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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 11, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcswaney. >> and i'm vicky nguyen. it remains a serious situation north of the bay area. tonight firefighters battling the camp fire are dealing with dangerous weather conditions as the fire has claimed more lives. >> the remains of six more people have been recovered. number of confirmed dead now stands at 29, the most people killed in the california wildfire since 1933. more than 200 people still missing. the fire has burned more than 111,000 acres. it's 25% contained. widespread evacuations remain in place. >> nbc bay area's cheryl hurd remains a the scene.
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so much what you have shown us look likes the firestorm in the north bay one year ago. >> reporter: it really does. and right now it has -- right here rather has become the unofficial lookout spot for this deadly fire. you can see the glow right over my shoulder, and people are trying to keep track of where this fire is. but earlier today, we caught up with a group of women who have been rescuing animals in an area that has been evacuated. got one. >> we got this call two days ago from a friend that's in colorado hunting. we weren't able to get in until today to get them out. >> reporter: four horses stranded, waiting for help. it's a race against time. >> they only give us a couple of minutes to get in and get out. >> good girl. >> reporter: the good samaritans worked quickly. >> we love animals. we all have our own animals, and we all work with animals every day of our life. >> reporter: saving trapped animals in berry creek northeast of oroville became a major focus
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today as the camp fire continues to spread. dangerous weather conditions providing another challenge for firefighters as strong winds picked back up today. there are more than 4,000 firefighters battling the camp fire. they say they're there is still a lot of work to be done. >> a lot of equipment has been moved in that area over the last couple of days. firefighters are actively working to construct fire line in that area. >> reporter: a missing persons call center has now been set up as law enforcement is overwhelmed trying to track the missing. >> my office has located 107 people after receiving in excess of 550 calls from people looking for loved ones. >> reporter: as grim search for people continues, in the areas already ravaged by fire -- >> these are my dog. >> reporter: people like paul newman are hoping the camp fire dies down before it makes it to berry creek. >> just got to wait and see. that's it.
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just wait and see. >> reporter: now keeping up with the missing has become very, very difficult for law enforcement. now in the coming days, the sheriff will announce how he will compare remains through dna. reporting live in oroville, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you very much. and this just in for the first time we're learning about those killed in the fire. family members tell us 63-year-old ernie foss jr. who lived in san francisco for years was found dead outside his paradise home. foss was a musician, moved to paradise about eight years ago. his step-son, who was his caretaker remains missing. >> it's terrible, terry. we want to give you a look now at the size of the burn zone. this here is the most updated map that shows the fire lines. the camp fire, as we mentioned, has burned 111,000 acres. for some perspective, this area that you see in yellow, that is about the same size as the city of san jose. let's take it out now to a state
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map. this is a look at what firefighters are dealing with from north to southern california. 15 fires actively burning tonight. terry? >> and the big question tonight, vicky, will weather conditions work for or against firefighters working on the fires. rob mayeda is here. what can they expect? >> over my shoulder, about 25% of california under a red flag warning at this hour. locally those advisories have dropped for areas closer to the bay. it's mendocino county and lake county, still seeing red flag conditions up through about 7:00 tomorrow morning. you can see along the campfire. these areas still seeing the dry, gusty offshore breezes. you see how the winds still pump the smoke to the south to the bay area. as the wind speeds slow down we have lost the red speed warnings, but the transport of air bringing in unhealthy air conditions that i think you'll notice big-time tomorrow morning. you can see on the map, hour-by-hour for the morning, unhealthy levels of air quality around the bay area. coming up, we'll let you though
