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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 19, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. meteorologist kari hall has a look at our forecast. >> that's been really important over the past few days, we deal with unhealthy air quality and there will be some improvement on the way as we go throughout the week but it's still smoky this morning as you get ready to step out the door. here is a live look outside in san francisco, and our air quality continues to remain unhealthy due to the drifts of smoke, the spare the air alert still in effect until tomorrow, and then as we look at what's coming our way, satellite imagery showing that there will be a couple of systems in the works over the next couple of days, bringing us some rain as well as some improved air quality. i'll talk more about that in a few minutes. mike, you have an update to two crashes on the nimitz. >> i do. as you look at the speed sensors around the bay, a standard flow. we see a good deal of slowing through hayward and also at the bay bridge. earlier crashes into san francisco on the span, those caused an early backup so the
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backup is at the toll plaza, a little stronger than we might expect at this time of day but also calling out this for the nimitz, south 880 at 237, a crash that went off the roadway. your slow lane is blocked and the crews may have arrived, we're waiting for the tow truck to pull that car from the dirt over there, so that will result in slowing down through milpitas out of fremont, and then into fremont, south 880 slows around decoto. we see the build coming out of the castro valley "y" area. the san francisco side of the bay bridge crash cleared earlier, three of them caused the metering lights to be turned on early and may have slowed them down extra so that's why we see slowing into the maze already at this time. it starts a little early as you approach the bridge but once you get there, everything is clear into san francisco. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:01 right now. back to this awful air quality that we're all experiencing. we've been showing you just a couple of those smoky scenes from across the bay area. little difficult to make out
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here, just up top there, this is the skies above palo alto. >> below there, you see the bay bridge toll plaza there. there's some new controversy this morning in the south bay. kris sanchez live at san jose state with why thousands of students there are angry. kris? >> reporter: hi there, laura and marcus. the air quality at san jose state was better than it was last week when classes were canceled but still in the unhealthy range according to the bay area air quality management district. that's why students say classes should be canceled today and through the thanksgiving holiday. i'll show you a petition the students have been signing for the last few days, with 11,000 signatures and counting. students trying to make their case to the administration to cancel classes and go back on what their decision was initially. you could see the haze hanging in the air at the san jose state/nevada game on saturday. the fans were noticeably bare, as fans opted to avoid the smoke. you might remember, classes were canceled not only friday but also thursday of last week, and
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the university also handed out masks to students, urged them and the staff to stay inside, but classes are in session this week. san jose statement on the petition drive reads in part "we truly respect the thoughtful perspectives that were shared by many sjsu students and other university community members. decisions to close the campus are never made lightly. we made the decision to close as air quality index levels were approaching the very unhealthy above 200 range. since that time, levels have dropped markedly." classes are canceled today at uc berkeley, santa clara university, san francisco state, and st. mary's in mauraga. the most public bay area school districts are having classes. we have a list running at let us know what you think whether or not you think the air quality improved such that students should be headed back to class or if you're keeping your kids or staying home yourself. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> definitely can tell the
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improvement in the air, but we're not in the clear just yet. >> not entirely. >> we've had such prolonged exposure. you think what that could do to you as well. one thing that will help us out will be the the rain moving in. let's talk about the timing and how much we may see. looking out over the next several days the potential of parts of the south bay getting over an inch of rain and for some of the spots that get much more rain, a look at the north bay, there could be possibly two to three inches of rain or more, and then we go to the areas that have had to deal with the wildfires and our burn scar areas from the car fire, and the mendocino complex. we worry about now runoff, and for the camp fire, people who are now homeless having to deal with some heavy rain moving in, and the potential is pretty much off the charts here with over five inches of rain over the next seven days. not only that, but we're going to see heavy sierra snow between thursday as well as the weekend. we're looking at the possibility of some of our elevations above
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6,000 feet getting over two feet of snow. so we are going to be watching out for that. more on the timing, it's coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, kari, thank you. 6:04 right now, and from the snow she was talking about to the smoke blowing into the bay area from the camp fire in butte county, the death toll is now at 77. and at least 1,000 others still unaccounted for. it's 150,000 acres and 65% contained. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live from chico, and pete, this tragedy we're seeing in butte county with the camp fire is definitely taking a toll, not only on the people who live there but the firefighters on the front lines. >> that's right, marcus, good morning to you. it is taking a toll on the pfeiffer fighters, about 5,000 firefighters battling the camp fire in butte county. they're seeing that tragedy firsthand. our nbc affiliate did a report on this specific issue talking about the toll this takes on firefighters. mentioning a lot of them often
