in butte county, and for the south bay, moderate air quality for today, as we get a look at some of our cameras, as the sun comes up, we can see that at times, visibility is very low, even toward ocean beach. it is very gray, and the visibility will be low throughout the day, looking at dublin as well as the sun rises. so we're going to have to deal with this, as the winds turn
6:31 am
much lighter and our temperatures are anywhere from 31 in santa rosa to 64 in half moon bay. san jose 45 and 41 in livermore. we will talk about our air quality in our weekend forecast. mike, you're saying the local commute is starting to build. >> just starting, it's friday, and before a holiday for a lot of businesses so we expected this light flow of traffic. we are looking at no problems south bay, the east bay, a little build for hayward southbound, past marina, the earlier crash cleared, slowing toward fremont and across the san mateo bridge we see the build. the build is not what we're focusing on. we focus on the haze from the smoke, all around the bay. we have fires to the north and of course to southern california. i'll talk about the impact on traffic and the human impact, the fires themselves, back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. breaking news that we've been covering, we came on air at 4:00 this morning, several major wildfires exploding across our state right now and new
6:32 am
developments come in minute by minute. first let's start in southern california. 75,000 homes evacuated in ventura and l.a. counties. we have been watching as these flames are -- homes rather are going up in flames. the fire itself leaping. this is called the woolsey fire, in ventura county, where 8,000 acres burned so far. there is zero percent containment here and a second fire burning in that area, it is the hill fire, up to 10,000 acres have burned there, that is in l.a. county. in our northern part of the state, in butte county, the entire town of paradise is under evacuation. hundreds of homes have burned, as well as schools and churches. this is a monster fire, showing no signs of slowing down. it started at 6:30 yesterday morning, east of chico, and it exploded in size, triggering that mass evacuation, and a very terrifying escape for many. so far, at least 20,000 acres have burned. this fire is blowing smoke into the bay area, causing extremely
6:33 am
bad air quality. we told you earlier how santa rosa schools will be closed today due to the issue. california looks eerily like the north bay fire last year, and now it's jumping over highway 101. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is monitoring the fire fight. they're not able to count how many homes are gun o. >> firefighters can't stop protecting other stlructures an take inventory of what's gone. we have video for what it was like for people trying to escape the flames. look at this driver trying to make it through that obstacle course of flames, falling tree branches, wires overhead that could come down at any moment. this is absolutely terrifying. from the sky, you can see several homes on fire there, and the emergency personnel there in the middle of your screen, the flashing lights, they were there trying to prevent this very thing from happening. the helicopter reporter talked about how strong and erratic the winds were, blowing the chopper
6:34 am
around, so you can imagine what that means for the embers on the ground. the winds were changing direction, forcing this reporter to also change position. >> reporter: rene, i think we need to get back to the truck and get out of here for a moment. guys, give us a few moments. >> that's how fast things were changing. you could see the embers blowing around, setting trees and bushes on fire. firefighters again in a defensive position, not even aiming for containment at this point. they're just trying to keep other structures from catching fire. listen to what is also happening. [ popping ] so that sounds like fireworks or maybe other explosions. those are actually transforming that are exploding because of the fires, and that is creating other fire danger as well, so feeding the fuel, rather
6:35 am
creating more fuel for the fire. one firefighter says down in southern california, this is a reminder to those of you who live in wildfire country here in northern california as well. >> there were other envin companies here and they did a good job, and unfortunately when you leave, the winds pick up the flames and you have to sometimes keep going. >> some of the evacuation orders were changed from mandatory to voluntary, but when you see these images, folks, if you are in a wildfire zone, and you are asked to leave, you might consider doing that, whether it's voluntary or mandatory. laura and marcus? >> good advice there, kris. north of the bay area, the camp fire threatening homes in butte county. this fire broke out yesterday, and has already burned 0,020,00 acres. >> bob redell joins us will i have from chico. at one report the fire was burning the size of 80 football fields per minute. >> reporter: and we've got new information that the fire is starting to encroach on the city
6:36 am
limits of chico. we're here at one of the red cross shelters in chico. you can see evacuees, a few of them huddled around the tv set this morning, watching the local news, desperate for information. i've spoken to a couple evacuees, it el me they're amazed they got out of their neighborhoods arrive. cal fire captain says the camp fire that's burping here in butte county went from zero to nuclear very fast. this is what it looks like on the front lines, over 2,000 firefighters are hard at work. so far unfortunately zero containment. the city of alameda which sent two engines posted this video on instagram. you can see how windy and fast that fire is moving and this is some other video, this is sadly the town of paradise. cal fire tells us the town is ruined. hundreds, if not thousands of homes and other structures burned to the ground. this fire came in around 6:30 yesterday morning. the town's entire population of more than 26,000 people were
6:37 am
forced to evacuate. number came to this church in chico. chuck halsey hightailed with his pickup truck with thousands of other evacuees. >> so i'm sending people down the skyway but i saw the trees and telephone poles falling and fire and i thought they're sending them to their deaths. i pulled over to a parking lot with a little clearing and thought i better sit this out, and it all came and it was just huge, oh, we're going to all die, we got to get out of here. i got back on the skyway and a telephone pole came down and hit the back of my truck, caught something on fire, and just when i got a break, i got to go fast, and i just barely got out. it was, it was bad. worst thing i've ever been through in my life. >> reporter: chuck tells me he saved for 50 years to get out of los angeles to move here four years ago. without insurance, he's worried he's left with nothing.