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when the winds may shift and if there is any rain coming up. we'll look at that at about 15 minutes past the hour. raiders fans had to deal with smoky skies during today's game against the chargers at the oakland coliseum. one fan added a raiders logo to his mask. they were obviously aware of the air quality but decided it wasn't bad enough to miss the game. tonight there are many stories of narrow escapes of the camp fire in paradise. we spoke with one young man who is in the south bay tonight after he said he rescued his neighbors. marianne favro has his story. marianne? >> reporter: yes. jacob jones says just before flames ripped through his own home, he rescued five people, five dogs and a cat, and he did it by cramming all of them into his compact car and driving them to safety. >> by the time i got home, our street was on fire. >> reporter: with walls of flames descending on his paradise home thursday, 25-year-old jacob jones says he
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knew he didn't have much time. he raced to his stranded neighbor and says he told her to get into his honda civic. she piled into his car along with her two young children, their four puppies, and jake's dog kai. >> flames are on both sides. >> reporter: this is what he saw from his rear view mirror. jake says he didn't get far before he saw another friend stranded by his car on the side of the road. >> so we stuffed him in his car with all of us and he had a cat inside of his shirt. i said is that a cat? and he said yeah. >> reporter: minutes later, jake says he picked up a complete stranger hitchhiking. jake had five people crammed into his car. this is a photo of him driving with his 4-year-old neighbor jackson on his lap. >> there was flames on both sides of the road. >> reporter: jacob says the fire destroyed his house, his neighbor's home is gone too. tonight governor jerry brown talked about the state's response. >> we're requesting presidential declaration, funding coming from the federal government. of course, there will be efforts
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from the state government as well. it's a time to pull together and work through this tragedy. >> reporter: jacob is now staying with his aunt in milpitas and says he's glad he arrived home in time to help. >> it was amazing the way we were all able to come together in one car and get out of town. and that's the way paradise works. >> reporter: jacob says his mother, grand parents, and brother all left theost their h the camp fire, marianne favro, nbc by area news. >> thank you very much. it remains an unsettling situation in southern california. this video from tonight. this is new video. normally dark skies lit up by flames that have consumed entire neighbors. now the worry with the strong santa ana winds will make the fight against the woolsey fire much more difficult. wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour are expected tonight. the santa ana winds kicking become up. nearly 85,000 acres have burned. just 15% of that fire is contained, making a little more
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progress this evening. people who lost everything can't believe how fast the fire roared right through their neighborhoods. >> it was a wall of flames that came through. i just ran in the house and watched from the windows. >> the whole area would be on fire. like in minutes. >> at least two people are confirmed dead. three firefighters have been injured. we're going to continue to follow these fires burning across the state. our coverage continues at 11:30. plus, you can download our free nbc by area app to get the latest updates. it was a solemn homecoming for one of the victims of the mass shootings in thousand oaks last week. hundreds of people lined the streets of napa for the procession carrying the body of alaina housley. sergio quintana was there. >> reporter: just before sunset, people arrived carrying posters honoring the housley family and flowers for their friend alaina. >> i played soccer with alaina and went to school with her my whole life.
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to be here and show our respect and love. >> reporter: the arrival of alaina housley's body is a tragedy for the whole city of nap parks and that's why so many people turned out the pay their respects. as the procession of police cars and a black van drove by, those standing along the route quietly applauded. many fondly remember the last time they got to see her. >> a year ago because she is ago in choir. just the all american girl in every way, friendly, lovely, good grades, overachieving in every way, and the family means so much to our community. >> reporter: alaina housley had just graduated from vintage high school this year and was attending pepperdine university, following in her parents' footsteps. she one of 12 people who were killed when a gunman opened fire inside the borderline grill in thousand oaks last week. on the napa procession route, along with signs of condolences for the housley family, a small group of young people also held signs about the epidemic of gun violence. >> it means stop shooting and stuff.