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deal with ptsd and depression after battling the deadly wildfires. in that report, it says in 2017, more than 100 firefighters in the u.s. took their own lives. that is quite a stat there, guys. also in that report it talks about another study that firefighters are five times more likely to suffer ptsd and depression than the average person. >> it gets to the point where you start reflecting upon yourself and you don't recognize the individual that you're looking at in the mirror, like, why did that trigger this situation? >> i was, had suicidal ideations. i don't think i would have lived much longer. >> reporter: still a lot of uncertainty for some of these residents that are displaced at this walmart parking lot in chi chico. in the next half hour, we'll hear from an evacuee who also escaped the north bay wildfires,
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we'll hear her story in the next half hour. we're live here in chico, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you. new this morning, a suspect behind bars following a deadly crash in san jose. this happened just after 7:00 last night on interstate 280 near the meridian avenue interchange. one person was killed when a car and a motorcycle crashed. we're waiting to learn who that victim was. the chp says another person was arrested but it is not clear what charges they're facing. happening today, a federal judge in san francisco is scheduled to hear arguments to block president trump's recent order banning asylum for undocumented immigrants. he signed that order ten days ago. it blocks immigrants from applying for asylum if they enter the u.s. illegally, and immigrant supporters believe he signed it specifically in response to the migrant caravan. the aclu is leading that legal challenge. it is 6:07 right now. new findings this morning, some may consider not so surprising
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on children whose parents smoke marijuana. about half of it show signs in their children's system. this is a study done in colorado where pot is legal. they tested children whose parents were in a cessation program. 11% tested positive for thc. many were as lents who researchers say may have smoked pot themselves. right now at 6:08, as we walk out the door, it is cold this morning. here is a live look in san jose. it's not as smoky but still unhealthy. as we go to east san jose to the neighborhood of evergreen, our temperatures will be at 46 degrees at 8:00, reaching 60 degrees at 11:00. upper 60s there today, which is a little bit still above normal. as we talk about the timing of the rain, we should start to see some light rain moving in all across the bay area on wednesday morning, continuing throughout the day off and on, on wednesday. big travel day and we'll start
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to see that snow getting going in the sierra as well. i'll have more on this in a few minutes. mike, you have more detail on the crash in fremont. >> southbound 880 is jamming up south of the san mateo bridge, just shy out of the dumbarton bridge is where this crash is in your middle lanes. we saw most of the bay moving smoothly. the nimitz southbound is having a tough time, as you get toward dacoto, alvarado niles, just jamming up. coming out of hayward a smoother drive toward the san mateo bridge, you may choose that if you choose between the san mateo and the dumbo. southbound 242 continues to be jammed. i thought they were clearing the crash at 680 but the pattern shows a distraction, if not still one lane blocked. we're looking at 680 off of highway 4. the bay bridge we have the metering lights. back to you. >> thanks, mike. are you ready to hit the road or maybe catch a flight? today holiday travel kicks into
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high gear. the head of a major car company has been arrested. we'll bring you the latest. at 6:25, a great escape caught on camera. the california officers who saved a bear cup. 6:10 for you right now. you're watching "today in the bay." i am a family man.
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you still need a mask. we have unhealthy air quality continuing across the bay qular. live look palo alto 101 and starting out with clouds here and there. temperatures in the low 50s headed into the mid-60s today. we'll talk about when the rain gets here and what our air quality, when it improves, come ing up in less than five minutes. >> si'm looking in the same are for the xwauquality of your dri. we'll talk about what's going on just north of willow. good morning, happy monday. i hope you have a short work week. wall street does. numbers here may be green, but the dow and the nasdaq both lost 2% last week. president trump says it was because of democrats but reports say that was because of apple.
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it's pulled both indices lower. reports say japanese police prime to arrest the head of nissan. carlos ghosn is accused of mishandling his income. cnbc says nissan plans to fire him. he's also the head of renault in france. facebook on the attack, after last week's devastating investigation published by the "new york times." ceo mark zuckerberg met with employees on friday and reportedly told them the accusations that facebook knew about russian interference far earlier than first reported was, in his words, "b.s." facebook's former head of security confirmed some of the details in an op-ed in "the washington post." black friday is coming. we'll talk more about whether this friday is the best time to buy a little later in the week. in the meantime, data from adobe shows more people are ordering online instead of going to the store.