6:38 am
we do not vo reports of any fatalities but we do know that two firefighters and several civilians have been hurt. don't know the extent of their injuries. reporting live here in chico, bob redell "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. the winds in that area making it tough, i understand, for firefighters to dump retardant on some of the fires as well, and the fire you're going to notice is having a direct impact right here in the bay area. in kt fa, takefact, take a look. this is showing the smoke building southwest toward us in the bay area. you walk out the door, you'll smell it. kari has been tracking all of this smoke, even since yesterday, when it was appearing on our radar. pete suratos is live with a look at the fire danger here, his live report is coming up in about ten minutes. >> back now to our coverage of the mass shooting inside a southern california bar. we followed those developments, as they happened yesterday morning, and since then, we are learning a lot more about the suspect, and the victims. >> let's show you some of the pictures of the people who tragically died, when that gunman opened fire inside the
6:39 am
borderline bar & grill in thousand oaks. 12 people were killed including a young woman from napa, her name was alaina housely. she was just 18 years old. she was a recent graduate of vintage high school, and was in the middle of her freshman year. you see her full picture there. she was at pepperdine university. imagine, her life just starting out really. >> so tough. this morning there say vigil honoring the lives lost. "today in the bay's" jennifer bjorklund is live in thousand oaks with their stories. jennifer? >> reporter: marcus, laura, as investigators are searching for a motive of any red flags in the shooter's past. those loved ones of the people he killed are today imson coalable. thousand oaks, california, known as a usually safe, even sleepy community, in southern california, now united in grief.
6:40 am
>> be advised, there are multiple shots being fired. the back northwest area. >> reporter: just hours earlier, one man armed with a handgun opened fire inside the borderline bar & grill, packed on college night. survivors took cover, while they looked for a way out. >> we couldn't get out because the shooting was on that side, so our friends got the bar stools and started slamming it against the window so we could get out. >> reporter: the first law enforcement officer on the scene, ventura county sheriff's department sergeant ron helus, called a cop's cop, was killed. 11 others and the suspected gunman died. jason coffman's son, cody, among the victims. >> oh, son, i love you so much. oh, heavenly father, please, be with me. >> reporter: authorities say the suspect is 28-year-old former marine ian david long. police say his family reported a domestic disturbance in april. >> he was somewhat irate, acting a little irrationally. they called out our crisis intervention team, our mental
6:41 am
health specialist, who met with him, talked to him, and cleared him. >> reporter: while investigators look for a motive, now another community grieves another mass shooting in america. we know that that shooter was married in 2009. he got divorced in 2013. he sort of dropped out of college, decided he didn't like the major he picked, which was athletic training. didn't think that sounded like a good direction for his career to go, so a lot of disappointment in his past, but no clear motives for why he would open fire on innocent people. marcus? laura? >> so tragic, and that community down there, jennifer, going through so much pain, and then the wildfires happen as well. i understand that where you are as well, there's fire on both sides. >> reporter: there is. the evacuation orders are all around us, with fires burning in the area. there is ash falling around us.
