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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 12, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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late tonight, an emotional reunion in the fire zone. it is the news one family has been praying for. late tonight, an emotional reunion in the fire zone. >> i have been looking for him, sharing. i'm so grateful for you. and -- >> tonight's good news in the wake of bad news from butte county as the camp fire becomes the deadliest fire in california history.
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now the loss of life and the loss of homes and livelihoods almost too difficult to fathom, and it's only getting worse. >> the death toll has risen again. 42 people and dozens more are still unaccounted for. it's been five days of tragedy. the fires that grown to 117,000 acres. it's currently 30% contained. thousands of people remain evacuated. >> we begin our coverage with sam brock who is in oroville where there was a town meeting tonight. much community support and i'm sure a lot of people had a lot of questions. >> reporter: there were a lot of questions, jessica, but the good news here was a standing ovation for the sheriff of butte county and an incredible show of support for everything he has been through and what this community has been through. and what we have seen certainly is so much devastation. we're learning about the painful details of how difficult it is to identify 42 victims and counting. donations pouring in tonight.
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so many oroville doesn't have the space to store them all. after applause rippled through the state theater, the sheriff, the man tapped as county coroner told constituents this. >> i'm proud to be your sheriff. i'm sorry that we're going through this. but i'll tell you this. if we're going to go through it, i'm glad i get to go through it with you as your sheriff. >> reporter: unbridled support so necessary on a day where 13 more bodies were recovered, bringing the total to an astounding 42. >> the first is earnest foss, age 65. >> honea identified three victims, the eldest 7, after notifying the next of kin. residents rallied behind the public assistance emotionally and financially. >> just the idea you can collect unemployment insurance for being unemployed by the disaster, that will help a lot of people beyond belief.
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>> i have insurance. i just need to talk to them tomorrow and get the ball rolling. but the thing is, you have to determine and declare your house a total loss. >> reporter: homeowners like jamie kern have a long path before them but are boosted by the many helping hands. tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. the first emergency supply center opens its doors. sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> we went through this with the wine country fires last year, and we're seeing it right now in butte county there are stories of hope. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez continues our coverage in chico. jodi? >> reporter: raj, we witnessed a heartwarming reunion right here in the walmart parking lot where fire evacuees have been camping out and getting some much needed help. tonight a man whose family feared the worst is back in his loved ones' arms. >> i love you, sweetie. >> i love you too, dad. >> reporter: after four
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agonizing days, amanda melbin's search for her father is over. well found melvin on facebook, posting about her missing dad and her desperate search to find him. >> i went to 11 different shelters looking for him, trying to just find him. >> reporter: dozens of families have been doing the same. a facebook page dedicated to those missing in the camp fire shows the faces of people who haven't yet been found. >> first and foremost thing is we want to make sure that the families, that we can get them some closure. >> reporter: search and rescue teams are working hard to help families get answers. forensic anthropologist have been brought in to help locate and identify remains. today they found 13 more victims, bringing the death toll to 42. >> we are going wherever we have a lead or suspect that there might be human remains. >> reporter: we went to magalia this afternoon to check on jacobson's home. we found it still standing, bringing his family new hope. then tonight the best news.
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after getting stranded with a dead car battery, the 76-year-old had finally made his way to the chico walmart parking lot, where he had been camping in his vw bug with his cat buddy, and getting help from strangers. >> thank god. yeah. the people that i met, you know, have treated me really good. >> don't give up. don't give up, and post and share and look yourself. and just don't give up. >> reporter: in butte county, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> that is an amazing story. now there are chilling similarities between the camp fire and the fires that ravaged the north bay last year. now stunningly, on day five of this, the camp fire, it's already surpassed the tubbs fire when it comes to loss of life and destruction. check out this comparison. 22 people were killed in the tubbs fire alone. tonight the death toll, as you heard jodi say in butte county is 42.
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now the tubbs fire destroyed more than 5600 structures. cal fire told us today more than 7100 have already been lost in butte county. and in terms of acreage, the tubbs fire burned more than 36,000 acres, but the camp fire is already more than triple that size. now also, keep in mind that the north bay fires were made up of multiple fires. tubbs, atlas and mendocino, all burning at the same time. and 44 people in total lost their lives. >> because of the smoke, this fire is very local to us. the bay area remains in a microclimate weather alert. this is a live look in san francisco. unhealthy air are cancelling classes, and schools across the region are cancelling outdoor pe. let's bring in jeff ranieri. tell it to us straight. is it getting any better? >> we might not see a substantial change looking into next week. what we're looking at are the
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air quality monitoring stations across the bay area. you can see the key at the top of the screen. find your city, and what you'll see here is the most unhealthy air is in santa rosa, then plenty of red in the north bay, down to san francisco and the south bay. that's unhealthy air right now. tomorrow's forecast keeps unhealthy air for the north bay down to about san francisco. and then it's unhealthy for sensitive groups in the east bay and the south bay. those with asthma, any kind of respiratory problems. smoke advisory in effect so you have to limit your outdoor exposure. i'll have more on when this rain will help us out. >> how bad is it? tonight we did ask the experts about this unhealthy air quality. >> in the short-term, it's mostly going to be some respiratory symptoms that people may have. they may have coughing. they may have tight innocence their chest. very long-term exposure to this would be potentially hazardous to their heart health. >> people across the bay area are wearing masks. you've probably seen many of them.