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online sales are expected to rise 15% from last year. overall, holiday sales expected to rise somewhere around 5%. over the last couple of years we picked some sort of product and tracked it throughout the holiday season to see if black friday was the best time to buy. we haven't picked our product yet but he with will and we'll start doing it. >> have to think about that. >> i'm open to suggestions. send me something you can buy on amazon and in walmart. >> not just tiffany's. >> right. >> okay, you guys figured it out. >> tvs, stereos. >> let's move on. quarter after 6:00, a live look at sfo. if flying somewhere is part of your thanksgiving menu, you won't be alone. some 6 million americans are supposed to take to the skies for the holiday. aaa says the roads were also be pretty busy. in fact, the busiest for thanksgiving since at least 2005. 48 million people plan to drive at least 50 miles or more for
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that turkey dinner. >> hmm, hope it's a good turkey. i'm sure it will be. >> remember to defrost. i'm telling you that now. >> butterball, is that who you can call on thanksgiving? >> the butterball hotline, or reservations. >> that's my kind of thanksgiving. >> i know. we have people coming in town and we're still dealing with poor air quality for today, but things will improve as we go throughout the week. let's get a look at our air quality index, and these numbers we've been looking at over the past few days, this is a measure of how much particulate matter is in the air, and it's going to still be unhealthy, as we're breathing in smoke from the camp fire, coming in from the north. we see levels over 200, in the purple range, which is very unhealthy, and then elsewhere, still unhealthy, as you head out the door for much of the bay area. looking at these numbers, a spare the air alert day is issued if it's over 100. we're still in this range, 151 to 200 and still a few spots in
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the very unhealthy range, but it has improved just a bit. we've had such long amount of exposure to this. it's still, you do still need to make sure you are taking all those precautions you were last week, and then as we look at our winds, the wind direction, the wind speed, this is what's bringing the smoke into the bay area and it's going to still be unhealthy today. tomorrow it's going to be a little bit better late in the evening as our winds turn more southerly, and that will bring in fresher breezes for parts of the bay area, and then on wednesday, our winds will pick up. this is a look at the wind speeds that will be rushing in from the south. sustained maybe even some gusty winds up to 35 to 40 miles per hour. as we track it with our storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar, we are seeing the storm well to the west of us, but you can see the line of the clouds and also another disturbance out ahead of that, that's going to bring us some clouds for today. partly to mostly cloudy today. here is a look at wednesday, pretty much all the bay area covered with at least some light
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rain, and we'll see it off and on at times. this is a big travel day so keep that in mind, it may take you longer to get to where you're going, by thursday morning, thanksgiving turkey, turkey trot going on. light rain here and there as it tapers off. the afternoon will be dry and another heavier round moving in late thursday into friday that looks to be our best chance of getting some heavy and measurable rain all across the bay area. so here's some look at the initial estimates of what one computer model is showing, and over the next seven days, there may be the possibility of the south bay getting close to an inch of rain. over an inch for parts of the east bay and the peninsula and higher amounts farther to the north and we've also been watching out how much rain we could see around the camp fire area. it's still smokey inland and temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 60s. cooling down and off and on rain into the start of the weekend. mike, you're looking for a traffic break.
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>> i was and i was messing around with the camera as you were using it, i apologize. i haven't seen anybody stop using 101. southbound is the direction for the traffic, southbound here is willow, the overpass, and then marsh. at marsh, they're going to stop traffic. they have to move a crane around this area because they continue to work on the overpass, and the structures on other side so we're tracking that. expect a possibility of that through this portion of the peninsula right here, just south of woodside as you come down through palo alto. southbound 101 may have a quick traffic break, but it will clear up and we have a light flow on that side of the bay. on the east bay we have a crash southbound 880. we've seen a lot of slowing. the red here from the san mateo bridge down into hayward, and then union city, things ease up as you get toward da coto. the crash is moving to the shoulder, judging by the speed sensors. chp hasn't cleared this from the roadway.