6:42 am
this is right in front of the borderline grill. the building used as a family reunification and information update area yesterday is now a fire evacuation center. [ sirens ] so there's a lot going on, and it's very, very difficult time in this community. >> our hearts go out to them, jennifer, thank you for the latest there. so all these fires that have been burning in southern california, of course, the northern ones in butte county, that's creating some bad air quality here in the bay area. so many wildfires that have been burning, in fact, they're raging. we will get you up to speed with the information you need to know, before you head out the door. santa rosa schools, in fact, closed today. meanwhile, in washington, and indeed all over the united states, a move to try to protect special prosecutor robert mueller. let's take you out to the big board as well. the dow industrials giving back some of its gains that we saw
6:43 am
after the midterms. "today in the bay" will be right back. three major w
6:44 am
6:45 am
back to our breaking news coverage of the wildfires that are burning across the state. two in southern california have caused 75,000 people to evacuate. >> and 30,000 homes threatened by that fire. mandatory evacuation orders in southern california. right now we want to listen in to knbc for that coverage. >> -- accelerate and really get
6:46 am
worse in the overnight hours around 2:00 or 3:00 this morning when the winds started picking up, gusting up to 60 miles per hour. we have 75,000 homes in ventura and l.a. counties evacuated right now. you have thousands of families being impacted by this, as we speak. throughout the morning you'll see the evacuation centers, the evacuation zones, all posted at the the bottom of your screen as well as street and school closures. we check in with jonathan gonzalez -- >> we're continuing to follow breaking news in southern california, two fires, the woolsey fire as well as the hill fire. we'll continue to monitor that. those fires down south along with the fire in northern california, really causing poor air quality across the state. let's show you this satellite video, again revealing that smoke blowing into the bay area, where the camp fire there in butte county. >> new this morning, santa rosa closing all of its schools because of the threat of all this smoke in the air. it is hazardous to breath in. "today in the bay's" pete
6:47 am
suratos is live with the air quality impacts. behind us is the air quality. you walk out the door, you're going to smell it, pete. >> reporter: yes, good morning to you, laura. when i left my house in oakland this morning, almost smelled like that fire was nearby, but a lot of that smoke is coming in from the camp fire, and here in walnut creek, you're not smelling it as much, but you can smell some of the smoke. as you mentioned, laura, in santa rosa, they're closing all of the schools because of the air quality coming from that camp fire. so right now, i want to bounce around different live cameras across the bay area to look at conditions. let's start off with a live traffic cam look at downtown san francisco. i spoke to folks here in walnut creek. they smelled heavy smoke in that area this morning. the next one i want to show you is over on 101 in san rafael. of course, due to their proximity to the camp fire, you can only imagine the air quality there is fairly unhealthy up there in the north bay. then this next live camera i want to show you, this is sfo, who knows if this smoke could
6:48 am
affect some of the flights in the area. we'll continue to keep an eye on that, and it's also extending to san jose, where there was that brownish haze in the foothills, just last night, so we're seeing it all across the bay area, with this winter spare the air alert in effect. now, it's going to specifically affect the areas in the east bay and the north bay, and we talked to some folks here in walnut creek to get their take on another spare the air alert this time of year. >> well, you know, the boiler going, it's really hot back there, so i thought i'd keep the door open. all my employees complained the smoke coming in and all that stuff, but not much i could do. >> it was heavy smoke. i could smell the smoke problem and then i got over here and i can barely smell it now. but yesterday the ashes were falling over here and that, so it's totally different, and in the city, it's like stuck there. >> reporter: of course, this alert in place, you don't want to burn any logs indoors or
6:49 am
outdoors for safety reasons. of course this continues to be an issue throughout the day. we're live in walnut creek, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you. it is 6:49 right now. there's a firestorm of a different sort in washington. >> scott mcgrew worries president donald trump is putting pressure on the mueller investigation. >> indeed, the first step, marcus, was firing the attorney general. president trump has not been shy about tying his dislike of sessions to the russian investigation. now, the question becomes, what now? now that there's a new acting attorney general that's even perhaps more loyal to trump. americans held protests all over the u.s., showing support for the special prosecutor's independence and the importance of getting to the bottom of any ties the white house might have with russia. president trump issued a presidential order, changing american immigration policy. there's some debate over whether he can do that legally, but he's
6:50 am
taken this sort of action in the past, so, too, for that matter, has president obama. trump is expected to order that certain immigrants fleeing violence or repression can only apply for asylum at designated ports of entry. today the president will announce, much like the travel ban, what countries are targeted. we expect that will be mexico, venezuela, honduras and guatemala, among others. we continue to watch what's happening in washington as there are so many things happening, particularly on the issue of the attorney general. follow me on twitter i' twitter i'm @scottmcgrew. we turn to weather and traffic together as we monitor the fires. look at the air quality, these are video we've taken from southern california, where the flames are just leaping into the air. bad air quality there, bad air quality here as well because we're not forgetting about the butte county fires that are happening near paradise now. evacuation orders are in fact encroaching into chico, too, and look at it. look at it.
