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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 17, 2018 11:00pm-11:28pm PST

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they're fighting and they're fighting like hell. >> right now at 11:00, seeing the destruction up close. president trump tours the disaster zone and pledges action. but first, hunkering down. the air quality still keeping people inside this weekend. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good eveningsweeney. we'll have a complete report on the president's visit in just a minute. >> that's right. but first a quick check with meteorologist rob mayeda who's tracking those dangerous conditions in the air. rob, what can we expect?
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some rain perhaps? >> yes, big changes showing up probably about three days out, but tonight just a slight push of the sea breeze helping out air quality levels compared to the same time last night. you notice san francisco 1:20 right now. let's rewind 24 hours ago, you had very unhealthy 225 at this time last night. you can see from the inland east bay things were much worse last night, numbers improving slightly except out toward concord still very unhealthy. as we go through the day tomorrow those slight onshore sbreez breezes should keep the bay and coast seeing the lowest levels in terms orowut still uny with spare the air days following us to tuesday and it's going to change tuesday because skies and bring lot of rain and sierra snow our way. a look at the big changes heading our way in the forecast coming up in 12 minutes. >> thank you, rob. we will see you in a bit. our coverage of today's air quality does not stop here. in five minutes we'll take a look at the way smoke is
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impacting nightlife. marianne favro has a live report. now to our other top story, a firsthand look at the devastation in paradise. the president stepping off air force one and into a disaster zone. we have team coverage on the camp fire. we begin with bay area's melissa colorado with more on the president's visit and some tense reaction from the community. >> reporter: they've thrown verbal jabs at one another but today president trump, governor jerry brown and his successor gavin newsom put the politics aside and showed a united front for the fire victims here in butte county. >> he looked out the window and just waved to all of us. and i think it's really cool because paradise is going through a tough time.i live the saturday. was surprised there were so many people with the red hats on. i figured it won be as many. >> reporter: it shouldn't come as a shock. after all most voters in butte county voted for then candidate trump in 2016. >> it just means a lot that the
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president's coming here and supporting us. >> trump get out! >> reporter: around 12:30 the president and his security detail arrived, sparking a yelling match between president trump supporters and protesters. who refused to forgive the president for last week's controversial tweets blaming california's forest management for the fires. >> this is a tragedy and he's coming here and making it worse. >> he's helping. >> how is he helping? >> god bless trump! >> reporter: president trump walked through paradise, flanked by governor jerry brown, his successor gavin newsom, and fema administr brock long. then in chico the president got an update on the path of the camp fire and what'sto contain . president trump thanked firefighters and law enforcement for their work. >> we've never seen anything like this in california. we've never seen anything like this. it's like total devastation. >> reporter: in chico melissa colorado, nbc bay area news.
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>> the president also got a look at the devastation in southern california. he toured part of the woolsey fire zone in malibu this afternoon. governor brown and governor-elect newsom joined him there as well. the president also briefly met with families and first responders of the thousand oaks shooting. the smoke has cleared in some parts of paradise, giving us a look at the widespread damage. it is all over up there. firefighters from menlo park captured this picture with a drone today. buildings and homes there reduced to memories by the camp fire. and we have new videoamp fire is il very much a threat. this footage captured by crews frheck fire department. one of many fire departments up there to help. just a few hours ago a briefing by firefighters and law enforcement. so far the fire has burned 149,000 acres and is now 55% contained. that's up slightly since last night. the planes have destroyed more
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than 9,800 homes, and sadly the death toll is once again rising. tonight it stands at 76. the sheriff's office has positively identified six of those people. more than 1,200 others remain unaccounted for. dozens of evacuees will soon be evacuated again. nbc bay area's sergio quintana is live in chico tonight, where sergio, they're being told they've got to go. >> reporter: yeah, anoushah, i butte county fairgrounds, which is down in gridly. unfortunately, that's about a half hour away,ch camped out at this tent village in chico. on the night of the fire arturo cesena managed to get out of his home in magalia safely p but this lot has been home ever since. by noon sunday everyone has been told to leave. what are you planning on doing after tomorrow? >> i don't know.
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i'm living day by day right now. >> reporter: he would like to stay in chico if possible. do you have any family anywhere else anywhere? >> southern california, ohio. but that's too far. i've got my job right here in chico, and i still have it, and i'm grateful for that. >> reporter: moving to the new shelter in gridly would mean an extra half hour commute to work. over the last several days this at the point village has become an i am improvised distribution spot to helphis the go-to spot people who didn't want to go to shelters. >> trying to keep everybody happy and busy and then quick get on a bus and go to some center even farther away. >> reporter: at the nearby chico mall a massive fema center is now the spot for people t apply iurance claims. but many people at the tent village are reluctant to go to shelters, in part because of a norovirus outbreak at one of the red cross facilities. people like arturo cesena are unsure where to go. in chico, sergio quintana, nbc bay area news.
