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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 20, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PST

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they pulled up. they heard the gunshots and they did what the heroic officers always do. they ran towards that gunfire. >> a police officer killed along with a doctor and an intern in a brutal broad day mass shooting spree inside one of chicago's busiest hospitals. to new developments in president trump's attack on one of america's most decorated military leaders. the incredible details between the 17-year-old female driver that survivedime on the east coast, recreational marijuana goes on sale in the great state of massachusetts. to the 54-51 shoot-out between two of the nfl's best teams. we have an incredible highlight
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that had social media buzzing all night. and another message from mother hearearth as we kick offa tuesday. "early today" starts right now. good tuesday morning. i'm phillip mena. >> and i'm marlie hall. we begin with breaking news out of chicago. four people including an officer are dead after a gunman opened fire at mercy hospital on the city's south side. police say the gunman confronted his girlfriend over their broken engagement, then shot her several times. the gunman then exchanged fire with police, fleeing inside the hospital. that's when chaos erupted with patients and hospital staff scrambling for safety. nbc's dan scheneman has more. >> reporter: the first shots were fired around 3:30 local time near mercy hospital on chicago's south side. >> more shots fired. >> they have the pharmacy barricaded. ten shots so far from inside. >> reporter: police say a man and woman who were in a domestic relationship began to argue. the woman, who worked at the
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hospital, was shot. >> and the gentleman turned around and shot three times in her chest. then once she fell to the ground, he stooshot her three m >> reporter: police say the gunman then opened fire on officers as they arrived at the scene. the gunman ran into the hospital a fired inside. >> during the exchange of gunfire in the hospital, one other female staff member was struck by gunfire fatally. during that exchange, one of our officers that responded was also fatally wounded by the offender. during the gunfire, the offender was also fatally wounded. it's unclear right now whether it's by police gunfirer it was self-inflicted wound. >> reporter: the fallen officer has been identified as samuel jimenez. he'd just finished his probationary period. the mayor said this tore at the
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city's soul. >> reporter: the city of chicago lost a doctor, a pharmaceutical assistant, and a police officer, all going about their day, all doing what they love. >> reporter: the shooting has stopped. the hospital is now secure, but questions about what happened and why remain. dan scheneman, nbc news. we're also following a shooting in downtown denver where a gunman left one person dead and four others injured. streets were closed last night as police searched for the suspect. this happened just a few blocks from coors field, the home of the colorado rockies baseball team. the victims have been hospitalized for their wounds but are expected to investigatia motive and whether anyone else was involved. president trump is expecting a full report from the cia today on the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. the president has continued to
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cast doubt on the saudi crown prince's involvement in the death of the "washington post" columnist and criticism from inside saudi arabia seems increasingly unlikely. king salman ignored the growing firestorm during his annual speech monday and praised his son for his modernization efforts. for the latest, let's get to nbc's sarah harman in london. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the president is facing a choice today between his ally and the evidence. the cia and some senior republican lawmakers have all pointed the finger at the saudi crown prince. the saudis firmly deny that he was involved in khashoggi's murder. president trump, after refusing to listen to an audio recording of that murder, seems to be giving his ally the benefit of the doubt, saying he'll wait for that report that you mentioned to be released today. a big question now with the g20 in argentina just around the corner is whether the saudi crown prince is going to attend. saudi media outlets have been
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saying he will. on the one hand, the saudi crown prince is a key u.s. ally. his country buys a lot of american weapons and has vast oil reserves. the trump administration, particularly jared kushner, has man that to the crown prince. many people, including the cia, believe ordered the brutal murder of ahim. so, guys, we are allmaie, phill. >> sarah, thank you. senior adviser to the president and also daughter to the president ivanka trump is facing an e-mail scandal of her own. "the washington post" reports ivanka sent hundreds of e-mails last year to white house aides and cabinet officials using her personal account in violation of federal records rules. that's according to people familiar with the white house examination of her correspondence. her father, president trump, hammered away at hillary clinton for the same thing on the campaign trail in 2016. >> 33,000 e-mails are missing, and they say, oh, she's fine.