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n-95, that type of mass fantastic you're going get one. down south there are two big fires in southern california. you're looking at a live picture of the woolsey fire. so far two people have died in those. it's burned more than 93,000 acres, and it too is 30% contained. the second fire, the hill fire is smaller, 4500 acres and about 85% contained. let's show you a map that shows you how the fires have moved. hill fire is burning near newbury park on both sides of 101. the woolsey fire expands from thousand oaks down to malibu. nearly 9,000 firefighters are on the front lines of the major fires burning across the state, and that includes crews from 18 other states. you can see the states highlighted on the map. cal fire tweeting tonight that it really does appreciate all the support it's getting from the other fire departments. our other headlines tonight, and this just into our newsroom, a homemade model rocket caused a grass fire in concord this evening. you can see some of the footage
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here. this was right off barkwood court near boundary oak golf course. crews did knock this down in about 30 minutes. no structures were burned, and thankfully no one was hurt. police officers did find these items near the area. if you have any information, you're urged to call contra costa fire. well, a student government clash of cal has one woman facing a wave of criticism tonight for not supporting an lgbt proposal. isabella chow who is a uc berkeley representative says her christian beliefs guided her decision. but now some of the other students say they want her resignation. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney is live on the campus. she didn't vote. she just abstained? >> exactly. this whole thing starts with the administration a couple of months ago. it announced it is interested in defining a person's gender as the sex they are at birth. well, the student government here condemned that. this one senator abstain and explained, and that was enough
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to touch off a powder keg of controversy. protesters outside a recent uc berkeley student senate meeting over senator chow's abstention. >> asked me to promote organizations whose primary purpose is to promote the lgbt lifestyle which conflicted with my christian values. >> reporter: at the campus known for free speech chow's freedom of thought is under attack. >> tonight is not about free speech but the separation of prestigious and personal belief with institutional policies. >> reporter: the pushback has been strong and at times vulgar. >> so personal. i can't tell you how many times i've been called the f-word online, in person. it hurts. >> if you think that lgbt people are against nature, whatever, then your opinion isn't valid. >> reporter: chow says people can get along even if they don't agree practically and theologically 100% of the time. she is calling for more lgbt inclusiveness on the part of
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christians. at uc berkeley, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. up next at 11:00, a break from reality they desperately needed. special show of support for a young fire victim at tonight's 49ers game. the mayor promised a cleaner san francisco within three months of her taking office. we're walking the streets to find out if she made good on that plan. our investigation, next. i'll have another look at the smoke forecast and when some rain could help us out. that's in seven minutes. was run
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promised a cleaner san francisco within 3 months. she made that pled when mayor london breed was running for office, she promised a cleaner san francisco, and she said it would happen within three months. >> she made that pledge after our diseased streets investigation went viral earlier this year. our reporting revealed the dangerous mix of trash, needles and human feces in much of downtown. it's been 90 days, and senior investigative reporter bigad
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shaban is back on the streets of san francisco to find out if mayor breed has delivered on that pledge. >> reporter: in hopscotch, you better watch where you step. it turns out walking the streets of san francisco is a lot like the kids game. >> watch yourself, watch yourself. >> reporter: jumps, double takes, double steps, missteps. except this isn't a game. it's disgusting and potentially dangerous. what goes through your head walking the streets of san francisco? >> what goes through my head is that there is contamination under my feet. >> reporter: wendy kaler is a microbiologist and expert in preventing the spread of diseases. >> yeah, there is a needle right there. >> reporter: she joined us downtown to explain why she believes san francisco is in danger after disease outbreak. >> where there is feces, there is risk. where there is lots of feces, there is more risk. >> that looks like feces right
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there. >> right there. here you can see how it's kind of smeared, right? >> reporter: so someone walking down the sidewalk steps it in. what's the potential risk? >> so the potential risk is if you step in it and there actually a pathogen in that feces, and maybe you come home you take your shoes off, and you go grab a potato chip and you put your hand in your mouth without cleaning it first. somebody's feces on the ground has millions of these bacteria. so a little goes a long way. and maybe it's not visible anymore. that doesn't mean the bacteria is not there. >> reporter: so it may not even look like anything is at the bottom of your shoe, but it could still be dangerous? >> absolutely. because it's microscopic. >> reporter: diseases like salmonella and shigella can be spread by feces. infection rates for all three have increased in san francisco over the past decade. so it could be something as small as a stomachache or in some cases deadly? >> yeah, right. hepatitis a can certainly be deadly. >> reporter: earlier this year we surveyed 153 blocks of
