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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 9, 2018 6:00pm-6:58pm PST

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>> the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us on this busy and smoky friday. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. paradi paradise lost. wildfires tearing across the state, taking lives and decimating entire communities. now the fires are showing no signs of slowing down. acting governor gavin newsom has asked the white house for emergency funds. from the south to the north, officials are reporting the first deaths from these fires, and that number just rose. within the last hour, a sixth death has been confirmed from the camp fire in butte county. the other five people died cars. 70,000 acres burned, an homes a buildings destroyed. fire dispatch audio is pointing
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to pg&e lines as a potential cause. one of the transmission lines did go out there before the fire started. thousand here in t now here in the bay area, smoke a major problem, youth sport the canceled. many weekend events now in limbo. we have a team up and down california covering all the angles of this breaking story. we begin with cheryl hurd in paradise, and that's a turn that literally has been burned off the map. >> reporter: it has indeed. and here's a perfect example of looks like this. take a look at this furniture. it's unrecognizable. but earlier today, we spent a lot of time i neighborhoods. and what we saw there was heartbreaking. there's not a lot of homes and businesses left in this small town of paradise.
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we saw cars left behind in the middle of the street. those people getting into cars with strangers to stay alive. >> i was able to manage to save my house and the neighbor's house next door. >> reporter: shane bender says he wanted to save all the homes that burned to the ground in his neighborhood, but he could only save two. >> it is overwhelming. what's more overwhelming is when you drive through the neighborhoods, and 85% to 95% of paradise is a loss. >> reporter: he stayed behind. >> knowing what to do and when to do it and when it's okay to go in and do stuff. >> reporter: even with his straining as a u.s. forest specialist, he was lucky. paradise went up in flames, destroying everything in its we're here to make sure there's no further damage. >> reporter: san mateo strike
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team is one of the many agencies here to help out. >> a third of this building is still in tact, fortunately. unfortunately, it lost two-thirds of it. the resources were available. let's make sure they don't lose the rest. >> reporter: now we've been standing here for a long time tonight. and we're seeing a lot of law enforcement and firefighters circling this small town. even though you see all of this destruction. there are some businesses and homes that need presenting. reporting live in paradise, cheryl hurd. >> 90,000 acres have burned. there is a cal fire news conference happening as we speak with the sherift f's and cal in. >> small line for the area of chico and protection from the fire's edge to the area of chico. up to highway 32, as we get to wilder canyon, wilder road, it was some very steep,
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inaccessible terrain. we've been working with coming up with plans and options to try and work from there up until magalia. earlier we had structure defense in magalia. we did get some good air and were able to use fixed wing aircraft along the ridge line. one of the emphasises for today was on rescue. we had numerous rescues today. >> we're listening to a news conference from cal fire happening right now. we're getting an update onhe th this fire. new numbers in terms of 90,000 re to protect the fire so it doesn't move toward chico, and they did make some good headway near the town of bring you the
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highlights and details about we learned about the fire conditions, what's going to happen now and what updated numbers we have in terms of destruction and sadly, deaths. >> let's show ut buyou the burn. here is chico. highway 99 kwucuts right there. this is the small town of paradise. that's more than 120 square miles, more than double the size of san francisco. here's what it would look like if we put the fire in the bay area. we've overlaid the burn zone. and it stretches from the east san jose foothills to los gatos and saratoga. thousands of people have already fled their homes. the question tonight, what do they do and where do they go? nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is at the lot of people are
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grateful but also very nervous. >> reporter: that's right, raj, what people have gone through is really hard to fathom. we're here at the red cross shelter in chico where people are able to pick up clothing and get their basic needs met. but this shelter is now at capacity, and a lot of folks are wondering where to go now. >> just red, fiery, evil red skies. >> reporter: that's how janice clark describes the scene she escaped from yesterday. she packed up and fled from her butte county home. her familiar any sacramento had no idea if she'd survived. >> yesterday, november 8th is my birthday. and she's never in all my 35 years, she's never missed a call. and yesterday just going an hour, just hour after hour, not knowing. >> reporter: but late this crk
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searched. she got there late last night. >> i'm emotional right now. she lost everything. made it out, thank god. all that matters. >> reporter: tonight hundreds of families are reuniting after a harrowing 24 hours. the mcalisters met up at a walmart parking lot. >> we have no home, our home is gone. my neighbor just confirmed it. >> reporter: the paradise family grabbed what they could, grabbed their pets and took off now they're trying to figure out what's next. >> we're a strong group, we're going to stick together and figure out something to do, you know, a place to stay. >> you look at what you have, you have all each other, and that's what counts. >> reporter: janice clark has all she needs nri the worst, he's never been happier. >> she's here now, that's all that matters. that's best birthday gift i got
