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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 17, 2018 6:00pm-6:29pm PST

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are about to give a update. first, complete coverage of the president's visit and his comments about what he witnessed. let's turn things over now to melissa colorado who continues our coverage tonight. melissa? >> reporter: this is where the president got an update from cal fire about the campfire and all of the work that is going into trying to get it fully contained. once again the president criticized the forest management saying we need to look at how other countries manage their forest finland. >> he looked out the window and just waved to all of us. i think it is really cool because a lot o time. >> face masks lining the road today in anticipation for president trump's motorcade.
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>> i was surprised so many people had their red hats on. >> most voters in this county voted for then candidate trump in 2016. >> it means a lot that he is coming here and supporting us. >> around 12:30 the president and his security detail arrived sparking a yelling match between president trump supporters and protestors that refuse to forgive the president for last week's controversial tweets blaming forest management for the fires. >> he can coming here and making it worse. >> he is helping.. >> president trump walked through paradise flanked by the governor and brock long. then in chico the president got a update on the camp nd what is being done to contain
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it. president trump thanking firefighters and law enforcement for their effort. >> it is like total devastation. republicans are adding millions more to the co-callhf so-called that would help. gavin new sm said she grateful for that funding and he is looking forward to state and federal officials working together in the years ahead to help this community rebuild. in chico, i'm melissa colorado. thank you, the president's visit continues after spending three hours on t on the left bo e venra county. one thing you want to point out here in this video is you can see the drastic difference in that air quality. in ventura county the president is expected to tour the woolsy
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fire zone and visit with the victims of the thousand oaks shooting. >> the last time a sitting president visits bouke county. a massive lightning storm sparked wild fires up and down the state. president bush toured it with arnold schwarzenegger and dianne feinstein. >> more than 98 homes destroyed, 71 people killed. right now more than 1,000 people remain there. conditions are challenging, they are put in the national
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spotlight. the queen is offering deepest sympathies to those suffering from the fires. >> and among them, a serge and rescue team made up of firefighters in the south bay. more than 40 members from the task force three left a warehouse just a few minutes ago. they loaded up a dozen vehicles with 50,000 pounds of equipment to help. >> some of the camp fire evacwees will be evacuated again. the time is running out, many are running out and trying to figure out where they're going to go next. >> yeah, live there tonight with a update for us. they have until noon so get out, is that the correct timeline? >> yes, and a lot of the people
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here have a problem because there is really not that many places for them to go. people have been here for days here near their cars. people have helped feed them and find services, but the nearby walmart asked them to leave, and the portable lights and restrooms brought in are going to be removed and people are told to go to local shelters instead. >> what are you going to do after tomorrow? >> i don't know. hopefully tomorrow is a better day and we find somewhere to st down, we have to move out of here by morning. >> many of the people here are concerned about going to local
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shelters because they're crowded and a few have had nonorovirus outbreaks. one store is not slated to open until next week and there are forecasted rains that should get here some time next week. the problem for these people is that once it starts raining this field will likely turn into a muddy cold mess and that could cause a problem for them. reporting live in chico, nbc bay area news. >> big problems, thank you. it is becoming an all too commonmateo bridge. there could be some relief in sight. there is some rain in the forecast, maybe that will help us out. >> we could see rain and wind picking up short term, a little relief today as the breeze came back in off of the ocean. still very close to 200 and that
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is the 200 number that is considered very unhealthy where you're not expected to spend any time outside. notice in fran it is now 155, still technically unhealthy, you can see half moon bay to san francisco, the best of the bad air quality right now. but some purple codes still up there. the breeze picking up little off of the ocean. it should carry over into sunday seeing some slight improvement for san francisco and the coast. you will notice here spare the air days all of the way through tuesday. once you get past tuesday, big time changes as you see the wind pick up, it may come back, we think some snow as well. let's look at the incoming time line coming up in ten minutes. >> a lot of people stayed
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indoors, a lot of tourists hot spots. christie, today was supposed to be a huge day there in berkeley. >> that's right. it was supposed to be postponed. over poor air quality, we have seen people staying inside wearing masks and finding out where theyan't go. >> the san francisco hardware store, the n 95 masks went fast. >> across the bay, it is their hardware store and they had to limit how many masks people bu. >> she has never been here
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before. it is pretty disappointing. >> we're only -- i have never seen anything like this. we almost canceled our trip because the smoke and the air quality was so bad and we were afraid we would not see any of the sights. al alcatraz is closed, also the cable cars. >> another day with smoke and haze, aer airy. >> we're making the best of it. >> now the store managers that we spoke with here today, they are going to look for those n 95 masks, it is important to call ahead and make sure they have them in stock. reporting live in berkeley, christie smith bay area news. >> a good tip, thank you.