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happening tomorrow, senator kamala harris will visit the burn zone in butte county. now, this is video back from august when she met with victims of the mendocino complex fire. back our coverage of the dangerous air quality across the bay area. this is a live look from emeryville toward san francisco. out there some way. a little hard to make out the bridge there because of the smoke but the view is better than it's been in the last few days. which tells you nbc bay area's mavro is in campbell with a closer look at the toll this air quality is taking. marianne. >> reporter: a lot of people are hanging out here in downtown campbell tonight despite the smoky air. many say they've been cooped up for so long they were getting a little stir crazy. happy to be outside if just for a few minutes. the 6-year-old has asthma and has been sidelined for more than a week because of the unhealthy air. >> i couldn't ride my bike.
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because of the smoke. >> reporter: his mom carries his inhaler just in case, and he wears a mask. still he says he just doesn't feel good. >> i've been coughing a lot. >> reporter: in berkeley today others seeking relief waited in long lines at hardware stores for coveted n95 masks. >> it's been crazy. we've basically sold out every day since the fire started. >> reporter: but even those lucky enough to get a mask found the poor air quality limited their weekend was quiet. the big game rescheduled. in san francisco coit tower was closed and cable cars shuttered for now. and the golden g national rec ar now several weekend closures. >> planning to go to alcatraz but that closed. >> reporter: we found people in campbell sitting by fire pits despite smoke already in the air. but mateo is coughing and has had enough. he and his parents are heading
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home. another spare the air alert has been issued for tomorrow. reporting live in campbell, marianne pfaff r., nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thank you very much. and we are tracking the air quality and the camp fire on our home page, you can also download our free nbc bay area app to keep up to date. new at 11:00, rescue divers pulled the body of a man out of the water near the alvista marina in san jose this afternoon. the police say that around 3:00 some boaters called 911 to report a body. it's not clear death but investigators say they do not suspect foul play at this point. the body was found about a mile away from the al vista marina's bow launch. a community is coming together to celebrate the life of a young woman killed in the thousand oaks shooting massacre. the family of alaina housley held a private funeral on thursday, but tomorrow they're inviting the public to come
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celebrate her life. people are being asked to wear bright colors in honor of alaina. the celebration of life is happening at noon at her alma mater. alaina graduated from vintage high school back in june. before starting classes at pepperdine university. still to come, an exchange between chipotle and its customers going viral tonight. when the camera turned off, the manager was fired. the new details coming to light. and not just a bride wedding day. a new trend in the industry that's never been seen before. how weed and weddings are coming together. we could wake up to a bit of patchy frost in the north bay and some areas of smoke. another spare the air day tomorrow. but changes in the pacific that will bring rain and sierra snow our way. the details hour by hour when we come right back.
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we're learning new details in the killing of "washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi. inside the saudi consulate in turkey. president trump spoke with his cia chief and top diplomat today about it. he's also saying a full report on the matter is due in a matter of days. the cia had reportedly concluded that the saudi crown prince did order the journalist's killing. mr. trump has yet to confirm that report. also today the president called saudi arabia a truly spectacular al last month ward severe punishment if saudi leaders were found to have played a role. another heated controversy involving race on twitter this weekend. >> apparently we got no money. >> a chipotle restaurant in st. paul, minnesota is under fire for asking several black men to
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pay for their meal first. usually, chipotle makes your meal first and then you pay. but in this video posted by a user named massoud ali the manager is telling them they have to pay first because they don't have money when they normally come into the restaurant. that manager was fired and apparently the manager thought it was the same group of men who were unable to pay for their meal days before. but after that tweet and this video went viral twitter users began to post old tweets believed to be from the same person who posted this. they and his frien at past without paying. new at hottest wedding trend that has many couples flouting federalla in states where recreational marijuana is now legal, newlyweds are choosing to add pot to their parties. with weed legal in nine states now it's a whole new business model for some wedding planners. >> it's not just that people smoke marijuana at a wedding like this. you're talking about decorating the wedding -- >> yeah, absolutely. like there's cannabis in the
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flowers and at the altar. and there's flower in the bouquet and in the groom's boutonniere. >> okay. the budding business may put a dent in wedding services that focus on alcohol. however, a lot of couples see marijuana as a replacement for drinks. new video tonight showing a bit of good from inside the burn strike team from paradise. they found this deer tangled in a power line. you can see firefighters were able to cut him free. those poor animals probably wondering what the heck is going on. >> down here we're wondering to a lesser degree our problem is the bad area. >> air quality having a lasting impact. very unhealthy to unhealthy air around the bay area. and actually, tonight it has improved very slightly compared to what is probably the peak of this event. i think it occurred last night.