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this year. >> reporter: we are back here live where you're looking at evacuees watching the news, trying to get the latest information now. this shelter here in chico is at capacity as is the shelter in oroville. a red cross worker told me here that he's been told they could be sheltering people through christmas. reporting live in butte county, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news >> a tough way in this holiday seen comi season coming up. those evacuees were watching that news conference we showed you a few minutes ago. we will also monitor that to get you the latest information. among the big questions, how did this start. there are several science pointi -- signs pointing to pg&e power lines. they admitted they received an
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outage on a line shortly before the f 33, company 33, hazardous conditions, power lines possible, correction, line down with a possible extension to a tree. confirming hi confirming fire line hazard. >> that was around yesterday at 6:30. the transmission outage was 15 minutes before that, so around 6:15. the utility isn't saying much more. it released this statement saying pg&e will fully cooperate with any investigations. the cause of the camp fire has not yet been determined. pg&e shares plummeted today. the worst day on the stock 16 y. they lost about $4 billion in value. a lot of people are going to the area of chico for safe haven, about 150 miles from san francisco. we're seeing and smelling the fire here in the bay area.
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really, from the north bay to the east bay, to the peninsula, south bay, it seems none of us are immune to all this smoke. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i want to talk about the smoke here, but first, let's talk about the situation in chico and the intensity of what people are feeling there in terms of the air quality and the smoke and the changes in the wind. >> it really is two to three times worse in some cases when you're so close to those fires. firefighters did get a break today, and that is excellent news when it comes to the weather. that's really helped them get a containment around this. at least near chico and dirham and keep that fire from spreading into chico and durham. as you can rippihr paradise. current wind out of the north at 3 mayil p go up to 15 miles per hour through tonight. as we head into tomorrow, we still will see gusts of about 15, so it's not that bad. but the next wind event we might have is sunday, where we could
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get gusts of 20 to 30 miles per hour. the current wind is pushing some of the flames back onto itself, and that is the good news. current fire containment. as we were mentioning, they were able to stop it at least right there at highway 99 and keep it from going into durham and parts of chico. a little shred of good news, but this is going to be a long-fought, firefighting battle. across the bay area, it's been all about the smoke. i don't think i can show this map enough. this is all smoke. magenta is the worst of it of course up chico. you see color, that's also smoke that's going to be shrouding the entire bay area. boiling this down, what does it mean for us? unhealthy air for the north bay, then for the east bay, south bay and peninsula, we are very will get t here in of that smoke between a lot of our higher elevations. with more on that unhealthy air,
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we have christie smith live in san francisco. i was in san francisco today, it only took 15 to 20 minutes and i really started to feel it in my chest. what's it like for you? >> reporter: we are standing at twin peaks. this is normally where we would come to see a beautiful sunset. but tonight we saw an eerie brown glow. i'm going to step aside and you can see the lights down market street. it looks like some of the high rises are shrouded in smoke. air district managers are telling us this won't clear out right away. the massive camp fire burned far from san francisco but the smoke bothers me, my eyes and, you know, the smoke is bad for my lungs. >> reporter: jan wore a mask and so did others near market street. sfmpa says they gave them to cable car operators as an option. the jones family saw it as they
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heit we flew in. >> smoke was filling in the city. >> it moved quickly moo tinto ty area yesterday. it will likely continue into next week at the very least. >> reporter: they have more than 30 monitoring stations. many showing unhealthy air. and they suggest shelter rather than a mask. >> we're not recommending the mask. the best defense is to stay indoors with your windows and doors closed, and stay out of the smoke. >> reporter: the mayor says the city is on alert, helping the homeless who may be exposed while students stayed indoors. >> we're working with our >> reporter: at sfo, flights department of services. were canceled or delayed due to poor air quality. at this ace hardware, they restocked due to the smoke. >> masks. as quick as they could. there are air purifiers that
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people wanted as well. >> reporter: again, the advice we heard repeatedly today is ideally, what you want to do is avoid the smoke all together. and stay inside. for those who have to be outside, use those n95 masks and make sure they are properly fitted. nbc bay area news. fire not just in northern california but people running from their homes in malibu as flames creep closer there. a live report from southern alifoia up insurance. i'm consumer investigator kris camora. we have answers plus a simple step we think you should take this weekend to present your home or apartment. nbc bay area responds next.