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plan on a slower drive headed toward the dumbarton bridge. north toward hayward, oakland and san leandro, a smoother drive here. extra buildup for west 580, there was an earlier crash and slower metering lights on the bridge. those crashes and the metering lights looks like they've gone back to normal. we have more volume for the upper east shore. the travel time builds and the san mateo bridge with more company but no problems on the span. back to you. >> let's hope it stays that way. 6:20 for you right now. next a story a lot of people across the country are talking about, a popular former 9ers gruesome injury during the game, and caught on camera there. the reason one high-profile fan in the audience probably felt a wave of deja vu. a product arrives addressed to you, but you never ordered it. so do you have to pay for it? the federal trade comission says no. federal laws prohibit mailing unordered merchandise to consumers and then demanding payment. as for the product? the ftc says it's yours. you have a legal right to keep it as a free gift. if you have a consumer
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complaint, let us know. the number is 888-996-tips, or online at plus we've spent this weekend helping to feed the need. we posted photos on all of our social media pages. so far, more than 21,000 bags have been donated. and you still have time to give. just head to your local safeway. and thank you.
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welcome back, everyone. taking a live look outside. off on your morning commute right now, this is a live look in fremont. there are those air quality concerns remaining over the bay area. looks a little better, compared to last week, but still monitoring the air conditions out there. we'll have a closer look coming up at 6:30. 6:24 for you right now. new this morning, beef shipped to california is part of a recall tied to e. coli concerns. the department of agriculture saying the recall involves nearly 1,000 pounds of ground beef produced by swift beef company. all produced on october 424th. the products were shipped to five western states. none of those were individually sold in stores. so far, there are no reports of illness tied to beef. some sad stories coming out of this morning, lots of talk in the nfl as well. unfortunately a round of sear yes, sir injuries suffered by
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one-time 49ers star quarterback. if you didn't see washington alex smith's injury yesterday, we're showing it to you here. we actually blurred it. he broke his tibia and fibula when he was sacked, ouch. you could tell it was immediately bad. you saw that snap there. smith had emergency surgery last night. he is out for the season. the other thing fans are talking about, freak coincidence between smith's injury and to the one-time star talking about freak injury and washington quarterback joe theismann who never played again when he broke the same two bones on a gruesome sack by lawrence taylor, that injury happened 33 years ago to the day. theismann happened to be at the stadium as well yesterday. strange the coincidence there. >> it is. >> let's hope he's okay. new video, this is a different one here, actually police in tuckery hoping to reunite a mother bear with a cub
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after it got stuck in a dumpster. take a look at this. >> all right, remember, i'm a friend. there you go, baby. go to mama. >> "remember, i'm a friend." could you make that out there? this is in truckee, where police help reunite a mother bear with a cub after it got stuck in the dumpster. first, another tragedy. >> we knew we were moving to a fire area, but we didn't think so soon. >> a santa rosa family who lost everything last year, just lost it all again in paradise. next, a live report from the ground in butte county, with new help today for victims. plus a teenager killed in a north bay house fire. how her friends plan to honor her today -- east bay. and help for migrants as
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americans bring aid to people waiting in tijuana. plus the protest that broke out south of the border this weekend. another day of bad air y
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for you. right now, 6:30, another day of bad air quality. live look from across the bay area this morning. it looks so much clearer out there this weekend. storm ranger informing us relief may be on the way.
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hoping for some changes in the weather department. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. meteorologist kari hall keeps us updated on what we can expect outside this morning. >> the air quality has been so bad over the weekend. we're seeing minor improvement in parts of the bay area. you can still see the thick smoke lingering over san francisco, and at times, the air quality has been very unhealthy. as we go throughout the day, still the unhealthy air quality as a spare the air alert has been extended through tomorrow, and then we look at the wind direction, as we go throughout the day, still bringing in those winds from the north, a little bit more breezy today, more of a southerly wind for parts of the south bay. as we go into the day tomorrow, the winds will shift as our storm system approaches, and the winds will be picking up, heading into wednesday, as the wind and rain arrive. so more on that in a few minutes. mike, you've been tracking another crash, this one in the east bay. >> yes, kari. we've had a couple of problems over there, first on the bay bridge, those cleared, and now over in hayward on the hayward
