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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 13, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the issue as well for this one. we'll watch the one in san jose, but the slowing is a result of this crash over here coming in through sunnyvale, which had been on the shoulder, and we had some slowing as a tow truck arriv arrived, this is the effect on the connector from 237 to north 101. it's starting to ease up as far as speed sensors go. they may have cleared the lane blocked as the tow truck arrived. we see this continue to adjust. you saw yellow and now red and orange again, so as they move equipment around and clear the area south 880 at 23rd, that road crew should be cleared in the next few minutes but you will find some slowing at the very worst, you're off and back on the freeway. no problems at the toll plaza. guys, back to you. >> thank you very much. from north to south, devastation and destruction, as three massive wildfires tear across our state. in butte county, the camp fire now the deadliest in state history. the death toll there now stands at 42. this morning, dozens of other people still unaccounted for. search and recovery teams are taking on the grim task of
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searching through the rubble and now ash. the fire has burned 117,000 acres. it's currently 30% contained. thousands of people remain under evacuation. in the midst of those flames, heroic acts are coming to light. >> that's right, nbc bay area's pete suratos joins us live in chico this morning, where strangers are helping strangers to try to get them to safety. good morning, pete. >> reporter: yes, good morning to you, laura and marcus. we're hearing a lot of stories of people stepping in and really helping out others during this time as folks evacuate from the camp fire. where we're standing here is at a walmart in chico off of forest avenue, one of the many areas you're seeing evacuees that could be here to reunify hopefully with folks looking for them and there are services being provided for them as they're out of their homes, waiting to get more news, as the camp fire continues here in butte county. as i mentioned, we're hearing stories of these folks just really stepping in and helping out others during this tough time, and we're showing you guys
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video now, this is dane cummings, a garbage man in the paradise area. he still did his route wednesday and he actually helped out 93-year-old margaret newsom, whose caregiver left for the day. thankfully he was there to help her as that fire approached the area. >> i've been up there eight years and i picked the people i knew were older and tried to stop and let them know they were coming and make sure they were getting out. >> i got up as usual, went and had some oatmeal as usual, and i turned the tv on and they said there was a fire going into paradise. >> reporter: take you guys back out here live to the walmart in chico, where evacuees are getting help as they were evacuated from their homes due to the camp fire. we hear scary moments of people escaping the camp fire, including one family who had to
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split ways in order to get out of harm's way. we'll have more on their story in the next half hour. pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, pete. so sad to hear all these stories. hundreds of miles to the south, powerful and dangerous santa ana winds are really threatening to send those flames from two different fires into more neighborhoods. in the los angeles and ventura counties, the air attack is swooping in just above the fiery ridges, dropping retardant. the hill fire is near newbury park on both sides of 101. the woolsey fire spans from thousand oaks all the way to the ocean there in malibu. it has killed two people so far. it's burned more than 93,000 acres there. a lot going on with that and it's 30% contained. the second fire, the hill fire is much smaller. 4,500 acres, currently 85% contained. flying embers sparked a new fire near simi valley but it was quickly put out.
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>> we continue to respond to every new start with as much equipment, aviation assets as we can to keep the footprint small. >> thousands remain under evacuation this morning. and before and after photos show the extent of that damage. this view you can see for yourself, just head over to our website, there you can find them on our home page. san francisco based lime is pulling some of their electric scooters off the streets over concerns they could break in two. this comes as another city in the east bay considers allowing lime into its neighborhoods. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live in fremont, with more on the ongoing controversy that we've seen in communities across the bay. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. yes, tonight the fremont city council will consider whether or not to enter into a service agreement to allow lime to place its shared bicycles and escooters here on the city sidewalks. you'll recall that there have been headaches in other towns