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my name is chris hughes and i am a certified arborist for pg&e. i oversee the patrolling of trees near power lines and roots near pipes and underground infrastructure. at pg&e wherever we work, we work hard to protect the environment. getting thb afel so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. so the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california.
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within the past few minutes -- we )ve learned new want to update you on our breaking news, a few minutes ago we showed you the news conference. we've listened to it. this is what we've learned about the camp fire in butte county, 90,000 acres, 6,000 homes have burned, about 1400 people in shelters, 52,000 people evacuated, and sadly, we have learned that death toll has risen. it is now nine people confirmed dead, that includes the five people trapped in their vehicles as they tried to escape the flames. th person died inside their house. 52,000 people are still out of
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their homes. the fire is 5% contained. and, again, firefighters making a brave effort to see if they can knock it down and keep it from moving to chico. >> it is fire season even though it is mid november now. southern california also getting hit hard. thousands of people are on the move, forced to evacuate. this is a live look at the woolsley fire burning near thousand oaks, calabasas, west hills and malibu under evacuation orders. you can imagine, the traffic is a nightmare. you can see the flames down below. parts of 101 and the pch, the pacific coast highway, are closed at this bring in damian in the fire zone for us near malibu. these are high-profile communities in danger. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, just a lot of deaf stay, raj. this is a roadblock that you see a lot here in ventura and in l.a. county. this is a road that takes you
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into malibu from highway 101. the officer highly recommended that we not get on this road, but he says he can't stop us because we're a news organization. there are embers on the road. there are downed power lines. as far as the folks, homeowners, there is a lot of despair for a lot of these communities. the flames jumpedth, the town o malibu under mandatory evacuation. >> it happened really, really fast. reallyll of a sudden the fire was there. so it was really fast. >> reporter: there are multiple fires north of downtown l.a. >> you look exhausted, tired. >> of course. my wife took the kids and went somewhere, so i got to find them. >> reporter: an elderly people who had to leave their home pleaded with us to check if it's still standing. the neighborhood is in a mountainous area, most of it char the by the flames. we showed the family the
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pictures. this is their home of more than 30 years. the woolsley fire spared it. >> i got to tell you, i've prayed for a lot of things in my life, but never as hard as i prayed for this. thank you very much for letting me know. >> herrings among the few, the lucky ones. lots of other families waited hoping to hear the same thing. >> i s my emotion already, so, yeah. all my friends and everything, everybody's clerking on me and my family and offering places to go if we don't have a house, so that's nice. it's just not the same. >> reporter: the news for the snodgrass family wasn't good. their home is gone. and the governor has declared states of emergency for both ventura and l.a. counties. we are live in l.a. county, damian trujillo. >> same for butte county as well. there's a lot of devastation on
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both sides of us. >> just like last year, when we had ventura and the napa fire, almost concurrently, and the year before up in mariposa. >> we have so many friends in the chico area, in southern california. this is connected to all of us here. what's in the forecast in the next 24 hours? >> the most important thing as we head into the weekend wind a forecast. there's no red la pick up to 20 to 30 miles per hour in the hills, and that could pose a problem yet again as firefighters are trying to get a handle on all of this activity. and, you know, while we have these horrible situations up here near chico in southern california, you feel kind of guilty complaining about the smoke, but a lot of the bay area is dealing with it, so i do want to focus in on that. the fire near chico, and then all of this gray, you can see right here, that's all of the smoke moving down today, but we still have residual smoke from yesterday. so it's like this one-two effect across the bay area.