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>> it's a disgrace, you know. we should really just hope that future generations don't have to go through this. >> sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> alaina housley will also be honored tomorrow morning along with other victims of gun violence. the hero foundation will hold a march. it starts at 10:00 a.m. at napa's memorial stadium. organizers say they're taking a stand to try to get something done to stop mass shootings. all across the country and the bay area, people paused to honor veterans today. in san jose, the annual veterans day parade weaved its way through downtown as one of the largest parades in northern california. it started become in 1919. so it's 100 years old next year. the grand marshall of today's parade army major general garrett yee, a san jose native who serve lead tours of duty in the middle east. >> today the army has over 170,000 soldiers serving in 140 countries around the world, defending our freedoms and our
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interests. it's events like this, like today that help us remember and say thank you for all for those who have served and sacrificed. >> before the parade, a special ceremony was held at plaza de cesar chavez. still to come, taking a closer look, the transbay transit center still closed after yet another crack emerged in the steel beams. will it finally reopen soon? we investigate. plus from white mochas to the white house, howard schultz may have plans for the year 2020. the signs that indicate starbucks former ceo is running for president. and the morning will begin with some chances of patchy frost in the north bay and fog and smoke at times. a spare the air day for monday will give you an ouhour-by-hour outlook in the extended forecast when we come right back. sfx: tinny headphone music
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video from bystanders of a car fire putting take a look at this c we have some breaking news in berkeley we want to bring you now. this is video from bystanders of a car fire that's putting out some pretty heavy flames there. it's burning just outside of fraternities and sororities on piedmont avenue. right now we don't have a lot of
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information about what's happening or what the fire response is. we're going to continue to monitor this story again. that fire burning outside of some fraternity and sorority houses on piedmont avenue in berkeley. we're getting an up close look at what may have triggered the cracks in giant steel beams in the transbay transit center. the $2 billion structure had to close for repairs just a few weeks after it opened. as investigative reporter jackson vander bechtels us the reopening day is far from certain. >> reporter: this image relief by the transbay terminal's governing authority shows exactly where one of the giant cracks developed in four-inch-thick steel in a beam that holds up the terminal across fremont street. you can clearly see a dark rectangular opening and the sharp edges that experts warn can weaken solid steel and make it prone to crack. and that's exactly where the crack started, right at the
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corner of the hole, which we learned was cut late in the process to meet specifications and avoid further construction delays. >> this building will reopen as soon as possible. >> reporter: he is in charge of overseeing the beleaguered target. he tells us they can't set a target date to reopen the terminal until tests of the steel are completed in new york at the end of the month. >> get results so we can effect a fix and we would know how long that fix needs to be constructed. >> reporter: there will also need to be an independent review of the proposed fix, and all of that will cost more than $1 million. jackson vand der becken, nbc bay area news. in berkeley this afternoon, bay area leaders kicked off a week dedicated to fighting hate. bay area united against hate began with a concert and rally. the goal of the week is to bring attention to hate crimes and find ways to prevent them.
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the crime involved several local cities. emory's mayor joined today. >> we see a spiking increase in crimes against jewish, gay members of the community, transgendered. this can't be normalized. >> the rest of the week's events include film trains, poetry readings and bystander intervention training that training aims to give people ideas about standing up to hate and violence they see in person and online. nationally democrats are starting to make their priorities for 2019 clear. they say when they take control of the house in january that. >> want to protect special counsel raj mathobert mueller's investigation. the white house says there is no reason for another recusal. >> someone who has made repeated and presidential comments against the investigation, someone who has made false statements about it. >> there is actually no evidence
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to me that mr. whitaker knows anything about the ongoing mueller investigation. >> republicans may have lost the house, but they gain in order power in the senate. so far netting two more seats with arizona still too close to call and florida now undergoing a recount. president trump is on his way home from paris after a historic but controversial day. the president attended ceremonies marking the 100th anniversary of the end of world war i. the event was overshadowed by tensions with another world leader. nbc's kristen welker reports from paris. >> reporter: it has been a solemn and historic day here in paris. it started with nearly 80 world leaders, including president trump gathers at the arc de triomphe to mark the end of world war i. president macron of france delivered remarks in which he seemed to rebuke president trump's nationalism. >> translator: because patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism.