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>> we will track the latest on that air quality for you as well as on our web page. follow us on all of our digital platforms to find updates. >> still to come, we continue to track the destruction called by the woolsy fire. and securing a superintendent job, a candidate in a contentious race declaring victory tonight. closed captioning provided by --
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you're looking at a live picture from chico. fire and emergency officialing talking about the latest information, the latest update on the camp fire up there in butte county. we'll have a recap later in this newscast. we have 55% containment. 149,000 acres burned. the death toll at 71. more than 1,000 people remain unaccounted for. flames have destroyed 9800 homes, we'll bring you another update later. >> 11 days after the election, and we finally know who will be california's new superintendent. tony pulled ahead in the razor thin count. on twitter he is saying he was
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elected to serve the six million students of california. he is an advocate for tradition that public schools and he beat out marshall puck who called him to concede today. more people in the bay area are relying on food banks to feed their families. >> fortunately giving back is easy. nbc bay area live from san jose where donations are coming in. lara? >> reporter: that is right, i'm at the second harvest food bank, and take a look at thesear volu been here all day long. people have been donating items all day long. this is just a small sample of . all of this food will go into the warehouse where it has been sorted and given away and now there is an even easier way for you to give back. >> what we're doing this morning
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is our feed the need food drive. >> one by one volunteers and friendly faces from nbc and telemundo reach out to others in hope they will reach out to those in need. when i didn't have anything people donated and helped me out. and now i'm a little more fortunate, so i like to return the favor. >> now he is paying it forward to feed the need, our station's annual holiday food drive. >> i try telp everybody that i can, but around the holidays i like to donate more, so i donated $50. >> the need this year is unprecedented. >> we're in a predicament this year. we're serving more families than we ever have, we're serving 260,000 families this month, and we're seeing extra need because of the fires up north. >> a thought seconded by ali with the junior league. >> it is as easy as tearing off
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a flier at safeway registers for a $1, $5, or $10 donation and paying for it with your food. a bag of food for people that might go hungry. >> this day alone brings in 30% to 40% of the money for the campaign. our food drive runs through december 25th, so you still have time to give. reporting live from san jose, laura sambell. >> i was out there in santa clara, you were in mill valley, right? >> yeah, everyone came out and good support despite the air quality. >> yeah, three more days of this before things begin to change, you might have noticed a bit of a the air unhealthy to unhealthy, to spare
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slightly. not much change inland. concord and napa still very unhealthy at this time. the air quality index, hazy skies take you into san jose. that smoke index in the 150s. currently at about 53 degrees. a slight change on shore push of air. getting better air in from the west, seeing just a little bit of that right now, and the short range outlook for your sunday shows if that push continues, we might see a brief braeak from te bad air at the coast and parts overall unhealthy air continues to have the pat everyone holding through tuest comes back. we could have patchy frost in the north bay. tomorrow hazy skies staying in the low to mid 60s for highs,
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and the bad air pattern that started with the camp fire has also ensured that we have been in what is likely now a 13 day stretch of spare the air days. strong high pressure would have brought in spare the air days. this will scour it out. we have two storms, one coming in on wednesday bringing rain and potentially heavy rain the plan on rain making a enough fo. winter weather setting friday after thanksgiving for saturday. for the end of the holiday weekend as things look right now, good air quality and perhaps things trying to dry out a little bit towards the end of that ten-day outlook. big changes coming up as we start to lose the bad air quality. i think san francisco will break out as early as tuesday.