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and that's why it is just so horrible outside to breathe. this is not fog. what you are seeing right here, it looks like fog. though is all of the smoke that's not going to go anywhere this weekend. we do have our smoke advisory in effect right through monday with unhealthy air all across the bay area. so what can do? simple stuff here. it's easy to forget. common sense. limit your outdoor exposure. keep your ac button on your car on recirculate. get an n95 mask if you're sensitive. bring those pets inside. our forecast, i think we will see on and off smoke not only for saturday but sunday and monday. we may not actually see the weather pattern to give us a break to clear this out of here possibly until next thursday when we have a chance of that happening. i'll have details on this smoke. we'll show you another view of that forecast tomorrow at 6:48. we're going to break.
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we'll be back in a few minutes. .
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this si the woolsey fire near malibu. we want to get back to our live pictures out of southern california. this is our nbc chopper in the malibu area and the west hills area. this is the woolsley fire. thousands of people have already been evacuated, and dozens if not hundreds of homes and structures have already been destroyed. again, this is happening near malibu, ventura and l.a. county right near the border near the 101 and pch. we are seeing so many people losing their homes. and immediately, we started asking that question about insurance. >> one you really, really, really have to listen to. we turned to our consumer investigator chris camora again for answers. the question people keep asking is will they be covered? >> most likely, raj and jess, yes, they will be covered. when we look at the list of things covered in a property insurance policy, the state department of insurance puts fire and smoke right there at the very top.
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though there are exceptions. so please check your policy to be sure. another question, are renters covered by their landlord's fire policy? the answer is no. the landlord's policy protects the building, not the tenant's belongings. if you rent, you need to buy your own policy. the good news is it's usually inexpensive and you can add it to your car insurance a lot of times. construction costs can skyrocket after a big disaster. they have in the north bay and pinched so many people. so talk to your agent about building in a cushion. does a policy pay automatically? rarely. victims of past fires like the north bay will tell you to expect months of paperwork to get insurance to pay. finally, how do you get the most from your policy? that maximum payout? documentation is the answer. you need to do an inventory of your home, even if's just walking around taking video with
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your smartphone to prove your losses to your family. these fires are a reminder to all of us to do that inventory today or this weekend. if you have questions, call us,n from the fire lines near chico. we'll go back out live to cheryl hurd in the fire zone. stay with us.
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you know, it's a great experience, but it's on to the next week. one wiebe doesn't make a seen. so we have to keep things rolling. >> yeah, you have to stack wins starts snowballing. you have to keep pushing forward. we have new york in the bye. one-week season. we're going to try to stack another one. >> 49ers spotlight, sponsored by xfinity. the future of awesome. not slowi
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the fire terrorizing butte right now at 6:30.
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it's not slowing down. the fire terrorizing butte county claims more lives and is causing more people to evacuate. the latest and most devastating update. we just learned about 20 minutes ago, the death toll is rising. nine people have died and plenty more are unaccounted for. >> the sheriff's office says with these latest deaths, the victims were found near cars or their residence. one person was actually found inside their home. in addition to the deaths, the butte county sheriff's office says at least seven people have been injured, including three firefighters. the camp fire broke out yesterday. >> what we're seeing as we go into -- >> burns at least 6,000 homes and buildings destroyed. cal fire says the weather this weekend will play a crucial role in that firefight. >> what we're seeing as we go into tonight and tomorrow, we're actually seeing a very good opportunity with very favorable weather, much lighter winds. still very, very dry conditions out there.