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downtown san francisco, and uncovered a dangerous mix of trash, needles, and feces. the story gained national attention and became a major issue in the mayor's race. then candidate london breed promised a cleaner san francisco within three months if elected. >> i would measure that by not having feces, you know, on our sidewalks and also urine and other things that we see the needles and many of the other challenges that exist. >> reporter: that would all be eliminated? >> i'm not saying that it will all be eliminated, i am saying that there will be a significant difference where it's noticeable. >> reporter: so we're become on the streets to find out if she made good on that pledge. my producer and i resurveyed 20 of the dirtiest blocks in downtown san francisco. we just found five needles on this one block. there is a few under this parked car here, and then two more on the street. across all 20 blocks we found 35 used drug needles. that's down 39% compared to our last survey ten months ago. but like before we spotted trash
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on every block. we also saw feces on all 20 blocks. in total we found feces 159 times. that's a 67% increase. we're walking by the federal courthouse, and just on this one block, we spotted feces at least 18 times. and in a bizarre new twist, someone appears to be using feces to graffiti sidewalks in the city. seriously. san francisco's 311 data also suggests the city is getting dirtier. we compared the mayor's first three months in office to the three months prior and found complaints to the city about needles, feces, and trash have all increased. is san francisco cleaner today than before you took office? >> i think it is because i'm out there on a regular basis. >> reporter: we spoke with the mayor at city hall. >> we've invest in order resources. we're spending more time trying to get people housed, and we're focusing on those areas we know
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are the most problematic. >> reporter: the mayor recently put together a new crew dubbed the pop patrol to clean feces across san francisco seven days a week. the city has spent more than $308 million cleaning its streets and schwaubs just over the past five years. but san francisco has struggled to develop a system to rate its own job performance. >> i am doing everything i can to invest the right resources into making san francisco a lot cleaner, and it takes time to get to a better place. >> reporter: so even though complaints are up since you've been elected, you don't think it's because the city is actually dirtier? >> i don't think it's because the city is actually dirtier. i think it's because more people are reporting the challenges that exist. >> reporter: what would you say to people who simply think you didn't accomplished as mayor. >> reporter: but you made that three months' promise. >> and it is different in certain ashes. >> but you would acknowledge that the city doesn't have data or any kind of metrics to show
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that definitively? >> well we have what we see visually. >> reporter: at what point will walking over feces not be part of the norm? >> i hope sooner rather than later. >> reporter: any idea when? >> i hope sooner rather than later. >> reporter: you're talking months, weeks? any timeline? >> i hope sooner rather than later. >> reporter: for now you may need to keep practicing your hopscotch. just remember, in san francisco, the potential risks are not make-believe. with the investigative unit, i'm bigad shaban. >> bigad, thank you. learn more what we've found on the streets, just log on to our website there you can search block by block with the accompanying photos. that's on all right. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. let's talk about the conditions up in fire zone and when we might see some relief from some of this haze and smoke that we're smelling. >> i think at the camp fire, firefighters are going to get a break on the wind. that's the good news. down in southern california we
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have another red flag fire warning, and that just going to spell more danger in so cal. 20 to 60-mile-per-hour winds expected over the next two days there. now as we bring you back into the bay area, what i want to start with here is the wind. it's very light from san francisco down to san jose, and only 3 to 7 miles per hour here in santa rosa and napa. in fact, no wind being recorded in concord down to san jose, and it's because of the very light winds that we're seeing this stagnant condition here across the bay area, and we just can't get all of this smoke moving on out. in fact, we've seen a lot of the smoke from last week still staying putt here across the bay area. so that means tomorrow we have unhealthy air expected for all of the bay area, but very unhealthy in the north bay. you have to limit your outdoor exposure. keep that car air conditioning on recirculate, and maybe get an n-95 mask to circulate those particles out. smoke advisory in effect until 11:00 p.m. on friday. so we're stuck with this for the