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with companies like lime and other companies that put these e-shared vehicles on the streets especially in san francisco. there were concerns the scooters were crowding sidewalks and riders and pedestrians were getting hurt. lime has had to removed scooters made by the chinese company called okai after reports those scooters could break in two. lime sent us a statement saying "safety is lime's highest priority" adding "okai's scooters were decommissioned immediately and will be replaced with scooters considered best in class for safety." the company is working with the consumer products safety commission because reportedly some okai scooters broke apart under normal riding conditions. contractor for lime tells us that he and his colleagues regularly inspect those scooters for safety. >> everybody on all three of those teams look for defects
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when they line them up or retrieve them. >> reporter: again, lime has removed all of the okai scooters from the streets from markets ac ross the country and expect the remaining scooters and have the safer replacement scooters in place sometime early next year. reporting live in fremont, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest, bob. happening today, berkeley will consider cutting ties with i.c.e. the city council is expected to vote on a new sanctuary ordinance. if passed it will prohibit the city giving contractors from vendors to supply the agency with data. city council members support that measure. earlier this year, richmond passed a similar law. across the bay area, cities are coming together for transgender awareness week to bring attention to issues of prejudice and violence transgender people face. mayor breed and lgbtq leader also hold an event at 11:00 this
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morning at city hall. later this afternoon, san mateo county will hold a transgender day of remembrance, a candlelight procession starts at 5:00 at the san mateo public library. caltrain engineers working on a new project in san mateo. they want to raise the tracks above a section of road seen here. caltrain says the move will increase traffic flow and safety. public meeting will be held tonight at 6:30 to discuss the construction on 25th avenue. taking a live look outside of sfo, and dublin this morning. spare the air alert is set until friday now because of the unhealthy air quality out there. but how bad is it? we asked experts. >> in the short term, it's mostly going to be some respiratory symptoms people will have. they may have coughing. they may have tightness in their chest, increased breathing. long-term exposure would be hazardous to their heart health. >> people across the bay area are told to wear n-95 masks if you work outside. you can go to home depot, places
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like that to get them. >> you need those as you get ready to head out. here is a live look outside right now at 5:08, we've been talking about the air quality, and the fact that it will not improve over the next several days, so we know it's going to be very unhealthy today, and it stays unhealthy for all of our microclimates through friday, with only some minor improvement for the weekend. we're looking at temperatures this morning starting out in the 30s and 40s. it is a cold start and then as we look at our morning commute in brentwood, we'll be at 39 degrees between 6:00 and 7:00, and then at 10:00, we're at 48 degrees and still the smoky skies linger, as we only make it up to about 57 degrees at noon, and then on your way out to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station, it will be 45 as you step out the door and then some low 60s today with partly to mostly cloudy skies. as we head over to mike you were saying the nimitz should be clearing up. >> exactly, kari. we're looking at construction
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crews that pickhaven't picked u their work. the sensors are not quite clear but the approach to the bay bridge, cocoa county is just fine. it's right here through alameda county southbound 880, slows again from about 980 toward 23rd and i've seen the speed sensors continue to update and change over the last five minutes. caltrans don't say they're clear until they've reopened the lanes. the speed sensors will take a while to clear up and we have from time to time equipment in the area which will skew the data as far as the speeds go. allow a little extra time, another five minutes 980 past the high street bridge and everything's fine once you get through the rest of oakland. in the south bay, we have north 101 at 280, reports of a crash there, but we have our camera there and i don't see any problems in this shot, coming up to the area. there may be activity on the shoulder at story, that's just outside of our view, but no slowing shows up on our sensors. it's lighter traffic. back to you. >> thank you, mike. it is 5:09. coming up, a tribute during
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monday night football for paradise high school football players who lost a lot during the camp fire. we'll show you the touching moment, coming up next. the markets took a drubbing on monday. we'll see what they do ahead coming up in business and tech. and former first lady michelle obama message to women. >> i think it's the worst thing we do to each other as women, not share the truth about our bodies. >> coming up for you at 5:25, a very special and personal moment mrs. obama is sharing as she hits the road today to promote her new book. it is 5:10 right now. you're watching "today in the bay."