6:32 pm
>> and then we don't know what the weekend will hold later on in the weekend. sheriff's office also announced this evening that they're getting their first reports of looting in the paradise area. so far, no arrests have been made, but it hard to believe that people would be taking advantage of others. >> it happens, sadly, in these fire zones all the time. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd has been in the fire zone for the past 36 hours. you've seep the town of paradise destroyed right before your own eyes, what are you seeing at this hour? >> reporter: it's eerily quiet and cold this evening. what i am seeing is a lot of firefighters and police making their rounds. take a look at the devastation. you've been seeing it all afternoon. but take a little walk over here so you can see what i'm seeing and feeling tonight. here in front of our headlights you can see the smoke in this town. and right over here, more devastation. a business gone. the fire ripped through here on
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thursday night, not leaving a lot standing. unfortunately, we have a lot to compare this with, and it will be a while before this town can recover. raj, jess? >> cheryl, before you go, y also covered the north bay fires for us. in that instan,pl said it happened so fast they didn't have enough time to get out, they didn't get enough warning, what are you hearing from the people here? especially most of them are elderly residents in paradise. did they feel they had enough time? were they given enough warning so they could get out? >> reporter: two things, and you're making a good point. everyone here is feeling the same thing that the folks are feeling in the santa rosa area. it happened so fast. it just came through. and some people i talked to said they didn't get any warning. they said one minute they were just going about their business, and the next minute they were fleeing for their lives. so everything is very similar. i talked to one woman, and she said that this feels like
6:34 pm
redding all over again. >> you saw what happened in redding, and also in middletown and santa rosa. is there anyone in town? are the streets shut down? are there any people coming into town? we did have a coupleep looting there. >> reporter: i know. and it was so disheartening to hear that. i did run into a gentleman who stayed put. he did not leave his home, and he said he's not the only one, so there's probably a handful of people who are staying at their homes with no lights or anything else, but no one can come into this area. if you stayed you request stcan you cannot come back into this area. >> what is the status with the shelters? yesterday we were hearing there weren't enough shelters open in chico. what is the status, there are about 1300 people in these shelters. what's going to happen over the next couple days? >> reporter: not sure what's going to happen in the next couple days, but the shelters
6:35 pm
are overflowing, and a lot of places are stepping up to the plate. i went to the neighborhood church yesterday, he said he has accommodations for 300 people. 500 people were on his campus. i'm not sure how many people are there right now. i fair grounds to accommodate more people. so it's going to be a challenge for the city of paradise for the next several months. >> okay. cheryl hurd reporting for us in the fire zone. thank you. we'll check pack with yback wit through the next several days through the weekend. this fire hits home for a lot of people in the bay area, the 49ers, one started a go fund me request the. until yesterday it's where my dad called home for the last 20 years. these people need your help. donate or share. anything and everything helps. paradise, we've got you. a minimum of oember of our own
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rallying for help, matt maiocco dwighting this video. his mom's house was destroyed last night. she is okay, thankfully. but people still need help getting out of the paradise area. maiocco linking to the north valley community fund for evacuation relief. >> all those flames are leading to smoke in the bay area. this is what the smoke plume looks like from space. can you see the orange glow of the fire and all that smoke. to. jeff ranieri is tracking the fire and the conditions and all that smoke and the air quality for us. he'll be back with us in 12 minutes. janelle wang is with us. all these weekend vents aevents
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coming up. >> a lot of them have been canceled. people are urged to stay indoors. it affects young children and the elderly, if you have asthma, too. stay indoors if you can and keep your windows closed. our airli rig now is worse than beijing, china's. so many quality, the haze in the bay area. they make for some beautiful but ominous photos. this is a before and after picture of san francisco. you see blue skies here and now gray and gloomy. pretty doom and gloomy. last night's eerie sunset by johnny boy wanderlust. this is at the port of oakland. does make for some beautiful shots, the haze in the sky. this is a sunset in santa cruz. you can see a surfer there catching a wave with his little dog. how about the sun peeking through the smoke in san francisco. you can barely see sutro tower in the background there. so be careful. it's haze eye, these awful conditions are going to stay with us through the weekend.
6:38 pm
we'd like to see some of your photos. tag us at nbc bay area. >> thanks, janelle. we're going to continue our fire coverage on our digital platform. we posted raw video and the burn zone. the burn zone 140 square miles, the size of fremont and oakland put together. you can check out and our twitter feed. let's switch gears for a moment. new at 6:00, a celebration in san francisco of a safe space opened to prevent homelessness and help the immigrant community. this comes on the same day that president trump issued a proclamation blocking many immigrants from seeking asylum. sam brock tells us the city is rallying around those caught in the cross hairs of the federal immigration crackdown. >> reporter: in san francisco's mission neighborhood, the signs of international flavor are everywhere. and, on this day. >> we serve everyone. i want to make sure everyone knows that.