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right now san francisco and half moon bay, santa rosa back into the orange. that is unhealthy for sensitive groups. and still very unhealthy in concord, but if we remind to this time last night you can see the levels were actually much higher in san francisco and oakland and out toward livermore. so the slight improvement made possible by a very subtle change in the wind today. we had a little bit of a sea breeze pick up this evening, which some of the models indicate we rapid refresh weather model, which by the way we use for rainfall, wind direction, and sometimes how much it's going to rain. it also can t closer look at air pollution and how the winds interact near ground level. so during the day tomorrow a weak sea breeze. you still see unhealthy air inland but it looks like into the afternoon, the coast especially, some of the gains we made today in terms of bringing down the worst of the air quality might hold up for another day. but here's the problem. it went from very unhealthy to unhealthy. so that's as good as it gets. for tomorrow into monday.
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tuesday. probably the last of the spare the air days. that will be the 13th day in a row before big changes in the form of rain and more wind coming in toward wednesday. for the morning patchy frost. mostly fog again for the morning. as we ge into the afternoon hazy skies. highs in the low to mid 60s. ahead of those big changes as we begin to head toward wednesday. now look at the winds wednesday morning 7:00 a.m. that's going to start to push the smoke away from the bay area. it's the first of two storm systems that comes in. that's the storm for wednesday. tapering off. as we go into wednesday night. but wednesday could be a big travel day. if you can head up to the sierra. thanksgiving. notice the rain in the bay area. off and on from the morning through about midday. decreasing around 7:00. then we'll see another storm, probably the stronger of the two, set up late thanksgiving night into friday morning and midday. you see that system going on through with some scattered showers into saturday. third system we think will fall apart on sunday as high pressure begins to build back in. so here's the good news for the sierra. cold enough for snow above 6,000
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feet. could see the first winter storm watches or winter weather rizries going up for holiday travel. keep that in mind if you're heading to the high country now. for the bay area this possibly could be the most rain we've seen since march or april as most places in the north bay might see as much as an inch or more in some of those higher hilltops and if we bet an inch or more in the hills around the bay area that would be the most rain since about april 6th. now, the problem with the big fires we've seen recently, some of the biggest rain totals we could see around northern california highlighted here in the purple and white could include four to five inches of rain. around the camp fire. so that's going to help put out some of the fire, but debris flows could be possible. also the burn zone of the carr fire up to the north. that is the other side of the wildfire scenario now as we get into the rainy pattern setting up again. we're going to have to watch out for that for thee ek. but i do think good air quality makes a big comeback thursday night into wednesday and from there we should be pretty good air qualitiwise, but watching
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how much rain falls in the fire zone, that will be something to watch later next week. >> better days to come. >> and soon. thanks, rob. still to come, hockey and hoops. the warriors and the sharks both playing tonight. >> yeah, dave feldman has your highlights coming up in sports. and we've got snl snl. >> hi, guys. i'm steve carell and i'm hosting "saturday night live" with musical guest ella mai, and we're on next. exactly.
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a rough week for the warriors on and off the court. there was the k.d.-draymond spat on monday that led to draymond getting suspended for tuesday's game. then thursday against houston the warriors set season lows in a number of categories, including points, assists, steals, and three-point field goals. golden state trying to right the ship tonight in dallas. you've got the warriors and the mavericks. draymond green not in this one because of an injury. kevin durant was and found andre
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iguodala. warriors were up one. their next possession, though, luka doncic, the rookie, a floater. mavericks regained the lead. 12 seconds left. klay thompson off the inbounds misses the jumper. rebound goes. dallas ball. warriors lose 112-109. san antonio tomorrow. dubs have lost three of their last four. harrison barnes happy, steph not so much. sharks at the tank hosting st. louis. so second period no score, san jose on the power play, erik san jose shark. three minutes later sharks with a two on shot save but joe pavi nets the rebound. his 12th. 2-0 san jose. a minute later sharks aren't done. this time evander kane. his seventh. san jose victorious over st. louis. three wins now on the season-long six-game home stand. and that'll do it for sports. i'm dave feldman. terry and anoushah with more news right after the break. i am a family man.
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now more than ever families in the bay area are relying on food banks to help p >> nbc bay area's making it even easier. we partnerith safeway for ou you might have spotted our nbc bay area and telemundo 48 news teams at your local safeway store today. we were all over the place. to kick off the month-long effort to fight hunger in the bay area. helping is as easy as tearing off a flyer at the register for a $1, $5 or $10 donation and paying for it along with your groceries. >> this day alone brings in 30% to 40% of the food for this entire campaign, and we're just so grateful for everyone's outpouring of support. >> i can tell you it was happening in mill valley.
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>> it was happening in santa clara too. >> danville. >> danville? we've got it covered. shoppers donated more than 15,000 bags of food. the feed the need drive goes all the way through christmas day. >> a lot of really generous people out thenating. we saw lot of that. >> one last look at your sunday forecast. >> hazy skies. spare the air day tomorrow. and we think probably through about tuesday. but you see the reason why the air quality's going to improve. rain and wind coming back wednesday with sierra snow and rain totals we hope by the end of the week to be maybe one to two inches in some portions of the coastal mountains. >> i will not miss the smoke. >> no. >> thanks for watching. "saturday night live" coming up next. >> have a good night. it's time for sleep number's veterans day sale on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed
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