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mike traffic tease get ready to crank up the heater once again. at 5:13, it's a cold start. here is a live look in san jose, as we look at highway 101. evergreen is going to be only at 44 degrees at 7:00 and normally we're seeing the high temperatures at 65, but we're going a little bit above that. still poor air quality. i'll have a look coming up in less than five minutes. also highway 101, but this is in the north bay, san rafael, moves nicely. picking up the volume a bit. you can see the smoke in the air, you'll feel it around the bay and we'll show you what things are going on as we approach the bay bridge. and very happy tuesday to you. glad you're with us. pg&e is on our board because investors this morning are wondering if the power giant has any responsibility for the
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fires. drubbing on the markets on monday, the dow fell more than 600, nasdaq was down more than 3%. note this apple number. now, the president says the dip on the markets is because investors think democrats are going to bother him. the president is wrong. democrats may very well give him a hard time, but the markets had been knowing about the results of the election for a week now, right? so it's not politics. it was really apple. you remember those red numbers, apple fell 5%. apple is a dow component but trades on the nasdaq, so it pulled both indices lower. we expect amazon will announce new headquarters any moment now. amazon set up a contest for cities to compete for the new hq. it will be hqs, two of them. we expect amazon will announce that queens and then arlington, virginia are going to get the nod. that's a huge disappointment for lots. amazon is seen as not playing fair. neither city will get as many
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jobs as promised and cities that thought they might be in the running like detroit and boise felt they weren't being dealt with honestly. bloomberg reports that waimo will start an uber service with driverless cars next month in phoenix. people getting rides in autonomous cars in december. a report from oxford tries to figure out what people will do with automated cars once they're common. how will it affect society? for instance, will they drink more? that is a possibility. the report titled "autonomous vehicles and the future of urban tourism" expects driverless cars could be used for terrorism, put a bomb in them, send them on their way. on a lighter note, they also take a great deal of time in that report to discuss the possibility that coupling who have had a great date away from the kids may not want to go home to the kids right away. i can see you can see where i'm going with this. >> don't go there. >> it's an oxford report, very
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curious and that is exactly what they think autonomous cars may be used for. >> really? oh wow, interesting. >> they could be used for other things like this right here. if you get locked out of your car, scott. >> get a room! >> maybe siri can help you with this. there's a new app from volkswagen now that allows people the apple users to lock and unlock their car, and you can actually also set the car temperature or even tell the electric cars when to start or stop charging. the app comes at a monthly subscription fee of $18. the air quality was good enough for the 49ers to play last night. the team took an opportunity to give back to fire victims. they invited the paradise high school football team, coaches and cheerleaders to the game. many had lost their homes in the camp fire. >> seeing those guys was emotional. they made it out alive. all our coaches made it out. it's a miracle.
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>> we're really excited to get our mind off of it and just come hang out with friends. >> yes, and look at that, they get to run through the tunnel. the 49ers raised more than $100,000 to support the victims. those kids will never forget that. little bit of joy. >> they were out there and the air quality wasn't the best yesterday. >> wasn't the best. it's still going to be the same today. we still have that smoke in all of the bay area blanketed by that, and unhealthy air quality. all these dots show different sensors where they measure the air quality, and where we have the red dots, that's unhealthy air quality, and then we're seeing for all of the bay area once again some thick blankets of smoke overhead. we look at our temperatures as you start out the door, 44 degrees in san jose. 36 in fairfield. also 36 in santa rosa.
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chilly start and after that long weekend, it's time to get the kids ready for school in san jose. it's going to be 43 degrees. keep in mind they may be inside for recess today, so they may be extra wired up by the time they get home. it's in the upper 60s as you go back to pick them up. martinez temperatures 46 degrees at 6:00. at 10:00 we're at 67, and 63 degrees as you go out for lunch and then we are talking about having to limit your time outside even with such nice temperatures, it will be in the upper 60s and low 70s across the bay area. as you get ready styling your air this morning, static is likely, so dry and we will have a calm wind today but overall a good hair day. look bt asome dry air, a northerly wind coming in over the next several days and that's the reason why we'll not see improvement in the air quality. going into the weekend, there will be a shift in the wind as
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we start to see an area of low pressure approaching and possibly a few more clouds moving in, as we go toward next week, it is looking fairly promising that we will see some rain moving in, starting on tuesday, and then continuing through the end of the week, possibly a couple of waves of it. we'll continue to finetune that forecast. near term, we're still dry and highs in the upper 60s for the inland valleys. more cool mornings with lower 40s. san francisco seeing more of the same. pretty uniform temperatures from the coast to the inland valleys. headed over to mike, you were saying there's a crash that was in san jose. >> yes, but it cleared. we were tracking it 101 at story. it did clear without a problem. the other crash sunnyvale, cleared from the connector from 237 to 101, so we're back at speeds there and pretty much all over the rest of the bay. recovery continues right up here. you see that south 880 toward 23rd, although the overnight crew is registered as clear from caltrans, slowing, still equipment in the area and cones to clear as well. southbound 17 or northbound, either direction between santa
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cruz and los gatos is moving smoothly over the summit. 101 no problems out here, gilroy, san martin, morgan hill, everybody coming into the silicon valley without any problems. we're getting more company of course. it's about that time. getting over toward the bay bridge the travel times are looking great. you're at your minimum from highway 4 over to the berkeley curve. although the bay bridge toll plaza cars are backing up over the last three minutes, they may have turned on the metering lights about a minute earlier than we often see or perhaps this is just the backup as the incline gets congested, so do the metering lights and back in toward the toll plaza, whatever the case, you started your way. >> thank you, mike. coming up, honoring a hero that created larger than life comic heroes. this morning, tributes keep coming in for stan lee. how hollywood is remembering him, next. plus a twist on "the voice" tonight. the reason this oakland woman who didn't make it through the blind audition could get a second chance to get back in on the competition. we'll tell you how she's landing a huge break.