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probably going to have to wait for about tuesday. that is a welcome sight in terms of the air quality, the snow in the sierra. that is the other side of the story. we will be watching closely for the second half of next week. >> thank you, rob. we'll be right back. thre )sr
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a piece of hollywood history destroyed in the woolsey fire. paramount ranch )s iconic "western town" burned as the tl piece for hollywood history destroyed in the wosey re as the flames swep through last week. a 90-year-old set designed as a historic sigte.
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so they want to rebuild it, they're going to rebuild a temporary set with the goal of a new permanent more fiery sis ta -- fire resistant one. so for at woolsey situation -- six tourists in chicago were in an elevator on the 95th floor on friday, and the elevator stopped near the 11th floor, it took them more than two hours to get the tourists out of there. the elevator did pass an inspection in july but it will be closed until it gets repaired. it stopped at the 11th floor, if i'm in the elevator that's the good news. >> if i'm in that elevator, i will never get in another one again. let's go to sports now, here is dave feldman.
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>> the story of the week in sports, the draymond green conflict. one guy that we have not heard from is steph curry. that is until tonight. he addressed the media before the warriors game in dallas. here what steph had to say up next in dallas. >> an actor always prepares. has
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the dubs and their delicate kd/draymond situation.....and that is this....if steph curry had been around that i am dave feldman. and that is this, if steph curry had been around in that game, this whole situation would not have gone down the way it did. steph is missing the game with a groin situation and will miss at least another week. >> it sucks not to play with th it as a team, i watt ththe way
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handled it, it is about the team. and the conversation that we all had, one on one, as a team, it is keeping that in mind. we have an opportunity to do something extremely special this year. there is going to be ups and downs and bumps in the road. self inflicted or from outside. at the end of the day, nothing should distract us fromis. >> steph out and draymond out, the warriors visiting the dallas maveric mavericks. later, durant being guarded by the former warrior harrison barns. can't handle kd on that one. it was not all great early, durant turned the ball over and dallas goes the other way. the warriors are up right now s. the first place san jose sharks halfway through a home
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stand, hosting the blues who are in last place in the central decision, the coverage starts with sharks pregame live at 7:00. the puck drop at 7:30. >> the big game between stanford at cal, first quarter, to josh oliver for a one-yard touchdown pass. here comes the wolf pack. gangi keeping it on the options. reno takes the lead, third quarter, same score, gangi under pressure finds o'leary. and while the raiders are in arizona getting ready to take care of arizona, marshawn lynches is giving awayoakland. they gave out soup, turkey, and
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stuffing. it is the 12th strakt year for the family first foundation having this give away. that is all for sports. i'm dave feldman. we'll have more news after the break. [ phone rings ] what?! ready for christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he.
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the end of the bad air is getting closer every second that goes by. >> a big change coming, but still right now unhealthy air across the bay area. the worst of it in the east bay. we'll likely see it tomorrow,
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and the change tomorrow beginning on tuesday night and rain making a come back. wednesday into thursday, if you have travel plans on wednesday, snow in the sierra finally after a 13 day stretch. we're back tomorrow at 11:00, hope you can join us then. >> yeah, have a good night. news special, "bay area proud." eugene yoon: i climbed several mountains, yes, i did. announcer: an east bay man wonders how to top a single grand act of kindness. i climbed several mountains, yes i did. >> an east bay man wants to top a single grand act of kindness. his answer with 1,000 small ones. >> that is a prey phenomenal job. a sun unable to be by his father's side figures out a way. a music therapist wanting to give her patient a moment to
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remember. ends up enlisting a broadway star for a serenade. >> i want that for me. when my time comes. >> but first, it was just completely mangled. >> a surgeon calls, an amputation needed. but then getting creative. >> here is gar vin thomas. ving. it was the creativity of a san francisco fire chief one year ago that has one man grateful to have his life and his leg. announcer: it was on this very corner of san francisco's park presidio bypass that nico seber's life took


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