6:51 am
>> throughout the bay area. >> you can see it everywhere. >> it will get worse throughout the day. the winds are calming down and it keeps the smoke from mixing out and settling into the valleys across the bay area, so here is that live look outside right now from at&t park toward san francisco. we're not going to see much of the sun today, and the smoke advisory continues until 10:00. we'll see if that gets extended. it's most unhealthy in the north bay, east bay and the peninsula and moderate in the south bay. once again, this is blowing in from northern california, so spots like helaldsburg are seeig less advise ibltd avisibility aa gray and brownish hue over the sky and looking live in sunol, where the air quality say little bit better there, we are going to also see moderate air quality in the south bay. as we head down to sunnyvale, our temperatures start in the mid-50s, headed into the low 70s today and our normal high temperature is about 67, and we
6:52 am
start out with the wide range in temperatures, dropping below freezing in santa rosa, this is the coldest morning we've had in quite a while. it's 44 now in san jose and headed up to 76 degrees. where the smoke settles in the valleys that keeps the temperatures down. spots like livermore we may only reach 70 degrees. 74 in napa, and san francisco reaching into the upper 60s. our temperatures coming down as the winds calm down and our fire danger will also decrease, but the winds may pick up once again between saturday night and sunday, and that could be another fire weather watch or red flag warning issued. we'll have to monitor that. as we head over to mike, you're tracking a new crash in the east bay. >> kari, i'm concerned about this, this is a motorcycle crash on the east shore freeway, waiting for updates on the condition of the rider. you will see slowing out of el cerrito and toward san pablo dam road. that's the only trouble spot for the bay area. the bay bridge toll plaza slowing through hayward through the nimitz and across the san
6:53 am
mateo bridge, the south bay wakes up to the commute, so we're following that as well. southern california, ventura county into l.a. county, highway 101 will be closed for portions, because of a hill fire, and also the woolsey fire, the two we're watching down there, and then north of here, up in butte county, where the camp fire burns through the chico paradise area, highway 99 definitely affected, watch 149, watch 70. i'll send out a limping so you can check whatever freeways you'll use around the state. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. at 6:53, east bay congressman might be challenging president trump in 2020. eric swalwell could be one of the first democrats to throw his hat into the ring. he could announce his decision sometime in the beginning of 2019. we have much more for you right now, a quick look at top stories. flights at sfo are experiencing issues because of the smoke in the area. we'll have more when we come back as well as the wildfires raging across our state. bay area responders are headed to help as the fires burn out of
6:54 am
control near chico and l.a. we're taking a live look at chico for a full report for you. plus -- >> i know that i'm here for a reason. i'm sitting here talking to you, like my grandma said, before the vegas shooting the morning after, brendan, god was not done with you yet, and the same for today. >> that young man is a survivor of two mass shootings. one in las vegas last year, and the one in thousand oaks yesterday. at 7:00, right after "today in the bay," the "today" show, telling the stories of heroes and remembering those killed. more news for you right here on nbc bay area, coming up in two minutes.
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nbc bay area, coming up in two
6:57 am
here are the top stories 6:57. welcome back to "today in the bay." before you head out the door, here are the top stories we're covering, including the breaking news from southern california. taking a look in southern california in ventura county and l.a. county. these huge fires that are forcing at least 75,000 evacuati evacuations. >> three major fires there, just exploding inside across the state. this one southern california there, 75,000 homes are evacuated. this is both in ventura and l.a. counties. the woolsey fire there, 8,000 acres have burned so far. the second fire burning in that area, the hill fire. that's up to 10,000 acres
6:58 am
burned. nbc's gadi schwarz is on the fire line in thousand oaks. >> reporter: this is hillcrest road, firefighters trying to stop it from jumping the road. the fire jumped the road over here, you can see where it's burning, so a lot of these firefighters are starting to fall back. >> the fires are being fueled by the santa ana winds. >> a quick look at our sister station in l.a. covering this extensively. in fact, this is a live look from overhead, their sky ranger is capturing not only the flames, you see some of the fire lines there as well, but all of the smoke that is just inundating that area. north of the bay area, we're learning the camp fire has reached the edge of chico. the fire has been burning in butte county. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live in chico this morning. you've been talking to some of the people, some of the many who have been forced to evacuate and they lost their homes. >> reporter: laura, over 26,000
6:59 am
people at least have evacuated the so-called camp fire. some are here at the red cross shelter at this church. they can't escape the fire. there's ash falling on the ground. you look at the sky and you can see how dark it is and smell it. number of these people came from a small town called paradise. look at the video, this is about 12 miles northeast of here. one man said escaping his town was like going through a movie. there was fire all around him, as he and several other people in that town escaped. cal fire captain tells us that this fire is very dramatic and unfortunately it's the new normal. reporting live in chico, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> it's really fueled by the wind. >> right, today the problem will be the air quality and that's going to continue to be a big issue for us, as we see the low visibility there. unhealthy air quality, limit your time outside today, and it's going to still linger throughout the weekend.
7:00 am
>> low air quality leading to some flight delayless at sfo this morning. look at the sun's arrival this morning, all that smoke to choke through. >> our new normal for now. more coming up at 11:00. good morning. breaking nowhere, wild your honor out of control a deadly. thousands of homes and buils destroyed. tens of thousands forced to for their lives. >> we have got to get out here. >>we're live with the latest. gone too soon. they're honoring the fallen. young instant at a es college ni california. this morning, the moving and the people who also


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