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but first, check this out. nbc's bay area mike inouye shared this on facebooks "apparently while i was at work the rest of my family was fully in day off mode." take a look at this and see what happened. follow him, that's mike inouye on facebook. belmont police are
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5:23 for you right now.
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developing story on the peninsula. belmont police searching for answers after a woman was found lying in the road with serious injuries. police tweeted this picture here, she was found just south of newland avenue around 7:00 a.m. they believe she was walking along that avenue there, right around kipparini elementary school there, and the woman was taken to the hospital, where she later died. contra costa county continues to celebrate 100 years since the end of world war i. today they're holding a special event in martinez at 11:00 this morning. veterans will be honored. the keynote speaker will be retired marine lieutenant colonel mike hudson. and from political to very personal. michelle obama's memoirs at hit the shelves. >> they visited her former high school yesterday. she kicks off her stadium book tour tonight in chicago. mrs. obama's book is called
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"becoming" and it chronicles intimate details about her family, marriage and fertility struggles. in her book she opens up about counseling sessions that helped her and her former president husband barack obama through their low points. >> i know two to many youoo mans who struggle and think there's something wrong with them. i want them to know michelle and barack obama who have a phenomenal marriage, we work on our marriage and get help with our marriage when we need it. >> alher book is also creating controversy. she claims melania trump never reached out to her after she said she's just a phone call away two years ago. the book tour is sold out, coming to s.a.p. center in san jose next month. if you want to go, it will cost you. the remaining tickets going for upwards of $1,200 for floor seats and about $3,000 for vip tickets. 5:25 for you right now.
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dub nation we have to rally together. the warriors feeling down after losing in overtime last night to the clippers. >> but the story wasn't just the game. it was the drama between k.d. and draymond. draymond green and kevin durant had to be separated in the team huddle. k.d. told draymond to pass the ball after he dribbled straight into the defense. he ended up loadsing the ball and the warriors were left tied at the end of regulation. clippers ended up beating the warriors, 121-116. one oakland born swiinger wl have her chance for redemption on "the voice." ♪ it's in my blood >> that is 18-year-old nin nina mohrer, not originally chosen by the coaches to compete but thanks to a new digital championship show, she has a
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second chance in front of those judges. she'll sing tonight in hopes of reentering that competition. she hopes to win over viewers with her performance there, and it will all happen tonight at 8:00, right here on nbc bay area. >> 5:27 right now. coming up, we go back to the fire zone in butte county. families reuniting but dozens are still missing. >> i just wanted to say i loved them one last time, because i didn't know i wouldn't see them again. >> so hard to see so much pain. up next, how that little girl's family separated to outrun fast-moving flames. "today in the bay's" pete suratos will join us live from chico with their story. plus, take a look at this piece of rocket here. officials in contra costa county are looking for its owner, because of it really created a scare for people last night. and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza on this tuesday morning. oh, look at the company you're
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going to make there. we'll have a check of your morning commute, of course your weather, straight ahead. stick around. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome to tuesday morning. taking a live look outside it is a cool start. this is live from millbrae this morning. the b.a.r.t. station there, not a lot of people milling around but no doubt, they'll get out the door and get going. if not, just sit back, pour yourself a nice hot cup of coffee and join us.
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thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we get a check of the temperatures before you head out this morning. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking that this morning and another cold start. >> another cold start, and it's still smoky. very unhealthy for the north bay as well as the bay and the coast. smoke alert has been extended until friday evening. that means we're not going to see any improvements this weekend. after this cold start, it will start to feel much more comfortable, but you can't spend that much time outside, so we'll talk about what's ahead for the rest of the week and leading into the weekend, coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking in oakland? >> we'll give our attention to that side of the bay t has the two issues, the first one is the bay bridge toll plaza. i showed you as the lanes started to back up a couple minutes earlier than we thought we might.