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side, so this traffic actually moving better than the last time, a few minutes ago, we took the look. the reason why i think that's looking a little better is because folks were held up getting to the toll plaza between the nimitz and the toll plaza there was another crash so the volume builds. that may mean more backup for 880, but we have relief headed toward dacoto, cleared of lines shy of the dumbarton bridge. south bay starting to build right on schedule down there and we're looking at an easier but slower drive down the east shore freeway slowing from highway 4 down to the bay bridge with a good backup coming out of the maze or bad backup depending on the way you look at it. laura, back to you. >> thank you very much. talking about the smoke in the air over the bay area, call of that from the camp fire burning north of the bay in butte county. sadly, the death toll has risen. it is now at 77. at least 1,000 others still unaccounted for. search teams are taking on that grim task now of looking through the charred landscape for remains. the mission is taking on a new urgency as rain forecast for the
6:32 am
area could complicate search efforts but also bring relief for firefighter. the camp fire is now 65% contained, up 10%. 150,000 acres have burned. flames have destroyed more than 10,500 homes there. many who lost their homes under the evacuations are staying in tents in a walmart parking lot, but now they're being forced out. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live in chico this morning. bit of uncertainty for the evacuees as to where they go next and also, pete, a shocking story coming to light about one of the victims, i understand. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura, and look we're hearing reports of folks being encouraged to leave. you can see there's a number of people here over a couple dozen
6:33 am
in the walmart porking lot but the story you mentioned an interview done on the "today" show where they talked with the paradise resident all too familiar with the circumstances. her name is susan mattos, she lost her home in santa rosa last october in the deadly north bay wildfires. she said she can still recall those flames in the sky as she was trying to get away. she says her family and her decided to relocate to paradise, only to experience the same thing, possibly even worse, more than a year later. >> we knew we were moving to a fire area, but we didn't think so soon. kind of like getting struck by lightning twice. . >> reporter: california insurance commissioner dave jones will meet with residents in paradise to make sure they're getting the right assistance. number of them are still in the walmart parking lot but he's expected to tour the burn zone at 2:00 p.m.
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we're live here in chico, president president for "today in the bay." >> thanks, pete. this morning, new for you, a search and rescue dog from menlo park fire protection district is recovering after being hurt in the fire zone. k9 george cut his leg. it happened yesterday when they were looking through rubble in the town of megalia, just outside of paradise. his partner quickly help bandage him up with the injury there. george is part of a 45-member team from the bay area, they arrived in the camp fire zone on saturday. >> it is 6:34. right now, san jose police are investigating a double homicide on the city south side. officers found a man and a woman shot inside their home on pineland avenue early yesterday morning, just a couple of blocks away from santa teresa high school. the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. the man was taken to the hospital where he later died. police say that there are no outstanding suspects. they're also not releasing a motive. a small community in the east bay is in shock after a 16-year-old girl was killed in a house fire this weekend.
6:35 am
>> bob redell is live outside of miramonte high school in orinda with more on what the school is planning to do today. bob? >> reporter: laura and marcus, even though classes are out this week for thanksgiving, miramte high school in orinda will have grief counselors on hand later this morning to help students cope with the news that one of their class mats was tragically killed in a house fire yesterday morning in orinda, located a few blocks away from the school. the coroner's office has yet to release the student's name, but friends tell us that she was lucia garros, 16 years old. the fire started yesterday at 4:00 in the morning. there were two people in the home and a firefighter who were hurt. the firefighter suffered burns, taken to the hospital, was going to be okay. not clear'other two people who were hurt were lutza's siblings, friends or someone else staying in the house. the parents were reportedly out of town when the house burned. lutza was active in latin club, ran for cross-country and
6:36 am
thought of highly by her classmates. >> a really nice girl. i saw her through the hallways and she'd always say hi to everybody, and you know, i wasn't personally super close with her, but she was involved i believe a couple sports and clubs and seemed like a great all-around girl. she was just a really friendly person to be around, never really had any problems with anyone. she was, you know, always outgoing. >> reporter: the fire department is still trying to figure out the cause of yesterday morning's fire. firefighters say they were delayed getting into the house because of what's known as a flashover, a sudden ignition of hot gases inside the fire, which as you can imagine is dangerous. someone has set up a go fund me page for lutza's family, which in less than 24 hours already raised over $57,000. the school districts say that a
6:37 am
vigil is planned for her sometime this week. reporting live here in orinda, bob redell "today in the bay." a north bay wildlife hospital is reportedly pulling the plug on expansion plans amidst concerns about financing. wild care is located in downtown san rafael. the i.j. reports board members recent lay greed to halt their campaign to raise $8 million for a new and larger facility. the clinic recently laid off 10% of its staff and cut back hours for other workers. clinic directors are now considering another less expensive location. over here we're looking at the upper east shore freeway, a slower drive here. we noticed a lot of slowing getting into the maze and we did have a crash right there as you're getting away from the bay bridge, looks like it cleared. slower drive through concord and off of highway 4 but the crash