6:39 pm
>> reporter: a resounding invitation to utilize an access point today toured by london breed. >> this is an incredible opportunity for a coordinated entry system toe help families, to help address the challenges they are having with having a roof over their head. >> reporter: it provides critical services to immigrants, many of whom come to catholic charities with no documentation. catholic charities director of immigration services is reacting to president trump's order. >> i just signed the problem cla haiti -- proclamation on asylum u. >> reporter: a move meant to prevent some from seeking asylum. >> it is an expression of the climate, and actually, yeah. fear in the community. >> reporter: civil rights groups like the aclu called the proclamation illegal and responded, so, we're suing.
6:40 pm
as the court considers an injunction. >> we will continue to stand strong and provide resources and support to our immigrant community. >> reporter: san francisco's leaders and advocates say their support remains steadfast. are you thinking it may have an impact here in san francisco? >> it will have an impact across ed states, and not just for immigrants coming from latin er immigrants coming from all over the world seeking asylum. >> reporter: sam brock, nbc bay area news. up next, michelle obama's new memoir getting attention for being openly candid. president di t will never forgive him for. "michelle obamat
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trump" --over her new memoir. in it, she writes bluntly about racism, an early miscarriage, and h friction today between former first lady michelle obama and president trump. she writes about her miscarriage and her horror against president
6:43 pm
obama. what if someone with an unstable mind loaded a gun and drove to washington looking for her daughters. president trump said he'd never forgive president obama for underfunding the military. her memoir comes out osd. ack to work. ruth bader ginsburg fell in her office on wednesday. she went to the hospital yesterday and doctors discovered she broke three ribs. her office says justice ginsburg is alrdy and doing well. the 85-year-old worked from home today and cracked some jokes about when she'll be able to work out again. she is a rock star. >> she is a spitfire. we should all be ruth bader ginsburg. >> 85 years young by the way. >> she is amazing. let's talk about the air quality throughout the weekend. lots of people have plans to go
6:44 pm
outside. we're worried about what's happening in chico in terms of the fires, and what about us here? >> i don't see a big change in the forecast for that smoke. so it looks like it will remain unhealthy saturday into sunday. look at this san francisco . this, youor fog in the distance. every single bit of that is smoke coming from that fire in chico. i'll have an update. >> and we'll take you back to chico. give you more, let you know what's happening and update on that situation there throughout the evening after the break. amer amer ica. land of blue jeans. and burgers. and while blue jeans got all skinny on us... i can't feel my legs. way are we giving up on burgers. that's why i created the all-american ribeye burger, made with 100% ribeye beef, ribeye burgers are back, america.
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try them today. all right, let's take you through this one more time. this fire, the last 24 hours, so hard. nine deaths now confirmed in the camp fire in butte county. the latest deaths, those victims were found either near their homes, one person inside a home. five people were actually found in their car that was burned alongside the road.
6:47 pm
90,000 acres have burned so far and this fire is far from over. we only have about 5% containment. it is moving close to the city of chico. fief firefighters are setting up a line to try to p own fire dange the smoke is here. >> the wind tomorrow is not a high fire dr. winds. that's also what firefighters are looking at near chico with possibly the wind picking up. by the end of the weekend. let's get a look right now. in case you're just tuning in. you had a lot of stuff you were working on today and you want the latest on the camp fire. at least 70,000 acres burned as it ripped through magalia, firefighters were able to put a containment line up near chico and durham to keep that from spreading in there. the main thing that allowed them to do some of that progress to keep it away from chico and durham were the lighter winds,
6:48 pm
it's only 3 miles per hour right no gustip might have another redgarea we'll be monitoring it all weekend long. the smoke of course has brought unhealthy conditions to the bay area. i've been showing this map a lot, because it is exactly what we are dealing with and experiencing. it's a great way to look at how this smoke is filtering through northern california. here's the camp fire near chico. there's the key at the top of the screen. >> the magenta is the thicker smoke and the reddish orange color is plain old smoke. can you see it moving all across the bay area from the north bay to the south bay. we are stuck with this picture tomorrow. this is the forecast data for tomorrow. so do not expect a big change because of that. unhealthy levels of smoke for the north bay, east bay, peninsula and south bay. smoke advisory until monday. what can you do about this smoke? we've been going over this. i think it's very useful
6:49 pm
information. you walk outside and it's just unbearable for a lot of us. limit your outdoorxpn recirculate. i had a lot of questions yesterday about what is that button? i've never used it before. i took a picture. here's what it looks like. it's got an arrow on it. it's usually near the ac button. you want to turn that on. it's basically your air conditioning recirculating the air in the car and filters it. if you don't have that on you're getting air from outside and it's harder for the car to filter it out. look for your recirculation button. pull out the manual and you'll be able to figure it out. an n95 mask is another thing, stay hydrated and bring those pets inside. we're going to be covering this all weekend long. temperatures in the 40s across the bay area. you'll seat orangish sun rise tomorrow by the afternoon. you get the orange sun through the day, 70s for the north bay, east bay and south bay.