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it's a standard build right here at the toll plaza itself. no problems coming out of the maze, but if you're leaving the maze and headed south through oakland, you have a little patch of slowing from about 980. you may tap your brakes down toward 23rd. the overnight crews cleared at 5:30 but taken the last half hour until they get the speed sensors to come back up. they have to remove the cones and equipment and that's a traditional slower drive. really improving for the speeds now. the south bay and over here in the tri valley, no real problems. we just have those folks coming in out of the altamont and you'd expect that for west 580 and again, those travel times coming out of the north bay, we have a smooth drive off the carquinez bridge. there may be a crash north of that. i'm checking on that. back to you. destruction is growing across the state as wildfires burn out of control. the butte county fire the death toll there is rising from the camp fire, and now stands at 42, making the fire the deadliest in state history. this morning, dozens more people are still unaccounted for.
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coroner search and recovery teams there are really taking on the grim task of searching through that rubble and ash. that fire has burned 117,000 acres and is currently 30% contained. thousands of people remain under evacuation. nbc bay area's pete suratos joins us live in chico, where the emotional stories are emerging with so many feeling the heartbreak. you have countless stories we'll hear in the coming days. pete? >> reporter: yes, definitely so. good morning to you, laura and marcus. as we hear those stories, evacuees from the camp fire are still without a home, guys, and a good number are in the parking lot in walmart off of forest avenue and chico. some of them huddled around that area, a portable heater as they wait to get more news and as we mentioned, a lot of folks still looking for loved ones, when it comes to the camp fire. there's a facebook page
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dedicated to the specific issue to helping people locate loved ones. they can put pictures up there and descriptions as they continue to search for those loved ones. as you mentioned off the top there, guys, talking about dozens of deaths as a result of this camp fire. now we know it is the deadliest fire in california history. now the "today" show did interview a family of four in paradise area who had to split ways to escape the camp fire. we'll have the full interview later on during the "today" show. the mom had to leave with her 11-year-old daughter and the father had to leave with their 14-year-old son. here is a clip from that interview. the 11-year-old speaking about this very scary moment. >> and i felt like if i didn't make it, then -- i just wanted to stay i loved them one last time, because i didn't know if i would ever see them when it.
5:35 am
again. >> reporter: that's a lot for an 11-year-old to take in, you can only imagine. i want to point out search and rescue crews continue to identify and local any remains throughout butte county and hopefully give answers to folks who are waiting for it. taking you back out to folks live at the parking lot, evacuees getting services here. we continue to monitor this area and will provide any new updates as they come in. we're live in chico, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> just heartbreaking, hearing some of the stories but also fulfilling to see so many come together and help folks they don't know. thank you, pete. it's not over. right now two big fires burning in southern california. this map in fact shows you the spread of the flames. the hill fire burning near newbury park in that thousand oaks area there, and the woolsey fire spanning from thousand oaks
5:36 am
all the way over to malibu as well. it's killed two people so far. it's burned more than 93,000 acres. it is 30% contained. second fire the hill fire much smaller, 4,500 acres. currently 85% contained. firefighters are up against santa ana winds which are fueling the flames. >> the winds picked up 50 to 60 miles an hour and all of a sudden, it looked like it was snowing. it was actually embers flying. >> extreme conditions are expected to continue for at least another day. many of the fire victims will need help to get back on their feet. for ways you can donate, head to our website you can find a link on our home page. >> 5:36 for you right now. moment made model rocket leads to a grass fire. this is in concord last night. it happened off of barkwood court near boundary oak golf course. fortunately, no one was injured, and no structures were burned. the fire investigators there are still looking for the person who set off this model rocket. they found these items right here on your screen nearby and
5:37 am
asking for help to determine who they belong to. thousands of central american migrants from the second caravan are arriving at a temporary shelter in mexico city. now, it was a month-long journey with a lot of the help from truckers and motorists, and as with those members of the first caravan, migrants registered with mexican authorities there and offered food and clothing. mexico is actually, has also offered refugees asylum and work visas, but most migrants say that they will head to the u.s. border of tijuana, as they try to escape poverty and violence in their home countries. president donald trump has deployed more than 5,000 military troops to the border. construction booming in downtown san jose. you may have noticed it, but the next round of construction could bring taller buildings to the downtown area, even close to mineta san jose international airport. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live from san