6:38 am
cleared at 242 as well. southbound 880 recovering, the crash still on the shoulder at dacoto, another approaching the shoulder for the san mateo bridge on west 92. the volume is building across the san mateo bridge. dumbarton bridge the south bay looking lighter as we'd expect the week of thanksgiving, the morning commute is typically lighter early on. >> people are already taking off? >> or perhaps just sleeping in. >> maybe so. >> waking up ready to go. >> there's a lot going on, you talk about our air quality, there's rain coming in. people are going to be out of town. other people have people coming in. we are looking at our rain covering the bay area, starting out on wednesday morning. if you will be traveling across the region, this will have a high travel impact. and there will be some rain at times. make sure you plan to allow extra time to get to where you're going. we'll start to see the rain tapering off on thursday morning, so if you're able to maybe leave out on thursday, and then you can miss out on some of that rain, but there will be
6:39 am
another round moving in between thursday night and early friday morning, so a lot of people heading out shopping, and things like that. it is going to be wet, and we're going to see that linger into the start of the weekend. if you're going to the sierra, heavenly will start to see the changeover from rain to snow between wednesday night and thursday, and off and on rain and snow throughout the weekend. little bit closer to home in the tri valley we're going to see showers on thanksgiving day. we'll talk more about this and a look at our temperature trend for today coming up in about three minutes. >> thanks, kari. 6:39. next and all new, why police and fire crews along the waterfront in redwood city. new video into our newsroom just over an hour ago. >> and meet the woman driving to the u.s./mexico border intending on helping some people who walked thousands of miles to central america. the president sends out a mean tweet, even as the white house calls for decorum. meanwhile, out on the big board, stocks are lower, pulled lower by apple.
6:40 am
horrifying crash that has the world talking. don't worry, the race car driver is arrive, actually tweeting. what she's saying now. plus -- >> number one, always find a coupon code, find a cash back offer. never check out especially over cyber weekend without a free shipping code. >> those are some shopping tips as retailers already roll out the black friday deals. more advice ahead on the "today" show, and in two minutes we're back here on "today in the bay" with more news for you.
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we're coming up on 6:43. don't forget to grab your mask. it's still smoky as we take a live look outside in fremont. low 40s, headed into the mid-60s. we'll talk about the incoming rain coming up in less than five minutes. >> there is your bay bridge toll plaza, also some of that smoke kari is talking about. the traffic easing off, some of the cash lanes and fast track a problem. we'll check the rest of your commute in the area. this morning new video showing off a boat burned off the waters off redwood city. there are reports of injuries. we'll continue to ask questions and bring you more as soon as we get it. our photographer is on the scene.
6:44 am
an outpouring of support for the migrant caravan amassing at the u.s. border in tijuantijuan. volunteers in san diego this weekend packed cars with donations to take to families now camped out south of the border. among the donated supplies, toilet paper, blankets, a lot of essentials. the caravan sparked political tension on both sides of the border, but for many volunteers who were once immigrants, this is a way for them to pay it forward. >> i saw a big connection and i saw the empathy, and when i came to the united states, when i came to tijuana, i had people who welcomed me, and i want to do the same thing for them. >> authorities estimate since last monday, about 6,000 central american migrants have arrived close to the border. just days until the thanksgiving holiday. sacred heart in santa clara county is working to help those in need. >> they do so much every year. we have new video to show you, volunteers up early putting together thanksgiving food boxes
6:45 am
which will start being distributed today. each contains 50 pounds of food, including a turkey. the group plans to help more than 4,000 families with the boxes. >> our holiday food box is valued at approximately $100, and for a lot of members of our community, this actually helps them save money this holiday season, and that money can go toward other costs like the high cost of rent. >> the agency has more than 2,000 turkeys, but is shy of its goal of more than 4,000 turkeys. you can still donate by dropping off a turkey any time between today and wednesday, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. the agency's donation station is located at first and alma street in san jose. you can also donate online. we've posted a link to the website on the president says he's not
6:46 am
ready to place blame for the murder of a "washington post" writer. >> even though the cia is. >> the cia puts the blame for the murder of jamal khashoggi square on crowned prince mohammad bin salman. it's not clear if president trump has been briefed on that report. the crowned prince under suspicion of ordering the murder long before the cia report. over the weekend, president called saudi arabia an important ally. this tension between trump and his intelligence agency is not new. america intelligence agencies have said publicly that putin interfered with our elections. president trump says putin denies it. our intelligence agencies have said kim jong-un is still working on weapons. mr. trump has tweeted the nuclear threat from north korea is over. speaking of tweets, the president misspelled congressman adam schiff's name over the weekend. you can see how he spelled it. i'm not going to pronounce that. if that were an accident, some sort of typo, it's not been withdrawn. this comes as the white house calls for decorum.