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she's fine. crooked hillary clinton, oh, she's crooked, folks. she's crooked as a $3 bill. lock her up is right. >> as you can imagine, it is causing quite a controversy. let's get to nbc's tracie potts in d.c. ivanka trump will now likely face an investigation once the democrats take over the house, is that right? >> reporter: it's certainly possible, phillip. "the washington post" is reporting that the sheer volume of these e-mails surprised aides who were looking into them as they were trying to fill a public records request, part of a lawsuit. according to the post and people familiar with what's happened here say that ivanka trump claimed that she didn't know what the rules were and that early on she did use this personal account before she had a white house account that was available for her use. the white house ethics office, which is where all of the calls were referred to on this, said that there was no classified information. keep in mind that's the same
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thing hillary clinton said about her e-mails when she was being criticized. and the white house also pointing out that she did not have a private server in her home as the clintons did. now, as we're following that, we're also looking at new information obtained overnight about a judge's order on what's happening down at the border. a federal judge in san francisco has said that the trump administration cannot block people, migrants, from requesting asylum if they enter the u.s. illegally. in other words, not at one of the official ports of entry. thousands of people from those migrant caravans have started to pile up at the border. some of the official ports of entry, at least one was closed as troops were down there installing barriers. but now word that those troops will start coming home this week. all of them home before christmas because the military says their work there is done just as these migrant caravans begin to arrive and president
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trump gets criticism for sending those troops down to the border before the election, some say, as an election ploy. now that they're coming home with the migrants just arriving. >> theim curious. tracie, thank you. president trump is facing growing backlash for his attacks against an american hero. the president doubled down on his criticism against retired admiral william mcraven, who oversaw the raid on osama bin laden. in a tweet, mr. trump said, we should have captured osama bin laden long before we did, and that president clinton famously missed his shot. that echoed similar comments he made during an interview on fox news sunday. >> bill mcraven, retired admiral, navy s.e.a.l., 37 years, former head of u.s. special operations. >> hillary clinton fan. >> special operations -- >> excuse me. hillary clinton fan. >> who led the operations, commanded the operations that took down saddam hussein and that killed osama bin laden says that your sentiment is the greatest threat to democracy in his lifetime. >> okay.
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he's a hillary clinton backer and an obama backer, and frankly -- >> he was a navy seal 37 year. >> wouldn't it have been nice if we got osama bin laden a lot sooner than that? >> mr. trump's criticism comes after mcraven said, quote, the president's attack on the media is the greatest threat to our democracy in my lifetime. mcraven says he stands by the comment and that he did not back hillary clinton or anyone else. a teenage race car driver is recovering this morning after surviving a horrifying crash all caught on camera. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the dramatic details. >> reporter: if you blink, you might miss it. this race car going airborne and slamming into a track fence. here it is slowed down. the driver loses control, flying above other cars before landing in a tangled mess. it happened so fast, onlookers at the formula 3 grand prix near hong kong don't seem to realize what happened at first. then horror as emergency crews rush in, trying to save the
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17-year-old driver. incredibly she survived. experts say that's because the car hit the soft wall and not the concrete barrier below it. sofia flores from germany was hospitalized with a spinal fracture. she tweeted just wanted to let everybody know that i'm fine and will be going into surgery. there's word the seven-hour procedure was successful. racing fans around the world stunned but grateful that this terrifying crash didn't end up much worse. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. outside of sacramento, more wild weather is getting ready to bear down on an already wary northern california. forecasters are predicting heavy precipitation with up to five inches of rain, this pronlting concerns of potentially deadly and destructive mudslides. for now rescuers race against time, sifting through the wreckage from the massive camp fire as 1 th,000 people remain unaccounted for. >> there are a lot of people
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that want some answers. they are depending on us to find their loved one. >> cal fire says the camp fire has now grown to over 151,000 acres. bill karins is here. what else can we expect for this week? >> it's going to be the big storm as we head through the travel period. they need the rainfall to clean the air out in areas of the west. obviously it doesn't help with any of the search there. as far as the weather concerns today, a little bit of snow from albany all the way through southern portions of maine. the real big story is going to be the windchills behind this storm. right now the windchill is about 11 and 10 from minneapolis to bismarck. as we go through thanksgiving morning, it is going to be as cold as it gets in areas of the northeast. look at new york city. windchill of 7. that's unheard of.
