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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 17, 2018 5:00pm-5:29pm PST

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right now at five. this is very sad to see it. right now at 5:00, seeing the tragedy first hand. president trump visits the fire zone in butte county and talks about the devastation he witnessed. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. >> thank you for joining us this evening. the president pledging action after walking through what's left of paradise. governor jerry brown and his successor gavin newsom joined the president at one point stopping in front of a destroyed home where an american flag still hangs. >> we have team coverage for you tonight beginning with nbc bay area's melissa colorado, she is live in chico where the president stopped earlier today to meet with firefighters. melissa? >> reporter: terry, this is
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where the president was, this is where he got that update from cal fire about the path of the camp fire and the work firefighters are doing to try and contain it. he pledged the full support of the federal government to california, to our fire victims but once again, he blamed poor forest mismanagement. >> because i think people have to see this really to understand it. >> reporter: compared to the green south lawn of the white house, this is another world. today president trump walked through the gray landscapes that is now the town of paradise. >> hopefully this is the last of these because this was a really, really bad one. >> reporter: he was joined by governor jerry brown, gavin newsom and the mayor of paradise. the group toured what's out cars and heepz of rubble. >> gavin's committed, we're all committed. >> reporter: one week after criticizing california for the deadly wildfires on twitter, the president said the three leaders discussed the need to priorityize forest management.
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>> we have to do management, maintenance and we'll be working also with environmental groups. they really -- i think everybody's seen the light. >> reporter: for his last stop in butte county, the president's motorcade drove into chico. he stopped at cal fire's incident command post for a briefing and a chance to thank first responders. >> the men and women fighting this fire or incredible. >> reporter: and the president was asked if seeing the damage, the devastation here in paradise changed his opinion on climate change and the president said no but many of his supporters and many protesters were here in chico to try glimpse of the president. we have that story coming up at 6:00. that's the latest here in chico. >> thank you so much for all your excellent reporting this week. the president's california visit continues after spending three hours on the ground, that's him on the left boarding air force one and then landing on the right at navy air base in
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ventura county. one thing to point out in this video is you can see the drastic difference in air quality. while in ventura county, the president is expected to tour the woolsey fire zone as well as visit with victims of the thousand oaks shooting. some evacuation orders for the camp fire were reduced to just warnings as crews are continue to go make progress up there. 148,000 acres have burned, 55% containment now. more than 9,800 homes destroyed and 71 people killed. now we're awaiting an update on the situation at the camp fire. that's coming up at 6:00. search and rescue teams were out again today. more than 1,000 people remain unaccounted for. firefighters continuing they're all out battle but with the red flag warning, conditions are challenging. then there's the problems facing evacuees. more than 100 people are sick with the noro virus an evacuees are facing a sunday deadline to
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leave a chico walmart parking lot. where they going to go? they're urging people to send cash donations instead of clothing. their donation bins are packed full. now the fire putting california in the national and international spotlight, prince fill lip and her offer their deepest sympathies to the people of california who continue to suffer from the devastating fires across the state. thankfully there was a minor improvement. this right here is a look at the haze over oakland today. let's go live now with a look over san francisco where you can see that smoke covering much of the city sky line. rob mayeda joins us now with hopefully good news. >> for the coast and san francisco we saw levels come ju the worst this hour seeing out toward concord, you can't see
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mount diablo. that is very unhealthy there. air quality indexes dropped out of the 200, we've gone from very unhealthy to unhealthy. that's as good as it gets right now. you can see half moon bay at 140. livermore at 210. the slight improvement today, the push of some marine air which is starting across the coast, just slight improvement now expected into sunday of the still looking unhealthy. the coast maybe not as bad tomorrow but we're planning on some big changes as we go through the next seven days as the weather system offshore brings a lot of wind. that's good news. th to clear out our skies and also finally some real rain back in the forecast. the timeline for the better air quality and the rain making a biwe wgl see you then, has led toor some you. the smoke from the camp fire populaay for the big game. christie smith continues our coverage for us live from
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berkeley. >> reporter: that's right. no big game. in fact, its rather quiet here. what you found outside of the stadium is a sign explaining that the big game has been postponed due to poor air quality. we see people staying indoors wearing masks and there are a number of places in the bay area today where people can't go. at berkeley ace hardware the line for n95 respiratory masks is long. >> its been crazy. we've sold out every dayce carp says yesterday they sold about 3,500 admasks to set limits on many people can buy. >> its one valve, one without and if they want more than that, they have to go back through line. >> reporter: at cal memorial stadium was quiet. the big game rescheduled. in the city, a minor improvement in air quality today but it was
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another hazy day of people seeking protection with masks and tourists took notice. >> when we crossed the bridge, i've never seen anything like this. we almost canceled our trip because of the smoke and the air quality was so bad and we were afraid we wouldn't be able to see any of the sights. >> reporter: they found the tower closed and ft. point. >> figured. everything seems to be closed. >> reporter: trips to alcatraz are off this weekend. no cable cars this weekend. there are shuttles instead for the bay area, another spare the air day. >> the smoke is bad, but we're making the best of it. >> reporter: the store managers we spoke with today, if people are looking for those masks they want to call ahead and make sure they are in stock. as for the big game it was rescheduled for december 1st. reporting live in berkeley, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thanks a lot.