6:47 am
the president also called into question the skills of retired admiral william mccraven, a former navy s.e.a.l. who commanded u.s. forces in iraq and was in command of the team that killed osama bin laden. here is the president on "fox news sunday. ". >> he's a hillary clinton backer and obama backer, and frankly -- >> he is a navy s.e.a.l. >> wouldn't it be nice if we got osama bin laden a lot sooner ? >> chris wallace hit the president hard on his claims the press is the enemy of the people. listen to wallace to say a beacon for repression. >> but sir, leaders and authoritarian countries like russ russia, china, venezuela, now repress the media using your words. >> i can't talk for other people. i can only talk for me. i will tell you -- >> but you're seen around the world as a beacon for repression, not for -- >> chris, i'm not talking about you, you sometimes maybe but i'm not talking about you.
6:48 am
>> it's a good interview, hard-hitting. i'll post a link to fox news on my twitter @scottmcgrew. >> thanks so much, scott. it is 6:47 right now. here is new video. boy, it is hard to watch, but i need to tell you up front, the driver in this race car crash tweeted later that she was fine, even though she expects to have surgery today. take a look. look at that car fly. isn't it amazing? this happened during the formula 3 race yesterday. the driver is a 17-year-old teenager. she's named sophia flores. she clipped another car, went airborn to catch a fence. doctors say she escaped with relatively light injuries, but she did suffer a fractured spine. >> oh, just a fractured spine? >> right, exactly, very dangerous. she was up and tweeting after that. flew through the air. >> they designed those as space capsules, great for engineering
6:49 am
i guess. >> no kidding. >> she's up and able to at least tweet this morning. all right. kari, looking at the for us today? >> yes, i've been tweeting about this air quality and the fact we have some rain coming our way and we look at still some really unhealthy air quality as you get ready to head out on this monday morning. here is a look at some of the numbers. this is the measure of the particulate matter in the area, the wildfire coming across the northern california area, the smoke drifting into the bay area. the walnut creek number at 209. we are seeing levels still over 200, but it's not as bad as it was last week, but still really unhealthy. this is what these numbers mean. when we see levels over 100, a spare the air alert day is issued. it's unhealthy and what we're seeing a lot of this morning in the bay area but we have a few numbers in the unhealthy range, and as we go through the day, i still think the smoke will linger as our winds will stay light. as you get started this morning,
6:50 am
it is cold out there. we've had a lot of 30s and low 40s. grab a jacket. you'll be wearing long sleeves throughout date and getting ready for our rain to roll in. powering up storm ranger we have it going, that's the red scan you see coming out of the south bay. there is a weak disturbance farther to the south that's going to push some clouds our way, and keep that smoke trapped near the surface for us throughout the day, and then here is the rain, as it continues to move closer, it will be here by wednesday. let's talk about the timing. by wednesday morning, as you get ready to head out, maybe it's a big travel day, you're hitting road, we are going to see widespread light rain moving through. it will be off and on throughout the day on wednesday, and then taper off on thanksgiving. another round moving in late thursday night into friday, and this will be the heavier rain that will start us off heading into the weekend. our computer models still trying to nail down exactly how much rain we'll see, but it's looking like we should get a pretty good
6:51 am
solid inch for much of the bay area, and then some much higher amounts farther to the north, maybe ukiah getting over three inches of rain, while the sierra will get heavy snow. elevations above 6,500 feet could possibly measure two feet of snow. i'll be tracking that as you make plans to go to the sierra as well. make sure you're there before wednesday and we're going to see some rain moving in as our temperatures cool off. inland valleys in the upper 50s by friday. mike, reports are caulker now? >> also exciting for that snow in the sierra you're talking about. over here, yes, much calmer roadways over the last few minutes. i've seen a number of crashes really start to clear up. we have your slowing now establishing what you typically see about now as you approach 7:00. smooth flow southbound or westbound 80, coming down the east shore freeway toward the berkeley curve. smooth drive. we talked about the crash that was reported and i was able to tune in to this camera, we can view it, tough to see with the smoke but it was coming away
6:52 am
from the bay bridge and the crash must have been cleared and we have recovery coming into the maze, and over countercommute. over here noticing reports of a delay here, 520 reported through berkeley and richmond, equipment problem for capital corridor. caltrain reestablished service after the weekend, closure and construction work for the electification. we have communication established back into san francisco so trains are in and out there. there's the north bay. southbound 101 picks up the volume and still that smoke kari is talking about. back to you. >> thank you very much. 6:52. cnn asking for emergency hearings after president trump threatens to revoke jim acosta's press pass again. last friday cnn won a temporary restraining order forcing the white house to restore acosta's press access to the white house for 14 days. this morning the white house is issuing a new warning saying acosta's press pass could be revoked again at the end of the month. and next our quick look at the top stories here on "today