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nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. >> reporter: president trump sat solemnly as he listened to those, and then all of those leaders went to a luncheon. now president trump did have a brief interaction with russia's president vladimir putin, who was also in attendance, and then president trump capped the day by delivering remarks at a cemetery where u.s. soldiers are buried and aimed to strike a note of unity. >> to all of the french military leaders and dignitaries in attendance with us now, thank you for joining us as we honor the american and french service members who shed their blood together in a horrible, horrible war, but a war known as the great war. >> reporter: president trump heading home, and he is facing challenges there as well. of course the democrats recently took over the house of representatives and the russia investigation is mounting, all capping a very momentous weekend
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here in france. traveling with the president in paris, kristen welker, nbc news. new at 11:00, the midterm election was just days ago, but the race for the white house in 2020 is only just beginning. former starbucks ceo howard schultz could soon add his hand to a growing list of presidential candidates. schultz has reportedly assembled a public relations team to consider the idea. among those hired is the man who ran john mccain's presidential campaign in 2008. schultz, who was an outspoken critic of president trump announced his resignation from starbucks in june. let's bring in rob mayeda now who joins us with a look at the weather. and we had a teeny bit of a break in air quality today, but not much. >> the winds picked up. that's not good for the fire danger and the red flag warnings, but the air pollution levels came down slightly. but early in the evening the smoke piled back in, and we've seen plenty of sunrises and sunsets with the red sun. how about a red crescent moonset. that was the view from
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emeryville looking off to the west around 8:00 tonight. as you can see there, the smoke filter there due to the high levels of wildfire smoke around the bay area, which unfortunately is going to put news a pattern of spare the air days as we get into the beginning of the week that is the story as we head into monday. right now it's a combination of little bit of for, but also smoke set up around san francisco. 56 degrees. current temperature cooling quickly now, north bay, and look at morgan hill, down into the upper 30s to near 40 degrees. now the wind this morning actually brought temperatures around the north by up towards sunrise. we're not going to see the same type of winds tomorrow morning. so we will likely find patchy frost and patchy smoggy fog around the bay area. that's what we're waking up to for tomorrow morning. highs tomorrow again with the hazy sunshine, close to 70 around milpitas in san jose. low 70s south of downtown. tri-valley out towards solano county, maybe not as warm as you would expect, due in part to some of the smoke pollution in the skies. we'll see upper 60s, close to
11:21 pm
70. 68 in oakland. peninsula temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s. san francisco looking at numbers in the mid-60s tomorrow with areas of smoke and some fog at times for the morning and the north bay not seeing those gusty north winds, though the wind pattern is still generally offshore. and that's the problem. you look at these wind air row, wind speeds not above 30 to 40 miles per hour. but the wind arrows all day long pointing offshore. so that is the reason why when you look at the hour-by-hour smoke forecast. it looks like this around the bay area. from the morning to midday and the afternoon, if you are any outdoor plans you see that? that is unhealthy for all groups from the north bay to the south bay. even offshore, the smoke gets pushed by the offshore breezes into the evening hours, and we're likely to see the same wind pattern holding up probably through the middle part of the week as high pressure holds on by let's say thursday and friday, we're hopeful to the switch back to onshore breezes, and starting to get a little more encouraged by this time next weekend. we're hoping we begin to see a
11:22 pm
chance of rain approaching the coast, which will be a welcome sight. obvious lib for firefighting. cooler temperatures and we hope maybe some better air quality. but pencil that in for your thanksgiving travel plans, possibly out in that ten-day forecast. next seven days, though, unfortunately we're going to hope the skies clear, waiting for the wind to shift to get the smoke out of here. it's probably going to happen as we pass the middle of the next week, and this time next weekend hopefully looking at rain chances long overdue coming back to northern california. >> that will be nice. >> when's the last time we had any significant rain? >> october 3rd. we're probably going to be on a 50-day stretch of dry weather in the seven-day forecast. >> all right, rob. thank you so much. coming up, the holiday shopping season is upon us. we will show you the must-have toys topping the list this year. and tussaud's take on president trump. this, check it out. it's a wax figure of the president coming to san francisco tomorrow. what kind of reception will it
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visit to learn more. will be on display at madame tussaud )s on fisherman s tomorrow for the first time, president trump's wax figure will be on display at madam tussaud's at fisherman's wharf. this is the first time it will be in san francisco. >> you're right, this is a good one. >> it's not bad. they got the eyebrow, the wrinkles even. i've seen worse. let's put it that way. the president's likeness will be in the oval office inside the attraction. madam tussaud says it will also provide, get this, terry, a bullhorn, so guests can shout at him or sing his praises. each wax figure takes six months to make and is valued at
11:27 pm