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we did have a game, the smokey skies did not keep san jose state football fans out of the stands or players off the fields despite classes being canceled thursday and friday. still got football on saturday. spartans played their last home game of the season. they did move kickoff up to noon hoping the air quality could be better if they played earlier. security guards out there wearing masks. fans said they did not want to miss this one. >> its a lot better than it has been the last couple days from what i can tell here and early enough noon time game, it'll get worst probably, but i haven't seen them yet, i'm wearing my shirt and i'm going. >> the spartans lost to the nevada wolf pack 21-12. we'll be tracking the latest on the air quality as well as the fire on our home page, still ahead, the flames down
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destroyed in the woolsey fire. virus. there's a little bit of hope for a piece of hollywood history destroyed in the woolsey fire. paramount ranch is iconic western town burned as the
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flames swept through the hills in southern california last week. the 90-year-old set is designated as a historic site so the national park service want to rebuild it. they're raising money to rebuild a temporary set with the goal of building a new permanent, more fire resistant one. so far, the woolsey fire has scorched more than 98,000 acres and its 82% contained. more than 2,700 central american migrants who crossed mexico are in the border city of tijuana tonight. the vast majority camped as a sports complex. the mayor of tijuana says the city is preparing for an influx that's going to last at least six montmeco's government estim there are -- could be 10,000 migrants from the caravan headed to tijuana. they all face a long wait, border inspectors are only processing about 100 asylum claims a day at tijuana's main crossing to san diego.
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still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00, its our favorite part of the holiday season. >> our chance to give back and "feed the need." some familiar faces here at nbc bay area. i know all these people. its amazing. >> how do you know them? >> how you can pitch in this holiday season? >> the view outside still involves a lot of smoke, but we're starting to see some changes for better air quality and rain set to make a big comeback as we head to the seven-day forecast. more people
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relying on food banks to help feed their families. more people than ever are relying on food banks to help feed their families. >> nbc bay area news is making it easy to give back by partnering with safeway for our annual "feed the need" food drive. donations are still coming in. they'll be coming in until christmas day, laura. >> reporter: that's right. i am at the second harvest food bank and take a look here at these hard working volunteers. they have been here all day long. this has just a small sample of the food they havete all the food from this crate will be taken back into the warehouse where it will be sorted and given away and there's another even easier way for you to doing our annual "fe the need" food drive. >> reporter: one by one volunteers and friendly faces from nbc and telemundo reach out to others in hopes that they too will reach out to those in need.
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joseph schatz from santa clara have been there. >> we were out of work for almost two years and we struggled and almost lost our home and had a lot of trouble but now we're back in the pink. >> reporter: now he's paying it forward through "feed the need," our stations annual holiday food drive. >> try and help everybody i can, but around the holidays i like to donate a little more so i donated $50. >> reporter: the need this year is unprecedented. >> we're in a predicament this year. we're serving more families than we ever have, we're serving 260,000 individuals every month and also right now we're seeing some extra need because of the fires up north. >> reporter: a thought seconded by alley from the junior league. >> there's a lot of need with the fires. >> reporter: its as easy as tearing off a flier for a one, five or $10 donation and paying for it along with your food. $10 will buy a bag of food for people who otherwise might go
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hungry. >> anything that people can do to help people get food they need is just so important. >> reporter: get this, as of about 15 minutes ago, the total number of "feed the need" hunger bags reached almost 14,000. that is amazing but unfortunately it is still not enough to feed all the hungry people here in the bay area. so if you haven't had a chance to donate, our food drive runs through christmas day. reporting live from san jose, nbc bay area news. >> still plenty of time to help, thank you. another big push to help those in need this holiday season and hath one from cub scouts on the peninsula. >> the smoke didn't stop the scouts from participating in their annual scouting campaign. the smokey skies, they don't care. cub scouts just keeping doing it in foster city. continuing the tradition. they were out in force this morning. collecting donations people left out on their front porches.