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it's going to slice down through the great lakes and into the northeast as we go throughout thanksgiving day. complete travel forecast through the thanksgiving holiday coming up. >> bill, thank you. about 4,000 people in guatemala fled their homes on monday to escape the red hot rock and ash spewingrom the volcano ofommunities were evacu to safe areas away from the volcano, which is one of the most active in central america. an eruption in june killed 194 people and left at least 234 missing. up next, a legal marijuana finally gets the green light in massachusetts. but first it was an instant classic. the chiefs and the rams shatter records. it was also the highest scoring monday night game ever. we'll tell you more when we come back. (whisper) karen, karen you've got to try this ...they're just too good not to share l'eggo your eggo
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history, the third most points ever scored. a dash of defensive brilliance added up to an instant classic that left a lot of fans praying to the football gods for a super bowl rematch. the rams leapt out to a 13-point lead after goff found reynolds in the back of the end zone. patrick mahomes storms back. kansas city retakes the lead on the screen pass to kareem hunt. that's a 21 yard touchdown. with two minutes left in the half, aaron donald gets a strip sack. the rams take it to the house. both teams kept their foot on the gas the entire game. in the fourth, that is a tyreek hill touchdown. just minutes later, a 40 yard bomb from jared goff to gerald everett. that would put the rams up by three with under 2:00 to go. the chiefs would have two chances to retake the lead here, but t shoot-out 54-51. a historic day in massachusetts.
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this morning the state will open the doors of the first retail store selling recreational pot on the east coast. nbc's stephanie gosk is getting an inside look. >> reporter: smoke it, eat it, vape it. in massachusetts, anyone over 21 can buy it, just for fun. >> what a moment. we areo excited to finally be here today. >> reporter: the state voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use two years ago. since then a commission has been working out the detail. >> it's not going to be in every city and town. but it's going to be accessible. >> reporter: the store is one of two licensed to sell so far. more will be approved in the coming weeks. but there are rules. >> the number we're looking at is 28 on the scale here. >> reporter: and that's the massachusetts law that you can buy 28 grams in a single day for recreational use? >> correct. >> reporter: jake moriarty is a veteran with ptsd. his connection to pot is
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personal. >> with the cannabis, i'm able to kind of take a deep breath, calm down, go about my day without looking over my shoulder. >> reporter: the business will be a windfall. a $215 million increase in tax revenue in the first two years and sales in the billions. even as marijuana remains a schedule 1 substance understand federal law. right alongside heroin and cocaine. >> that was stephanie gosk report zbloog just ahead, how spinal tap is cranking it to 11 for the classic comedy's 35th anniversary. and a skyscraper scare. the daring rescue after a chicago tourist plunged 84 floors down an elevator shaft.
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♪ the power's ou new york city's iconic saks fifth avenue went all out last night. the store unveiled its famous light show and windows complete with fireworks and broadway dancers. th this year theme is an ode to broadway. the holiday season is here. >> one of the coolest things to see in new york. there were some scary moments in chicago in one of their tallest skyscrapers where six people in one elevator when suddenly it fell more than 80 floors down. amazingly, everybody got out alive. nbc's lester holt has that story. >> reporter: in one of the most iconic and tallest buildings in chicago, a terrifying ride as an elevatorfter at least one cable snapped. was a pretty precarious
4:21 am
situation where we had the cables that were broke wer elev >> reporter: they were forced to cut through a brick wall to pry it open. the tourists stuck for three grueling hours, some fearing for their lives. >> they were from out of town and visiting this great city, and they were just very joyous that the chicago fire department came to assist. >> reporter: everyone got home safely thanks to chicago's bravest. >> wow, i do not know if i could get back on an elevator. >> scary moments there. thanks to less foreauthorize that report. still to come, who are the highest paid women in music? fans, huge5th anniversary. you're watching "early today." what's afib? i needed answers.