6:50 pm
60s at the coast. when could we see things change? i think on and off smoke through monday, maybe by next thursday we have a chance for the weather pattern to really clear that smokeout. temperatures for those inland valleys look to stay in the 70s right now. what about rainfall? check this out, on friday i have made a notation there. we're still showing maybe the 21st through the 24th. we might actually see some rainfall for the bay area. it's just what we need here. it's extremely dry as everyone knows. so hopefully we'll get that. >> that's right around thanksgiving time as well. up next, we're going to check in with steph curries. interesting stories about his injury last night and if he'll be available for the warriors in the next game. stay with us. [ phone rings ] what?! ready for christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home.
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night...when they were blown out all right, tonight there is some good news for warriors after last night, which is not a good night because they were blown out. >> they were embarrassed by the bucks. they lost steph curry. today, though, a sigh of relief pour t for the warriors and everyone who roots for the warriors. >> the mri on curry came back clean. you see him grasping hismrin sh
6:54 pm
rry will sit out tomorrow night's game. lean times relatively speaking for the warriors. how about the raiders? the hapless raiders. they're still playing. here's a live look at the coliseum. they host. stanford football could be smoky as well. a couple of big football games in the bay area, but they are going on as scheduled as for now. we're going to give you a final update on what's happening there in butte county, this is what we're hearing that the fire is moving closer to the city of chico. the fire department says the flames have not moved into the city. they're hoping for calmer winds tomorrow, but the winds may be getting a little dicier on sunday. shelters have been filling up.
6:55 pm
sheriff office says the butte county fairgrounds and glen county fairgrounds are full. in addition to the nine deaths that have happened so far, seven people are injured, including three firefighters. >> we also have a look in southern california as firefighters there really, across the state working overnight and through the night. it could be a long night, excuse me, not could, it will be a long night in southern california as well. this is a live look from our nbc chopper near malibu. we are talking evacuations in malibu, west hills, calabasas. all around the ventura, l.a. county border. as we pull out, you can see, that's a lot of land and acreage on fire in southern california. >> yeah. they're just as dry as we are. their is very touch and go for them, too. they're going to be dealing with dry conditions all weekend long. here in the bay area, we've had a lot of questions about the smoke. i have a quick look at that if we can pull up my weather graphics. it is going to be unhealthy into
6:56 pm
even monday's forecast. we may not see the weather pattern push things out of here until next thursday. it might happen a little sooner than that. but i think overall we're stuck with it this weekend, and it's going to be a tough firefight. >> a lot of people will be changing their plans on this holiday weekend. >> see you at 11:00. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. now on "extra." michelle obama's secret miscarriage. >> felt like i failed. >> the former first lady reechlg the heart breaking fertility strugen a going to marriage counseling with president obama. plus why she is going after president trump. kim kardashian evacuated. will smith capturing the raging wildfires from in the evacuatio
7:00 pm
zone. go now. >> who else is in the path of disaster just up the road from the scene of the mar massacre? judge cameron lo and lady gaga sounding off today. >> we have to do better making mental health a global priority. >> supermodel adriana lima as she walks h


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