5:38 am
jose with how the downtown skyline could actually be changing. good morning, kris. >> reporter: hi there, laura. i don't have to tell you, there is scaffolding and cranes all over downtown san jose, clearly the skyline is already booming, and the buildings that are going up now are taller than they've ever been for now. the city may further raise limits for high-rise construction in an effort to spur economic group near mineta san jose international airport and its flight path. until recently san jose kept height restrictions below the requirements of the federal aviation administration's requirement. if they change that, there could be impact to some of the airlines that fly into and out of mineta san jose. "the mercury news" reporting this morning the city is in negotiations with airlines that would have to fly with perhaps lighter loads in order to acome date a higher skyline. mayor sam liccirdo said mineta
5:39 am
is the fastest growing airport in the nation and "transforming our downtown skyline and maintaining a world class international airport each constitutes important fundamental long-term economic objective. we've had to manage conflicts between the two." those two are not the only stakeholders, and at 11:00 this morning, the labor group "working partnerships usa" is planning an announcement about the development near diridon station near google and that is one of the areas that would be impacted by this higher height restriction near downtown san jose, and near mineta san jose. that's coming at 11:00 this morning. we'll let you know what we hear about that. in san jose, kris sanchez,ed "today in the bay." >> thanks, kris. the high-rises will not affect the skyline or approach to the airport. more people, more traffic so i'll be watching that closely as well. there it is, not a problem, the south bay and peninsula right now. tri valley, east bay, everything is looking really good.
5:40 am
over here though, talked about the crash that i heard about coming into vallejo and i just got confirmed by our mapping over here, chp also had reported it, but they hadn't arrived on scene, west 80 at 780, just before the carquinez bridge, those sensors are enough to confirm there is a crash. chp does say it's reported blocking your left two lanes. they'll arrive shortly in the next couple of minutes and we'll get the details. getting toward the bay bridge, the rest of your commute just compresses at the toll plaza. let's compress this work week and get on with the weekend. who is with pme? >> i'm with you. >> by then we should see better in terms of air quality, won't be as smoky. that's great news. maybe a chance to get outside. here is a look at our forecast, throughout the week, with upper 60s and low 70s, and more of the same temperature wise going into saturday and sunday. san francisco also holding steady with those morning lows in the mid-40s, and up to about 64 to 65 degrees for the weekend. if you're heading up to lake
5:41 am
shasta, it's going to be in the upper 60s there, and some mostly sunny skies throughout the weekend, reaching up to 66 on saturday. paso robles with a high of 75 friday and right around 70 degrees so nice weather for the rest of the weekend, in carmel valley, we'll see more clouds moving in by sunday, but friday is looking like the best day of the weekend. we will talk about today's temperature trend for fremont, coming up in about three minutes. >> thanks, kari. looking forward to it. 5:41, coming up, speaking out after tragedy. the owner of the borderline bar & grill, the site of that massive bar shooting talks about healing that's beginning. it took a while, but we finally know the results of the arizona senate race that changes things. we'll look when "today in the bay" continues.
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right now, at 5:44, still smoky as you get up and get ready to head out the door. we start out with chilly temperatures. live look at 880 in fremont, already a lot of people up and out the door, as we look at our temperatures, we'll see us going from about 43 at 7:00 to 66 degrees at 1:00 today. and we're still talking about unhealthy air quality for the rest of the week. i'll have a look at that forecast coming up in less than five minutes. over here, the richmond side of that richmond to san rafael bridge we're picking up the volume. it may be lighter than you would expect at this time on a tuesday. i'll show you one of the main factors why.
5:45 am
>> thanks so much, kari and mike. it's 5:44 right now. 12 crosses are now placed outside the borderline bar & grill to honor each of the victims from last week's shooting. it happened wednesday when a former marine opened fire in a country bar in thousand oaks before eventually taking his own live. 12 killed, including a young woman from napa. >> the owner of the bar is speaking out about the devastating event and explains how the night changed for the town forever and how the community is working to recover. >> so we will, yeah, we'll come back stronger. >> authorities are still working to figure out what led that shooter to go into the bar and start shooting. investigators say he posted on social media at least twice during the shooting. new this morning, gilroy police investigating a series of armed robberies. officers are also on the hunt for a suspect. i was hoping we'd show you the picture, that's why i paused.