$300,000. >> get out the bullhorn and talk to the president if you'd like. get the thumbs-up going. with thanksgiving a little more than a week away, which is hard to believe. >> i know. >> it's safe to say the holiday shopping season is just about here. >> i'm not ready actually. if you're looking for ideas for the little once, which i am, courtney reagan has an idea of what it is to be popular. >> mga entertainment says its lol surprise toys are the top selling toy around the world so far this year. lol surprise brings pets and bigger surprise are indeed topping hot toy lists and getting harder to find. >> lol hits the shelves or hits online, and then it's immediately sold out. as we get a little closer to the holidays, there will be more. in the board game area, there is a game called relative insanity. that's jeff foxworthy's game. that game has been blown out, in short supply. >> the plush wearable plush toy
11:28 pm
made by skyrocket is this year's fingerlings which are also still popular. hair dorables also top many hot toy list. canadian toymaker spinmaker has a new hatch moimal. le legos, harry potter's great hall will also been b on the wish list. half of toy stores sales are done during the holiday season. analysts survey consumers asking where they would buy toys now that toys r us is gone. walmart, amazon and target topped the list. still, some think the big box retailers won't totally make up for toys r us sales in the days right before christmas. >> the last four day, toys r us did $500 million in sales. it's staggering amount of volume that they moved through the store. now walmart and target, i don't
11:29 pm
know if they're set up to move that type of volume in four days. with amazon the last four day, consumers are reluctant to place an order that close to christmas because am is go going to get it in time. >> reporter: this holiday season will be a test for parents in search of the hottest toys and for retailers hoping to fill the void. courtney reagan, cnbc, business news. still to come, our wildfire coverage continues. it's not just people who are endang endangered,but animals as well. how people are lending a hand, including some east bay high school students. [ phone rings ] what?! ready for christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello!
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killed in the camp fire. family members tell us 63 year our wildfire coverage continues tonight, and tonight we have learned about those killed in the camp fire. family members are telling us 63-year-old ernie foss jr., he lived in san francisco for years, was found dead outside his home in paradise. foss was a musician. he moved to paradise about eight
11:32 pm
years ago. now his step-son, who was his caretaker remains missing. so many lives impacted tonight across the state. and as we see in many of these cases, hundreds of animals also getting lost in the chaos and destruction. a bay area animal shelter stepped up today to help the pets in butte county. nbc bay area's christie smith reports. >> so you're going to need different sizes of the leashes and the harnesses. >> reporter: wendy taylor is looking over donations that came in today for the butte humane society. >> we're taking some supplies up from our clinics, and they're also needing a donation of just normal everyday items for pets, leash, collars. >> reporter: as the devastation from the camp fire grows, there are also animals needing support. >> people that have been evacuated from their homes that are needing to leave their animals, their pets a at shelter. some are animals that have been found that they're trying to find and connect with the owners. >> reporter: tony's animal rescue foundation posted on
11:33 pm
social media they were accepting donations for six hours today that will be taken to butte county tomorrow, and supplies showed up. students from college park high school's animal rescue club didn't see the post, but dropped off donations they collected in time. >> honestly, it just makes me feel really good. it's heartwarming. >> reporter: as people looked for new pets today, more donations came in, with so many recent fires in northern california, animal agencies have a coordinated response. >> the unfortunate silver lining is we have gotten so used to doing this that we're starting to get some of those communication efforts really down statewide. >> reporter: as for future efforts with the camp fire, they suggest people keep an eye on social media. >> we will notify people through our social media and facebook and twitter, our website if we need continuing donations. >> reporter: in walnut creek, christie smith, nbc bay area news. some bad news for
11:34 pm
firefighters in southern california. strong santa ana winds are expected to fuel the woolsey fire in l.a. and ventura counties. the winds picked up today causing flare-ups in malibu and western san fernando valley. they're expected to last through tuesday, perhaps. the city of calabasas is now under evacuation orders. that's about 25,000 people. nearly 85,000 acres have burned. just 15% of that fire is contained. 200 homes have burned. 57,000 more are still threatened. >> there was a wall of flames that came through. i just ran in the house and watched from the windows. >> the whole area be on fire in like minutes. >> at least two people are confirmed from dead. three firefighters have been injured. many of you are watching this unfold up in butte county down in l.a., and you're wondering how can i help. we've made it easy for you. we've added a link to our home page, there you can choose from several ways to donate, or even you can volunteer. we will continue to follow the latest developments with the
11:35 pm
fires burning in california, updating all of our digital platforms with any new information that we get. a follow-up now to two fires in palo alto this weekend. police arrested this man overnight. he is suspected of setting a car fire and then another fire in a vacant building. he had to be rescued from that second fire and treated for smoke-related injuries. police say it all started around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the menlo park man allegedly set a 2016 jeep wrangler on fire. officers say he walked into a vacant building and they saw smoke coming from the building less than an hour later. osvaldo madrigal is now charged with several felonies including a probation violation. if you're a kid just one day in secured detention can be devastating. so why are kids being locked up when counties' own assessment say they could be released? we investigate, next.