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busy travel days ahead. thankfully today looks pretty nice with the exception being in areas of central and northern new england. a little coating of snow out there. as we go into tomorrow, looks very quiet. we will see that storm moving out to the west coast. finally when we get to thanksgiving day, obviously frigid in the northeast and all the stormy weather is in the west. >> can't always get what you want. just satisfaction for stone the legendary band announces it's going on tour. braava jet mopping robot from irobot. its precision jet spray and vibrating cleakitchens,ng bathrooms and those hard to reach places. you and braava jet from irobot. better together. makeup now optional. new aveeno® maxglow™ infusion drops with kiwi to lock moisture. and soy to even skin tone. unleash dewy, glowing skin from within.
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the band is getting back together. spinal tap is made up of fake metal rockers who starred in the 1984 immortal mocumentary, this is spinal tap. the trio will celebrate 35 years since the movie debuted at the tribeca film festival next year. we have some other cool rock and roll news for you this morning. the rolling stones and the rolling stonesa the band has announced they are doing an american tour. the tickets will go on sale next week. the no filtered tour will kick off in april. they will be playing in only 13 city as cross the country. the first show will be at the hard rock stadium in miami gardens, florida. the set list will include the hits like sympathy for the devil, brown sugar, and painted black. there had been much speculation about this, a lot of hints here and there. they made it official. >> every time they go on tour it's a smash hit.
4:27 am
>> i'm going to try to see them this year. only 13 gates. forbes has released its list of the highest paid women in music for 2018. katy perry is at the top of the list. between her successful witness tour and judging on american idol, the california girl earned $83 million before taxes. not far behind is taylor swift at $80 million. then queen bey at $60 million. pink with $52 million. and lady gaga at $50 million make up the top five. rounding out the top ten are jennifer lopez, rihanna, helene fisher, celine dion and britney spears. >> katy perry at the top? i knew she made a lot of money, but the most. more than beyonce. >> last year she was as well. >> there we go. stacking it up there. good for katy. only one week into its release, becoming the new memoir by former first lady michelle obama has become the fastest selling book of the year. that is according to barnes & noble. in fact, first week sales of "becoming" even outdid first
4:28 am
week sales of bob woodward's highly anticipated fear. this was released earlier this year. publishers are calling it a holiday season must-have since november 13th, the former first lady has been speaking with fans about her personal experience on her nationwide book tour. we've seen that. she's spoken with oprah, and we saw her there with ellen earlier this week. >> seems like everybody's got their copy. it's everywhere. >> everybody wants to hear. two famous joes and one beau are celebrating bifrts. joe biden is 76. joe walsh is 71. actress bo derek turns 62. olympic gold medalist dominique dawes is 32. and dierks bentley turns 43 today. today. happy birthday to allf th o whemether you were borne for moe dance-offs... more travels... or more touchdowns. get the immune support that gives you more. airborne gummies have 50% more vitamin-c than emergen-c... plus our crafted blend of
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vitamins, minerals and herbs. effect. ad lib live right now at 4:30, a microclimate weather alert in effect on our tuesday morning as we take a live look outside at
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san francisco. you can make out the buildings a little bit better. it's still smoky and rough out there. one change today, cable cars back in service. the cars were pulled off the streets late last week due to all the smoke. didn't want riders out there. good morning a t and i'm marcus. let's look at what we can expect outside. >> it's better in spots, not in san francisco. you can see with the view the smoke is still really bad and


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