5:46 am
all of the robberies happened over a three-day period last week. the first last thursday afternoon, when a man walked into a store on west tenth street with a handgun and demanded money. then on friday night, the same man entered the travel part convenience store with a gun and got away with cash. saturday, police say he tried to rob a 7-eleven on first street but was unsuccessful. this morning, he's being remembered as a real life superhero. flowers placed on stan lee's hollywood walk of fame. he died yesterday at the age of 95. he created some of the greatest superheroes in the world of comic books like spider-man, iron man, fantastic four, thor and x-men. a democrat has won in kirz
5:47 am
ki arizona. >> sinema has won. both women treated the electoral process with trust and respect. >> i just called kirsten sinema and congratulated her after a hard-fought battle. i wish her all the success as she represents arizona in the senate. >> i am so honored that arizonians chose our vision of a better arizona, and now it's time to get to work. arizonians had a choice between two very different ways forward, one focused on fear and party politics, and one focused on arizona, and the issues that matter to everyday families. >> in other races, we still don't know the results of the governor's election in georgia. it could get close enough they'll have to have a runoff, and florida continues to be florida. no news this morning. congress gets back to work with a lame duck session, where lawmakers who lost their race
5:48 am
are still members of congress, can still pass laws. the talk in washington is the department of homeland security head kirsten nielsen will be the next to be fired, the protege of chief of staff general john kelly. if nielsen gets the boot, we'll see what kelly does. the president tweeting angrily about france this morning. he's upset about a report that's already been disproven that a emmanuel macron wants to create a european army. macron was misquoted. the president making fun of their president's approval rating, touching on the quality of french wine and caps it off with "make france great again." we'll continue to what's happening in washington. follow me as i tweet about it, i'm @scottmcgrew. thanks, scott. it says everything in texas is bigger. one woman is celebrating her divorce in a big way with a big bang.
5:49 am
that bang showing her family blow up her dress, that was kimberly santleben's 14-year marriage ended on saturday, she decided to get rid of her memories of walking down the aisle, her parents, sisters and brother-in-law helped fill her wedding dress with 20 pounds of explosive material. we wanted you to see it not once but twice. >> probably not reconciliation for that. >> i'm thinking it wasn't a nice parting. >> right. gotcha. >> let's move on to the forecast. >> cake and everything. >> starting out this morning, chilly temperatures, grab a jacket. it will be in the 30s and 40s. we've had these mornings before, and it continues, and then you can see the smoke lingering over san francisco right now. that will not clear. in fact, as we go through the rest of the forecast, it shows that our air quality will remain unhealthy, very light winds and actually coming in from the
5:50 am
north, so it's bringing the fire, the smoke from the camp fire down into the bay area. so we are not going to see any improvement until about the weekend, and with this camp fire, we are looking at particulate matter, what we use to measure how unhealthy the air is. when we have a spare the air day, usually the range is 150. up healthy is 151 to 200 and that's about what we've seen over the past couple of days. now, our temperatures once again, the other part of the story, starting out with some upper 30s all across the bay area, even from half moon bay, we're at 39 degrees right now, as we walk out the door in los gatos, it will only be at about 44 degrees. but it does warm up, so we're headed into the upper 60s for the afternoon, and after a nice long weekend, time to get the kids up and ready for school, in antioch, it will be about 40 degrees as you walk to school. 52, and keep in mind they will most likely be kept inside today because of that poor air
5:51 am
quality. our highs across the bay area reach into the upper 60s and low 70s. as you're starting out this morning and getting dressed, you need a warmer jacket or a coat, and then you'll probably be comfortable with some pants or jeans, maybe some slacks. now, as we go through the rest of the forecast, still a northerly wind coming in across the bay area, bringing us more of that smoke, and then as we go into the weekend, there will be a slight shift with more of a southerly and southwesterly wind kicking in. so that's the reason why we're hoping for some improvement. by next week, a lot of green. you know what that means. it's been a long time, but we will have some rain chances back in the forecast for thanksgiving into the end of the week. but we're dry for now. upper 60s and low 70s for our highs, in the inland valleys, morning temperatures in the low 40s and more of the same for san francisco as well. as we get an update on our morning commute, mike, you were saying the east shore freeway is getting a break.