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entire workweek. as you move into tomorrow morning, it's going to feel unusual again. not only the smoke and the haze, but you've got the cold temperatures down to 39. south bay at 43. might grab that extra blanket in the middle of the night. heater mace also click on. we'll begin with 36 in the north bay. san francisco at 43 and 39 in the north bay. with smoke and haze lingering over, it's going to be hard for the temperatures to warm up. just upper 60s and low 70s throughout the bay area. what we need to bring us a change is rainfall. my extended forecast does not have any rain in it as we head throughout the next seven days. notice by next monday, we could start to see a pattern change that would bring the chance of some much cleaner air. san francisco will be in the 60s over the next seven days. we're looking at upper 60s, low 70s for the inland valleys. and again, my focus is next monday for maybe a pattern change in the atmosphere. what i'm talking about when i say pattern change is the jet stream, the storm track may
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actually lower and get closer to the bay area. could allow some rainfall by next week. again, could. we are watching it closely, but right now the 21st through the 25th, rain could move on in, clean that air out, help firefighters across the entire state. any changes in that forecast we will let you know. >> we need that in a big way. >> yes. >> thanks, jeff. well, up next, it's a night they're won't forget how. the 49ers managed to put smiles on faces of some young fire victims from paradise tonight. and happening now, if you go to school in sonoma county, you're probably not going to class tomorrow. it's simply too smoky. most schools are closed. we posted the complete list at we're back in a moment. we )ll bs the weather conditions change overnight... and new numbers come in. plus: a bay area city is set to cut ties with ice. the impact it may have on local businesses. tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7. good morning, it )s 7:26...
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get there? belmont police asking for help after a woman w new at 11:00, what happened and how did she get there? belmont police are asking for help after a woman was found lying on the roadway with serious injuries. the belmont pd tweeting out this photo. she was found just south of newlands avenue around 7:00 a.m. they believe she was walking along cipriani boulevard mere the elementary school. the woman was taken to the hospital where she later died. a broken pipe causing an east bay water services to temporarily shut its doors. this is the dublin san ramon water service. it got flooded with an inch of water and mud after an underground line broke. the district is relocating 52 staff members to an office in pleasanton where they'll have to be for the next coupe of months. up next, we'll take you to levi's stadium for the wild finish for the 49ers, and bad blood for the warriors. we'll show you happen had. stay with us. ♪
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levi )s stadium okay. it came down to the final seconds. a wild finish for the 49ers at levi's stadium. >> a lot of people biting their fingernails tonight. they got their money's worth, at least the fans did. here is collin resch on the
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field. >> reporter: nick mullen's second nfl start opposite a quarterback, a two-time super bowl champ making his 225th start, eli manning. niners hosting the paradise high school football team. they ran on to the field pregame. it was also a salute to service night. mullens providing a great moment for father and son during warm-up. niners up 3. minds matt breida out of the backfield. it's 20-10. manning and the giants respond quickly, though. 53 yards and four plays. eli to odell beckham jr. fourth quarter, niners clinging to a lead. 53 seconds to go. manning on a dime to sterling shepard. so san francisco, even though they owned the stat sheet, they need to score a touchdown on the game's final play. mullens' pass out of the become of the end zone. 49ers fall, 27-23. >> i thought we had a chance to step there and didn't. we kept them around too long,
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and then we didn't make the plays a the end. >> reporter: san francisco now 2-8. four of those eight losses by four points or less. at levi's stadium, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> okay, colin, thank you. how about the warriors tonight in they lost to the clippers, but the story of the game wasn't really the game. it was the k.d.-draymond drama. take a look. kevin durant and draymond green had to be separated. this is going to be the headline for the next several days. as for the game in overtime, the clippers beat the warriors. final score 121-116. we're back in a moment. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools
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that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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and the 49ers are helping to okay. tonight the hope is to get some happiness back in the 49ers made it happen. team invited the paradise high school football team, the coaches, the cheerleader, all of them to the game. most of them lost their homes in the camp fire, and they had to end their season last week so that they could help their community. >> seeing those guys was very emotional. they made it out alive. all our coaches made it out. they're a miracle. >> all really excited to get our
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mind off of it and just come hang out with friends. >> look, they're wearing their hats. 49ers not only invited them to the game, they raised more than $100,000 with a 50-50 raffle, and they're going to auction off jerseys from tonight's game to support the victims. and look, they got to run. >> they ran out on monday night football. what a great story. that is so cool. >> one of the 49ers assistant coaches lost his childhood home in paradise. so the 49ers have been very active with the fire relief effort. >> i'm sure the fans must have been so happy to see them all there and gave them such a roar of ovation. >> best part of the game. thanks for joining us here at 11:00. have a great day tomorrow. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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