11:36 pm
11:37 pm
pelosi, and secretary of defense, james mattis... were among hundreds of people at a veterans day ceremony, today. house minority leader nancy pelosi and secretary of defense james mattis among the hundreds of people at a veterans day ceremony today as part of the observe bans at arlington national cemetery, a wreath was presented a the tomb of the unknown soldiers. secretary of veterans affairs robert wilkie reminded those in attendance what makes this day so special thinking day reminds all americans that they sleep soundly at night because of the sacrifices of millions of ordinary men and women. >> president trump had hoped to hold a veterans day parade tomorrow, but he scrapped those plans a few months ago because it caused so much money. a scary scenario for a teenager. make a mistake, end up in juvenile hall. many counties developed a tool to determine which kids really need to go to juvie, and which
11:38 pm
are better off at home. >> some counties are not using the results of their own assessments, and keeping kids locked up. investigative reporter liz wagner looks into why. >> reporter: when a kid is arrested, probation officers in most bay area counties fill out one of these, a detention risk assessment. the score evaluates whether a juvenile pose as threat to the community and should be held before trial. well, we dug through data and found even when kids are scoring low inform to be released, they're often being detained anyway. >> any chance i get out would show somebody about my spirit. >> reporter: tyler's journey to juvenile hall started on a muni bus in san francisco. she says she came to the defense of a friend who became hysterical when a security guard started recording her. >> so i slapped her hand out of her hand and she turned around and pushed me and i pushed back. >> reporter: a few days later
11:39 pm
police arrested her at school. tyler at 14 says she was locked up by the probation department for a week while her assault case was in court. >> i couldn't believe that i was in jail. >> reporter: a lot of kids who get arrested never make to it juvie. they're diverted to community programs instead. in fact, in san francisco and across the bay area, the number of kids being locked up is going down. other kids not eligible for community programs are given detention risk assessments, objective evaluations of whether it's safer to let them go or hold them before a judge hear theirs case. we don't know tyler's score because her court records are sealed. but in san francisco, we found when kids score low enough to be released, most get locked up any way. it's called a detention override. but juvenile probation chief allen nantz says his department hasn't been tracking them. >> do you know what an overwrite is? >> that's something we've not calculated. >> we looked and calculated from
11:40 pm
2012 to 2017. the override rate was 73%. even when a score indicates release. like when a juvenile is accused of a serious felony but even when you take those kids out of the eindication, san francisco still put 65% of minors with low scores into juvie. the reason might include their parents can't be located or it's not safe at home. >> some of the data that we've pulled together for your agency suggests that there are a sizable number of overrides, but it's not data that we've done a deep analysis of, and it's certainly something that based on your inquiry is something we want to look at. >> reporter: chief nantz says he is focused on decreasing the juvie population. he says it's down two-thirds in the past ten years. >> and the reduction in that number has been an indication to us that that process has been working. >> reporter: san francisco isn't the only bay area county that uses risk assessments to guide
11:41 pm
whether did should be detain order released. four others do too. we looked at data from the past year and a half and found three of the counties had discretionary override rates higher than 60%. sonoma and alameda counties disagree with our methodology and believe their numbers are actually much lower. santa clara county agrees its override rate is higher than best practices and says it's reviewing its detention risk assessment. >> i would think you would want to aim 10 to 15%. >> reporter: angela is a juvenile justice reform researcher. she says spending just one day in a locked cell can impact a kid for life. she says assessment should help regulate who comes into juvenile hall and who stays out, but they don't always work. >> it does seem like if there is that high of override rate that the risk assessment becomes useless. i believe that if the risk assessment is constructed at the level that we would want to see, very, very few kids would be held in detention. >> our ultimate goal is not to
11:42 pm
keep the youth unless they present a threat to the community. >> reporter: in solano county, juvenile probation chief chris hansen rarely uses overrides. since 2017, his department has detained just two kids who scored low enough to be released. >> if you use it the way it's designed, you shouldn't have a lot of overrides. i think it just sets them up. >> reporter: after juvenile hall, tyler says the court sent her to live at a group home for six months. she now 17 and says she is enrolling in city college and staying far away from trouble. >> imnot going to let juvenile hold me back, and i just want to show my nephews and nieces that it is possible to be successful. >> reporter: experts say probation chiefs should be monitoring their overrides and tweaking their risk assessments to make sure they're not holding kids who aren't dangerous. now the san francisco public defenders office tells us they'll start demanding to see their juvenile client scores. we were surprised to learn they didn't already get them. if you want to see what the