6:53 am
in the bay." kari has been telling us about the smoke in the air, meaning another day of canceled classes, and keeping those kids indoors. but this morning, thousands are protesting one college's decision concerning the dangerous smoke. and overnight, a potential game changer for families dealing with peanut allergies. the new treatment possibly poised for fda approval. we'll tell you how it works. it is 6:53 right now. you're watching "today in the bay." before you head out the do
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6:55 am
6:56 am
here are the top stories on welcome back on this monday morning. before you head out the door, here are the top stories we're following on "today in the bay." >> this morning the air is dangerously unhealthy and forcing school closures across the bay area, but not all colleges are canceling classes. here is a live look now at san jose state, where students are signing their petition urging school officials to change their minds. it has 11,000 signatures and counting. you may recall san jose state canceled classes thursday and friday last week, because of air quality. it was so bad there. this week, classes are in session. in a statement, leaders at the university said in part "we truly respect the thoughtful perspectives that were shared by many sjsu students and other university community members. decisions to close the campus are never made lightly." a live look in chico,
6:57 am
evacuees facing a deadline to move out of a walmart parking lot where they had to take shelter. they have to move to another location. sadly the death toll from the fire is now at 77. at least 1,000 others still unaccounted for. search teams are taking on the grim task of continuing to look through the charred landscape for remains. the mission is taking on a new urgency as rain is forecast for the area. the camp fire is now 65% contained, up 10%. flamed destroyed more than 1 10,500. on the "today" show reports for the missing and possible relief on the way. a federal judge in san francisco is scheduled to hear arguments to block president trump's recent order banning asylum for undocumented orders. he signed that order ten days ago. it blocks immigrants from applying for asylum if they enter the u.s. illegally, and immigrant supporters believe he
6:58 am
signed it specifically in response to the migrant caravan. the aclu is leading that legal challenge. a look at orinda's miramonte high school where grieving students plan to gather later this morning to remember one of their own killed in a trangic house fire. the 16-year-old has not been formally identified but friends tell us the victim is lutza sf g guerros a sophomore at the high school. sources say her parents were out of town. three people in all were injured, including a firefighter. a new study on peanut allergies saying giving people small amounts of peanut powder every day can desensitize them to nuts over time. over two-thirds of patients who underwent this treatment were able to tolerate two peanuts per day after a year, protected from a severe reaction if they accidentally ate or were exposed to something with peanuts. the fda is expected to approve
6:59 am
that treatment late next year. >> important note. >> don't try it. exactly. right now looking at our weather for today, another cloudy day? >> still smoky and cloudy. we can take a look at that view behind us. we're dealing with a lot of unhealthy air quality for the bay area. that continues through tomorrow. the rain arrives on wednesday, and will start out early in the morning. scattered light showers, the heavier rain will be on friday, and we'll continue to track that and have more updates. >> in the meantime, the commute continues to build slowly. >> it does. we have more of a commute than some folks would like especially on the week of thanksgiving, but it's there right now. it will lighten up tomorrow and really be lighter on wednesday morning. we look toward 880 southbound and 680 southbound. the trend now from 580 headed south into fremont, both avenues are showing more traffic. palo alto is great except for the air there. >> we'll leave you this morning with a live look outside over
7:00 am
redwood shores, like many parts of the bay area, that smoke is lingering. we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> we're also back at 11:00 for more news and weather for you. thanks for starting your morning mere wi here with us. have a great day. good morning. sounding off. president trump taking on his critics in a new interview, suggesting he won't sit down with robert mueller. and saying this after the general of the capture of osama bin laden questioned his leadership >> it would be nice if we got osama bin laden a lot sooner than that. wouldn't that have been nice? >> and the president gives himself high marks. >> i would give myself an a-plus. is that enough? can i go higher than that? >> the latest from washington, just ahead. desperate search. nearly 1,000 people still missing in california. the death toll rises overnight. could a break in the weather make the difference this week?


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