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its goal was to pick up more than 1,200 pounds. >> some were with their face skson. many of the scout parents were out with the face masks on. but there were a couple kids getting the job done. >> pacific skyline says each year they get about 80,000 pounds of food. >> wow. >> and that helps 15,000 families have a nice holiday meal. >> they had their masks in hand and they were ready to go. its been a really rough week, though. >> ten days of it. >> and its the perfect storm for poor air quality. we had that massive wildfire still ongoing and strong high pressure which ifout, we would still be seeing spare the air days around the bay area as it all began about ten days ago. the smoke pouring down into the bay area, strong offshore winds and strong high pressure setting up acting like a lid trapping that smoke and as you went through the last few days, again, that strong high pressure
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typical of winter time spare the arizona pollution wasn't good to 150 range just from locally produced air pollution. add in that extra smoke and you get to understand. wildfire smoke just trapped over us without anywhere to go. unhealthy for most of the bay area. very unhealthy for inland. a little bit of relief in half moon bay. very unhealthy. 59 degrees. we'll take you into san jose. unhealthy, 57 degrees. a lot of hazy skiesre san francisco, a bit of a breeze picking up. helping to bring down numbers just slightly today. currently as 52 degrees. winds have changed a bit. you might have noticed a littlea and san francisco. you can see why we got the breeze there. lookinor the sea breeze going through at least mid-day so
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we're hopeful we may see the numbers come down a little bit around mid-day and for the morning hours. morning temperatures will be chilly. 30s and 40s outside to start the day. high temperatures tomorrow with those hazy skies in the low 60s with unhealthy air for most of the bay area, locally unhealthy around the coast where the breeze will pick up inland, very unhealthy conditions. now things will begin to improve as we get into tuesday and wednesday. you see the rain making a comeback there and a stronger system due in thursday into friday. so if you have travel plans on wednesday, better airternn we'r thanksgiving we've got snow flying there. we could see quite a bit adding up from uali starting mid-week. storm number two goes on by and as we head through the end of the holiday weekend, will begin to see clearing skies as high pressure makes a comeback.
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we're looking at poor air quality probably through about tuesday, then things really start to change-up. tuesday afternoon into wednesday, you can see the rain makes a comeback. seven-day forecast from the middle to the right side of the screen brings the rain. much better air quality and a break from these bad air conditions which we're setting an all-time record for cumulative hours from unhealthy to very unhealthy range. it looks like we'll still be dealing with those air quality issues through tuesday but big relief coming in the middle part of the week. >> can you imagine how we' have rain rates higher up in parts of northern california. some of them could be times. still ahead, so many people asking how they can help the victims of the california wildfires. >> we'll introduce you to one morgan hill man who springs into action every time disaster strikes. it'll make you "bay area proud."
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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. the dona donations for victims of the camp fire are coming from across the bay area but the donations aren't just for people. >> a morgan hill man is transporting relief ssupie for all the lost and stranded animals up there in the fire zone. garvin thomas has the story in tonight's "bay area proud." >> reporter: michael lancaster is a lifelong lover of animals, but it was only a few years ago that he first felt called to action in the aftermath of a wildfire and, well, he hasn't
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stopped helping since. paradise valley in morgan hill is one of those rural pockets in the bay area where pickup trucks can always be put to good use. but the dodge in michael lancaster's driveway has recently been put to better use than most. >> bag of bowls, leashes. >> reporter: it is quickly filling up with supplies to help the animals and their owners who have been devastated by the camp fire. >> good morning, guys. >> reporter: it will be michael's thirtr the past week. >> that's what i dropped off this morning. >> reporter: michael has been doing this so many times foro long, that when people in his network see flames on their tv, they know michael will be heading their soon. >> i put the word out thursday and i said i was leaving at 2:00 a.m. friday, my truck was full. >> reporter: his dog and cat food filled missions of mercy began not long after michael, a
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former firefighter moved to the bay area. 2015's valley fire erupted and it occurred to michael he was well-equipped to do some good. in the three years since, michael guesses he has made some 30 relief trips all over northern and southern california knowing wherever there are people in need, there companions are too. >> the animals, they can't talk. so we speak for them. >> reporter: i first heard about michael earlier this year when he was given a community award for all his service. well, he's clearly not resting on his laurels. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michael and thank you, garvin. absolutely. we'll be right back. i am a family man.
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at covered california, you can get health insurance at a lower cost. in fact, enrollees pay an average of $5 per day. see how little it costs to get covered. visit today. to help victims of the camp
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fire. in san jose, hundreds cam a lot of people are stepping up to help victims of the camp fire. >> in san jose hundreds of people came by to drop off donations. a few friends came to the organizers drive, shared it through social media, today they were overwhelmed by the support as you can see. they even had to shut down early because the trucks and fillers they had were already overflowing. >> everybody wants to help everyone. >> its heart-warming. its really -- its something to see all those kids out there and families that need help and this is -- folks dropped off everything. they had dog food, gift cards, toilet paper, you name it, it was there. the supplies are headed north to the evacuation zone. >> nobody's letting the weather stop them from getting out there. >> we're back at 6:00, "nbc nightly news" is next. >> see you then.
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tonight, was it a royal hit job? the cia says saudi arabia's crown prince ordered the brutal killing of a journalist. after calling the saudi's a great ally, is president trump convinced? the desperate search for more than 1,000 people still unaccounted for in california's deadliest ldfire. the president takes a firsthand look at the devastation. thousands of central american migrants arrive at the u.s. border filling camps in mexico before applying for asylum in the united states. voters ban a controversial sport, what will happen to thousands of ds


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