5:52 am
>> it's a break but because of misfortune for folks in the north bay. the traffic around the approach toward the bay bridge is moving smoothly. we're looking at temperatures right now, i keep talking about what's going on around the bay. the issue i'm following is a north bay crash, north through vallejo. speeds are starting to recover a bit. the arrow points you westbound 80, coming down toward 780. we saw a lot of slowing the left two lanes reported blocked. chp is not yet on scene but we see that smoother drive approaching there on the speed sensors. the lanes probably cleared. that will mean more traffic down the east shore over the next few. we show you the rest of the bay and no real problems, it's a smooth drive. there's san jose, picks up the volume a bit. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you, mike. next and all new for you this hour, physicians and progress. new research with hopeful news for members of the lgbtq community looking to find a doctor. the mayor promised a cleaner san francisco within three months of her taking office. so we're here walking the
5:53 am
streets to find out if she made good on that pledge. i'm bigad shaban. our investigation, next. happening now, sacramento police officers changing where they wear their body cameras, this after body cameras of several officers were turned off during the deadly shooting of daryl richards in september. that police shooting led to widespread protests. more news after the break. it's 5:53. as you reach for yours
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
and computers this morning: 5:55 for you right now. as you reach for your phones, computers, laptops this morning, beware. scientists finally made a direct link to mental health and social media. >> they found social media can make you more depressed. according to the study from the university of pennsylvania, less time on social media means less depression. students with depressive symptoms were followed. their mood improved when they only spent 30 minutes a day on facebook, instagram and snapchat. the study also noted this reduced their feelings of loneliness. and doctors willing to -- are doctors willing to work with transgender patients? according to a new study at michigan state, the chances are high. researchers found 86% of physicians would provide them routine care, and 79% will give pap tests to transgender men.
5:57 am
the study found older doctors were less inclined to treat transgender patients. a shocking move at a major meeting of u.s. catholic leaders as they were going to vote on new measures to hold bishops accountable for the church's sex abuse scandal, the vatican stepped in to delay it. >> we don't need the vatican's permission for that to occur. >> survivors at the conference were outraged. american bishops were confused and disappointed by the delay. rome is asking any action on the sex abuse crisis wait until a global meeting that is planned in february. opening statements begin today in the trial of accused mexican druglord el chapo, accused and on trial in new york city on 17 counts, the indictment of charges from over 25 years. because he's broken out of so many other prisons, there is more law enforcement at the courthouse than ever before. he's accused of trafficking over 440,000 pounds of cocaine, among mountains of other drugs. el chapo is also accused of
5:58 am
maintaining power over his cartel through murder, kidnapping and torture. the feds are looking to seize $14 billion in assets from el chapo. to the latest installment of our investigative unit's disease streets coverage. reporter bigad shaban went back to san francisco to check on that campaign promise by mayor london breed. she said the streets would be cleaner three months after taking office. >> he joins us now what our team found. >> reporter: good morning. mayor london breed told us by this point, the people of san francisco should be able to notice significant changes on the streets and sidewalks, when it comes to the amount of trash, needles and feces. so we resurveyed 20 of the dirtiest blocks in downtown san francisco, we found 35 needles, down 39% compared to ten months ago but like before, spotted trash on every block. we found feces 159 times, that's a 67% increase.
5:59 am
san francisco's 311 data also suggests the city is getting dirtier. we compared the mayor's first three months in office to the three months prior, and found complaints to the city about needles, feces and trash have all increased. there is a lot more to the story, so to watch our full investigation, just logon to our website, that's >> he just mentioned how you get a hold of them, here is a number to call, 888-996-tips. right now at 6:00, saving lives. >> i've been up here eight years and i take the people i knew were older and tried to stop and help them. >> as wildfires rage on, we're hearing new stories of heroism in butte county. all new overnight, meet the sanitation worker who defied his bosses to get people to safety. plus, regulating scooters. one of the biggest cities in the bay area about to put rules in
6:00 am
place over those new concerns we told you about yesterday. and later this hour, prime locations. amazon set to confirm reports its new headquarter also go up outside of two major metropolitan areas, not in a mid size midwest city. the controversy this morning. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you. good tuesday morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's get to the forecast. you may be headed out the door right now. another cool start. >> another cold start. some of us are in the 30s again this morning, and we do still have the smoke blanketing the bay area. so unhealthy air quality continues as we get a look at all these little dots here in the bay area. those are actual measurements of the current air quality, and it shows it is unhealthy, and then we are going to still see some smoky skies, another cool morning, as you head out on your way to diridon station in san jose. we'll be at about 44 degrees and reaching into


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