11:43 pm
county's assessment evaluations actually look like, we link to them on our website, nbc by back to you. >> well, if you have a story tip for liz, for me or anyone in our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips. all right. rob mayeda joining us now, the man of the hour. what's going on weather-wise? how bad is it going to get? >> right now we're still watching red flag warnings up until tomorrow morning for lake county and mendocino county and the obvious air quality impacts to the bay area. look at that. and some rain chances finally showing up in the extended forecast, when we come right back. (toni vo) 'twas the night before christmas,
11:44 pm
and all thro' the house. not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are chefs, bakers and food order takers. doctors and surgeons and all the life savers. the world is alive as you can see, this time of the year is so much more than a bow and a tree. (morgan vo) those who give their best, deserve the best. get up to a $1,000 credit on select models now during the season of audi sales event.
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weather. can't help but think of the firefighters up in bout county, not knowing what they have an idea what they're going to be up against tonight. it is going to be a tough next couple of days. >> the hopeful thing is this will be the last significant offshore wind pattern setting up. but even though the fire dangerer has decreased slightly around the bay areas, wind speeds closer to the bay have dropped off for lake county, mendocino county. still could have the gusts to 45 miles per hour with low humidity levels. and you see it here on the map. those areas of red across lake county through about 7:00 tomorrow morning. you see it right there, a little something there off to the east of san jose over the higher hills and through the heating of the day, fire danger still high, even though we don't have any red flag warnings because the winds aren't too gusty. bone-dry in the hilltop, and tomorrow night, especially lake county and heading over the
11:47 pm
butte county, fortunately still looking quite dry. morning temperatures will be chilly. could add patchy frost in addition to smoky fog once again setting up around the by area. and the highs tomorrow with some of the smoke in the air may keep temperatures down into the mid- to upper 60s out towards solano county. closer to 70 in san jose. mid-60s near san francisco, and upper 60s into the north bay. so the wind here the story. not gusty and dry, but still, offshore hour-by-hour as we go through the day through, the afternoon. you see the arrows pointing offshore. we need a strong sea breeze or a cold front, storm to kind of scour out the smoke and send it off to the east. it's not going to happen there. the winds are still north to northeast. but the air quality forecast from the morning, midday, afternoon, into the evening, unfortunately still in that index of 100 to 200. unhealthy pretty much for everybody, especially up in the north bay, solano county towards sacramento.
11:48 pm
air quality monday and likely tuesday still seeing some issues thanks to high pressure acting a bit like a lid on top of california. now it's going to start to move out of the way later this week. we should see the return of some onshore breezes, progressively better air quality later in the week. and then the hopeful sign is by this time next weekend, ebegin to see a bit of a shift in the forecast. we really haven't seen since early october. and that is this system here coming in towards california, which may present an opportunity for seeing some showers starting around november 19th, and more likely actually as we get closer to thanksgiving. so at this point be thankful to see some rain, cooler temperatures and better air quality. that's the way things are trending now. so stay tuned in the forecast. hopefully this is the last of the dry seven-day forecast as we approach next weekend. so to san francisco and the rest of the bay area, winds light to offshore. that is not good news for air quality if you have any preexisting respiratory conditions, children, elderly, again, you're going to want to
11:49 pm
bring in the outdoor activities, probably through about wednesday, then cooler. sea breeze picks up for next weekend, and hopefully the chances of seeing some rail rain in the enten-day outlook. we'll see if that continues as we go lew the week. >> thanks very much. >> hope so. turning it over to sports now, if you caught today's raiders game, you're probably still wondering what was that about? >> despite the smoky skies, a lot of fans came out. dave feldman has your highlights. >> coming up in sports, it was another rough afternoon for the oakland raiders. we'll have complete highlights and reaction, plus all the best plays from another wild, wild sunday in the nfl. i'm dave feldman. sports is coming up next.
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
hi, everybody. dave feldman here at the xfinity sports desk. jon gruden's return to the silver and black certainly has not gone to plan, but with a win against the rival chargers today, at least there could be some positive momentum entering
11:52 pm
the second half of the season for the raiders. unfortunately, it was more the same for the silver and black. that just seems to be the case. late second quarter, game tied at three. philip rivers finds keenan allen for the score and chargers take the lead. now in the third. rivers is going to dump it off to melvin gordon, and gordon up one, miss. another miss. 66 yards for the score. 1-3 chargers. under five to play. now time running out for the raiders. fourth down, and derek carr throws it into the dirt. turnover on downs. chargers win it 20-6. >> you know, this will be a year that a lot of us will never forget, and it's painful. it's really hard. it's painful. and, you know, it's going to be hard to sleep again, hard to get up in the morning, but we're
11:53 pm
going to keep working hard, and that will be the foundation that this program leans on. seahawks and rams. second quarter, rams down four. todd gurley has a pretty good idea to give the ball to todd gurley. 17 yards for the score. the rams take the lead. in the third, russell wilson lost one into the end zone, and tyler locket makes a leaping grab, and then gives the ball to floyd mayweather, who is sitting in the front row. seahawks take one-point lead. under six to play. jared goff hands it to brandin cooks. cooks takes it in for the score. he also would give the ball to money may weather. how many balls does money mayweather need? rams win 36-31. cardinals and chiefs. first quarter of a scoreless game. patrick mahomes deep to tyreek hill. 7-0 chiefs. the man was wide open. second quarter, mahomes and hill again. and then hill is going to hop
11:54 pm
into the stands and take control of the camera. he's not a union guy. he's not allowed to do that. mahomes finished with 249 yards and two scores. chiefs win it, 26-14. saints and bengals. first quarter, drew brees with a play fake and finds michael thomas for the score. 7-0, saints. then in the second, brees finds mark ingram on the screen, and ingram is going to do the rest. breaking all kinds of tackles as he goes into the end zone. and then he throws up the x. that's for dez bryant. final seconds of the half, brees again to thomas. brees finished with three scores. the saints wig winner, 51-14. falcons and brown, first quarter. off the play, may field under pressure. escapes the pressure. richard higgins makes the grab. third quarter now, rookie nick
11:55 pm
chub takes the handoff and he gone. 92 yards for the score. longest play from scrimmage in the nfl this season, and the longest run in browns history. the browns are winners, 28-16. and that's a look at sports. i'm dave feldman. more news after the break. don't go anywhere.
11:56 pm
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and it )s so dangerous - it )s been banned in parts of the all right. this is one of japan's greatest spectacles, and it's crazy. it's so dangerous, it's been banned in parts of the country. >> at least they're wearing helmets. >> it's the annual topple the pole game. it takes place at military defense academy in tokyo. here's how it works, kind of. 150 cadets split into two teams. a lot of guys fighting. the attacking team tries to topple the 12-foot-high pole. defenders try to protect it.
11:58 pm
and you probably think boy, somebody could get hurt. people do get hurt. i think that's part of the attraction. >> look at the guy on top there. >> i bet a lot of money on the orange team. injuries are common, but the academy uses the game to promote team work. >> they run up on to each other's back. it kind of reminds me of the zombie movies or people running to get up the wall. >> i wonder how the guy finished on top there in the white. he is probably okay. thank you very much for joining us. have a great night and a great week. >> have a great night, everyone. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience.
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my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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. this week, we're in atlanta with the site of super bowl 53. >> you want it to be a place that's so uniquely special and represents the very best. >> we revisit the 2016 tour of the teams' incredible stadium in the final stages of construct n construction. >> that's the most complicated roof design in the history of the world. >> and two days with the self made billionaire and home depot co-founder. the 2017 nfc championship team has completely transformed from a stadium unable to fill seats. >> 60% that was there, half of those people are roofing for the team. >> to the highly publicized conviction ofic


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